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Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones 

“The kingdom of Renais lies in ruins, shattered by a sudden invasion from a former ally. Guide the royal heirs, Eirika and Ephraim, on their twin quest to rebuild Renais and discover the dark secret behind the war that has torn their homeland apart.”


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This kiddo is so calming to draw omg

Buttercup @lavender-sans

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geez, chara, don’t be such a jerk.

BIG THANKS to everyone who kept me company in the midnight streams this week so i could get this page done & page 26 almost done! i was really behind this week and i couldn’t have done it without you guys keeping me determined! @bunnikkila, @youngbenkenobi, @machidielontheway@polarissketches, @brokenknifefrisk@achilles-fucker, @pitviperofdoom@little-lunaticart@violetmoon123 - you guys are the best!

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I got accepted on the spot after my audition for this study abroad program YA GIRL IS GOING TO LONDON TO STUDY AT THE GLOBE! I’m so happy, Shakespeare owns my ass right now 

Day 7: Past/Future

The past is the first day they wore their paladin armour. It’s definitely been a while in canon since they first found Blue as a group and defeated Zarkon, so I wanted something that isn’t too far in the past.

The future picture is after the war is won and they’re working hard on training new recruits in hand to hand and ranged weapons. They definitely swapped out Shiro’s hairstyle after the nth complaint of his that it kept getting in his eyes, LOL. 

Shiro doesn’t have a permanent prosthetic anymore. It’s thanks to Pidge, Hunk and Coran figuring out a way to remove the Galra prosthetic after it was destroyed in a battle, without causing too much harm to Shiro’s mental state or body. They fit Shiro with a new one that isn’t required to be worn 24/7 and he definitely appreciates it.

(He still kicks butt despite sometimes training recruits with only one arm.)


I drew the lineart for this a week ago.

carefree life is a blissful existence. -xu minghao

xu minghao x reader
word count: 1649
summary: [high school au? inspired by “milk tea”] winter may be in full-swing and his fingers may be frostbitten from the sheer cold, but minghao doesn’t let go of what held so many memories for him (even if it makes him feel a little salty). [angst/fluff]

Does first love always end in tragedy?

Frosty air bites and nips at the exposed skin that Minghao dares to show in mid-January weather. His scarf just doesn’t cover the entirety of his face, he’s a little red from the cold. It’s not his fault that he forgot his gloves at home earlier either. Well, maybe it is. In the absence of them, Minghao wraps his fingers around a medium-sized paper cup filled to the brim with steaming milk tea. It’s store bought, and there’s less in how much meaning there is behind it.

Warmth is warmth, however, and it’s all he has to hold onto now.

He passes through a familiar park on the way, groups of children chasing each other through the snowy fields. Minghao pauses in his strides, standing a bit off to the right side of the path as he stares. The fencing around a makeshift private field still remains today, it’s a field that belongs to his high school. Closed in the winter, when the snow thaws and grass grow in the spring it becomes used by the students in Phys. Ed classes and club activities.

It holds a certain significance to the young man. He sighs, his breath condensing in the freezing weather and billowing upwards as it traveled in small white clouds.

Minghao doesn’t stop for long, he tears himself away from the scene and continues on his walk. It’s certainly difficult, especially when the ghost of a much happier time is constantly tugging at him and that field is the source of it. Perhaps, there’s unfinished business. He doesn’t dwell on it.

He brings the cup closer to his lips, taking a tentative swig of the drink. It’s a little strange.

The tea tastes a lot more bitter than what he remembered.

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It’s day 5, and I’m pretty sure someone used this idea before, but it’s a cute idea so I drew it anyways.

Day 2 - Nerd Girlfriends

I made you all this… it’s a high school AU because I didn’t know how else I could make this happen and I warn you now, I tried to be funny.

“But Alex, if UV-light is necessary for the reaction to start, wouldn’t it just stop if you put it in a dark closet?”

“No Winn, first of all very few things stop when you shove them into a closet, pun intended, and second, once the molecules are activated they start reacting with others no matter if there is any light or not.” Alex explained. Winn hummed in understanding.

“So what you’re saying, once out in the light, there is no stopping, no matter what happens?” Winn asked, grinning.

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Year 3 of Dani Still Can’t Figure out Wub Horse’s Human Hair.

I swear 2017 is just becoming Year of The Redraws for this blog

Just look at this mess

Day two, one of my more obscure arospec headcannons: aromantic Natsume Takashi from Natsume Yuujinchou.