Which song would remind Exo of you

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Fandom: Exo

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: -

Author’s Note: All songs used  are more or less poppy love songs. I also left out the inactive members, since you did not specifically request them. I hope you like it. ~

Suho: Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran // The lyrics would totally relate to his feeling for you: Junmyeon wanted to grow old with you. Sometimes, when you were feeling down, he would let you place your head on his lap and sing it to you. This song was his promise to love you.

Baekhyun: Shower – Becky G // It would be a fun song the two of you sang along to obnoxiously whenever it came on the radio during road trips. If Baekhyun randomly heard this song he would immediately smile; thinking of you.

Chanyeol: Latch – Disclosure // This was the song that was playing in the background when the two of you first laid eyes on each other, therefor it would hold great meaning for you. Once Chanyeol had looked up the lyrics, he would enjoy the song even more, because of the way it described the two of you meeting perfectly.

D.O: At Last – Etta James // Ever since he heard you singing this song to yourself when you thought you were alone, Kyungsoo could not be able to stop the smile spreading on his face when the song brought back all his fond memories of you and reminded him how happy he was that you were his at last.

Kai: Adore You – Miley Cyrus // This song reminded him of hazy nights and lazy mornings and your beautiful smile in the tangle of the sheets. Hearing this song on the radio would always leave Jongin with an ache in his heart; longing to quickly see you again.

Sehun: You’ve Got The Love – Florence + The Machine // The lyrics would remind him of how even in his worst times you had always had his back and were there for him. He would get emotional listening to this song, feeling more than thankful that you were in his life.

Chen: On The Floor – The Vamps // This playful song would remind you and Jongdae of the beginnings of your relationship. And even now that the shyness and awkwardness had faded and you were so familiar with each other, the two of you could often be found humming the melody with smiles plastered on your faces.

Xiumin: Maps- Maroon 5 // This song would remind him of a darker time, when he could not call you his and kept chasing after you. But now, that it had all worked out, hearing the song again made him proud of his efforts and happy with the place you were at with your relationship.

Lay: All About You – McFly // Just like in the song, you would be the most important thing in Yixing’s life. He would love doing romantic things, like bringing you flowers every other day, taking you out to dinner or dancing on the kitchen tiles late at night with this song playing softly in the background.

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louis prompt idea: he sings a hsm song to you on a drunken karaoke night at a bar

He had warned you earlier to expect embarrassment later on in the night when the karaoke had started, so you did expect it. But what you didn’t expect was the scene of Louis singing “Music in Me” straight to you, standing on top of the bar, with the most enthusiasm you have ever seen in one being. 

Everyone in the bar was singing along, “Because you are the music in me! Na, na, na na!” Which was even more surprised. 

“Come up here Y/N!” He cheered, holding out his hand. At first your shook your head no. There was no way you would get up there. 

At least not without some liquid courage first. 

Chugging what was left of your drink, you reluctantly took his hand, hopping up onto the bar. Louis held the microphone between you as you both belched out into the crowd the rest of the song, earning a small eruption of cheers and woots from the people around you. 

“You are the music in meeee.” You finished, smile huge on your face. When you turned to Louis, his drunken eyes looking as if they could go for hours more, he kissed your cheek. 

“That wasn’t that bad now was it?” He asked, tossing his arm around your shoulder. 

Shaking your head, you grinned. “No, not at all.” You giggled. “Alright, let’s get you off of here.” Just as you turned to hop off the bar, Louis tugged you back. 

“Nope!” He protested. “They have tons more! Come on. I’ll be Troy and you be Gabriella!” 

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Put your music on shuffle, write the first 10 songs that come on and your favourite lyrics from them. Don’t forget to tag 10 people at the end!

I’ve discovered that I have a lot of instrumental music (that I skipped) and a lot of showtunes.

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I want to feel your sides moving up and down as you breathe and I’m holding you while you’re sleeping, and I’m left wide awake with thoughts of our next day together. I want to caress every inch of you, memorize every freckle and every stretch mark and every little bump. I want to feel your warmth. Your breathing syncing to mine, as well as your heartbeat as you lie your head on my chest. I want to watch you sing the wrong verse of a song to me in the car and laugh about it, feeling a little silly for it. I want to see your summer glow fade as autumn and winter creep along, and how your nose and cheeks turn pink when you get too cold. I want to kiss you when you’re angry at me, and look into your eyes as I apologize for whatever I did wrong. I will always apologize if I hurt you. I want to love you and I want to know you. That’s all that I want! I want you forever and ever my baby! I love you Danielle to the moon and back!! 🙈😍😘🌈👭💯

The little things you did,

Oh, how they are etched into my memory so clearly

You would come along with a quiet smile, one that would send my heartbeat awry,

And you would remember all the little things I said,

All the simple things I enjoy, like the strawberry cake with pink filling,

And the way the stars shone on a blue moon night as you guided me through the gravel path,

Your warm hand wrapped around mine.

I could almost pretend that you favored me above all those deserving girls,

My heart yearns to sing

But my head speaks differently, telling me

That the little things weighed too much on my mind