Pepsi have ditched Aspartame

Pepsi is getting rid of aspartame – an artificial sweetener - from all its diet beverages, blaming consumer fears. This makes me both sad and angry, that the American public could be so stupid.

Aspartame has been repeatedly proved to be safe, and the groups that say it’s safe include the FDA, the US , the European Food Safety Authority, the UK Food Standards Agency, the Royal Society for Chemistry, and the American Cancer Society.

The scientific research does not support or even suggest that Aspartame or Diet Pepsi are in any way dangerous to your health. In fact, it has actively proven, in repeated, peer-reviewed studies, that the product is safe. It’s one of the most thoroughly tested ingredients in the world.

Aspartame has been in Diet Pepsi since 1983, and no ill-effects have been noticed. Millions of people have been safely consuming aspartame in a variety of other products as far back as the 1970s, without any increased risk of cancer, weight gain, brain damage, or ill health of any kind.

Yet the internet has been campaigning against aspartame for almost as long as it’s been legal. Dozens of websites have sprung up saying things like Aspartame causes cancer, that it is a huge government conspiracy, and that it damages the brain. The popularity of food celebrities such as Hari Vani aka ‘The Food Babe’ have brought even more attention to the artificial, non-natural substances that are commonly added to foods – Aspartame included.

Aspartame will be removed from EVERY Diet Pepsi product, including Diet Pepsi, caffeine-free Diet Pepsi, and Diet Pepsi Cherry. “ The Aspartame is being replaced with sucralose – another artificial sweetener.

New Pepsi will hit the shelves in August.

It is indeed a sad day for science and for logic.

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Women in Media | Sex Yeah (by me)


I made this video for my senior project on women representation in media, and I chose to focus on how often women are shown more as sexual objects than people. I really wanted to make sure that this video doesn’t condemn women for being sexy, but just shows that this is a very popular way the media shows women, and that there’s more to women than sex. My project also focused on the importance of the media we’re consuming, and how it affects us, even if we don’t think it does. It’s not just an ad.

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How is someone liking Benedict cumberbatch, matt smith, and Tom Hiddleston white privilege? Society has gotten so pent up with rage towards white people. Just because someone likes someone doesn't make it white privilege you uppity cunt. Everything is white privilege to you people these days and it's ridiculous. Why don't you colored privilege your way to the back of the complaint bus because we have more important complaints to concern ourselves with you bitch.

1) why did you send this to me and not the person who made the comment. 2)they were clearly joking

Gem Society

This is more of a question than a theory.

Early man developed societies to meet their needs such as food, water, shelter, and defense against others. Gems don’t need food or water, so that raises the question: why did gem society grow the way that it did? It would make more sense for a species that had no consumable needs to form a more communistic society - everyone works together or the good of the masses, and because no one really needs anything but a place to call home, they’d never suffer the same kind of economic instability as we do now.

Gem society, however, has developed into what seems to me more of a hierarchical society with the diamonds at the top. Now I guess some could come to power by bullying others, but that would eventually cause a rebellion, and without necessities to trade for or hold back, the entire system seems a bit counter intuitive.

So why is gem society structured the way it is?


i’ll keep carving your name into trees
& you’ll keep starting forest fires
i wanna get high with you like i did
before my first kiss remember how i
told you about the way he touched
me like a girl in one of those
videos like he knew what’d
make me soft & open & bleeding for
him except he didn’t? remember how
you never said a word?
no one knows i’ll only ever be that empty for you

To Whoever made the hate page about me

Thank you.
What you did was meant to hurt me, but instead it really helped me.
It made me realize what a problem bullying is in society and how no ones really speaking up or doing anything about it. I’m gonna find a way to use my voice and help people. That’s all I wanna do in life, is help people and make them happy.

i hate when people say that bullshit like “what if they were gonna cure cancer” like no. people don’t deserve life bc they contribute to something ridiculous and practically unobtainable. people deserve life because EVERYBODY deserves to life a happy and full life. more than likely, you will not contribute to society in a way that makes a huge impact on society, does that make you any less deserving of life??? NO! tons of old white guys monopolize and contribute to oppression, but nobody questions their right to life! just cuz they did immoral things doesn’t mean they deserve death. people always say this cancer shit when talking about genocide or poc deaths like… people deserve life bc everybody deserves it. that’s it, not cuz maybe one of them would have cured a fatal disease or st.

Social Sculpture

It has always struck me that the society which built the ancient sites such as Newgrange and Loughcrew in Co. Meath and Carrowkeel and Knocknarea in Co. Sligo were extremely artful in how they located, designed and aligned their buildings with solar and other astronomical points. In fact they appear to have been true multi-purpose sites suitable for defense, spirituality and observing the sky as well as for living everyday life harmoniously in the surrounding area. It makes sense to me that they would therefore have brought this same artfulness to everything they did. We can only ever speculate what this society of at least 3200BC was truly like and I’m sure it was no utopia either but Joseph Beuys message that “everyone is an artist” might well have been their reality. Which meant not that we should all become practicing artists exclusively but that we should approach whatever we do in an artful way. In his terms society would then become a true ‘Social Sculpture’.

Joan Rothfuss said this about his phrase, “While the term encompassed many things for Beuys, it might broadly be defined as a conscious act of shaping, of bringing some aspect of the environment–whether the political system, the economy, or a classroom–from a chaotic state into a state of form, or structure. Social sculpture should be accomplished cooperatively, creatively, and across disciplines (he often cited the example of the beehive as an ideal working model). For Beuys, the need to change, or literally to re-form, was urgent. "All around us,” he said, “the fundamentals of life are crying out to be shaped, or created.”

The flight to Atlanta was almost four hours and the little child next to me did this almost the entire flight. And he didn’t cry or make noises to disrupt anyone, not even once. As much as I hate sitting next to crying babies, I see how unbelievably stressed out all my friends with kids are when it comes to flying so I usually feel bad for parents traveling with kiddos. The only annoying person actually was the guy snoring behind me. Anyway, the point is, a) I feel for all parties involved on planes and b) we sure have come a long way as a society. Cuz In my dad’s generation, I doubt you would have seen such a nurturing, patient, coddling father traveling alone with a baby. Maybe in other cultures but not American. Thanks to feminism and people stop being so stupid, not only are women allowed to wear other hats but so are men. Dads are great. Screw all those tv shows that make them stupid, selfish sloths like Homer Simpson. I know a lot of great men who are even greater fathers and I can’t wait to see how that effects future generations.

One day in religion class we were talking about conflicts that might occur between different religions/no religions. And our teacher told us about an incident at the school that had occurred a while back. A girl would wear short skirts to school and religious people would be offended by it to the extent of filing a complaint with the administration. And this girl got really upset and sad because she really liked her short skirts and felt comfortable wearing them? But the school apparently sided with the people who were offended and so did my teacher as she told this story. Like, “Well, she could’ve worn longer skirts and they could’ve been more acceptant of it”. And that pissed me off so bad. I kind of want to bring out my short skirts now and wear them just to make a point lmao (and I will in the summer…). I hate that religion is the norm and should be accepted and made way for in all parts of society, it’s gross. I would never back down if someone told me I’m wearing clothes that are “offensive” to their religion because they’re showing too much skin, at least not as long as I’m in a really secularized country (like Sweden). It’s a whole other thing in other countries where religion plays a bigger part in everyday life, I understand that and would respect that, but here it’s really not and I think it would be ridiculous if I wouldn’t be allowed to dress comfortably in this country because of a minority feeling offended by my skin.

Why did I get paranoidly warned off Dangan Ronpa? wtf. I’m positive I’ve now played the oooh~scary~ part that got boogeymanned so hard when I borrowed the game and. Like. Eye fucking roll. Like exactly how was that supposed to piss me off. The writing is still wishy washy but at least it wasn’t a random 180 and I find it very believable in an East-Asian society and also this isn’t my personal area of expertise?

Did they think it was the way others acted that would anger me? Because no joke, I’m almost positive that offended them more than it offended me. I ~expect that kind of behavior~ … I’m ~used to it~ … It was honestly pretty respectful compared to what you’d realistically expect in mainstream Asian society

I could say a little more but I realize me ranting about this is making me seem angry like they thought I’d be. And I’m not angry about the game… I’m insulted at being warned so heavily about this game when I already played P4.

Why I Started This

The day I got the Yik Yak app, I spent several hours trying to convince people that they were not completely ugly. While I may not always like everything about my body, I do not hate it the way these two individuals did. It really got to me that these people hated their bodies that much; that they thought their bodies were disgusting. We, as a society, spend so much time tearing people down and I want to give people a place to lift themselves up. All bodies are beautiful to someone, and simply living makes you a pretty amazing person.

In photography I’m studying Identity. We created a mind map displaying our thoughts. We were then asked to chose one of the things we’d written & show it through our own photography. As my tutor walked around the room asking everyone what they had chosen, I heard people calling back “make up”, “family”, “location” and I told her I wanted to relate my photography to sexual orientation and equality & she, as well as everyone else in the room didn’t make any comments. The one thing she did say is “Good choice, that’ll be exciting to see” and I don’t think I’ve actually smiled the way I did in a long time. It makes me so happy that people are much more accepted into society - as they should be ☺️☺️☺️

Cognitive dissonance

April 26, 2015.

For some reason, I do things regardless of what I’m told to do or what I tell myself to do. I believe the “fuck society”, “fuck whatever’s socially acceptable” mentality has been strongly engrained in my mind. It was. At the tender age of thirteen, I was damaged. I was damaged at the prime years of pre-adult development. I wore thongs, way too much make up, and learned that my self worth came from the approval of pre-pubescent, teenage boys. I did whatever they thought was cute and sexy. And now, it’s as if my actions are separate from my moral compass and I do whatever my impulses tell me. Perhaps… Idk

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I took the opportunity to come out to my father once he found makeup I was hiding. I was brutally honest with him but I knew what he would say already. He's in his late fifties and he believes that sex and gender are the same thing, and that I'm intentionally trying to make life hard on him. He told me that I was intentionally isolating myself from society. He also walked away screaming about how anyone can convince themselves of anything if they try hard enough. My mom moved out, by the way.

Well that reaction is common. Why did your mom move out?

Eye society

for me the greatest representatives of the eye are the four horsemen that were fair and eye repesentaba that they were fair to poor and unfair to the rich seems astonishing planning these four great wizards their way to make magic was amazing and everything purpose for the eye and be honest nevertheless

also that the police did and plan a good trick for over 20 years to blame someone and bring the four horsemen eye was the fifth rider


Artist Talk

Jay Critchley

Don’t be crude, art and the energy grid

PA 101

Tuesday march 31st at 7pm

I thought it was interesting that Jay seems to be involved in quite a lot of issues. He constantly makes up fake companies/corporations and some are funnier/more impactful than others. Also I found it very interesting that he makes many costumes out of multiples such as condoms and feminine products. I did a project like that last semester so it was interesting to see an artist do something similar.  

Although he seemed funny his work didn’t really seem to interest me that much. It also hasn’t influenced my work in the slightest. Mainly because I focus on commercial concept work such as game concept designs and sequential planning.

From his talk I understand that he works very freely and is very invested in issues in society and uses his work to address the issues in ways that he sees fit.

I gave a test survey to a few of my friends for my research methods class about reducing meat consumption. I was just reading through them and they are fascinating. There was a lot of consistency when you compared the surveys, but there was a little inconsistency with answers people gave. It makes me wonder what they really thought about the questions. Interestingly enough, everyone wrote that they did not agree to slaughtering pets (I.e cats, dogs, etc.) but were more or less okay with slaughtering livestock. Yet, a lot of them said they were equally (more or less) concerned with both livestock and pets. It’s just so interesting the way society shapes us to believe not all beings are equal. This little experiment makes me excited to edit the survey and then use it for real.