didgeridoo music


Lap Tapping Guitar - Bongo - Cajon - Didgeridoo - Wooden Street Syndicate

The didgeridoo is not a complicated instrument, but there’s a trick to it. Just blowing in air doesn’t do anything. In order to produce anything even remotely like the didgeridoo’s gravely growl, I had to blow a long, sustained mouth fart. I am very good at mouth farts. If I could, I’d have a permanent residency in a top Vegas hotel, performing mouth fart shows twice a night (three times on Saturday). I’d be farting with my mouth for millions of tourists a year alongside Cirque du Soleil and Penn and Teller. The didgeridoo is the musical instrument I was destined to play.

How I Tried (And Failed) To Stop Snoring With A Didgeridoo