did i mention i love this show

I have a friend in class and we get along super well. I introduced her to Atl.a and today we’re gonna watch the finale four episodes. She loves it but – she is a big Nar.uto fan, has been since she was small and she always mentions how atl.a didn’t have an impact on my life like naru.to did on hers because she watched it since she was really young. And I’m just?? I watched atl.a when I was really smol too. I watched the finale episodes with my cousins and we cried. This show had and still has an impact on my life because I found a character I really can relate to in zuko.


Cousy Fest 2017 Day 1 - When did you start shipping them?

Episode four of the show, though I was curious already in the pilot - he took her on a ride in his flying car YOU GUYS, they literally flew into the sunset together - but I waited because I had fallen in love, hard, with Daisy since we met her (since she didn’t follow a lead and instead helped an injured lady, since she admitted she lived in a van, since she STOLE Mike’s ID, basically the whole pilot) but I disliked Coulson from the Marvel movies, so I had to wait and see if he was worthy of me wanting him to suck face with the already flawless Skye.

The whole episode is full of great Daisy-Coulson interactions, it had teasing (the name thing! I was a goner), it had a Mulder-Scully vibe, and it had the heartfelt moment of Daisy confessing she has had no one to value her in a long time, and it had the last scene and the whole highly unprofessional “slide on in” exchange. All that contributed to me going from “well, these two would be an interesting match, romantically” to “KISS HER ALREADY” in forty minutes, even though I already knew they were never going to be a couple in canon.

But it was one little detail what struck me back then, and something I have loved in every rewatch. At the beginning of the episode when Coulson is looking for Daisy (and her SO doesn’t know where she is) he gets this instinctive feeling that she is hiding in the SUV. It’s not the first time and definitely not the last time that we see this kind of affinity between them, that was just natural and from day one. Coulson just knew she was there, staying away from the rest, needing to be on her own (or maybe not knowing how to be with the other yet). I really love that lowkey moment of Coulson just getting Daisy. And I also love the follow up, how their last scene bookends the first - this time Coulson is not looking for her and is surprised to find her there. Which means, Coulson was looking for a moment of peace, a little “me time” for himself so he picked Daisy’s spot. I didn’t realize this for a long time, and yeah it’s reading too much into it (do you know who I am?) but he had never tried hiding in the SUV before (”I can see why you like it here”) but after meeting Daisy and seeing her use the place as a little private escape within the Bus Coulson decides to try it himself when he feels like having some quiet or is trying to work his confusion about Akela’s case out. Just as he instinctively knew Daisy would be here at the beginning of the episode he was instinctively following her example when he himself was overwhelmed by events. This was setting a pattern I fell for hard, of Coulson learning from Daisy and copying her behavior. And I think that’s great and it makes me feel things and it made me finally ship them back them. Plus, yeah, all the flirting.

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Question at the Newark show (also sorry for bringing it up if you're going through withdraws ) since you mentioned they out of merchandise did they offer you to be able to purchase and have mailed to you later? I just want to make sure I get all the merch Id like to buy at the Anaheim show this weekend! Thanks also love your work!

Nope! If it was sold out, it was so out. There was no shipping option


Karamel (Kara and Mon-El) is a problematic ship because:

• It’s lowkey incest. Kara and Mon-El are adoptive cousins. Have none of you ever question why Mon-El’s name is rather similar to Kal-El? Well, here’s what his name is actually an abbreviation of Monday and the ‘El’ came from Clark who did name him that as a passage that he is now of their kin. So if you wanna ship incest then go ahead. Don’t even put the ‘comics and the tv show are different’ excuse on me. DID I MENTIONED ADOPTIVE COUSINS???? THAT’S WHY THEY’RE LOWKEY INCEST. I NEVER SAID THEY WERE RELATED. And to clear it all up, Clark adopted Lar Gand into the family.
• It’s rushed and forced. They have just been together for two weeks and Mon-El already says ‘I love you’ to Kara that just seems hella rushed and forced at a certain level. They really need more development as a couple before one of them should truly blurt those words out.

Okay, before anyone asks or comes at me, the whole Karamel is abusive doesn’t seem to ring yet. I’m no Karamel shipper but I get that they’ve punched each other like maybe a few times, comics included. But during some of those times they weren’t exactly a thing yet, and the others were either one of them was provoked, defending themselves, or under mind control. Also let’s not forget that in some parts of Season 1 James kind of was dictating Kara on what to do so…yeah!

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What’s the last game you played?What’s the last show you watched?

The last game (At 5am last night) was Mass Effect: Andromeda. Which I’m learning is basically Dragon Age set in space with how big the world building is. Straight up Star Trek in this bitch.

The last show that I like… turned off games to watch was Iron Fist, and I finished it on Saturday I think? The reviews aren’t wrong, it wasn’t Marvels strongest showing. It was slow in a lot of parts, choppy in a lot of parts, and as much as I loved Colleen Wiig, and how genuinely you could see her care for Danny written on her face, their relationship seemed super forced and uncomfortable in dialogue. I did think it was better then Luke Cage, and even if the fighting wasn’t as good as Daredevil, the amount of kung fu scenes and general fight atmosphere kept me entertained (Not to mention really got my blood pumping to play my monk).

Thanks @cielyah-sunjoy !

Too many things parallel with Kara*el but in a bad way

I know they had Ly*a lie to W*nn to parallel Man Hell.

Maggie lied too.

But both women did so in order to protect someone (Alex and Bastian).

Not mentioning M’gann who already tried to atone for her sins.

Man Hell lied for his own gain. Would Kara not want anything with him? Hell yes. And given his behaviour she was completely justified in it. Hell. She DIDN’T WANT ANYTHING WITH HIM but they forced him on her and I still don’t exactly understand how it happened.

So don’t show me three beautiful women protecting loved ones/making sacrifices and compare them with this stale piece of bread and tell me all these relationships are just the same because one of them is not like the others.

Scar Issues

Did I mention I lost who I am.
Everyone trying to hold me down.
You. Ha.
Why oh why am I still holding on.
To this life that has not show me
You or me.
Everything in between
No breaks
All family that loves to hate me.
I tried to kill myself today.
To rub away from the loneliness
This scar issue and it’s flaws.
I lost myself
I lost myself
I lost myself

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Are the comics also going down the Jason/Kimberly route as well. I know the movie clearly is I mean so many moments. It's clear they want to build it up. Oh and I also hope this movie indicates that this franchise will be about these 5 rangers. I don't want to see Rocky, Aisha, Adam, or Cat. At all. I want it to be about these 5. Plus I believe Dacre has signed a contract for multiple sequels. So... :)

The main story is taking place during Tommy’s stint as Green, but Kim’s Pink mini series is set in the future and she sends Tommy the letter. I think the comic has shown hints of Jason/Kim the same way the show did, but it hasn’t gotten there yet. I would say it’s definitely a possibility though.

I would absolutely love it if the movie focused on the core 5. FIVE. But if it’s true they want like 6 sequels and the Zeo crystal is already being mentioned, I could see them going past that to the replacements. This could work out pretty well though. Jason could pass leadership onto Tommy Tammy willingly and he and Kim could leave Angel Grove together.   

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eh you want the focus off jian yi ? the focus last arc was on tianshan and I'm really curious about jian yi's family, I don't get why everyone's so negative when the arc has just started. I get that it's been rushed and a lil confusing but I think it will be really good... not trying to anger anyone with this, I hope you get where I'm coming from. Really love your blog btw!

aah, I guess I didn’t explain myself, since I wanted to keep it brief. I did, however, mention about keeping him as the center, so I’m not saying Old Xian should just drop him and show us other characters instead. no, don’t take me wrong, I’m actually happy that we finally got to see something (not enough tho) about his relationship with his mother, since it was never properly explored (until now?).

by slightly shifting the focus I meant that it would be nice if it weren’t just about Jian Yi. there are many characters involved in this arc that we don’t know much about, or nothing at all. for example, his father; what’s up with him, what kind of business is he involved in, what’s his relationship with Jian Yi, what was all that?? also, some information about He Cheng would be greatly appreciated. so, you get my point.

well, I admit I’m a bit afraid that Old Xian will deal poorly with this kidnapping, though I don’t want to sound so negative about it, sorry for that. it’s not the first time Old Xian delivers something and then leaves it unresolved. and it just seems to me like this arc is such a great opportunity to deepen the plot and explore relationships we don’t know so much about! I agree with you, there’s actually a lot of potential in this arc!! so yeah, sorry if I made it sound that way, like I’m not interested in Jian Yi’s situation or something like that. aah honestly, these days I’m on an objective ground and my ideas keep changing, because I feel like Old Xian is really, really teasing us, which can get frustrating after some time. I guess it’s a mix of ‘maybe I will get disappointed’ and ‘maybe I will get surprised’. 

thanks for sharing this with me and sorry again if I sounded negative, hope this cleared up the little misunderstanding! I’m glad you like my blog, although these days I haven’t been around so much, so hearing this sure makes me happy. have a great day, anon!

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all of this is great but I would like to clarify cirque is a self insert because I’m self insert Mary Sue trash

did you even see my doodles lmao I understand this on a deep level but i love cirque so much and i let myself believe she’s the on causing all those purple tornado things in the pv probably lights for her shows


— like the flowers bloom in the garden, like the sunlight shows off it’s ray to light up the world, like the colors that gave meaning to every sentiment a sketch has and like a name that has grown into something more because someone appealed, it’s a simile that i could share and express to anyone without even mentioning your name because to me, you give life to hopeless dreams. You may or may not see the reason why i still keep going on with my life is that because you gave not just a reason but a will to carry on. You showed me that in this life, “no one is an island” and i’ll lead you the way. Yes, i do cry whenever shit happens between us but can’t you see that’s all because i love you more than i did to somebody else? maybe because i don’t wanna lose you? I know sometimes you think that this is just a one-sided love. I get up to you. I’m scolding you (not literally though). I’m taking you for granted, BUT that is not what i want you to feel. I don’t want to appear superior to you. It makes me feel bad to myself, of course. It’s like, “you want people to be obsessed with you but bro i aint showing any affection.” Right???? I’m sorry if i don’t look sincere to you, sorry if i’m not the kind of woman you’re mother look up to. Sorry if couldn’t help myself. Sorry if i don’t want to listen whenever you try to help me & get my shits straight up because i think highly of myself. I think that i’m always right and you’re not. Sorry if i think on you that way. I love you but this is too much. You don’t deserve this woman now.

I told you, i wanted limitations.
because we’re not “officially” a couple.
we’re just bestfriends stringed with a romantic bond, so we shouldn’t tolerate & mess with each other life still. We should act like one.

I did that because i don’t wanna lose something we built together. I did that because i don’t want to hurt you anymore. I did that because i want to fix myself on my own. I did that because that’s the right thing to do. Maybe, when the time comes—i’ll be free with the world & say how much you did for me while others have no idea. I can lend my hand to yours so you can put a ring on it *its a song!* THAT TIME WILL COME… but not now.

We’re young, we can find ourselves in our safest haven. There are things we didn’t know yet. I hope we could learn more.


Anime Reviews: Yugioh GX

Now some people might say GX was a shit-storm. It was. If you watched the dub at least. Watch the sub and you’ll be surprised. Taking ten years after the original DM series, our protagonist Judai Yuki goes on many adventures while in high school. One thing I loved about the show was its transition from light-hearted to dark and glum. They did well in showcasing emotion and Judai’s change from a care-free bastard to a cynical and realistic one at best. The other characters are interesting as well, not to mention this is literally the only Yugioh series where Spiritshipping (or any gayness for that matter) could become a legitimate thing. Since 4kids are assholes and they never did the fourth season, I suggest you watch the entire thing in Japanese so you don’t miss a damn thing. One thing i disliked, however, was that Judai dueled practically 80% of the entire show. Like my god. We really never got to see most of the other character’s skill development either. At times the story may be stupid or seem pointless as well, not to mention I want to smack Judai for being a dense idiot.
Verdict: 7.5/10

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this is really random but !! i just have to say i love reading all of your headcanons + metas. you put so much thought into the world and character building and it really shows !! ♥

 assuredly  random,  and  assuredly  very  sweet  !!  thank  you  thank  you  !!!  and  i  just  have  to  say  that  it  makes  me  a  bit  proud  that  people  have  actually  taken  the  time  to  comb  through  my  headcanons                   admittedly,  i’ve  only  fleshed  out  two  of  them  (  and  already  have  a  few  notes  jotted  for  more  !  ),  but  they  did  take  me  a  while,  and  to  know  that  someone  would  go  out  of  their  way  to  mention  to  me  how  much  they  appreciate  that  work  is  so,  so  humbling  …  just,  oh  wow,  thank  you  !!  what  a  wonderful  thing  to  return  to.  i’ve  seen  you  liking  my  things  and  acknowledging  my  things,  so  don’t  think  i  don’t  appreciate  your  presence  around  here.  just,  thank  you  so  much  !  you’re  very  kind.  perhaps  we  can  plot  something  out  sometime  ;  no  hesitation  necessary  !  xox

Did I mention how good God is?

God is so good. What can I say? I wrapped the last show I was on and before it was over I had another job. I guess I haven’t mention I work in television. The TV life means having to jump on one show to the next. When you’re “below the line” (in short means you can’t afford to take time off) you can be a little stress when your current job is about to end. I decided to be in a place of excitement this time. Telling myself if God was able to get me this current amazing job I have, He can surely get me another one. Sure enough the last two days before my job was over I got a call to start on a pilot. In actuality it started two days before my last job ended. I told them I couldn’t do it but they called me back later and said we like you, can you start Friday? I said, yes ma'am! I was so excited to have a job already lined up. The pilot has been great! It’s a really funny project that I would like to say who is involved but not sure if I can. Let’s just say the writer of Juno is involved. :P It’s almost over. Saturday, which is tomorrow, it will be over but it’s been a great experience. Looking forward to what my next gig is! God is just so good! What can I say? Stay in expectation of His goodness. He will show up for you.

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@revolutionarygirlmarco, I think either way they did it, the way in MLP (by the way I have never watched the show so my point of reference is limited here) or just leaving it “Man, I’d love to be Queen” would have both worked equally well as gags. I feel the fact they added detail of Marco’s fantasies of being Queen were what sealed it as not being a gag.

Also wasn’t not to be downer but wasn’t Marco’s reason for not liking to bathe alone due to them having seen a scary movie. Admittedly they also mentioned they covered the mirror when they showered cos they are ashamed of their body. But I swear the reason they hate to bathe alone is due to some movie they saw. I’ll double check.

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hello!!! u mentioned macdennis mutual masturbation and i was wondering whether that happened in the show because if it did i would love to know the episodes !!!!

this is giving away the twist but the entire plot of “the gang spies like US” revolves around mac and dennis conspiring to occupy the rest of the gang w/ pointless activities so they can have dee’s apartment to themselves and watch porn and jack off together… zero exaggeration


N i c o l e   R y d e r

adventures biotic disaster/pathfinder