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Scientists Have Made A Self-Destructing, Dissolvable Battery

The thin battery is capable of breaking down when exposed to light, liquid or heat

The value of a battery is often considered in terms of its battery life. A battery that never dies? Sounds great. But the 2016 invention of a short-term, self-destructing battery is making waves. Iowa State University mechanical engineering professor Reza Montazami lead a team of researchers in creating what they are calling the first practical transient battery.

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Okay So want to share this conversation with you because I think this was something you would like know. At work me and this older lady (50+) that I'm friends with were talking. I don't remember how or why but I mentioned to her that I didn't want to have kids and got a lot of bullshit for it. Now usually I don't talk about these things to older people because I know that they would say something like, oh you'll change your mind or it's different with your kid. pt.1

pt. 2 But she didn’t. she just looked at  me sympathetically and told me she went through the same thing my age. And I looked at her in confusion because we hadn’t spoken about our home situation so I always assumed she was married with kids. But NOPE, never married, no kids. She went on how she never regretted her decision and how she was in a happy relationship with her boyfriend and lived her life exactly as she wanted, the only mood damper is her declining health. 

pt 3. She even told me that her friend all at some point have admitted to her that they were jealous of her. One even becoming really unhappy with her live until her children left the house. In the end she told me: suck it up because when you are my age they’ll come back and realize how right your decision was. (idk but i really think this woman is role model material)

Honestly all we need is courage to stay true to what we want in life and not let anyone impose their idea of happiness upon us. We know best what’s good for ourselves.

That lady is so me when I age up. As far as I’m concerned, I only have one life. I’m not going to waste it in disappointment and regret. I’ll offer myself as much happiness as I can and for me that means no children and a free, fun life.

Thanks a lot for this story!! It’s really unexpected in the best way ❤

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Hello there! May I please request a scenario where I.M gets a new stylist and at first they both dislike each other, but slowly begin to have feelings for each other? (Sorry if that sounds cheesy I'm a hopeless romantic lol) Thank you! <3

Try Something: I.M (Changkyun)

Group: Monsta X

Member: I.M (Changkyun)

Type: Fluff (Idk what to call this.)

Word Count: 1,586

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me so long to complete this request for you (and it’s not even good asdgjkl). I guess you can say I had writer’s block, but that’s gone now and I should be able to upload more. I do hope that you like it and thank you for the request.

Also, I wrote this as if you’ve already were their stylist, but you still dislike each other (to an extent). I hope this doesn’t bother you. (I’m sorry. I realized this when I finished writing it.)

Your fingers worked the hair out of their face and the gel locked it in place. You stepped back and looked at the style in a whole. You tried to pinpoint any hairs that were left out of place or if you needed to change anything. When you saw that it was to your satisfaction, you turned them around in the chair, so that they’d be able to look at themselves in the mirror.

“So, what do you think?”, you asked, a pleased tone lacing your voice. He looked in the mirror, hands floating around his hair, never quite touching it, afraid to ruin what you’d spent so long on.

“I like it.“, he said, nodding his head. He turned with the chair, tilting his head to look back at you.

“Really? I didn’t think you’d like pink. It’s quite daring, actually.”, Your eyebrows jumped up and down, laughing at the shy smile he sported.

“Yeah, well, I needed something to make me stand out more.”, he rubbed the back of his neck, his eyes crinkling up at your bold statements.

“And Barbie dream house pink was definitely the way to go.“, You leaned against your hair station, your elbows holding most of your weight. “I do, however, applaud your attempted bravado.”

He shook his head, “I mean, I didn’t actually choose this color, but as long as it looks good.” you nodded, understanding that with most idols, especially the newer ones, a lot of decisions regarding style and appearance are made by the company.

“It does suit you, though.”, you confirmed, patting him on the back.

“Let’s just hope the fans think so.”, he ran a hand over his face, lightly rubbing his eyes.

“They’ll support whatever; shaved head and bleached eyebrows included. I’m sure this is nothing to them.”, you both laughed, you thinking about a group of bald men with barely there eyebrows, and made a mental note to mention it to the company.

“I’ll go get the next person,” he said, getting up from the chair.

“Thanks, Kihyun. I think the last person should be Changkyun.”, you mumbled as you went to mess with the various amounts of styling tools and products that laid in your station. You picked through the products, finding the ones you thought you would need to style Changkyun’s hair, and throwing away a few that barely had anything in them.

Hearing the door close, and then open shortly after, you glanced in the mirror’s reflection and saw Changkyun leaning in the doorway.

“You can come sit down.”, you told him, turning to look at him.

“I know I can, but do I need to?”, he asked, his gaze challenging you and matching the taunting tone that filled his voice. You looked at his disheveled hair and willed yourself not to let out the sigh that was pushing at your lips.

“Yes, you do, and you know it.”,you replied, satisfied when he pushed himself off the doorway and walked towards you. He stopped short and stood in front of you, lowering himself so look in your eyes.

“The professional must know best, right.”, he said, ruffling your hair in the process. A frown formed on your face and the irritation grew inside of you at the sight of his grin. You smoothed out your hair, not giving the mirror a glance, and reached for a pair of hair clippers.

“I’m just going to take off a few inches. Nothing too drastic.”, you told him as his slid into the chair and fell into a slump. You wrapped a cloth around his neck and tapped his shoulder.

“Sit up,” you said, reaching to grab a comb off your station. He huffed but complied to your demand. You began to comb through his hair, noticing how long it’s actually grown since his last touch up.

“Why is this seat so warm?” He asked, quirking his head at you, amusement drained from his face. Your eyebrows furrowed together, not sure as to why he was bringing that up.

“Six people sat in that chair before you. What did you expect?”, You questioned, standing in front of him to part his hair.

“Well, I obviously didn’t expect it to be this warm.”, He declared, eyes peering up at you. He stood abruptly, leaving little to no space between the two of you, grabbed your shoulders firmly, and lead you to sit in the seat.

“See? It’s just abnormally warm.”, he said, looking at you expectantly. You rolled your eyes and shrugged off his hands. The seat was actually quite warm, but nothing that would make someone uncomfortable.

“Warm? Yes. Abnormal? No.”, you went to stand up, but he pushed you back. You almost cursed at him, surprised by his behavior, but just looked at him wide eyed and expectantly.

“I want to try something.”, He stated, reaching over to your station to grab something.

“Try what? I need to do your hair before you have to leave for your next event.”, You voiced, but your worries were caught in deaf ears.

He went to brush your hair back with his hand, but you moved back in surprise. He lightly held your face in his hand, tilting your head forward and slightly upwards.

You wanted to say that this small action didn’t affect you in any way plausible, but the erratic rhythm of your heart screamed otherwise. Your eyes followed his brisk movements, allowing him to mess with your hair, sliding in a small pin to keep the style. He stepped from in front of you, allowing you to look into the mirror.

You stared at the provided reflection, hands mindlessly reaching up to touch your hair, only to be slapped away by Changkyun.

He gave you a disapproving look, and smoothed down some flyaways, “Leave it in. It looks nice.” The simple style was something that you could have done in seconds but he was acting as though it was an intricate style that had taken hours.

“All you did was pin my hair out of my face.”, your voice ascending into a whisper.

“Yeah, but still, I like it this way. I can see your eyes better now, and they shouldn’t be hidden.“ You tried to laugh, but all that came out was a breathy sound that stayed huddle in your throat. You covered it up with a wobbly smile and lightly pushed his arm.

“You really are saying weird things today. Should I be worried?”, you slowly pushed yourself out of the seat. Comments like these were rare from him, and never directed towards you. It felt peculiar to hear anything other than the daily, snarky comments the two would throw out at each other. He gracelessly fell back into the chair, spinning it before coming to a halt in front of your baffled figure.

“There’s nothing to worry about, other than the fact that you have fifteen minutes to do my hair.”, He pointed at the clock, a lackadaisical smile plastered on, and fell back into the seat. You cursed under your breath, upset that you let him steal so much time, and snatched the scissors up from where you previously left them.

You went back with the comb and retraced the part that was now vaguely there. You snipped at his hair, enjoying the blissful silence that allowed you to focus on his hair and style you wanted to achieve. You moved to stand behind him, going to cut the back of his hair and glanced up at the mirror to find a grinning Changkyun staring at you.

“What? Did I cut your hair too short?”, you asked, walking around him to look at him in different angles.

“No, you just look cute when you’re concentrating.”, he said, catching you off guard. You coughed, choking on air, and went back to working on his hair.

“Thanks.”, you said, replying slowly. He hummed in response, satisfied that you even replied to his bold comment, and went back to staring at your flustered reflection.

You finished up with his hair, the silence surrounding you, but leaving you enough room for questions to fill your head.

Do I like him?

The abrupt question that played in your mind left you blushing, but you ignored the feeling and took off the cloth that laid loosely round his neck. He leaned forward, running his hand through his hair, lazily pushing it to the side.

“Thanks for this. It looks good. I mean, it always looks good when you do it.”, he commented, his grin falling into a loose smile.

“It’s nothing, honestly, just my job.”, you grabbed a comb and quickly ran it through his hair, satisfied with the result . The door swung open and his manager popped inside.

“We need to get going soon, so please wrap it up.”, he called out, directing his words to you, and rushing back out to tend to the others members. Changkyun stood from the chair and brushed off any hair that may have latched onto his clothes.

“Well, I’ll see you soon.”, he waved at you, hardly waiting for a reply, and left you with a smile that made your heart throb. You waited till you heard the click from the door before falling back into the chair and succumbing yourself to the thoughts that danced in your mind.

Shit, I like him

You clenched your eyes shut, the thought pleasantly playing in your mind, and the fact that he was thinking the same thing currently unknown to you.

lmao this is messy But Requests are open, and here are the “rules”

A few days ago I was chilling in the park with friends in the middle of a victorian era themed picnic and since they weren’t costumed we sat on a bench some distance away from the event to talk and some old man that looked like doc from back to the future came and started throwing his backpack at us saying we needed to gtfo? We started by saying no we’re just sitting there and he got Really aggressive so one of my friends snapped back saying he was being rude and that we didn’t do anything wrong - following that he yelled at us calling us fucking faggots, unleashed his (big, barking) dog and whipped out the teargas he held on his belt

Long story short we bunch of teens (half of whom dressed in 1890’s fashion) got pursued by a mad scientist old ass and his dog because we sat on a bench to talk