Getting her nails did.

so, i just found this one my snapchat and im utterly disgusted especially because she’s white and she’s younger than me? So it stuns me, as a 15 yr. old asian american teenager, to see how younger kids learn about hese slurs and how to discriminate against people.. im so sick of this..
and even though they did her nails perfectly fine, she still is demanding to do them better so i just dont really see the point in even asking them to do your fucking ugly ass stubby fingers.
shouldnt they be thankful for people working on her nails? and also us “ching congs” couldve done much worse than what you have on your nails right now so just fucking fuck off mayo~^^
and lol @”ching congs” wtf is a ching cong?!

My bestie Amanda came over a few days ago and I did her nails! 😀😎🌴 We used @modelsownofficial Bikini, Sun Hat and Beach Bag. And then of course a hand painted palm tree!!! 🌴🌴🌴 Love love love! ❤

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Kumander Liwayway, the beauty queen who wore lipstick into battle

Before each battle, she would don lipstick, get her hair did, and manicure her nails. While one might see this as a, well, curious set of priorities, it served two purposes. On the one hand, her appearance inspired the troops, letting them know that she was calm and fearless. On the other hand, in her words, “I am fighting for the right to be myself.”

She was a terror on the battlefield. At the Battle of Kamansi, the rebel forces were so outnumbered that the ranking officer ordered a retreat. Liwayway refused to go, keeping her 100+ troops in place – and turned the tide. By the time reinforcements arrived, Liwayway’s squadron had nearly won the battle by themselves.