As she lay on the bed, her mind wandered to dirtier thoughts, and she clenched her thoughts together.

Going shopping with Lydia for undergarments was the best idea she ever had.

“Y/N? Baby I’m home,” Derek’s voice echoed through the loft, and she felt shivers down her spine as his foot steps grew louder.

“What-” he said, but was cut off as his eyes widened. There she sat, on the bed, in nothing but a bra, panties and stockings. She knew how he loved the stockings.

“I was waiting for you to get home,” she pouted, “why did you take so long?”

His eyes lingered all over her body, till he decided to peel his jacket off, and turn to lock the door.

“Daddy had some business to attend to,” he said huskily as he walked over to her, towering over her.

“I got lonely,” she said, pouting again, and he lay himself over her.

“Well, I’m very sorry baby,” he said, leaning down to kiss her neck, “it won’t happen again.”

She still continued to pout, and Derek kissed up to her ear, biting her earlobe.

“Stop that pouting, baby girl,” he said, but she continued to do so, and he inhaled sharply.

“You better stop, unless you want to be bent over my lap till that pretty little ass of yours is cherry red,” he grunted in her ear, both of them getting excited at the idea.

So she continued to pout, and Derek sat up swiftly, swinging her over his lap, ass up, as she squirmed.

“Now baby, the less you move,” he said as he smacked her harshly, “the less it’ll hurt.”

She squirmed for a minute, till another harsh slap came down from Derek’s hand, and she submitted herself to the Alpha, and he rubbed her already sore ass as a reward.

“Good girl,” he said, before smacking her, and she groaned, “see? You know how to behave,” he spanked her again, “you just need to be reminded, isn’t that right?”

“Yes daddy,” she said, moaning as the next spank came down.

“Manners are already getting better, good girl,” he said, before spanking her again, as she rocked against his leg, trying to get some friction where she needed it most.

He spanked her three more times, before sitting her in his lap, rubbing her red ass.

“Now baby,” he said, looking at her face, “are we all good?”

She nodded, burying her face in his neck.

“That’s not an answer, baby,” he said, and she kissed his neck slightly as an apology.

“Yes daddy, we’re okay daddy,” she said, and he hummed as he lifted her face up to his, kissing her deeply, his tongue already plunging into her mouth.

She groaned as his hand tangled itself into her hair, keeping her exactly where he wanted as he dominated her mouth.

“Daddy, please,” she whimpered as he pulled away.

“Please what, baby? Tell me what you need, tell daddy,” he said, rubbing her back soothingly.

“I need you daddy,” she murmured, jumping off his lap and laying on the bed, “please.”

“How bad?” He growled, crawling on top of her, “how bad do you want it?”

“So bad,” she whimpered as he bit the junction of her neck harshly, “I need your cock so bad.”

“Hm, really baby girl?” He said, standing up and ridding himself off all clothes quickly before leaning over her again, unclipping her bra.

“Dressed up so pretty for me, aren’t you pet? Wanted my approval? Can’t go wrong with your body,” he said, attaching his warm lips to her nipple as he slid down her panties, but kept the stockings.

She gasped as he ran a thumb over her clit, vibrations of pleasure running through her.

“Tell me what you need baby,” he said, and she gasped in pleasure again, running her hand through his hair. He looked up and her, and stepped off the bed quickly.

“Oh no no no,” he tutted, “I thought you were a good girl.”

“But I am,” she said with a confused expression. And he hissed.

“You just broke two rules; you didn’t answer me, and you touched. So I think two punishments is fair,” he shrugged, pulling out the box from under the bed.

“Sit up,” he ordered, and she did so quickly.

“Hands behind your back, kitten,” he said roughly, and she did so, feeling the rope tie around her two wrists tightly.

“No more touching, then,” he said, looking through the box, “lay back, princess.”

She did so, as Derek said ‘a ha,’ finding what he was looking for.

“If you don’t want to answer, then you don’t get to say anything at all,” he said, holding up a gag.

She squirmed to get away, groaning at the thought of it, and he held her waist.

“C'mon now,” he said, straddling her as he forced on her gag, “be a good little darling for me, I know you can.”

She relaxed her self, letting him gag her.

“There!” He cooed, running his hand through her hair, “that wasn’t so hard!”

She nodded, and he grinned at her, running his hands over her open lips.

“Such a shame such pretty lips have to go for such a waste,” he groaned, “I could’ve fucked your mouth all night long, and you would’ve taken it too, not that you’d have a choice. But you would’ve any way, because you’re such a little slut, aren’t you?”

He squeezed her breasts, and she arched her back, her groan muffled by the gag.

“Such a cock slut for your daddy. Once I get this gag off, I’m gonna skull fuck you. And you’ll take it all, won’t you, you obedient little whore?” He moaned in her ear, slapping her thigh as she jumped slightly, making him chuckle.

“But right now, I’m gonna fuck you hard baby, till the sun comes up. And then I’m gonna fuck your ass, fill all your holes up with my cum, hm baby? And when I’m done, I’ll plug up your ass so everyone knows that you’re mine; I marked you and you’re mine, no one else’s, only mine,” he growled, biting her neck and leaving marks as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

He lined himself up to her entrance, whispering the dirty things he wanted to do to her in her ear as he shoved himself in slowly. She groaned and moaned, and Derek couldn’t help himself, he wanted to hear the pretty little sounds of pleasure she made; that he made her made.

He wanted those sounds; they were his.

He reached up and untied the gag, finding no use in it anymore as he began thrusting hard, leaving her in a moaning mess.

“That’s right baby,” he grunted as he went faster, “who’s pussy is this?”

“Yours daddy, all yours,” she whimpered as he thrust.

“No one elses?” He growled, his eyes flashing red.

“No daddy, no ones, only yours,” she groaned, lifting her hips and tugging her cuffed hands.

“And who owns you?” He asked, moving a hand down to swirl her clit harshly.

“Fûck- you daddy! You own me, I’m yours!” She screeched as she felt her nerves flow through her body, “I-I need to- can I cum?”

“No, but you’re very good for asking,” he said, thrusting harder and quicker as he sucked down her neck, and she whined and squirmed.

“Do you want to feel me? To let your hands roam my body? Drag your nails down my back?” Derek asked huskily in her ear, and she cried out as he hit her sweet spot.

“Yes! Fuck yes, I want to!” She yelled out, and Derek released her hands from the cuffs, and she did. She dragged her nails down his back as he pounded into he mercilessly, hitting her g-spot every single time, and she became a screaming, moaning mess.

“I need to- I have to cum daddy,” she begged.

“You can hold it,” he grunted as he thrusted, and she sobbed, shaking her head.

“I can’t, I cant,” she repeated, and he slowed his pace, running his hand though her hair.

“Yes you can baby, I know you can darling,” he said kissing her forehead as he held her legs and lifted them over his shoulders, thrusting at a whole new angle, sending her spiralling down.

“Daddy, fuck!” She screeched as he emptied his load into her.

“Cum baby,” he ordered, and she did so, crying as she did. He reached over the side of the bed and picked up a plug as he slipped in inside her, and she groaned at the sensation. Derek shushed her.

“You did so well baby, I’m so proud of you baby girl,” Derek cooed as he lay down beside her, stroking her hair and pulling her close, as she snuggled up to him. He reached over her to grab a bottle of aloe, squirting some on his hands before reaching down and gently touching her ass, rubbing the cream in.

She hissed and jumped, tears springing to her eyes as her cheeks stung.

“I know, shit, I know baby,” he cooed gently, kissing her forehead, “you did amazing.”

“I love you daddy,” she muttered, shutting her eyes and again and drifting off to sleep as he placed his arms around her waist.

Wanna Be Yours, 6/7 (Olicity, College AU, Explicit)

Summary: College AU. Felicity’s car breaks down in a major rainstorm, sending her walking to the closest house she can find. It just so happens to belong to Oliver Queen, and he’s having a ‘Skivvies Only’ party. (See AO3 for Author’s Notes.)

A/N: I don’t have words for how much the response to this fic means to me! Every single comment and kudos and reblog and retweet, it’s amazing. Thank you! And now the chapter we’ve all been waiting for…  This wouldn’t be anything without my amazing beta Margaret. She does so much for me and I’m so grateful! Enjoy!

Two more songs that were sent to me for this fic, and I have to share them! True Colors by The Weeknd via @coal000 and Slow Hands by Niall Horan via @ellefraser17. Ugh, such feels i cannot. 

(read on AO3)

(read from the beginning)

Wanna Be Yours, Part 6

He didn’t remember falling asleep.

One second he was watching an old movie about jet fighters and the next someone was carding their fingers through his hair.


She was back.


Oliver turned into the touch, smiling when his nose brushed the inside of her wrist.

Not opening his eyes, he nuzzled his face into her arm before reaching for her. His hand found her legs first where she was curled up next to him. He sighed, his palm skating over her knee and thigh, up over her hip to her waist. His smile grew as he turned his entire body towards her, wrapping her up, folding into her. She said something that sounded a lot like, “I didn’t mean to wake you,” but he just hummed, angling himself so he could bury his face in her chest.

When his mouth passed over her breast, she let out a breathy giggle, smoothing his hair down as she wrapped herself around him in turn.

It was the best fucking way he could ever be woken up, he decided - his Felicity, warm and perfect, fitting so wonderfully against him, her giggles echoing her quickening under his ear.

“Mmm.” Oliver cuddled into her. “You feel so good.”

He could hear the smile on her lips as she replied, “So do you.”

Oliver nose brushed the opening of her shirt, her skin so soft against him. He didn’t stop there, moving until he found her breast again. Her nipple was harder this time and when his lips hit it, she gave him a stilted gasp. His body tightened, his jeans becoming constricting as he did it again. Her nails dug into his scalp, silently urging him on.

He waited for the inevitable interruption, bracing himself to pull away from her because they weren’t alone… except they were alone. Everyone had left. They had the entire house to themselves.

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Feel Like Making Love

Originally posted by frozen-delight


Summary: Dean is eager to get home to (Y/N)….

Request: Hmmm… Dean x reader smut based on ‘Feel Like Making Love’ by Bad Company?


Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam (Friend)

Word Count: 1137

Warnings: SMUT (unprotected sex, nsfw), fluff, language

A/N: First smut written so I hope it’s good lmao

Key: Most of the italics are the song lyrics

Even though this hunt was a simple salt and burn, Dean’s heart yearned for (Y/N). She was all he thought about. He wanted to do so many things to her.

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Home Early - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Smut Drabble

Warnings: language, masterbation, orgasm denial, vaginal sex

Summary: Jensen gets home from filming a day early and he walks in on his wife masterbating to Dean Winchester and he asks if he can help her.

Jensen pulled his car into the driveway and opened the garage and parked the car. He decided to get his bags later, he was so anxious to see his wife. Since it was late he knew she’d be on the bedroom, reading or watching TV. Jensen yawned as he went to the bedroom, as he neared the door he heard a sound he knew well. He heard Y/n about to get off, he pushed the door open. He saw her on the bed, legs spread wide open, three of her fingers were deep inside her pussy. She was pumping them fast and hard, he could hear the slushing noise her wet pussy made. Curious to what she was using, he looked at the TV and saw Dean Winchester beheading a vampire. A huge smile crept across his face, she used him to get off, just like he used her. He can tell by her noises that she’s having trouble getting there. “Y/n, you want some help baby” he said, she turned her head and nodded. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and he grabbed them and licked them. “Damn, you have no idea how sexy that was to walk in on” he said. Jensen grabbed her hand and put it on his crotch, she felt how hard he was. “Please get down here and fuck me Jensen please, I need to cum so bad” she whimpered. Jensen laughed and crawled up between her legs and slammed his cock into her. He didn’t even bother taking his clothes off, she needed to cum and he was going to make sure she did. She dug her nails into his clothed back and held onto him as he pounded into her. “Jensen yes” she moaned, he kissed her lips passionately. She hooked her ankles around his back shoving him deeper into her pussy. “Fuck Y/n” he grunted as he felt his balls tighten. He knew he was almost there, he knew by her moans she was close. She knew she was close so she slipped her hand between their bodies and rubbed circles on her clit. Her orgasm ripped through her she threw her head back and screamed his name. Her pussy clenched around his cock sending him into his own release. Jensen fell down laying next to her and whipping the sweat off her head, “fuck baby, you always get off to Dean” Jensen said. “No, but it’s always you Jensen” she said cuddling next to him and falling asleep wrapped in Jensen’s strong arms.

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Jealous!Joker x Reader

Warnings: Some strong language

Y/N was sitting on her couch watching TV when she heard the door open. She hoped it was J, she barely saw him because he was so busy with work. J walked over to her and turned the TV off. Normally she would be annoyed, but that must mean he actually wants to spend time with her. Biting her lip to hide a smile, she got up and threw her arms around him. He hugged her back, tugging on her earlobe with his teeth.

“What’d ya say about coming to my club with me tonight?” A date night. Perfect. She can’t contain her smile now. Pulling back, she gave him a kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I’d love to, you know how boring it gets around here without you.” J didn’t respond. He seemed to be lost in thought, his eyes unfocused.

“J. You ok?” He snapped out of it and gave her a smile.

“You better get ready, I have a meeting at the club.” Y/N’s smile faded. She let him go and took a few steps back.

“Are you serious?” He rolled his eyes.

“Not this again. What did I do now?”

“Do you even care about me?” He smiled and cupped her face in his hands.

“Of course. You’re my most loyal…companion.” He said it in a patronizing way, harshly patting her cheeks.

“That’s all I am to you?” He was already walking away. Cupping his ear dramatically, he sarcastically responded “Wha?” Y/N huffed, heading to her bedroom and slamming the door.

“Don’t forget to wear that black lacey thing! I like you in that.” Y/N maturely threw a pillow at the door, angry at herself for not having a better comeback. Thinking for a minute,  she smirked. I’m sure you won’t be the only one liking ‘that’.


Y/N didn’t talk to J the whole ride. The only time she acknowledged him was when she had to slap his hand away from crawling up her thigh. He growled and tried to apologize when the car rolled to a stop.

“Y/N, baby, I promise I’ll make it up to you tonight. Give Daddy some sugar.” He closed his eyes and leaned forward, meaning to kiss her neck. She rolled her eyes and got out of the car, causing him to fall forward. Growling once more, he was starting to get tired of her little attitude. I’ll have to fix that. Muttering to himself, he climbed out of the car. Y/N already disappeared into the club so he went to the VIP section. As soon as he sat down he was scanning the crowd for her. She usually sat with him, not feeling comfortable with crowds. Besides, she knew she would be safe in his lap. But she was stubborn, so she pushed down that nagging anxiety and looked for a cute guy. She found one and gave him what she hoped was a not awkward smile. To her relief, he smiled back.

“You’re cute. Wanna dance?” His smile grew. He almost looked a little….shy? A stab of guilt went through her. She could relate in that aspect.

“Drink first?” Nodding, she grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bar. After they got drinks, they talked for awhile. He was actually really good company. Interesting, funny, a little insecure but his humor made up for it. She wasn’t crushing on the guy, he was cute, sure. But her heart belonged to J. She was starting to realize what would happen if J saw him. More guilt.

“So, wanna dance?” Oh no. She didn’t want to turn him down, he was too nice for that. Risking a glance at J, she let out a breath of relief when he was busy talking to the guy he was suppose to meet.

“Sure” She smiled, making sure to lead him farther away from J. She started feeling more and more guilty as they danced. He kept his hands up, never tried to do anything she didn’t like. Sighing, she realized she had to tell him what this was about. Before she could, a voice sent a cold chill up her spine.

“Well, what do we have here.” She jumped and spun around. J’s voice may have sounded calm and playful, but his appearance was anything but. He glared at the guy with hatred, his breathing was heavy, and he had his pistol in his hand, ready to shoot. People noticed and started moving away. Y/N put her hands up, trying to coax him down.

“J, wait. Listen we were just talking- nothing was happening- J please.” She stood in front of the soon-to-be-dead guy, trying to stand between him and the gun. She cursed her short height as J pointed the gun over her head. The guy she was with had gone pale, staring at her like she betrayed him. In a way she had.

“J I swear, you pull that trigger, you will never see me again.” J snarled and hesitated. After what felt like a minute, he put the gun away. Then he grabbed her hand in a bruising grip, yanking her to the VIP section.  To her embarrassment, his business associate was still there, looking irritated. She felt a pang in her heart. Damn you for being so sensitive.  J sat down and roughly pulled her into his lap, the bruising grip now down on her hip, holding her in place. She tried to move away to the other end of the couch but he smacked her butt, causing her to yelp and he yanked her back down. She crossed her arms over her chest and pouted.

“Excuse me for the delay, I had some business to take care of.” His hand tightened around her waist somewhere between ‘business’ and ‘of’. The business associate nodded.

“Yeah. I know how bitches are. ” J and Y/N’s head snapped towards him. Y/N was offended at first, but then she gave a little snort of amusement seeing J’s face. This guy is screwed.

“You have a bad one, I see why you put up with it.” This is the exact definition of ‘digging your own grave’. J leaned forward, he placed both hands on Y/N’s hips, pulling her closer to him.

“Oh, you have no idea about this one. The fire in my loins.” Y/N slowly turned her head towards him. What the hell, J. “ The itch in my crotch.” He gave her thigh a little smack. She rolled her eyes.”My… my queen.” By this point the business associate’s eyes widened. It was at this moment, he knew he fucked up. J gave her a nudge, signalling to get off of him. When she did he stood up, walking around the table to crouch in front of the guy.

“Tell me, what do you like best about her?”

“I didn’t mean to offend-”

“Didn’t mean to offend? Offend who? Me or my queen? C’mon now you can’t choose both.” J looked back at Y/N, who was playing with her nails.

“Did he offend you, pumpkin?” Y/N looked up and quickly looked back down, blushing.

“A little.” She murmured, causing J to make an ‘Aww’ face. He got up, making wild arm movements and pacing as he ranted.

“You see, my Y/N is a little shy. We’ve been making so much progress, but then YOU and your comments just- just wash away all of our hard work!” J sits on the table, grabbing a corkscrew. He turns it over in his hands, looking at it appreciatively.

“This looks neat.”

“Please, Mr-” J stabs him clean in the neck, blood squirting out of both ends. Y/N smiles, loving that his attention was all on her now. Finally. When he saw the smug look on her face,  he growled.

“Look what you did, you naughty girl.” Her mouth opened in shock.

“Me?” She squeaked.

“You tried to make me jealous. We’re gonna have to fix that attitude of yours.” He crouched in front of her, grabbing her legs and yanking her to the edge of the couch. Giggling, she decided to test her luck.

“Tried? You looked pretty jealous to me.” He started placing kisses on her ankle, trailing his way up. She shoved him away playfully, blushing.

“Did you wear that black lacey thing?”

“Take me home and find out.”

Missed (Philip Hamilton)

AN: It’s late and this was supposed to be up Monday but here it is! This is @savagebeauty223 ‘s contest prize!

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Request: Anonymous- Modern Philip x reader where they make each other jealous at a party but hook up in the end.

Warnings: swearing, smut, fuckboy 

Word Count: 3,271


There was a loud knock on the door as Rosie was getting ready. She glanced at her alarm clock. George was twenty minutes early.

“Coming,” Rosie huffed and ran to get the door as she finished pulling on her dress.

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anonymous asked:

I think my mom is finally starting to get that I need help (like I have add or depression) and I'm just?? So happy that she's finally making an effort to understand! Do you have any headcanons about the amis' parents?

That’s wonderful!! I’m so happy that you’re getting help and your mom is making an effort that is so fantastic and I really hope the best for you in getting better!!!

Enjolras and his parents don’t in any way get along. He comes from a rich family who never accepted him as their son and always tried to force him to be something he isn’t.
His mom would force him to wear dresses and be more “like a lady.”
His dad constantly told him to just be happy with what he had and ignore those less fortunate because they weren’t the family’s problem.
A bitter, angry evening ended up with Enjolras shaving his head, stealing his dad’s best suit, making the speech of a lifetime about deserving a good life and being a good person not just for him but for everyone through thick tears, and leaving.
So Enjolras doesn’t talk to his parents much, they ended up disowning him and he’s never been happier.

Courfeyrac is very close to his mother who raised him on her own. He spends every Sunday at her house where they drink tea and gossip and she shows him nail techniques and trends on his nails that he copies onto her, she’ll go into work the next day bragging about her son and showing everyone she works with what he did on her nails. She brags about him all the time to everyone about everything. She’s so proud of him for doing what he does, she loves his friends, she loves Combeferre. She taught him everything she learned, has always been honest and open with him, and loves him like he is her sun. In turn Courfeyrac shines bright and devotes his life to making her proud. You’ll never meet someone with a better relationship with a parent than Courfeyrac and his maman.

Combeferre is also very close to his mom but tends to have stiff uncomfortable conversations with his father who loves him of course but was always hard on him and never quite understood how Combeferre thought. On the other hand Ferre very clearly got his brain and wanting to learn from his mom the conversations they have are incredible and very often impossible to follow. He’ll have animated, interesting, amazing, quick conversations over dinner with his mom that carry well into the night, and quiet subdued coffee with his dad in the morning. He loves them both and they love him.

Jehan never met their father and their mother died when they were very young so they were raised by their witchy old aunt who they absolutely adore and model themself after. She raised them with nothing but love and acceptance taught them everything she knew and Jehan swears she’s an immortal being sent to earth to make everything better and brighter. They often still stay there, her yellow kitchen, the plants and crystals everywhere, her old cat Wheezy, and everything about that place makes is the ultimate source of comfort, inspiration, and joy as is the woman who raised them.

Grantaire had a very rough childhood. His parents were abusive and he doesn’t much like to discuss it. Him and his mom packed up and left his dad when he was a kid, just for them to go back and for both his parents to become very cruel, selfish, destructive people. He ran away when he was 14 and the last he heard his father died and his mother left for somewhere no one knows. He spends a lot of time with Jehan’s aunt though, he likes her a lot. He won’t admit it but she’s very much a mother to him.

Joly grew up with just his dad who was very distant and drawn into himself. Joly recalls how happy the man was, how full of life, how very dad-like he was until his mother died. After that the house was cold and empty, his dad was still very supportive and still loved him but he was also cold and empty. Joly acted out all throughout his teenage years not quite understanding what his dad was going through and was convinced he didn’t care. He didn’t understand until after his accident when his dad saved him and it became very clear. He goes home very frequently to cook with his dad and can see his eyes get brighter and his shoulders get straighter. Joly ended up taking the role of a parent but he’s not upset about it, he loves his dad, and will always be there to take care of him.

Bossuet has very overprotective parents, three of them. He’s been getting hurt and getting into terrible situations his entire life and they just can’t seem to trust he’ll be okay. He’s far away from them but they send monthly care packages with photos, the fire free candles his mom always used growing up, tons of letters, snacks, and a brand new first aid kit. His father especially will go the extra mile and used to call him every single day until his mother got him to calm down, now he just calls once or twice a week. Bossuet always appreciates them and although sometimes felt suffocated by them, he’ll smile every time he gets a package or a phone call and tries to visit them as often as he can.

Feuilly is an orphan. They grew up in foster care, some were good, some weren’t, they moved around too much to feel any bond with teachers or librarians or anybody. To them they never much needed parents they did a damn fine job raising themself and it was fine. They didn’t realize how much they wanted a parent figure until, like Grantaire, they found Jehan and their aunt. They loved her and treated her like a mother but was still dead set they didn’t need a mom or dad. But they finally found loving parents when they met Bahorel. His parents became Feuilly’s long before the idea of them legitimately becoming their in laws ever was thought of.

Bahorel has the biggest rowdiest most loving and caring family you could imagine. His parents have been in love since they were teenagers and decades later are still so fond of each other it used to make Bahorel retch. He grew up with them dancing in the kitchen, cuddling together with him and his siblings on the couch watching movies, and being the ultimate idea of true love. He swears they’re the best parents in the universe, they’re trusting, supportive, and he’s never gotten in trouble for anything as long as he was honest about it. Bahorel says the love his parents have for each other and the love they have for their children is blinding, if you look at them too long it’s like staring at the sun. He’s right too.

anonymous asked:

lol u said the worst u did was break her nail. also remember when u threw a cigarette at her lol. it wasn't lit or anything so that's good

I don’t remember throwing a cigarette. But I did throw my Versace sunglass case at her. There were no sunglasses in it or anything so that’s good

My prediction for the next episode
  • Missy @ The Master: I'm going to kill you for this.
  • The Doctor: BILL!!! *saves her*
  • Nardole: *firing at Cybermen* Doctor, don't do that!
  • Cybermen: *plan backfires on The Master*
  • The Master: Ah shit, this just way out of hand.
  • The Master @ everyone: Hey, uh, want to work together for old times sake?
  • The doctor: *restraining Missy from killing her previous regeneration while Nardole is holding a upset Bill in his arms behind the doctor* Rain check.
  • Missy: LET. ME. KILL. HIM. LOOK WHAT HE DID TO HER. *Nails out, umbrella out, pissed off time lady out*
  • The doctor: I'm this close to letting her do it.
Turn loose the mermaids(Part 14)

Here we go! Oh boy, just how hard are you gonna kill me? Answer:very

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Chat was feeling more than oddly in the morning. Almost numbly, he went and changed the water in the bathtub for his mermaid, who was still sleeping peacefully on his bed. That morning he simply went through the motions, getting dressed, fetching the water and so on. He barely got any sleep and for the life of him, he still couldn’t figure out just what the hell happened with them both last night.

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Nail Polish

Summary: Adrien gets a glimpse of his Lady’s hand and her interesting choice of nail polish after an Akuma leaves them stuck and reverted to their civilian selves.

Pairing: Ladynoir/Adrienette

Rating: K

Notes: I wanted to write a Reveal™ while also thinking about getting my nails done, thus cranking this baby out. Hope you all like it! 

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The Akuma this time around was a poor wallflower who wanted nothing more than to be left alone and not have their personal space be invaded. Hawk Moth decided to christen this one as the “Space Maker.” In order to go about his plan, the villain decided to give everyone their own person bubble to be trapped in. Thankfully, the bubbles were rooted to the ground as opposed to dragging the citizens of Paris into the sky like when Ladybug and Chat Noir fought the Bubbler.

Unfortunately, the Space Maker was a very calculating and strategic opponent, not striking his prey until both Ladybug and Chat Noir used their special powers to try and defeat him.

It was not the duo’s finest moment, to say the least.

Feeling his goal of achieving personal space for everyone was more important, the Space Maker decided to leave the heroes to themselves so he could continue to imprison Paris, leaving Ladybug and Chat alone to try and think of a plan.

“My claws may be sharp, my Lady, but they’re useless against this bubble,” Chat grumbled, wincing as his ring gave another sharp beep. He only had about three minutes left before he changed back.

Ladybug sighed, her own Miraculous giving off a beep to indicate her inevitable transformation, “Looks like we’ll have to revert back to our civilian selves and recharge our Kwami. Once that’s done, you can transform back and use Cataclysm to get us out of here. Then we’ll capture the Akuma, and this time we won’t fail!”

“Right.” Chat nodded.

An awkward pause ensued, Chat rubbing the back of his head as Ladybug shuffled from foot to foot.

“So… How do we…?” Chat trailed off. Their bubble prison wasn’t very big—after all, the purpose was for only one person to have his or her own personal space—however, it was spacey enough that the two wouldn’t be claustrophobic.

They had to make sure that whatever they did, they didn’t move very much and see the other de-transform, thus revealing their secret identities to each other.

Not that Chat minded, it’s no secret how badly he wants to know who is behind the red and black spotted mask, but sadly, those are the rules enforced by their Kwami so he has to respect it.

“We could just…” Ladybug started, covering her earring as it beeped again to indicate one minute left and looked at their surroundings. Lucky for them, the street the Space Maker trapped them at was deserted, meaning there would be no prying eyes that would see them. After assessing how much space the bubble had, she continued:

“Okay here’s what we’ll do: we’ll turn our backs to each other and keep our eyes forward. No peaking,” she emphasized, causing her partner to huff in slight annoyance. Like he was going to betray her trust so flippantly, no matter how bad the temptation was. Give him some credit, LB.

Nodding at the plan, Chat faced forward while his Lady maneuvered until he could feel her back flush against his. Once she was settled, their Miraculous gave their last beeps and bright green and pink light flashed. In Chat’s place stood Adrien, who stubbornly kept his eyes in front of him, trying his best to ignore the fact that Ladybug’s civilian self was right behind him!

Secret identities sucked.

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Flashing the ring again plus a caption that hardly counts as a sentence lol

I’m more than a little confused to why she insists on updating us on the color of her nails. Does anyone really care what color she chose? Does anyone give a shit who did her nails or the brand of nail polish? I for one couldn’t care less and I seriously doubt anyone else does either. They just pretend to give a shit because she’s married to Jared and he cares what we think of her. The comment section is enough to make a person sick, they’re acting like she’s the only person to ever get her nails done. Or to choose a shitty nail color for that matter.

We’re back to pointing out the obvious, I see. Without her telling us that her nails were freshly done, we’d assume they were pained yesterday! Oh the horror! We also need her to tell us that someone, Odette, is holding onto her hands because it’s not obvious when you look at the picture. I hate when she treats the fandom like a bunch of mindless drones.

This little hand hanging on tight to freshly polished fingers. 💅 Happy Sunday! x

plan bb

on ao3

a little something i wrote inspired by a tumblr ask :)

for mlflufffiction, which you should totally check the tag for because everything is super cute!!! thank you so so so much for everyone who’s participated. you’re all super lovely. 

shoutout the @mlfanfiction​ fam for helping me out. you’re all the best <3

i did write this all in like two day oh god why so it isn’t my best work but it’s the most productive i’ve been in weeks. to make this as clear as possible, i uploaded it in chapters on ao3, but seeing that some chapters are literally 20 words, it didn’t make sense to post them all here. click the link at the end of this part to be brought to the next part! 


Alya shuts the door with her foot, dumping her bag on the the desk. “Alright, let’s do this people.”

Kim raises a sandwich in the air, chiming in with “Here here!”

Chloé rolls her eyes and goes back to filing her nails.

“Did you really need your laptop for this?” Nino asks, joining Alya on her bench.

“Yes,” she says seriously. “I have documents and color coding. Do not doubt my abilities.” She pulls everything up on her computer before standing up on the top of the desk.

Alix bangs her water bottle against a desk on Alya’s cue.

“The fourth meeting of ‘Get Adrien and Marinette Together Before We Die Goddammit’ is now in session.”

Chloé scoffs. “ This is ridiculous. The fact that we’ve had four meetings is ridiculous. I say we give up,” she says with a shrug. “It’s taking up too much time.”

“And desperately needed brain cells,” Kim whispers to Alix.

Alix snickers as Chloé gives Kim the middle finger.

“We don’t even meet every week,” Mylène points out.

“We don’t even meet every other week,” Juleka mutters. “Just whenever Alya has an idea.”

“And only during lunch,” Nino adds motioning to his bag of chips.

“An idea!” Rose rests her chin in her hands. “Oooooo, Alya do tell!”

Nathanael joins Sabrina and sits on top of a desk. “But what are the chances of it actually working?”

Everyone looks back to Max.

He adjusts his glasses. “Probably higher than when we were leaving them to their own devices.”

“So…” Nino drawls.

Max shrugs. “More than zero.”

Alya claps her hands together. “Good enough for me.” She jumps down from the desk and starts pacing. “Ideas?”

Slowly, all heads turn to Chloé. Surprisingly, she’s often the one to offer up the most ideas.

She scowls and puts down her nail file. “Listen, I don’t spend all my time watching rom coms. You have to look to Rose for that. I’m out of cliches, just lock them in the fucking closet again, why do I care?”

“I still say the closet worked,” Mylène says.

Ivan nods in agreement.

“Yeaahhhh,” Alix says with a smirk. “Cause we have no idea what went on in there.” She wiggles her eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh my god.” Nino twists around and throws a chip at her.

She easily catches it in her mouth, telling him to go fuck himself as she chews.

“Can I leave?” Nathanael asks.

“Bring me with you,” Chloé demands.

“No one is leaving,” Alya says firmly. “You all came out of your own free will and we’re going to stay here until lunch break ends. No one is required to be here, you all wanted to be here.” Chloé opens her mouth and Alya points at her. “Say another word and you’ll regret it, blondie. Now. Ideas.”

“What have we already done?” Juleka asks. “It’s just been…”

Forever ,” Kim says dramatically.

Alya nods to Nino. “Babe?”

“Plan A was ‘tell them to just ask each other out already’,” Nino reads.

Alix scoffs. “Who the fuck had that idea?”

“To be fair,” Nino says quickly, “that was before Al and I got anyone else involved. We put it down because we honestly didn’t know where to start.”

“Can I see that?” Max asks.

Nino lifts Alya’s laptop so the rest of the room can see.

Rose tilts her head. “Is that…color coded?”

“It is. It’s very important.” Alya walks up to the chalkboard. “So we failed on the straightforward method because neither would do it . What was Plan B?”

Sabrina squints at the computer screen. “That was getting them to work together on a project.”
Alya taps her finger against her lip. “Check my date. Was that before or after the Gamer.”

Max shrinks backwards in his seat.

“…after,” Nino says slowly. “A little bit before we asked everyone for help because we were getting frustrated. I think might’ve been after Volpina, actually.”

Kim let out a whistle. “It took you that long to realize the two need some help?”

Alya shrugs. “I had faith. Then the faith ran out.”

“How did Plan B work anyway?” Nathanael asks.

Alya and Nino exchange a look.

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