Because you asked so nicely…

  • This is specifically geared toward my mini-unit analyzing poetry using the DIDLS method, which the AP Language teacher as my school uses. It can be adjusted to be more generic.
  • The top three images are the long version. They opened this document (from my school dropbox) when we were in the computer lab and they used it as a guide to work on edits. They were encouraged to work in pairs to peer edit as well.
  • Helpful Hint? The bottom two images are the rubric and short version of the edit suggestions. I print four of each to a page, one on front and the other on back, so that I can staple the quarter page with both to each student’s paper. It saves paper and makes grading easier.

I am so pissed of! Everytime it is always Schlieri’s fault! What has he done wrong?
I really get the feeling that the whole team turns against him he just does not deserve that!

But he is so strong he keeps fighting and he’s not giving up!

I admire you so much Gregor, just know:
You are not alone!