did i mention i love this show

Am i actually warming up to Rachel and Adam as a proper ship, WTF is happening?! 

also if my boss ever tells anyone I’m worth five ferrari’s, please let me know. appreciation from your boss is everything.

Chet isn’t based on Harvey Weinstein, i guess, cause I’m starting to warm up to him as well. And I will never warm up to Harvey Weinstein.

With Maya quitting, and Mary taking her life, two girls should be coming back next week, one better be britney. 

Finished civil war, here's the takeaway

-black panther/t'challa= YES. MORE.
- Sam and Bucky are brotp
- Steve basically admits his undying love for Bucky *subliminally though
- Tony is still a good man fight me on this
- the Steve/ Shannon kiss was forced and the two barley interacted
- Spider man is cool
- Wanda and vision are the purest ship
- stop fucking over Bucky
-T'challa has best character development
- the fight scenes will be iconic
- t'chucky will become lowkey ship
-black panther and Bucky stole the show

Okay I’m done

My thoughts on SPN episode 11x22: 

  • So. First and foremost. WHAT ABOUT CAS!?!?!?!!!!!??????
  • Lucifer is being such a little bitch LOL
  • Basically Lucifer is in angsty teenager LOVE IT.
  • Oh. So. I guess Lucifer really is God’s fave and Cas… isn’t? Or is Cas even in this show anymore??? Cuz they haven’t mentioned him despite having his vessel in their hands…
  • Did they legit just dismiss saving Cas in less than five seconds? Like. WHAT. WHAAAAAAT!?!?!!!
  • So now Lucifer is USING Castiel to gain power. UGH. I AM SO SAD I CANNOT. 
  • Ah yes. Another season ending where people just break into the bunker. The show’s biggest loophole. 
  • Sam’s gonna take the mark? Hmm. This seems like a bad plan. 
  • You punch those demons, Amara. Punch ‘em back to hell. 
  • I kinda feel like Amara is faking this weakness. 
  • Dean. Don’t do something stupid. I can tell you want to. Just don’t. 
  • Sooooo she just burnt out Lucifer, right? RIGHT!?!?!?!!!
  • God is dead. That makes sense. Cas never got to meet his dad :( 

In conclusion: Remember when Cas used to be a part of the show? Those were the days. 

Here is what I find “laughable” on this Monday….

Some calzona fans (not on my dash - elsewhere) who are now salivating over who Arizona’s love interest will be next season during Sara’s break from the show. Don’t get me started on the Lauren mentions. But these very same people thought Callie did not deserve to move on from Arizona after being divorced for two years. How dare she find someone else besides Arizona? Sure they blamed it on Penny being “uninteresting” (and I agree she was boring) but it would be the same song if Callie was dating Beyonce last season. But it wasn’t about Penny. They bitched when it was Policeman Dan (even tweeting Sara hate on that one!), kissing Steak Knives, dancing (and probably more) with hot guy in bar…oh they thought Callie needed to grow up and stop dating around. I sipped my tea while the crickets chirped in the silence from them during Arizona’s revelation she was sleeping with three women at the same time in season 12 though.

Sure Callie left and Arizona doesn’t deserve to be alone but get out with the double standards please.

Me personally? I only prefer them with each other and would have preferred kick ass storylines about their careers and families while apart. If Shonda never planned to reconcile them then of course move on like Meredith is trying to do.

@destinationtoast said: You’re definitely making me think I need to check out this show… :D

Toasty. Listen. I know I’ve been talking about it nonstop lately but I really do love Person of Interest so much. I don’t think a tv series has become such an important part of my life since The X-Files took over as a teenager. It has so many of my favourite things - beautifully flawed, complex (occasionally morally ambiguous) protagonists, found family feels, great female characters, engaging plots, gorgeous soundtrack, an emotionally compromising artificial intelligence, the best dog - there was no way I wouldn’t fall head over heels for it immediately. In fact, I fell in love with the characters before I had watched a single episode: I read one fanfic that introduced me to the show, and then spent a fortnight voraciously reading almost the entire contents of the tag on AO3, before binge watching all four series of POI with @lazytechsupport in about 10 days. The fifth, and final series has just begun and I am consumed by how invested I am in the future of these characters, and the world they live in.

If you want to start watching - and I certainly hope you do! - I wouldn’t begin with the episodes airing now, as the ongoing storyline is sequential and you need to know the backstory to understand what’s going on and fully appreciate just what our poor, desperate vigilantes have suffered through. I won’t lie, the first series can drag a little, because the creators basically had to trick CBS into thinking they were getting a procedural drama ~with a twist~ (like Numbers or something) instead of a science fiction thriller about the birth of artificial intelligence(s). But if you keep watching, I promise it’s worth the wait. :)

OMG…did I mention how much I love my new boots…!!!💓🙆💓 $20 from Amiclubwear. I got some flowery ones too…I cant wait to dress up and show them off too….heehee 😈 Xoxo Monica 💋 💋 💋

Kim Seokjin Appreciation Post

First of all, you ARMY’s need to show more appreciation to our beloved Jin. This is the main reason why I made this; my friends didn’t appreciate him. It hurt me when I overheard them saying that BTS would be perfectly fine if not better without him, and it’s heart breaking. Imagine how Jin feels when he reads all the hate or notices how no one ever appreciates him. 

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Second, how can you not love him?

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Look at this guy, he’s adorable.

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Look at his faceu, so beautiful (did I mention this is my favorite version of Jin?)

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Just look at him! How can you not like this awkward person??

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He absolutely loves food, I think we can all relate?

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He is a meme just like everyone else.

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What about his awesome dance moves?

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His clumsiness is cute.

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And yes, he can be quite sexy.

BTS would not be the same without eomma Jin; he cooks for them, he takes care of him, he treats them like his family as do the others. Same goes for any other band, be it kpop or not, the members were there for a reason. There is a reason why a member was placed in a group. 

If you haven’t fallen in love with him or even appreciate him just a tad now, your seriously missing out. 

Please appreciate him, just like any other members of any other group.

Call me biased but Amy gave me the biggest laughs of the episode. Maybe because the best from the Moms was spoiled in the sneak peeks.
All the “Maid of Honor” talk was hilarious, so Amy, but, I swear, later on, when she said “I’d be lost without you” to Sheldon at dinner, so deadpan, I lost it. I just love her so much. Whatever comes out of her mouth has me in stitches.
Honorable mention: “What? That’s what I called you until I got to know you better!” from Sheldon to Mrs. Cooper. Couldn’t stop laughing!
And Shamy was very cute together. Always looking for each other’s reaction. So in sync and so in love.

Now let me tell you this. I’ve bitched a lot about the show lately but, if I did, it’s because I love it deeply and I’m seriously invested in those characters and I just want the best for them (yes, well, especially my baby Amy). Now we go into this hiatus with no drama (and very little excitement, as far as I’m concerned), but let’s see what the new season will bring us.

Also, yes. Molaro needs to get his shit together and shut his mouth forever.

Hey, y'all

I’m in search of a new tv show. I want one who’s characters have tragic back stories and a profound sense of self loathing. I want one who’s characters are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. I want one fraught with tragic love stories and drama. I want one full of death and tragedy and crying. I want one that will tear my heart out and crush it. I want one that will make me sob uncontrollably. Did I mention tragedy? Suggestions, go!

Touch Love

Author: @setoutwithme

Rated: T for minor language and minor character death

Trigger Warning: Mention of suicide, Death, Substance Abuse

AN: So this is a fic inspired by an amazing Korean Drama called Master’s Sun and the title is the name of the song used for the main couple in the series.I know very well I did not do this show any justice but I highly recommend you watch it! The italics are flashbacks and initially intended for another version of this universe I had in mind but it should mesh…I hope it meshes. Actually don’t read this fic. Ignore it and keep scrolling.

Summary: Peeta Mellark is called to pick up his girlfriend, Katniss Everdeen, after she drinks herself into a stupor. His night is guaranteed to be filled with problems and unexpected visitors of the ghostly nature thanks to Katniss and her ability to communicate with the dead.

Song Inspirations:

Touch Love -Yoon Mi Rae

Peeta waved as the final customer left the bakery after making a purchase. He released a tired breath before moving to lock the front entrance and turning the open sign around to closed. The day had been exhausting being so short on staff, since his favorite employee, Rue, had gotten ill and he decided to send her home. It didn’t help that the last time he saw the beautiful face of his girlfriend was that very morning, when he woke her up with kisses and touches across her body much to her delight and his own.

He was eager to get home and just hold her close to him, whether to sleep or do more even if his body was on the verge of doubling over in exhaustion. As tired as he was, he knew firsthand that he had no trouble at all finding the energy and sheer need to spend the night making love to Katniss Everdeen.

Just then the phone rang behind the register and he moved to answer it, praying that it wasn’t another customer needing a last-minute order. More than likely he would still take it because he couldn’t say no, something Katniss always teased him about. He also hoped it would be his girl with the signature braid calling to find out if he was on his way home or to tell him that she was going to meet him so they could go home together. He didn’t mind either scenario and knew the latter specifically would be vastly to her benefit under their special relationship. He didn’t think much of it knowing that her need to have him as close as possible whenever they could be together was calming for both of them.

“Mellark Bakery,” he said into the phone and wasn’t prepared for the voice on the other end.

“Boy!” Haymitch barked into the phone. “You need to come get your girl.”

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The few shots i was able to pull off while the pot was in the restroom. Dinner was lovely, confession was endless and the opportunity is there. This is the first time I ever went on a date from Tinder. I honestly didnt expect it to go well or to go at all. He’s originally from Chicago and few in just to have dinner. He’s adorable, funny and sweet not to mention 420 friendly :-) He’s a contractor for a lot of companies. I did my research and he came out to be legit. He gave me an Amazon card (nothing big just 50 dolllars) but still that in itself shows potential, not to mention he flew out here within one week of speaking. Since I’ve been actively looking i haven’t brought money or an allowance becauae he didn’t bring up sex but did say he wants to get to know me more because he likes the way he feels when he’s around me. Aftee dinner we went to a lounge, of course i got the side laughs, the shaking of the head (older white women) but I wasnt phased by it, i was paying attention to see if this man was going to be the real thing. Plus, I saw another SB/SW at the resturant, she was a cute little white girl with long blonde hair. We had this moment when I was leaving, she gave me a smirk as I gave her a subtle wink. It was like we were saying “You go girl! ” or at least this is what i tell myself. All and all the date went well,however, im no fool so im still talking to a few other guys. Trying to set up some dates in LA and Chicago and maybe NYC.
Anyway babes that’s my story.

I actually binge watched TVD S1-S4 (due to friend’s recommendation). I stopped watching and have no interest in following the show because I hate Stelena-Delena drama and what they did to Stefan and Bonnie. I picked up S5 - mid S6 because I wanted to fill up my time during my break. S6 is when I started following TVD  because I like Steroline (and the fact that Stefan can be happy without Elena), I’m starting to like Damon a bit (he’s tolerable) and I loved how they build Bamon. S7 is where the writers fucked everything (Steroline+Bamon+stupid, pointless Elena Gilbert mentions+a wild Bonenzo and who the hell blame a pregnancy for a bad writing. real classy). But I stayed till the end because I have hope for Bamon and Steroline.

In season finale, they didn’t put closure to Elena Gilbert (like the fact that they’re writing to Elena in the time jump), the rushed Steroline union and how they fucked Bamon through Bonnie Bennet and not Damon himself. Like how she just went to vault searching for Enzo when Damon who’s the one has been consistently saving her from death this season got nothing sort. Just giving us that lame phone call doesn’t make up for that. They damn know they couldn’t destroy Bamon from Damon’s perspective because you know why? Ian Somerhalder has portrayed Damon far too much as a person who loves Bonnie Bennet (more than he should have) to backtrack all that actions that Damon has done this season.

I like Defan and Steroline (like they could have, you know, let go of Elena Gilbert and focus on the remaining existing characters), but it does not quench all my frustrations and anger towards Julie Plec. More than 50 hours of my time were spent for her crappy writing and racist treatment on the show. Bitch, I trust you no more. And what you should do when you don’t trust someone? You abandon them. I’m not going to put up with her shit anymore. There are a handful of shows that are far more superior than TVD, worthy of my time, attention, EQ and IQ (thanks to tumblr community).

It took me one and a half seasons to realize what an ass Julie Plec is towards her fan. Worst is, she acted like all the horrible writings and her treatment to her fans were justified. Bitch, your show wouldn’t have exist if it’s not because of us. Point to refer: Containment.

That’s all I want to say.