Did You Know: The Hist predicted or were aware of the impending Oblivion Crisis? Because of this precognition, the Hist “called back” many Argonians to Black Marsh to prepare for the coming conflict. Once there, the Hist modified them so they were stronger, faster, and able to endure harsher environments. 

When the Oblivion Gates opened in Argonia, the Daedra were surprised to find themselves being invaded instead, with the Saxhleel pushing back the innumerable and immortal legions of Daedra into open retreat. Ultimately, the Daedra willingly closed the gates in Argonia to stop the assault. With Mehrunes Dagon’s forces routed in Argonia, the Argonians emerged from the crisis as the only race that were stronger and more unified than before.

Did You Know: The Elder Scrolls in the Imperial Library all mysteriously vanished around 4E 175? The Elder Scrolls were scattered across the entirety of Tamriel by an unknown force, and the Moth Priests began questing to reacquire the Scrolls. Interestingly, the Scrolls disappearance occurred around the same time as the Thalmor’s occupation of The Imperial City.

Fun Fact 430

In 2014, after Nigeria revised their method for calculating GDP, the country’s GDP grew by 89% supposedly overnight. The revision made Nigeria Africa’s largest economy surpassing South Africa to become the world’s 26th largest economy. While most countries rebase their economic calculations on a regular basis, Nigeria had not done so since 1990 which meant that previous data were highly inaccurate.

Did You Know: The Maormer, or Sea Elves, live on the island-continent Pyandonea, south of the Summerset Isles? The Sea Elves have remained independent from both the Aldmeri Dominion and Cyrodiilic Empire thanks to  "The Veil of Mist", an impenetrable haze that completely cover the islands.

The only known Altmeri fleet to have entered the fog returned with but a single surviving ship, who reported kelp that trapped every ship but those of the Maormer, giant sea serpents, and what land there was to be massive plateaus covered in dense vegetation.

Fun Fact 433

Although Egypt is most famous for its pyramids, Sudan has twice as many pyramids as Egypt. The two countries share a long history and culture with the two countries united under common kingdoms during ancient times.

Fun Fact 438

Ceylon (modern day Sri Lanka) was such a peaceful colony that the British instituted universal suffrage in the country in 1931, only three years after its adoption in Britain. Its path to independence was also so moderate and peaceful that when the country gained independence in 1948, parts of the countryside supposedly didn’t even realise.

Fun Fact 434

During World War I and World War II, millions of Americans helped the war effort by planting vegetable gardens in their yards to ward off the threat of food shortages. Similar projects were also undertaken in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia to promote the public to grow their own vegetable gardens. A “Victory Garden”, as they were called, was even planted on the White House’s front lawn and part of Hyde Park in London was dug up to grow vegetables.

Fun Fact 439

There are only two countries in the world where Coca-Cola cannot be bought, Cuba and North Korea. Both countries have banned the company due to their anti-American sentiments and until 2012, the product was similarly banned in Myanmar (Burma) due to American sanctions against the country.

Fun Fact 436

The tiny European country of Luxembourg passed a law in 2017 which granted Luxembourgish companies the mineral rights to any resources found in space such as from asteroid mining. The first of its kind in Europe, the law is meant to attract private space companies to open business in Luxembourg and the country already has €25 million invested in a company focused on mining space resources.