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smarkle corp.

isadora smackle and farkle minkus and completely and totally in love and i don’t see how anyone can think otherwise. i love smarkle so, so much, their relationship is so wonderful and is built on so many wonderful things and their development is one of the best things that this show has ever done. also not to mention that i truly believe that their relationship did great things for both characters and their character development. farkle is the first person we’ve seen smackle open up to and he brought her into this world and is such a good match for, and smackle is someone that has always liked farkle no matter who he is, and she always managed to see the real him. their relationship is genuinely just so wonderful and it makes me so happy. i love how farkle is a character that always wants to be the smartest in the room, but has no problems admitting that smackle is smarter then him and likes that she is, because it just pushes him to be smarter. i just love what their relationship has brought to the show and to both of their characters and if the show doesn’t get a s4 i’ll live peacefully knowing that farkle and smackle got to be endgame. 

atm im going to say RT pulled mama and papa donna out of their asses. Again, love those two and i have waited for a long time for them to show but since we got like no real foreshadowing to indicate they were alive let alone really high up, yeah RT stop making shit up as you go. Sometimes its good but like…stop its enough. Like what’s with Whitley he was not even mentioned now Blake is the daughter of the ex WF leader. I’ll wait and see what happens cause I can be wrong but what they did with the maidens, im not trusting.

….im going to be a salty bastard the new couple weeks fyi

The Three Watsons in T6T?

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With it being revealed that TST was nicknamed The Three Watsons, do you think we’ll be getting our Garridebs moment in episode 1? I can’t even wrap my head around that!

(referencing this post)

You know what, Lovely? I actually still think it will happen in The Final Problem. As we know, the stories they adapt into the series don’t necessarily have the same plot points in the associated title, but will later show up in other episodes. It’s been mentioned offhandedly by the creators that this upcoming season will be one story in three parts, and I think that the SEEDS for 3G will be planted in T6T (ie. revealing The Three Watsons), set into motion in TLD, and then EXECUTED (HURDUR SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!!? ….) in TFP. But I could be wrong… I mean we’re suspecting a LOT of stuff happening in S4, so it’s possible they might deal with it first to set the Johnlock canonization in action. 

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1,3,4,6,13,15,29 I'm sorry there are so many just curious

noo it’s fine!! thank u 💛

1. How did you come to start watching Sherlock?

my sister mentioned that there was gayness in it (referring to the moriarty and sherlock thing in teh. i had no idea moriarty was gross at this point) so naturally i was like ‘yeah i’ll watch this gay thing’

3. Which character did you hate at first but grow to love?

sally + janine, the loves of my life

4. Which character did you love at first but eventually hate?

moriarty. i thought he was funny at first but like.. yike. and also mary for the same reason 

6. Your top three most heartbreaking moments in the show?

“this is my friend” “-colleague” aka death, sherlock bein a baby over sholto, LEAVING THE WEDDING EARLY + the tarmac scene can’t stick to three sorry

13. Your favorite moment(s) between them?

every domestic moment, stag night, whenever they running and look like a Unit

15. If you had to get rid of one episode, which would it be?

the blind banker, sorry

29. What is your best prediction for Season 4?

mary die + gay smooching 

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I have THE cutest boyfriend, he’s super sweet and we have a really honest relationship. He is t h e cutest. We both deal with ~fun~ mental health shit and help get eachother through it. He’s also the cutest. We binge watch youtube and dumb shows, watch jojo and opm, streamed the spongebob squarepants movie. And did I mention he’s the CUTEST.

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Hello!I was just wondering if you still did head-canons or continuations because I really loved your Youtube AU head-canons :) Then again, you might be tired of it?

Hey it’s no problem I love this AU!

- Sara is a vlogger who also like so do beauty videos
- She’s so pretty how could she not?
- And Michele is like the awkward boyfriend who sometimes shows up that everyone is in love with
- Except he’s her brother
- Phichit’s Chanel is basically devoted to keeping up with Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship
- He made a video reacting to their kiss like why????
- “Is that a selfie stick???”
- “You bet ur ass it is, Yuri.”
- Also did I mention that Emil, who often makes appearances on Sara’s vlog, greets the camera with “how’s it go in’ bros!”
- Georgi filmed Michele’s FS and did a really ASMRy voice over commentary
- “Can’t you just feel the love oozing off him? That is the true look of sorrow. Ha~”

Feel free to send prompts to my inbox and follow for more Yuri!!! on Ice content ^^

So it turns out Pooky Quesnel aka Dorothea from Class has actually been in a Doctor Who episode namely A Christmas Carol. Since I had it on hand I had to go see it and check who she played. She did have a minor role, so no wonder I did not notice her, but man I came out of re-watching this episode once again tearing up over how gorgeous the song Abigail sings at the end is. So I’m putting it here because I absolutely love it. I get emotional when songs like this one are included in my favourite shows. This is why both A Christmas Carol and The Rings of Akhaten are among my most favourite episodes. Give me music like this and a meaningful storyline and I’m sold. This might be a good time and place to mention that I absolutely love Doctor Who’s OST and it’s also one of the reasons I love the show. Music is very important to me.

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I love Got7...I really do! But sometimes, I feel like they don't care about their international ahgase as much as their Asian ahgase. Right after their last Canadian show, they did a V-live but instead of saying anything about the show and how happy it made them (as we've seen them do with any of their Asian shows) they talked about how much they missed their Korean fans. It didn't really mention anything about their Canadian show, which just makes me sad :( (unpopular opinion, I know)

I see what your saying my love personally I don’t think it’s the boys that don’t care about there international fans I wholeheartedly think they love all and care about all of there fans so so much and want to show all of them love I thinks it’s the company that doesn’t care about the international fans and make the boys kiss up to there Korean fans TBH they do that every VLIVE they go outside of Korea they did it in Japan recently to!! knowing them tho and how much they love their fans and seeing how poorly JYPE treat international fans I really think it’s is on JYPE

CMIS 2016 Senior Video
Class of 2016 represent - Video by Tonsom Ruechaipanitch



Other than that, I actually had a wonderful time in high school. I had a lot of fun, and my group of friends were lovely. That, I am thankful for, and it is how my high school years shall be remembered. 

They pulled that exact same stupid ‘force the kid to grow up and turn evil against the parents and the main character’ plot that they did in Doctor Who, didn’t they? I hate that plot because its just downright cruel, not to mention a stupid excuse to keep using an actor for the adult version of the character more often.

 I was really hoping for something more original. Maybe he could have been sent to New Orleans and then we can have finally Tiana on the show. Hell I was hoping Belle would be in the process of going to another world and meeting someone who would genuinely love her and would want to consider her needs.  Hint: I was hoping they would use the Land of Untold stories plot as a way to use characters from a certain Disney film about the Notre Dame cathedral. But we can’t have that, can we?

As much as I like OuaT, it’s a good example of why its bad to keep using certain ideas over and over again when you write something.

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Relationship status: single
Favorite color: indigo
Pets: ugh I wish but my best friend’s cat is basically mine too
Last song I listened to: Logo Te Pate from the Moana soundtrack cuz I LOVE MOANA SO MUCH
Favorite tv show: I’d have to say Mr Robot
First fandom: I was a big Beyhive member before i started this blog so i guess that counts. 
Hobbies: reading, sleeping, dreaming, singing to myself, dancing in the mirror, drawing sometimes, did i mention sleeping?
Books I’m currently reading: A Million Worlds with You by Claudia Grey

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It seems to me, or I'm still the only person who does not particularly want to, ahem, "sin" ....I think cute relationship between them would look much nicer.But, this is just my opinion). PS I check your blog every morning and look forward to continue as Hachiko. PPS Sorry for my English,Yes, in Russia there are people who love your creativity :з

What a cute, lil’ cookie. I don’t think that you are the only one who would enjoy a rather platonic relationship than going deeper. That’s totally fine, too. As I said, things may turn out totally different than I’m showing right now.
Everything can change anytime :D

Thank you very much <3 I’m glad you’re waiting so eager for a new page x)
Yeah, some more russian pals who love it *~*

Did I mention? I can speak russian, but I can not write it :( Reading is hard, but well… I’m trying xD Being a german potate has negative sides.

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Hey what did you make of the new sneak peek esp the camera shots on Hook (which i always love when the show does this, because his expression and emotions say alot) when concerning Emma, and what is happening. In this scene esp when EQ mentions how she told Aladdin her secret and wish, and Hook had a look, where he was like - he didnt know what it was, and like a expression saying she didnt tell him kinda thing. What do you think?

I only watched it once, (this ask came in on Friday) and I don’t want to watch it a second time, because I like it to be a bit fresher when the episode airs, however, I do know the look you’re talking about.

It seemed to me that Killian was definitely taken by surprise when the wish was brought up, but of course he doesn’t know the context.  I don’t blame Emma for not mentioning it to him. From her perspective it wasn’t a real wish, it was conversation with a fellow Savior about the burden. 

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Guy of Blanket!! Are yiu the sort of person who does the crazy dance when no one is looking(Creebs)?

I thought everyone did, what do you mean? Crazy dance is crazy fun! I should probably burst into Creebs’ room and show him my new dance moves, thank you Anon!

Oh, and if you hear the sound of a large boom, screaming and then silence, it’s the sound of forgiveness. and me slamming Creebs’ door in and dancing. The dance raze shall begin here!

Oh, and of course, who could finish a dance post without mentioning Dance Dance Revolution? That machine is amazing. I love it. It’s amazing. I spent all day on it, until I got my ass kicked and my highscore kicked too by some mysterious player called Jrry

If i ever find out who Jrry is, They will regret tangling with Blnk’s High score. YOU HEAR ME! I WILL FIND YOU JRRY!

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How did you learn about supernatural and why did you start watching it p.s love the blog

Not sure really.. 

Supernatural was the first western show I ever watched so it has a special place in my heart. Not to mention, the first time I saw Dean in the first episode, I had a Dejavu kind of feeling–the feeling that I had know him before.. so that was interesting.. lol

~ Clara ~ 


I did a reading of Alino with laugh track, it was amazing. The leaps of logic, I haven’t seen stuff this bad since I was on Topix. 

Lol yes a creepy asshole who forced himself on a woman is clearly much better for her (not to mention he is murderous too) than a kind, innocent, loving guy. 


Bad boys aren’t cool anymore. On top of that, your heteronormativity is showing. Let us have an LGBT ship for once. Not everyone is straight, that’s boring. Let ju/haku be a thing please. 

All stuff I plan to address in my ani/me fan pet peeves. 

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And yes it is misogynistic to act like a woman should accept a man who assaulted her, insulted her and acted creepy and possessive. Mor has no right to say no in your eyes, does she? It is also misogynistic to say a woman has to be with a man because how dare she possibly be bi, ace, or lesbian, amiright? Everyone has to be straight in your fictionland. Us LGBTQAI folks don’t even exist in your worlds, that’s why gender be//nds are there, because trans and intersex don’t exist, that’s why girls and boys must be fucking each other, because friends don’t exist. Everyone knows straight is the only sexuality. 

Why don’t you quit being so heterosexist and back off, fandom? Not every character needs to be straight. Let us have some goddamned representation. Let us ace people have an ace character for once, god. What planet do you come from? Quit erasing ace people, gay and bi people for your stupid ship. 


10 Favourites

The only fandom I truly follow is Hannibal TV. Hannibal really did save my life when I was in a really dark place, and that’s also reflected in the people who are Fannibals. You are all brilliant!! So I did a 10 favourites from 10 different fandoms, off the top of my head and over decades of shows I’ve loved, showing my age. If you haven’t seen some of these, I (of course) recommend you take a look. I was tagged by @itsybitsylemonsqueezy and have tagged 10 at the end.

1. Will Graham, Hannibal (TV): I’ve got it so bad for Will Graham, someone really needs to smack me up the back of the head. And then pair him up with Hannibal Lecter and I am useless! Honourable mention, Beverly Katz (Damn you Fuller!!)

2. Donna Noble, Doctor Who: my favourite companion, I cried so hard when he wiped her memory, and again when she got married. I always ship her with Captain Jack.

3. Toshiko Sato, Torchwood: ‘cause she got to have mad crazy sex with a mad crazy alien, oh, and she was mad crazy BRILLIANT! What an amazing intellect.

4. Zoë Washburne, Firefly and Serenity: portrayed as a soldier and a woman with complete synchronicity, never a victim, even in the worst of circumstances, her strength shines through. Honourable mention, Jayne Cobb, that man can brush my hair any day.

5. (It was about now I realised how many women left a lasting impression).
Xena - Warrior Princes: if you don’t know why I don’t know I can explain it to you. A few pointers: snarly face, broadsword, horses and so much leather.

6. Uhura, Star Trek TV and movies (original): “be careful what you wish for” she says, then locks a young ensign in the closet. Sassy, fierce, intelligent and brazen. I want to be that woman.

7. Ashley “Ash” J. Williams, The Evil Dead (3 in particular): “ This is my BOOM-STICK!!!”. Sigh, they got weirder as they got on and Ash just got better. Best watched with a couple of friends and a couple of bottles of wine.

8. Mary Watson (née Morstan), Sherlock TV: what a woman, sex on legs, spy, assassin, Johnlock shipper. The best.

9. Lily/ Brona Croft, Penny Dreadful TV: she started out written as a very one dimensional victim character and grew into a fierce creature who takes hold of her own destiny. Much better.

10. Ripley, Alien (all movies): so yes, I have a thing for Ellen Ripley. What I love most about her character development is she started out so human and literally became the ultimate warrior. Total kick ass!

What does that say about me I wonder. No really, please tell me, I am my favourite topic of conversation.

And my other favourites, your turn to top 10 person fandom, in no particular order: @existingcharactersdiehorribly @crossroadscastiel @azuresky2011 @chronicopheliac @byk23 @alivalera @camilleflyingrotten @desperatelyseekingcannibals @jeremiebrett @llewcie

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Relationship Status: Married

Favorite Color: I like black, green and purple in no particular order.

Pets: Two kitties, Wiff and Lux. They are both rescues and have sad origin stories.

Last song I listened to: Annabel Jones x Nebbra - Stay

Favorite TV show: Sherlock, I’m not really into TV at all I don’t have the attention span for it. I prefer books. I have also enjoyed Danny Phantom, Avatar (Aang and Korra) and Steven Universe.

First Fandom: Harry Potter, oh boy oh boy, and I’m still going.

Hobbies: Reading, reading, reading, quilting, reading, listening to audio books and writing.

Books that I’m currently reading: How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran (I’m not enjoying it so far but it was recommended to me as a great feminist book) and Asexuality: A Brief Introduction.

Favorite Book: I really liked the the Saga of Darren Shan when I was in high school, other than Harry Potter it’s one of the one book series I’ve read more than once. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson is also a favourite and I adore The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series.

Worst Thing You’ve ever Eaten/Tasted: I’m allergic to pineapple, so pineapple I guess? But I also hate peanut butter and lamb blurgh that stuff smells beyond gross to me.

Favorite Place: Protesters Falls, omg I love it. It’s so beautiful and calm and just my favourite place. Otherwise it’s the beach but I sun burn very easily so unfortunately I can’t spend as much time as I would like at the beach.

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