didn't end up meaning for it to happen that way

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So Corp decided that we needed to have a "Black Friday in July" event two days before inventory. I'm talking Buy 1, Get 2 Free on all clearance, 75% off on jewelry, and doorbusters up to 70% off on almost everything else. As you can imagine, it was crazy. What dear ol' Corp didn't tell us though, is that this event isn't actually set to end until Saturday night at 9. Which, by the way, also happens to be the time we begin our inventory, which also means a sale set change. Someone hates us.

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And here i was mad cause Joku stole Dream sans from my sis... not the design, just the name.. It hurt my sister so much she changed the name. It was just a sans that went around with dream dust. Kinda like the sandman.. just a cute idea. Sorry if this creates drama.. i just didn't see all of what Joku did until it was near the end.. I'm not gonna send hate to Joku, just block her and move on. Again sorry for starting anything. No need to answer this ask.

Umm.. well hun I know it’s harsh… But i don’t think it’s something you should be upset about.. because that just means you two just HAPPEN to came up with the same ideas..! and that’s really ALRIGHT! It’s THE WAY YOU TELL THEIR STORY the one that makes it ORIGINAL ;v;

Besides.. as far as I know, dream and nightmare.. yin and yang.. good and bad.. they are really A COMMON ideas to begin with.. I don’t think you should assume Joku stole that idea or abandon it in the first place just because someone ‘more famous’ makes same theme!

SO TELL YOUR SIS TO JUST KEEP DOIN WHAT SHE LUVS <3 She won’t be accused ‘stealing’ a very common idea! If she did tho…. welp just remember that it’s NOT her fault.. uvu The concept alone is already different anyway X”))

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my main issue with wttm is far from yuri's wardrobe choice (honestly it's so in character??? what else was a teen who was told he couldn't do something gonna do smh) but more that the fandom seems to be taking the leaked scenes as ot@yuri which, being between a 16 and 19 year old, really rubs me the wrong way (you definitely didn't deserve that nasty ask tho what an ass)

ahhh okay! I totally get what you mean! 

I personally take it as a platonic ota//yuri thing. They literally just met so I really hope that Kubo would take time to slowly build their friendship before anything more happens (if it’s gonna be a canon thing ofc).

Tbh, I actually don’t mind if ota//yuri never becomes canon. Their friendship seems to be a very important part of the story, and I don’t mind if they just end up being best buds. I think YOI’s theme is all based on love, and love between friends is just as important as love in a relationship.

But I can’t make anyone think the way I do. It’s interesting to hear a different view of this whole wttm thing tho!

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Heya! I'm Anon Tris, and I have an idea/prompt/thingie. Imagine the 2p allies or axis just walking to the World Meeting when a six year old just runs into them before glancing over her shoulder in a paranoid way. In the distance is what seems to be a mad male heading their way, to which the child jumps up and hides behind one of them, clutching onto their pants while quickly explaining what happened and why she's running. I didn't see any rules, so sorry if I end up breaking them. Sorry. ; v ;

2p!America (Allen Jones): This man absolutely loves kids. Whenever he sees a child on the streets, he’ll ‘adopt’ them– by that I mean, he just makes sure that they’re happy by providing them food and water. To see one in a world meeting, he’ll melt but at the same time be worried. She looks paranoid, and the axis can be quite dangerous. He’ll hold her closely. When he sees the man, he’ll quickly push the girl over to Oliver before taking care of the man.

2p!Canada (James Williams): He doesn’t like children. At all. However he won’t be rude. He’ll just let her cling onto him; she looks quite scared… when he sees the source of the little girl’s anxiety, his heart will begin racing. He doesn’t like children like stated before, but it’s wrong for a child to be afraid of somebody who appears to be their own father. Like Allen, he’ll carefully shoo the kid over to either Allen or Oliver before trying to settle matters with this man.

2p!France (François Bonnefoy): See James. However unlike James, he won’t be very peaceful with the man. He gets irritated easily, so the confrontation with the man will get physical even quicker than it does with James.

2p!England (Oliver Kirkland): He loves children! However to see one so terrified and in a meeting makes him anxious. He’ll instinctively hold the child close to him and try to calm them down; they seem scared. When it comes down to the man, he won’t be able to confront them. So either Allen or James will step in for him while he comforts the girl, trying to talk to her and listen about what’s going on.

2p!China (Xiao Wang): See Oliver. However unlike Oliver, he’ll actually give the child to Oliver or Allen. He’s a hell of a lot better at fighting than Oliver is, so he’ll actually go up and confront the dad and will be able to handle it if it gets physical.

2p!Russia (Viktor Braginsky): He’s not fond of children, at all. He may even try and shoo them away with no avail. He can tell that they’re afraid, though. When he sees the source of the child’s fear, he will get up and ask the child to stay at his chair before confronting the man. With him, he can handle it if it gets physical- he’s a strong man but he doesn’t like to fight. Instead he’ll restrain the man and call the cops.

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Shinsou and kirishima accidentally brushing their hand on his s/o's boobs. Like if his s/o told him to hold something that you need two hands to carry and bam the hand touched the boob. S/o doesn't mind but how would the boys react... has that awkward moment ever happen to you? I don't mind because I know they didn't mean it haha but if I did it to someone else I would freak out internally but play it cool like it never happened

This has happened to me many times, my boobs are v big (measuring all the way around is usually about 112cm [44 inches] y i k e s), so my boobs are kinda in the way and not very hard to accidentally touch. I more often end up accidentally touching people’s butts, but accidental boob touching on my part has happened, and I usually apologize. Unless it’s a friend, in which case we just go back and forth grabbing at each other because friendship ._./ I hope headcanons are okay for this!

Hitoshi Shinsou

+ at first is a bit embarrassed that he’d brushed his hand against his partner’s chest, he hadn’t meant to

+ he’d misjudged the distance between his hand and the object he was aiming for, and he also hadn’t actually been looking when they tried to hand him the thing they wanted him to hold

+ sorry, hun he says, taking the object they wanted him to hold

+ since they’re together, it’s not that big of a deal for either of them, but he figured it was best to apologize anyway

+ he is definitely more careful when handing the object back, though, just to ensure that it doesn’t happen again; once is understandable, twice and they might think he really was trying to touch them

Eijiro Kirishima

+ he definitely hadn’t meant to touch their chest, and he immediately reacts

+ I’m so sorry, babe! I didn’t mean to touch you like that!

+ they have to tell him it’s fine, otherwise he’s going to keep apologizing

+ for the next few days, he’s very careful to pay attention to where his hands are and what they’re doing as a result of the accidental touching incident

+ that was not the first, nor the last, time something like that happened, as sometimes he gets really excited and accidentally does it while trying to touch their arm, or when he comes up behind them to hug them

+ he is apologetic every time, even though his partner always says it’s okay

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: So many bad things have happened to Andrew Minyard. He was randomly given up for adoption because his birth mother wasn't sure she could handle raising twins. And he didn't even know about his twin brother until he was well into his teenage years. And throughout his childhood he was moved from foster home to foster home and then he finally ends up at Cass's place and thinks he's found someone who can finally love him and treat him properly. Then DRAKE the fucking devil himself ruins Andrew both mentally and physically. And Andrew feels the only way he can protect himself is to hurt himself and then he ends up at juvie. And finally he is reunited with his brother and mother and realizes that his brother is being physically abused by his mother so he takes it upon himself to protect his brother in the only way he knows how. And to deal with his own problems which no one is helping him with, he is constantly medicated which really screws with his emotions. Then Andrew meets Kevin and feels like he has something to hold onto in his bleak life but it's not enough because Kevin literally only cares about exy. So Andrew focuses all his energy into protecting Kevin and not really giving a damn about himself. And then to add onto Andrew's problems he has to deal with a new mouthy Exy player who he kind of sees himself in which could really be a problem. And the whole DRake thing happens during thanksgiving and then the Proust abuse. LIKE someone PLEASE protect ANDREW MINYARd he deserves so much happiness in his life. Like the poor kid does so much for his friends like give him a god damn break.
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: okay what the fuck was up with kristoph's black psyche-locks, we still don't know, don't tell me he just "really didn't want phoenix to know" or whatever because matt engarde's ass and all the other villains had normal red psyche-locks just like everyone else. if breaking black locks the wrong way damages the person's mind, then is that what happened at the end of the final case in aa4? how do we know. will we ever know? what happened to him to make him this fucked up

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I don't think it is just about the shipping. I feel fans are also upset because Tite Kubo didn't give an epilogue or even tie in the loose ends. He did leave a cliff hanger though. We also don't know which characters are alive and what their fate was as well. So I hope in the future he makes it up to us in some way. I do know if and when Bleach anime comes back they can end things differently because everything that happens in manga doesn't mean it will show same results in anime.

It’s definitely not all about the ships. It’s the story, the plotholes, the inconclusiveness, all the OOC moments of the last chapter etc., that fans hate too. But, I’m not wrong in saying ships takes the cake for such a large portion of hate directed at Bleach.

Shounen or not, it’s a fact that publishers love using couples as a marketing tool for their stories. This also extends to the producers of anime. Studio Pierott marketed the fuck out of Ichiruki, and was so blatant about it. 

Yes, you can use the argument that it’s Kubo’s work and he could do whatever he wants with it, but if you set up a pairing that’s so strong and obvious that he was heading in a certain direction, I fail to see how he would want another pairing at the very end. There is simply no excuses for the IH pairing, if Kubo truly wanted this ship, he would have given them the treatment he gave IR. But did he? No. Not ever.

The chances of the anime coming back is VERY low now. Animes are produced if there’s enough interest but ever since that ending, I don’t think Japan will be on board. They would have to be explicit in the fact that they won’t follow the manga.

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sooo how does the team's new year party go down?

look, this New Year’s Eve was most likely a somber affair for the team. I’m just gonna assume the holidays fell right after the midseason finale, and we all know how much shit went down then. I mean, they probably had a small party in the base’s rec room, but no one was really into it.

coulson and may probably leave first and go to coulson’s office to grieve the losses of rosalind and andrew over some fancy sophisticated alcohol and then just sit in the dark together for most of the night because what else are old friends for?

lance is the one who tries to get every one to drink and have a good time so that they can forget about everything just for the night but eventually bobbi and mack have to be like “shut up hunter no one is laughing” so the three of them just sit around nursing some beers and reminiscing on the year.

jemma is still coming to terms with the fact that will died saving her (and you know, physically recovering from being tortured, and also dealing with the guilt of letting lashdrew out and wow someone save jemma simmons from pain 2k16) and fitz is still reeling from everything that happened when he went to aNOTHER PLANET??!? like holy cow that’s a lot to process. so they’re probably pretty quiet the whole night, and are each just thankful that the other one is alive.

daisy chills with fitz and simmons for the most part because she hasn’t been able to be with the two of them in a long time and also because lincoln is being pretty distant after the whole lash killing a bunch of inhumans thing. he’s there at the party with the team, but he’s not really /there/, you know?

joey is super excited to be at his first ever shield new years party because he had heard so much hype about it and honestly it’s a big let down but he gets why so it’s cool. he’s content just watching all the music performances on abc’s new years special. he also enjoys seeing all of abc’s promos for agent carter during the commercials.

yeah. I went there.

in the end they all count down the new year together, though, and it’s sort of therapeutic for them. a way to acknowledge and say goodbye to all the messed up stuff that happened in the last year, and to prepare for what is sure to be another angst fest in 2016.

happy new year you guys.

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Solji ended up running into Hyuna and it was a bit closer than she wanted since Solji wasn't paying attention to where she was going. Stopping, she blinks a bit before she chuckles. "Sorry. I didn't mean to run into you again." This time, her eyes were brown as she looks like she was never stabbed in the neck in the first place.

Hyuna looks over at the teen and nods. “It’s okay, accidents happen,” she said as she moves out of the others way. She noted the lack of scaring hit blamed that on her vampire traits.

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OKAY SO THEORY ABOUT THE WHOLE 'Lets end this' THING; I think the whole thing parallels ep7 in which Victor said he was gonna leave Yuri if he didn't win. Victor might react to 'Let's end this' in a similar way in which Yuri reacted in ep7. Victor said himself that skaters hearts are fragile like glass, and Victor is obviously a skater himself... so..... what if, in ep12, we get Victor crying and a 'stay by my side!'!???? IF SO THEYLL MAKE UP AFTERWARDS AND GET MARRIED ITS ALL GONNA BE FINE

I wouldn’t mind if this actually happened.. I mean I sound cruel for wanting to see Viktor cry, but it would be a different side of him we didn’t see because he’s always so calm and collected.. I am 99.9% SURE on my LIFE that they are gonna get married. Love this theory!

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Simon Cowell is a fucking asshole. I know we all know this. As if he didn't have everything to do with One Direction being overworked? Expecting the boys to be loyal to someone who is basically their abuser? Playing some sort of sympathy card as if Sony or himself are victims in any way, shape, or form? Simon Cowell is a fucking asshole. I hope he and all the other nameless and faceless assholes who profit so unfairly from artists end up losing everything they never deserved.

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