did i mention i love this show

Am i actually warming up to Rachel and Adam as a proper ship, WTF is happening?! 

also if my boss ever tells anyone I’m worth five ferrari’s, please let me know. appreciation from your boss is everything.

Chet isn’t based on Harvey Weinstein, i guess, cause I’m starting to warm up to him as well. And I will never warm up to Harvey Weinstein.

With Maya quitting, and Mary taking her life, two girls should be coming back next week, one better be britney. 

How to Pick a Birth Date Guide

Okay this is like one of my favorite things in the world to do, picking a birth date for your character can be an insanely fun thing if you play into the astrology side of things. On one hand, you have a month and a number and a year, and that’s it. On the other, you have a fun little side tool to show your character off, play matchmaker, and laugh with your friends over a daily horoscope like nerds. Really? You’d give that up? I mean don’t take it so seriously you ignore plotlines or something, but– well here’s how to get that little part of things set up! Since I love it and all. Did I mention I’m a huge nerd? No? Well Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you…

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how much I relate to min yoongi

-a lot
-can spit fire holy shit
-cares about people around him/close to him even if he doesn’t show it on the outside
-doesn’t know what’s going on a lot of the time
-love taking pictures???
-thinks legs are nice
-doesn’t like to sweat or do work that requires moving
-makes sure people aren’t worried about him
-loves welsh corgis omfg
-straightforward most of the time
-makes rhymes in everyday situations
-Kanye is role model boii
-really shit at drawing (I’m not as bad but still p shit)
-did I mention nice legs
-dislikes loud places
-worries about the future when he can’t sleep
-rates looks 50/100 (poor Yoongi bby)
-doesn’t like to meet new people
-is fucking cute as hell
-doesn’t give a shit
-doesn’t give a fuck
-hard on himself too often and he knows it
-happiness is based off of himself
-nice legs

bottom line/tldr: min yoongi and I are too similar and we have nice legs

reply, from the stones of a sea wall

2600 words. a companion piece to “love letter to a striking match,” just as self-indulgent and just as heavy on the metaphor.

for an anon who said that piece explained why fenris loved hawke, but who wanted to know why hawke loved fenris in return.


It’s hard to hold back the sea.

The lesson comes quicker than most. All her life she’s watched her father work, laughing, stone after stone passing through his hands. Every day the wall he builds to hold back the world grows a little higher, a little broader, the wind and waves a little lesser for its building. It is strong, grey stone and white mortar so steady before the sea; it is good, and what else is her father but unfailing? He is her father. Nothing he touches can fall.

Oh, but he

She’s watching the day he dies.

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anonymous asked:

wow, i never thought i'd be shipping dinah and asgore :D anyway, can we have some more fluff of them; that last pic of them was read sad ;-;

what’s funny is that i don’t know when or even if the above would ever actually happen, let alone HOOHOO YEAH THEY’RE DATING because

dinah would feel super weird about trying to pursue asgore for a myriad of reasons–and i think even if she did say something, it would take her a lot of resets to do so. asgore’s just his usual jovial self, friendly to everyone and fulla guilt, and dinah’s just like “why am i doing this to myself”

not to mention he’s clearly still in love with toriel, even if toriel’s havin’ absolutely none of it

NOT TO MENTION she’s honestly not sure how she could handle falling for someone, getting into a relationship with them, then losing it with the next reset–and they show no signs of remembering any of it, let alone what the pair had together

Aaron Butterfield unliked all Larry-centric tweets.

Earlier today it was brought to my attention that the Larry-centric likes I screen capped weren’t showing up on Aaron Butterfields twitter anymore.

They also mentioned that a “few” (It’s not a few FYI) of the tweets did go down by one.

So I went to compare the tweets I screen capped and the ones that are live on twitter right now.

EDIT: I’d also like to add that you can see his current profile picture in the freaking likes of the “HOW MUCH HE LOVES HIS BOYFRIEND LOUIS TOMLINSON” tweet (seriously though how does this guy even freelance)


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afoxnamedmulder asked:

"urban fantasy and bisexuals and puns" oh no i'm going to have to watch this now

i don’t want to oversell things because sometimes one man’s trash is another man’s trash, but i… love… it. and i don’t want to oversell the bisexual thing bc there’s no kick in the teeth like thinking a show is gonna have some good queer rep and then they fuck it up and we’re only 2 eps in, but there’s definitely some canon evidence that the main character sleeps with men and women soooooooooooo


Since I mentioned it last night, I wanted to find a video for you guys to hear him. His name is Jordan Fisher, although we knew him as Noah Patrick, a half beserker chimera, on Teen Wolf.

This isn’t the whole song, but you still get the idea of how great his voice is. I was so impressed with him and the whole show last night. Grease has always been one of my favorite movies ever, but I’ve never loved Doody the way I did last night! :)

why they’re problematic: mod steve

- jar jar fucker

- wrote a fanfic about jar jar binks and kylo ren dating

- can focus on a tv show for more than 2 episodes

- has watched like 50 shows wtf bruh

- listens to l’homme run

- oh did i mention unironically loves jar jar binks

- too obsessed with our physics teacher’s chin

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