Hi Tumblr babes, it’s cleft lip and palate awareness until May 17th and I want to spread some awareness! I’ve shared this dorky picture before but I want to share it again. A lot of people with cleft lips and palates on Tumblr have asked me how I overcame my cleft lip and how I have confidence. First as I’ve said before, I am SO lucky to have the medical care I did, and I was also lucky to be born with fuller lips so the surgeons had a lot to work with. Because of this I’ve never felt extremely hindered, and most everyone is very kind about it. That being said, it is a physical defect and we live in a society which puts all our physical characteristics under microscopic scrutiny. So of course I have felt self conscious, mostly in the way my cleft has effected my nose and how it makes my face uneven in general. For me, understanding and identifying the uniqueness it gave me (and I feel uniqueness is beauty) as well as not letting myself identify solely with this unique characteristic has helped me be positive and confident. I appreciate my scars, appreciate what I see as beautiful, but I do not let it define me. In my eyes I am not “Aubrey the girl with the cleft lip” I am “Aubrey the girl who loves hiking, singing, photography…” Cleft lip is very low on the lists of things that make me, me. As with all good and bad physical features you must recognize the beauty in it, and then look past it. Because we are all so much more than our physical compositions.

Honestly, this tattoo makes me feel so much closer to my nan.

I found the piece of paper she wrote the quote on, tucked into her bible. She wasn’t overly religious, but it was so comforting to find something of hers, that was so personal. I’ve kept that piece of paper in my wallet or pocket every single day since then.

Having it tattooed on me makes me feel much closer to her. She was the biggest supporter of everything I did, and she was always in my corner. She knew I was gay, and despite being raised in an incredibly homophobic environment and society, she made a conscious effort to get rid of all the homophobic she used, and the way she viewed gay people in general.

She was one of the best women I have ever known, and she loved unconditionally. Couldn’t be happier to have a part of her with me for support wherever I go now ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’m sorry I couldn’t do it your way. I know you wanted me to wake up and be better, I know you wanted me to make it all just disappear. I did everything in my power to do that for you but it doesn’t work that way. It just doesn’t work that way. The darkness in my mind, it doesn’t just leave that easily. I’m sorry I couldn’t do it that way but I did still did it. I did it for you.

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Milky Planet, Happy Garden, Fancy Box, Jewelry Jelly, Honey Cake, Sugar Hearts, Gloria.

Milky Planet: Besides earth, what planet would you come from?
 - That’s a question more geared towards Uruha, don’t you think? I don’t know what the cultural societies of other planets might be like, so there’s no way to tell.
Happy Garden: What types of things would you plant in a garden?
 - Flowers. Isn’t that obvious~?
Fancy Box: What gift(s) did you get for your birthday last year?
 - Odds and ends. Lighters, sunglasses, jewelry, guitar picks. Lots of sake and a good deal of cologne. My fans generally spoil me rotten, but I rarely get things I don’t like.
Jewelry Jelly: Name 3 of your favourite jewellery pieces. 
 - Any of my Taujan jewelry could make this cut, since it’s pretty much all I’ve been wearing lately. But there’s also a woven band I sometimes wear around my wrist that has a dreamcatcher on it, given to me by someone I really care for, and a ring that has become one of the most important physical and material possessions in my life.
Honey Cake: What do you normally eat for breakfast?
 - I’m not very healthy in that I don’t usually eat breakfast at all. I tend to not feel well when I first wake up. If I have any fruity candy I’ll eat a piece here or there. Sometimes I have the willpower and the stomach to make omurice, okonomiyaki, or even simple miso and rice.
Sugar Hearts: How is your love life right now?    
 - I can’t complain.
Gloria: Name a very rare item that you would love to own.
 - This is hard. I’m not really a materialistic person. I have all the jewelry I want and I’m content with my set of guitars. I guess right now there’s a kind of cool effector pedal I have my eye on, but I can’t elaborate more than that!

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Have fun with me invading your dash!

1. Five facts about your current relationship OR Five facts about your single life.

Well, I’m currently single so:

- There is effectively no one I am required to text back within a day

- My cat is once again top priority, with no contest

-There are far less people to bake for….. :(

-No worries about questions about my sexuality and all that

-I do miss cuddles, they are fun

2. Five facts about a past relationship

-He was a total nerd, it was super cute. Honestly, I introduced him to Sherlock, he introduced me to anime (we ruined the way society viewed us)

-There was this really special coffee shop where we did everything, it was super adorable and I always feel happy when I go there now

-He was a friend’s brother, so now when I see her I think of him (I try to avoid her, it sort of makes me sad)

-He had this purple sweater with wolves on it, it was so stupid and nerdy, but I wish I had it for sentimentality’s sake

-He was one of the first people to let me know that gender confusion was a real and perfectly alright thing

.3. Five facts about your mother.

-She is suuuuuupppper religious

-She is the person who taught me how to cook and is the reason why I am such a home body

-I actually had to teach her how to knit and not the other way around

-I got my love of candles and incense from her

-She’s way too supportive of my love of anime

4. Five facts about your father.

-He’s the person who inspired my love of classical music, rock, and my dislike of country

-He’s a history nut and is why I am still the master of the past

-I want to go into international business because of him and a lot of what he used to talk about over the dinner table

-He hates musicals, sad… Which is why I’ve never seen most of the quality musicals

-I like to outdo in arguments and intellectual discussions (we’re tied for wins right now)

5. Five facts about your sibling. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all!

-Josh is a huge geek, not even exaggerating

-All of my little brothers are taller than me (funny and dysphoric at the same time)

-We all like to get together and watch things like the lotr trilogies (with certain little shits doing commentaries

-I only actually look similar to one of them

-There is fucking three of them, so yeahhhhh

6. Five facts about your best friend. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all!

-I’m only doing one, and they’ve been with me for twelve years

-I get to be the idea man, even when it’s a terrible idea they still do it

-They act like a goddamn greaser all the time

-They will sing with me, no matter the song or occasion

-I don’t like to share secrets with people I actually know, but they’ve heard most of them and actually seen me cry, and are the person who I’ve come out to first every time 

7. Five facts about your house.

-It has two stories and a staircase my cats love to chill on

-There’s a really fun porch swing out front with fun cushions

-My room is upstairs and always too hot

-We have a huge ass couch, it’s really weird to be honest

-I live out of town so no one ever wants to visit me….. awww…

8. Five facts about your niece or nephew. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all! Skip if you don’t have one. (have way too many)

9. Five facts about your education.

-I love AP classes, as long as we do notes and not worksheets

-My mom was my second grade teacher, two of other friends were in that class as well, it was wonderful to be honest

-I hate kids who are disrespectful to teachers for no reason to be honest, it’s useless and won’t get you anything

-I hate the end of the year because it reminds me of getting older and facing the world

-I wish my school offered more languages

10. Five facts about your job. (don’t have one)

11. Five facts about your pet. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all!

-I always pick my cats so this is about my tadpoles, I have two of them

-I’m a loser so I named them Levi and Erwin

-They’re leopard frogs so I can’t wait to see them grow up

-They were for my mom’s class for a ‘learning experience’ but now I have them

-They eat algae, dear lord, it’s a fucking mess

12. Five facts about your phone.

-Too many pictures of anime characters

-Too many pictures of anime characters

-Too many pictures of anime characters

-Too many pictures of anime characters

-I named it after the Greek god of death, Thanatos

13. Five facts about your favorite show.

-It’s about volleyball dorks and I fucking love all the characters (Haikyuu!!)

-Favourite old character is Oikawa Tooru, favourite new character is Lev Haiba

-Kagehina is my favourite ship, no questions

-I physically cannot dislike a single character

-I really love the idea of trans* ftm Hinata, honestly, no one take that away from me

14. Five facts about your favorite movie.

-It’s the Contetto trilogy by Simon Pegg

-I love the music in the movies, I swear, it is the besttttttttt

-I love the reoccurring characters and cameos

-World’s End is my fav out of the tree

-If that was how pub crawls really went, with The Door’s in the background, I might do one

15. Five facts about your favorite book.

-The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, just for the sheer length and impact of its every word

-It has so many inspiring quotes and not just those about revenge and money

-It makes me want to do something grand with my life, something which won’t inspire someone to want to destroy me

-My teachers are frightened by its length and the fact that none of them would ever assign it

-I wish to find my own treasure island, though without all the previous prison time

16. Five facts about your favorite band. (too many and this list is really long already)

17. Five facts about your favorite celebrity. (I actually don’t play much attention to real current person) (my fav dead person is probably Lord Byron: if not for all the sex and angry female exes he would be me)

18. Five facts about the city/town you live in.

-It’s too small

-Too conservative

-Everyone knows everyone

-It is easy however to get in good with people by dropping a few names

-No chance at a good future here

19. Five facts about you right now (it could be what you’re wearing, how you’re feeling, what you’re doing).

-I should be doing homework

-I wish I was watching anime

-I wish I was wearing a big sweater, but its too warm and I hate the heat

-Feeling dysphoria creeping in on me swiftly, but hey, whatever

-My cat is so cuddly!!!

I just realized that the reason why I don’t take selfies is because I’m not comfortable with the way I look. I over analyze my features in every picture of me. I’m slowly getting over the stage of getting the best angle to make my skin look the brightest and most radiant, and I can’t believe I would use apps to edit my face in some pictures. I am truly embarrassed to say that.

When did this happen? When did my self-esteem drop so low and crumble into such unhealthy ways? When did I conform to society’s standards of “beauty” when I knew that the word beauty itself is so subjective. I knew and truly believed that beauty came in all shapes and sizes, but I didn’t see it in me. At times I do find myself beautiful, and it’s a nice feeling. I feel confident and have this feeling that I can do anything. There are sooooo many categories for beauty, and looks isn’t all of them. I’ve come to realize that I was created and fashioned in the most perfect way and with endless amounts of love. I am loved for who I am. I just tend to forget it a lot.

I am still very insecure and I’m working on it. I still can’t look many people in the eye while talking to them because all the blemishes/scars/zits/pimples/blackheads on my face feel so heavy, and I have to look away or pretend I have to rub my eye (at times I do). I’ve also come to realize that my acne is due to my hormonal levels, and why everything I’ve tried in the past year and a half didn’t. Regardless of what I look like, I hope I am remembered for who I was on the inside. Jazakallah khairun.

Note to everyone reading this:
PLEASE do not point out anyone’s features. We know we have acne. We know we’re gaining weight. We know we’re hairy. We know. Please don’t point it out or try to give advice like “You should drink lemon water, it’s really good for acne.” We know. I know. We’ve tried everything. I’ve tried everything. Just don’t point out anyone’s insecurities, please.

Another note to anyone reading this: if we go to school together (like all 5-6 of you, and if there’s more I don’t know of), PLEASE do not mention this to me, please. What I write on Tumbr is meant for Tumblr ONLY. Thank you! :-)

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TsukkiYama: Who developed feelings first? How did they react to this? Did the other notice?

I feel with this is that Yamaguchi deff fell for him the very day that Tsukki saved him from the bullies(even if the so called “pathetic” was also targeted at him too)

Yama tho as he got older and REALLY saw that these feelings are more than a simply best friends, was indeed frightened over this and the fears of not only of how society is but also of what TSUKKI would feel over this and probably went through the whole “he wont even like me back like this i mean sure we’re friends but look at me, im nothing great, im not rich or pretty or talented or anything!” 

and in a way i think Tsukki did in fact notice over time as Yamaguchi really stopped making eye contact with him or wanting to stand closer to him as they walked and such,

Can someone tell me honestly, because I still have issues with this, does anyone else find it hard to watch Robin Williams’ movies without crying or getting really depressed? He was a pretty big influence in my life and was an icon of happiness and joy, and having him go the way he did still bothers me a lot. I need to watch Dead Poets Society for a project I’m working on and just hearing some of his monologues and comparing them to real life just makes me so sad. Does anyone else feel this way or am I alone in this?

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Trust me, you have nothing to worry about. :) Being on the minus side of 30 makes the big 30 look and sound very scary, but in reality it's not even a bump. As long as you hold on to the things about yourself that make you feel happy and alive and excited to get out of bed in the morning, 30 feels a lot like 25 did, and you'll start understanding that the amount of 'time' you have for all this stuff is way longer than society wants us to think.

Yeah, I get that. I have a few friends in their 30s, they definitely make 30 look young and fun :P All right, I think I can just relax now, haha. Thanks :)

I never really cared about school. I wasn’t motivated or determined. I have the worst attendance. I barely showed up 4 days a week. I was late, I skipped. I never did my work. I slept in class. I was always told that I was “wasting my potential” and wouldn’t make it. But, here I am, 3 years later. I’m graduating one year ahead of my class, as an honors graduate. I did what all those teachers and people said I couldn’t do. I did it in the most complicated way ever, but I made it and I’m proud of the little Asian that made it a long way. Standards/Expectations don’t define who I am. Society can’t stop me and won’t ever change me.

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how did you start loving yourself? I'm trying so hard but it just doesn't work :/

It takes a long time. Especially if you have mental illnesses like I do, trust me there are days where I slip up and feel like I did when I used to feel that way constantly. But every night when I go to sleep I pick one thing I want to focus on the next day to improve my well being or at least to keep my mind productive and active. Then I would do something that makes me happy whether anyone agreed with it or not. That filtered out the negative energy that guilt brought on. (Years and years of society and other people telling you what to do, not to do, how to act, etc puts a toll on a person and eventually leads to a feeling of guilt that we do not need to feel!) It’s not easy. and its not quick, but with time you will learn to focus on the small things you can achieve in a day and it will bring pride to your heart and inner light. You will see things differently around you, including yourself. Start small. You can do it!

A Semester of Intercultural Insight

Why did that interaction make you uncomfortable? Why did that observation surprise you? Why do certain aspects of society cause you frustration? Many of the strong emotions we experience can often be traced to deeper intercultural issues. My friend Karyn assisted me in demonstrating this notion by agreeing to be photographed for a series of pictures that portray the way our cultural values can influence the emotions we project to the world. The way anyone would observe Karyn’s emotions is depicted to the left of the mirror image in each photograph. This is how the world views Karyn on the surface. However, the mirror images on the right of each photograph depict what intercultural issues are potentially behind the emotions she broadcasts. _______________________________________________________________________

Image 1: Diversity/Awkwardness

Karyn is visible feeling awkward in the scenario portrayed. In this case, issues of diversity are at the root of this surface-level awkwardness that she is experiencing. For example, she may find an intercultural situation to be uncomfortable if she has not been previously exposed to a diverse variety of people. When interacting with people from a culture of which she knows little, Karyn might simply feel awkward due to not quite understanding why people act the way they do. 

Image 2: Identity/Confusion

This image portrays the effect of Karyn’s sense of identity on the confusion she experiences in an intercultural situation. Such an effect can occur whenever anyone’s values and personal identity are challenged in any form. If Karyn identifies with a certain political party, for example, and then she befriends a group of people whose political preferences vary greatly from her own, she will be forced to confront the differences in how they think and decide for herself whether these external forces will influence her own identity.

Image 3: Norms/Frustration

Members of a society tend to abide by a set of norms, and there can be negative effects if these norms are defied. Karyn may be accustomed to a certain social norm, having experienced this norm as an integrated member of society, but if a fellow member of society breaks this norm then Karyn is likely to be affected by this peer defiance–in this case, in the form of frustration.

Image 4: Awareness/Surprise

A look of surprise indicates that certain expectations held by a person turned out differently in reality. Expectations are a result of an individual’s awareness; for example, if Karyn lacks a certain level of awareness on a cultural group and then interacts with members of said group, she may be surprised by all that she observes during her interactions. While it is nearly impossible to make correct assumptions about groups of people, a higher level of awareness on cultural groups and issues can reduce the surprises one may experience through intercultural communication. _______________________________________________________________________

By analyzing my own emotions over the course of this semester, I have noted that many have been the reactions of intercultural issues such as those portrayed in the photographs. Awareness of other cultures is crucial to successful intercultural communication, but awareness of self is just as important. 

Mad Max was an absolutely beautiful film. It wonderfully combines multiple of my absolute favorite things into one kickass story. The post-apocalyptic type of film is now being considered “overrated”, but I believe this movie portrays it so well and ‘realistically’(?) that it stomps all other contenders in the category. Depicting society and government the way the filmmakers did was enough to make anyone feel disgusted and relate it to modern day (maybe that’s just me, but whatever). Even though it is so obviously an action/sci-fi-y flick, it is well balanced with a variety of other themes such as romance, comedy, and drama (with a few scenes that honestly made me tear up quite a bit). The title is just a little deceiving. Going into the theater you expect to see something that revolves practically entirely around the main character, Max. This, however, is not the exact case. Though majority(?) of it does follow this expectation, parts throughout and the film as a whole focusses greatly on the powerful, gorgeous female protagonists (who would’ve likely made it out an almost equal way in the end even if they would have not teamed up with their lead male counterparts). I would have been completely satisfied with a film entirely about Furiosa, but this one will definitely suffice for now. I encourage everyone to see it at least once at some point if you have the opportunity in your life. This is clearly just an opinion, but I always try to put my heart into something I feel strong about so here you go.

Rape Culture -

This is a subject that stumps me so fervently. We live in a world where to some extremes it is acceptable to get around naked, and other extremes where women hide behind material, for only their husbands to see. We are reduced to mere products in the eyes of many. However, getting around in your bikini, being covered head to toe, and everything in-between those two is no invitation to evoke violence or sexual abuse. When did women become a right and not a privilege? And when did people deem it necessary or appropriate to make comments such as “she provoked me” or “she was asking for it.” We have fallen into the entrenched habits of a rotten, brain washed society that class the way a woman carries herself as an invitation as such. This however is a load of bullshit, if you’re mentally inept enough to actually think any of these are a legitimate excuse you have another thing coming. No, none of these are legitimate enough. If a man or woman says NO! that means no. if you start having sex and they ask you to stop, you STOP. Why is this so hard to understand? Why must people feel the need within themselves to make others feel their authority and power over them? To those of you who think these actions appropriate there is a place for people like you and I want you to remember that. A place where your genitals should be melted off with a blow torch and you should be starved to death. Plain and simple as that. You are sick and you need help. The men and women who have been affected by situations similar to these need to remember that they’re tongues will work and ears will always listen, and you should always speak up, because it may never give you closure, but it can and will put a stop to whoever did that to you doing it to someone else. Times are changing, but rape culture is not, but I want you all to remember that the world didn’t get worse, your eyes just got wider. //

Wow, Belle such a beautiful movie. Tears, happiness. I love movies that make me feel everything. It really did break my heart to see a beautiful young girl trying to scrub the colour off her skin because of the way society treated her. Racism is a disease and it’s one of those things I will never ever understand. If I could remove one thing from the world, it would be this sickening disease. The fact that it is still very much alive is just so heartbreaking, and so sad, and I pray for all of those that treat others differently because of the colour of their skin. Black and white alike. I pity you. You all need help!

The mangled prince

“Allow me to confirm your request, my friend” Prince Iskander said with a frown. He hated frowning, it wrinkles his forehead and there Is simply no way to look appealing while doing so,  but the man was asking for something truly absurd. “You are asking me to not only write a love letter on your behalf, you wish for me to deliver it?”

The man standing before Iskander’s chair was Walter Holmes, Son of a wealthy Gentile family with considerable wealth. Iskander met him quite some time ago, back when he was simply a young boy in a foreign land, trying to make sense of Olanian culture and society.

“Yes, your eminence, that is my request”
“Did you not refer to me using a much less flattering title last we met?”

Walter flushed. He was hoping Iskander would not remember that one incidence where he uttered a racial slur at the Su royalty. “Let us not dwell on past mistakes, my prince” he said, head lowered apologetically. “Your skills in poetry has been well documented and I believe only you can help me in this endeavor”

His prince?  Iskander thought, shaking his head in distaste. He is neither a prince of Olan, nor is he a prince that belongs to him. It doesn’t help that the term reminded him of another person, one who he frequently writes love letters to.

“Tell me about the woman” Iskander said as he leaned back onto his comfortable leather chair, more out of curiosity than anything. He still was not convinced he should help this man, but he prefers to hear him out than reject him outright. Already, he prepared multiple excuses to refuse this request in the end, now he only needed to pick the best one to use depending on his story.

“It does not matter which one”

The frowned return on Iskander’s face. By the heavens, this man is truly bad for his skin.

“How can it not matter?” he asked, growing slightly impatient but maintaining enough social grace to not raise his voice.

“I merely want a young,  member of the royal court to marry, so my family can advance in status”

It was a rather obvious ploy and Iskander’s closeness to the Royal court of Olan surely puts him in perfect position to play matchmaker.

“What If I pick someone who you do not consider attractive?”

“There are more than one way a married man can sate his desires, my prince, if you catch my meaning”

He does.  He would find it distasteful if he himself has never indulged in scandalous relationships. As it is, he would be a hypocrite to decry Walter’s statement.

“And why should I help you?” Iskander asked, legs crossing together, chin leaning onto his steepled fingers.

“I would..compensate your skills and effort with great amount of money, Prince Iskander”

The prince’s gloved fingers tapped together rhythmically , his head nodding up and down. The bigger picture became clear to him now.

“My friend” he smiled at last “I am a prince of Bahrat-Su. Riches do not move me, but your plight does.”

Walter sighed in relief “So we have an understanding?”

The smile on Iskander’s scarred face grew wider “We have an understanding”


The result of the love letter was almost instantaneous. A courtship process began and turned into an engagement within weeks, becoming the talk of the capital. A wedding followed, a grand affair which Iskander , as the best man, took as a chance to showcase his new suit, in fact, intimate friends of the prince suspected that he only agreed to play matchmaker so that he will be invited to a big wedding where he can display himself like the peacock he is.

 It was no more than two weeks later that the newlywed Walter came barging into the gentlemen’s club once more, finding Iskander sitting in the very same chair they conceived the plan.

“How could you do this to me!?” He yelled, flustered, tossing a crumpled piece of paper  down on the table.  The prince before him looked up with a bored expression. He suspects this would put him in the running as ‘the worst best man in history’. Iskander did not even need to read what was written on it, he still knew it by heart.

Dear Lady Victoria Langdon
I am a man of little creativity who enjoys appearing otherwise, so I offered prince Iskander Azani a great amount of money to pen this letter for me. I wish to take advantage of your rank to improve my family’s position, yet I have nothing of substance to offer you. I am self centered, selfish, manipulative, a bigot and like most Olanian men, I am clueless regarding the physical pleasures of a woman. I am however, quite wealthy and have enough funds for your family debt to be absolved. I would like to court you and ask that when we meet for this ruse of a romance, we act as if we are couples in love. I have no issues with you taking lovers on the side for that too is something I am willing to do.

I hope that we can meet soon, at your leisure, of course.

Respectfully yours

Walter Holmes

“I do not see what is wrong with this” Iskander shrugged, the beginning of a smile crossing his lips. “You ask for a wife of royal rank, I obtained one for you.”

“You called me your friend!” Walter screamed again. “How could you say this of me?!”
“I call my gardener’s dog my friend” Iskander replied. Not a fair comparison, he was actually fond of the animal.

Walter would have struck the younger man then and there if Iskander’s skill in swordsmanship did not rival his penmanship, as it is, his life is miserable enough without having to lose his hand.

“You made the match despite knowing that she only wanted to use me?”

“I did”

“And that she was going to..to cuckold me with a lover who she meets in secret each week?”


And who could that young man be, I wonder,  Iskander thought sarcastically.

“You would doom me to a marriage in which my spouse does not love or respect me?”

At this, the prince started laughing. How can Walter not see the irony?

“Why would you do this, Iskander?!” Walter screamed as the servants of the club started restraining him, pulling him out of the room.

“Because, my friend” he grinned happily “You deserve one another”

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You doing okay tonight?

I’m fine took a bit of a knock, and now, reflecting on that, i’m pissed off that 1) I still feel my worth based on the opinions of boys and 2) i can’t seem to shake the feeling that I did something wrong, and especially 3) the easiest way and the one that makes most sense in my head is ‘it’s probably just because he doesn’t like mixed girls, that’s okay’ when that’s not ok and I shouldn’t have to use societys casual racism to as a way to make me feel better. So I’m ok, I’m not depressed or anything. I’m just disappointed. Thanks though xx


Frost was none the wiser to the Commanders lack of desire to actually
own a person, he only figured it all had to do with having to give a person
directions. He viewed the wealthier in this society as the same. Though
he wished he existed in that society, he hated them all. It seemed to him
that they were all the sorts to gladly make another human being do their
bidding on no pay. Why not, after all?

Why the fuck not.

A small smile did tug up at the sides of his lips when he gained a
response, “Punish me, hm? I could suggest a few ways of doing that.”
The more this went on the more confused he became, however. He
expected to be taken to some sort of cramped servants quarters
but this… Wasn’t…

His eyes practically did not focus on the room. He’d lost all that look
of smug spite and blinked as if he was trying to get something out of
his eyes. It was small but it was a singular room. In his daze he simply
walked past the Commander into the room and began a quick inspection.

He did run his finger across a surface and gave a look of disapproval at
the layer of dust across it. He hated dust. He hated messes in general.

“And… What of the rest of them?” He asked, his voice held none of the
power it did before. He hated being wrong. He couldn’t be wrong…


If I were to be,
What society has in mind for me,
I’d be dead.
The strict narrow minds of today,
Simply contradict my views in every way.
Making things illegal that wouldn’t even hurt us,
Whilst people die from legal substances in a common occurrence.
Our “morality” is questioned every day,
By opposing questions like ‘did you pray?’
& if you don’t answer correctly then you’re labeled for life,
As one of 'those’ kids or adults who can’t ever act right.
Conversations are harder than ever before,
Because everyone’s keeping a morality score,
& this score, so important, what does it do?
It brings you to 'heaven’ in some Christian truth.
Lust is more prevelant than ever before,
So foreign to think of love when sex is right at the door,
On the t.v. screen, monitor, it never stops,
But yet girls are trained to be good girls & not 'thots’,
These are the mindsets of society today,
& I can not just simply think in that way.
If I were to be,
What society has in mind for me,
I’d be dead.