Hey taylorswift

So this whole year I was working on this scrapbook for you, each page in it represents each song on 1989. I met your mom during Santa Clara night 1 and not only did she move my BF and I to the sound booth, she also said she would give my scrapbook to you! I also met your whole family (they are the NICEST PEOPLE EVER, I see where you get it from☺️), and IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE.

But every day since, I wonder if my scrapbook ever made its way to you. I’ve even had dreams where I ask you if you got it and you say no😭

***so even though it may be somewhere lost at Levi’s Stadium, atleast I can show you through tumblr!**** I hope you like it❤️


Hi Here another preview for the @fefamilyzine this time, huge fan of the game I had to do it. Excited to see the result, and I did some stickers too ( I love stickers ) And just 15 days left before summer break for me ! 15 days to finish my film argh ! >o< !

(  And if you play the game what’s your favorite pairings / ships etc… I’d like to know ‘3′ or your favorite characters ! )


Hi I’m bugging you guys with another cover. But in actuality this is the first thing I’ve posted on YouTube in 3 months (the SKH cover was unlisted for just people on Tumblr to see) and my irl friends and family have been bugging me to post again so I did this really lazy cover of Fly Away lol. I legit just did one take for this after transcribing these chords literally 5 minutes prior. You don’t have to reblog or anything bc it’s really so slapdash and not my best, but watch if you wanna :) Skip to 1:28 to ignore my foolish blabbing at the beginning

None of you probably have to deal with the fact your father is “savvy” enough to have a tumblr but I , Naomi Skye, will continue to blog like he’s just not there OTHER THAN SHOUTING ACCUSATORIALLY WHEN I SEE HIM LIKE HE’S SWIPER THE FOX 


I have a cookie in a cup of glass as an alternative to tea because i’m all out and I just stayed outside for a few good minutes communicating with frogs at 2 in the morning near my family’s pool croaking “we are family”. i think we’re becoming fast friends now.  I guess you can say that I now have friends on the other side

Karmagisa, Maeiso and Honorifics (rant)

After reading chapter 149 of assclass I got slightly more interested in japanese honorifics. That’s why I looked it up and found out about  the term “Yobisute”.

Using no honorific at all (called yobisute) is also an honorific — it’s a “null honorific”, and it means the speaker is addressing the person to whom he is speaking in an intimate and familiar manner usually restricted to family, spouses or one’s closest friends.

It’s only natural to think that Karma and Nagisa go under the ‘close friends’-tag right?

But then you have MaeIso… You know the best friends who are often seen together; having known each other as far back as their childhood elementary school days.

Did ya see that? Look a tiny bit closer…

Did you see any ‘Yuuma’ or ‘Hiroto’? No? Me neither, and that’s why, my fellow tumblr otakus, why I’m confused… Like whyy aren’t they calling each other by their given names if they’re childhood friends? T_T Is there something I’m missing?? Does anyone got any clue???


A big thank you to every one who entered these awards. This was a super hard challenge going though all these blogs and figuring out in my own opinion who goes where. If you didn’t win any of the awards, look at the bottom to see if you get free cookies :) I did take out charming family category and add another 2 categories. So without any further ado here are the winners:

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Best Overall OUAT Blog: storybrooke & inhislight

Best Gif Makers: dashingrapskillian & emmashero

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Nicest Blogger: emmaswn & oncepromised

Best Emma Stan Blog : sheriffswan & heroswans

Best Killian Jones Stan Blog: thekillianjones & museelo

Plus you all get subway cookies and the awesomeness award. But you have to share that one :P

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Thank you all for entering and I hope every one of my friends, mutuals and followers have an amazing Christmas & I promise the next one of these that I do it might be a bit more organised or less blah. Haha xx As for those free cookies they are in the mail :)

I’m leaving !

I’ll be camping in the south with my parents until August 9th, and until then, no laptop, no digital art,no streams, only internet on my phone so ill be able to post my traditional doodles :) But I’ll try to avoid tumblr after the 3rd cause I don’t wanna see GF spoilers.

Alright now Im really sad to leave my giant deer family so give me a giant deer group hug please !!

I’ll miss you <3

  • Me:*leaves tumblr for a day*
  • My dash:
  • THE NEST ooh jared's hair NEED MORE CAS thank you Rob for being such an amazing person THE NEST wow idjit flashbacks DEAN MISSES HIS BOYFRIEND where the hell did Bobby come from? Btw Jensen's eyes on fleek THE NEST here's another long ass meta THE NEST cute Destiel doodle MORE FANFICS THAT HIATUS WAS TOO LONG oh wow I can't wait to see what happens with bringing Cas back THE NEST
2015 ships??

so it’s a new year, and seeing as all i did to celebrate was sit in the living room with my family playing cards against humanity, i thought i’d do omething on tumblr too! so how about some good old fashioned 5sos ships? ;)

what you gotta do:

  • you don’t have to follow me, but you’d get virtual hugs if you did!
  • reblog this!
  • message me with a ship/question/myr/mlt
  • you must have a face page/about page - if not then pls describe yourself in a message!

what you’ll get:

  • ship
  • best friend
  • drunk kiss
  • secret admirer
  • blurb
  • random song on shuffle (this should be interesting)
  • compliment:
  • gif of your ship

if smirking michael won’t get you to do this i won’t know what will ..

no notes you saw nothing

TAUGHT MY FIRST CLASS TONIGHT! It’s surreal to think I would be doing this but I am! I’ll be teaching Women on Weights for the next four weeks. It’s a foundations class on weights associated with the weight room. I think it went really really well! I did in intro for the first part then followed it up with a quick warm up. Then a fit test see where their start point is. We then did a a dumbbell workout. Didn’t have much time did 2x12 of bicep curls, triceps kick backs, chest press, reverse fly, weighted squats and weighted donkey kicks. 💪🏽😅 I got good feedback and I’m excited for the next four weeks! THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HAS INSPIRED ME TO GET TO THIS POINT. I’m very happy to have so many fit and inspirational people in my life! both in real everyday life and on social media (tumblr and Instagram) also great coworkers, friends and family who pushed me to this point. Thank you soooo much! 😘❤️❤️❤️😘 #fitness #weightloss #fitblr #newjourney #ymca #they #healthy #happy #yay #fit

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After a self-imposed social media exile, a mmmmmmmmaaajor attitude adjustment, some QT with a few of the most awesome people and animals walking the face of this planet, and a ridiculous amount of meditation, your regularly scheduled Lioness returns!

All the thanks in the world go to everyone who checked up on me and who were patient while I did what I had to do. Y’all are full of awesomeness and I’m downright humbled to have such amazing chosen family, because that is really how I see all y’all. <3

Even though I was away from Tumblr, I thought of all y’all often and missed y’all! I’ll be clawing back through y’all’s blogs to find all that tasty delicious content I love so well, so if you see me blowing up your notifications, you know why. I apologize in advance. :V

I wasn’t posting on my main blog, but I have posted a few pieces of writing on my writing blog, @lioness-writes. By some bizarre quirk of fate I become a productive writer when I’m not on social media??? Imagine.

Because I’m happy to be back, I’m going to do a silly-happy meme I was tagged in by the super-awesome @jkfukufan and I TAG EVERYBODY TO DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL.

When you get this, respond with five ten things that make you happy. Then pass this forward to the last ten people in your notifications.

2) MY AWESOME IRL FAMILY (blood and chosen)
3) baby animals
4) writing
5) seeing my friends make awesome writing and art
6) Mad Max: Fury Road
7) making the people I love happy
8) Southern, Scottish, Irish accents
10) about 4 o’clock on a brisk, dry fall day (the quality of the sunlight, the smell, the feel of the air, being able to wear a giant hoodie and big boots)

Also, here is a picture of Danny Trejo that my boyfriend sends me whenever I’m grumpy, and it ALWAYS cheers me up.

anonymous asked:

and you women tell boys and men that they are murders and rapist from the day they are born, you tell them crying makes them weak, and any display of emotion makes them worthless. Then you start wishing death on them. I don't see how thats any different from whatever things you go through. and before you start screaming at me assuming my identity, I'm a trans guy whos currently stuck living as a female around family, so I know what I'm talking about.

did you leave tumblr the last two years? like actual living in the real world? no woman is telling that men. media isnt. adults arent. parents excuse every single thing their boys do. id yet have to see any woman who isnt at least a liberal feminist doing these things. feminists are the vast minority of people lmao. dont act like radfems have such a huge impact on the world & men.

ps: its hypermasculinity and misogynies fault men aplarently cant show weakness without being ridiculued.
even tho ive never seen anything different than “men who cry😍😍” “boys who show feelings 😫🙌🏻😍” or “its so strong and brave when men show their emotions!!” from women. but when a woman/girl shows feelings shes a sensibel hyperemotional irrational bitch.

xxgalaxy-princessxx  asked:

First of all I just want to say how beautiful you look! Gurl you look stunning! When I read your bio I had to read it twice cause there ain't a pinch of masculinity to see! So that out the way, how did you come out? ( I'm not sure if you already answered this or not so sorry if you have) were your friends and family supportive or did you have a rough time through it? Xx

It would take quite some time to answer this fully, but if you search “story” on my tumblr you should be able to find most of it.

Tl;dr version: No support from family, support from most friends and it was pretty shity overall.

cottonflannel  asked:

I've seen your post. I am genuinely sorry. I reacted harshly and said awful things about you. I take full responsibility for what i have said and done. I promise to make a public apology tomorrow when more people will see it. I will also individually message everybody who reblogged that post falsely accusing you of brown face and ask them to delete it and fully explain to them my mistake. You absolutely did not owe it to me to post a picture of your family on Tumblr. (1/2)

Shhhh, shhh, it’s okay. I’m not angry, I’m in midterms so if my post seemed angry sorry about that premed is hard and frustrating. I am just very prideful of my heritage and of my family so thing whole ordeal put me off a bit.

anonymous asked:

Girl that gif alone for pt. 2 of pt. 7 killed me😂😂 but for as much as you got going on with school and family and friend life plus your story, you did a great job with the last part. I'm excited to see what you're gonna do for the next part😊

HAHA I’m glad ;) I saw it before and I was like that is EXACTLY the black button down harry wore to dinner.  I love it when tumblr works like that.  And thank you so much!  This message made me smile and it’s such great affirmation to hear that you recognize my busy schedule.  I do try my best for you guys each time!  Lots of love to you babe, I’m really excited to write for each and every one of you xx

I was tagged by the awesome @hope-for-olicity and @olicityandsteroline

Rule: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better (sorry guys i’m too super lazy to do this :P)

Age: 24

Current Job/Dream Job: Customer Service Adviser, and I don’t have one

What are you talented at?: I don’t have talents :P LOL!

What do you like to do for fun?: Errrmmm, I love TV and movies, I used to enjoy tumblr and be here all the time but recently not so much, I love to write and read (but it’s all fanfiction these days), I dunno… fun for me is simple, surrounded by family having a laugh…

Why did you create a Tumblr?: Because a wonderful person @author123456 convinced me to join, and I haven’t looked back since…

How do you describe yourself?: I struggle, because I see the worst in me often, and in my current mindset yeh… but here goes: Loyal, kind, too trusting, friendly, perfectionist, too self critical.

Strengths: Always there for everyone

Weaknesses: Self critical (truly I am my own worst critic, no one punishes me more than I do myself)

What is a big goal you’re working towards?: I don’t have any, I think probably getting a new job…

What is your aesthetic?: no idea..

Do you collect anything?: I used to collect Beanie Babies, and Bad Taste Bears but I haven’t done that for years… and this year my cousin got me into Funko Pops, so yeh :P

What is a topic you always talk about?: It’s always TV but I’m wiling to talk about anything… mostly I’ve been moaning about work (clearly not coping well)

What’s a pet peeve of yours?: I have several, which always change, I mean lying is a big one for me… But I hate people who let you down, I don’t mean those who have genuine reasons but who just make grand plans but then just don’t bother… (I can explain this better using an example but I don’t want to get into it)

Good advice to give: It’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to breakdown and it’s okay to ask for help…

Name an album you listened to recently: I haven’t listened to an album in years… I think it was probably my dad playing his new Sia album..

An album you NOT recommend and why: I don’ t know, I don’t listen to things I don’t like :P

Recommend 3 songs: 
    Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
    Remedy by Adele
    Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott

5 Tumblrs you like: That’s just unfair… I love all you guys…

I’m not really sure if anyone is bothered but i went to go and see family for awhile and told my friend to keep my blog updated and stuff until i come back but she completely changed everything! I’ve lost all my gifs/edits i made and while i keep most my followers she unfollowed everyone i did so if i followed you before or anything like this and i will follow back. This blog is going to go through a lot to get it back to being mine but i do apologize in advance and I’m sorry to my old followers but I’m glad most of you stayed. If anyone does see any of my edits or something please tell me so i can reblog them again.