the group chat fic part 2

I know I said this would be up yesterday but it’s extra long so hopefully that makes up for it! you can find the previous part in my #alex.fic tag!

Summary: poly sanders; Roman, Patten, and Logan are already together, and keep inviting Anxiety on dates, even if he doesn’t quite realise it. Everything is told through their group chat. This part: Roman is going to a ball, and he needs advice.

Prince Charming:EMERGENCY!
Hot Topic: oh boy
Logic (the rapper): Is it actually an emergency or are you being dramatic?
Prince Charming: wow I’m so glad my boyfriends love & support me
Hot Topic: im not ur bf so
Prince Charming: REGARDLESS!
Prince Charming: EMERGENCY!
Dad: whats going on, Roman?!
Prince Charming: I am supposed to be going to a ball tomorrow evening and I can’t find anything to wear!
Hot Topic: to answer ur q log– he’s being dramatic
Logic (the rapper): Yes, it would appear so. Roman, why not wear your normal, royal attire? It’s suitable for a formal event, is it not?
Prince Charming: u don’t understand Logan! All of the guests are royalty and they’ve all seen me in this outfit!
Hot Topic: just show up in ur pjs whats the worst that cud happen
Dad: calm down roman, I’ll come help you! We’ll find you something wonderful!
Prince Charming: someone gets it! thank you love 😘
Hot Topic: gross
Logic (the rapper): May I come assist as well? I do enjoy seeing Roman get dressed up.
Dad: of course! we’d love that!
Hot Topic: gross
Dad: youre welcome to come too, anxiety!
Prince Charming: stop messaging the group chat and help me!!!
Hot Topic: …ill pass

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