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hi nissi,,,, i don't know if my ask didn't come through or if you haven't had time to answer (in that case pls ignore this, take ur time replying!!) but a couple weeks ago i asked you if you knew any "epistolary" fics, similar to "you have 1 new message" by bazooka, or just anything based on texting/social media. it could be any ship!! i hope i'm not bothering you, i'm sorry if you saw my ask already, thank u for always helping us all out you're the bestest! have a good day

99% of the time asks just get buried bc im slow so if i take too long to reply feel free to send them in again !! especially fic questions.. anyway here r some epistolaries / social media fics
you have 1 new message by bazooka; namjin
pig and bird by bazooka; minjoon
- i’ll follow you (on twitter) by ohh; vhope
blanket kick by duchesscass; taegi, jikook
- upvote by mnsg; jikook
don’t say all the right things by sugodemic; sugamon
- dear jimin by melecs; vhope
- can you be (mine?) by melonnim; taekook
- (annoyingly) you still look good by yoonmin
- follow by darling; kookiemonster
you’re my genie, lamborghini (you’re my teeny weenie meenie) by mindheist; jikook
- love at first swipe by maxx; vmin
- suga, how you get so fly? by jonghyunslisterine
- namjin watch by vppa
- everything feels like a dream (don’t try to disappear) by kaythebest; vmin
- oh, how the mighty fall by euphoriae; vmin
- i don’t even know you by k506rl; yoonmin


                                   Hanging on the words you say by @jasperjoordan

From: bellblake@gmail.com
To: coffeedeprivedgriffin@hotmail.com

Hello Princess,
I know that I said you’re the last person I would ever turn to for help even if the apocalypse came, but don’t feel too smug about this email. The truth is-the apocalypse kind of did come, at least over here, in the form of the worst sand storm this place has seen in over ten years which resulted in us being cut off from the world for the past three days. All the computers had to be fixed and re-installed and it turned out the only email address left was yours.

So yes… I am turning to you. Again, don’t be too smug about it.

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Yall mind if I rant: The Sequel Nobody Wanted

The newest comic got me to question my stance on Korra/sami yet again (the dashes here exist to keep it out of the tags, just in case that’s still a problem). The short version of this is that my stance really hasn’t changed. (Also, just a headsup, I haven’t read my old anti k/s post in a long time, but it’s probably full of logical fallacies and the lot, so…what I’m getting at here is please don’t judge me based on what I’ve written in the past). 

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Barcelona, What Have You Done?

Paulo Dybala Imagine 

Request: an imagine with Dybala and his girlfriend where he has to move and she’s not sure about out to do

a/n: Rewinding back to a couple weeks ago when the transfer window was still open and all these rumours were killing me. Enjoy

Y/N stood in the middle of the kitchen with a dumbfounded expression on her face, she was sure she had heard her boyfriend incorrectly but when he repeated his ‘exciting’ news, after failing to gain a reaction from her the first time, she was left caught completely by surprise.

“What do you mean you’ve agreed to terms with Barcelona?” She asked unable to fathom what was coming out of his mouth.

“I mean we’re going to Barcelona babe!” he said with a beaming smile. His eyes were sparkling with the thought of what greatness his future held, playing for one of the greatest clubs in world football. This was something he had been waiting for in his whole career, to have the opportunity to play for one of the most celebrated teams in history and of course, he loved Juventus, they held a special place in his heart. He loved and enjoyed his life in Turin but his personal ambitions and desires saw him crave for a move to the Catalan giants. Not to mention the prospect of playing with his fellow countryman and idol in Messi; the offer was just too good to refuse.

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hiii! please do a fic where the balloon squad goes out together at a club or something and a girl flirts with yousef (he's already dating sana for like a month) and elias gets mad because he didn't really do anything to stop her

Hey :)

I think this is not exactly what you had in mind but I hope you still like it. Let me know :D


“We could have been here an hour ago.”, Mikael complains.

Elias and Adam shoot him an annoyed look.

While Elias says: “It takes time looking this good.” Adam answers, too.

“You didn’t even want to come in the first place so why complain that we’re late?”

Mikael just rolls his eyes and Yousef pats his shoulder. He’s in the same situation. He’d rather be somewhere quite now. While Mikael just doesn’t like going to clubs, Yousef was just not really up for it today.

Once they enter the club they find a table and look around to get a picture of what’s going on and how the mood is.

Just a few minutes later, Elias takes Yousef and Mikael by their arms and drags them to the dance floor. Those two are the best dancers out of the group and Elias knows, once they start dancing they relax instantly.

A generic pop-song that has been modified to be good to dance to is playing and Elias watches how Yousef and Mikael give each other a look and actually start moving.

Elias is not a bad dancer himself but while the two boys next to him have danced regularly their whole lives, Elias did not.

The club is full, the dance floor almost uncomfortably full, but somehow these three boys manage to get the attention of many of those other people, without even trying.

At some point there is a circle around them consisting of (mainly) girls cheering at them. When Elias drags Adam, who just joined them, with him into the middle of the circle, Yousef sees it as the best chance to take a break.

He loves dancing. It’s one of his favorite things to do, ever. However, since they’ve arrived an hour ago he has not stopped once.

Yousef finds his way back to their table where Mutta is standing. He’s not alone though. A tall, curly-haired girl is with him, leaning close to be able to understand whatever he’s saying.

Yousef just smiles at that sight. Mutta seems to really enjoy the conversation, or well, not only the conversation.

Right when Yousef decides to go get himself something to drink, someone pats his shoulder and makes him turn around.

He’s faced with a rather petite redhead. Not knowing what she wants he just waits.

“Hi!”, she shouts over the music.

Yousef just nods in a greeting way.

“Where are you going?”, he’s asked by that girl.

He point towards the bar to which she nods and starts leading the way. Okay then, he thinks.

Squishing through masses of people that are desperately trying to get their drinks, most of them to get some alcohol in their systems, used to be Yousef’s nightmare. He’d be too uncomfortable to say something so he’d end up waiting for a long time. Now, as soon as he finds a free spot, he slips into it and orders.

The bartender gives Yousef his drink and he immediately goes to leave the huge mass at the bar to go back to his table. There is just a lot going on. The music, the people, the lights going crazy. 
It’s not a very good club, Yousef thinks to himself. Why did Elias chose this one today?

“Hey, wait up!”, someone shouts which makes Yousef turn around again.

The same redhead is jogging towards him, in heels that seem to be very uncomfortable and when she reaches Yousef, she loses her footing and almost crashes into him.

Yousef tries to steady her by her arms and let’s go as soon as she’s standing properly.

“Thanks.”, she says with a smile. “I …”

She stops mid-sentence and looks down at what Yousef’s holding.

The redhead leans closer to him to say: “You’re only drinking that?”

Yousef’s eyes fall onto his glass and back up to her. He’s drinking a Coke, what’s wrong with that? 

He just nods.

“You can’t survive going to a club like this without actually drinking!”, she shouts.

Yousef shrugs and takes a step back, to go back to the table. She follows, though, and wobbles on her heels. 

After dancing for a long time, Elias decides it’s time to take a break. Even when he was really enjoying himself with a pretty brunette. Still, he leaves her behind, same as Adam and Mikael who are definitely enjoying themselves. 

It was a good decision coming here. Each of the boys had a stressful week and getting away for a few hours is never a bad thing. Elias had the chance to forget about everything while dancing with his friends and a few strangers. He had fun.

That carefree feeling he had vanishes when he sees who Yousef is accompanied by, while walking towards him. 

A short redhead is standing close to Elias’ best friend, leaning too close, not taking away her eyes from him. She has her hand on Yousef’s upper arm and twirls her hair with the other one.

Yousef, well, he’s just standing there, smiling lightly but looking bored. 

Did he forget that he’s dating Elias’ sister? Why is he standing there like that with that girl? If she doesn’t get the hint, he should step back. Okay, they’re not as close as Mutta and the girl next to him but still. 

Yousef is Sana’s boyfriend and he should be aware of that. When Sana is not there, Elias usually is. Elias knows he can’t make his sister wait to date until she’s way older, even if he would like that sometimes. And he was so happy when she chose Yousef to be with because he is his best friend and Elias can’t think of anyone to treat his sister better but this scene in front of him bothers him a lot. He quickly walks over to them and finds his place in between them. 

Yousef looks at his friend with a relieved look but Elias doesn’t notice that. He just looks at the girl and smiles at her charmingly. She grins at him and takes her hand off Yousef’s arm to put it on Elias’. She needs that to not fall over. Apparently she is a little tipsy. At least that’s what Elias assumes. 

After that Yousef goes back to join Adam and Mikael on the dance floor. 

When they’re walking back to the station to go home, Yousef notices Elias looking at him weirdly from time to time. So that’s why Yousef starts walking more slowly than the rest and holds Elias back, as well.

“Dude, what’s up?”

Elias looks at his best friend and frowns. 


It’s really cold outside and that it’s in the middle of the night doesn’t help. Walking slowly is not ideal either. 

“Elias, come on.”, Yousef urges his best friend. 

He looks over to their three other friends that are walking a few metres in front of them and sees Mutta teasing Mikael about something. Adam is obviously enjoying whatever it is. 

Elias sighs and makes Yousef look at him again. Then he just blurts it out.

“Yousef, you can’t go around being like that.”

Yousef furrows his eyebrows, very confused. “Like what?”

“Like that with the redhead. Dude, I love you but you’re with my sister and should be really careful of how you are with some stranger-girl.“ 

While Yousef notices how serious his friend is, he can’t help but feel like laughing. Exactly because Elias is so serious about it. 

"So what are you saying?”, he asks.

“Keep your distance to girls that are obviously flirting with you!”, Elias says that so loudly that Adam, Mikael and Mutta turn around to look at him. 

Yousef is receiving confused looks from them but just lightly shakes his head to say ‘It’s okay’.

“Elias. Did I flirt back?”, Yousef asks calmly.

His friend tilts his head to the side and narrows his eyes at him. “I don’t think so.”

“So what’s the problem?”, Yousef asks. Elias should know that Yousef doesn’t have eyes for anyone but Sana. After liking her for so long he’s finally with her and wouldn’t do anything to ruin that. 

Elias rolls his eyes at his best friend. Only he would be so oblivious. 

“The problem is that you did not stop that girl. You let her flirt with you. Don’t do that. Things can escalate quickly without you realizing what’s happening.”

Yousef is aware that Elias is just concerned for him and Sana, but obviously more for his sister and Yousef really appreciates that. Still, Elias should know better.

“I’m sure I’ll notice. I was just being polite. Nothing else.”

Yousef and Elias go to the Bakkoush house while the rest goes to Mutta’s. Adam, Mikael and Mutta live close to each other and Yousef and Elias live close to each other. Last time they went out Elias slept over at Yousef’s and this time Yousef will sleep over at Elias’.

For once, Elias did not forget his keys so they can get inside without waking anyone up. Well, that’s what they thought. When Elias trips over his own feet because he refused to turn on the lights in the hall, they hear rumbling from one of the rooms and finally Sana jumps into the hallway. Her hair covered by a headscarf just messily thrown on. When she sees Elias looking at her sheepishly, she gets back inside her room and comes back out in a minute with her hair properly covered. The three of them go to the kitchen. 

“How was it?”, Sana asks.

All three sit down at the table. Elias closed the door to not wake his parents, if they aren’t awake by now anyway. 

“It was good. We danced a lot.”, Elias answers and shoots a look towards Yousef.

Sana notices that that look is not his usual ‘Yousef made me look bad because he danced better’- look. It’s something else. She looks back and forth between her brother and her boyfriend and looks at them questioningly.

“What is it?”, Sana asks. 

Yousef just shrugs and points to Elias, as if to say he should be the one to answer. 

When Elias doesn’t do that, Sana says: “Elias, come on.”

Elias leans back in his seat, slides down a little and crosses his arms over his chest. “Your boyfriend let some girl flirt with him.”

Sana raises her eyebrows, wondering if she heard that sentence right. 

“Okay. Did he flirt back?”, she asks, pressing her lips together. She glances at Yousef who looks at her with the same look she gives him, sporting a tiny smile. 

Elias shakes his head furiously. The fear of having started a fight between two of his favorite people begins to worry him. “No, no. He didn’t. Of course not.”

“Good, he could barely flirt with me before we became a couple.”, Sana says laughingly.

“Hey!”, Yousef exclaims but can’t really object.

“Wait, you’re not mad?”, Elias asks, looking back and forth between his sister and his best friend. 

Sana shakes her head. “No, why would I? If he didn’t flirt back … almost every time we went out someone started flirting with him.”

Sana and Yousef look at each other and start laughing. They’re definitely remembering something Elias was not part of. The fact that it’s so late makes them laugh even more. So Elias stands up and drags Yousef with him.

“Before you wake my parents with your laughter… we should all go to bed.”

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I got mad cause this Genji kid was telling our Ana to change to Mercy or start healing better. He was berating the player through the whole damn game. She had to come onto mic to tell him to shut up I wish I had a mic too so I could chew him out for it. All I could do was spam dipstick in hopes he'd know I didn't like what he was saying. She was doing a good job as Ana she said she just wasn't healing him cause he was being annoying lmao. She did good imo I was proud to have her on my team

I know he’s only a kid but cHRIST go find a health pack and be more patient, kid


Requested by anonymous


*He wanted to go round to your house after you guys had broken up a week ago but he thought he would give it some time for you both to cool off, however he ended up bumping into you in the shop and he knew this was his chance to try and get you back*

Y/N: “I’m sorry Jongin but I think it is for the best that we remain apart from each other…goodbye”


*You had ended things with him as you did not feel as happy within the relationship as you used to but this didn’t stop him from coming round your house again to ask you to reconsider getting back together*

Y/N: “I know it is hard for you, it is for me too but us getting back together wouldn't solve anything.. I want to end the relationship for good”



*You had been dating for just over two years now but his schedule was  just getting busier and busier and you spent more time missing him than being with him, so you decided to end it. Multiple times he called you which ended up with you talking to him for a while but you decided to meet up with him to sort it all out*

S: “Just give me one more chance thats all I want Y/N”

Y/N: “I don’t blame you so don’t ask me for chances, but giving this relationship another go won’t change anything. I love you Suho but it isn’t meant to be I’m sorry*


*When he knocked on your door he was wearing his heart on his sleeve hoping that this wouldn't be the last straw in the relationship, but his hope ran dry as you told him that you didn’t want to get back together*

Y/N: “I wish you all the best Chanyeol, I really do”


*You had both missed each other, but you faced up to the fact that you were going to have to conform back to before you had dated him and get used to the fact he wasn't going to be with you anymore. Baekhyun however took longer than you to face this fact which was evident when he turned up at your house*

BH: “Please just hear me out Y/N”

Y/N: “There is nothing to say that hasn’t already been said Baekhyun, we need to get used to not having each other again. I have tried my best to start doing that but it isn’t going to happen if you don’t let go. I know we love each other but sometimes it’s just not enough”


*He fully respected your decision but he had to give it one last shot, the fact that it didn’t work out did not surprise him but you both breaking up on good terms made him and you feel a sense of comfort*


*You guys didn't break up on such good terms, it ended up with you telling him to get lost and to never come and speak to you again, but some time had passed and you forgot the anger you felt. When he stopped by with the hope of rectifying things, and possibly getting you back they were shattered when you simply and solemnly said no*

C: “I understand, goodbye Y/N, do me a favour and meet someone who will make you happy okay”


*He didn’t really know what to say when you said that getting back together wasn’t something you wanted to happen. He honestly never thought it would come to this so he just nodded his head and walked away*

Y/N: “Bye Tao”

T: “Goodbye Y/N”


*Honestly his heart was broken and so was yours, he thought the relationship was going strong but he didn’t  notice the warning signs and now it was too late. He agreed to let you go as you did with him but he made sure to tell you that you always will have a special place in his heart because he had never loved someone as much as he had loved you*


*Before leaving he made sure to pull you in for a final hug just so he could have one last memory of holding you in his arms. He made sure to take in everything, your beauty, the perfume you wore, and your smile one last time before you both said a reluctant goodbye, and you detached your hand from his and closed the door*


*Once you had said you final goodbyes he didn’t leave straight away, he just walked down the first flight of stairs and sat at the side pondering about where or what he should do from here. He kept trying to reassure himself with the saying time is a great healer but he was constantly blinded by the site of your smile, or the way you would laugh in his head and he knew it would be along time before he could escape that*


*He had tried to get back together but you told him that it wasn’t going to work however, he was blinded by how much he loved you so he didn’t see that for a while. It was hard during the aftermath with you also being an idol, he would see you on stage often and try to avoid his facial expressions showing how he missed you whenever he saw the camera on him, but he did and you missed him too*

Guess who is back with the reactions..meeeeee also this is so dramatic what have I done like a bad drama lmao

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*


Hello! Happy #NoShameDay! (Is that a thing you should say ‘Happy ___ Day!’ to???) 

I’m 16, and I was born with a thing called optic nerve hypoplasia, which means that while my mum was pregnant with me, my optic nerve(s) didn’t develop properly. Because of this, I have no sight in my left eye, and bad vision in my left eye.

Fun fact - I was also born with a part of my brain missing. Septo optic dysplasia I think my mum said it’s called. It’s a part of the optic nerve hypoplasia.

People always say “I had no idea you were blind!” when I tell them I can’t see, and then give me weird looks when I hold things close to my face to see… :/ And then sometimes people say “You can’t be!” when they see my drawings.

But my friends (and little kids) are so impressed with my cane, they think it’s the coolest thing ever, so that’s pretty cool, I guess!

I don’t really wanna talk about any of the teasing and general crap I went through (and still sometimes get), since that’s even more awkward to talk about. But I would like to say, people with full sight, pretty please appreciate your vision! :D You’re so lucky, to be able to play soccer, and watch 3D movies, and not have people come up to you on the side you can’t see with and scare the hell out of you, haha… You’re very lucky, and I’m so jealous. But honestly, if given the chance, I think I’d rather stay the way I am. I’ve grown used to this, and have had so many good experiences (Thanks, Guide Dogs!! :D) to pretty much balance out the bad.

The lap dance..

So this wonderful gifset of Baron was bought to my attention by @wwesmutdonedirtcheap I knew I had to do something about it.

So ladies and germs,Giving Baron a lap dance…

tagging the normal peeps: @helluvawriter @gelinas22 @banrioncethlenn @wwe-smutfics @s-allfandomsunite @moxtiel @sammiielli @withwordslikeweapons @fan-fiction-galore


triggers: Nothing

I hope you guys like it :)

“You need to come with us Corbs”Corey pleaded as Baron went back to slipping his beer. Corey has been trying to get his best friend to go out with him and the boys. Baron has been in a bad mood ever since he lost the title to AJ. He’s been moodier and quieter ever since.

Baron sighed as he sets his beer down. He stand up and walks to the bathroom.”where are you going?” Corey yelled to the lone wolf. “taking a shower. I can’t go to a strip club smelling all bad”


Corey,Baron and the boys walk into the Kat Scratch Club as the taller man takes in the scene before him. A couple of stages with poles lined the sides as the middle held the main stage and the bar. Chandeliers cascaded down as the walls had white fairy lights. He shakes his head as he gives his id to the bouncer. They all walk in and sit down near the main stage.

Corey sat down next to Baron. Roman,Seth were sitting on his left. They were slowing sipping on their drinks,idly talking about work when a familiar tune came out of the speakers.

Seth groans”this is such a great song”

Roman smirked at Crossfit Jesus.”yeah because we came here solely based on their music selection”

Baron kept his eyes glued to the stage as a petite brunette steps on the stage dressed in a black and red babydoll dress with black fishnets on her beautiful,tattooed legs. A garter belt secured them as a pair of lace red panties peeked through a bit.

Ride out her open road.
Fell to the waste side.
Dinned on her dirty soul.
Ain’t willing to pass it by.

She starts to move her hips as the group stops all movement. She swings around the pole as Baron licks his lips. He was envisioning those long,beautiful legs around his neck as he pounding into her. Moaning his name,He’d bite around her neck and earlobe as she pulls his hair.

“fuck me harder” she’ll say as she scratches his back. He would pound the sweet,tight pussy over and over again until she is screaming his name,coming harder that he had ever came before. He had to have her.


Corey snapped him out of his daydream as he looking at the empty stage. “Wait,empty?”

“you were daydreaming so much that she finished her set.” Roman smirked as he took a sip of his beer. Baron growled as the boys started to watch the other strippers do their thing. Baron couldn’t help but think about the cute brunette. He didn’t realized that as soon as He turned his head.

There she was.

She smiled warmly at him as his eyes widened. She laughed as she walked past him, walking to another table with drinks. He groaned silently as the three men sitting with him stopped what they were doing to look where Baron was.

“Oh man this is going to be good” Seth cackled as Corey tried to get her attention. “man what are you doing?”

Corey smirked as the petite girl walked up to their table.”well hello there. My,this is a handsome bunch. What can I get you guys?”She started to smile as Baron felt his heart race. He wasn’t sure why but he felt something for this girl.

“and what about you big guy?”Baron jumped as she looked at him. “time to dial to the charm”

“well, you can start by telling me your name. I didn’t seem to catch it.”

She smiled as her green eyes sparkles”yeah well that’s what happens when you doze off hot stuff”

Baron growled”I wasn’t dozing off. I was just thinking about you.”

She smirked”Well why don’t you come in the back and tell me what you were thinking about”

He took a sip as he stood up.She started to walk as He followed her. She grabbed his hand and took him to a VIP room where she place her and Baron inside before closing and locking the door.She sits him down as she turns on the music.

“um” he rubbed his neck,as she steps back to from him.She pulls her hair down,pushing her slender fingers through it “I’m not sure how this goes.”

She smiled as the beat starts to pick up “don’t worry big guy,i’ll take real good care of you.Girl Scout Honor”

He laughed,biting his lower lip and pushing his large hand through his facial hair "Were you a Girl Scout?”

She giggles and nods”Yeah,when I was younger in Catholic school”

He groans and throws his head back.He was fantasizing about her in a school uniform as he is spanking her and fucking her from behind.He picks his head up as she smirks at him”I really wish I knew what you were thinking about”

He grins wickedly as she takes off her bra as she made her way towards Baron. The look on his face was dark and sultry.His eyes went from a light brown to a darker shade. She rubbed herself all over him as he softly growled. She turned towards him as she straddled him. They both licked their lips at the same time.

"I’m not sure if I’m allowed to touch you” he whispered into her ear as she shivered. Never in the months she’s been working here,had a guy effect her the way Baron did.

“you aren’t” she looked into his brown eyes.All she kept thinking about was how fucking handsome he looked under her.How good his lips looked.She really wanted to kiss them"but I really want you to”

He wrapped his arms around her as he placed kisses from her jawline to her collarbone. She threw her head back as she felt his hands roam her body.He calloused fingers felt amazing on her soft,white skin.

He stopped,pushing back a bit. He was extremely turned on.But he wasn’t sure if she was taken or if this was just because he was a customer “wait”

She looked at him,cheeks flushed as she bite her bottom lip “what?”

Baron looked at the girl in front of him. She was everything that he needed. Beautiful,sassy and yet when he looks into her eyes,he sees something else. Innocence? He wasn’t sure,but yet he wanted to find out.

“why are you staring at me like that?”

Baron smiles as he rubs his thumbs above her boy shorts"I think you are beautiful and I wanted to just stare at you"

“what happened to the guy that just was groaning and being really quiet?” She takes his beanie off,releasing his hair as she runs her fingers through it.”God that feels so good”

She grabs the back of his head as she starts to kiss and nibble down the side of his neck.He grinds up as they both moan softly.She pulls his hair a bit as she kisses down His Adam’s Apple. She throws his shirt off,kissing his chest peice.”God this is beautiful”

Baron smiles as he picks her up and placing them on the couch behind them.Removing all their clothes, He starts kisses around her body,stopping and paying attention to her pert nipples. He dips down and starts to suck on them.

She moans and arches her back in pleasure.She never had someone play such closes attention to her body.Baron moves down to her stomach when he placed open mouth kisses to her skin. He moves down and nips at her inner thighs as she moans”oh Baron”

He opens her lips as he licks her sweet nub teasingly. She throws her head back as she runs her fingers through his long,brown hair.He places two of his finger inside of her opening and the twosome lock eyes. She knew she was going to last.She starts to close her eyes when he stopped all movement.”I want to see you come undone. I want to see how I make you feel.Keep your eyes open”

She nods as he continues his assault.She starts to thrust up as she feels her orgasm starting to surface. “Baron,I’m going to come.God don’t stop! Please don’t stop” He fucks her fasters with his fingers as she screams.She becomes limp as he pulls himself over her.She smiles at him”you are good.Mister Corbin”

He smirks and kisses her,letting her taste herself in his kiss.She wraps her arms around his neck and He pushes into her.They both moan in sync.He looks at her as she adjusts to his big size.She nods as he moves softly. In and out.In and out.

She wraps her legs around his waist as he picks up his pace. “God you feel so good wrapped around me” He sucks the skin between her neck and her earlobe as she moans loudly”Jesus Baron..”

“yeah? How does my huge cock feel in your tight,beautiful pussy? Does it feel good? Are you going to milk my cock with your juices?”

She moans as she racks her fingertips down Barons back. He groans into her flesh as she snakes her hand down her body to play with her clit.He looks down and moans loudly”play with your clit for me.Come for daddy”

She throws her head back as she screams his name”BARON!”

He pulls out onto her stomach as ropes of his cum dance unto her skin.He starts to clean her up as she gets dress.They both lock eyes and smile. “i,uh,i hope you know that I don’t do this”gesturing between the two of them” But you were really enticing and so incredibly handsome. I felt like I had to.If that made sense.”

He nods”I wasn’t going to come out but Corey and the boys forced me too. I’m glad that they did.I wouldn’t have met you.”

She blushes”I didn’t think I was going to be good enough for this. Tonight is actually my first night,i was so nervous that I almost called out.I’m glad I didn't”

He walked towards her and brings her towards him”you were amazing.You made my dick hard”She laughs”Can I at least know your name”.

She smirks,walking back towards the door.” Its Laila”


Happy first birthday Bangtan!

A year ago today I logged on to tumblr to find my dash flooded with what could have so easily have been just another seven member male rookie group. Over the past year Bangtan have proved to be so much more than that to me and I hope to keep supporting them for many years to come.   

  • I'm pretty good for having stuff to work on and entertaining my fan base.
  • But emotionally I'm fucked still. My mind is still trying to convince myself everything is ok because when I was a pro I had to block out things automatically. Now it's all slowly coming back to me and all the stress I put on hold is cashing in for its investment.
  • On top of that breaking up with my gf didn't help so here I am being a little bitch on tumblr because I can't sleep. I hope I can recover and start over again.

Okay but can we talk about how just overwhelmingly sweet and nice and giving shay is like first she is just this great supportive shoulder for cosima then she like completely let’s cosima just like hang out at her place with no question then being the little sweetie pie she is leaves her own room to give delphine and coisma alone time in her own apartment then let’s cosima borrow her own car to see Alison…not to mention she let’s coisma just casually take a bath in her living room…then when she finds out cosima’s sick just listens quietly while gently pouring water on her and then when that thing happens at the end doesn’t freak out but holds her and supports her no question asked like she is literally an angelic ray of holistic sunshine. Just how can one person be so giving and perfect like how even what the doodle! Holy holistic hearteyes!

anonymous asked:

Was f(x)'s comeback push out to serve as a diversion? I feel like since Choiza & Sulli scandal didn't divert fans' focus on Tae & BH, SM has to push them out to sacrifice them again. Even though it was meant for them to comeback, was it rushed? I just hope f(x) has a good comeback not like the tedious job SM had done for the girls in Mr. Mr. :c

You know what, I hope SM pours efforts and resources into making this comeback the biggest promotion cycle that f(x) have ever had, to give them the opportunity that they should have had. At least something good will come out of this bad series of events.

  • Vic: You sorted everything out?
  • Aaron: Eh?
  • Vic: You and my dirty stop-out brother. A good time was had by all, I hope.
  • Aaron: What do you mean?
  • Vic: What? He didn't stay at yours?
  • Aaron: I haven't seen him since yesterday morning.
  • Vic: He had meetings, probably was schmoozing late into the night and just booked a hotel in town. On his own, obviously.
  • Aaron: Oh yeah, cos he's really trustworthy, ain't he?
  • Vic: He is now he's with you.
  • -David walks up-
  • David: You seen Tracy?
  • Vic: Thought you two were joined at the hip these days.
  • David: She went into town last night with some mates, she didn't come home.
  • Aaron: Out of sight, out of mind, eh?
  • -David leaves-
  • Vic: Come on, Rob's not gonna have copped off with some random.
  • Aaron: He's got form for it, ain't he? See you later.