Levi: Eren, will you marry me?

Eren: Levi… We`re in a titan`s stomach, we`re about to die.

Levi: I know that, that`s why I`m asking, I have to know.

Eren: *shaky breath* Yes.

*hugs Levi*

Levi: I love you Eren.

Eren: I-I love you too, so much.


Armin: They`re here! We found them!

Erwin: We`re so glad you`re both safe, let`s get you out of there!

Eren and Levi: *smile the biggest smiles ever*

Hanji: So!? Did anything interesting happen in there!?

Levi: Well…

Eren: We`re getting married!

Everyone: WHAT!?!