Halloween 1992

When I was 12 years old, I was gearing up for an awesome Halloween out with my friends. At that time, it was still relatively safe for kids to go combing neighborhoods in search of candy and treats without a lot of parental supervision. Times have certainly changed now but after this incident, I’m not sure I’d ever want my kids out alone at night especially on Halloween.

Cider Mill Road was long and scattered with a lot of houses. It was an area that was kind of known to be spooky mainly because there was an old house at the end which had lots of swirling ghost stories. I had heard many childhood whispers and legends. It was an apple orchard years ago and the slaves had been brutally murdered. The original owner had hung himself at the top of the staircase. There were so many stories but all the town kids were enamored by the house. We would ride bikes by the house in hopes of catching a glimpse into it’s history. We were all certain it was filled with all sorts of paranormal delights.

After trick or treating for several hours and almost reaching the end of Cider Mill Road, a friend suggested we go knock on the door of the house and see if anyone answered. We knew an old woman lived there by the last name of Murphy. No one ever saw her out much but she had inherited the property and had lived there for probably fifty years. It was a big house especially for one person. I always thought it had to be lonely to be unmarried, no children and living in such a big old run down house. My dad called it “decayed gentry” although I had no idea what that meant.

The driveway winded up through the orchard which lay sprawling in front of the house. No one tended to the apples anymore and so most of them lay rotting on the ground which by October was more of a rotting stench than an apple fragrance.

“Hey, you go up and ring the bell,” Jessica told me.

I shrugged, “I’m not going by myself.”

“Take Olivia with you,” she said.

Olivia shook her head, “I don’t think so. It’s getting late. I need to get home.”

Jessica grabbed our hands, “We’ll all go together.”

“It smells bad,” Olivia said. “I don’t want to go up there.”

I agreed, “Yeah the apples stink. If an old woman lives here she might already be in bed. She probably doesn’t want trick or treaters.”

“She doesn’t even have a front porch light on.” Olivia said, “Universal sign for leave me alone.”

“You guys are such chickens! Come on. It’s Halloween! Let’s just do this and then when we go to school on Monday and tell everyone what happened we’ll be the coolest kids in class.”

Much to my dismay, we were being led further up the dark gravel driveway to the dilapidated mansion at the top of the hill. Olivia had some neon glow stick bracelets which was the only light we were able to see with because it was pitch black and we didn’t have flash lights. It had been a fairly cloudy night although it was almost a full moon. We had only had glimpses of moonlight the entire night. none of us thought ahead to bring any light sources.

When we reached the top of the hill where the house was positioned, I got a cold chill. I was shaking. I don’t know if it was the temperature outside or the fact that I was frightened but my teeth were slightly chattering.

The three of us approached the house and climbed up onto the porch. Jessica pushed me forward, “Ring the doorbell.” She was whispering.

“I don’t to ring the bell,” I said.

She pushed me again, “Just do it.”

I stepped forward. My eyes had began to adjust to the darkness and I could see the door in front of me with elaborate stand glass. Although my hand was shaking, I reached for the bell. I pressed it.

Immediately, Jessica and Olivia start giggling and screaming. They take off running, leaving me standing on the porch. I heard a noise from inside the house. I darted off the porch. I tripped over my witch’s dress and fell face first on the grass. My pumpkin shaped bucket filled with candy spilled onto the ground but I was too scared to bother with it. I threw the bucket down, trying to see my way to the drive, but it was dark. I could hear the girls giggling in the distance somewhere ahead of me.

“Those bitches,” I mumbled under my breath.

My feet hit the gravel on the road. My heart was pounding. Why was I so scared? I was on the road now and away from the house. I was in a safe place. The old woman was probably in bed. She hadn’t even opened the front door. I told myself not to be afraid I was fine now. We were just being dumb kids.

I had slowed from a sprint down. I was breathing heavily but slowed down to a walk. I could make out headlights down Cider Mill so I knew I was not far from the road. Those girls would be waiting down there at the end for me. I’d give them a piece of my mind. “Shit,” I said in a low voice, “stupid girls.”

When all of a sudden, out of nowhere, two hands were grabbing at my chest from behind. Something was pulling me. I let out a scream.

Something had me. I could hear it snarling and hissing as it pulled me. I tried fighting it off. It was dragging me over to the side of the driveway. I could see the outline of an apple tree in the moonlight. I could smell that rotting stench.

I was only 12 but I was fighting as hard as I could. I was screaming and yelling, “HELP ME!”

I tried hitting the arms off me. I was as combative as I possibly could be feeling like I was fighting for my life.

Whoever had me was not letting go. I felt sharp nails digging into my chest while it was pulling me toward the apple trees. “WHO ARE YOU? LET ME GO!”

The clouds must have moved away from the moon because for a moment again the moonlight was shining down illuminating the orchard around me. Thats when I caught a glimpse.

What had its arms around me was an old hag. A woman but she was old and looked half dead. She had flesh that looked like it was also rotting away from her face. She was still gurgling and snarling.

I managed to twist myself lose and the second I did I felt her sharp nails on my back but I took off running. I ran through the orchard dodging trees. I felt the disintegrating apples squishing and oozing under my feet. At one point, I slipped and fell into a pile of the mush. I finally made my way to the gravel and did not stop until I was at the main road.

Of course my asshole friends were posted up waiting for me but the minute they saw me bolting by they did not laugh.

I was in shock. Somehow we managed to get to a neighbor’s house where the person called my parents to come pick me up. My friends explained what had happened and how they’d left me at the house.

I had scratch marks on both my chest and back from the incident. My parents decided we needed to call the police and make a report. The cops thought it was probably just a Halloween prank, probably some teenagers trying to scare me. We ended up getting a huge lecture from the cop and our parents.

The next day was a Sunday. I was still really terrified about what had happened and was adamant it was not just some teenage kids messing with us. I kept telling my parents over and over that it was something else. My mom finally told me it was enough and over with and we didn’t need to rehash it again.

By early evening, I had settled into being a bit calmer about the whole thing when the phone rang. My dad answered and after a few minutes of “Yes, I see” and “I understand.” He came into the den where I was piled up watching television. My Mom was sitting her chair reading a book. She looked up at my dad who was kinda pale.

“What is it George?” She asked.

He looked at us both with astonishment and said, “That was Deputy Richardson from last night. He went over to do a welfare check on Mrs Murphy after they couldn’t reach her last night for questioning. It turns out Mrs. Murphy was dead inside her house the whole time. Apparently, the coroner says he estimates roughly that she probably died back in August. He says they still have no signs of anyone else being at the house last night. The house had not been broken into or anything. The only thing they found outside was your bucket of candy which was all over the ground just like you said.”

“Honey, didn’t you say it was an old woman who grabbed you?” Mom asked horrified.

So.. let me explain. I’d heard snippets here n there of a game called Style Savvy and I thought, “maybe if I played that game, I’d understand fashion a bit more and draw better dressed characters” so I downloaded the demo, dressed up a character, did makeup, painted her nails, thought my character was cute AF, and I had to stop before I was consumed by the darkness.



ok. so i have been putting off posting this for a little over a year now 1. bc i honestly felt bad for this person 2. i was not completely innocent in this situation. 3. cbf with drama, i have been trying to avoid drama for the past year now. 4. for some reason i thought she was going to share my address online, but i now know that is illegal.

but now i feel like it is important to share what happened to me so it won’t happen to anyone else in the future dealing with them. + i need to get it off my chest.

basically in short; (they were thedollcastle back then) but now they are dollzcastle/thedollkastle sold me a recast without telling me, and they claim to be “pro-artist”.

so last year, i had painted my dolls nails in the gyaru style and thedollkastle suddenly came out of nowhere and started accusing me of copying her doll. she ranted at me on tumblr msg and blocked me before i could respond. firstly i want to say that i did not copy her dolls nails, she had me blocked on all accounts so i couldn’t have seen what she did. i swear on my dogs lives that it was mere coincidence + i had planned gyaru nails for msd comet months before she did hers + she doesn’t own it and it’s a popular style. and the fact that we both had each other blocked (i blocked her when she was barbieboysjointed) means that she was still checking my accounts bc days after i would do something with my dolls she’d magically have the same thing eg; comets pacifier and other things. (that’s moderately creepy, bc after i blocked her other account i forgot about her not to be mean. yet she was clearly still lurking me. wtf.)

anyway, i had recently got out of hospital at the time and was on heavy meds and was very unstable mentally (not an excuse just to give you an idea of what it was like for me) so her ranting at me really set me off. then i went on my other ig account to look at her page and she had made a post saying i copied her etc etc and what really hurt was that there were a few people just trashing me in the comments and i had never done anything to them ever. that stung.

so me being over dramatic and emotional af i made a fake account on ig to follow her, i pretended to be a noob kid that wanted to join the hobby and i made it out like she was my favourite bjd collector. (i know, PETTY AF and sad asf. terrible even. i’m tragic it’s whatever) just so i can see what she was doing. i also really liked being someone else in this hobby for a change, not having to worry about what mean things people are saying bc i am “popular” (cringe) etc. i loved the anonymity tbh. then one day i saw she was selling a doll who’s body i’ve been wanting to get to mod (the supia doll body), she was selling it (and now that i think about it, it was super cheap, i am an idiot to not question) and bc i was blocked on my other accounts and couldn’t contact her through them
+ she wouln’t sell to me anyway, i messaged her on that “catfish” account to ask about it. i was still acting like a noob and i asked about recasts and if she had any and she said she did not own any recasts.

note: i also wanted to buy a doll off her bc i was behaving immaturely, with the mind set of; “haha you came at me and copied me so i’m going to get you back by making you think i am someone else and get a doll that looks so much like one of mine haha). very childish. do not condone it.

so she said she didn’t own recasts. i took her word for it. for some reason.

SIDE NOTE: she was honestly really kind to me, very helpful and threw in some clothing and a wig for the doll and also covered some of the shipping as it was expensive internationally. i appreciated that. ALSO TO NOTE: after i had confronted her about the recast i had offered to pay her back for the partial shipping cost she covered but she declined.

when i got the doll, i pretty much instantly noticed that it was a recast. i was super pissed off. bc it cost me almost 200 aud and i am anti-recast + i felt scammed. also the dolls wig was ripped and glued to its head,which was not stated and the doll over all was dirty. the main issue was that it was a recast. i could tell be i have a supia doll head and the resin is opaque and the one she sent me was semi transparent and witch some research i found out that was common for recasts.

here are some pics of what i got and the pics on her sales ig post:

pics of the defects/damage she never mentioned.

so i contacted her asking why she sold me a recast and not told it was a recast. i also had opened a dispute on paypal so i could get my money back and have it somewhat sorted out and chuck the recast in the bin or whatever so long as i got my money back.

her response was obvi weird. i seem to have lost screenshots of the other parts of the convo, but she said she couldn’t refund and i figured that’s fine bc with the dispute paypal will compensate if the seller doesn’t respond.

so first she says she doesn’t have recasts but her friends do, then she said the doll she sold to me was her friends doll (which i didn’t know it was her friends doll in the first place, what does it matter either way it’s still a recast.) then she says that the doll was originally hers and she gave it to her friend, so how could you not know that your own doll is a recast??? and people selling dolls on facebook have to disclose if the doll is legit or not i’m pretty sure.

and in the end, she responded to the dispute and it clearly says that if the seller responds then i couldn’t get my money back from paypal. so i was screwed pretty much. i was so done at this point i let it go. i also felt bad for her job situation etc.

so i am still stuck with this recast and it honestly disgusts me bc i never thought i’d ever have to be in the same vicinity as one let alone had paid for one :(

yes i was an idiot for “catfishing” her, but i never set out to do anyone harm. it was not a nice thing to do i take responsibility for my actions. i’m not the one who scammed someone here.

the issue is that 1. i was sold a recast without knowing it was a recast. 2.she wrecked my chance of getting my money back from paypal. 3. i’m stuck with a recast. 4. she could have sold other people recasts without them knowing too, she never tagged the doll as a recast before selling it. so people probably thought it was legit. 5. she is still copying my dolls so much and yet had the nerve to tell me that i copied her. the recast she sold me was “inspired” by comet. 6. SHE CLAIMS TO BE “PRO-ARTIST”.

another reason i am posting this now, is bc i have been getting a lot of dm’s from others telling me that she’s copying me, or saying how much her dolls look like mine and some people think that her account is my account :( there’s taking inspiration and there’s blatant copying and clearly other people are seeing it too.

i’d contact her if i could before posting this, but she literally has blocked all my accounts, my main and my personal and i am not making any more accounts just to talk to her.

this post is not about shading her, it’s about being scammed and putting them on blast for it bc she could do it again or already has.

UPDATE AS OF NOW: 14/12/17

i wanted to be extra sure she did sell me a undisclosed recast, and she mentioned a recast shop; I went to the first one on google; bjd-shop.com, so with my stealthiness, i had the idea to check if her email was registered on the site bc you need an email on bjd sites. i used her payapal email she sent me for the payment. NO, i did not hack anything, i simply had the bright idea that if an email is already signed up on a site, then if you try to sign up again with the same email, you will get a notice that it’s already in use and use another one or something like that. so that is what i did.(i also typed in some random stuff to fill the the birth date etc) and it actually came up. SHOOK. i have a video of me doing this too along with screen shots.

so you can see the site address:

i am moderately disgusted, not bc she has been buying recasts, (people can buy recasts if they want, not my decision) but the fact that she has been blatantly lying about it and claiming to be pro-artist. recasts are ruining the bjd hobby for everyone. they are a problem.

not to mention, selling/importing counterfeit items violates paypals TOS and you can be fined.

yes i have had my own “dramas” in the past (none like this obvi, mostly me just being a little bitch) but i am an honest person and can own up to not so great things i have done. i am not a liar or a scammer.

please think before associating with this person. they/she/he has had issues in the past with copying softpoison + other things too.

As she lay on the bed, her mind wandered to dirtier thoughts, and she clenched her thoughts together.

Going shopping with Lydia for undergarments was the best idea she ever had.

“Y/N? Baby I’m home,” Derek’s voice echoed through the loft, and she felt shivers down her spine as his foot steps grew louder.

“What-” he said, but was cut off as his eyes widened. There she sat, on the bed, in nothing but a bra, panties and stockings. She knew how he loved the stockings.

“I was waiting for you to get home,” she pouted, “why did you take so long?”

His eyes lingered all over her body, till he decided to peel his jacket off, and turn to lock the door.

“Daddy had some business to attend to,” he said huskily as he walked over to her, towering over her.

“I got lonely,” she said, pouting again, and he lay himself over her.

“Well, I’m very sorry baby,” he said, leaning down to kiss her neck, “it won’t happen again.”

She still continued to pout, and Derek kissed up to her ear, biting her earlobe.

“Stop that pouting, baby girl,” he said, but she continued to do so, and he inhaled sharply.

“You better stop, unless you want to be bent over my lap till that pretty little ass of yours is cherry red,” he grunted in her ear, both of them getting excited at the idea.

So she continued to pout, and Derek sat up swiftly, swinging her over his lap, ass up, as she squirmed.

“Now baby, the less you move,” he said as he smacked her harshly, “the less it’ll hurt.”

She squirmed for a minute, till another harsh slap came down from Derek’s hand, and she submitted herself to the Alpha, and he rubbed her already sore ass as a reward.

“Good girl,” he said, before smacking her, and she groaned, “see? You know how to behave,” he spanked her again, “you just need to be reminded, isn’t that right?”

“Yes daddy,” she said, moaning as the next spank came down.

“Manners are already getting better, good girl,” he said, before spanking her again, as she rocked against his leg, trying to get some friction where she needed it most.

He spanked her three more times, before sitting her in his lap, rubbing her red ass.

“Now baby,” he said, looking at her face, “are we all good?”

She nodded, burying her face in his neck.

“That’s not an answer, baby,” he said, and she kissed his neck slightly as an apology.

“Yes daddy, we’re okay daddy,” she said, and he hummed as he lifted her face up to his, kissing her deeply, his tongue already plunging into her mouth.

She groaned as his hand tangled itself into her hair, keeping her exactly where he wanted as he dominated her mouth.

“Daddy, please,” she whimpered as he pulled away.

“Please what, baby? Tell me what you need, tell daddy,” he said, rubbing her back soothingly.

“I need you daddy,” she murmured, jumping off his lap and laying on the bed, “please.”

“How bad?” He growled, crawling on top of her, “how bad do you want it?”

“So bad,” she whimpered as he bit the junction of her neck harshly, “I need your cock so bad.”

“Hm, really baby girl?” He said, standing up and ridding himself off all clothes quickly before leaning over her again, unclipping her bra.

“Dressed up so pretty for me, aren’t you pet? Wanted my approval? Can’t go wrong with your body,” he said, attaching his warm lips to her nipple as he slid down her panties, but kept the stockings.

She gasped as he ran a thumb over her clit, vibrations of pleasure running through her.

“Tell me what you need baby,” he said, and she gasped in pleasure again, running her hand through his hair. He looked up and her, and stepped off the bed quickly.

“Oh no no no,” he tutted, “I thought you were a good girl.”

“But I am,” she said with a confused expression. And he hissed.

“You just broke two rules; you didn’t answer me, and you touched. So I think two punishments is fair,” he shrugged, pulling out the box from under the bed.

“Sit up,” he ordered, and she did so quickly.

“Hands behind your back, kitten,” he said roughly, and she did so, feeling the rope tie around her two wrists tightly.

“No more touching, then,” he said, looking through the box, “lay back, princess.”

She did so, as Derek said ‘a ha,’ finding what he was looking for.

“If you don’t want to answer, then you don’t get to say anything at all,” he said, holding up a gag.

She squirmed to get away, groaning at the thought of it, and he held her waist.

“C'mon now,” he said, straddling her as he forced on her gag, “be a good little darling for me, I know you can.”

She relaxed her self, letting him gag her.

“There!” He cooed, running his hand through her hair, “that wasn’t so hard!”

She nodded, and he grinned at her, running his hands over her open lips.

“Such a shame such pretty lips have to go for such a waste,” he groaned, “I could’ve fucked your mouth all night long, and you would’ve taken it too, not that you’d have a choice. But you would’ve any way, because you’re such a little slut, aren’t you?”

He squeezed her breasts, and she arched her back, her groan muffled by the gag.

“Such a cock slut for your daddy. Once I get this gag off, I’m gonna skull fuck you. And you’ll take it all, won’t you, you obedient little whore?” He moaned in her ear, slapping her thigh as she jumped slightly, making him chuckle.

“But right now, I’m gonna fuck you hard baby, till the sun comes up. And then I’m gonna fuck your ass, fill all your holes up with my cum, hm baby? And when I’m done, I’ll plug up your ass so everyone knows that you’re mine; I marked you and you’re mine, no one else’s, only mine,” he growled, biting her neck and leaving marks as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

He lined himself up to her entrance, whispering the dirty things he wanted to do to her in her ear as he shoved himself in slowly. She groaned and moaned, and Derek couldn’t help himself, he wanted to hear the pretty little sounds of pleasure she made; that he made her made.

He wanted those sounds; they were his.

He reached up and untied the gag, finding no use in it anymore as he began thrusting hard, leaving her in a moaning mess.

“That’s right baby,” he grunted as he went faster, “who’s pussy is this?”

“Yours daddy, all yours,” she whimpered as he thrust.

“No one elses?” He growled, his eyes flashing red.

“No daddy, no ones, only yours,” she groaned, lifting her hips and tugging her cuffed hands.

“And who owns you?” He asked, moving a hand down to swirl her clit harshly.

“Fûck- you daddy! You own me, I’m yours!” She screeched as she felt her nerves flow through her body, “I-I need to- can I cum?”

“No, but you’re very good for asking,” he said, thrusting harder and quicker as he sucked down her neck, and she whined and squirmed.

“Do you want to feel me? To let your hands roam my body? Drag your nails down my back?” Derek asked huskily in her ear, and she cried out as he hit her sweet spot.

“Yes! Fuck yes, I want to!” She yelled out, and Derek released her hands from the cuffs, and she did. She dragged her nails down his back as he pounded into he mercilessly, hitting her g-spot every single time, and she became a screaming, moaning mess.

“I need to- I have to cum daddy,” she begged.

“You can hold it,” he grunted as he thrusted, and she sobbed, shaking her head.

“I can’t, I cant,” she repeated, and he slowed his pace, running his hand though her hair.

“Yes you can baby, I know you can darling,” he said kissing her forehead as he held her legs and lifted them over his shoulders, thrusting at a whole new angle, sending her spiralling down.

“Daddy, fuck!” She screeched as he emptied his load into her.

“Cum baby,” he ordered, and she did so, crying as she did. He reached over the side of the bed and picked up a plug as he slipped in inside her, and she groaned at the sensation. Derek shushed her.

“You did so well baby, I’m so proud of you baby girl,” Derek cooed as he lay down beside her, stroking her hair and pulling her close, as she snuggled up to him. He reached over her to grab a bottle of aloe, squirting some on his hands before reaching down and gently touching her ass, rubbing the cream in.

She hissed and jumped, tears springing to her eyes as her cheeks stung.

“I know, shit, I know baby,” he cooed gently, kissing her forehead, “you did amazing.”

“I love you daddy,” she muttered, shutting her eyes and again and drifting off to sleep as he placed his arms around her waist.

i’m fucking sobbing right now.

we have a dog staying with us right now named chloe – she’s an elderly shih tzu who’s a plump little ball of love. she’s genuinely adorable… you can’t be mad at this dog, even when she has accidents; she expressed her anal glands on me sunday afternoon (i was holding her while my coworker did her nails; a lot of times dogs get nervous around the dremel) and i didn’t have the heart to be angry.

i smelt like this dogs butthole juice for the whole day and she just looked up and me and made a little pig snort and it was all forgiven.

she clearly was not being given enough attention at home – she absolutely adores all of us when we call her name and climb into her pen to play with her. i’ll post a video after this rant and show you what i mean.

chloe has stayed with us at the kennel before. her parents kept postponing her stay (which of course is a big red flag), but we didn’t anticipate it to happen again. not to this extent. 

about a week or so ago, chloe had started to become really stressed out – she would cry, wouldn’t eat, and would work herself into such a worry that she would have diarrhea inside (in reality, this isn’t uncommon in older dogs; being in a new environment is enough of a stress to spark up sympotoms of gastritis). but, we don’t like to keep owners in the dark about this stuff – we pride ourselves on being honest about how your dog does.

so, we called the mom, let her know. we had thought they were in town, as she had mentioned something vague about a divorce. however, come to find out her currently-divorcing-husband is getting a triple bypass done; no one can come pick up the dog. they tell us to take her to the vet if it gets worse. they extend her stay.

up to this point, it’s understandable.

but, today, chloe was scheduled to go home – the wife’s brother was going to pick chloe up. come 5pm, when we close, he hadn’t showed – we gave him a call.

he says, and i quote, “well, i’m going to put her down on wednesday, so i’ll just come and get her then.”

casual. as if it was nothing… i can’t – like, i seriously can’t express how fucked up it gets, because as we’re listening to the call, we hear the being-divorced-husband pleading with the brother-in-law not to put his dog down.

chloe isn’t dying. she’s 10 years old and perfectly healthy aside from stress induced symptoms of tummy upset. this man, who isn’t even the owner, wants to put her down because he doesn’t want get roped into taking care of her anymore.

so, of course, we said no sorry, that’s not happening – and apparently, we’re keeping chloe; the kennel. all of us. the brother seemed peeved we wouldn’t let him take a dog that wasn’t his to put down. but, guess what? we don’t fucking care. chloe is a babe – and we’re not giving her to this fuckin’ shitdick of a waste of space. her father deserves his chloe.

i’m fucking fuming.

Wanna Be Yours, 6/7 (Olicity, College AU, Explicit)

Summary: College AU. Felicity’s car breaks down in a major rainstorm, sending her walking to the closest house she can find. It just so happens to belong to Oliver Queen, and he’s having a ‘Skivvies Only’ party. (See AO3 for Author’s Notes.)

A/N: I don’t have words for how much the response to this fic means to me! Every single comment and kudos and reblog and retweet, it’s amazing. Thank you! And now the chapter we’ve all been waiting for…  This wouldn’t be anything without my amazing beta Margaret. She does so much for me and I’m so grateful! Enjoy!

Two more songs that were sent to me for this fic, and I have to share them! True Colors by The Weeknd via @coal000 and Slow Hands by Niall Horan via @ellefraser17. Ugh, such feels i cannot. 

(read on AO3)

(read from the beginning)

Wanna Be Yours, Part 6

He didn’t remember falling asleep.

One second he was watching an old movie about jet fighters and the next someone was carding their fingers through his hair.


She was back.


Oliver turned into the touch, smiling when his nose brushed the inside of her wrist.

Not opening his eyes, he nuzzled his face into her arm before reaching for her. His hand found her legs first where she was curled up next to him. He sighed, his palm skating over her knee and thigh, up over her hip to her waist. His smile grew as he turned his entire body towards her, wrapping her up, folding into her. She said something that sounded a lot like, “I didn’t mean to wake you,” but he just hummed, angling himself so he could bury his face in her chest.

When his mouth passed over her breast, she let out a breathy giggle, smoothing his hair down as she wrapped herself around him in turn.

It was the best fucking way he could ever be woken up, he decided - his Felicity, warm and perfect, fitting so wonderfully against him, her giggles echoing her quickening under his ear.

“Mmm.” Oliver cuddled into her. “You feel so good.”

He could hear the smile on her lips as she replied, “So do you.”

Oliver nose brushed the opening of her shirt, her skin so soft against him. He didn’t stop there, moving until he found her breast again. Her nipple was harder this time and when his lips hit it, she gave him a stilted gasp. His body tightened, his jeans becoming constricting as he did it again. Her nails dug into his scalp, silently urging him on.

He waited for the inevitable interruption, bracing himself to pull away from her because they weren’t alone… except they were alone. Everyone had left. They had the entire house to themselves.

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Mary’s Teacher 12/?

Felicity and Mary shop for a Christmas gift for Oliver and Felicity gets more than she hoped for.

This is the first of at least two holiday stories in the Mary’s Teacher verse. So hope you enjoy. No beta, so all mistakes are mine. Also available on AO3.

Thanks so much to @magda1102 for the amazing artwork!

Tis The Season

“I want to get Daddy the bestest gift EVER!” Mary swung her and Felicity’s arms. They had joined hands walking through the mall.

“I think that’s a great idea. But, I’ll let you in on a secret.” Felicity gave Mary a conspiratorial look.

“What?” Mary whispered as though a big secret were about to be revealed.

“Your Daddy will love whatever you give him because he loves you most of all.”

Mary beamed. “Well, I know he loves you too so I guess we are both lucky.”

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Feel Like Making Love

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Summary: Dean is eager to get home to (Y/N)….

Request: Hmmm… Dean x reader smut based on ‘Feel Like Making Love’ by Bad Company?


Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam (Friend)

Word Count: 1137

Warnings: SMUT (unprotected sex, nsfw), fluff, language

A/N: First smut written so I hope it’s good lmao

Key: Most of the italics are the song lyrics

Even though this hunt was a simple salt and burn, Dean’s heart yearned for (Y/N). She was all he thought about. He wanted to do so many things to her.

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“This is awkward..”  (Tom!Peter Parker x reader)

Request: Yes!

Can I request a Peter x reader please?? Where it is the last day of school before the summer holidays, and the readers best friend shouts out about her crush on Peter. Peter hears, and just as he looks up, the reader sprints out the room. Peter then goes to readers room as Spider-Man, takes his mask off, and says he likes her too WITH A LOT OF FLUFF!! Thank youuu x”



“Aaah, you feel it, Parker? It’s something in the air.” Ned exclaimed enthusiastically while putting an arm around his friend’s shoulders. Peter raised an eyebrow at him before taking Ned’s arm down.

“What, sweat?” He asked confused, looking around him. The air was too heavy and the halls were full of sweaty teenagers running down the stairs in hope they will find somehow a cooler place to stay. Today was the last day of school and Peter was surprised that so many juniors and seniors were here, at school, instead of some swimming pool or their own bed. Ned’s laugh woke Peter from his thoughts and he turned his head to him.

“No, dumbass, it smells like summer, like holiday!” Ned exclaimed again, throwing his fists in the air. “That means I have the whole summer to work at this project I-” Ned’s babble was intrerrupted by a louder voice who came from behind them. They turned around, among other teenagers to see what was going on.

“YOU LIKE PETER? FROM OUR CHEMISTRY CLASS?” Peter’s eyes widened in shock at the words he heard and he blinked a few times, thinking it was only his imagination. At about 4 ft in front of them stood Liz Allen and her best friend, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Peter had a crush on her since third grade and finding that she has a crush on him too after all this time is kind of shoking to him, and to everyone else.

“Liz, are you serious?” (Y/N) asked in a desperate manner, hoping that no one heard her friend’s scream but it was only a hopeless dream. She turned her head, looking around and her eyes meet Peter’s, who looked at her like he saw the most horrific monster. He gulped and (Y/N) turned again to Liz, a look of dissapointment over her face before leaving.

“(Y/N), wait!” Liz shouted after her and began to run in the direction her friend left. The rest of the teenagers in the hall didn’t seem too affected by the accident and turned back to their bussiness, but Peter couldn’t believe what had happened. How could a girl like her like a guy like.. him? It doesn’t make any sense, she was popular and beautiful and has a ton of friends and people who like her. She’s just like a ball of sunshine who throws happiness all around her and he was none of that. Yes, he’s smart, he has very good grades and a few friends, but he’s not handsome, he doesn’t have the perfect slicked back hair or other qualities to be liked for. No, he’s Spiderman, the one and only and he fights the most dangerous criminals everyday, right? He can handle the situation, and he knows exactly what he’s going to do.

“Yo, did you heard that?” Ned’s voice brought Peter back to earth and he shudder before looking again at him. “Look, (Y/N) is a total bae, so tell me you’re going to do something about this.” Ned spoke again, scared that his friend is going to be a total loser again and stay in his lane. Peter chuckled at Ned’s try to motivate him and began to walk away for the last class.

“You have no idea.”


Later that that, after the classes were over and everyone could start to enjoy their summer, Peter was still wondering how he could tell (Y/N) that he feels the same about her. But what if they weren’t talking about him? What if there’s another Peter in their chemistry class? No, it can’t be, he knows all of his classmates, he’s the only one in that class. He let out a sigh before closing his eyes only to open them again as he stood from his bed. The dresser in front of him was open and he saw the red mask hanging from one of the hangers. An idea popped inside of his head and he smirked while he stood completely up.


“Look, (Y/N), I’m so sorry, I swear! I didn’t mean-” Liz’s voice echoed through the phone speaker while (Y/N) did her nails. It’s not that she cared too much about her friend’s apologises, after all, the thing is done and now, like it or not, almost the entire school knows that (Y/N) has a crush on Peter.

“Liz, it’s fine, forget it.” She spoke in a calm manner which only confuses Liz. She stood still a second before speaking again.

“I’m really sorry, I hope you’re not that mad..” She let out a sigh before continuing. “I’ll let you do your things then, I’ll call you later, love you!” (Y/N) listened her voice before the line went dead and she picked up her phone from the sofa. She put it in her jean’s pocket before leaving the living room. She entered the kitchen to take a bottle of water from the fridge and began to head toward her room. Little did she know that inside she will find a surprise.

Peter all dressed up in his Spiderman suit was now in front of her window and he managed somehow to open it. He let himself in and began to crawl on the walls towards the ceilling where he froze in panic as he saw the door open, revealing (Y/N). She didn’t observed him at first but when Peter took of his mask she saw movements with the corner of her eye and she turned around way faster that she thought she could, her eyes on the ceilling. (Y/N) let out a loud gasp, dropping the water bottle on the floor, her movements freezing.

Peter whatched her upside down for a few seconds, before letting himself down on the fluffy carpet. He stood there, with his mask in his hand, looking at (Y/N)’s scared expresion. He gulped and narrowed his eyes, trying to find his words.

“Well… this is awkward.” He spoke, trying to cut the tension that was in the room. (Y/N) was still a little scared and shocked but she managed to clear her throat and pass her hand through her hair.

“Your explanation should be.. interesting. Why are you here and how did you get in?” She crossed her arms to her chest, whatching Peter. He looked at her, she wasn’t scared anymore, she was confused and she needed a good explanation of why is he here, otherwise she won’t hesitate to kick his ass out of her apartament.

“Your window was open.” He started, feeling her gaze on him. She was really intimidating sometimes. “Also, I heard what Liz said today-” (Y/N) shook her head and raised one arm in front of her.

“No, Peter, forget it, I know you-”

“I like you too!” He let it all out in a breath which let (Y/N) more shocked than before if that was even possible. She opened her mouth to say something but couldn’t find her words. Peter took a few steps, aproaching her and whatched as she let her hands down each side of her body. He clenched his jaw and gulped.

“I’m going to kiss you now.” He said and (Y/N) just nodded before putting her hands on Peter’s chest. He took her face in his hands and leaned slowly in. The moment their lips met in a slow and sweet kiss, both of them could feel an energy building inside of them which was so powerful, like electricity. After so much time it was like an explosion which only made them want more, but Peter knew it was too much just as she knew, so with a last sweet kiss they both parted from each other.

“You know, if you wanted to say that you like me you could have just came to me and do it!” She laughed a little earning a big smile from Peter. “But I think I like this version better. It’s more… original.” She giggled and Peter couldn’t stop himself from kissing her again.

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Love Square, the color blue becomes an important topic of conversation in reference to (something that might cause a reveal)

I wrote this really quick. I hope you think it is cute. 

It was pointed out to me that you can’t see Ladybug’s nails in her outfit. This somehow didn’t occur to me. Let’s pretend her costume changed and she has fingerless gloves now. This is what I get for writing something so quick. 

Ladybug was wearing nail polish.

Chat Noir had never seen her with her nails painted. Her nails were always well taken care of, of course, but were normally bare. Now they were a deep blue, with a slight shimmer. He held her hand, moving it so it caught the light, fascinated by the layers of color.

“You painted your nails.” He stated, dumbly.

She sighed and pulled her hand away. “Chat, you can admire my manicure later. We have a bit of a situation.” She gestured to the large geysers of water erupting from the street. Somewhere in the distance a shrill voice yelled about leaky pipes.

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Grady: What? Dude that was crazy! Your first fight. That’s pretty awesome!?
Ren: I guess…
Grady: And holy shit. Did you actually nail that Natalie chick or what!?
Ren: No. I did not “nail” her. -_- I’m going home Grady.
Grady: Wtf? You can’t, you’re still messed up.
Ren: Not really anymore… And i’m walking home.
Grady: Seriously? Ren? Come back!
Ren: I’ll pick the Jeep up tomorrow…
Grady: ???

Perfect End To Any Day (Rewritten #3)

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: AU to season 5 where Erin never leaves.
Genre: Hurt/Comfort.
Rating: G

A/N: I would like to thank everyone who in any way lets me know they’re liking this! Thank you for taking the time and making this girl happy. You, yes you, you’re the best. 

If you guys have any wishes/ideas for what you want to see Erin and Jay do before/in the middle/after cases, you can always shoot your ideas to me.

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Trish: And YOU…. *pokes a perfectly manicured nail on Dante’s chest* Don’t think you’re not in trouble!!

Dante: *puts his hands up like a wanted criminal and looks down at her hand* Oh, wow. Did you get your nails done? They look lovely~

Trish: Why, yes, I did. *looks at her nails* Thank you, Dante—WAIT NO! COME BACK HERE! YOU’RE STILL IN TROUBLE!!!