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Back for good (MCxJumin) PART V


Hello everyone! as I said earlier, I’m trying to write an otome fanfic. Bear with me cos this is my first time writing a fanfic for an otome game. I’m used to writing fanfic for Korean celebrities, Animes and Harry Potter though. Hope this turns out well.

NOTE: I haven’t done Jumin’s route yet so, I apologize if this becomes OOC. I finished a good ending for Zen and now I’m doing Yoosung’s route (as I previously mentioned) but I’ll definitely redo Zen’s.

Storyline: Jumin is sure that it’s only a matter of time until she leaves him like everyone else did so he maintained a safe distance in their relationship and MC is hurt by this. She did everything she can to show him that she loves him and she supported him about everything but when she felt really unloved she waited for him until he came back from a business trip with her bags packed and said her goodbyes to him. She sent a message of goodbye to the RFA Chatroom and didn’t stay in Rika’s apartment but instead opted to stay where they would least likely find her.



Luciel walked towards the door and was shocked to find Jaehee outside. He shook his head indicating that Jumin needs to be left alone for now as he said, “Let’s talk for a while Jaehee…” which Jaehee answered with a nod and they walked outside of Jumin’s apartment.

Luciel walked towards a coffee shop across Jumin’s apartment followed by Jaehee and after getting a table and placing their orders, Jaehee looked at Luciel and told him, “MC called me” which made Luciel turn to face her before he sighed and looked away again, “I figured as much since you’re the only one she didn’t mention in the chat” which made Jaehee nod absently as Luciel asked, “Did she say where she’ll go at least?” this time, it was Jaehee’s turn to sigh as she answered, “She said not to look for her. You read the message. It was basically the same thing she said to me… except…” she stopped as Luciel turned to her and asked, “except – what?”

There was a pause before Jaehee finally answered, “except you guys didn’t see her…” and this time Jaehee started sobbing. It was a good thing that they chose the table at the very back of the café else they’ll be looked at strangely by everyone, ‘not that it matters’ thought Luciel as he looked at Jaehee’s defeated form and hesitantly asked, “how… how is she?” this made Jaehee look at him as she said, “Luciel, I know she doesn’t want to be found but.. I can’t just… she looks so broken and so … lost. Luciel, we need to find her at any cost and make sure she’s alright” she knew she was pleading by the end but they didn’t see her, she did, and that makes all the difference.

‘Damn! What did that damn trust fund kid do?’ Luciel thought as he nodded and waited until they both finished their drinks and went outside the coffee shop. Before they parted ways their phones beeped indicating someone is in the chat room and they opened it as it read:

V: MC has officially left the RFA. Let us respect her wishes to not look for her. I also think this is for the best.

Luciel, I mean it.

V has logged out

Luciel and Jaehee only took about a minute to read over and over those lines before Zen and Yoosung started flooding the chat room with their messages expressing their worry and annoyance. Luciel sent a private message to Zen and Yoosung asking them to stop chatting and come over his house before sending Jaehee off at the subway station. He told her not to worry about the guys and that he’ll tell them everything tonight and that about looking for MC, he told her that he is worried about her too but he’ll give her a day or two before he’ll start looking for her which made Jaehee’s mouth twitch a little in annoyance but kept her polite demeanor regardless and bid Luciel a pleasant evening before parting ways.

Truth be told, Luciel knew in his heart that he’ll be looking for her on the way home and upon arriving, he’ll be hacking all the CCTV’s in Seoul, especially checking the train stations and the airports to see if she’s left. He hoped she hasn’t, he half-begged to all his non-existent gods that she hasn’t.

When he arrived at his house, he saw Yoosung and Zen pacing back and forth in front of his door and when they saw him, they started asking their questions which he conveniently ignored as he opened the door and motioned for them to sit down and although they were still anxious, Zen and Yoosung did sit on the sofa or what was left of it since Luciel doesn’t clean much, his sofa pretty much became his closet as everything he wears is piled up there mixing the clean with the dirty clothes.

Zen was the first to ask the question after Luciel had settled down on a chair himself as he asked, “Luciel, what really happened?” Luciel was looking from Zen to Yoosung before he finally sighed in defeat as he answered, “I think MC finally had enough of Jumin…” he let that sink in as he saw confusion in Zen’s eyes before turning into that of brooding and understanding but Yoosung is a different matter as he looked quite baffled and looked from Zen to Luciel before finally turning to Zen as he asked, “Hyung, what does that mean? Was Jumin-hyung hurting MC? I thought she said she was happily staying with him?”

Luciel looked at Yoosung and said, “She was happy Yoosung… but Jumin…” he left that sentence unfinished but Zen finished it for him anyways as he added, “Jumin made her feel that he wasn’t… happy with her” and his red eyes glinted with so much malice and hurt that Luciel immediately tried to calm him down as he told him, “Calm down Zen, she chose whatever happened to her. She obviously knew from the start how Jumin would react to her feelings but she still chose to love him despite everything” that statement didn’t calm Zen and Yoosung down but at least they stopped protesting. Of course, the statement rings with truth so even he can’t say anything against it.

After a few minutes, Yoosung asked to be excused as he left for home by himself to think things through, after seeing him out, Zen asked Luciel what is he planning to do and if he can help with anything. ‘Of course Zen is willing to defy what V said too’ he thought as he added, ‘… for her’ they all knew that Zen fell in love with MC just days after she joined their chatroom but he found out that MC turned Zen down when he confessed because apparently, she was already in love with Jumin and although Zen accepted her answer, it didn’t mean that his feelings for her were gone in an instant, maybe it changed – just like his.

So, for the first time, Luciel did tell Zen what he’s going to do and also how he could help. They won’t ask her to return to RFA, they just want to keep tabs on her, see if she’s safe, if she’s okay – not just for their peace of mind but also for Jumin, and even if that damn trust fund kid wouldn’t admit it, they knew that he has feelings for MC too cos otherwise, they wouldn’t have handed her to him that day when she voluntarily chose to live with him, and if worse comes to worst,  they will do everything they can to help her and Jumin patch their relationship at least, their selfish feelings be damned.


The @thisislany concert last night was incredible. You can tell that the three of them love what they do, it shows in their performance, and it’s contagious! Not to mention that they stayed afterwards to meet everyone and introduced themselves with a handshake. They’re just three great guys with crazy talent! Just wish I had brought my actual camera to get some shots (although I did fill up my phone with videos and photos lol). I decided to get some shots of the merch once I arrived home. And, of course, I had to get a scan of my phone :)

(p.s. the sweater is insanely soft & the cap is great quality too!!)

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Sorry to bother you, but I just read your tags on the post regarding Anders' fashion sense (and ofc yes to this!!) - and you mentioned him still wearing the same feather bolero jacket. Did Anders have this turquoise jacket already in Awakening? I've been wondering about it for a while now but I only watched a few videos on Awakening, so I'd love to know if there's anything on this pretty feather jacket of his.

Yes! But also sort of no.

There’s a few differences - particularly the sleeves - which make it hard to say it’s literally the same jacket. But when he first shows up, he’s wearing the Tevinter mage robes, and that’s definitely what his DA2 coat is based on - turquoise, feathery shoulders, same exact gold-patterned collar.

So I don’t know if it’s just meant to be a similar design in spirit or if he went ahead and sewed sleeves onto his old jacket (I’m headcanoning the latter because look at that stitching, it’s a mess, it looks like those sleeves were sewn together from scraps), but either way, it’s a nice visual reminder of his old self.

Ravenborn Viktor / Star Guardian Viktor

I don’t know how many people will see this, but…

Some days ago I mentioned I had been doing a Ravenborn Viktor sketch with my graphic tablet (unfinished sketch though) and that I did as well a Star Guardian Viktor sketch by hand, and since that, I’ve done another S.G. Viktor sketch by hand xD

I have to say that I’m proud of them, so I showed them in my Twitter account (I’m called Eirenare there too), and now I want to share them here as well:

Ah… League of Legends is such an inspiration to draw and write <3 Actually, almost every time that I decide to do one of the two things is LoL-related, haha.

Back for good (MCxJumin) PART IV


Hello everyone! as I said earlier, I’m trying to write an otome fanfic. Bear with me cos this is my first time writing a fanfic for an otome game. I’m used to writing fanfic for Korean celebrities, Animes and Harry Potter though. Hope this turns out well.

NOTE: I haven’t done Jumin’s route yet so, I apologize if this becomes OOC. I finished a good ending for Zen and now I’m doing Yoosung’s route (as I previously mentioned) but I’ll definitely redo Zen’s.

Storyline: Jumin is sure that it’s only a matter of time until she leaves him like everyone else did so he maintained a safe distance in their relationship and MC is hurt by this. She did everything she can to show him that she loves him and she supported him about everything but when she felt really unloved she waited for him until he came back from a business trip with her bags packed and said her goodbyes to him. She sent a message of goodbye to the RFA Chatroom and didn’t stay in Rika’s apartment but instead opted to stay where they would least likely find her.



Jumin was shaking and heaving as he stood up and started throwing up. He expected it. He knew it was only a matter of time before she realized that he’s not the one for her. He knew the first time he noticed that he’s already fallen for her that he must stay away from her. She’s changing him and that is scary for him. He doesn’t want to change as he knows what’s waiting for him out there when he actually starts ‘feeling’ he’ll be hurt – a lot. So, he went out of his way to throw her off of him.

He always comes home late, he never tried her cooking and only says good bye to Elizabeth 3rd because he knows, or was certain that Elizabeth 3rd is the only permanent thing in his life. He’d rather not let MC in because he knows that she’s trouble. The day he left for his two-month long business trip, he went out of his way to leave before she woke up and asked one of his maids to get his bags to the airport without a message, he rejected all her calls and not once did he reply to her messages. He tried – if there is a God out there, he knew that he tried, so hard, to not think about her, how lonely she must be, how sad it must be to live there alone with just Elizabeth 3rd, how he kept on typing her replies to her messages and saving them as draft instead of sending, those many nights that he wished that he could just see her and hug her, those days when she text him about going outside and stopping himself to take the first flight back to make sure she’s okay and that no guy is following her or trying to hit on her, every time he tries to fight his urges to just drop everything and just lock himself with her inside his apartment, make things permanent, shout to the world that she is his and his alone, and every night his last thoughts were his piled up apologies – he even practiced some lines but he never pushed thru with his ideas.

And now, she left, saying he won. “Did she… know?” and laughed out loud sarcastically and as he did so, he heard his doorbell ring and without actually thinking about it, he walked again slowly towards the door and opened it just enough for the visitor to welcome himself inside.

Luciel walked inside and didn’t bother to close the door. Jumin has bodyguards that does body check to his guest before they actually reach his floor – yes, the entire floor is now his. Luciel took in the condition of the apartment before he looked at Jumin who is casually taking a bottle from his wine-rack and pouring the contents of it in two glasses. Luciel watched as he took those glasses and reached one for him to take which he did and drank all of its contents at once before speaking, “You must have been feeling extremely down if you’ve allowed me inside the same room as Elly”

“She has a name” he replied weakly yet automatically which earned a small smile from Luciel. There was a pause before Luciel asked, “I saw the CCTV footage, now I need to know what really happened” Jumin sighed in defeat and really felt really really tired. There are no tears in his eyes anymore but he felt like he’s being stabbed repeatedly so he walked towards his sofa and sat as he leaned his head backwards, closed his eyes and tiredly said, “She just up and left. That’s it.” He expected to be yelled at because if anyone from the RFA knows everything and everything, it’s got to be Luciel, it is his job after all and he knows that he’s just being polite which is very out of character for Luciel but he didn’t dare think about it now as his head is now searing with pain.

Jumin didn’t catch what Luciel said, something about trying to look for her or another, but he managed to catch his last phrase, “… you really didn’t deserve her” and walked towards the door as he thought, ‘I know’

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Hi! How do I know if I am infp or intp?

Hello Friend!

Actually INFP and INTPs are cousin types, you would be AMAZED at how we are so similar though in our functions! I would have to say the most stark difference is that sometimes INTPs can be a bit standoffish and not exactly huggable. Thought he ones I know are very affectionate but kind intimidating when you first meet them. Oh… and did I mention the bluntness?? Yeah… there’s that lol But it makes them awesome and admirable all at the same time :)
But!! What’s better, I found this chart and it shows how similar they are! I hope this helps Love, message me if you please.

-Best <3

I finally watched Dangerous Liaisons today and it was really great! I’ve wanted to see it for ages.

I didn’t realise until it came up on the search that Cruel Intentions was a modern remake of it, I used to love that movie so much!

I haven’t seen that in a while though, not sure if I preferred one to the other, both were really good.

I really did like the costume drama of this one though, I love period dramas set in the past with all the clothes and beautiful sets.

Glenn Close was really great, she had freckles which I’ve never noticed before, I guess usually they cover them up with make up/foundation.

John Malkovich was also really great as they played their games, but didn’t they keep saying they were trying to get revenge against someone? who? o_O I don’t know. I think they mentioned someone but never showed them.

He was quite sexy in it at times. He sure knew how to please the ladies! I liked his voice, he has such a nice voice. I need to watch him on Jonathan Ross Show from the other week which I saw them talk about this on when flicking through and reminded me to watch it lol.

Michelle Pfeiffer who died of who knows what in the end was also really good, I thought she’d have more screen time though.

I also thought Uma Thurman (who showed of her massive boobs! and online says she’s a 34C - I was until I lost weight and I don’t think my boobs were that big, I’d say she looks more of a D cup or DD at least, a few sites say 36C - maybe, another said a B cup, I’m that now and I think she has bigger boobs than that lol) and Keanu Reeves would be in it more. Keanu was still in Bill & Ted mode as he spoke much like in that movie which was also released that year lol. It was almost like “dude, I love this bitch” lol. That would have been hilarious tbh! He was hot as ever though <3~

How did Peter Capaldi get in it? was he in the play and they just decided to use him since his part wasn’t that big? he had a mono brow! it was horrible lol. Apparently Alan Rickman was in the play on Broadway and in London as Valmont but wasn’t a big name so didn’t get in the movie! Awww! But i loved him, I bet he was really sexy in the role! pfft. Now I wish I could’ve seen him in it lol.

Swoosie Kurtz was in too, I’ve not seen her in anything lately but apparently she has been in stuff. I don’t remember her being in Cruel Intentions as well :/

So in the end after all the affairs Malkvovich’s character let Keanu stab him because he was heartbroken that he had to break up with Pfeiffer if he wanted to sleep with Close … well … he could’ve gone back to Pfeiffer after or just decided not to sleep with his ex again and call of their agreement. He never did get to sleep with her anyway.

All in all quite the entertaining romp, quite literally lol ;)

John Malkovich and Keanu Reeves <3

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My theory, honestly is they're going to act like Anastasia isn't even THAT Anastasia related to Cinderella. :{ I just have no faith in this. I want too, but I just don't.

I’m worried they might do that too, and honestly I think that would irritate me more than anything. Like, no, it was never explicitly said that the Red Queen and Anastasia Tremaine are the same person, but it was made very, very clear that they were when the Jabberwocky said, and I quote: “You believe that if the prince had chosen you instead of your stepsister, then your mother would have loved you.” I don’t think they could have made her relationship to Cinderella any more obvious than they did with that quote. Not to mention the more subtle hints we got from Ana’s dynamic with her mother, her mother’s attitude towards marriage and royalty/nobility, and the pink dress. 

If Cinderella’s stepfamily only shows up in present day scenes, I’m not as concerned because the writers could easily exclude Anastasia entirely from that: she was basically disowned back in Sherwood, so it wouldn’t make sense for her to show up with them anyway. Especially since OUATIW left her in Wonderland, busy ruling the realm and fixing/cleaning up the mistakes she made in her former reign. (That being said, I wouldn’t put it past them to bring in a new Anastasia just because. They really do not seem to give a fuck about fans of the spin-off, at all.) 

I’m more concerned about if they give Ella a flashback of her life with her stepmother and stepsisters, because Anastasia would have been around for that. I mean.. I was really attached to Naveen Andrews as Jafar, but I’m even more attached to Emma Rigby as Anastasia. Recasting in general really bugs me, I know a lot of the time it can’t be helped and it’s not really anyone’s fault, but the inconsistency still bothers me a lot. For sure though, erasing the fact that the Red Queen IS Cinderella’s stepsister would piss me off way more than a recast. Honestly season 6 can say whatever the hell it wants to, but Anastasia and the Red Queen will always be the same character in my mind. 

But who knows? Maybe by some far-off, unlikely chance Emma will come back and reprise the role. They still haven’t announced their casting choices for the Tremaines, so there’s still some hope there I guess. I’m not too optimistic though. 

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I just want to say that the picture when gaster and river are cuddling and river is explaining gaster something is the cutest and I want to ask CAN WE HAVE SOME MORE RIVSTER PLEASEEE??

How’s this? :D 

Did we mention Gaster likes to sing? But usually only to his family. He’s more private about it due to shyness. 

I’m glad you like that picture! It is my favorite one I have done so far that I can show. In the picture you mentioned Rivers going on about science stuff, naturally, and Gaster’s listening intently. He’s also enjoying the sound of their voice. He finds everything about his River to be beautiful~

~ Sol

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A and Y!

  • A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)

Hmm. Well, if we’re going by ‘things I have produced content for within the last year,’ my love for Solavellan shows no signs of abating and I still have a Reylo fic on the backburner.

Otherwise, ships I have recently sought out: Perc’ahlia (I’m in denial), Jack/Bitty (I did not expect this many feels from Cute Hockey Comic but here we are), Holmes/Watson (I played A Study In Steampunk and could not help myself), Margaret Hale/John Thornton (North and South manages to combine the Meaningful Hand Touching romance genre with belligerent sexual tension and I LOVE IT SO MUCH), T’Sovik (someone mentioned it and I thought, ‘oh, hm!’ and then went to AO3). Also there’s been some really A+ Gabriel Reyes/Jack Morrison on my dash and I think the point at which I check the rest of an AO3 tag after blind-following a fic rec is when I get to upgrade a pairing from ‘thing I appreciate on my dash’ to ‘thing I actually ship.’ Also Outsider/Corvo. I accidentally trip into SO MANY SHIPS just because things show up on my dash and are aesthetically pleasing and/or delightfully well-written and tap into an existing knowledge base just deep enough for me to not be entirely lost. I have not played ME3 OR Overwatch OR Dishonored.

Things I definitely lowkey ship but have not really put any effort into: Isabella/Merrill, Josephine/Lace Harding (Josie sends her flowers and I have shipped things on thinner pretexts), Sera/Dagna, and I have now spent at least a decade being seriously salty that the Hurog duology did not end in polyamory.

  • Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)

Overwatch, Steven Universe, Voltron.

Fandoms my dash has actually gotten me into seem like they should count, too. The most recent to evolve into actual fandoms are Critical Role and Stranger Things.

I have totally left things out but tbh this is already probably verging on tldr sooo posting.

(from the Fandom Meme, if any of you want to ask me questions or reblog the original!)

Man, I love D-Bry and Foley, two of my all-time faves, and the way things are going in the story on their shows, they are TERRIBLE GMs.

Daniel Bryan alienates and insults one of his champions right after a rare clean title defense from a heel champion. I don’t even want to mention that the guy the Authority made jump through hoops for a year before he was finally able to win and hold onto the world championship for a minute did the same shit to Heath Slater who just wanted to be hired.

Mick Foley says Cesaro doesn’t deserve a title shot because he may not e over his injury, puts him in a seven match series against a guy known for just completely beating the shit out of people, sees him get hurt again, but in a different spot on his body, and this happens in THE FIRST MATCH. So he’s worried about the guy’s well-being, but allows him to fight seven matches in a row completely beat to shit until the seventh match where the doctors have to step in and stop it. If someone doesn’t call Foley on this shit on Monday… how is the most broken down dude in the company’s history going to dangle the carrot of a title shot in front of a guys face while insinuating he’s too hurt for it and then let him keep getting hurt worse night after night?

I hate getting mad at fictional characters for the bad writing that causes their poor decisions.

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Ich bin geschmeichelt. Deutschland ist die Heimat einer ganz wenige übersetzt Yaoi. It too late now but should I erwähne I saw chart that gave Krebs-Jungfrau Beziehung with big tie in drei Kategorian of die Kompatibilität, der Geschlechtsverkehr, und die Kommunikation or is it TMI? Steinbock und der Stier were close zweite in score. Due to line in show you interpret Homer as Stier, good thing he is zugetan to Marge und Burns hat schlechtes Gedächtnis.

“I’m flattered. Germany is home to a very few translated yaoi. It too late now but should I mention I saw chart did gave Cancer Virgo Relationship with big tie in three Categories of compatibility, sexual intercourse, and the communication or is it TMI? Capricorn and Taurus were close second in score. Due to line in show you interpret Homer as Taurus good thing he is devoted to Marge and Burns has poor memory.” 

ohmygosh that’s some interesting stuff my homie, i love how bsmits is strong in those 3 categories ahhh  :’)))

Get to know me TAG

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better. 

I was tagged by @leafyshandstho
Name: Kim / Kimmy
Star sign: Gemini
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Last thing googled: The Sims 4 Studio
Favorite music artists: Too much too mention, and I have a thing for Boy Bands. I won’t tell more lol
Song stuck in your head: The Chainsmokers - Closer, Hex Cougar - Internet Crush
Last TV show watched: Ghost Adventures                                                     What are you wearing right now: a black tank top and a pink Pajama Pants
When did you create your blog: Not long ago, but i do have two accounts. My first one is centuries old haha
Do you have any other blogs: Yeah, definately.
Do you get asks regularly: I had my first this night hahah :D Would love more.
Why did you choose your URL: Cause Calvin’s my babe
Hogwarts House: Slytherin defo. But I’m not a potter fan
Pokémon team: MY OWN. WTF man.
Favorite color: Black, Grey and red
Average hours of sleep: I can always sleep. But mostly 8h.
Lucky favourite number: 6
Favourite Character (s) : When it’ outta a TV Series then it’s Sam Winchester - I love him <3
How many blankets do you sleep with: a massive Super King size Douvet. And a cuddle fluff blanket which was a gift from my Mom.
Dream Job: I made my exam as a nurse in the internal surgery, but i would love to be a media and graphic designer. or a photograph. Being a Mother one day.
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therisfaan replied to your post “i have such love for matt mercer like he doesn’t give a shit about…”

it is so freaking refreshing to see a modern show (modern in the sense of caught up on the sense of a younger generation’s view of what society can and should be). way ahead of typical media.

@therisfaan Exactly! And what I totally forgot to mention in the original post, as it was a spur of the moment thing, is that not only did they wear the nail polish they didn’t make fun of it? They thought it was cool and honestly, that’s the best thing. I have a ton of respect for these people. Also, the whole thing with Vax and Gilmore isn’t really made fun of. Gilmore is, sure, but he’s Gilmore. No one really objects to the possibility of a gay relationship and that’s also super nice. 

Obviously, this is all based on the furthest I ever got was Trial of the Take part 3, but still, it really is refreshing to see this show. 

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1. If you could travel anywhere, it would be to?

I would love to go to ireland or antarctica

2. What’s a “common skill” you absolutely can’t do to save your soul?

snap with my right hand and whistle (I used to be able to but one I just couldn’t).

3. Scary movies - yay or nay?

Yes. just followed by a bunch of unscary things

4. What personality trait/character quirk do you secretly love?

I don’t even know man… 

5. Early bird or night owl?

night owl 1000000%

6. What’s the one chore you put off doing as long as you can?

all of them.

7. Favorite snack?

honestly it’s just whatever I’m in the mood for

8. Favorite show that has ended, but you would still watch over and over?


9. Least favorite subject in school and why.

Math because it’s the hardest for me to get. I’m still good at it though so… I mean I really don’t have a least favorite. I love learning.

10. What’s something you love about your home town.

Nothing. My hometown is the worst. Well I love the theatre.

11. Favorite OUAT minor character and why.

CRUELLA CRUELLA CRUELLA. I adore her so fricking much ask any of my friends. her backstory episode is one of my all time favorites. I just really love how open she is with her evilness. Like she’s just unapologetically horrible which is everything I love in a villian. 

I also love Elsa. She is such an amazing character and helped Emma so much. I want her back. Like can someone please bring her to me. Please.

I’m tagging (the same as the other two from tonight) @killianthesurvivor @swanlovesbooks @lilsleepyturtle

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Was a fan of the show but stopped watching after season 2 for some reason. Got in contact wit a ex of mine. Had lunch. She Was a hard core hook fan. Explained her cs fangirlness. Went home, watched it again, then the rest is history. I blame her.

Omg I love this so much.

So so so so so so much.

Did I mention so much??

Originally posted by ginnyweaslleys

I’m sure she’s also happy to shoulder such blame. Bless her cow. Glad you rejoined the fray!

Give me your CS Confession!

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OH MY GODDODOOODDDD KIT U KNO ME SO WELL (or i’m completely transparent) I LOV   E  SPACE AND GIRLS AND !!!!!!! u even mentioned my poems am i freaking sobbing or what ;u; i love u

impersonate me in my ask box 🌸

m*d l*ve shippers: the relationship in the movie was so cute(: i love how they showed their passionate love for each other and didn’t put any abuse in it(:

me: so… did any of y'all see the bit where he strapped her to a table and forcibly subjected her to unsafe and most likely incredibly painful electroconvulsive therapy or