did you see him in 5th year?

K but like Yuzu came back from an injury that could’ve threatened his career and was out for 3 months and still came back and killed it and got the gold??? Again!!! Legend!!!!! I mean…it’s been 66 years since that’s been done he’s incredible (I could talk abt this man’s achievements and never run out)

And..Shoma finally getting the recognition he deserves outside of Yuzu by everyone else is what i live for tbh. He skated so beautifully (like watching him skate is so amazing bc he really feels the music idk man) and you could see him work hard for his free skate Shoma is just wow and he got the silver I’m so happy

And Javi finally finally got an Olympic medal and he deserved it like wow his skating was amazing and had so much personality and wow I love Javi

And Boyang!!!! Skated!!! So well!!!! Wow!!! Um…his performances were amazing and he made fourth at such a young age and I’m so proud

And Nathan showing the media that he is an amazing skater (smthg the rest of us already knew) despite the ridiculous amount of pressure and criticism and attempting 6 QUADS?!? And landing 5 perfectly and scoring the 5th highest free skate only after Yuzu and Javi and winning the Olympic free skate at 18 years old!!! And still making 5th place despite his free skate score

And Vincent (who was undercovered) skating so well at his first Olympics as well and landing!! The 1st quad!!

And Adam having fun and honestly he skated so well his performances were so fun to watch and you could see happiness like..radiating from him it was amazing

Mikhail did better than people are giving him credit for; sure it wasn’t his best, but he still skated pretty well and I enjoyed watching him so

And Patrick’s artistry is next level he skated beautifully even tho things didn’t go completely the way he wanted, it was a great performance

Scared To Tell You(Single Dad AU! Johnny)

Originally posted by woojaeibsul

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hi 👋 can I request single dad Johnny were he falls for y/n but they don’t know he has a kid because he’s scared he’ll lose them once they find out but it all goes well and you love his kid so much so you want to adopt them. Love your page ❤️❤️❤️

Johnny smiled as he stepped into the coffee shop. His eyes linked with the young woman in front of him. Well dressed and in good looking, she seemed to fit some of his qualities. “Excuse me” he says softly as she turned to him. She pulled out her head phones and offered a smile. “What kind of drink do you recommend?” he asked as she laughed. “You come in here everyday” he was told. “I needed an excuse to talk to you” he spoke honestly. “Well I am Y/N” “Johnny”


Johnny fixed his hair in the mirror as a small groan filled his ears “Travi bud. Uncle Marky is gonna watch you until I get home okay?” he cooed to his 3 year old who was waking up from his nap. The front door opened as his young neighbor stepped in. “Thank you for this” Johnny says putting $30 in Mark’s hand “yeah sure” he smiled as Jonny waved his son off and headed out for his date.


It wasn’t a fancy date like Johnny wanted to do. It was rather simple. Hot Cocoa while walking in the park. It made Johnny think of his son due to the little park you guys were passing. His son’s Korean name was Taechul but Johnny gave him the English name of Travi. “Johnny” your voice filled his ears as he turned to you “yeah sorry” he smiled “what were you saying?” he asked “I asked if you wanted to get food now? Its kind of cold” you tell him as he smiled. “Yeah sure” he hummed as he began pulling you along to his car.

The car ride was rather quiet before Johnny glanced over at you. “What do you think of kids?” he asked you “already thinking about having children with me?” you joked as he smiled “I’m just asking” he says. “Kid are nice. Tricky but nice” you tell him as he nodded. Johnny felt his phone go off in his pocket as he saw it was Mark “do you mind if I take this?” he asked as you shook your head.

“Hello” he says “dude Travi just threw up” Mark said in a panic. Johnny’s eyes widened “shit” he mumbled. “I’ll be home shortly” he says as he glances over at you. “I um have an emergency at home" Johnny says as you gave a confused look.


Johnny quickly unlocked the door to his apartment as Travi’s crying filled his ears as his younger as unsure what to do. “Travi buddy” Johnny says as he picked up his sick son. His toddler clung to him as he turned around looking at you. “You have a kid” you state as his question made sense now. “I’m sorry I didn’t say it right away. I was scared. I think you’re great and most woman don’t want to hear about me having a kid” he told you as you shook your head. “I’ll go” Mark says out loud as he left apartment quickly.

You walked over and lightly touched Travi’s head. “Do you have soup?” you asked as he nodded. “I’d get him changed and yourself as well. He got sick on that shirt” you tell him as Johnny glanced down at his shirt seeing it in fact had throw up on it. “You don’t care?” he asked. “Johnny. I think you’re a great guy. A kid doesn’t change that” you tell him as he smiled. “I’ll change” he says “I’ll start the soup then” you say as he told you where everything was and headed off.


The next two years went rather smoothly. Johnny found himself in his first serious relationship a month after his son had gotten sick. You had been there for Travi’s 4th and 5th birthday while his biological mother did not bother to even send a card. “It’s annoying” Johnny spoke “she just threw him away and got married to a super rich guy. They have two kids now, she won’t even give her first born the time of day” he continued as his shoulders were rubbed by you. “You’re a much better mother to him” he continued.

You smiled as you rubbed his hair lightly. “We should go to bed you have to get up early tomorrow” you tell him as he nods. “Okay” he whispers as he gets under the covers. Once you two settled he held you close. “Thank you for putting up with my rambles” he told you as you smiled into the dark.


You slicked Travi’s hair back before fixing his tie “daddy doesn’t wear a tie” he told you as Johnny stopped midbite of his cereal. “Well your dad doesn’t go to school” you tell him as you slid his jacket onto his shoulders. “But why do I have to wear pajamas while I eat but he doesn’t?” he then asked as Johnny paused again. “He’s messy like me” you laughed at the response as Johnny finished his cereal. “let’s get you going" Johnny says as he made sure he was clean before taking grabbing his suit jacket.

You guys walked to Travi’s first day of kindergarten. You held one hand and Johnny held the other. “Is it hard?” Travi asked “easiest year” Johnny mumbled as you smiled. “You’ll have fun” you informed as you could see the school coming into view. “So you call me or Y/N if you have any problems. Remember this is only for emergencies” Johnny explained as his son nodded. “Okay. Bye mom bye dad” Travi says taking off into the building.

You and Johnny froze “mom?” you said out loud. He stood up straight as he smiled at you. “Your his mom” he told you as he took your hand into his. “I said I would be in around 10” he says “I said the same” you tell him. “How about we go get coffee then?” he asked “favorite place” he continued as you nodded in agreement.

mapachii  asked:

I really want more of the harry potter au! What friendships are there and stuff like that (I don't like hp so I dont know much about it)

Ok so:

Jisung- 7th Year Hufflepuff Headboy who was very confused as to how he managed to get Headboy even when every teacher and student constantly tells him how good he is at taking care of others. Not a Quidditch player but goes to every game to cheer on the others, lowkey biased for Gryffindor cause Daniel. Very good at Charms, he finds it easy to get the knack of little spells. Ironically terrible at Herbology and collapses on the table every time his plant ends up keeling over. Is friends with everyone regardless of house, spends every meal time sitting at a different table. Is always laughing with other students, regardless of year level. Can be seen often in the library with a younger student tutoring them in classes cause he just wants to help others. Has a unicorn hair wand and is a half Muggle, half Wizard. 

Sungwoon- 6th year Hufflepuff. Childhood friends with Gryffindor Taehyun and can always been seen together. Keeper for Hufflepuff Quidditch team and by his 6th year he’s finally gotten good at it. Is best at Divination even though he hates the subject, “I see myself failing my potions essay dammit.” Is miserable at potions, him and Taehyun often work together and it explodes in their faces. Has a Dragon Heartstring wand and comes from a Pure Blood family. 

Minhyun- 5th year Ravenclaw. Top of his grade. Rumor has it that hes part Veela which he has neither confirmed nor denied. Hangs out with a bunch of other beautiful students named Jonghyun, Minki and Dongho who everyone is too scared to approach cause they’re all very intimidating. They all later become Headboys and are the best at guiding and helping younger students. Is seen as cold by everyone but then you see him laughing with some first years and hugging them and everything is reconsidered. Likes Quidditch enough to go to games and have a professional team he stans but not enough to actually play. Would be best in the team if he did though. Unicorn Hair wand and Pure Blood family.

Ong- 5th year Gryffindor. Comes from a Muggle born family and when he got his letter was just “I knew I was better than everyone.” Star of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, main chaser. Is already going to be captain once next year. Very popular with everyone. Is a brilliant flyer, usually manages to win the match regardless of who catches the snitch. Also very good at Care of Magical Creatures cause he finds a lot of the terrifying animals fun. Worst subject is Magical History cause he usually falls asleep in class. Good friends with everyone but closest with fellow Gryffindor Daniel and Hufflepuff Jisung. Can often be seen laughing and messing around with the three of them in the court yard. Possibly has found the Marauders Map and uses it for Mischief™. Wand is Pheonix feather. 

Jaehwan- 4th year Ravenclaw. Another Muggleborn who was all set up to follow his dream to be a singer and go to music school when he got his letter. Initially was very disappointed until he realised just how amazing Hogwarts is. Very lonely at first, didn’t really interact with anyone on the train or in the first few months. Everyone thought he was quiet and shy. Slowly began opening up and everyone realised he was crazy. Wild goat laughter can be heard all throughout the Gryffindor common rooms and dorms. Part of the Frog Choir. Very good at potions and following the steps, very bad at Defence Against the Dark Arts, always ends up screaming. Sometimes goes and sits by the lake with his guitar and sings and any student passing by stops for a moment to listen. Is terrible at Quidditch but loves going to games and cheering for them all. Unicorn hair wand. 

Daniel- 4th year Gryffindor. The Jock™ Another chaser on the Quidditch team and him and Ong paired up are ruthless. Amazing flyer. Hogwarts Champion when the Tri-Wizard-Tournament comes around and has no idea how that happened. Accidentally adopted a first year named Woojin who now follows him everywhere. Comes from a Muggleborn family and was very in awe of everything in the wizarding world. Very good at Defence Against the Dark Arts, not too bad at everything else. Has 2 cats, 1 of which he snuck in, both of whom he never stops talking about and constantly showing pictures of to anyone that he’s talking to. Many, maaaaany female students have a crush on him which he is kinda confused about and Jisung just shakes his head at him. Dragon Heartstring wand. 

Jihoon- 3rd year Slytherin. Cute™. All his teachers love him, top of all his classes. Constantly competes against the best student in Gryffindor and their seeker Kim Samuel who he may or may not have a thing for. Is the seeker for the Slytherin team and is already very good for his age. Most students think he’s this perfect, sweet student but his friends know better. Is very weird and lowkey evil. Sometimes talks to the giant squid and mermaids in the windows of the Slytherin common room. Is very good at Dark Magic even though it’s usually an accident. Is a Parseltongue and makes friends with snakes everywhere he goes. Pheonix feather wand and Pureblood.

Woojin- 3rd year Gryffindor. Another one who was quite shy to begin with and then opened up and everyone realised he too was wild as hell. Beater on the Gryffindor team. Is terrible at writing essays regardless of subject. Wishes there were dance classes. Is pretty good at Astronomy cause he used to stargaze a lot as a kid. Friends with most students, especially the Slytherins Jihoon and Daehwi. Accidently turned Daehwi into an otter once and Daehwi didn’t talk to him for a week. Sometimes gets help from older students like Jong or Jisung with his homework. Comes from a Halfblood home with a Pheonix Feather wand.

Jinyoung- 2nd year Ravenclaw. Another possible Veela candidate. Transferred over from Beauxbatons after his first year and everyone was amazed at this beautiful new student. Is really just a nerd. Seeker for Ravenclaw and honestly terrible at it. Fell of his broom once in front of everyone and woke up in hospital to Jihoon laughing at him. Was paired with Guanlin for potions once and it exploded in his face, had to wear an eyepatch for a month. Best friends with Daehwi and is in the Slytherin common room more than the Ravenclaw one. Has lots of females in his class who like him and he’s completely oblivious. Dragon Heartstring wand.

Daehwi- Textbook Slytherin first year. From a Pureblood family, bit of a know-it-all. Thought he was gonna be the best in every one of his classes. Was wrong. Is half and half, very good at charms, transfiguration, defence against the dark arts; miserable at herbology, flying and care of magical creatures. Studies way too hard, spends most of his time in the library until Jihoon or Jinyoung drag him away. Never talks about the otter incident and will never admit he secretly enjoyed it. Everyone laughs when his patronous is later revealed to be an otter. Wants to become Minister of Magic and already has his life planned out for the next 10 years. Unicorn hair wand. 

Guanlin- 1st year Hufflepuff. Comes from a Pureblood family but he’s so clueless everyone thinks hes Muggleborn. Best friends with fellow Hufflepuff Seonho and is rarely separated from him. Is ok at flying and wants to try out for the Quidditch team next year with practise. Sneaks out in early mornings to fly. Terrible at potions, terrible at charms, terrible at transfiguration. Ok at herbology, enjoys talking to plants. Doesn’t talk much to humans, usually he just stands to the side while Seonho talks but then OngSung will do something and he’ll screech with laughter and everyones like “….Was that Guanlin?” Was given a Remembrall by Seonho for his birthday and it’s his favourite item that he owns. Dragon Heartstring wand. 

hate you, too

length: 1.4k

type: (5th year) angst and a sprinkle of fluff

warnings: violence 

 based on this passage:

              “Been a long time since I had to spell you two apart.”

-Ebb, to Simon about him and Baz, pg. 91


             “(Snow) also says I tried to throw him down a flight of stairs our fifth year. Really, we were fighting at the top of the staircase, and I got in a lucky punch that sent him flying. Then, when my aunt Fiona asked me if I’d pushed Simon Snow down a flight of stairs, I said, “Fuck yes I did.”

-Baz, pg. 179

  •  5th year Simon and Baz get into a fight and Ebb has to spell them apart

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Toxic - Newt Scamander

A/N: I made a part 2! 😂 also I wrote this on my phone so I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes! Love you xx
Requested: YES, by @kittykat101ary Genre: PURE aNgSt
Warnings: none unless you count extreme angst and hurt feelings

You had known Newt for as long as you can remember; your parents were friends, as well as both of your older brothers. So it was only natural that the two of you became best friends at a young age. However, it wasn’t until your third year in Hogwarts that you realized that you were, in fact, in love with him. You knew better than to hope for the cheesy ‘best friends who end up together’ scenario, though. Both fortunately and unfortunately, you could read Newt like a book, which meant that you could tell when he had romantic feelings for someone. You had been lucky enough to not see any signs of it your third and fourth year, but as soon as he met Leta Lestrange, it was over. Deciding that Newt’s happiness was worth your own emotional distress, you pretended that you were entirely okay with his feelings towards her, encouraging him to talk to her. Pretty soon, he didn’t need your encouragement and they were talking on their own.

The feelings of being unwanted started out small at first, you being able to scold yourself and push it away. Newt was still including you in the things he was doing, he just wasn’t giving you the amount of attention you were used to. Then it progressed to him making plans with Leta without you. You ignored the hurt, smiling and telling him not to worry about it when he realized what he was doing. “No, it’s fine! I was busy anyways!” You would say, and he would give you one of his heart-melting smiles which made everything okay again. You ignored the pang in your heart when he smiled that same smile at Leta, and you knew it was wrong to dislike her when she hadn’t done anything to deserve it, but you couldn’t help it. You wanted to be in her shoes, you wanted to be on the receiving end of his affection.

Your 6th year is when you finally broke. You had spent your 5th year and the majority of your 6th drifting farther away from Newt, as Leta grew closer and closer. You had gone from seeing him numerous times everday to once a day, and from there only a couple times a week until you saw him a mere once a week. To say that it wasn’t taking an emotional toll on you would be lying, and you secretly hoped that maybe he would notice. But he never did. You knew it wasn’t his fault, he would never intentionally make you feel that way and if you told him how you felt, he would fix it immediately. But you saw how happy Leta made him and you didn’t want to take that away from him. So, you kept your feelings locked and hidden away. And then his expulsion came.

You weren’t upset with him because he got expelled, you were upset with him because you had to find out from your potions partner, who was known as the school’s gossip. “Psst, (Y/N)!” She whispered, making sure the teacher didn’t hear her. “Did you hear about Salamander?” She continued when you didn’t respond. You furrowed your eyebrows and looked over at her. “You mean Scamander? As in Newt Scamander?” Your tone was a bit irritated due to the nickname some bullies had given him. “Yeah, sure. Anyways, I heard he’s getting expelled today! Apparently he and that Lestrange girl got into some trouble or something and he took the blame for all of it!” The small vial in your hand fell and shattered against the ground before you knew it. The teacher rushed over, presumably to ask what had happened, but before they even got there you were running out the door and down the hall.

You knew it was true when you reached the entrance to the headmaster’s office and there he stood with his trunk. “Newt.” His name left your lips in a whisper, so quiet you weren’t sure he would hear you. Surprisingly, he did and his head turned you you, his eyes gleaming as they saw you. “(Y/N)! What are you doing here?” He sounded surprised to see you and for some odd reason, that broke your heart. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Your voice was weak and thick with the tears you were holding back. He swallowed and looked down at the ground for a moment, as if contemplating what to say. “Honestly?” His eyes flashed up to yours. “I… I didn’t think you would care.” The words that fell from his mouth hurt. If your heart wasn’t already broken before, it had been completely shattered. You rushed towards him, hugging him tightly as you cried into his shoulder. He hesitated, before wrapping his arms firmlu around you. “Why w-would you ever think I could stop caring about you, you big dummy?” Your words came out harsher than intended, but if they hurt him, he didn’t show it. “You just weren’t around much anymore. You were always with other people and you seemed… happy, I guess. Much happier than you appeared to be around me. I thought maybe you realized how weird I was and were just too nice to tell me.” You took in a sharp breath, not expecting those words. You wanted to yell and hit him and hug him and whisper that you loved him more than anything all at once. Instead, you pulled away and looked him in the eyes, not bothering to wipe the tears that were falling from your own.

“Where’s Leta?” The question caught him by surprise and he winced visibly. “(Y/N)-” He started. “Where is she?” You asked again, for forceful than the first time. He lowered his eyes, which were now sparkling with tears. “She… She hasn’t come to say goodbye yet.” You felt your blood boil. “So she’s the reason you’re getting expelled and she can’t even say goodbye.” It wasn’t a question, he knew that. And as much as he didn’t want to admit it, you were right. That was exactly what had happened. “(Y/N), please-” You cut him off once more, your voice now soft and hurt. “Why?” He looked at you, confused by what you meant. “'Why’ what, (Y/N)?)” He asked. You took a deep breath, folding your arms self-consciously across your chest and looking down. “Why did you choose her?” You mumbled, immediately embarrassed. “I’m sure I don’t know what you-” You looked up at him, the look in your eyes stopping his words in his throat. It was a look of desperation, hurt, sorrow, and loneliness, and it killed him inside. “I would have never treated you this way, Newt. Look at me, for Merlin’s sake! You’ve been ignoring me and ditching me for the last year for Leta and I still came running when I heard you were in trouble! I didn’t even hear it from you yourself, you were planning on just leaving without saying goodbye, and yet I risked getting in trouble myself by running out of class just to come see you! She isn’t here! She caused this, and yet she doesn’t even have the decency to stand by you when you need it most! I know you love her, and I’ve kept myself out of it for a long time, thinking that you would be happier this way. That’s why I stopped initiating the conversations, Newt! I wanted you to be happy! I have done nothing but sacrifice things for you, and yet you love her! Someone who would take advantage of you and leave you to clean up the mess all on your own! Do you even how toxic your friendship is with her?!” You had begun to raise yoir voice throughout your rant. “She’s not that bad, (Y/N)! You don’t even know her! And if you wanted me to be happy, why did you stop talking to me?” Newt was frustrated, not understanding why you were so upset. “Because I’m in love you, dammit!” His eyes widened and his body went still.

You took a deep breath, running your fingers through your hair and whispering, “I’m in love with you, and I didn’t want to interfere or cause problems with any possible relationship between the two of you. I know you love her, Newt. And I’m sorry.” His mind was reeling since your confession, and he just barely managed to catch your last words. “Sorry? Why are you sorry?” You bit your lip and turned away, your back now facing him. “I’m sorry I can’t be her, I’m sorry I can’t be the person you love. But if it means acting like her and hurting you, I’d rather deal with unreturned feelings.” With that you walked away. And he didn’t stop you.

A/N: Part 2 here: http://huffleheck.tumblr.com/post/155315746931/part-2-newt-scamander-it-would-be-enough
Harry Potter X Male!Reader - always wanted you.

title: always wanted you. 

Alpha!Harry Potter X Omega!Male!Reader
warnings: sexual themes, light language kinda, mentions of mpreg
he/him pronouns used for reader
when you see ’–’ it means some time has passed/pov shift
omegaverse au
**also au where there is no voldy and every one is happy like they should be
***6th year harry and 5th year reader/ also reader is a gryffindoor

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Draco malfoy x reader (Angst)

Plis do an imagine where something major happens to the reader right after they break up and draco was the one who broke it off so he realises he still wants to be with the reader? I just want a really angsty and cute-ish imagine I guess? draco

Originally posted by arianavevo

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anonymous asked:

did you see that sm producer that bashed bts and said exo is better, and army is just a bunch of dumb 12 year olds? it's all over twt, and he also said that exo outsold bts, and bts has kids as their fans and exo has mature fans. what do we do with people like him? i couldn't expect any less from someone coming from the worst korean company, i'm not even surprised, but i'm annoyed.

Ah I did, I open twt and every 5th post is about it. It’s just so funny to me and I had a good laugh when I saw one post where someone said he looks like shrek when he turned into human lol Anyways,I’m sorry but every fandom has younger fans and what’s so wrong with that?? In fact, bagtan has a lot of older fans. “Exo has more mature fans”, ha funny *remembers all the drama they caused(especially that incident with wanna one during mma)*. He doesn’t even know what he is talking about, he just embarrassed himself.

After War Shower

Category: 5 Seconds
Rated M

The war was over. Voldemort was defeated. The wizarding world was saved.

And Hermione was in the process of almost dragging Ron up to Gryffindor Tower as quickly as she could.

“Hermione, what’s your hurry?” asked Ron, almost having to skip steps to match Hermione’s speed.

Hermione said nothing as she continued her voyage to the tower. They made it to the entrance where the Fat Lady could see Hermione’s urgency. She didn’t bother over a password. She simply gave a nod and opened.

Hermione, still holding onto Ron’s hand, pulled him up the boys stairs to the seventh year dormitories. She all but snatched Ron’s arm out of his socket as she yanked him into the dorm, slamming the door and sealing it shut.

“Hermione, what are you-”

“Come with me.” she said, guiding him to the bathroom.

Once they were in, Hermione began to strip, causing Ron to become both excited and confused.

“Hermione, what the bloody hell are you doing? You do realize I’m standing right in front of you.” he said, bewildered.

“Yes, and I would had hoped that you would be taking off your clothes as well.” said Hermione.

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A - Chanyeol

Member: Chanyeol (EXO)

Summary: A chanyeol scenario based on Got7’s A

Word Count: 1115

Genre: Fluff

Author’s Note: I’m sorry if this isn’t the best scenario. It at least isn’t the best i could write. Where i live it pretty late and my English might  get confusing. I hope you enjoy it either way AAAA


🎶Ei da aneunde wae jakku sumgyeo🎶

🎶Hey I already know everything so why are you hiding🎶


You heard your friend shout-whisper in your ear. Immediately you sat up and looked around you to see if someone witnessed you dozing off, only to be greeted by a beautiful smile of the man sitting across you. Yes, the man all of you are thinking about Park Chan Yeol. School’s treasure.

You liked him since 5th grade, why wasn’t a mystery. He’s incredibly handsome, always gets good grades, an absolute sweetheart and not to forget very talented. He’s like a perfect human being. But you of course weren’t the only one with a crush on that angle-like boy. All the girls in the school were running behind him. He never accepted a confession though. It made you wonder..

Did he like someone else?

Whilst being completely lost in your thoughts, you couldn’t notice how you were staring at him..’

‘____-sshi’ A deep voice ringed in your ear but you were too far in your imagination to actually progress what has been said to you

‘____-ah are you staring?’ The same voice only a little louder. As you finally were done thinking you turned around quickly in embarrassment, thinking to yourself ‘Wow you screwed up ____, nice job’

And as on que, the bell rang. Your school had this annoying bell that would you keep repeating itself in your head. You grabbed your bag not-so-smoothly and walked in a fast pace out of the classroom. You were so disappointed in yourself. ‘You made it so obvious, you stupid punk’ you mumbled to yourself


🎶Nega nal johahaneunge imi ne eolgure sseuyeoisseo🎶

🎶It’s written all over your face that you like me🎶

 To Chan Yeol this wasn’t anything new. He noticed you staring at him in all the classes you had together. He noticed the way you frowned when he talked to other girls. He knew you liked him, he knew everything. He could see the changes in your behavior since 5th grade, but it really started to show this year. And he liked you back, a lot.

Lunch is one of your favorite and least favorite time of the day. You liked it because you can do everything you want in the 30 minutes. But the negative thing was that you had to witness girl literally throwing themselves at Chan Yeol. And you’re not over-exaggerating. yesterday freshman just ‘fell’ in front of him. Like…uhm you could definitely see that she did that on purpose.  

As you closed you locker you felt some kind of presence next to you, and of course it had to be him. If you hadn’t embarrassed yourself enough already in class, you definitely were going to embarrass yourself right now.

‘Hey  __ -‘ Before Chanyeol was able to finish his sentence you swiftly turned around on your heel before speed-walking away. Leaving him there dumbfounded.

‘Why is she hiding when her feelings for me are written all over her face….AISH.’ He shouted frustrated whilst hitting the closest locker next to him.   

‘Yep you indeed embarrassed yourself even more’ you mumbled walking into the washroom. ‘why am I like this?’ You were honestly getting very frustrated with your behavior. ‘If he didn’t saw I liked him already, he’s definitely gonna know now.’ ‘It’s written all over my face’ You whispered annoyed at the mirror whilst splashing water against it.


🎶Ei nareul boda wae nuneul dollyeo
Da aneunde ei ei

🎶Hey why do you look away
I know everything

You’ve been avoiding eye contact with Chanyeol as much as possible. He found it rather frustrating to be honest. Every time he tried to find some sort of convocation with you, you’d walk away. Was it that hard for you to tell him your feelings? It’s not like he doesn’t know what’s going on at all. He knows you like him. You knows that he likes you. This could be something solved so easily. And if you weren’t planning on making a move.

He had to.


🎶Modu ara iri wa bwa
Deo isang nal pihaji malgo

🎶I know everything come over here
Don’t avoid me anymore

After a week of ignoring him, he couldn’t take it anymore. Remember when someone says; ‘you don’t know how much you need it until it’s gone? That was what he was feeling right now. He needs you. And he’s not planning on letting you go that easy

You on the other hand were a mess. After the talked to you, you went home and looked some stuff up. The results weren’t very pleasing. They were more depressing to be fair. A 13 page long story about how you person you like is probably never going to like you back. It made you lose a lot of hope.

But no matter how many of those things you read. He wouldn’t go out of your head. His dorky smile, his adorable elf ears. And his height. He was like a cartoon character. But knowing being the mess that you are at the moment with a bucket of chocolate ice cream ain’t gonna help.

As you were preparing for bed you heard a ticking noise coming from the window. When you walked closer you saw it were rocks. At first you were really annoyed and wanted to scream at the idiot who would throw rocks at your window. But when you opened the window your ears were filled with this beautiful but oh so familiar voice.

‘Let’s make our first day today
I want to hold your hand and walk around
We’re wasting time what do you want to do
Until when are you going to run from me, huh?

Hey I already know everything so why are you hiding
It’s written all over your face that you like me’

Hey why do you look away
I know everything’

You were so shocked with the lyrics you almost fell out of the window but luckily didn’t. After the song ended Chanyeol grabbed a pair of big white paper. With a sentence written on each, in English.

‘Dear ___’

‘Did you like the song?’ You nodded furiously with pink cheeks

Do you understand my intentions?’ Slowly but surely you figured everything out. Chanyeol actually like you too?! You pieced it together, so you nodded again

So will you be my girlfriend?’ Unable to contain your excitement you squealed and ran downstairs and our of the door, only to be greeted be a happy chanyeol holding his arms open for you to jump in, and you did.

Don’t avoid me okay? I know everything.’ You smiled at his remark and nuzzled your face in his neck.


  • Baz: *finds out Simon asked out Agatha and they started dating*
  • Baz: *goes to hide in the catacombs*
  • Baz: Fucking moron. Been stalking me all year and now... this...
  • Baz: *gasping for air rapidly, a hand to his racing heart, bitterness in his mouth, refusing to wipe away the tears because if he does, he will feel like he lost it all*
  • Baz: Idiot... You knew it could never happen. Why did you hope every day? Why were you excited each time you'd see him? Why did you stay up hours at looking at him sleep? Why did you need him so fucking much?!
  • Baz: *wants to punch the floor with the strength of his anger but the sound of his fist lightly tapping the floor barely made a noise*
  • Baz: Simon... Please be the death of me.

Has it ever hit you that Sirius was Draco’s uncle yet they probably never saw each other. Sirius was never there to help Draco because he left his family. Can you imagine how much different Draco could have been had Sirius been able to help him out when times got tough? How do you think Harry did it in his 4th and paritally 5th year? Sirius was constantly talking to him and giving him advice and it’s just sad that Draco never got to see his uncle even though it would have been good for him

anonymous asked:

Could I get an imagine where I've been friends with Neville my whole life and I've always had s little crush on him but dd say anything so he wouldn't be uncomfortable. Then when he's gone through puberty other girls hit on him and finally I get jealous and tell him my feelings?

okay so long story short… Neville had never been the best looking guy. But there was so much more to him than that - he was funny and kind and sweet and so smart, especially when it came to herbology. You had basically known him your whole life, your parents being friends with his and stuff. Your family even visited his mum and dad at St Mungo’s in the holidays. So, naturally, you and Neville were like best friends..even though you wanted to be more than that. And then suddenly you guys were in your 6th year and suddenly puberty decided to hit neville up. And now he was very attractive, funny, kind…well you know. So this is were the story starts.

You and Neville were walking down the hallway to lunch on your first day back at hogwarts. Even though it had only been ½ a day, you noticed that Neville was suddenly getting a lot more attention than he usually did. “Do I look weird today?” He asked you, as you sat together at the gryffindor table. “N-no, not at all.” You said, trying to stay cool. “Look there he is! Neville!!!” You turned around to see a bunch of ravenclaw girls running towards you and Neville. “Er hi?” Said Neville as they all sat down next to him. One of the girls pushed in between you and neville so that she could sit close to him. “um?” You said, to the girl who completely ignored you. You sighed loudly but of course no one could hear you over the “How was your holidays Neville?” “How’s your gran, Neville?” “Oh Neville you’re so funny.” You’d had enough, you picked up your bag and stalked out of the room. Neville looked up as you passed, “Wait y/n where are you going?” You didn’t reply, you didn’t even look at him. 

Once you were out of the Great Hall you decided to go to the library where it was quiet and you could just take your mind off of everything. When you got there, there were only a couple of people there, one of them being Hermione. “Hey.” You said as you plonked down next to her. 
hey y/n.” She said, looking up at you, “Oh, what’s wrong?” She asked, putting down her book and giving you her full attention. “Is it Neville?” She said, seriously. “How did you-? It doesn’t matter. Yes it’s Neville. How can he not notice how fake all those girls are?” You said putting your head on the table. Hermione rubbed your back with her hand, “Maybe you should just tell him how you feel? You know boys, they never notice you if you’re their friend.” She said. “What do you mean?” You asked. Hermione’s face flushed pink, “You know, he’s your best friend he probably doesn’t notice that you like him because he just thinks thats what best friends would say and do.” You nodded, “Yeah I guess. Wait- have you had that happen to you?” Hermione, started fiddling with the hem of her skirt, “well no-i mean-“
“Do you like Harry?” You asked quickly. “What? No!” she said,
“Oh you like Ro-" 
"No stop.” She said looking around her. She took a deep breath, “Let’s just focus on you.” She said, the red in her face slowly fading. “Just tell him how you feel.” At that moment Neville walked in, a large group of girls following him. “Y/N! There you are!” He said, walking over. Hermione smiled and got up, giving you a reassuring look as she left. “What’s going on?” He asked, casually. 
“Look Neville we need to talk-” You started,
“Neville can you teach us how to do herbology!!” one of the girls shouted. Neville smiled, “yeah sure!” Suddenly Miss Pince showed up, “Neville you and these girls need to leave. Now.” The girls started giggling and Neville was trying not to laugh, “Are you coming?” He said. You just shook your head, trying not to cry.

That evening you sat alone at a table in the common room. You watched with dark eyes as Neville sat on the sofa, surrounded by a few of the 5th year girls - they were all laughing, very loudly. “You didn’t tell him did you?” You looked up to see Hermione and Harry. “Wha-? Hermione did you tell Harry?” You asked, shocked. She shrugged, “He knows Neville I thought he could help.” They both sat down opposite you. “And Harry agrees with me when I say you just need to tell him.” 
“That’s easier said than done. Trust me, I’ve tried to tell him 3 times today but those girls keep showing up and ruining it." 
"Go wait outside.” Said Hermione. 
“Just go.” She said. Sighing, you got up and walked out the portrait hole, waiting for … well you didn’t really know what. Suddenly the portait opened and Neville clambered out of it. “Hey! Hermione said you needed to talk to me. What’s up?” Your heart began to beat really fast and you felt as though you were going to explode with nervousness. “Well, I um” You stuttered. Neville looks confused, “You what?” You took a deep breath and said, “I just really like you okay. And I have for like a million years but you didn’t notice and now you’re suddenly really hot and all the girls like you but i really want to be your girlfriend do you want to date? That’s okay if you don’t but-” You were suddenly stopped by Neville’s lips on yours. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Preference 16 - 5...4...3...2...1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year to my amazing followers and to everyone here on Tumblr! I hope you guys have an amazing 2015 filled with love and hope and self-cofidence that goes through the roof! You guys are beautiful and wonderful and I don’t want any of you to ever forget that!

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