didn't draw this btw


After saw those cool references and last beautifull @keiid’s drawing I had to draw my dear wears suit :3 

I tried my new sort of style (and this time looks quite similar Mashima’s one, I’m lil pround ^^) also with coloring, the colors look strange bc the phone destroyed them :,)  btw hope it’s ok ^^

space vampire lesbian


King Ryan

Formerly know as Prince Ryan Wrecker

Is the new king of the Wrecker Kindgom

And you have been invited to his 22nd Birthday Ball 

A lucky Queen/Princess shall be choose to become his wife

The date is x/x/xx 

Bring your most formal attire and a mask

- The Wrecker Kingdom


do not repost, thanks!

Hetalia people - I can’t believe I’ve never drawn something from Hetalia. This fandom needs more love ;-; 

Also I drew inspiration for the “colouring” from the Tokyo Ghoul manga, which is to use patterns to fill in a surface. And even though I use this method all the time when I’m doodling, it apparently never occured to me that I can use that digitally, what?? And it makes the picture look so alive omg

Made by jiyu-koya. Please, do not repost, do not remove source.


i’ve always meant to draw them so i could finally feel at peace with myself 

how come these two don’t even have a support, it’s outrageous



Tiny Alice. This Alice is really small.
ALL THIS FUCKIN ROOM…And she this small. Wtf is my problem y'all??