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Jaspblue Hamilton AU! I’m probably just going to end up doing random doodles like this one? But I was just listening to the Hamilton soundtrack and specifically songs like Helpless, Satisfied, Say No To This, and then an entire AU happened-

Anyway, Jasper here is taking the role of Alexander Hamilton~

Holly as Eliza may be happening soon idk-

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I CAN’T EVERYONE I CAN’T I’M JUST ?!?!?!!??!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!? MY LOVE ?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! HUEDFRJIGHTJTGPRIFJEWDHF

Googleplier’s ‘KILL MODE’ has been activated!

@cheapcookiez Will there be an update/skin for Googleplier!Mark, senpai? *hides in bushes waiting for senpai to notice*


so uh… if i may.. may i tentatively offer some headcanons for this..?

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7amlecturerambles  asked:

"Why the hell do you have a stuffed animal on your desk?" Hit me with those daddy robron feels, please? <3

He wasn’t meant to be here and if anyone saw his scowl they’d steer clear of him. They’d been managing quite well up until now, one of them managing to stay at home with Ella while the other went to work. Until today.

Urgent paperwork, Nicola had said, and Aaron was out on a scrap run, so he’d had to leave his daughter with Chas and spend the day here instead of with her. He was just about done when Adam bursts through the door whistling obnoxiously.

“What are you doing here? Thought you were with Ella.”

“I was, then Nicola happened. Where’s Aaron?”

“I dropped him off at the pub when we’d finished. This might be a stupid question but why the hell do you have a stuffed animal on your desk?”

“It’s Ella’s.” He sighs and puts away the papers he’s working on. The rest can wait for Nicola to finish them. He was going to find his family. “It must have fallen into my briefcase. I’m surprised I’ve not had Chas on the phone, she won’t sleep without it, screams bloody murder. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He walks to the pub, the sun shining down. It was daft but he missed Ella already. It was his day to be with her and he resented being denied it. He laughed to himself, he’d never thought he’d feel that way. He doesn’t even notice the strange looks he’s getting until he’s nearly at the pub and he can’t work out why until he realises he’s carrying the cuddly elephant in his hand.

As soon as he gets to the pub, Chas waves him through to the back room.

“Aaron’s through there with her.”

“How’s she been?”

“An angel.”

“Even without this?” He wiggles the toy in front of her face.

“Well she was a bit grizzly but she went off to sleep quickly enough. Only woke up when Aaron got here.”

He frowns but says nothing, just heads through to the back room. He can hear Aaron before he sees him, talking to her. When he rounds the corner he grins. Aaron’s laid flat on the sofa, knees bent with Ella propped up against them.

“Hi.” He makes his way over, crouching beside them, kissing Ella’s forehead before turning to Aaron. “I’ll swing for Nicola one of these days.”

“Remember the days when you couldn’t be dragged from that office?”

“That was usually because I was ogling you to be fair. So, you got finished early. You wanna go home?” He laughs as Ella tries to grab for the toy he’s still holding so he hands it to her. “Or we could take her to the swings? It’s still warm out.”

“You want to go to the swings princess?” He passes her to Robert before he gets up.

“I missed her today.”

“Never would have guessed. Mum said you’d been texting a lot.”

“Just felt weird, it was my day to be home with her. Ow miss!” He cries out as Ella whacks him round the head with the toy. “Come on, think that’s our cue.”

anonymous asked:

did you have a high school relationship? if so, why did it end? asking for a friend.

Yes. I tried to end it after about a year and a half when I realized I just wasn’t attracted to my hs boyfriend (Chris). He cried and refused to leave my house until I took it back, basically would not accept our breakup. One day I basically told him in every different phrasing that I could think of that I did not find him attractive. He told me that if I wasn’t going to be his girlfriend then I needed to be his best friend and help him through this breakup.
So he basically made sure that I could not get away from him. Showed up at my house to drive me to school, sat next to me in the classes we had together, begged me to hang out after school. He would randomly show up at my house and refuse to leave. And even though I had started seeing someone else that I quite liked, he wore me down and somehow we ended up back together.
Fast forward a few months to a couple weeks before high school graduation. I had no desire to be with Chris anymore but once again, he would not accept it. Would not let me break up with him, would not leave me alone, guilt tripped me, etc. I tried so hard to break up with him but he would not have it. I didn’t see a way out.
So I cheated with a guy that I was working with. I felt fucking worthless and pathetic. It felt like my purpose in life was to be Chris’s girlfriend rather than pursue my own happiness. I was convinced that no one else would ever care about me like he did, no one would ever fight so hard to keep me in their life (at the expense of my own well being which Chris did not care about). So when this guy from work started showing interest I was so excited that there was someone else out there other than my manipulative boyfriend who found me attractive that I wanted to give him whatever he wanted. But I worked with a lot of people that I went to high school with and by the time graduation rolled around, everyone at school knew that I was cheating on Chris with one of my coworkers. I was blissfully unaware that everyone including Chris knew.
I guess me cheating was how he finally realized that we were done. I truly was not attracted to him and did not have feelings for him anymore and I think he finally realized it. After graduating high school, I dumped Chris (at his house this time so I would be able to get away) and he finally accepted it.
Call me a bitch for cheating but I was 17 years old and terrified of being trapped in that relationship for a long time. I had practically no self worth and really just hated myself. Cheating is wrong but so is forcing someone to be in a relationship when they have made it clear that they don’t want to be with you


@meeshfitz: It takes a lot to bring this cold hearted bitch to tears, but if you meet @JuliaSokolowski you know… She has a way of melting any heart.