did you see how his eyes lit up

1. I’m in love with your boyfriend.


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SUMMARY: Dan’s girlfriend Ella comes to stay with him and Phil for a week and Phil is shocked by how he feels about it.

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But guys did you see Miles eyes lit up everytime Tristan did something new or his situation had changed?!

Like the first time when he squeezed his hand, he was such a puppy and hopefull and awh!

The second time where he has woken up, that smile and his eyes are filled with love and he can’t believe how beautiful he is.

The third time where he walks, I mean have you seen those looks and that smile!!! The way he said that his boyfriend was amazing!! I’m still fangirling over it!

But let’s not forget when Tristan ‘Told’ Miles to fight for the play, that little moment after it was so special and you could see just how much he loves this man! And will never give up on that!!

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i asked you to babysit one time and now my child keeps asking when you will spend time with them again ........ kurtbastian?? Ily

Sebastian walked over to Kurt’s desk and said, “Your Paris fashion week article wasn’t terrible. There were only, like, three parts I violently disagreed with.”

Kurt looked up at him and narrowed his eyes. “Why are you trying to compliment me?”

Sebastian sighed. “Remember when you did me that favor and took care of Blair when I had to fly to Milan?”

Kurt’s face lit up. “Yes! She’s so cute.”

Sebastian immediately felt relieved and said, “Great. So, you’d love to see her again then.”

Kurt raised an eyebrow and asked, “Sebastian, I know what they pay us. How could you possibly need me to baby-sit?” He narrowed his eyes, “You have a coke problem, don’t you?”

“Coke isn’t expensive enough to be that big of a drain,” Sebastian said, rolling his eyes. “No. I just… for some reason, she really liked you. She keeps asking for you to baby-sit again.” He added, “Which I personally object to because her current nanny has two degrees in child psychology so it’s like, what does Kurt bring to the table? Other than an absurd number of pastel ascots.”

“I would love to baby-sit for you again because your daughter is lovely,” Kurt said. “But, I’d like it on the record that you did a terrible job of asking me for this favor. It’s important to me that you know that.”

“Well, you agreed to do it, so.” Sebastian shrugged.

Kurt rolled his eyes and watched Sebastian walk away.


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You were spending the evening lounging in bed beside your boyfriend. He was deep in thought reading a new novel and you were scrolling down your SNS. It was your usual routine lately, and you were more than happy just spending the night with him. He knew you were lonely over the last few months, while he was dealing with schedules, but since he had some down time he wanted to spend it with you. Making sure that he was home every night.

He glanced over at you seeing how your eyes lit up as you read things or your soft laugh when you’d come across a video. Just being with you made him so happy. As he turned back to his book he remembered that his photoshoot for tomorrow had gotten pushed back giving him the day off. “Hey Jagi?”

“Yes Daddy?” you froze for a moment, wondering if those words really just came out of your mouth. How? How in the world did you let that slip? You winced a bit, shutting your eyes, not wanting to make any sudden movements. Maybe he didn’t hear you.

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#27. blind, mute, deaf.

joshua: you didn’t have to see his face to know that he was most beautiful person you have ever met. you started losing your eye sight in the start of high school, and as you grew older it was gone completly. from what your mom had told you, you and joshua had met a few days after he arrived to korea. your mom had taken you out for lunch, and joshua had passed by your table and his eyes had lit up. since then he has been by your side through everything. ‘’can i ask you something?’’ joshua whispered in the midst of the night, as you responded with a hum. ‘’why did you pick me? you can’t even see me. how could you tell you wanted to be with me?’’ he said, as a playful smile spread across your face. ‘’i didn’t have to see your face to know that it was gonna be you. you’re funny, gentle and your voice makes me feel safe. you don’t let my disability effect our relationship,’’ you said and placed your hands on the side of his face, your thumbs resting on the corners of his mouth, feeling them rise up in a smile.

wonwoo: his hands are flailing in the air, gesturing something that isn’t even a word in sign language. he sighs in frustration, because he wants to learn sign language, even though you’re not deaf, but he finds it beautiful and that it has a beauty of it’s own. you had lost your voice in a car accident, haven’t been able to say anything since. wonwoo didn’t see it as an obstacle, he only loved you more for it. because as he said, ‘’that’s what makes you, you’’. your small hands barely wrap around his, curling his fingers into the right position and he smiles as you help him spell out the words and phrases that allows you to speak. as wonwoo gives up on learning the phrase, you shake your head with a smile on your lips. ‘’it doesn’t matter anyway,’’ he said, closing his eyes and leans onto your shoulder, ‘’cause i think how much i love you speaks for itself.’’

minghao: ‘’come with me. i have a surprise for you,’’ minghao mouthed slow enough, so you had a chance to register what he said. when you were younger, you had gotten serverly sick and had lost your hearing. it was hard because it meant you couldn’t hear the things you love the most, and one of them being your boyfriend’s voice. the car ride was silent for you, but you knew he was listening to music by the way his fingers danced along the steering wheel. when he parked the car, you noticed that it was the park where you first met him. a small smile formed at the memory, as he took your hand in his and guided you over a bench by the small lake. he turned to you, and a grin was on his face as he moved his arms up and signed the words, ‘’i love you’’. tears filled your eyes, before a grin formed on your face as you signed the same words back at him, as he pulled you close and kissed you.