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shy Dream cuties  introducing their song ♡ ♡

“Don’t you forget about me”

ok but… y'all realize there’s a reason why ed imagines oswald singing THAT song, right? I don’t think it’s supposed to show oswald’s pov or how ed imagines oswald’s pov - it’s supposed to show how ed feels once oswald is gone. it might be a song he fleetingly heard on the radio or one that he’s known for years but that doesn’t matter. what matters is that he connects the song with oswald and if you look at the lyrics it makes perfect sense tbh. the whole top hat scene has less to do with oswald and more to do with ed.

here’s the lyrics to the full song:

“It’s okay in the day I’m staying busy
Tied up enough so I don’t have to wonder where is he
Got so sick of crying
So just lately
When I catch myself I do a 180
I stay up clean the house
At least I’m not drinking
Run around just so I don’t have to think about thinking
That silent sense of content
That everyone gets
Just disappears soon as the sun sets

This face in my dreams seizes my guts
He floods me with dread
Soaked in soul
He swims in my eyes by the bed
Pour myself over him
Moon spilling in
And I wake up alone

If I was my heart
I’d rather be restless
The second I stop the sleep catches up and I’m breathless
This ache in my chest
As my day is done now
The dark covers me and I cannot run now
My blood running cold
I stand before him
It’s all I can do to assure him
When he comes to me
I drip for him tonight
Drowning in me we bathe under blue light

His face in my dreams seizes my guts
He floods me with dread
Soaked in soul
He swims in my eyes by the bed
Pour myself over him
Moon spilling in
And I wake up alone”

also did you notice how ed says “what are you doing?” before oswald starts singing? joke’s on you ed, this is all you.

Music asks

1. Favorite band?
2. A song that holds a lot of memories?
3. Do you play any instruments?
4. If so, which ones?
5. When did you start playing instruments?
6. Can you sing?
7. Ever been in a band?
8. What do you sing in the shower?
9. Favorite genre?
10. Artists/bands that you’ve met?
11. Artists/bands that you’d like to meet?
12. Favorite band member?
13. Vinyls or digital?
14. How many albums are on your phone/iPod (not including incomplete ones)
15. How much do you think you’ve spent on band merch?
16. Who’s that “one band” that started it all for you?
17. Top 5 bands? (behind your favorite)
18. Ever mosh/death wall/circle pit/crowd surf?
19. Warped, Riot Fest, or South By So What!? (Which is better in your opinion?)
20. Have you gone to any concerts?
21. If yes, which ones?
22. What bands do you want to tour together?
23. What’s the main way you find new music/artists/bands to listen to?
24. How did you first find your favorite band?
25. A band that’s “underrated”?
26. A band that’s “overrated”?
27. Favorite album?
28. All time favorite “oldies” group?
29. Think of your dream job; does it involve music?
30. Top 5 band/music related blogs?
31. Let’s be real, look at yourself. What merch are you wearing? 
32. First concert you attended? 
33. Top 5 albums? (behind your favorite)
34. How many different artists are in your phone/iPod?
35. Do you have an eclectic music taste? Or does your music lay in only a couple genres?

Surprise Proposal

A/N: sorry this took so long. i had/still have writer’s block :/

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber 

Request: ’omg do one where Y/n is also a singer and she’s on tour and Justin suprises her on stage and proposes. Love youuu 💜‘ 

Warnings: none


“So I just want to say a quick thank you to every single one of you who has come out to all the shows. This would not have been possible without you. This has honestly been a dream. So, it honor of this being the last show, why don’t we just do a Q&A because I’m sure you’re all dying to know what I’m up to.”

The entire crowd got much louder than before and I looked about for someone to chose. “Okay, why don’t we go with the girl in the hot pink sweater in the front. What’s your question?”

Okay, I just want to say that I love you so much but, anyways, my question is why didn’t Justin come on tour with you?”

“Well, you guys know Justin, he’s a busy guy! Trust me, he’s working very hard on what he was coming. Next question." 

I came here prepared with an entire list of questions but, how did you and Justin meet? You guys never really talked about it so now is the perfect time.“ 

"As cliché as it sounds, we met actually on vacation. I was visiting family up in Canada and I happened to run into him. From there, we just clicked." 

Okay, hey {Y/N}, my question is how did you know singing was your passion?“ 

"It sort of started when I was in middle school chorus and my teacher told me I had an insane voice. After that, singing just blew up for me. I’ve always liked singing since I was a child." 

I know you two are young but, what’s your ideal proposal? Like where and how would you want it?“ The crowd ooo'ed in what I presumed was a good way, more like scandalous. 

"My ideal proposal would be maybe somewhere tropical, like the Bahamas or something like that. It would be really cute if it was during dinner or something. I’m just a hopeless romantic so, whatever he has planned I’ll go with." 

"How would you like if you got proposed to right now?” I froze in my seat when I heard the voice. Wait a minute, I knew that voice. The crowd screamed and music began playing in the background. I turned around to see who was coming out on the stage. To my not-so surprise, it was Justin. 

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“Oh my god, wow.“ I said to myself, well, aloud. I was in shock because I wasn’t expecting Justin to show up. He was literally half way across the world! I got up to hug him and rested my head on his shoulder. I couldn’t help but start crying because I haven’t seen him for so long.

“Okay {Y/N}, I know this isn’t your ideal proposal, which I do apologize but,will you marry me?” Justin questioned. The crowd got silent which was sort of surprising.

“Yes. I’ll marry you, even though this isn’t my ideal proposal.” Justin slipped the ring on my finger and the crowd applauded and congratulated us. We both bid farewell to the crowd and headed backstage. 

“I almost forgot, I heard what you said about the proposal so, last minute, I booked us tickets to the Bahamas. I hope you don’t mind,” he spoke up. I looked over at him with a loss for words. “We are going to have so much fun.”

That was exactly what we were going to do.


A/n: As most of you probably know, today is Min Yoongi’s birthday. You may also know that he happens to be my bias. So, I decided to quickly put something together for this special day and it happened to be a really quick drabble that I just freestyle wrote with no thought behind it. 


(this is like an au of Yoongi appreciation)

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Who You Are (Part 5)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2,793

Warning: swearing, violence, making out ;)

Summary: You are on a mission of your own when you get caught by a certain superhero.

A/N: For some reason I always post at 11 o’clock at night. I have no idea why….Sorry for the long wait! I’ve been really busy with school, but I got it done! :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

When you had come up with the idea of Peter helping you learn to defend yourself, you didn’t realize how hard it would actually be. Ok, this should be easy enough, you think right before you punch the bag.

“Shit! That really hurts. Ow. Fuck.” You say, shaking your gloved hand out and jumping around while cradling your dominant hand into your chest.

“You’re lucky you didn’t break your hand. You punched with your thumb tucked it.” Peter says standing to your right with his arms crossed.

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Disney Queen

A/N: A request from @peytonnation that is SUPER FLUFFY. Spencer and the reader have just seen Moana and when they get back, they dance around the apartment to Disney music and she belts out How Far I’ll Go. Enjoy! @coveofmemories


“That was so cute,” you shouted, hopping into the apartment like the fabled Easter Bunny. You and your boyfriend, Spencer, had just returned from seeing the latest Disney movie, Moana, which you’d begged him to go see. Actually, there really wasn’t a ton of begging - he liked Disney movies much more than  he let on. “And the music was so good! I’m gonna download the soundtrack.”

You ran over to the opposite end of the living room where your iPod was sitting on a table and immediately bought the album from the movie. “You’re so cute when you’re excited about something,” Spencer said. You actually thought that was pretty funny. If anyone got animated (pardon the pun) when they talked about something it was Spencer.

“This coming from man whose eyes light up when he talks about statistics,” you laughed. “How about you give me a statistic about Disney?” You wondered how much he actually liked Disney, or if he was just humoring you. 

“Well from 2006 until 2016, Disney’s global revenue has increased by two-thirds, going from 33 billion to 55 billion,” he said. “And I think only about half of that comes from money you’ve spent.”

Picking up your iPod, you ran over to where Spencer was sitting and jumped right next to him. “Haha, very cute. Yes, I love Disney, so sue me!” You leaned back into him and started turning on random Disney songs until you settled on an oldie but a goodie - one you hadn’t heard in a long time. “Dance with me, My Prince Phillip.”

As Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty began to sound throughout the apartment, Spencer played along, holding out his hand for you and even singing some of the lyrics, but not before giving you another random Disney fact - this one you knew though. “You know this song is also called An Unusual Prince?”

“That I did, Prince Phillip.” You started to sing. “I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you…”

“…The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam. Yet I know it’s true,” Spencer continued, bringing a smile a mile wide to your face. It wasn’t often that he allowed himself to sing, but if he did, it was in front of you, and it was always sweet. As the song finished up, he turned toward the couch and picked up your iPod, switching to the soundtrack from the movie you just saw. “Now, I could tell there were quite a few songs that you wanted to start singing along to but you stopped yourself because we were in a room full of people, so go ahead.”

How Far I’ll Go started to crest like the water Moana so desperately wanted to be a part of. “Go ahead,” Spencer laughed. “Please, it’s adorable.”

“I’ve been staring at the edge of the water
‘Long as I can remember, never really knowing why
I wish I could be the perfect daughter
But I come back to the water, no matter how hard I try
Every turn I take, every trail I track
Every path I make, every road leads back
To the place I know, where I can not go, where I long to be.”

As the song found it’s place in your lungs, you started to dance around the apartment, picking up a towel and cleaning the kitchen counter as you did. The words flowed out of you like a river, as corny as that sounded, and Spencer had a blast watching you frolic around the apartment like a kid on Christmas morning. When you looked over, you saw him mouthing the words too. 

“I know everybody on this island, seems so happy on this island
Everything is by design
I know everybody on this island has a role on this island
So maybe I can roll with mine
I can lead with pride, I can make us strong
I’ll be satisfied if I play along
But the voice inside sings a different song
What is wrong with me?”

Quickly, you made your way around the apartment, coming to once again rest at Spencer’s side while singing directly into his face. “See the light as it shines on the sea? It’s blinding. But no one knows, how deep it goes. And it seems like it’s calling out to me, so come find me. And let me know, what’s beyond that line, will I cross that line?” You finished up the song and immediately pulled out your phone.

“Are you looking up everything you possibly can about Moana?” he asked with a laugh. It was just like you to find something you liked and then research it to death. 

Not exactly - although you’d definitely be doing that later. “No, what I am doing is seeing if I can recreate Moana’s costume for Comic Con this year.”

“You would make an absolutely beautiful Moana,” he laughed. “But then we can’t go as a pair because I definitely can’t pull off Maui.”

“What about Heihei?” you cackled. “You can be my crazy, weird chicken.” 

He snorted, pulling you down into his lap. “That I could pull off. Or maybe I could just go as a Disney prince. Maybe Phillip?”

“You can definitely be my Prince Phillip,” you laughed. “You already are.”

EXO Reaction to... : To having a deep vocal range for singing

TYPE: F, M-ish

Theme:  To having a deep vocal range for singing




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“This ho got it from me “

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“I raised 11 kids while my damn husband was away. Does she really think she’ll beat me with her got damn hot vocals ??” *SIGH*

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Well he found another reason to love you.

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*That seductive look*  (Girl/Boy you ain’t going to survive)

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Jongin: I hate Jongin sometimes. When he gets all giggly he makes me giggly *sigh* 

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He would be showing off your singing skills to the guys. *You’re Xiumin*

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Kyungsoo: ‘ When did she start singing?? Should I stop smiling. Damnit I can’t*

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Luhan : 

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Subaru blog entry
2017/4/18, 00:11

I’m glad you were there.
I’m so glad you were there.

Thank you, thank you.

I receive so much from you
that I think about what I can give you.

But you said “There’s no need to think about such things!”

I lost my voice.
It’s painful and embarrassing. I’m really sorry
but when it disappeared you were so nice and let me hear your strong singing.

I couldn’t help it. My heart was about to burst.
In the end I can’t put it into words
but I want to convey it somehow.
I lost my voice but you all reached out your hands and sang.

We all sang Royz [songs] together.

There are different sounds
and different worlds.
I was also so impatient and reached out for things that weren’t possible.

We talked a lot about our 3rd 47th prefecture tour and took off to this journey.

The most important thing we brought along is our “songs”.
It belongs only to us.
These “songs”.

These great, hard, nice songs will always stay with us.
In these times they are nice and good to people who’re suffering?
That’s good.
I’m singing for the people who are waiting for that kind of songs.

I’m not good at it at all.
Even though I have a bigger passion than anyone else in my heart
I’m not good at it.
There are also many things I don’t know how to use.

Recently, everything is so hard.
I often think like that lately.
Aaah… I want to convey this in a better way.
If I could only be better at it…
It doesn’t work out at all.
We’re passing by each other all the time.

But lately various things got clearer.
It made me feel like it tells me: “It’s fine now.”

Being connected like this isn’t that bad. That’s what I honestly think.
I can only guess that the others think like that, too, alright? (laughs)

With what exists only here
I want to keep on singing together with you.
Rather than talking or doing anything else.

I want everyone to take everyone along like we did yesterday.

No matter what you’re feeling, it’s fine.

Did you start liking to sing?
Are you tensing up?
Or are you in a band mood?

No matter what you’re feeling, it’s fine.

I want you to call and sing out.
If there’s no place you can go to it’s too sad if you get the feeling that it ends.
So please, take everyone along – another step.

Singing as much as you want is the best.
It feels like you can take us along no matter to which place.

That’s what I want to tell everyone.
I want to tell it to more people.

I’m sorry I couldn’t sing with a nice voice.
But from the bottom of my heart, it was a happy day.

Thank you for the performance in Gifu!!


More of my screenshots from “Puppet Bride” Episode 10a, Season 3.

love is what it’s about

pairing: phillipa soo x reader

prompt: “Pippa x reader where the reader is outed to their religious parents ??? Thx babe love you”

warnings: mentions of the Catholic Church as well as same-sex attraction (is that even a warning?), swearing 

word count: 2,447

a/n: this was one of my favorites to write. if you are here to criticize the Catholic Church or homosexuality, please don’t bother commenting, as it will not be tolerated and will promptly be removed. while the Catholic Church does see same-sex attraction as a sin, the Catechism specifically says that everyone should still be treated with the same (if not more) respect and love and acceptance. that being said, love is love. God does not make mistakes. you are worth the world.

Masterlist / Prompt List

“Tickets?” A woman at the door asked. You had promised your friend, Megan, you would see her in the school play. She had tried to dismiss this, arguing that she was only in the ensemble, but you pushed her to recognize how important every role in theater was. It was a classic - Beauty and the Beast - and with the movie coming out in just days, you were through the roof.

You handed the lady your ticket, gratefully accepting the playbill before making your way to your seat.

Mindlessly, you flipped through the book, finding the cast biographies by the time you sat down. You found Megan’s, grinning at the paragraph.

Megan Found is a junior at West Brooks high school and is overjoyed to have a role in her first musical with Brooks Drama! She’d like to thank her parents for always being so accepting of her decisions, her little sister for bringing a smile to her day, and the cast and crew of Beauty and the Beast for making her first show so amazing.

You thumbed through the other pages, looking to see who else was in the show. You recognized a few names, but those weren’t what stood out to you. It wasn’t even a picture - it was a name. Phillipa Soo. You hadn’t seen her around school (then again, your school had upwards of 2,000 students), but she instantly captivated you. Quickly, you skimmed her biography.

Pippa is thrilled to be a part of another Brooks Drama! She has been in seven other shows including Funny Girl as Georgia James, Throughly Modern Millie as Millie Dillmount, Into the Woods as Baker’s Wife, Grease as Rizzo, Almost Maine, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Little Rocky Horror Show. Pippa is a senior at West Brooks and is so grateful for the opportunity to play Belle in her final Brooks Drama. She would like to thank her parents for their relentless support, her acting coach, Ms. Lauria, for always pushing her to succeed, and to the cast and crew of Beauty and the Beast. Break a leg!

The lights flickered, signaling the start of the show. You pushed the playbill closed, eyes flashing towards the stage. The music started and your breath caught in your throat before she even started singing. Did you somehow forget to look at her photo in the book? She was stunning. As if that wasn’t enough, she was absolutely captivating. Maybe it was the way she smiled through her songs, or how she managed to make the stage look so intimate; she had struck you.

At intermission, you were so overwhelmed, it took five minutes before you could even think about standing to stretch or get a cup of coffee.

“Y/N,” you heard someone call; Megan’s parents They gave you a hug, ushering you out of the theater. “We are so grateful Megan has such a sweet friend like you who would come to this show!” Her mom gushed, squeezing your side in a hug. You let out a light laugh.

“Megan is a great friend, of course I’m here.” You grinned.

“Well, we’re going to buy her some flowers - my silly daughter left them at the restaurant we went to before the show,” She said, walking towards a table in the lobby. Set up on a white tablecloth was a bucket of water with bouquets of flowers in it. A sign sat beside it labeled: Flowers $5 a Bouquet! Send to a friend or give in person!

Her mom had already gotten the flowers by the time a line started to form. Mindlessly, you got in it, fumbling around your purse for five dollars.

This wasn’t creepy, right? you thought as you picked out a pretty set of Gerber daises and addressed them to Phillipa. You paid before you could talk yourself out of it, pushing the card towards the woman working the table.

You are amazing.

You didn’t sign the card. You weren’t sure if that was good or bad. Probably good - what were you even thinking? She probably has a boyfriend anyways. You found your way back to your seat, rereading her biography before the lights flickered, indicating the restart of the show.

During final bows, you could’ve sworn she made eye contact with you; that her smile grew just a little. Regardless, at the end of the show, you waited in the lobby to give Megan a hug. Or at least that’s what you told yourself.

“Y/N!” You heard Megan say. Turning, you watched her weasel her way through the forming crowd. “You came!” She grinned, reaching out to hug you.

You laughed, returning the hug, “Of course I did. You were phenomenal.”

She rolled her eyes, “Maybe not. But how good was Pippa? She played Belle? She - Pip! C’mere!” And suddenly, Meg was dragging you across the ground towards the star of the show. You took in a sharp breath when you reached her.

Pippa had taken her stage makeup off, leaving her smile pink and new. Her eyes were the kind that warmed you from the inside out - almost too bright to look at. Her hair was up in a ponytail, trailing down her back.

“Hi,” you managed, blushing instantly.

She let out a small giggle before Megan introduced you. “Pip, this is my friend Y/N.”

Phillipa gave you a light smile, reaching out her hand, “I’m Pippa. Are you a junior?”

You nodded, shaking her hand gently. Holy shit, her hands were soft.

“You like the show?”

You nodded again.

“You this quiet?”

You shook your head, laughing a little. “Just a bit starstruck I guess.”

Pippa gave you a smile so happy it felt contagious. “You’re so sweet. You should come to Denny’s with us.”

Megan jumped back in, “Y/N, you have to! The whole cast goes but we can get a separate booth and just hang out and catch up?”

You bit your lip, “I don’t want to keep you,” you tried, but they were quick to stop you.

“No, no!” Pippa said, placing a hand on your arm and sending shocks through your body. “It’ll be fun. Please?” Sighing, you nodded, agreeing to join them. Pippa smile made it worth it.

The two of you ate pancakes that night and talked for hours. It was as if everything she said pulled you in closer. She was incredible. Megan left after an hour, telling you that she had to finish her homework, but to be honest, you didn’t mind. You were completely content to spend some time alone with Pippa.

At the end of the night, she gave you a tight hug. promising to see you again.

“You know what? Give me your phone,” she said, holding her hand out. Quickly, you handed it to her, “I’ll add my number,” she added, making your heart swell.

After that, the two of you texted nonstop. She took you out to lunch on Fridays when the pair of you had off together. Saturdays you went somewhere fun; either the trampoline park or a movie or even a picnic. Sundays you went to church with your family, telling them what a good friend Pippa was, your chest aching more each time you did so.

Today was Thursday and Pippa’s track practice had gotten canceled. She was walking alongside you, arms linked as she walked you to your car. When you got there, you weren’t ready to say goodbye. You hadn’t let go of her hand after a minute and she cocked her head to the side. “What?” She grinned.

You shrugged, pulling her into a hug. “Wanna go for a drive?”

“Can we get ice cream?”

“Duh.” You teased, making her grin before skirting around your car to climb in the passenger seat.

You drove with one hand on the wheel, the other resting on her thigh, a place it had found much more often than not recently. She fumbled with the AUX cord, putting on some new music she wanted you to hear.

You had barely made it on the highway when the sun hit Pippa in pure golden. You took a deep breath, suddenly overwhelmed by her. She was everything.

Sitting in the Dairy Queen parking lot in the trunk, she stole some of your blizzard, licking the spoon with a smile. You went to brush a piece of hair from your eyes, but she beat you to it. Her hand rested on your chin for a second too long, completely changing the atmosphere. Her legs were in your lap from before, so in a split second decision, she leaned forward, pressing her lips to yours.

Instantly your hands found her thighs, pulling her closer to you by her legs. She smiled against your lips, the past few months of longing finally coming undone.

Friday night, your little sister had dragged your family to a pasta dinner at her school cafeteria. You were close to getting out of it, but then Pippa told you that she would be there volunteering. You were the first one in the car.

Dinner was going smoothly, but I supposed that’s how it always is. You were eating dinner, laughing alongside Pippa. Your ankles were tangled together, hoping your parents wouldn’t notice.

There were several people from your school at the dinner, many from your grade. Pippa, rather than volunteering, however, spent the majority of her time next to you. A guy with brown hair came over and nudged her away from you.

“You’re supposed to be helping, not playing footsie with your girlfriend,” he spat, making your chest tighten.

“Josh, just give me a minute -“ Pippa tried to reason, seeing the way your brow had creased.

“No, now.” He said again, this time sharper, pulling her arm hard.

“Ow! Josh, let go!” She said quickly, pushing him away. He tried harder, rolling his eyes at you.

“You don’t have to be such an ass,” you said, standing up to face him.

“At least I’m not a fa -“ You slapped him clean across the face, turning on your heel and walking towards the door, your parents trailing close behind.

You barely caught you father’s bitter tone as he spat at the boy, “Never talk to my daughter like that again, do I make myself clear?”

You had hot tears streaming down your cheeks. What would they think? Oh gosh, were they going to kick you out?

Katie was complaining about having to leave the dinner early, but your mom instantly hushed her. Pippa was outside the cafeteria, but you refused to look at her, even when the car pulled out of the lot.

The ride was tense, thick with unspoken words.

“Katie, go play upstairs for a little,” your mother said, ushering her up the steps.

You stood anxiously against the granite counter, unsure of what to expect. Your mother returned with soft eyes, and a smile on her face. Even you dad looked… okay. He didn’t seem angry or disappointed just, calm.

Your mom took a seat at the table, waiting for you to open up. You fiddled with the ring Pippa had given you before rasping out, “I’m gay.”

Your father grinned, coming around behind you to squeeze your shoulders. “Thank you for telling us,” he said. “That had to be very difficult for you. We are so proud of you.”

Your head snapped around. His eyes were red and glossy with tears. “What?” You breathed out.

Your mom laughed, “We love you,” she said. “We are always going to love you, no matter what.”

Was this a joke? Were they going to yell at you now?

“Isn’t this the part that you tell me I’m a disgrace to the world and I don’t deserve God or something?” You stuttered out.

Your dad’s hands fled from your shoulders, “Squirt, is that what you really think the Catholic church thinks?” He asked, brows furrowed.

Feebly, you nodded.

“Oh, love,” your mother gushed, rushing towards you to hold you hand. “That is not what the Church is about. In any way. The Church is entirely about love and acceptance. I don’t know why society has created this flawed version of the RCC, but that is not who we are.”

The tears began to flow again, “Really?”

Your dad nodded, “Obviously this is an adjustment as we still have our beliefs in marriage, but that does not mean we accept you - or Pippa for that matter - any less. Don’t think for an instant that we love you any less now that you experience same-sex attraction.”

Your mom continued, “Everyone is a child of God before they are anything else.”

You nodded slowly before the burning question in your stomach bubbled out. “But, does this mean I can’t be a Catholic any more?”

You mother shook her head quickly, “Of course not. The Catechism itself says that all people - especially those who experience same-sex attraction - should be ‘accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity… every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.’”

Her eyes were soft as she pulled you into a hug. They didn’t hate you. They didn’t love you any less. God didn’t love you any less.

“Go talk to Pip,” your dad smiled, nudging you towards the door. Grabbing the keys, you began speed walking to the car, practically speeding back to the cafeteria. When you got there Pippa was pacing in front of a picnic bench.

“Pippa!” You nearly shouted, rushing towards her. Instantly, her head snapped towards your voice, meeting you half way in the parking lot.

“Y/N,” she sighed, “I am so sorry -“

You shook your head, trying to get her eyes to meet yours.

“I get it if this,” she said, gesturing between the two of you, “Isn’t what you want…”

“Pip,” you said, finally getting her to look at you.

“Why are you smiling?” She asked, suddenly confused.

You giggled, pulling her into a hug, “Of course this is what I want.”

Phillipa’s body relaxed as you said that, holding you tighter than before.

“Really?” She said softly.

You nodded, giving her a squeeze before pulling back slightly, “You’re what I want.”

A Conversation With Grimes
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A Conversation With Grimes

When Claire Boucher, the Canadian electronic artist known as Grimes, first recorded a song, she was reluctantly helping out a friend who said he needed a “girl vocal.” Half a decade later, Grimes is a marquee name at massive festivals like Coachella, and has three well-received albums under her belt — though she says she still feels as self-conscious as ever about her voice.

Grimes’ latest release is Art Angels, on which Boucher not only wrote, produced and engineered all the songs, but masterminded the videos and artwork as well — no small feat given the crowded and male-dominated field of electronic music. She spoke with NPR’s Audie Cornish about the gender politics in music studios, the surprise perks of being a science major and why her favorite songs are those that deliberately unsettle the ear. Hear the radio version at the audio link, and read more of their conversation below.

Audie Cornish: I read that you actually studied neuroscience in college? Or just the sciences generally?

Grimes: Actually, I was in a program at McGill called Electroacoustics, where we studied a lot of how the brain interacts with music. So by the time I actually started making music, I kind of had an understanding of frequencies and kind of how the brain responds to things, which I think really helped me as a producer: Even though I had no experience playing instruments and stuff, I kind of had a basic understanding of engineering. My learning curve was maybe a tiny bit shorter than maybe someone who hadn’t studied that stuff.

So how does that inform the music? One of the things I like about electronic music is the sensory overload — the drops, the highs and lows of it, are directly triggering things in my brain. Is there a song on this album where you feel like your knowledge about how we hear things affects how many tracks there are, how many layers, how many sounds?

I don’t know if it’s actually that practically useful, honestly. Because you can study music to death; you can study the brain’s response to music to death. But it’s not the same thing as making music, which is very gut-level.

Like, there was a study that we read about when I was in class: They polled tons and tons of people and found out the most loved type of music and the most hated type of music. And actually, the most loved type of music is deep women’s vocals — so,Beyoncé and Adele and stuff, that makes sense. But the most hated was, like, children’s choirs — and I love children’s choirs. High female vocals, people hate that — and I have a high female voice, obviously. So, I think it just depends.

Can you remember when you first thought of yourself as a producer? I mean, was there an early song — before people knew you, even — where you realized you the tinkering, the putting it together?

Probably from the first time I tried to make music. Singing has always been a struggle for me, so when I first started making music, I only made instrumentals.

When you finally did start to sing, was it a surprise to you?

Kind of! I mean, I wasn’t good, but I was not the worst, which was extremely encouraging to me. The fact that I wasn’t literally the worst singer on planet Earth made me think that I was, like, a god. Immediately I was like, “Oh, I don’t suck? OK, I’m gonna be a musician. Like, right away.”

So when you first sat down, what were the circumstances? What drew you to it?

Basically, I’d been at a friend’s house; he said he wanted a “girl vocal.” I was like, “I’m really a bad singer,” but I did it anyway — and then I was like, oh, music isn’t that hard. So I got my friend to show me how to use GarageBand, and then I just kind of started making terrible, terrible songs using the built-in synths and stuff, just screwing around with that.

It’s interesting — I think electronic music changes the bar of entry for people who want to get into music, right?

Oh, yeah. I think, I mean, in a sad way I think it’s one of the reasons experimental electronic music isn’t more popular, is that it’s so hard to turn it into a live thing; it’s more of a laptop thing. But definitely, in the scene I came from, you don’t need to be a “good” musician to make electronic music — you just need to have a good ear. You don’t need to be able to technically perform anything.

So now that there’s so much of this music out there, how do you determine what’s good? Who are the artists that inspire you, who are doing similar work?

Oh my gosh. I love 40, who produces for Drake — I think he’s one of the best producers. I love Burial. I mean, most of my favorite producers produce for vocalists; I don’t listen to a lot of straight electronic music that doesn’t have vocals. This is a totally crazy thing, and I’m significantly worse and significantly less popular, but in a way Calvin Harris is probably the most similar to me in terms of functionality. He’s a great producer, he’s a songwriter, but he doesn’t necessarily sing all his songs. He does sing — he’s decent at it — but it’s not like his main thing.

What has it been like over the years asserting yourself in the studio? Because the model that we all hear about in the music press is young women performing songs that they may have written, but the production is usually a man, especially if you look at the Top 40. Have you found that people in that setting want to provide the beats for you?

I’ve never actually worked in a studio on one of my songs — I’ve only worked in a studio in writing camps for other people, which were odd experiences. I wasn’t allowed to touch a computer, for example, even though guys in the studio were allowed to. I obviously know how to use a computer and I know how to produce, but I had to tell the engineer what to do if I wanted to do anything, which I thought was pretty crazy in the 21st century.

This might have been a union thing, too, right? Because you’re the writer.

No, no, there were producers coming in — and I don’t think I was brought in only to do vocals and top line. Even if I was, that’s kind of weird because I’m way more of a producer than a vocalist. So, I mean, it was pretty gendered. Luckily, I mostly work in my own house and I don’t work with other people, kind of for this reason.

For people who don’t know, writer’s camps are basically like a retreat, where you get put into groups and you’re supposed to write, collaboratively, for another artist. What was that experience like for you, an artist who’s pretty self-contained?

In a way, it was a blessing in disguise: I got to watch so many great producers work, because I wasn’t allowed to produce anything. I actually did learn quite a bit about production. But on the other hand, it was very daunting, even just as a writer writing top line, because I felt like it was extremely judgmental. It was kind of assumed that I was stupid and that I didn’t know what was going on, and especially because I don’t feel confident as a vocalist, it was very stressful to have that be the thing that I was evaluated on.

And you described it as gendered.

Yeah, well, just that all the guys made beats and all the girls did top line.

“Top line” meaning the melody.

Yeah, basically the melody that the vocal is doing. Like, there were no girls doing beats and there were no guys doing top line. But, I don’t know — I don’t want to criticize it too much.

No, I mean, they’re big business, right? Lots of people are making money and songs in this way. But it’s sort of hard to picture, given how many women we see in the Top 40. A lot of the biggest names in music are women right now.

I think it’s just … You know, I came in with experience as a producer and I wasn’t allowed to produce — so how could any woman who didn’t have experience as a producer ever learn how to produce? It was just a little odd in that regard. If there are stereotypes of, “Women do certain jobs in music and men do certain jobs,” the way the studio works, it’s not easy to escape that.

As your career has gotten bigger and more and more people are hearing your music, do you hear from young women who want to be doing what you’re doing?

I guess I do! If you meet fans outside of a concert or something like that, someone will be like, “You inspired me to start producing, and I make records now.” Which is pretty cool — I mean, not even from a music perspective, but being visible as a woman in technology is sort of interesting, and hopefully inspires women not just to touch computers in music but for other purposes as well.

I want to talk about one song that I was, I feel like, almost surprised to hear on this album — which is “Easily.” It sounds like you very much enjoying your own voice.

Oh, really? It’s actually my least favorite song on the album!

What don’t you like about it? I think it’s quite sweet.

I just think it’s really basic. I only put it on because when I showed my friends all the songs they were all like, “You have to keep that song. Don’t ditch that one.” But I personally think it’s not very interesting from a production standpoint.

That makes sense given a lot of the other music we’ve heard from you, which is just layers and layers of sounds. This is just you.

It kind of makes me uncomfortable! But usually, the songs other people like are the songs that make me the most uncomfortable — so I usually try to allow some of those to make it onto the record.

Do you ever want your voice, or your music, to sound ugly? Like, do those songs, in a way, kind of go against the way you have presented your voice — which is not about being bubbly?

Yeah, I do kind of like songs more like “SCREAM.” They feel more natural to me. I like to have at least one thing in a song that’s a bit jarring, that throws people off.

Right, which in “SCREAM” is super-effective. You have this Taiwanese rapper, Aristophanes, who is delivering on such great menace — and then the chorus has this primal, punk-like scream. It’s interesting to hear that next to this other side of your music, which almost reminds me of The Bangles or something.

The other thing about songs that are really singing-oriented is that they’re much harder to perform live. Singing live is twice as hard as singing in a quiet, nice studio, where you can do 50 takes and choose the best one.

So when you’re at a show, what are you oriented towards? Are you thinking more about setting up the computers and the sound design than that moment when you’re going to have to take the mic and maybe sing something pretty bare? Do you avoid those songs as a result?

I do. I actually do not play either “Easily” or “California” live. And I also often have to change the top line so that it’s easier to sing, stuff like that.

You’ve made this distinction between having to perform this music you create on stage and like trying to get that to translate, not just for the audience but for yourself. Do you like performing?

Well, it’s complicated. It’s not my favorite thing, but it is way better than working at Starbucks. I just have terrible, terrible stage fright. It’s definitely not what I would do if I could make a living doing something else, but it’s on the better end of jobs.

Stage fright doesn’t seem like a good match for some of the stages you’re playing. You’re doing Coachella — these are big, big stages.

I mean, you can always override it — it’s just very difficult.

Does the persona help? Like, does being Grimes help?

I suppose so. When you’re kind of just bombarding people with crazy, it’s so much less daunting that when you have to be a sweet, great vocalist who can do runs and stuff. Especially at festivals where you don’t get to soundcheck and you have no idea if it’s going to sound good or bad. Last time played Coachella I had no in-ear [monitor mix] at all. I had to do the whole set completely deaf and just hope it was OK.

[Laughs] How were the reviews?

Uh, great! I mean, muscle memory is a hell of a thing.

With this album, do you feel like you have advanced your music significantly? You’ve done the videos and the songs and the production and even the cover art — does it feel like a milestone for you?

Oh yeah. I mean this is, for me, my first record that I think is good. Not that the other records aren’t good, but they’re so amateur. I made them not thinking anyone would ever listen to them, so there’s tons of songs without lyrics, because I just sort of did a random vocal and was like, “That’s good enough.” There’s a lot more care put into this record, because it was the first record I made knowing that I had a sizable audience.

Going forward, what direction do you want to take this? Do you see a future where maybe you don’t bother with those vocals at all and you become Grimes, super-producer?

I could see that. The problem with that is when you produce for other people, you’re subject to their whims and fancies and you have to do what they want, which I’m really bad at. Like, in the camps, you go in and they’re like, “OK, it has to be 135 BPM. It has to be in this key.” I’m like, I don’t even read music! I don’t know how to do that.

When you make music, you kind of start going, you’re trying things and trying things, and then suddenly you hit upon something that elicits something emotive in you and you’re like, “Oh, OK, I feel this!” And then you follow that wave. Whereas when you start with a set of guidelines, it’s really hard to get that vibe. It has to already be in a box before you’ve already started. So I don’t know if I could work for other people as a producer as a job — although the “Venus Fly,” featuring Janelle Monáe, is one of the songs I’m most proud of as a producer. And I loved working with Aristophanes. Those were some of the most freeing experiences of my life, having other vocalists. So, I guess we’ll see.

I just want to follow up on something you said earlier — about your voice, and being vulnerable and just kind of “out there.” In a way, do you feel like you have been both rewarded and penalized for your voice?

Yeah, I think my voice definitely bothers some people. Some people really like it. People hate my lisp: When I was I high school, I remember people would be like, “Ugh, I don’t want to talk to you! You have a lisp. It’s so annoying.” But I don’t know — I like having a weird voice. All my favorite singers, even if they’re not the best, they have a voice that you can immediately recognize. I think that’s a really awesome trait.

Text and audio by Audie Cornish for NPR Music.

Soulmate Solangelo One-shot

Soulmate AU where everytime your soulmate is singing a song it gets stuck in your head. 

Another bland day in the office. Not many people came to fix their insurance policy this early in the middle of the week. It was really unnecessary to have so many people in the building this early. As Will looked around the office he saw how bored everyone was. One girl was looking through the online Victoria’s Secret catalogue. One guy was playing pinball on the computer. The others looked half asleep or intent on their phones.

Will got up to go make himself a coffee, despite his revulsion to the stale brand the office had. He wasn’t the only one in line for coffee. A few other coworkers were there too. One was a lady with long curly blonde hair, another a guy with messy raven black hair, and another guy with a goatee.

“I tried telling Percy not to, but he did anyway,” the woman said.

“Haven’t you learned by now? He never does what he’s told,” the guy without a goatee said.

Will managed to find his way around them and reach the coffee machine. His brain was too muddled to care about who Percy was and what he’d done. He returned to his desk and grabbed a notepad to scribble on until the phone rang. As he wrote, he suddenly started humming an old familiar tune. The gravelly voice of a cartoon satyr popped into his head, causing him to smile.

It’d been a long time since he watched Hercules, and he couldn’t recall the song completely, but the rhythm was there in his head. He had no idea how he’d thought of it so suddenly, but he enjoyed it. At least for the first three minutes. After almost an hour of Hercules songs spinning through his head, he was getting angry. He didn’t know the words and he didn’t know why all the songs had suddenly come into his head.

With a frustrated groan, he put music on his computer, hoping to drive away the Grecian Disney movie away. The gentle melody for Hey There, Delilah began and he began singing softly as he played solitaire.

Somewhere in the office a smooth voice began humming the song. Will paused it to listen and whoever it was kept humming. Will glanced at the other desks and saw the blonde lady from the coffee room smiling. “Sing louder, Nico,” she prodded. And the humming stopped.

Will shrugged and let the song finish playing. His shift would be over soon, thankfully. All he wanted was to go home and catch up on Supernatural. He began shutting down his computer and straightening up his desk. As he was leaving, he suddenly remembered the playful tune to Hakuna Matata. He chuckled as he recalled the movie and began singing it on his way home.

When he turned on the radio, he was able to replace the song with a more modern tune.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Nico was on his phone looking up a piece of lyrics because he couldn’t remember the rest besides the one small phrase, “-keep on hoping, we’ll eat cake by the ocean.” He ended up playing the song all the way through. He was certain he’d never heard it before, but he must have. It was stuck in his head for a reason, right?

“You know, your singing caught that cute guy’s attention,” Annabeth told him from the desk on the other side. He rolled his chair towards her and raised an eyebrow. “You know, the blond with the blue eyes and freckles?”

“Sounds like you have a crush,” he teased. “Don’t tell Percy, he’ll go berserk.”

Annabeth rolled her eyes. “I’m serious, Nico! He perked up as soon as you started singing.”

“A lot of people did Annabeth.” She huffed and he smiled at her. “Hey have you heard this song?” he asked, showing her his phone. She nodded. “It’s been stuck in my head, but I haven’t heard it before.”

“You probably have, it just didn’t make an impression.”

He shrugged and returned to his desk. He returned to his Disney station. It was a guilty pleasure. There was something so innocent and relaxing about Disney songs that made work bearable. And the drive home. And being home alone. But it wasn’t an obsession.

After a song from the Lorax, Nico had to go home. On the way, he started singing Carry On Wayward Son. He hadn’t watched Supernatural in a while, but he did love that song. He’d almost forgotten about it until then. At least this song made sense in his memory.

The next day at work, Nico was getting coffee, humming a song from Tarzan. When he turned, he saw one of his coworkers with a confused look on his face. He faltered in his singing when the guy looked at him. This must be the guy Annabeth was talking about.

“Where is that song from?” he asked suddenly. “It’s been in my head all morning, but I can’t remember.”

“Uh, it’s by Phil Collins. It’s on… Tarzan.”

He scoffed. “Figures. I’ve been remembering a lot of Disney songs lately.” He held up a tablet. “I was planning to catch up on a series I’m watching, but I might just end up watching Disney movies. Is that childish?”

Nico felt a blush creep into his cheeks. “Aha,” he laughed nervously. “No, not at all. I’d do it too. I love Disney.”

The blond furrowed his eyebrows. “Really?” he asked grabbing his coffee. “Didn’t peg you for a Disney type.” He smiled. “I’m sorry to keep you, I didn’t mean to ramble.”

Again, Nico shook his head. “No, it’s fine. Not much work to do anyway.” Then, desperate for the conversation to continue, he asked, “What series were you going to watch?”

“Supernatural,” he answered. “I’ve been slacking. I’m a whole season behind.”

Nico chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’m five seasons behind.” His sparkling blue eyes went wide. “I know, it’s horrible.”

“Oh, you poor thing,” he said. “You have no idea what you’re in for!” He suddenly smacked his head with his hand. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

“Nico,” he answered, holding his hand out.

“Will,” the freckled face replied, taking his hand. A slow, rosy blush crept into their cheeks as they looked at each other. “So uh… since you’re the Disney fanatic, did you want to watch something with me?”

“S-sure,” Nico stuttered. “Hercules is my favorite.”

I’m so excited to play Pop'n again soon, that I actually played all of Zizz’s, most of ALT’s and my fav song (Odile’s from Pop'n Portable) in the car for my mom to hear, even though she usually dislikes what I listen to, and she actually enjoyed them a lot and thought they were pretty this feels like a dream @@

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  • me: well, a little less than the whole of Save Rock and Roll.
  • mum: what?
  • me: ...

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