your fave is problematic: show pony
  • unironically calls poison and kobra the alliteration brothers
  • is a gay horse
  • if the pants get tighter he wont be able to get them off
  • 2fab4u
  • is a character that couldve had so much depth and could have given so much to the story but he wasnt even in the comics. he wasnt even in them. what happened to him? did he die with the four? did he flee to avoid death? what happened

Let’s take a closer look at the image the band posted today.

Cool, creepy space stuff! But…

Dead Space Guy is confirmed for a Walter.  Probably 4 because, well, he did die in space.

Which was updated last year, to this:

PW 4, orbited Earth 4 times, among a crew of 4.  And this is album 4.  (*there’s that thing about 4 being a bad number because it sounds like the Chinese word for death) But “the incident was never fully explained”…but what’s this?

At first I thought it was a cape (which is ridiculous space attire), but after class, I looked at it closer. That is the American flag wrapped around that space corpse zombie Peter (if he is dead)…Pretty sure the American government killed Peter Walter IV and that’s the reason “the incident was never fully explained”.

*Edit: I just noticed that the spacecraft changed names.

EXO’s reaction to their girlfriend dying in a drama she’s in

Anonymous said: Exo reaction of when they’re watching a drama that their gf is in and her character dies tragically

Thank you for the request! It’s very cool and special! But sorry that it took so long! <3

Baekhyun: He would get genuinely sad. “Did you really die?” he would ask and then pout. When you say yes and laugh a little because he’s so sad, he just pouts more but is also joking a bit. “You won’t die in real life right?” he would also ask.

Chanyeol: “You just died right? If you were about to get ran over in real life, I would save you. That dude didn’t but I would! I’m a better boyfriend than him.” he would say, getting a little cocky and also not fazed at all by you dying in the drama. When you facepalm at him he just laughs.

Chen: He would react pretty silently but would actually be quite sad about it. When you look at him to see his reaction he’s just looking around the room, trying not to cry. “Jongdae, are you okay?” you ask. He nods. “That scene is really well made.” he would answer in a kinda constipated voice.

D.O: He would praise you for your acting skills and the editing of the drama. “It really looks like you get driven over. Good job!”

Kai: *you get stabbed by the ex-boyfriend* “OH! He stabbed you?” he would ask very enthusiastically. “He’s evil.” he would then add, just to be cute.

Kris: He would try not to get into it at all, but would totally end up crying. You would sit besides him, giggling a bit and he would just not notice at all because he’s so into it.

Lay: When the episode is over he would start getting all deep and stuff. “This could happen today, tomorrow, every other day. Isn’t this such a sad reality?” and then he would just stare off into the distance.

Luhan: He would just get really blank and look kinda offended. When he’s got his shit together he suddenly says. “Why the hell did they make you die?….” in a a sort of pissed off voice. When you shrug he gets even more pissed.

Sehun: “Wait, what? Did you just die?” he would ask you. “Yes, I had an overdose.” you say, smiling. “No. That’s wrong.” he says in a annoyed and bratty way.

Suho: “No no no don’t kill her!” he would shout and then pout when you get killed. “He killed you.” he says while looking at you sadly. “Yes!” you would answer back, in an also sad voice to make him not feel alone. “But you acted very well!” he then says, just to cheer himself and you up.

Tao: He would stare at the screen for a long time, until you shake his shoulder. “Are you okay?” you ask, giggling a bit. “No.” he answers, not taking his eyes away from the screen.

Xiumin: He wouldn’t get sad but instead he would be really excited for you. “Wow, that was amazing!!” he would say while clapping like a seal.