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This fucking fandom: Junkrats never heard music before at all! Me: Junkrat hasn't heard any popular global music because of the remoteness of junkertown but LOVES local bands and tries not to miss any of their events at bars. He's a big fan of the Junk-Bites and made a shitty band tee shirt with their logo crudely drawn on it and wore it till it fell apart.

Also old music recordings exist and he’s a massive fan of old punk bands like flogging molly and the dropkick murphies (those were both bands my dad played a lot of when i was a kid. My upbringing was interesting)

holy fucking shit are they really trying to pull that. “there’s no music in junkertown?” fucking. that’s not even just ‘lol poor people’ thats straight up colonialism, fucking?? didgeridoos?? aboriginal music, clapsticks, flutes and pipes, hello??? what. oh my god

the omnium exploded when he was (by canon five, by my estimation in his teens?) but like either way… he never heard music as a kid either??? what

oh my god. and like. roadhog… has a bunch of metal emotes, he headbangs, you think there’s NO music scene in junkertown, NO one listens to music, NO one has ever hummed or whistled or made up a tune in junkertown??? AAAA

trying to pick three countries/cultures to teach to my world music class this week

i’ve narrowed their suggestions down to five choices:

  • America (focusing on Appalachia)
  • Ireland
  • Eastern Europe (focusing on the Carpathian Mountain basin)
  • Australia
  • Mongolia

I can’t choose. suggestions welcome

note: I just lived in Ireland for two years studying music, and I did a lot of research on Eastern European music. Didgeridoos and throat singing are cool.


Lap Tapping Guitar - Bongo - Cajon - Didgeridoo - Wooden Street Syndicate

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Humans by nature are SO SO into music :DD like, we cannot not make music. Most folks end up humming something once in a while. Junkertown would be so noisy! Someone playing old records, another one has a smuggled digital player with a weird collection of songs, there's six kids on a street corner playing every single home-made string instrument and two weird flutes, ska would be popular as heck! I mean metal drums! I need a ska-string-didgeridoo music mix in my life. :(

ikr junkertown music would be soo interesting! you’re right about ska, too, i didn’t think of that but ska and punk would both be popular. like think of the aboriginal influences mixed with punk rock mixed with like, the weird home-made metal based instruments junkers could come up with. the junkertown music scene would be amazing. shit if someone had a digital mixer they’d probably remix stuff with mech fight sounds. i bet their mech fight sound tech can do amazing stuff. there’s probably junker psychedelic rock subculture too, like stuff that plays on the radio during siesta, shoegaze/post-rock influences with didgeridoo and hang drum.

This is my happy place. Watching the people on the street passing by and hearing them laughing, argueing or generally speaking languages I’ve never heard of. Listening to some Didgeridoo street music and feeling the vibration, the pulsation of the whole area. Exploring new places every day and not telling anybody about them. This city reunites thousands of thousands of people with different culture, roots and different lifestyles. I was born in a village with 1000 inhabitants. Maybe that’s the main reason for my love to this big yet so loving city. I love the contrast. I did not fall in love with a boy or a girl. I fell in love with a city. I love Berlin.

The didgeridoo is not a complicated instrument, but there’s a trick to it. Just blowing in air doesn’t do anything. In order to produce anything even remotely like the didgeridoo’s gravely growl, I had to blow a long, sustained mouth fart. I am very good at mouth farts. If I could, I’d have a permanent residency in a top Vegas hotel, performing mouth fart shows twice a night (three times on Saturday). I’d be farting with my mouth for millions of tourists a year alongside Cirque du Soleil and Penn and Teller. The didgeridoo is the musical instrument I was destined to play.

How I Tried (And Failed) To Stop Snoring With A Didgeridoo