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make me choose challenge: Albus Potter or Scorpius Malfoy SCORPIUS CINNAMON ROLL MALFOY VS. THE SCORPION KING

“I discovered another Scorpius you know? Entitled, angry, mean – people were frightened of me. It feels like we were all tested and we all – failed.”

“But you changed things. You had a chance and you changed time back. Changed yourself back.”

“Only because I knew what I should be.”

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Hajime, if it were possible to have saved Izuru as a separate avatar from you, would you have been okay with it? I mean... I don't think the experiment that made him should have happened in the first place, but it did and he's human too, so... It seems just as cruel to erase him as it would be to erase you, I think. Also, I'm sorry if this is too hard to think about and if you just want to ignore this question outright, I'd understand.

I think I would have…I would probably not want to talk to him or become his friend but…If there was a way for both of us to exist without one of us disappearing or becoming a part of the other then that wouldn’t be fair of me to refuse.

As long as he doesn’t try to pull out the same shit as he did with the simulation.

Shopping Gone Wrong Starters
  • "I had to punch out my neighbor for this."
  • "I just watched a woman punt a toddler to get the last sweater!"
  • "Why are you even worrying? The kid's just going to ignore the toy and play with the box."
  • "I'd say the line wrapped around the back of the store is a bad sign."
  • "You think anyone will notice if I just bump that little VW out of its space?"
  • "I've been here an hour and I still can't find my car. Please come get me."
  • "Look, if they really cared about their bags, do you think they would have left them unattended? No. So just take them and run."
  • "No, no, no, I did not stand in this line for you to decline my card--"
  • "Nothing says Christmas like sinking your bank account into the red."
  • "It was get this console they want, or eating for the week. I'll be fine."
  • "The joy on their face is not worth this."
  • "I found a store that has what we want in stock -- four hours away."
  • "If you say one more word about online shopping, I swear--"
  • "They have it in every size except the one I need!"
  • "I'm not getting up from this massage chair. You can't make me."
  • "I forgot the list at home."
  • "You can't stop me from punching that mall Santa in the face."
  • "I've got everyone covered -- the sex store was having a sale!"
  • "I was a good person once. Before I walked into this store."
  • "You realize you bought a rip-off and not the real thing, right?"

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Did you start this blog just to improve your self confidence by showing us your body? By that I mean, do the likes help you feel better in yourself. In my opinion you shouldn't have an issue with any of that kind of stuff, but I myself no more about mental illnesses than I'd like to. I hate myself. With that all said I could be completely wrong about it all

I did used to struggle a lot with my body. Sometimes I would just look at it in the mirror and cry. It’s pathetic but I still do sometimes, no where near as often though. And yeah I suppose Tumblr did help with that. Clearly a lot of you think I’m an attention seeking slut and I know there’s nothing I can ever say to change that, but to those of you who aren’t quite as ignorant; What it does is just really helps me to like my body. When I’m feeling incredibly shit about the way I look it does help to put on some nice underwear or get into some cute poses and take pictures. I look at those pictures and think ‘maybe I’m not as disgusting after all’ and yes of course the compliments make me feel good. Why should that be a crime? Compliments make everyone feel good. I never intended on sharing my body with 15,000+ people, this was just my own little space to feel good about myself and I never expected that so many people would follow me but hey, they did. And that’s just another little confidence boost.

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Ok I don't really know if you take requests/suggestions and it's TOTALLY fine if you ignore this but!! I thought I'd give it a shot lmao. Consider this: baseball!bangtan. Like, In the format of your college au. I just feel like each of the members would fit in a certain position and I just can't think of anyone else's bulleted au's that could do it justice!! But anyway, if it's not your cup of tea, just know I'm weak for college!bangtan. Very weak. Luv u

i dont think i know enough about just baseball, so i kind of took this request and did a mini sports!bangtan au……if that’s ok ^^

Namjoon: cycling~

  • cyclist!namjoon loves doing super long races without mountains just long long road races where he can just buckle down on his bike and go as fast as possible 
  • like he has the long legs for it so you know
  • likes cycling because no one is talking to him, its a one man thing and like when he’s in the zone like he feels free
  • you meet him because you’re at the bike shop to fix your brakes and you see this tall lanky guy come in holding this beautiful sleek bike over his shoulder and you’re like wow,,,,,,,so pretty @ the bike
  • and namjoon’s like ???? im sorry but did you just call me pretty?? and you’re like wHA no i meant your bike it’s so pretty and slender 
  • and he’s like why thank you,,, and gets proud because complimenting his bike = complimenting him basically in his head
  • and you two talk about bikes and good places to go out for a ride in your city and like your brakes get fixed and namjoons like wow your bikes nice too
  • and you’re like ahh thank you 
  • and somehow you two bond over your love for bikes and namjoon’s like ,,,,,,,, if you want do you wanna,,,,,,,,,have a date.,,,,,,,with out bikes like go out for a ride i can show you this long road near this river it doesn’t have to be a daTE dATE if that’s weird it’s up to you um you should bring a helmet though you know safety first
  • he blabbers because he’s shy but it’s cute hehe

Jimin: baseball~ 

  • is a pitcher on his league and it’s cute because like everyones like,,,,,,arent you kinda small dude
  • and jimin’s like what? small? excuse me? say that to my face? come here? say it to my f-
  • and like his height doesn’t matter his pitches are all like high speed and like no one can ever even hit them it’s alway strikes and he’s known as 
  • park ‘fastball’ jimin
  • you meet him because you work at the stadium where his team practices and you just sell hotdogs and drinks at this lil stand but jimin has had a crush on you for aGES and everyone on the league knows and keeps trying to get him to talk to you
  • and he’s only managed to like go over and stutter out an order for some hotdogs and then run away red in the face
  • until you’re like “hey!! i know you, you’re …..fastball right?”
  • and jimin’s like oh my god you said my name…..well my nickname…..my name……….
  • and he’s like ,,,,, “Y-yeaH it’s ,,,, a name the guys gave me it’s nothing special.”
  • and you’re like jokingly like “you should let me see if i can hit one of your famous pitches hehe” and jimin like perks up like “if you want!!!!! it can……it can be …..a………….da- dat- dateeeeee DANG This HOT DOG IS HOT GOTTA GO”

Taehyung & Hoseok: beach volleyball ~ 

  • literally spend 70% of their time on the court being Memes 
  • as in they don’t even play with a strategy, they’re just having fun digging their toes into the sand and taehyung wearing his eyeglasses on the back of his head while hoseok tries to balance the volleyball on his head
  • the team they’re facing is just like …….what is going on 
  • have a handshake before playing a match that takes like 5 min the ref is like oh my GOD stOP
  • turns out you’re the referee for one of their games and literally instead of i dont know playing and paying attention taehyung thinks you’re so cute he like tries to spike the ball and turns to you like “iM cool right, how many points for coolness ref (-;” and you’re like “one. it’s one point.”
  • hoseok thinks you’re cute too and he just gets distracted trying to sneak peeks at you that the ball bounces off his head but makes it over the net anyway and taehyung’s like holy Shit 
  • both of them use corny volleyball pick up lines on you
  • taehyung: “you’ve really SPIKED up my heartbeat with your cute face….”
  • hoseok: “wow you really make my heart do a DIVE if you know what i mean……”

Jungkook: wrestling ~

  • looks tall and sorta skinny from far away but upon closer inspection that. is. Wrong
  • he can body slam someone but he also enjoys watching naruto while drinking capri sun and eating chicken nuggets so
  • is actually really sweet before competitions like he’s all smiley and greets the other wrestlers with his childish smile but then in the ring he’s DEATHKOOK
  • you know jungkook because you go to the same gym but you’re always just like “oh he’s that kid that runs like 5032 miles on the treadmill”  but then one day you see him benchpressing like 250 pounds and you’re like Wait
  • and jungkook is like looking for someone to spot him and he asks you and you’re like,,,,,,,,,i can but if you drop that thing i can’t actually help you and he’s like it’s fine!!! 250 is nothing and you’re like oh my god how
  • and while you’re like spotting him jungkook is like whistling along to the theme song of some anime and you’re like …….. he’s twelve but he has the power of a horse
  • and jungkooks like smiling at you, sweaty and looking all cute like “hey, i did like ten sets isn’t that cool!!!!!” and you’re like this kid has the power to Destroy yet he is…….Soft? 

Yoongi: surfing ~

  • wears the shark tooth necklace ok for the aesthetic 
  • got into surfing because he was like “it’s just standing on a board in the middle of the ocean. it’s perfect.” and hoseok was like “yoongi,,,,it’s more than just th-” and yoongi was like shh
  • is actually super good and can even do tricks on the board and everyone’s pretty impressed considering that yoongi is impatient with anything that deals w physical strength
  • yoongi in hawaiian print board shorts
  • you’re on beach one day and you see this person sleeping and like slowly they’re turning red and you’re like ……. this person didn’t put on sunscreen did they
  • so you shake yoongi’s shoulder and he groggily gets up and is like what huh and you’re like my dude you can’t sleep on the beach without sunscreen on here use mine
  • and yoongi is like oh,,,thank you,,,,
  • and it’s cute he’s kind of caught of guard and clams up around you because you’re cute and whatnot and he’s like “thanks for saving me from becoming a fried lobster” and you’re like “you can thank me by taking me out for lobster, how does that sound?” and yoongi is like oH i mean YES cowabunga 

Jin: archery ~ 

  • “it’s a royal sport. ive got the face of a prince, so like duh.”
  • jin won’t admit he actually got into archery after dressing up as robin hood for halloween for like three years straight as a kid
  • is always the best dressed one at archery competitions like other people show up in casual clothes but jin puts on like a princely looking top with ruffles on the collar and the rest of bts watching him is like he’s so Extra
  • but like he looks like a real regal from back in the day so like 
  • you run a little shop in town that makes hand-made wooden toys and one day jin stops by and asks if you could possibly carve and paint arrows just for him
  • and like he doesn’t really tell you much about the style he wants but you make them very pretty and paint like beautiful flowers on them and jin falls in love with them when you present them to him
  • and he’s like you’re so talented wow and you’re like me?? no!!! you’re the talented one archery is such a ,,,, hard and precise sport,,
  • you two playfully bicker over whose talent is more amazing
  • and jin is like,,,,,,,,,listen you should come watch me,,,,,,ill be using these arrows so if you want ,,,,it’d be nice if you were also there to bring me good luck
  • an you shyly agree and it’s cute you’re there with the rest of bts and jungkooks like “sOOOO you’re hyungs significant other aren’t you?” and hoseok’s like “oh yeah, jin doesn’t invite just anyone to see him compete. you’re totally dating him.”
  • lmao jin doesn’t even have to ask you out, bangtan just unanimously agrees you and jin are thing LOL 

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Feel free to ignore, I just read your Izumi fic and felt like I had to rant. I'm an older sibling to many younger siblings, including, coincidentally, a 6 year old younger brother. And just thinking about what Itachi did makes me sick. I feel like I'm gonna throw up whenever I think about someone doing that to my little bro let alone myself. It's why I could never get on the 'Itachi is a hero' boat. I don't care who you are, no hero would ever, ever do something like that. I'd rather die.

Right??? I’m a youngest sibling, but this is still absolutely true to me. Even for the siblings I don’t see eye to eye with. Just - how can that make Itachi a hero. No. No thank you. 

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I've read your opinion on the matter of how she could be forced to marry Tyrion. But, Sansa's in full despair and I'd think a Stark would be willing to be a martyr rather than bed any Lannister. Why do you think Sansa just didn't say no?

When the moonstones hung from Sansa’s ears and about her neck, the queen nodded. “Yes. The gods have been kind to you, Sansa. You are a lovely girl. It seems almost obscene to squander such sweet innocence on that gargoyle.”
“What gargoyle?” Sansa did not understand. Did she mean Willas? How could she know? No one knew, but her and Margaery and the Queen of Thorns… oh, and Dontos, but he didn’t count.
Cersei Lannister ignored the question. “The cloak,” she commanded, and the women brought it out: a long cloak of white velvet heavy with pearls. A fierce direwolf was embroidered upon it in silver thread. Sansa looked at it with sudden dread. “Your father’s colors,” said Cersei, as they fastened it about her neck with a slender silver chain.
A maiden’s cloak. Sansa’s hand went to her throat. She would have torn the thing away if she had dared.
“You’re prettier with your mouth closed, Sansa,” Cersei told her. “Come along now, the septon is waiting. And the wedding guests as well.”
“No,” Sansa blurted. “No.”
“Yes. You are a ward of the crown. The king stands in your father’s place, since your brother is an attainted traitor. That means he has every right to dispose of your hand. You are to marry my brother Tyrion.”
My claim, she thought, sickened. Dontos the Fool was not so foolish after all; he had seen the truth of it. Sansa backed away from the queen. “I won’t.” I’m to marry Willas, I’m to be the lady of Highgarden, please…
“I understand your reluctance. Cry if you must. In your place, I would likely rip my hair out. He’s a loathsome little imp, no doubt of it, but marry him you shall.”
“You can’t make me.”
“Of course we can. You may come along quietly and say your vows as befits a lady, or you may struggle and scream and make a spectacle for the stableboys to titter over, but you will end up wedded and bedded all the same.” The queen opened the door. Ser Meryn Trant and Ser Osmund Kettleblack were waiting without, in the white scale armor of the Kingsguard. “Escort Lady Sansa to the sept,” she told them. “Carry her if you must, but try not to tear the gown, it was very costly.”
Sansa tried to run, but Cersei’s handmaid caught her before she’d gone a yard. Ser Meryn Trant gave her a look that made her cringe, but Kettleblack touched her almost gently and said, “Do as you’re told, sweetling, it won’t be so bad. Wolves are supposed to be brave, aren’t they?”
Brave. Sansa took a deep breath. I am a Stark, yes, I can be brave. They were all looking at her, the way they had looked at her that day in the yard when Ser Boros Blount had torn her clothes off. It had been the Imp who saved her from a beating that day, the same man who was waiting for her now. He is not so bad as the rest of them, she told herself. “I’ll go.”
Joffrey himself was waiting for her on the steps of the castle sept. The king was resplendent in crimson and gold, his crown on his head. “I’m your father today,” he announced.
“You’re not,” she flared. “You’ll never be.”
His face darkened. “I am. I’m your father, and I can marry you to whoever I like. To anyone. You’ll marry the pig boy if I say so, and bed down with him in the sty.” His green eyes glittered with amusement. “Or maybe I should give you to Ilyn Payne, would you like him better?”
Her heart lurched. “Please, Your Grace,” she begged. “If you ever loved me even a little bit, don’t make me marry your—”

Sansa did say no. It didn’t make a difference.

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I saw you did a couple of the askthehuntersandthehunted characters, but it'd be cool if you could do more. I send them cosplay tips a lot cause many of their characters are so far off, but I'm pretty sure they delete them or just ignore them. I'd like to know that it's not just me who thinks they need some work. Thanks!

Usually I delete these just for privacy reasons, but I want to rant. I hate that ask blog so much, usually I’m okay with ask blogs, but this one, I HATE IT. Not one of their cosplays look any good, none of them are even close to canon, the only one I dislike more then this one is that runaway stuck, if you dislike poorly done cosplays look for the runaway stuck one, you’ll probably cry and rip your eyeballs out.

  • "If you’re wondering why I've been staring through this window the entire time, I'm trying to get a look at this guy who's with Lily."
  • "To be honest I didn't know you were here," Sirius said innocently.
  • "It's not a big deal, he's just in her History of Magic class, they're working together on a project-I don't even know why I care," James sighed "no, I don't care."
  • "You don't care?" Sirius muttered in a tone implying he, himself did not care.
  • "T-this is silly. I have nothing to worry about!" James tried to assure himself.
  • "Oh I don't know," Sirius shrugged. "If you think about it, I'm sure you have something to worry about..."
  • "What's that meant to mean!"
  • "Well... I'd say your looks are about average. Right from that, fifty percent of men at Hogwarts are more attractive than you," Sirius smiled, ignoring James' spluttering. "Including yours truly," he grinned making James splutter even more, "anyway, that's about 200 handsome lads standing by ready to rain on your parade."
  • "Yeah but this isn't just about looks, and I'm way above average in a lot of other things..." James paused, thinking. "Like emotional maturity!"
  • "You were just spying on your girlfriend from a distance."
  • "I liked it better when you thought I wasn't here," James grumbled dejectedly.
  • "I'm not saying you don't have attractive qualities!" Sirius smiled, "your choice of friends is impeccable."

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I'm really sorry if this is annoying but I think you may have the definition of bemused mixed up (like I did--I thought it meant something similar to amused, rather than just confused). I had trouble imagining a "bemused smirk" hence the message. If not, please ignore! I'd just want people to tell me personally.

Thanks but I’m aware what bemused means and I used it to describe exactly the expression I intended.