didgeridoo music

so my music theory class in right next to the music appreciation class and we can hear throat singing and didgeridoo music through the walls and sometimes my professor makes us analyze what we hear


Lap Tapping Guitar - Bongo - Cajon - Didgeridoo - Wooden Street Syndicate

The didgeridoo is not a complicated instrument, but there’s a trick to it. Just blowing in air doesn’t do anything. In order to produce anything even remotely like the didgeridoo’s gravely growl, I had to blow a long, sustained mouth fart. I am very good at mouth farts. If I could, I’d have a permanent residency in a top Vegas hotel, performing mouth fart shows twice a night (three times on Saturday). I’d be farting with my mouth for millions of tourists a year alongside Cirque du Soleil and Penn and Teller. The didgeridoo is the musical instrument I was destined to play.

How I Tried (And Failed) To Stop Snoring With A Didgeridoo