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Checking In

“You’re so cute and sappy when you’re in love.”

“I’ll hang up on you. Don’t think I won’t.”

“You know you threaten that every time I tease you and I’m still waiting.”

“Yeah, well… Someday. So, how’s it going? Shows going well? You getting all the rest you need?”

“Funny you mention that, because Alan just force fed me lunch and Gleb asked if I slept well last night. Did you tell the boys to babysit me?”

“I’m too far away to do it myself.”

“Well, stop worrying about me. I can take care of myself. Just focus on you. You guys having a good time?”

“Good is an understatement.”

“See? Cute and sappy.”

“Shut up. I’ll hang up.”

“Will not. All your pictures look amazing by the way. I’m so jealous.”

“It really is incredible. It just feels like freedom, you know? Being here. Being happy. With her.”

“Can I be super cheesy for just a minute? I really like this Val. You just seem so… happy. It’s really beautiful to see you like this. And I know you know my opinion on all this already, but I’m glad the two of you finally pulled your heads out of your asses and figured this thing out.”

“Was that you being super cheesy?”

“Close enough.”

“You’re right though. It took us so long to finally be in the right place, but now…”

“But now?”

“But nothing. Just… I’m happy. That’s all.”

“If you say so.”

“Hey, Sharna?”


“Thanks for calling.”

“Any time.”

“Why don’t you go upstairs and get some Tylenol or something okay? and I will deal with this.”

Hi my name is Alex Pearl Vause I’m an ex-drug dealer and pimp, I can charm the pants off of any woman by raising a single eyebrow. I have a lot of pride and don’t like to show weakness, I’m a bad ass, I don’t take shit from anybody but so fucking help me I am just totally in love and just so weak for that WASPY gorgeous blonde Piper Chapman. Did I mention my middle name was Pearl?

You don't have to read this it's boring

So, I really love my aunt and I don’t want to be mean about her or anything, this blog is really just for me to scream run on sentences into the void. So like a month ago I was having a conversation with my aunt and we were talking about how I am able to memorize songs on the piano and how she is able to memorize poems but not musical pieces, I responded that I could rap twenty one pilots, at that she said “ugh ew please don’t” or something like that which was rude but I can understand that a lot of rap is not too great and the poetry and meaning behind the lyrics of twenty one pilots is often the exception not the rule and she’s pretty pretentious . So today she mentioned that she really loved the song “can’t help falling in love” so I showed her that I could play it on the piano and it was great, she did the proud relative thing but then I showed her the twenty one pilots video of Tyler singing “can’t help falling in love” because I thought it would be a nice mix of both of our music styles but she immediately said she didn’t like his voice and made disgusted sounds until I paused it 30 seconds in at which point she described his voice as “all scratchy and squeaky” so we listened to the Elvis version and while we weren’t paying attention autoplay turned the twenty one pilots one on again she again made disgusted noises and asked me to turn it off. So I get that not everyone likes the same music as me and you don’t have to but just say so, I don’t mind but do you really have to discredit just a mention of rap or act all grossed out when you hear something you don’t care for? I mean I really don’t want to hear her recite old poems or listen to Elvis but I would if she was showing me something she was interested in, just because you have a different opinion or different taste doesn’t mean you can’t at least pretend not to hate it. Honestly I really just feel a little sad and hurt and I needed to vent

twilight-hourglass  asked:

Ok hi I keep forgetting to ask you but ik you like professor Layton as well and what was your favorite game? TBH I think mine would be curious village or unwound future (I live for Flora). And did you ever see the movie? Professor Layton and the eternal diva? Because f you didn't I'd highly suggest it!

Hooray another Layton fan!

Those are really great choices, the story and plot in those games are outstanding. (I also really live for Flora, just wish she showed up more. I really hope she at least gets mentioned in Katrielle and the millionaires’ conspiracy.)

What’s my favorite game? That’s a hard choice because I really love all the games. However, if I had to pick it would have to be The Last Specter, mostly because the puzzles, story, and music hold a special place in my heart.

Yes, I seen the movie! I seen multiple times already really. I really enjoyed it, though I wonder when the second movie is going to come out hah.

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I so hope it's Eskild!!!! I love him <3 and I want him to show more of his soul, he's very caring and loving and strong. Not just a pretty boy fixated on boys :) i didn't like Sana going to him as Guru (that felt like a bad rip off of S3), but I did like that he mentioned a boyfriend, like, Eskild isn't really hooking up, or maybe he is to forget a heartbreak.

All this ⬆

magicandstardust  asked:

7, 57, 100, 121, 134, 155, 171

7. [My favorite] Perfume: I don’t really wear perfume, so i can’t answer v.v sowwie

57. Shows you watch: Oh lordy, this could be a long list if I were to name everything, so il just mention the shows ive been watching recently. Love, Nichijou and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

100. [Last time I] cried in front of someone: I don’t think I did today, so yesterday, last night. 

121. [Heres what I think about] George Bush: No opinion whatsoever. 

134. Singing or Dancing? Singing, I’m always singing. Dance occasionally too, but definitely singing. 

155. [I believe in] Magic: Somewhat, I’m not sure. I think so. But also, what could be considered magic, is probably just science. But I don’t know. 

171. Do you play an instrument?: I used to play guitar, don’t anymore. I can play a couple of tunes on the piano though. Still I am not very good. 

Thank you so much for the questions ^_^

Send me numbers please

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Honestly, there are SO many NaLu moments I could choose from, it's pretty ridiculous (let's be real, the majority of the Alvarez arc has been NaLu moments), but my favourite NaLu moment has to be... Probably when Natsu uproots the Rainbow cherry blossom for her. I think that showed a lot of viewers and readers how much Natsu cares for Lucy in a non-combative setting. Runner up: Phantom Lord, which I think also did similar things, but it wasn't so obvious.

You’re so right about this arc. I loved when Natsu protects Lucy from August’s attack. My heart squealed! And the moments kept on coming! 😆
Someone else also mentioned the rainbow cherry blossom scene too. I thinks it’s such a powerful scene even if Natsu never admits to doing it. (Even though EVERYONE else knows it was him)
Lucy’s reaction was just sublime too. It just shows that Natsu isn’t all rough and gruff. And like you said, it reveals that he does indeed care about her.
Phantom Lord!! Yes! Natsu saying she’s Lucy of Fairy Tail, Lucy jumping from the tower, Natsu protecting her from Gajeel…😭😭😭😭😭😭
Oh my poor heart!! 💖⭐️🔥❤️ I love these two so much!

Thanks so much for answering! You’re fueling my inspiration and making my mind swirl around NaLu even more. Much love! 😘

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Tell me the best and the worst things about your crush! :)

-his smile omg his smile is so fucking pretty
-his eyes???? m8 theyre so blue i wanna drown in them
-hes rly smart (his best friend told me their iqs which are both above 130) and hes rly good at chess, i almost jumped his bones when i first saw him play it and murder his best friend it was the hottest thing ever
-no offense but his ass is to live for
-his smile
-hes into GREAT music and shows, i started listening to keane, rise against and pink floyd bc of him
-hes sassy af sometimes i love it i wanna be roasted
-i die when he comes to school with messy hair its so gorgeous
-did i mention his smile??

-he dabs way too much afagagsg
-he gets v bad grades despite his intelligence (and its not just his iq, i NOTICE by just talking to him that hes smarter than he shows) and i want to punch him for it, hes wasting his brain
-he exists and thus, destroys me

thanks u, if u wanna know more just ask lmao

She Loves You Love Me
—  They fell in love with you
While your heart was still with your last.
Now you’ve played a part in a vicious cycle
Where the present and the future never outweigh the past.
You’re confused.
How could they love someone they don’t know?
They saw enough of who you were
And that started to grow.
All it took was time
Ok…and a little attention.
Well some late night conversations, showing you care, and a few more details I won’t mention.
Regardless of what you did
Or even what you didn’t do.
She was asking “Do you love me?”
While you were still sending me “I love you”.
California man vists Disneyland 2,000 days in a row

As one of the world’s largest entertainment companies, Disney is used to adoring fans but one man has topped them all, visiting its California theme park 2,000 days in a row.

Jeff Reitz marked the milestone on Thursday, using his Disneyland Resort annual pass which had enabled his trek to the park on a daily basis since January 1, 2012.

“What we mostly know about him is that he loves Disneyland,” said John McClintock, a spokesman for the theme park.

“When I asked him what he likes about the park, he said he likes all the shows and all the attractions but he did mention that he really likes to listen to the music in the park,” he added. “I guess he finds it relaxing.”

McClintock said Disney has yet to come across someone as enamored with the park as Reitz, an Air Force veteran in his 40s who usually shows up after work and spends a few hours.

“His girlfriend frequently comes with him but not every day,” he said. “That would be true love, wouldn’t it?”

ANOTHER APPRECIATION POST. @harryslittlekiwis IS SO SWEET. I don’t know how we started following each other, but I’m so glad we did. She is seriously so kind, I can’t even say that enough times. She tolerates me popping into her ask box everyday, and asking random shit. I love her so much, she is a blessing to this earth. She’s got hella talent, not to mention her career path shows how much patience she has / again how kind she is. I don’t deserve such a wonderful friend in my life, seriously. She is such a beautiful human. ALSO SHE WRITES TOO?! (She’s writing me my own harry blurb, like honestly I am the most blessed person on this earth) Seriously I feel so lucky to be friends with this girl, and i can’t wait to get to know her even better / annoy her for many more days to come (-:

i love kisa from f*dtd so much. the show is garbage, the fandom is garbage, but she is so lovely and incredible and we did not deserve her honestly. like, eiza could do so much with just a tilt of her head and a slow narrow of her eyes?? i’m so happy she’s getting bigger and better jobs by the min.

I’ve been playing Digimon World: Next Order and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth lately, hence why drawings and fics are slow.  However, playing them reminded me so much of why I always liked Digimon more than Pokemon.  Now in the games department, Pokemon offers a lot, but I’m talking about the show.  No matter what season, I feel Digimon trumps Pokemon every time.

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I love transformation Tuesday.. today I am showing you a female Thriver, going back two years ago pre-Thrive. Tired, the biggest I’d ever been in my life, low self esteem, embarrassed, and did I mention TIRED?!?

Two years ago, a Mom to 3 year old twins and a 6 month old and barely making it through the day without at least two naps and sitting on the couch for long periods of time!

Today, two years later, a Mom to 5 year old twins and a 2 year old I am the happiest, healthiest I’ve ever been just THRIVING through life! Living each and everyday to its fullest! Outside with my kids, no naps, and doing it all with CONFIDENCE!! I am THE best Mommy, wife, and volleyball coach I could possibly be and I am beyond grateful for these three simple steps and this company!!!

I love transformation Tuesday’s because I get to celebrate my life and what it’s become! I have been using DUO for one week and my mind is blown. I am feeling so amazing! Two years in and still getting better every single day! Loving this thrive life! ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Tuesday!

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Remember when H saw that woman in the crowd at a 1D show and she said he donated her hair to charity and H was so endeared? Then he went on a talk show and mentioned it and offhandedly said he would like to do that? And then fucking did it later? This is the man I love !!! and I nor any of us are worthy of him . So grateful i need to lay down now actually.

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MickyVapes here, and a special announcement just for you guys! Thank you! Honestly, first and foremost I wouldn’t be doing any of this without the love of my life @lifetastegood then of course I did my first live post and made friends with @oreocookie_duvo who showed how having a beautiful heart is better than having the most fans, further down the line I met a great guy friend #steadydripz_ don who I can always go to for advice! And believe me all of you who I didn’t mention, I wouldn’t be anywhere without you guys either! I’d be a 24 year old man vaping in a shop. I love y'all! #vape #vapelife #clouds #vapenation #vapeporn #vapestagram #vapesociety #vapedaily #vapelove #vapelyfe #vapefam #vapesquad #vapor #vaporizer #vaping #vapetricks #vapestars #vapecommunity #cloudy #mod #eastcoastvapers #rebelkloudforce

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shit man poor Jasmine. Bad things happen to good people way too often on this damn show (I love it).

But really my question is how this will affect Hanssen - I know I need to shut up about him but tbh he’s the reason I watch. That’s the 3rd person he has ‘let down’ (failing Serena after her daughters death, failing Dom when did nothing even though he suspected abuse) since he returned and I’m just wondering if this will be a story arc for him or just brushed under the rug, I doubt that though since him failing his staff is something that has been mentioned more than once; the question is will anyone hold him responsible for it?

I know for a fact though that he will hold himself responsible and I am terrified that that will mean his resignation. 

Still Star-crossed EP3 thoughts

This time on I Wish I Had Written My Own Crossover Novel Sooner:

  • Seems like I got my wish for more plot crossovers, because we got bits of the Tempest, the sonnets (the most famous of the Dark Lady sonnets!) Macbeth, (and maybe Taming of the Shrew?? It depends on if I heard right and Dude was named Petruchio.)
  • If I did hear Petruchio, then that means one of my favorite Shakespeare characters punched my least favorite one in the face and I am DOWN WITH THAT.
  • Paris and Livia are still cute as heck.
  • Capulet took the chance for the ultimate pun, BUT AT WHAT PRICE???
  • Also, did I mention that I love Montague’s ridicules leopard shirt/bling combo? I’m glad it made a comeback so I could mock it mercilessly.
  • Please princess, do not become Cersei Lannister, I’m all for that kind of complexity, but I’ll keep calling the show Game of Thrones Lite.