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Ok so I wanted to get into comics & went on DC website & they're like $24.99 a piece 😱. But I remember GG tweeting some comic subscription site that was sorta like Netflix but I don't remember and can't the tweet. Do u happen to know what that is ?

The website is called comixology, and the subscription is called Unlimited. I just linked to it, so sign up and read to your heart’s content!

Fate worse then death could be Barry, cause if Iris did die and he was arrested for it. He would be in prison for the murder of the love of his life, like his father was. (And then after 15 years Wally would just erase everything, and go back to the end of S2.)

That could happen for sure, but I don’t know how I feel about Wally not learning any lessons from Barry going back in time fifteen years, haha. And just like Flashpoint didn’t really erase any of season 2, I don’t think they’ll really erase season 3.

I finished re-watching the first season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It clarified both what we know and what we do not know.

Questions that still need to be answered:
~ Who were the old red, green, and blue paladins?
~ What was Zarkon’s relationship to Alfor and the other paladins?
~ How did Zarkon end up the way he is?
~ I’m guessing Alfor and the other paladins hid the lions on the various planets, but did they make the carvings too?
~ How did the person who made the lion carvings on Earth know that something would happen on the date when Shiro escaped? Did they really have foreknowledge of it, or did someone help Shiro escape on that date in order to fulfill the prophecy?
~ Where and how did the Galra find the Red Lion?
~ How much did the Galaxy Garrison know about the Kerberos Mission?
~ How much does the Galaxy Garrison know about the Galra?
~ What is quintessence?
~ Is Sendak still alive, or did he die after Shiro ejected him from the castle-ship?

the mother deserved better


“Charles, it’s been months since Erik died. I’m sorry i wasn’t there to accompany you. I know how much he meant for you. I’ll go back home as soon as i can.

Love, Raven.”