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a twitter compilation of a sudden and inexplicable werewolf au (click images)

Don’t look at Heiji, look back at me, and say “he doesn’t even act like a dog” with a straight face

I don’t know if this is real, but I can 100% see this happening. Teenage Ryan was really something.

Thank you, my followers

I just want to thank you guys for sticking with me when I go through tough things and express them on my blog. I’m thankful for every one of you guys, the ones who’ve been here from the beginning, the ones who came after 100 followers+ the ones who only followed months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and/or second ago, you guys truly mean so much. 

I want to thank everyone that’s put me down on here and called me names and the ones who say it behind my back, you guys are haters but it only fuels me to continue being here and write, it fuels me to become better and keep going.

I want to thank everyone who’s sent me an ask, even if it was about your day or telling me you liked a fic or advice. you guys truly make me feel great and amazing. you guys are awesome and don’t know the effect your kind words have on me. I save asks and go back and read them when I’m down and upset.

Thank you to the ones I’ve inspired or brought up and you’ve told me about it even if you didn’t. It honestly makes me feel amazing and proud. when I have a bad day it’s just amazing to think I've done more than just write a story and posted it.

Thank you for liking and reblogging my work, you don’t know how big of a smile I get just from seeing that.

thank you for leaving comments on my fic’s. they motivate me and make me smile. 

Thank you for requesting, it’s you guys that have gotten me to where I am. you the ones who request amazing ideas and let me write them. thank you. 

thank you to the one’s who’ve unfollowed. of coures i hate to see you go but i wouldn’t want you to follow if you dont like me or what i post. you guys make me want to be better for my new followers. 

A BIG GIANT thank you to my friends that have helped me from the begging of my blog and the ones I've gained from this blog. you guys motivate me even if you don’t realize it @original-colormemeow @angstytodd @batfamily-imagines @loverandomness2 @unprofessional-writer @arkham-dame @tim-help @jxsontxdds @just-a-girl-maybe @soepicsokim @dc-comics-imagines @statuesofbees @pinkwitch21 and many more! thank you!

thank you to the friends I've lost, it’s a bummer that we didn't last but thank you for being there when you were. 

thank you to all the writers that have motivated me and pushed me to write. you guys, I’m so thankful to have found you.

just thank you, everyone. I couldn’t be here without you all, 1,900 in 8 months…that’s crazy. I started (February 28) this blog with so little intentions I thought my tops would be 50 followers. I remember creating it and naming it…to think after a few days of it being up without anything I was going to delete it but I posted my first imagine then another and another. on my birthday (March 13)  I had 20 followers then two days later I had over a hundred… its amazing how fast I began to grow. I can’t express how much, this blog, writing, you, mean to me. I really truly can’t. I remember going to delete this blog many, MANY times but you always seemed to pull me back and I'm truly grateful for you. you mean so much to me even if I don't know you by name you still mean so much. thank you for being with me through thick and thin and it makes me emotional to think I have you guys…just THANK YOU!!! I honestly love you all so much. I couldn’t and wouldn’t be here without you.

thank you for taking the time to read this! -Hailey “salty satan”

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OMGANASH I FINALLY FOUND YOU. I didn't check arley-just-doodle-it for a few days and all of a sudden the page went poof! I was very confused, but I have found you again😄 Still amazing as ever, I see! Can't wait to see what else you create 😀

yaaaay you found me! Welcome back to this mess of a blog that never really disappeared!

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Pride & Envy

A/N: This came out of nowhere ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭  I had so many other things to write/draw too… Before i knew it, I wrote two bliplets. Stopped myself and upload it before my brain continued lmao
Rated for violence and NSFW scene I suppose. Writing exercise, Yakuza AU. POV effect is important.
Words: 2,159
Ships: DiaRiko & YouMari, but with DiaMari content

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If they do end up going to get Iris themselves, they'd have to do it without Barry even knowing. (He wouldn't even be able to hear that they know where she is.) Man, this memories thing really screws everything up. Although, think of the Westallen reunion that could be when they just show up back in the lab with Iris, when Barry didn't even know they'd found her. (I think it's time for me to lower my expectations again lol.)

It depends on if Barry went ahead and Did The Thing to create Savitar or not. Once Savitar is created, then Barry can know whatever he needs to know. But that’s why I was thinking Barry might rush off at first to grieve, leaving the team to realize that it’s not Iris after all. 

Perhaps this is the face of a man who just heard Iris is alive?

Because this sure isn’t the face of a man who thinks she’s dead.

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Omg I just found your blog and I really like it! And I didn't know Latino was a European term??? Could you explain it to me so I know in the future! Thank you!

Thanks! (: and yea sure i’ll explain all of them. 

SPANISH- From Spain

HISPANIC- From the Iberian peninsula Spain or Portugal (hispania in roman times.

LATIN- A no longer existing people who lived in Rome, Italy and created the Latin language. 

LATINO- Coming from a Latin based European country (Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Romania etc.)

And then we got “Latin America” which is named that, because many country’s within that area speak Latin languages. (mostly Spanish & Portuguese)   The only way you are to be considered a “Latino/a” living within so called “Latin America”, is if you are full blooded white. Decedent of a Latin based European country, And as we all know that is not the case. Since there is still full blooded indigenous and Black people living within “Latin America” or Mestizos/Mulattoes. 

Hoped that helped. (:

Miss Ostrich ward

Okay this is my second (and last) ward for Miss Ostrich’s loop. 

-His name is Tomas (someone help with a last name), and he can multiply himself. 

-He can’t create more than four copies of himself, and using all of them at once drains his energy big time (he’s passed out a few times because of this). 

-He’s American and trash. 

-He has chestnut brown hair, freckles, and an undercut. 

-He had just turned 16 when he found the loop. 

-He’s a prankster and a jokester, he loves messing with the other peculiars and freaking them out by literally talking to himself. 

-”Are there five people in this room, or is it just me?” *cue angry peculiar noises*  

-He acts like he’s really tough and badass (he kind of is) but in reality he’s just a kid who’ll do anything Miss Ostrich says because he loves his mom. 

-”You wanna fucking go, punk?” “Tomas, sit down.” “Okay mom, love you mom.” 

-This boy is gay and he’s in love with Dilong.  

Feel free to add any head canons or stuff you guys have, @homicidallight, @yeoldemphfpcheadcanons, @mphfpc

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I reaaaaally love your art style and I was wondering if you had any pointers or tips on how to draw short curly hair?? I've been trying to draw a character that has that sort of hairstyle, but I just can't get the hair to look as curly as I'd like.... I even tried looking up pictures and tutorials but I only ever found ones for long curly hair and didn't it help at all.

thank you very much!! 

I tried my best to create a simplified tutorial for short curly hair. Since you didn’t specify the exact lenght, I’m making one for pixie cuts and one for shoulder-lenght (or shorter) hair!

First of all, there are two main kinds of curls: The more open ones (01) and the closed ones (02). Type 01 is usually more flowy/wavy, and type 02 is more dense and messy. If the pictures seem small, just open them on a new tab!

If you have any doubts, please, ask me!

I hope it helps!

Pixie cuts:


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Hoi, I don't really know much about goth, but was he born, like geno getting prego or something? Or was it something different like how paperjam was created or something, sorry I just didn't know much about him (I'm sorry if someone asked you this)

see da ‘history’ of how Goth was born *w*

he was made from their love, hope & compassion! You know- he was just sorta appear after their(many many many) ‘session” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Like- one night after Death n Geno do the do, they slept, and then in the morning they woke up found a baby under blanket ..


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PS: That’s just how it is to me.. you’re always welcome to imagine it in more extreme way tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) nobody is stopping

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: if R2D2 is an "R2 unit", and that's the type of droid he is, then the D2 part must be his specific number, right? so they all must have that same number structure, to keep things consistent. but 26 letters x 10 numbers is only 260, which would mean there are only 260 R2 units in existence, which can't possibly be true. so do they add on numbers and letters? why didn't they just start with that many? and if anakin created c-3po himself, as a child with no means of outside communication, how does he know that the serial number of c-3po isn't taken by someone else in the galaxy? he just chose it himself and the galaxy is huge and there seem to be a lot of random people on random planets creating droids. what if this creates a conflict when another c-3po is found and things get confusing? do people creating droids have to verify that the name of their droid isn't taken by another droid already? is it like license plates? do people fight over names of droids the way they do with usernames on websites? is there an intergalactic droid registry? should there be? there's so many droids in existence i can't imagine there aren't multiple droids under the same name, especially since they have a limited number of possible variants for a 4 variable combination. and even if they had more numbers/letters in their name, they mass produce droids so often and for so long they'll have to run out eventually. if a droid dies, does their name become open for anyone to use? do they have to report it to this hypothetical intergalactic droid registry? with their government system constantly falling apart, how would they even continue to keep up this registry of droids? or is the droid registry not controlled by the government, is it a third party? if so, do they make you pay to register your droid? they'd have to keep in business somehow. i have so many questions for you r2d2

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Why didn't Audrey and Robert Wolders ever get married? I know that they were partners from 1980 until she died in 1993... they just seemed so pleasantly happy together...

I think you answered your own question, haha. Audrey had been married twice before and each marriage was unsuccessful and both ended unhappily.  When she met Robert she found her soulmate.  She was at a time in her life where she no longer needed to be married, she was very content being with Robert and creating a life together.

Here is an excerpt from an interview Audrey did with Barbara Walters in 1989. (Video)

Barbara Walters: You’re not alone you have a man in your life who loves you very much.

Audrey Hepburn: I have a wonderful man in my life. I have my Robert.  We have so much in common, he’s so good to me, he takes great care of me! And it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to not only love somebody, be loved, but to trust them.

Walters: Do you want to remarry? Is it important?

Hepburn: No, it’s not important.  I am sort of married to Robert, we are always together and we have been for nine years.

Walters: But you haven’t married.

Hepburn: No.  There is no reason for not marrying or marrying.  Actually, in fact, maybe this way it’s a little more romantic.

Walters: Are you happy?

Hepburn: Very.

Walters: The best time of your life?

Hepburn: Best time of my life.  Took awhile but I got there.

Hey guess what i just found out Marvel fandom if you didn't notice!

Ok remember this end credit scene in Thor 2:

Now here’s a scene from the trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy:

This guy is called the Collector in the marvel comics:

He is trying to collect the infinity stones:

And Thanos in the comics needs all the stones to create the Infinity Gauntlet which gives him god-like powers…



(Another scene in the Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer)


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Did you know that originally Harry was the one that had to do baby gate originally? They thought it would work because supposedly he's the womanizer but soon they realized that it wouldn't because Harry hasn't really been playing along how he should. All he has been doing lately was creating more gay rumors. They didn't even want hendell to happen anymore because of last time but he found a way around it. Now It's just a game of who can hold out the longest.

By “They” do you mean Simon/Syco?  And Harry did the Hendall NYE Stunt Yacht to piss them ^^ off? If so, then…I’m buzzin….

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I would like to know your opinion about some fans who insinuate or blame Big Hit for Jin didn't go in a show yet maybe an invitation just came now.There is no logic Big Hit deny the participation of Jin in some program either alone or with the others

here’s some thoughts for people who may think that big hit is the main reason of why jin hasn’t gone to any show before.

  • big hit gives a lot of opportunities for bts members to be involved in their works. they participate in almost all of their songs, and i think it’s a pretty rare thing to be found in idol world.
  • big hit creates an environment where our boys can be themselves, i think. they are given freedom to create their own contents, being allowed to goof around in front of camera, so on so forth.
  • big hit encourages bts to be real musician, rather than some models that sell concepts. this may sound rude, but here is my view about idols in korea: they’re extremely manufactured. somehow, bts is less so, because like i’ve said above, bts is given a lot of opportunities to be involved in their works, to produce their own songs, write their own lyrics, create their own choreography, etc.
  • have you listened to yoongi’s mixtape? read the lyrics? quick summary: it tells us that yoongi has flaws. that he is an ordinary guy, who is freaked out by the concept of being an idol, who is struggling really hard to get where he is right now, who is bitter about how things in this entertainment industry work.
  • it’s impossible for yoongi to publish such contents that basically deny the image of an idol, for rap monster to be able to go out in a lot of variety shows, for all bts members to be creating their own contents on v app and youtube and twitter and soundcloud, if big hit is the kind of company who denies their artists room for improvement.

so in summary, i don’t agree with people who still blame bighit for jin’s past situation. let’s face it, jin didn’t gain much attention until hyyh. we all know that variety shows must cast people who will raise the viewership rating, and jin simply wasn’t that guy.

but hey, jin works really hard. he does everything he can to show what he’s worth. he tries his best to reach out to us fans. he’s trying, and now he’s succeeding, so it maybe the best for us to just concentrate on supporting him and the upcoming show because finally his hard work has paid off. what’s the use of spoiling this glorious moment with negativity? :)

the signs as stupid shit me and Lauren (gennyhux) have done throughout our friendship
  • Aries: tried to burn things in a creek but then proceeded to drop the lighter in the creek so it wouldn't light
  • Taurus: had our friend covered in blankets in the backseat of Lauren's car while we drove away from a date he wanted to get out of, who started following us in HIS car. then we curb checked so hard we got a flat tire.
  • Gemini: thought it would be a good idea to put three people on a one person fourwheeler and also not wear helmets. we crashed because her sister couldn't choose a fucking path to go down and didn't break fast enough
  • Cancer: spent $20 on a deal at vintage stock to get 20 grab bag movies that ended up being the shittiest trash movies on the planet that no one has heard of, including a BBMak music video and several indie horror movies that aren't remotely scary
  • Leo: burned a note from Lauren's ex best friend in her kitchen and then had to open up the house because it smelled like smoke
  • Virgo: stayed up until precisely 4:20 am making a scrapbook of weird advertisements we found in our "housing and interior" class, which turned into just shoving as many weird ass stickers on one page as we could.
  • Libra: used computer software made for creating music to find the weirdest, most obscure fuckin instruments in existence (including a WHIP) and just hit random shit till we created a masterpiece we named "Latin Fire"
  • Scorpio: found out we didn't have conflicts on the night of a concert we wanted to go to, then proceeded to high five each other so hard that we had red and white streaks and splotches not just on our hands, but up our arms all the way to the elbows for twenty minutes. we also didn't end up going to the concert.
  • Sagittarius: we're standing in the hallway having a conversation before class and decided to start quoting the "shrek is love, shrek is life" video when Lauren loudly said "I spread my ass cheeks for shrek" and made eye contact with someone who definitely heard
  • Capricorn: spent $20 at an arcade in a roller skating place on a game to get 800 tickets to get two $4 blow-up swords
  • Aquarius: went through our Twitter followers and found people who we didn't know but who put out their snapchats and snapchatted them. (one of them was named "C-biscuit") anyway when he asked who we were we responded with a video of a stuffed dog wearing sunglasses and said in an incredibly deep voice "it is I, the dark lord Satan. it is nice to meet you, c biscuit."
  • Pisces: got two plastic swords at festival we were at for a marching band competition and at night formed the VATEB (vengeance against the ex boyfriends) and whacked our friends exes with the plastic swords