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ehhh how did you make your rey boots? I found some you recommended but you also posted one you made? And i really dont want to buy the real ones cause i mean 150$ for shoes -_-

Damn I wish I took better photos. 

But honest to god I just cut some boots into her shape and then HOT GLUED tweed fabric right on top in certain places. Then I painted the heel and sole the appropriate colors, glued on ties, and then glued on some suede squares on the ties. 

You can kind of tell here. I hemmed the 3 pieces of tweed fabric before I glued them, but it really is just glued on boot covers. 

The shoes originally looked sorta like this (with a small heel):

I found them at Goodwill. I got the patterns by tracing the shoe, cutting a section of fabric and draping here and there to see how it would fit. My fabric was slightly STRETCHY so it didn’t wrinkle when I stretched it over the complex curves of the shoe. Get a stretch fabric if you dont want to cry in frustration. 

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Why do you think the social media activity is so one-sided? It's only Jordan liking these things and being cryptic while Liam did mention Jordan in a tweet once & to the paps but that's it...I just don't get it. I'm just hating that it could mean the end of ziam :/


you know, it’s not really that one-sided if you think about it. Sure, Jordan Payton is being Gigi Hadid-level Extra lately and liking photos of Liam in a UCLA jersey from accounts with the names “azzeater” and such (nice touch, the “z” in “azz” really makes it sing), but don’t forget there was this completely extra, almost out of character tweet from Liam that remained at the top of his twitter timeline for a number of days:

Payneton has been playing out pretty publicly over the past few months, and other than Adam Samuels, I can’t think of another friend of Liam’s that we’ve seen him interact that much publicly with unless it was Zayn  while he was in the band, a 1D beard or a beneficial Juicy J-esque business relationship. 

As for Ziam, I will always and forever be Ziam af. The marrow in my bones is literally a gif set of the Ziam bed interview from Germany where Zayn listed all the songs Liam ever danced to in chronological order. I have already requested a simple and tasteful gravestone be made for me on the day the Ziam R&B duo single drops that will read “Of course I love Zayn”, and in lieu of the listing of the years I was on this earth, it will just simply say “thanks bro !x”.  

Just because Payneton is a public fauxmancey thing doesn’t mean that Ziam isn’t real. Payneton is almost like Zigi: The Gay Edition. Actually, it just makes me think Ziam is even more real (I work in opposites like that). 

Forever rooting for Ziam to do all the things,


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Where do you get all your clothes?! I love your tour outfits :).

How did i not see these messages until now!! my app is SHIT! never tells me!

The outfits we wore primarily for this last tour (Metanoia 2015) were made up of bits and pieces … usually its whatever we feel like ripping up backstage and throwing on to make work. 

The dress in the top photo and the strappy belt that is in the bottom (that sometimes i wear on my boobs cause i have none) are exceptional pieces from @motheroflondon . She has some super amazing designs and everything is top quality. Lovely girl she is :)

The tee in the bottom is none other than our US support act Mr. Kitty all shredded up. It varies on what we feel like when we are getting ready / how hot it is in the venue already hah. 

A few shows I’ve worn different band tees - once as a joke in Berlin, and the other in Frankfurt of a band who someone special to me is in :)

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Trisha, while the thought of Val sitting out is over the top, he screwed up on this one. I agree 100% about his comments on childhood obesity BUT he used a photo of a child to make his point and I don't think he still understands that it wasn't his message that offended so many but using the photo. The man is obviously not a parent - yep he loves kids but parents understand why posting that photo was so wrong. The lawsuit is ridiculous..but he did screw up and made it worse by his attitude..

He screwed up agree. His intentions were not malicious agree. The lawsuit though is re-donk-u-lous.


Photographer Interview: Jenna VanDusen

Toward the end of last summer, as I was wrapping up my Artists In Jackson project, I went to an art show here in town to discover other Jackson-area artists. I left with one piece of art: Jenna VanDusen’s “Jackson” light painting photographer (top), and it now hangs in my home.

Jenna is a local fine art and portrait/wedding photographer, and her work is great. She uses light painting in great locations to make her work, and she works on family and wedding portraits through her Dream Real Photo & Video studio. 

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Jenna! A mother of a little three year old sweetie, a freelance videographer, and operator of Dream Real Photo & Video, LLC.

How did you get started in photography?

My father is a photographer of many many years, so of course that’s where it began. With my interest in video, I took classes for photography as well. I thought it was important to know my camera in this way while using my DSLR for video.

What do you like about your photography?

Simplicity, natural beauty, imagination, try to be original!

Your work with light painting is a lot of fun. Where do you get inspiration for your style/ideas?

It is a lot of fun! Inspiration began when learning about long exposure! I was blown away seeing work from photographer Gjon Mili as he captured light paintings with figure skaters and Picasso! Those images are so magical to me, done around 1947. Patience is key, to do it over and over, fixing your mistakes. Planning and visualizing what you want and how you’re going to pull it off is key. Being at a certain location is where the inspiration starts and then what to draw, or vis versa. 

For any photographer I think to reach out to or connect to someone is a goal, but to add the light is to add a feeling too, and adding color can easily change the feeling. 

What kinds of themes do you explore with your work?

Everything. My goal is to appreciate and do all types of photography. I feel like not only am I practicing about that way to shoot or technique but it’s an insight into … everything, which is what I enjoy most, the experience. Photography documents the beauty in life - which can be narrowed to two very broad categories: people and nature, together or apart, in many aspects!

Everyone is a dreamer. I’m all for realistically accomplishing your dreams. My hope is that my photography lets viewers to escape reality, but also brings inspiration for them in their lives.

Any upcoming projects or shoots you’re working on?

Projects are constant! Creatively I have a few ideas that i’ve been thinking about for as long as a year. Ideas just snowball and get bigger, which means more planning and taking steps for correct resources.

As much I appreciate and won’t stop doing light paintings free hand, I’m beginning a even more modern take on it, and incorporating light more into video and with clients, which is really exciting.

I’d like to work more with artists in Jackson with light painting [Wonder Woman with Doug Jones, above]. Everything I draw is very simple, which I love! But I think there is much to be done.

I’m also doing a personal 52 Week Photography project with Hayley Woodward, where we pick out a theme/subject/shooting technique and practice!

Find more of Jenna’s work on her Dream Real Photo & Video Facebook page and Instagram profile.

Here is a photo that our friends @mementomoristudiosinc in Abbotsford B.C. Canada posted recently of a Rook piercing that Mike did on a customer there, topping the Curved Barbell post that he installed in it with an Amethyst and White SWAROVSKI Zirconia-set I.S. Titanium Threaded Flower # 2 (TTF2). That is a #pretty #big #flower right there! Actually, our TTF2 is currently the largest threaded flower that we make at a 7.4mm diameter, and can be hand-set by us with any combo of the over 20 fabulous SWAROVSKI Zirconia/Corundum/Spinel colors that we offer! What colors would YOU want yours to be set with? Hit up your neares/favorite I.S. retailer to place an order for yourself from us, and if you are in thae Abbotsford area… stop in at Memento Mori and check out the I.S. that they have there on display! http://ift.tt/20bW40O

I haven’t done a treatment on the clone in a few days so today I did it and I snapped a quick picture in case anyone else has problems with spider mites. I make sure there’s soap everywhere on the leaves that why anything there gets killed. Let it sit for 10 mins then rinse it off throughly with water

Day 27 

I made a quick video above to just give a close up on the plants and give a live view. Overall the plants are good. The seedling plant (2 top photos) is almost tall enough for the scrog grow. Still not sure why some leaves are looking dead you can see in the photos and video. The clone is doing good also. Leaves are nice and green and new leaves are being grown daily. Hopefully soon when the older leaves fall off & when I’m done with the treatment I’ll move it into a bigger pot. 

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Once you get this, it'd be super rad if you'd share 5 random facts about yourself. Then, pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers. (ouo feel free to do it if you want to!)

Errr…. let’s see:

1 - I was a goth in my teens. I have this huge colection of lame photos of myself from those days. 

2- Been a RPG table top game master for longer than I care to confess. (Maker, I’m 30! How did this happen?)

3 - I told my 6 year old god daughter stories about my Oc ship Edmond x osiris (as king Edmond) and she loved them and @slugette ‘s drawings so much she wanted her mother to make her Edmond and Osiris on Sims.

4 - I daydream all the time! Mostly about my Ocs.

5 - I was a lawyer for 5 years. I quit recently because I hated it.


Color at War: The Kansas City WWI Museum

Although war is a very serious business, the men and women taking part in it officially are never without the color that makes for a striking uniform. Even today, when various kinds of camouflage are usually worn by troops in battle, the dress uniforms are gorgeous.

This top photo of the red jacket was worn by the French North African cavalry and was worn with voluminous pantaloons, and the second image of the blue jacket was for the Austro-Hungarian cavalry with a fur collar and a quilted silk lining as protection against the cold. Were the cavalry men the most dashing, or did they just wear the most decorative outfits? The black cape with red lining was worn by a woman who was in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps. I suspect that women’s uniforms were so dark and plain in order to counter any prejudice that they weren’t up to their jobs because they were too interested in fashion and other feminine pursuits. Yet notice that she could not resist the scarlet lining. Who could?

For more on the National World War I Museum and Memorial, go here:


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Hi Shocky. I feel like I have to thank you for all the content you provided over the years. The Arielle photos are always an inspirations when im looking for naughty stuff in my own skyrim. I was wondering what mods you use for gameplay purposes when you play, specifically what works in terms of stability and fps. Frostfall for example takes alot of power. What did you compromise to make a good looking Skyrim that also plays well?


Uhm, I haven’t really used many mods for “gameplay”, I enjoyed Skyrim as it was, I only use(d) Frostfall , Skyrim Flora Overhaul, Enhanced Blood Textures and a couple of others which you can find on nexus top mods list, but this doesn’t matter much because in the end it’s up to how strong your computer is to handle a bunch of mods.

This is not my work and this photo was uploaded to Instagram by hollydanesi - “Making creme brûlée right now… Did this yesterday. Life isn’t always hell.

#traditionaltattoo #vintagetattoos #ladytattooers #philadelphiatattoo #americanatattoos #cobratattoo #eyeofhorus #bright_and_bold #top_class_tattooing #tattoodesign #southjerseytattoo #njtattoo#bodygraphicsnj#bodygraphicsnewjersey#magictattoo#nokaoitikitattoo”. Find out more about my own work: www.bambootattooonthemove.com

Fulfilling Death’s Orders||Evil AU A

continuing off this thread’s ending

     He sat in front of the mirror, brushes and makeup spread out on the vanity’s table top. A photo of the man Keisuke was meant to make himself appear sat angled against the mirror’s edge. A nice shot of the old man. No pipes, no smiles. Every line of his face as it had been easily noticed for Keisuke to mimic.

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Kaley Cuoco Carries Live Python While Recreating Britney Spears' 'I'm A Slave 4 U' -- Watch!

Kaley Cuoco is a “Slave” for accuracy.

The “Big Bang Theory” star channeled peak Britney Spears on Thursday’s “Lip Sync Battle,” recreating the pop princess’ now-iconic “I’m A Slave 4 U” performance from the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards down to the last detail.

Kaley matched more than just Brit’s moves for the tribute, sporting the same strappy green crop top, denim shorts and enviable six-pack abs from the original showstopping number.

PHOTOS: Britney Spears: Her Sexiest Styles Of All Time!

While Britney herself didn’t make an appearance on stage, Kaley did welcome an important special guest – a live python nearly identical to the one the singer famously draped around her own shoulders.

The animal lover seemed to get along well with her reptile partner behind the scenes, whom she deemed “#SteveTheSnake” in an Instagram post before the show.

PHOTOS: ‘Big Bang’ Beauty Kaley Cuoco

Kaley may have pulled out all the stops, but she was no match for her opponent and “Wedding Ringer” co-star Josh Gad, whose rendition of the Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself” as Donald Trump (and featuring a surprise kiss from Kaley’s “Big Bang” castmate Johnny Galecki!) was deemed the big winner.

– Erin Biglow

Copyright © 2016 NBC Universal, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
This material may not be republished, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Since the Canadian dollar sucks right now, I chose to play zydeco music and make myself a gluten free brioche King Cake for the first time. It called for alot of corn starch (seriously you need like half a tub because it’s no joke it sticks to EVERYTHING), kind of weirded me out - yet holy crap it’s good.

My Gluten Free Brioche King Cake came out fucking BALLER.

It started out tiny, yet after it baked - it came out amazeballs.

I had some fun with the traditional Mardi Gras colors and did a ‘paint splatter’ effect. It’s that artist in me screaming.

  1. Top photo - unbaked
  2. Left - baked
  3. Right - iced with white
  4. 2nd Left - purple icing
  5. 2nd Center - yellow icing
  6. 2nd Right -green icing
  7. Final photo - nommage.

Next time I make one of these I’m for sure going to put the green first, then the purple, then yellow for more contrast. If you want the recipe, go here.

Yep. I used a cinnamon roll recipe. ;)

Old School for Access

Old School for Access

External image

Old School for Access From HMG: We’re glad to upgrade your membership in the secret area to full access for sharing these great photos of this sexy gal in the old school military top. Great body, sexy mouth and makes that uniform top look damn good.  We did notice that you haven’t yet registered in the Secret Area, so please do so here REGISTER SECRET AREA Once you’ve registered please comment on…

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This week in photography class we started a new land art project. Our objective was to find natural resources outside and make a small sculpture/piece of artwork. Then we uploaded our photos into light room and did some light editing and chose one image to print. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to print because something happened with my photos while they were in light room and the files are missing. On top is a screenshot of my three favorite photos from this project. 

So this was my first upcycling project that I have completed and actually liked. The big photo on the left is the original (apologies for the awful photo- it wouldn’t let me size it any better). This took me roughly two hours to make which now sounds a quite a lot but I’m pleased with the final outcome. It did take me a while to begin the braiding on the back but once I just the first three strands, I was flying through. 

This has really inspired me to continue upcycling especially when my fabric funds are low. Plus, I’m a sucker for hoarding clothes so might as well make them look pretty! 

My amazing friend @holisticblogger took me to love yoga in Venice again for an amazing class, full of pushing boundaries, sweating, flowing and being mindful about the deeper elements of myself that yoga connects me to, I’m so sorry we were late @mikiashyoga I am so inspired with the way you lead the class, so thoughtful and yet playful, just what I needed to make my Sunday morning 😊🙏. After yoga we went hiking in the #pacificpalisades and took a few shots, did a #meditation up top, it was so beautiful, walking and talking about the deep stuff that so many conversations shy away from. An amazing day, finding a bit of calm in my #handstand again as my arm continues to strengthen😁💪. Racquelle I am so grateful for your friendship!!! 📷 : @holisticblogger
by journeyofwaz https://www.instagram.com/p/BBgxQgqh1GP/

Go to www.blackyogasuperstars.com for what-every-thing yoga you need.

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can you show me a photo, or explain me, how jungkook and reader were seated on the couch in fools first part... cause i cant understand and my comprehension and it's so bad at the moment... sorry if this annoys you

Nah it’s fine, I actually expected someone not to understand LOL It’s basically Jungkook lying face down and you lying down on top of his back, kinda like a sandwich but facing the same way… did that make sense???