no but if you’re starting high school this year, please please please remember not to focus on the small things like drama, please remember that despite the shitty way grading works, it’s still important to get those good grades and pass your classes !!! also join clubs, play sports, make friends with both students and teachers, participate in everything you can, get your picture in the yearbook as much as possible!! high school may seem dumb and stressful but you’re gonna remember it forever, please make sure you tough it out and make it something worth remembering because that is totally up to you to do!!


–Everything This Engineer Has Ever Loved || m.s.t

Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me, complimentandasmile, haha! Like I said, I know this wasn’t what you were expecting, but inspiration struck and I hope you like it anyway. It was a pleasure writing for you again <3

So I posted an ask from a girl who joked about how her girlfriend always texts her swb-like things, like lots of winky faces and “what would you do if blah blah”, and then we proceeded to get tons and tons of messages about how that was offensive and lesbophobic. I completely and 100% did not mean to offend, hurt, or alienate anyone with that post. But I’m looking to learn from this–could someone explain to me why, so that I don’t make the same mistake again? I just assumed it was another post showing how not only straight white guys do it and reminding that it’s ok/funny to send the winkies and play 20 questions etc. when you actually know the person and both consent. I in no way meant to compare lesbians to men, which is what a lot of people think. I just want to understand how I hurt people.

I don’t think ya understand how happy I am right now. For the past months since March I was so scared and sad that Zayn was just gonna be gone. Like he never confirmed he was going solo until right now and he’s really freaking happy. Seeing that smile really makes me fucking happy and I am so proud of Zayn for doing what HE wants to do for HIMSELF! I just really love him.

A few things about Finrod

That Head!canon time is upon me. Long ago a sweet anon asked about them and I was going to write about it, but never got around to it. But now that I’m sick and staying home for a bit… and my blog is turning into a bunch of text posts, surely not something anyone followed me for. Hang on there, I’ll make/draw something as soon as I’m not spraying snot all over it.

anyways, Finrod head!canons.

1. His driving force, his defining feature is curiosity. He is SO inherently curious just about everything in life, from early childhood, when he would badger everyone and anyone with  questions. (Atto, why is my hair gold? Haru, how come I can’t make honey if I chew on flowers, like bees do?) 

2. Because of this absolutely inexorable curiosity, he’d try anything, just once. He just HAS to have first-hand experience. He’s the earliest to get schwasted and laid and do all those little illicit things kids do. But since he’s a good boy, and a responsible one to boot, he’s cautious and careful and never gives anyone any trouble. His parents wouldn’t believe a word said about his early ‘adventures’ That’s why he is so perfect in official history, Finrod.

3. His curiosity is also the reason why he’s quite a bit of a libertine bicycle. None of his lovers can even hold his other lovers against him (except Curufin, of course) because his curiosity is also very well-meaning and sincere. He loves to love and to be in love, he can find beauty in anything and is very giving (especially when his curiosity is satisfied). No one feels left out.

4. Last, but not least. You know how Finrod is curious? One day, when Beleriand was still relatively peaceful and Finrod wandered in wonder and his curiosity gorged on all the beautiful things Middle-earth had to offer, he encountered a band of orcs. They were some earliest experiments of Morgoth’s, all born and snatched from Cuivienen, before the elves even looked upon the face of Oromё and knew civilization. They have this eerie beauty about them, savage and twisted, all lean grace and yellow eyes and fangs. They ran/hid/were released in the breaking of Utumno maybe, and just wished to be left alone. But Finrod stumbles upon them. They are ruled by a matriarch, a female of immense will and power. She must have been high-standing at Cuivienen. A sister of a leader. Who never got into annals, of course. Maybe she was Tata’s daughter. Or Ingwё’s twin. Usually those orcs/elves avoid their kin by all means, but you know Finrod. No one can resist him. So, he looks at them, half-beasts, half-elves, looks upon that dark queen of theirs, and BANG. He was just SO DAMN CURIOUS.

A few years later they discreetly dump a bundle at his doorstep on the borders of Nargothrond. The little one has slightly prolonged fangs and yellow-tinted eyes with a bit of a glint, but other than that, he’s a perfect image of Finrod. He names him Gildor. 

Curufin hates him. After Finrod dies, he tells Gildor, that he’s basically a son of an orc. Gildor takes to wondering, thinking he wouldn’t be accepted anywhere in elven realms.  He never leaves Middle-Earth, because he’s sure that he won’t be allowed in Aman.

Finrod waits and waits and waits.  Eternally curious about whatevrer happened to his darling boy. 

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for painting metal, warframes/transformers etc.? i really want to get better at it and your art is so amazing that i just had to ask

Hello! Sorry for taking so long to write back, didn’t know what to respond. Thank you! Though I still need to learn hella a lot. I’m afraid that I don’t really have any good tips, though I did make [this post] with shiny metal in regards to a similar question in the past (if you wanna check it out! don’t want to repeat it here :^) ). The way that I draw stuff keeps changing though, since I’m not well organized. ‘-’

There’s some wip shots of the last painted picture, did it differently from how I usually paint, since there was a lineart made first (usually i have loose lines or a sketch if painting, unlike here);

I kinda messed up, by setting the base as too light and didn’t have a well set out light source with the base colour, so it took longer than it should. sorry for so little process shots. rarely ever taking screens while drawing.
what my painted pics tended to look like at start, is this:

VERY MESSY…. You can see finished image [here]
there are some screens from a cell shaded drawing from a while ago;

i either shade each colour separately or, like here, havesome additional layers set to different modes on top of the basic colours (like multiply, overlay, highlight etc. experiment). Really depends on the mood. Additionally, I colour the lineart after shading.
for example the energy sword picture with excal had each colour shaded separately on it’s layer and then added effects. the end effect was similar to this, although it was made differently

Don’t know if any of that could have been helpful at all, sorry!!
Good luck with your work! 8 )


Taylor was probably very upset yesterday and today. She probably still is. Stop hating on her. Stop making posts about how she was wrong. Jesus Christ i’m sure she knows she was wrong. i’m sure everyone on tumblr knows she was partly in the wrong. She comes to tumblr for comfort. Imagine you did something somewhat wrong and you were upset about it and all your friends are texting in a group chat about how you were wrong and that’s all the texts your getting. okay just imagine that. That is how Taylor probably feels right now. Let it go. and if your not going to, stop making posts about it


National gf day here is my gf and me yay

Someone did that exact same thing to me on Twitter. They sent me a link to an article titled, ‘Ed Sheeran Named Most Important Artist In Black Music’ and they were all indignant like, ‘DO YOU SEE THIS SHIT?! YOU SHOULD MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT THIS!’ Blah blah blah

I clicked on the link and actually read the article and it was actually a really great piece about the whitewashing of mainstream music 😕😕😕

There’s definitely enough real racism out there, stop making shit up.

GM post: the signs trying to wake up 🌞

aries: *checks phone* *gets mad when they didn’t receive a good morning text*
taurus: *hits snooze* *makes scary moaning noise* *sinks further into warm bed*
gemini: *stays in bed scrolling through social media an hour before they have to be up*
cancer: “fuck work, fuck school” “I hate my life” “maybe no one will notice if I just lay here all day”
leo: *removes sleep mask* “when did the sun come out?????”
virgo: *yawns, stretches* immediately out of bed to make coffee
libra: *tries to wake them up* “one more minute”… *30 minutes later* “FUCK I’M GONNA BE LATE*
scorpio: *sleeps right through alarm*
sagittarius: *mumbles things that don’t make sense* *peeks through eye lid at clock* “well I guess I should get up now”
aquarius: *fondles around for random drink laying around in dark room* *sees light peeking through window* *puts blanket over head*
pisces: *cute yawn* *sits up to listen to birds chirping* *smiles until they realize that they don’t smell coffee* *immediately irritated*

Carmilla Speculations Time

Yes it’s that time again! Did you miss me yet? No? Well, too bad because I’m here ruining your dash anyway! 

Yesterday I spit several speculations at dinolawrence​, ellianderjoy​, laflahsdrive​ and they threw back interesting additions so in this post I’ll be talking about:

  • Why Vordenberg’s timeline so far does not fit at all 
  • How we got more evidence that the Dean’s probably not dead
  • Some speculations about Mattie, Corvae Corporation, and Perry 

This got incredibly long and just a reminder before we dive into the read more: I look at the canon “text” and try to make sense and predict what’s coming next. My speculations could be way off and any other headcanons are just as valid as my headcanons! 

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i just had a dream where i was talking to someone about dan and phil and they said “they have the exact same hair” and then all of a sudden i was beating them with giant breadsticks while dan was rocking back and forth crying in the corner saying “i wish i did” and phil kept handing me more breadsticks shouting “get em! don’t you go making danny cry!” in a really strong northern accent