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We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you even more of my ridiculous obsession with the arranged marriage royalty AU. You can blame @operaticspacetrash for this monstrosity. THE HYPE IS REAL and I am trash.

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fleeting moments when happy and toby touch each other (requested by sheisagenius)

Friendly Competition [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: snow day aka seduce seb day (or i had an idea) /requests closed right now/

WARNING: Seduction…?

Mr. Shue’s idea is so…ugh. The glee club invited the Warblers to do some performances with each other. Some kind of ‘attempt to reach good terms’. You stand on stage next to Britney, arms crossed over your tight black crop top, glaring at Sebastian. “Okay, Y/N, you can present first. Is there anything you need before I leave to talk to Miss P?” Mr. Shue asks, hands on the edge of the stage.

“Why, yes, Mr. Shue, I need Sebastian…” you pat the plastic chair, “Right here.” you grin, legs moving in your leather shorts. Nodding, Mr. Shue points to the stage; the Warbler sneers, hopping on stage and plopping in the seat, crossing his arms. Shue exits and you peer at Britney and Santana, who are also in black.

The music starts; Santana begins. “What it do babyboo?” she nods at her girlfriend, rapping, “Yeah, little mama you lookin’ good, I see you wanna play with a player from the hood. Come holla at me, you got it like that, Big Snoop Dogg, with the lead Pussycat. I show you how it go down, yeah, I wanna go down. Me and you, one on one, treat you like a shorty; You look at me and I look at you, I’m reachin’ for your shirt what you want me to do?” she freestyles.

You strut towards Sebastian, singing the chorus, “I’m telling you loosen up my buttons baby (Uh huh), but you keep fronting (Uh),” you squat in front of him, rubbing your hands through your hair as Brit and Rachel sing backup. “saying what you goin’ do to me (Uh huh), but I ain’t seen nothing (Uh).”

Standing up, you stalk around him, licking your bottom lip. He shifts uncomfortably, mossy green eyes following your every move, dress slacks becoming tight. “Typical, hardly the type I fall for. I like when the physical.” you pull his striped tie, causing his arms to fall at his sides. “Don’t leave me asking for more. I’m a sexy mama (Mama).” you smirk, watching his pouty mouth open wide, “Who knows just how to get what I wanna (Wanna). What I want to do is spring this on ya (On ya). Back up all of the things that I told ya (Told ya, told ya, told ya)…”

Sebastian swallows harshly, feeling your fingers run up his white button down. His dick is throbbing at the sight of your breasts in his face. Oh god…. “You been sayin’ all the right things all night long, but I can’t seem to get you over here to help take this off. Baby, can’t you see? (See) How these clothes are fittin’ on me? (Me)” Roughly, you push his navy blue blazer off his shoulders, making him gasp. “And the heat coming from this beat (Beat). I’m about to blow. I don’t think you know…” you sing, letting the other girls sing the chorus again.

As his blazer falls to the floor, you back away, unzipping your black hoodie, exposing your crop top fully. “You say you’re a big boy, but I can’t agree. ‘Cause the love you said you had, ain’t been put on me.” you smirk, sashaying up to the snarky Warbler. “I wonder (Wonder), if I’m just too much for you. Wonder (Wonder), if my kiss don’t make you just…Wonder (Wonder) what I got next for you. What you want to do? (Do)” you ask, batting your eyelashes, hands running up his thighs.

Sebastian squirms, scoffing, eyebrows furrowing as if silently asking ‘are you kidding?’. You smirk, showing off your breasts, “Take a chance to recognize that this could be yours.” you point to yourself; his eyes darken. “I can see, just like most guys, that your game don’t please. Baby, can’t you see? (See) How these clothes are fittin’ on me? (Me)” you toss your hoodie of the stage. Kurt catches it, laughing. Sebastian breathes heavily when you yank him by his tie. “And the heat coming from this beat (Beat). I’m about to blow, I don’t think you know…” you throw your head back, going into the chorus again as the other girls dance.

Puckering your lips, you get ready to rap, moving to the back of the chair. The Warbler groans, feeling you mess up his hair. “Now you can get what you want, but I need what I need, And let me tell you what’s crackalackin’ before I proceed.” you grab his chin, forcing his head to the side; his jaw tenses. “Ima show you where to put it at. PCD told me, yeah, I thought I saw a Pussycat.” you smirk, seeing him glare at you. “Now roll with the big dog, all six of y'all on me, now tell me how it feel babydoll. Ashley, Nicole, Carmit, Jessica, Kimberly, Melody, you feelin’ me?” you muse, letting of his jaw.

“Ha, ha…hot!” Britney smirks, fanning herself and pausing.

Santana laughs, leaning on her girlfriend, “Ha, ha…loosen up!”

“Ha, ha…yeah…” Rachel and Quinn say together.

You step toward the front of him, face to face, “Ha, ha…I can’t take this…” you mumble, stomping to the beat as the chorus returns.

Suddenly, he stands up, knocking the chair back with his foot. The music stops and the two of you stare at each other, making the New Directions and Warblers uncomfortable. “Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me.” Sebastian smirks, gesturing to you and him, “Let’s talk about all the good things, and the bad things that may be.” The rest of the Warblers join him from below the stage as he corners you to the wall. “Let’s talk about sex, let’s talk about sex, let’s talk about se-”

“Throw your clothes!” you cut him off, grabbing his arms and placing them around your waist. “On the floor!” He harmonizes, shaking his head slightly. “I’m gonna take my clothes off too; I made plans to be with you.” you sing together, hitting the note perfectly. Your eyelids screw shut, “Girl whatever you ask me, you know, I could do!”

Sebastian picks you up, ignoring the other people in the room; hands under your thighs. “I’ll make love to you, like you want me to. And I’ll hold you tight, baby all through the night. I’ll make love to you, when you want me to. And I will not let go 'till you tell me to…” he sings, eyes darting to your lips.

“Touch my body, put me on the floor… Wrestle me around, play with me some more. Touch my body, throw me on the bed…” you hum, hands flying to his hair, “I just wanna make you feel like you never did. Touch my body, let me wrap my thighs all around your waist. Just a little taste. Touch my body, know you love my curves-”

Sebastian presses his lips to yours, surprising everyone. (Kurt screams in horror and Blaine covers his mouth.) You groan, tugging on his chestnut hair. The door squeaks open and  you jump down, looking at Mr. Shue entering. “Guys! You do your song yet?” he asks cheerfully.

“Yes they did.” Sebastian smirks, gazing at you, “It was…electric.” he winks, picking up his blazer from the floor and swinging it over his shoulder. “I gotta go. Can’t stand this public school smell…” he sneers, peering at you quickly before heading off stage.

Huffing, your shoulders slump. Britney touches your upper arm as the Warblers pile through the double doors. “It’s okay, Y/N, maybe you can have sex with the mean molerat another day.” she says hopefully.

Your eyes go wide, “Britney, shh!”

peachiesheep-deactivated2017111  asked:

Yoooo so I saw in the tags that u like bnha and like same so I was wondering what you the 2ps quirks would be cause that would be pretty sic

((sOmEoNe ReAdS tHe TaGs??? also i used canon and non-canon ones and idk wtf happened actually–))

2P! Italy:
- Illusion
- can manipulate one of the senses of a person, he can manipulate one sense of multiple people at the same time as well as enclosed areas
- is he uses his quirk for a too long, he gets hallucinations
- tbh i was gonna give him all for one but i was like nO due to obvious reasons

2P! Germany:
- Hardening
- power to harden any part of his body
- wait if he’s already hard and then he uses hardening as well, wtf happens
- this has been bugging me from the very start

2P! Japan:
- Shadow manipulation
- 2edgy4y'all
- able manipulate any shadow (duh) and hide in them
- “mom, does this mean i can be a full time ninja?”

2P! Romano:
- Flash
- releases an extremely bright light from his eyes (why do you think he wears those shades) that could blind and/ or paralyze anyone depending on intensity
- tbh idk where and how tf i got this

2P! Prussia:
- Invisibility
- turns invisible only when he gets startled/scared/nervous
- which is like all the time
- not really
- subsides after calming down
- if he was just mildly scared, there’s a chance that only a part of his body disappears
- again, idk where i got this

2P! Austria:
- Voodoo
- able to control a person by obtaining a part of their body (blood, hair, etc…) or an object that highly signifies them
- can only control one person at a time but there’s no time limit as to how long he can control them
- srsly wtf am i on when im writing this

2P! America:
- Disintegrate
- disintegrates anything he touches into ashes
- he can’t really control them so he wears special gloves but sometimes disintegrates them as when he gets super pissed
- how he found his quirk: “oh look at the cute doggie i wanna touch him- oH MY GOD DID I JUST MURDER A DOG???? AAAAAH”
- it was sad

2P! England:
- Recovery
- slightly different from Recovery Girl’s
- can heal/ recover anyone but the amount he heals is also the amount of energy and stamina he loses
- although he can rejuvenate through sleeping and resting

2P! Canada:
- Animal manifestation
- able to manifest any part or ability of any non-extinct animal(s) of his choice as long as he has an extensive amount of information about the animal
- he can’t fully transform into the animal

2P! France:
- Somnambulist
- ability to make anyone sleep by inhaling the aroma coming emanating from his body
- yknow what why not let a sleepy sap make others sleep by letting them sniff his body oder because fUCK Y'ALL
- “i dont want to fucking deal with you so shut up and sleep”
- “does this work for me as well”
- i just noticed that most of my posts, francois’ has the longest whats up with that

2P! Russia:
- High spec
- an intelligence surpassing humans
- why are you even going to school, ion
- “son, i believe it is unnecessary for you to keep going to school” “but i want to, dad” “why” “because being smarter than everyone feels nice”

2P! China:
- Allure
- tbh this was pretty obvious
- makes people absolutely intoxicated by him to the point of doing what he wants through the aroma emanating from his body
- can be avoided by not breathing
- it lasts depending on how much the person inhaled
- congrats zao, you are now a walking drug

2P! South Korea:
- Permeation
- allows his body to phase through anything solid/ liquid
- can u imagine someone talking shit about him and his face literally just passes through the wall and be like
- “ye he’s a total douche alright, i hope he doesn’t hear you”

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Omg you met Tyler! People says that he is even more gorgeous than in pictures. Tell us about please 🙏🏼 and what you think about his beard?

Yeah! I was lucky enough to get a chance to. He is super beautiful in person like how the heck and he has such a happy vibe around him like you cant stop smiling while he smiles back at you! He gives really good hugs too!

I got the chance to ask him questions too during the autograph session. Like once you get over the nerves and just talk to him casually, he’s just a normal dude (who happens to look really goddamn beautiful).  

His beard game during the event was in full game mode. Like it was kinda fluffy? Like you wanna just touch it which i kinda did bec his height and my height was juuuuuuust right that his beard would touch my head if I lean really close (and I did lean close LOL).

Touch my body~

Put me on the floor~ Wrestle me around~ Play with me some more~

Touch my body~

Throw me on the bed~ 

I just wanna make you feel like you never did~

Touch my body~

Let me wrap my thighs~ All around your waist~ Just a little taste~

Touch my body~

I know you like my curves~

 C’mon and give me what I deserve and touch my body~



Touch My Body
Mariah Carey
Touch My Body

This song is giving me life right now.

Touch my body; put me on the floor, wrestle me around, play with me some more. Touch my body; throw me on the bed, I just wanna make you feel like you never did. Touch my body; let me wrap my thighs all around your waist, just a little taste. Touch my body; know you love my curves, come on and give me what I deserve and touch my body.


I wanted to illustrate what Haru’s “I appreciate you being here for me. Thank you.” meant to me.

Haru was depressed all this time, but I think he would’ve spiralled into complete darkness if Makoto didn’t support him all these years. In the first opening, without Makoto’s hand reaching out, Haru would’ve sunk to the scariest depths of the ocean. Though Makoto couldn’t pull him out, he accompanied Haru at his lowest/worst and shared whatever burden Haru allowed him to carry. Even these two were a little broken before the series started.

I also can’t help but think how afraid Makoto must’ve been with Haru suddenly quitting the club without ever explaining why and then see how withdrawn Haru became day by day.

tldr: tear my heart out makoharu ;A; words are from Brand New’s Jesus Christ and Death Cab for Cutie’s I’ll Follow You into the Dark

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Hi! May I please request a joshua scenario where he's the hot singer/guitarist in a rock band? :DD tatted up and piercings (oh boy what am i doing to sweet joshua LOL but i saw a post about rocker jisoo and it just fucked me up). and you work at the bar that his band is playing a gig at? And could you include a hot make out session? :$$$ thank you!!!!

im scmreaing this sounds so hot ;; i didn’t write that much on the makeout because it seems unrealistic and honestly it was getting too long but i hope u enjoy !! 

You liked your job as a bartender at the local bar. Tips did well, especially with the overly drunk customers, and tonight, you found yourself liking your job a little more when the guests of the night was a small rock band. 

Five dangerously handsome men stood at the stage up front, preforming their own music which the crowd loved. Which you loved. Especially that tall, smiling lead singer. 

Light auburn hair and a smile that could kill, the singer slash guitarist was a sight for sore eyes. You wished you were one of the drunk customers tonight, dancing to his voice, and maybe even talk to him, but you were stuck behind the counter tonight, serving drinks. Bottoms up, you suppose.

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"Touch my body" by Mariah Carrey Brittana Fanslide

“Touch my body

throw me on the bed

I just wanna make you feel

Like you never did”

Never Touch the Ground verse —

You hang on the edge of consciousness, streams of grey and gold pulling at your periphery, tugging the divide. Soft edges of reality break through, slowly beginning to stir wakefulness, and when you’re finally able to open your eyes, you catch her. She’s staring down at you. Her weight has you pinned to the couch, her naked knees locked around your hips. Shadowed blue catches the light, disassembling your train of thought, and you wonder how it always seems to come back to this.

 “Hi,” she whispers

“Hey,” you whisper back sluggishly, your eyes never leaving hers.

She still has on that barely there t-shirt that just covers her ass. And you also know she’s still naked beneath it—you can feel the heat of her thigh on your skin, and the even hotter part radiating warmth near your pelvis. 

“I really wanted you to wake up.” Her voice is soft against your ear as one hand begins to travel. It glides under your shirt, against your skin, making an upward journey over the expanse of your stomach. Your heart pounds as her fingertips graze the swell of your breast, stopping to learn the curvature, the texture of the skin surrounding your hardened nipple. Such slow, torturous circles, and then a pinch—

You bite your lip and let out an array of profane choice words.




She just smiles.

Her other hand moves as well. You watch it slide down your body, palm pressing against your outer thigh. You hold your breath when she lowers her face, nose dragging, lips tracing the outline of your hip bones. There she leaves a trail of brazen kisses that only go lower. And lower. And lower.




You’ve never let anyone do that to you. It’s too much. You can’t even begin to fathom what, or how much you’d feel if she were to do that to you…

You try to push her away, but she won’t allow it. Rather, she grabs ahold of your wrists and pins you down, eyes glaring at you with an intensity you’ve never seen before.

“Just…please, San. I want…I just want to make you feel good.”