did you want the mayo

lcrg21-deactivated20140705  asked:

Hello love! Could you do an EXO gif thingy like the previous but this one is when you just had sex with them... 😏.. Hahaha 😂

Hey! you changed your username lcrg21! Well let’s see how hey look!


Baekhyun; Smiles at you because he’s simply happy

Chanyeol; It was good wasn’t it?

Chen; Suggests you to follow him for a round two in the shower

D.O.; He grabs the camera and you both watch the sex tape you just made

Kai; Celebration dance imagine this with him naked and his D dancing around in rhythm xD

Kris; He came too fast

Lay; You want to use toys next time

Luhan; Did you enjoy the mayo?

Sehun; You complain because you did not come and ask him to help you finish

Suho; Yah! Why did you scream Kris’ name?!

Tao; The condom broke

Xiumin; Fans himself because he’s too hot


I hope you enjoyed it! x)