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Her voice could sink ships with Liam from teen wolf

Singing was your safe haven. It was the thing that you did the most when you were stressed. The sound of the music as soon as you turned the radio on; the soft rhythm that ran through you during the intro. It was all something that reminded you that things weren’t that bad. Even though your brother Stiles had told you about the horrors of the supernatural after a run-in with a particularly nasty looking werewolf. The red eyes. The snarling –

You cut the thoughts off, shaking your head as you flicked the radio on. A small smile crept onto your face as the chords of your favourite song began.

You were so engrossed in the music, and singing along to it, that you didn’t hear the front door open and close with a sharp snap. You didn’t hear the shuffling as your brother led Scott and Liam into the kitchen to talk; nor, in fact did you know that Liam stopped at the bottom of the stairs, listening to your singing despite how he could’ve heard it from almost anywhere.

‘Liam, what’re doing?’ Stiles asked, raising an incredulous eyebrow at the younger boy. Beside him, however, Scott was smirking slightly.

‘Her voice could sink ships,’ Liam said, sounding very much like he was in a daze.

But, a slight scoff made him aware of the two older boys standing in front of him. He could feel a blush rising quickly onto his cheeks. ‘N-nothing,’ he said awkwardly, his hand jumping to rub the back of his head. ‘Who’s singing?’

An amusement lit Stiles’ face, and he shared a knowing sideways glance with Scott.

‘That, my young pup, would be (Y/n), my little sister,’ said Stiles, folding his arms firmly across his chest. ‘And I’ll let her know she’s got a fan.’

However, before Liam could ask any more questions, Stiles draped his arm over Liam’s shoulders.

‘C’mon,’ he said, leading the boy into the kitchen.

‘Maybe you can even talk to her one day,’ said Scott in an undertone, gaining a sharp glare from Stiles.

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✈ ✖ ☤ ★ ^^

✈ Is there any kind of music that you can’t stand?
ahh not really, i like a little bit of everything

✖ What do your parents think about the music you listen to?
lol i think they prefer what i listen to now than what i did like 7 years ago. My mom even tries to sing along at times

☤ Do you most pay attention to the melody or the lyrics?
a little bit of both but mostly lyrics. I love it when a songs lyrics speak to me and like a certain line stays in my head for a few days

★ Is there any music band you liked years ago that you would not like now?
omg there’s a few. like i tried listening to some songs i listened to when i was 13 and now i’m like ???? …for example brokencyde
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I miss your smile.
I miss the laugh you had when you thought something was REALLY funny.
I miss holding your hand all the time.
I miss the way you said “oh absolutely.”
I miss millions of drunk “I love yous.”
I miss how you’d laugh when I’d ask to wear a shirt, and you’d tell me every time that I don’t have to ask.
I miss the way you’d kiss my head when I leaned into you,
I miss hearing you call me baby.
I miss riding around in the FRS, singing along to the music with you.
I miss RaceTrack ice cream dates.
I miss “good morning beautiful” texts.
I miss trying to run up the stairs fast so you couldn’t grab my booty but failing miserably every time.
I miss snuggling in bed watching How To Train A Dragon and other kid movies with you.
I miss sitting in your lap while you did stuff on your computer.
I miss you pulling me into your arms when I was trying to leave for work.
I miss bringing you lunch at work.
I miss you picking out my outfits because I was to indecisive on what to wear.
I miss seeing your eyes light up when you talk about guns or cars.
I miss going on mini trips with you.
I miss you asking me to go random errands with you just because you wanted to be with me.
I miss how you would attack me when you got home from work.
I miss comforting each other when we were sick or upset.
I miss telling you absolutely everything.
I miss being the couple that everybody was envious of.
I miss sending you novels on how much I love you.
I miss taking pictures for you whenever I thought I looked cute.
I miss how you’d push my glasses up for me because you knew I was about to do it myself.
I miss laying in bed and just talking.
I miss going to the track with you and both being 100% happy.
I miss sitting at your work, helping and watching how to do things.
I miss the “really good hugs.”
I miss doing cute things for each other just because.
I miss feeling like nothing could go wrong when I was in your arms.
I miss hearing you introduce me as your girlfriend.
I miss you tickling my hear just to hear me laugh.
I miss kissing you as much as I want.
I miss laughing and smiling so much my cheeks hurt.

God damnit I miss you. 

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Whenever I hear Shut Up and Dance now I get even more pumped then I did before and its your fault and its wonderful and I don't wanna wait so I just sing along and wait anyway :P that's all, have a splendid day!!

Haha thank you!

It was on the radio this morning as I was getting out of bed, and I spent all day at work writing chapter 9 in my head, and now I have the leisure to write the words won’t go, brain why

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Can I request a gif reaction of the boys when you're on your debut stage?

Yes! Thanks for asking!

Namjoon: He would be super excited for you! Among the crowd, he would be seen cheering you on and flashing a bright smile! After the debut stage, he comes to congratulate you with a kiss. Rapmon would say “That was incredible!”.

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Seokjin: Jin would actually clap his hands along to the music. As a treat for debuting, he would bring you something he baked and hugs you. He would say “You did great!” as he grabs your hands and shake them.

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Yoongi: Suga would be standing there quietly nodding his head, but on the inside, he’s actually really happy for you. As he comes up to congratulate you, he smiles at you like never before. He would say “Congrats jagiya!”

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Hoseok: Just thinking of how would react makes me happy! Jhope would literally try to dance and sing along with you! While flashing a cheesy smile at you, he runs up to you and hugs you while jumping. He’d say something like “WAHHH, you were amazing!”.

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Jimin: He would watch you be happy as you dance. I feel like he would actually let out one tear as he observes you. He would have been supported and loud during the entire thing.

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Taehyung: V would watch you like how he watched Vixx perform Error, with his mouth opened and concentrated. He would actually jump and act kiddish. V ill try to dance along and sing along.I feel like he would pretend to cry as he walks up to you. After the concert, he would congratulate you by running into you.

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Jungkook: He would observe quietly.Jungkook would contain his excitement and cheer along calmly. After the stage, he’d walk up to you and say “Congrats jagi, that was a nice debut song! You worked hard!” and hug you.

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Sorry if these weren’t good or long enough, I had trouble coming up with ideas.