The two year-long voyage for an art trade with @bullworthstranger has finally come to an end. Hear ye, hear ye, as I commit honorable seppuku for being this slow. - __-

I know it looks half-assed (even after 2 fucking years) and I think I could’ve done more – but the longer I look at it, the longer I hold it off and somehow like it more as it is, so I’m leaving it at that. So yeah, sorry. Just in time for Valentine’s Day though so yep. :)

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fredweasleysdaughter asked:

Hi I love your art :) I am wondering if you could draw Frazel ? I'm not sure if you already did but thanks :)

Sure! Hazel making faces at Percy behind his back fish faces~ Frank tried not to laugh but Hazel’s face was too funny. 

I’ve only drawn Frazel once before and it was just a small thing, here’s the other one!


“I feel colour all around you. A fantastic colour... strong and beautiful. And... a sad colour, too.”

Just checking, would anyone be interested in commissioning an actual edited video with your oc from me?
That would of course require of you to give me access to your playthrough recordings (via dropbox or YouTube).
The examples of my work can be found on my blog (tagged/ajirsvids) or on YT (Souleaterfan13).

11 questions tag! (again)

i was tagged by the lovely Gaby @may-whore-es thank you <3


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1. Favorite food? Pizza ftw

2. What’s the thing you want most? Live long, happy and healthy

3. Do you play any instruments? A little bit piano! But i’m not good…

4. If you won a million dollars what is the first thing you’d buy? V.I.P tickets for Muse in Amsterdam!

5. If you had the chance to be in a band would you take it? No i have no musical talent at all…

6. Favorite colors? BLACK! And blue :3

7. Do you have any piercings/want any? No and no i don’t even have earrings

8. Would you rather eat nothing but ketchup or eat nothing but mustard? Ketchup, mustard is yuk

9. What color hair would you like to have? GINGER FTW

10. One of the best dreams you’ve had? Well i met Matt and Dom and… uhm… Let’s just say we had a lot of fun ;)

11. Average hours of sleep? School days, between 7-8 hours and other days about 9-10 hours


1. What would you do if you had the chance of meet your fave band? I’ll tell them how mutch they mean to me, that they’ve changed my life and made me a mutch happier person! And i want them to sign something plus take selfies with me heheh

2. What color are your socks? BLACK

3. What’s your fave album by your fave band? Origin of Symmetry by Muse

4. What song always make you feel better? On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz

5. How old are you? 17

6. Who is your celebrity crush? Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Tom Hiddleston too

7. So you read fan fiction? Yes heheheheheh

8. Do you like cats? Yes! But i prefer dogs :3

9. What was your fave TV show when you were a child? Tom and Jerry

10. What was your fave song from a TV show? The BBC Sherlock theme song

11. One song you like secretly? My guilty pleasure? Eheh… The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang

My own questions for youuu

1. A sport you’d like to master?

2. Best subject in school?

3. Worst subject in school?

4. Fav song atm?

5. Fav animal?

6. Fav TV show?

7. Best friend’s name?

8. your Hogwarts House?

9. Last movie you watched?

10. Last song you listened to?

11. A fun fact about yourself?

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 56. The emotional hug 

This is what it felt like to have arrived at the end of the world. Otherwise he wouldn’t be doing this with that guy, but this time, only this one time it didn’t matter. He had swallowed down his hatred for people and touch and emotions and was just sitting there, his arms around the boy. They have been  there like that for a while now and the younger (former) exorcist had already stopped responding, even though Kanda could still hear his irregular breathing. 

  ‘ I wish it hadn’t come to this’ he wanted to say, but it was all pointless now. The ground was already soaked with Allen’s blood and there was still more and more and more to gush out. There was not much more time left. 

  At this moment, Kanda just wanted to disappear, to vanish, but he couldn’t. He owed him so much. His life and freedom, his peace. His conclusion. This boy didn’t deserve to die alone in this place, after being slashed by him. Kanda had done it again, he had yet again killed a person, who had helped him through hell. It seemed too ironic, as if his fate had decided his path from the very second he awakened from slumber. Only had he been blind to notice the signs. Kanda was going to end the way he began. 

  “Goodbye, Allen.” were the only two words he was able to voice. Maybe he imagined it, but for a second there was the shadow of a smile on that boy’s face.