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So normally I don’t lobby for tv shows on here, but this show has had such an effect on me and everyone who has watched it that I feel like I need to give it a signal boost. The show I’m talking about is Wynonna Earp, let me start out by saying this show is amazing in every and every single way- the representation is AMAZING, there are two strong female leads, one of which has a female love interest, there’s a strong black male lead character, and for once IT’S ALWAYS THE STRAIGHT WHITE MALES THAT DIE! This show is basically what you’d get if Buffy, Jessica Jones, and Clint Eastwood had a badass, sarcastic, strong, independent, hilarious, amazing, did I mention badass? Lovechild.
The ratings haven’t been doing well because viewership is low, but THIS is the type of shows we need on television- amazing representation, phenomenal writing, strong female, LGBT, and POC leads, and just AMAZINGNESS all around. PLEASE GIVE IT A CHANCE!
Watch Wynonna Earp on Friday at 10/9c on Syfy!!!

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I have a question...how do u think Hades cut the tree of Ambrosia if he needed to pass the true loves test to get in there? Am I missing something?

I’m assuming the rules are different for gods. I mean he said he daren’t go there himself, but he said a lot of things that weren’t true. So he probably just poofed in there, did his spot of gardening, and voila. Or maybe he sent Cerberus to eat them or something.

The only other option I can see would be for the whole thing to have been a setup, including the test. But I think that’d be too convoluted for this show. It’d mean CS didn’t pass True Love’s test after all, because it was fake, and that would just make things way too confusing for the audience. Not to mention cheapen the whole thing yet another little bit.

So yeah, until we hear otherwise, I’m gonna go with - Hades is a god, and as such he can do whatever and go wherever he pleases, especially in his own realm.

  • most actors:um :) actually this characters' sexuality isn't the most interesting thing about them ;) they're NORMAL sweaty :)
  • eliza taylor:clarke is SO bi holy shit,,, she loves girls so fucking much!!!! she wants to marry lexa and have sex with her gay face bc she's so fuckin,,, BI!!! did i mention i'm the first bisexual lead on a show? fuck a jrot for fucking up my relationship w a girl LEXA FOREVER btw clarke is bi

Am i actually warming up to Rachel and Adam as a proper ship, WTF is happening?! 

also if my boss ever tells anyone I’m worth five ferrari’s, please let me know. appreciation from your boss is everything.

Chet isn’t based on Harvey Weinstein, i guess, cause I’m starting to warm up to him as well. And I will never warm up to Harvey Weinstein.

With Maya quitting, and Mary taking her life, two girls should be coming back next week, one better be britney. 

hello!! i recently hit one thousand followers and i’m very excited even tho i really do not deserve it but i figured i’d do a follow forever in celebration to mention all the lovely people here! thank u all so much for being so wonderful!!!

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Things regarding NCT's Taeyong

Idk if you guys have been watching over NCT U, but it is a rookie group with (atm) 6 members, Taeyong being one of them. But throughout the time the group had debuted Taeyong, who is incredibly talented and good-looking, has received less love than others. Ofcourse, it could be a personal preference but this case is different. It is said that he is a ‘scammer’. He used to (!) bully other people. And that’s wrong, I admit. But people are judging him for his past. People are disliking him. Personally I find it very unfair. Yes, it was wrong. But he apologized. He mentioned his wrong-doings on EP.02 of NCT U On Air Show. He has become a better man and he knows the things he did were wrong. He even gives his other group members advice because he doesn’t want them to make the same mistakes as he did. We, as people who don’t know ANYTHING about him, shouldn’t judge him to this rate. We should appreciate his hard and beautiful work. He’s a good man. But it looks like he lost his confidence after debuting.. During his fanchant it was incredibly quiet unlike the other members fanchants. His 'presence’ at events and interviews isn’t quite there. He often dozes off and his responses are very slow. I’m not nagging on the people who indeed think he is a scammer, but I’m just saying that we shouldn’t hate on someone who’s working hard for himself, but also for us. He wants to show us, his fans, the best of him. His outstanding performances and excellent dancing. Everyone makes mistakes. He’s only human. Please just forgive him for what he has done and look at what he is now. Sorry for bantering but I really think this is important, regrding the fact that he is still promoting his debut song.

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A/N- I wrote this I while back so excuse the typos or errors


“Y/N!” Luke groaned while flipping over.

“What?” You said smiling.

“I’m horny.” He said bluntly.

“O wow. Thanks for sharing.” You say rolling onto his shoulder.

“Did I mention, that I’m madly in love with you?” He says piercing you with his beautiful blue eyes.

“Um..I dunno..” You say sliding your hand down to his waist. You decide to tease him, drawing circles on his V-line.

“Maybe I could show you?” He said placing his hand on your face.

“Or…I could show you how much I love you…” You say kissing his collarbone. As you press your lips on his neck you hear his voice hitch.

“You are so sexy.” He says grabbing your hand, as you lightly snapped his boxer band.

“Just lay back.” You say placing a hand on his bare chest. He instantly let go of you’re hand.

“Whatever you say, kitten.” He says laying back.

You take off your shirt, and fling it across the room. He gasps and his eyes go wide.

“You are so fucking beautiful.” He says reaching for your right breast. He lightly massages it.

You take this as a chance, and slide your hand underneath the blanket again. Making sure to lightly drag your nails.

“Mmm..” He says closing his eyes.

“Baby, you have no idea what you are about to experience.” You say placing your hand on his clothed member.

“Uhmm..” He says bucking his hips.

You reach underneath his boxers and grab his semi-hard. He let’s a moan escape his mouth. You begin to pump him slowly.

“Mmmm..Just like that baby.” He said just above a whisper. You knew he liked it slow. And that he would last longer. If you kept this pace. So you pumped him faster.

He tried to supress his moans and they came out more like a grunt.

“Baby. I love you so- Fuck. Mmhmm..” He breathed.

As you kitten licked his tip. You swiped your thumb over his slit and took him in your mouth.

“Awww..Baby.” He moaned, bucking his hips up. You slid off of him slowly and glared at him.

“Stay still.” You said pumping him a few times then taking him back in your mouth.

His hands gripped the sheet as you quickend your speed. His eyes were drilled shut. You could tell he was trying really hard.

“Fuck..baby..mhmmm” Luke mumbled while gripping the sheets so tight that his knuckles were white.

You rippled your tongue on the underside of his member. He moaned loudly. You began going full speed on him. Sucking on his tip every now and then.

“Baa-by I louh-ve your mouth.” He panted while pulling the hair from your face. You started to hum while still sucking and massaging him.

He just couldn’t hold them in anymore. He let moans fall left and right from his mouth. You rippled your tongue one more time and the grip on your hair tightened.

“Baby, Im coming.” He panted.

“Let go.” You said.

He let his hot load go on the back of you’re throat.

He was on his elbows and you still helping him ride out his high, he reached down and kissed your forehead.

But you weren’t giving up. You tightened your grip on his base and hallowed out your cheeks.

“Sto-op. Wha-what are you doing?” He asked while unable to hold in his moans. And falling onto his back.

“Awww baby i-i can’t.” He said while his head fell back. You wernt letting up.

He moaned and grunted a few times, and then he twitched and you took him out of your mouth. And he came all over his stomach.

“Damn..” He breathed.

You began to lick it off of him. His mouth went in the the form of an ‘O’ the whole time you did this. He was surprised. And you loved it.

“I love you.” You say and roll onto your back.

“I fucking love you too.” He says, his chest still heaving.

Messengers [1]

Summary: You were a waitress at a restaurant on the highway. People weren’t regulars so you didn’t have to deal with the same nasty people everyday. You didn’t know it then but the angels did, they knew you were different. You had lost your sister when she was younger in a car accident. Since then you had been anxious and for good reasons…

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Cursing? Mentions of Death, Abilities? (If you have anything you want me to add just tell me)

Word Count: 1,548 (sorry its so short)

(I mashed up a CW show “The Messengers” that was canceled. I did however change the rules a bit with the reader. I hope you do like it, but it is just rambling. I plan on going somewhere with it soon but I was eager to release this. I haven’t proof read it so I’m sorry if I have any mistakes!) Thanks for the love to all my new followers. Requests are open. 

(Gifs not mine!)


You were sitting around waiting for someone to come in when you felt something. The door rang signaling someone had walked in. It was two men, one tall with long hair the other a bit shorter with short blonde hair. You became anxious dreading the moment you’d have to approach them, which never happened before. They sat and the one with the long hair began whispering to the one with short hair before they called for a waitress. You came over and asked what they would have. The shorter one smirked at you, and asked for a burger while the tall one opted for water. They ate quickly and left, leaving you a nice tip. You hurried home that day but as you got out the car, you bumped into them again. They were in suits now, holding up an FBI badge. They were asking about murders in your neighborhood but you didn’t want to answer. You wanted to get inside and close the door.

You couldn’t have them know that you survived the accident. Everyone thought you had died and you wanted it that way because you had. You were dead and you woke up in the morgue after being dead for nearly two days. Your scars from the accident had healed and you were perfectly healthy. You refused to answer any questions and slammed the door behind you, taking a deep breathe. 

You had dodged a bullet. Right?

Sam and Dean looked at each other. They now had a suspect and as they walked back to the motel room they were left putting evidence together linking you to murders you hadn’t committed.


September 8th

They hadn’t found anything on you, and eventually found the vampire killing everyone down in the woods. As they were heading back to the motel to get there things you saw them while you were crossing the street. You heard something, almost like a storm. They didn’t seem to notice because they were still talking and as you turned to look there was a wave of energy coming straight at your direction.It went through all the people behind you as if it didn’t exist but it had the strength of a tornado. Dean and Sam were crossing in your direction, and as they were going to say something to you they froze. Fear had now plastered itself across your face and it seemed like you had been hit from behind. You staggered forward, falling face first onto the concrete.

Dean and Sam quickly went over to you and felt for a pulse. You didn’t have one and your pupils had dilated. Sam was about to call 9-1-1 but was stopped when you sat up taking a deep breathe almost like you just got oxygen back in your lungs. Your pupils were still dilated when you looked over at Dean. He stayed still until you screamed “He has fallen to earth once again!” You fell backwards, Dean catching you this time around. He looked over at Sam and picked you up.


You woke up in a motel room with your hands were bound to a bed, your eye sight still blurry. The two men you dreaded meeting were now standing in front of you now. Your eyes grew wide with fear and you began to pull at the rope tying your hands.

“W-What do you want?! Please don’t hurt me please! I don’t have any money I swear!” you began to sob trying to get free. Sam and Dean looked at each other then threw water at you. 

No reaction.

They finished all the tests they could think of before untying you slowly with their guns held up in your direction while you sat up. You wiped your tears and looked around trying to figure out what happened before you passed out. The tall one began to speak but before he could ask anything, a third man was in the room.

“Dean no.” Said the man before putting Dean’s arm down.  

Dean staggered back his brows furrowing “What the hell Cas!”

Cas came over to you and sat next to you, putting a hand on your shoulder before looking at Dean.

“You cannot harm her Dean.” he said before looking at you. 

His eyes were bright blue like the sky. His voice was deep and this feeling of protection radiated from him. Around him you weren’t anxious. You looked at the one by the name of Dean. He had a sharp jawline, a bit of stubble and piercing green eyes. He looked like he had years of anger and agony inside of him. The one with the long hair put his gun down. 

They were friendly now.


They sat around the table in the motel room just looking at you. Sam has just introduced himself and Castiel is in the process of explaining everything.

“This is Y/N.” Castiel stated before continuing “She died and came back because she was chosen. She is a Messenger.” He trailed off.

“What the hell’s a messenger?” Dean scoffed with his arms crossed against his chest. Sam was just staring at you, possibly trying to figure you out before Castiel answered. 

“God communicates angels and messengers about what is going to happen. Messengers have to figure out gods plans through signs they are given. Her accident in the street means that the four horsemen are back. They plan on destroying the earth, wiping everything out and starting all over.“ You looked at him with confusion then at the two men sitting before you. 

“So you expect me to believe I have to stop the end of the world?” you chimed in. Worry had now filled you.

How am I suppose to stop the end of the world?

You looked over at Dean and Sam.They seemed focused on you, so you moved up and held both there hands as a way of showing them your harmless. That had ultimately backfired.

Your pupils dilated again, and the Winchester history unfolded in your mind. You staggered back and screamed at the top of your lungs before putting your hands over your ears and falling over. Dean’s eyes got wider and Castiel came over to you, while Sam held his breathe. You looked at Dean and tears began to roll down your face.

“Who are you? Why were you in hell? What have you done?!” you shouted at Dean who stood up out of his chair.

You turned over to Sam and began to shout “Why did you say yes to Lucifer? Why were you so corrupt?!”

Sam gulped and pushed his hair back before licking his lips and clearing his throat.

“How do you know that?!” Dean said angrily.

“I saw it…” You whispered before looking at Castiel. He seemed unfazed, almost like he knew what had happened.

“Have you rebelled for him? Or for humanity?” Castiel was quiet for a minute then helped you up on the chair. Your ears were still ringing.

Dean walked by Castiel and said “We need to talk alone” before going into a room which you figured was the bathroom since motels were only one room. Sam and Castiel following him, and as they went in Castiel gave you a small nod. You stood in the living room, your heart beat racing.

What’s happening?

Your skin felt hot, and you opened a window feeling like you were suffocating. When they came out from the bathroom they had huddled in, you were sitting quietly staring out the open window. Dean came over to talk to you but you turned around before he could say anything and smiled at him. You were no longer pale and your eyes were brighter now. They had a calmness they were lacking before. Dean had been staring at you the whole time, and you could feel it.

Castiel looked over at Dean and Sam then looked over to you while he spoke.

“She can read minds, shape shift, heal, and see memories.” He said while looking at you. You smiled at him and your eyes locked with Deans. You had felt a spark, a connection to him when your eyes met his. He seemed to have felt it too because he quickly looked away towards Castiel. 

“When will I get my abilities?” you smiled at Castiel. 

“When the need for them arises, they will come. Once they are unlocked then you can use them whenever you please.” He answered.

You nodded and got up  but as you were going to the bathroom your ears began to ring again. As you got further away from the men, the ringing got louder. Then you hear them.

You head Dean.

If she hurts Sam I’m going to take her down… no matter what god says…

You heard Sam.

What is she?

You heard Castiel.

I know you can hear us now…

You turned around and looked at Dean and Sam.

“I’m a messenger Sam just as Castiel said and I won’t hurt him Dean. I’ve never hurt anyone…” With that you went to the bathroom leaving Dean and Sam’s mouths agape.

You looked in the mirror, your scars from the accident gone. You only had two things on your mind now.

When will i get my other ‘gifts’? Whats the catch?

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ive rarely seen this brought up but i want to see some uncle and nephew bonding with luke and jess in the revival. i love that jess grew up with luke's help and repaid him and thanked him and luke was proud of him. mature!jess and luke having srs conversations and being bros. we only got a brief glimpse of that in season 6.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay, for real, Jess and Luke are my very favorite familial relationship on the show. It is so encouraging and heartwarming, cause Jess just needed someone to care about him and not give up on him and give him stability and Luke did that. And then Jess fixes the toaster and pays Luke back and is looking for reciprocity? And that’s not even to mention the moments like in Bracebridge Dinner when it’s like the two of them against all the crazy townies. I love it SOOOOO much. If Jess is not Luke’s best man I will be livid.

What a good shipper day I had.

  • Stefan and Valerie finally broke up because he just doesn’t love her like he loves Caroline. Genuinely looking forward to the Steroline reunion because it’s gonna be angst af and I live for that, apparently. (Also, I miss Caroline so it will be a double bonus for their reunion because that means Caroline will finally be back).
  • Bamon reunion and she slammed the door in his face. Did I mention I love angst? Because I do. (Can we also appreciate that she didn’t label what her and Damon were? She said he wasn’t her boyfriend but didn’t say, “We’re just friends.” Step in the right direction? I hope so.)
  • The last Japril scene. They’ve been at each others’ throats for so long I thought I was done shipping them. Boy, was I wrong. Here’s hoping for more progress!
  • Iris is gonna come to terms with her feelings for Barry. I’M SO EXCITED. PLEASE, NO ANGST FOR THEM. LET THESE TWO FINALLY BE TOGETHER.
  • Bellarke. All the Bellarke. (And the Delinquents were all together, letting me be excited for The 100 again). Bellarke has been separated for so long I forgot what their interactions looked like. With the mess The 100 has been I thought they’d never recover. See what happens when Bellarke is reunited? Magic.

Now if only TPTB can manage not to screw all this potential up, that would be fan-freaking-tastic.


Shadowhunters’ did get better. I was really hoping it would. I still think the show needs to work on the writing. Some of the conversations between characters’ sounds weird to me. Sometimes the flow of the show is off a bit. The writing (possibly acting) for the extras and minor characters could also be better.

I’m excited to see the Seelie Queen, Maia, and Sebastian. I know some of these characters appear later on in the series, but I really want to see them now. I hope we see Tessa. Magnus mentioned her, so I hope we get to actually see her. I would love to see a TID spinoff series one day. Maybe Arden Cho could play Maia or Tessa?