Tutorial : Emotion also involves pupils

Pupils as the shape of eyebrows, mouth are vectors of emotions. This can be very convenient to bring a bit of subtlety and increase non-verbal emotions of your characters.

The pupil has three states: idle, dilated (Mydriasis) or contracted (Myosis). It spends its time to open and close due to brightness variations. This influences the autonomic muscle of the iris nervous system. In a dark place, the pupil dilates; in a lighted area, it contracts.




However, emotions can influence this! The mood, whether negative or positive, makes it possible to know the state of mind of a person. Put simply, the mydriasis sends a positive message (the pupil can reach 4 times its normal size) and myosis, a negative message. But the meaning depends on the situation (and the change of light). Clear eyes may seem more attractive because it is easier to see the expansion.

Photo Source : Wicki

The pupil dilates:

*During an intense thinking, but not extreme.

*in a moment of joy, love, pleasure, jubilation.

*when you have an interest: love, desire (sexual or not …), listening to a pleasant song, a good book, short something that gives pleasure.

*to seduce: dilated pupils attract romantic partners. Babies and young children have larger pupils than adults because they constantly expand in order to get the attention of the latter becoming more attractive.

*when we suffer.

*with certain drugs (amphetamines, cocaine, LSD, mescaline …).

You show that pupils dilate when you are happy and when we suffer… such as philosophers, … said : we suffer with love, we suffer in love, we love suffering…

The pupil contracts:

*in disgust - rejection.

*with certain drugs (opiates …).

*when doing extreme mental effort.

*when we are angry.

*when we are scared.

*when we hate.

And movement:

Suren Manvelyan

In most fictions (movies, comics…), respect the reality makes tedious the artistic work, difficult, or a source of confusion for the public. Thus, through commonly accepted codes the authors play, change some details for a better understanding of the delivered message .

Some infringements accepted:

+ + Lack of pupil and iris

Storm from X-Men

The eyes are usually white, like cataracts. Prophets, blind people with a gift of premonitions, the protagonists whose blindness is connected to a power are represented with their entire milky eyeballs. The characters in a trance, those who focus intensely may also have an opaque look. This is a psychic blindness related to the supernatural. In some movies or TV shows, the eyes may be blue or red, but they are still without iris or pupils.

Highschool of the dead

Zombies and other undead have even blank eyes showing that their soul has left the body (the eyes are the windows to the soul …).

Remove the iris and the pupil can emphasize blindness; humans instinctively follow the movement of the eyes, as well as changes in facial expressions … To ignore one of the most important information, the cataracted character is given a terrifying mysterious, inscrutable nature.

When a character is strongly shocked, mentally or physically, or surprised, the eyes can be briefly replaced by milky globes.

In the darkness, the night, the eyes can also be totally devoid of iris and pupils. They are terrifying, because the look pierces the darkness (monsters, like vampires, are sometimes represented like that). It also works with one eye!

+ + Lack of pupils

Skip Beat

Very common in manga, this graphic code indicates that the character is shocked, disappointed, most often at the time of a revelation …

+ + The dull eyes


Normally, the eyes of happy people shine and reflect their environment through continuous humidification which prevents the eyes from drying out.

When people are sad, upset or tired, they tend to slightly lower the head, which causes the darkening of the upper part of the eyeballs which usually reflects light. In some fictions, when a character is sad, very tired, depressed, or on the verge of breaking down, his eyes lose their natural shine and appears to be lifeless.

Depending on the style of the artist, it may be a lack of reflections or a lack of reflections + pupils or a lack of reflections + pupils + duller color.

+ + The crazy eye

If a character is disturbed, one of his eyes will see its iris and / or its pupil become much smaller than the other. His gaze will be terrifying for his interlocutor.

+ + The retractable iris

The pupil is sometimes too small to draw, shoot … it is easier to expand and contract it with the iris. When the iris are contracted, the artist indicates that his character is very angry or he is shocked (mostly mentally), terrified, suffering. The silent character screams through his eyes. On the contrary, if an artist wants to move his audience, he has an interest in highly dilate the pupils and irises of his character, even give it a puppy dog eyes.


Of course, it is not forbidden to combine all that is described above for punchy effects!

Joker from Batman

Some examples:

Yami No Matsuei, Yoko Matsushita

Yami No Matsuei, Yoko Matsushita

Swamp Thing

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L’influence de l’art occidental dans les mangas (I)

First part of a big topic I wrote, in french, about occidental art influence inside mangas.

Les mangas regorgent de symboles, citations et références à la culture nippone au travers de leur folklore et leurs mythes, à la culture occidentale, mais aussi au cinéma de manière générale,

Tutorial: Making the cover of the comic book Euri

English is not my native language. If you find any errors, please let me know by email, I will correct!

Achieve an illustration requires a minimum of reflection, not only of the art. You need to know for what purpose it is done, what you mean … To do this, sketching , do some research to find inspiration , and finally get to work are essential.

I will explain here the path to implement the comic book cover of Euri - Shadow of past.

This illustration-whose purpose is to serve as a cover-should highlight at least the main heroine, Euri and his opponent, the evil vampire priest Ricardo. I could add all the secondary characters, but it seemed a little complicated and might be too messy.

I confess that I brainstormed some time to find my idea … By surfing on the web, and especially on this blog that I had an awakening!

The cover art of Batwoman - an excellent comic book which I recommend reading - interested me. SBrewing images on the web, especially on Tumblr is a good way to find inspiration.

The artist, JH Williams III, drew heroin in red and black, contrasting sharply with a hate green face in the background. A simple but effective idea of duality.

I took my idea.

Caution! Far from me to copy the cover! This is a working basis.

I wanted the bottom of Euri’s becomes Ricardo’s canines. After several sketches on the same sheet in small sizes (stamp …), I got this, although I thought it was too static.

I searched for pictures of poses armed with sword or katana in stock characters, and other things that may interest me. I have no weapons with me, and I do not know anyone with a sword to ask (and I do not see me take myself with a broom …). I do not have no more time, so I prefer to build photo databases as references.

I liked this picture.

And go to the drawing! I draw every map on separate sheets: the background with the face of Ricardo and the foreground with Euri.

When I’m satisfied, I will return to clean the sketch over a new leaf with black tubular tip pens (Pigma micron).

I scan my image in 1200 dpi, black and white. I save it in. Tiff.

In Photoshop, I open my bitmap file and I resize at 600 dpi, and then I pass grayscale: Image -> Mode -> Grayscale.

I save the file. Tiff.

The created layer is called lineart and I put in Multiply blending mode.

I create another layer from below that will be a colored background. I filled with paint. Arbitrarily, I chose a purple …

Then, on separate layers (still below the Lineart layer), I filled successively the skin, hair, boots … of Euri and Ricardo. I group the layers about Euri on one side and the other Ricardo : CTRL + G. In the Layers panel, Euri’s layer set is above Ricardo’s one.

Above each created layers, I created another layers that I bind by pressing the Alt key between two layers. This shows two bubbles (black and white). Linked layers are positioned offset in the Layers panel.

These new layers, which correspond to the shade-are all set in Multiply blending Mode. I take every color of the previous layer, I filled with paint buck tool. Then above each Shadow layer , I create a layer mask. Using the brush, the Smudge and circular gradient, I paint shadows on layer masks! Above the shadow layer of the demonic face, I create another layer I turn in overlay mode. I filled it with yellow, which brings a little light overall.

Successively, always using the same method as above, I stack layers to get the correct shade, additions lights… Do as you feel.

I change the drawing between the eyebrows Ricardo, I was not satisfied, I shade the hair Euri and I look after the teeth.

I added the lights on the face of Ricardo. I work on the mouth of the devil.

Reflections are placed on layers above layer sets Euri and Ricardo.

I fix the lights on the Euri’s suit.

The bottom slice with the heroine, a hot/cold colors duality is installed. However, I added a red layer above layer set Euri to give to the character some bounce light from Ricardo. And you’re done!

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La chenille, second trailer (par Didizuka CindyBertet)