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Hello beautiful people. This is Maria and I’m back with my 3rd Follow Forever. Wow, as always i have no idea what to say ;;;;;;  I have just hit 12k count of followers and i still can’t believe that in this short time, so many of u have found my blog and liked it, i’m horned and so thankful. So many of you had been here from the very start (since i only had 5 followers) and they’re still here and i’m just ;;;;;;;;;;; i love u all. and i’m always thankful to every reblog to every like to every message and to every compliment in tags. i see it alllll and it makes me so happy ;;;;;; idk what more to say ;;; lets have a great time together<33

As usual, those are the blogs who makes my dash beautiful<333  All great blog so please feel free to check all of them. you won’t regret it :D

# C

08-05-25 17dad1993taemin5hawol aigooshinee akmoos ann-jongastaeroidawesomaticrobotronic  babybummie  baekzone  bangtan-hobi bumkis byunnim cdinee525 carito0066 chanyeolismysexualfantasy choiminhs chu-mins ♥ closetblinger closetmvp  cry1nghun  cupcakedeni


daddydaegu  daenso dazzlingkai deerxings  derponew didence-e-e-e  dinobummie dinoholic dohdoro  doushitae  dulcevyan ♥ ema-kpopstyle evil-jongkey exo-love-in-my-shineeworld fantaesies fascinares fivefluffyclouds ♥ flamerchoi  flamingpuppy flawlesschanyeol flightmate  frostyjjong gaarawantcookie ♥ greasylocket


happyshawol heechullkim herewegobebe hongbyn hosijak iheartyoukey ikuitenshi imsodonewithkpop insidyos ishaberajinki-and-his-bitches   jinkilling jinkiminkiki jinkingale jinkirjinqkijintaei jjjinki jjongie-pongie ♥ jjongkimx jjongrexual jjongs-key jjongsta jjonqtae jongae-ah jonghina jonghyun-chan jonghyunar jonghyungry jonghyunkibum jonghyuns-flat-ass jongkey-your-ontae jongkeyforlife ♥ julicyanjk just2wings


key-is-my-wife-k keyaegyo keykyu keypur keys-little-freak keys-yeobo keyvictim ki-bun  kibum-san kibum-shi kibumhairkimjongkeyshipper  kimjongloser kimkeybutt kimsjonghyunkkirkee kkochmeu kthelocket-ace ktshinee kuddul  kurietibulaziestasitgets lee-taemington ♥ leenamjaleetaeeleetaes limitaetions locked-up-freak  lovermin m-nhoe menofkpop miilchtee milkkxing mincookies minhal-x  minhosfuckboy minhunnie minkisschu minlys minshiningirl mintokkiesmintyramen  misbefive misstaemint mostvalublechicken  mrkimmmrsclaychoi mrsgao mvpbullets  myfreakeydorkey


naejin nipplesxoxo   ohmilkey ohnoonho omgjongin on-ho onewgoon ♥ onewshi oneww-saranghae onleeace onttaes owhoryouakumao ♥ pikasquad pinkcaramels pretty-in-key pumpkinspicedlattaes roro-chan-universe ♥ rpgdrake


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U → Z

unbirthdaysong valekimvikkimiin wasabiprince waybe-x wonders-of-thedas  xilsanboi xtaesyyeolchann ♥ yinyao  yoongino yuukisi  zaemin

I think i said this before but i follow a lot of blogs XD. I’m sorry if i left anyone else, i don’t think i did but just if, you can check my blogroll. Have a wonderful day <33

a thousand kisses to skye for being flawless and making the edit for me because i’ll never be able to do it myself tbh

hi hello everyone c: this is snazzybop doing my first follow forever. i don’t know why i’ve never done this before; i’m willing to bet it has something to do with how incurably lazy i am. this wasn’t supposed to be valentines day themed, but since this finally got done around that time, i’m going to wish you all a very lovely one about seventy times in this post so yeah. happy valentines day, everyone!

i really wish i would have done this sooner though because there are so many people who i wanted to recognize but no longer use tumblr (it hurts me deeply inside), so shout out to them to!

god, i’ve been on tumblr since i got into the fandom which was years ago and in all that time i’ve done nothing but hover around other people’s blogs, never really contributing anything of substance to the fandom;; but you guys have all made this fandom a better place whether it be with fics, gifs, edits, or just your presence in general. thank you for making tumblr such a happy place for me to waste my time with c:

all these people i’m listing here are absolutely amazing. whether i know you a little bit, a lot, or not at all, i think every single one of you is beautiful and magical and you deserve all the happiness in the world.

also i really hope i didn’t leave anyone out. i’m following over 300 blogs (jfc) and they are all flawless in their own unique ways so it was really hard for me to narrow it down. that being said, i want you all to know that even if you aren’t on this list, i love you still and that i think you’re really freaking rad no matter what.

if you hover over your url, there’s a little message for each of you. i’m sorry if it gets a little weird, i just really love everyone okay


5hawol a-touch-of-bliss amigonew baby-red-bird bibirulz blacknoonajade bpash89 church-of-minho darkanoir didence-e-e-e forkkkey galuthoden 


happyleaf herewegobebe intaexicated itamis jabiless jongkeykiss jungboons jungheenoona just2wings


keybummer key-goon keyppalocket keys-yeobo kimeunhwa lianne-briana littleshinee mikssi minearebigger mintokkies naekibum


oncloud-onew opparlubsmi pancitisyum pigmi princejonghyun seoulers shineebabo shinees-back sleepyheaded taekey taestyminhoe tostaeda

also god bless:

fuckyeahdivakey fuckyeahjinki fuckyeahjonghyun fuckyeahleetaemin fuckyeahonho fuckyeahpuppyjonghyun fuckyeahsquishyonew fyeahminkey fyeahshawol fyeahshineefanart fyjongkey fytopkey

askjongtae jinki-thirst-anonymous jongkeynet key-net keypur-of-fics onho-things onewsource pre-debut-shinee shineenet undergroundkpop

and finally to everyone who follows me: thank you so much for sticking around; whether you’ve been here since last week or 2012 i don’t care you are just as wonderful (i pay attention to my biggest fans. you go guys). i wish i could shower each and every one of you in a million roses and kisses myself <3 i love you all and happy valentines day! eat a lot of candies and chocolates and have as much fun as you can!