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pulls out a probably dead and maybe already done meme to demonstrate my current feelings on the recent public episode

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how long did it take you and Talyn to make Anxiety's new jacket for the video? and (if you remember) where did you get the plaid purple fabric for it? it looked amazing by the way!!!

Thank you so much! It took three days to make because Talyn and I sewed everything by hand. We bought black and white plaid and dyed it purple because I couldn’t find any purple plaid that was exactly what I wanted.


Things you probably didn’t know about hockey players (pt. 2)
  • In August 2011, Steve Dangle got to interview James Reimer over phone for his first article; Dangle was reassuring Reimer the interview would take only 10 minutes, but he wasted first 5 minutes just by fixing his recording program and then, when Reimer remembered Dangle’s voice from his LFR videos, what Reimer’s wife had showed him, they spent 40 minutes talking about random things.

  • In December of his rookie career, Phil Kessel learned
    he had testicular cancer, but he didn’t play for just 2 weeks, since his entire right testicle was removed immediately. This operation removed embryonal testicular cancer from his body completely, so he didn’t need any more treatments.  

  • While in Boston, Tyler Seguin was criticized for partying too much. So the Bruins arranged a guard to watch Seguin’s hotel room during the playoffs (2011) in order to ensure he didn’t go out partying. 

  • During Bruins’ 3rd penalty kill of 2nd period in Game 3 of Eastern Conference Final 2013, Gregory Campbell’s leg was broken by Evgeni Malkin’s shot. He still continued playing, though, specifically another 55 seconds of penalty kill, skating with the broken leg too, until the puck didn’t get to neutral zone. The entire arena did standing ovation after that.

  • Do you remember “Capitals Story”, the video from Christmas 2014 by Washington Capitals? The video wasn’t even supposed to be made. Capitals had planned to make a short movie instead. The plot had to show a story about two sons (Andre Burakovsky and Nate Schmidt), their father (Tom Wilson) and their uncle (Michael Latta) shopping Christmas presents. However, the reason why they declined the idea, is a mystery.

  • Roman Josi almost fought Taylor Swift’s security guys a few years ago, when Swift (his neighbour then) was holding a house party, he, drunk, tried to enter the house. Seth Jones and Taylor Beck successfully managed to take him back home. 

  • Jamie Benn used to bully and fight his older brother Jordie a lot because he was jealous– Jordie was always more popular in school and girls liked him a lot more. Jamie even knocked out Jordie’s tooth when Jamie was 12.  

  • Brendan Gallagher was so excited about his first NHL season, that he used to greet random Montrealers, in English or French, everytime he passed around someone. He stopped even before the start of the regular season, probably after some of his new teammates told him it was weird. 

  • When he became a Panther (Aaron Ekblad’s rookie season), Jaromír Jágr has transmogrified Ekblad with a malediction of absorbing other person’s age– so poor Ekblad is getting old really quickly now and Jágr’s getting younger. Jágr probably cleared his memory too. Let’s hope we won’t see Ekblad having his first grey hair by the end of this season. 

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About the matpat gaster theory did you watch the first one only or did you watch the other one it also has three parts he only has two out and it is a game theory it is his opinion and he based that opinion on the evidence HE finds in the game so before you go of saying some thing please look at everything he also explained in the first video he was scared of the game because people immediately threw hate at him when he made previous Undertale videos.

Did you really get triggered because I remembered something about this gaster thing I put together, and me stating my opinion on the matter?

I love matpat, I love his videos, I just said something like “man I’d have loved him addressing the points I found”

I didn’t attack your god or something chill out.

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I just had a bit of a random thought. So do you remember that video Mark did making fun of Dark back when he had red hair? And how psychotic he was? And you know how calm and manipulative he is now. What if, the Dark with red hair was actually one of the first times he actually got full control. But he didn't know how to handle it. So the monster who he actually is, the side of Dark that he tries to keep in check now, his feral and overbearing rage, came out instead. idk.

don’t do this to me
@markired look at this mastery

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Did you see the video on twitter (kookmin979-- I don't remember the exact username😂) of Jimin and Jungkook staring deadass straight at each other while singing their high note in Run ?!?!?! It did weird things to my heart

If you all don’t know what video this anon is talking about, it’s this video! Observe everyone, a High School Musical moment by Jikook. It’s just those two on the center stage too :O magical

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So you said something about Vanos not being connected to the circle but that in a sense that's true and false, see MiniLadd is friends IRL with pewds they even did some videos together and Vanos and MiniLadd are friends so technically speaking you could add him to the game but I 100% understand not wanting to add him or his group if you don't want to so please don't take this as something negative I just thought I'd add something to talk about.

True. Absooolutely true. btw i even shipped Pewds and Miniladd (MiniePie/pewdieLadd ,always in mah kokoro)  ☆゚°˖* ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Howeveh, during a stream, Pewds said he would not play with VanossGaming. Sayin’ they didn’t have the same type of games/channel and they didn’t kno’ each other enough for playin’ with them. it’s a fact and i should have maybe write in my previous ask.  _( ┐「OAo)_

Also, i kinda feel like you’re angry about waht i said.Sorry if i offended you. 

If i remember miniLadd did a yoga video with pewds and few other things but it’s not enough. if it was possible,Bradwoto or Pj or everyone from Revelmode would have more chance to be added to the game .And i say this because i kno’ it’s pewds who choosed his friends/partners and knew they would all fit together. ofc i won’t be neutral in my choices but i’m only tryin’ to make it fair and logic.That’s why right now i’ve been workin’ only on Pewds,Ken,Mark and Cry. And it’s funny ‘cause Cry is actually on the edge.They’re not playin’ anymore together but since i’m an old fan,i want to praise that old friendship.  (┛◉ u◉)┛

Surprise? // Damien Haas

For anonymous

Warnings: mentions of sex

Pairing: Damien Haas x Reader (gender neutral)

Word Count: 806


When Shayne had found out that you and Damien were dating, you expected him to tell the other people who worked at Smosh alongside you and Damien, I mean you had been dating for who knows how long and no one seemed to know. Aside from your guys’ boss, of course. So when he didn’t, you were confused but didn’t really sweat it, as no one seemed to care too much.

“Are we ever going to tell the Smosh crew?” You asked him, as you snuggled against him while he played Legend of Zelda and you watched.

“I mean, if you want to then go right ahead. I just think it’s funny that none of them have even noticed that we’ve been dating the entire time I’ve worked for Smosh so far.” Damien said, his eyes not drifting far from the screen.

“No, no, I want to see how long this plays out. It’s either we crack or Shayne cracks, and momma didn’t raise no loser.” Damien gave a soft chuckle at that.

“Your mother is a truly lovely lady, I don’t think it’s possible for her to raise a loser.” You smiled.

“I’ll be sure to tell her next time we visit.” You told him.

The two of you sat, completely content. Most of the noises were grunts from Damien as he fought bosses and also groans each time he died. Those also caused laughs from you which Damien always glared at you for, not that you cared much.

You barely payed attention as members of Smosh were participating in a livestream. You were in the room, as you worked behind the cameras, although you did star in quite a few videos. You didn’t remember the name of the game, or the exact rules, but it went something along the lines of one person was the judge, and then one by one people would give a card with a good attribute for a date, and another person would give a negative card to counter the good one. You didn’t really know what was going on.

Participating in the game was Boze, as she was the host, Damien, Shayne, Wes, Mari, and Joven. You laughed along as they told jokes while playing the game, making sure the audio and video was still working fine when you decided to tune into what they were saying, and you were glad you did at that very moment.

“Now onto my turn!” Damien announced in a posh accent, before Boze piped up.

“It’s funny that like the only two single people are playing this game.” You almost broke your facade when she said that.

“Actually, fun fact, I’m not single.” Damien shrugged and everyone except Shayne shared a look of disbelief.

“Wait, what?!” Boze shrieked and hit him multiple times on his shoulder as he faked being hurt.

“I just told you, gosh Bip Bop. I’m not single.” Damien shook his head in a joking manner.

“Yeah, he’s dating Y/N. Did none of you know?” There it was. You had finally won your game- Shayne had cracked.

“What?!” Boze turned and looked you right in the eye.

You waved awkwardly, as everyone around you just looked back and forth between you and Damien. Boze kept repeating the word “what” over and over again, and all the game play had halted.

“Goddammit, Shayne. You had to tell everyone during a livestream of all times?” You asked him and he shrugged.

“Whoops?” He said innocently.

“OK, you know what? Screw it, I’ll give them a stern talking to after.” Boze spoke to the camera and then turned back to playing, “Wes, play a card.”

“I feel like this is a joke.” Boze said as you rolled your eyes at the short girl once again.

“For like the tenth time, it’s not a joke. We’ve been dating like the entire time he’s worked for Smosh, even longer.” You explained it to her once again, as she just couldn’t grasp the fact that you were dating him.

“You guys don’t even act like a couple!” She accused.

“Do you want us to have sex in the office?” You sassed her.

“Yes! Wait, no! Please don’t do that, there are children here, and by children I mean me.” Boze shook her head at the thought.

“You are a child.” You joked and she glared.

“I’m just upset that you didn’t tell me.” She pouted.

“We were trying to see how long it would take anyone to figure out, plus, I wanted to see if Shayne would crack before us and momma didn’t raise a loser, Boze.” You nodded at your short speel.

“But momma did raise a bad friend.” She stuck her tongue out at you.


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A natural talent

This is for my absolute favourite, @sky-girls, I wish you the happiest of birthdays, I love you and I really hope you enjoy this!

The os is based on this one.

Matteo appeared out of nowhere. Luna hadn’t even been lost in a daydream again, her boyfriend just had a talent for sneaking up on people. Or, specifically, for sneaking up on her.

“Hello”, he muttered into her ear from behind, causing her to shriek in surprise. Clasping her hands in front of her mouth, she looked around to check if any of the other students were looking. Luckily, they weren’t.

“Oh my… chico fresa! What are you doing?”

“Just saying hello to my beautiful girl, if you’ll let me.” His grin – although she saw it for the millionth time – made her stomach feel giddy, like jelly. “Of course”, she replied. With a quick peck on her forehead, he pulled Luna into a hug. Her arms wrapped around his back while she took a deep breath, taking in his perfume. Nothing in this world compared to being embraced by the warmth, the comfort and the sense of home Matteo provided and she found it hard to believe she could enjoy this all the time now. She wanted to stay like this forever.

However, Matteo had other plans. “Luna, I know you’re a big hugger”, he began but paused. “Actually, no, you’re a small hugger”, that earned him a slap on the arm, “But I really wanted to talk to you about something.”

Luna let go of him. “Okay…” Another smile lit up his face and with the new sparkle in his eyes she started to wonder if maybe she would be better off running away. He clearly was up to something, she only had no clue what it was so far. “So, you remember the video Ámbar and Simón did for Fab&Chic?”

A slow nod and a quicker idea. In case this went down as she imagined, this was the time to hide from him. However, before her muscles reacted, Matteo already continued: “Let’s do that too.”

Luna regretted not running.

“You? Doing my make-up?”, she barely got out, her cheeks heating up. Matteo in front of her raised an eyebrow, clearly lost as in why she wasn’t jumping up and down from excitement. Before he got another chance to convince her though, the bell rang. Students from all over the corridors hurried to their next classes, and they both knew they had to join them.

“Think about it, okay?”, he sighed.

Eventually, she agreed to do it. Hesitating and unsure, but she agreed. He exploded from happiness like a firework show on New Year’s Eve, whirling her around with a smile wide enough to cover his whole cheeks.

The smile still stuck to his face when he stood at her door, an equally excited Jazmín behind him. “Ready for your make-over, chica delivery?” His finger landed on her nose, gently touching it before he laughed at her horrified expression. “Please just don’t me look like a strawberry”, she replied and brushed her hair into her face in order to cover the nervousness written over it. Matteo took a deep breath of air. “What’s wrong with being a strawberry?” If he tried to not sound offended, he failed.

“I said look like one, not being one, you need to listen, chico fresa. And now come in before I change my mind”, she said. From behind, she heard Jazmín announcing how cute they were.

Jazmín insisted on finding the perfect spot. The lightning, the background, everything required perfection in her eyes and she refused to settle for anything less. Finally, she decided Luna’s bed fulfilled all necessary standards and Luna began spreading out her make up on the rug.

“Where’s the rest?”, Matteo inquired when she sat down. “What do you mean, the rest?” His eyes wandered to the make-up, back to her and once again to all her stuff in front of her. “That’s all your make-up?”

Luna nodded, confusion growing in her veins, even more so when he let out a breath in pure disbelief. “I can’t work like that”, he mumbled and while he yelled Ámbar’s name, he hurried out of the room. “Do you know what he’s doing?” Jazmín shrugged, but the smile on her lips told Luna she knew more than she gave away.

When Matteo came back, he carried make-up bags. Lots of them, so many in fact they barely fit into his arms.  “What are you doing, Matteo?” The look he shot her steamed with disbelief, like she just asked him if the sky was blue. “What does this look like? I got more make-up so I can do this properly.”

In return, her eyes widened and she swallowed down the growing knot in her throat. Why again had she agreed to this? “Oh, come on, mi solare, even Ámbar was better at hiding how afraid she was.”

“I wasn’t!”, said blonde yelled through what must be at least three doors at the same time Luna claimed: “I’m not afraid!”

Shaking his head (one curl fell into his face and it distracted Luna enough to breathe somewhat calmer), Matteo sat down in front of her, smiling into Jazmín’s camera. “Are you ready?”, the redhead asked.

“Luna, stop laughing while I apply your make-up, I can’t blend properly like this”, Matteo complained not even two minutes after they started. She squinted up at him, glad no mirrors or shiny surfaces surrounded her and allowed her to take a glimpse of what Matteo did to her face. “You’re tickling me”, she giggled as the brush again danced over her skin a little too playfully.

Matteo turned to the camera, one hand rested over his heart, “Can you believe my girlfriend is accusing me of something horrendous like tickling her? You’re breaking my heart, chica delivery!”

Shock-in-pretend, Luna gasped, even though Jazmín grinned at his comment. Matteo did too and in that moment, she went for revenge, kidnapping the brush out of his hand and quickly painting his nose before she burst out into laughter at his confused expression. “What the…”, he muttered, his hand immediately raised to rub his nose. “Oh, you better watch out”, Matteo then threatened her and suddenly, the brush was back in his hand and all over her cheeks.

“Mercy, Matteo, please, I promise I won’t do it again!”, Luna begged, unable to contain another laugh. “Well, I guess we’re done with the foundation anyway, no?” He touched the tip of her nose, something she found out he enjoyed a lot recently and a smile tugged on the corner of his lips. She grinned back at him. Maybe she’d look like one of these scary circus clowns, but at least she had a good laugh in the process. Right?

She wasn’t as certain anymore when Matteo opened all those eyeshadow palettes, his eyes wandering over the endless variations of colors. “Just pick anything”, she told him which earned her another startled look. “No, this has got to be perfect, Luna, and the eyeshadow is too important to just pick anything.”

“You know this is supposed to be fun.” Matteo chuckled, a sound she hadn’t realize could carry this amount of sarcasm in its shortness. “Do you really think I’ll let Simón be better than me? That guy doesn’t even know how to do his hair.” Glancing to the camera, he added, “Sorry, Simón.” Luna began shaking her head, a remark waiting on the tip of her tongue. However, he shut her up as he began applying eyeshadow, a light rose close to the one she used for the Gala at the Jam&Roller.

“I chose this color because it makes her eyes shine even brighter and she looks like a princess with it”, Matteo explained to the camera, the brush continuously on her skin, continuously applying and blending and changing her. She wondered how he managed to talk so smoothly and do her make-up at the same time, it wasn’t fair when she had to concentrate when she did the same. And it yet had to feel normal for her to get her make-up done by someone else, let alone her boyfriend who still enjoyed teasing her too much, who still possibly made her look like a clown instead of a princess. (Not that she didn’t trust him. But she didn’t.)

“You really want to use eyeliner?”

She nearly yelled, she tried not to, but her voice betrayed her. Never had she imagined he’d grab the little black bottle buried underneath her mascaras and lipglosses. He returned her look, flabbergasted. “Why shouldn’t I? Afraid I’ll stab your beautiful eyes?”

“If you do that, you had a girlfriend for the longest time”, Luna declared. Matteo grinned. “Then I’ll better be careful, no?”

And he really was careful. The eyeliner brush gently stroked the skin right above her lashes, so once again she wondered if he had followed Simón’s example and researched. Yet, a last bit of worry remained in her chest.

A few minutes later, the grin on Matteo’s face already grown into a blinding sight, he picked a berry lipstick from Ámbar. (She’d never seen it on her before.) “I think my work is done here”, he mumbled, his eyes so fixed on her Luna forgot how to breathe. She knew that look, he’d given her the same one on a few previous occasions. It meant all he craved was kissing her, but he didn’t like the sticky feeling of lipstick and now he internally debated whether he should kiss her or not. Honestly, she hoped he’d fight the impulse. Gastón didn’t need another PDA to tease them about until the end of time.

“Matteo? Can I have the mirror?”

Her question brought him back to reality. “What? The mirror? Sure, here.”

Whatever she had expected, this wasn’t it. She indeed looked like a princess, he’d done a fairly good job. “Do you like it?”, her boyfriend wanted to know. Speechless, she looked up at him, half afraid this turned out to be only a dream as soon as she left the vision in the mirror. “It’s perfect”, she whispered. Then, she cleared her voice, “Did you research too?”

Matteo huffed. “Excuse me, I thought it was obvious I am just a natural talent.” Finally casting the mirror aside, she giggled. “My bad, chico fresa. Maybe I should hire you.” She placed a quick peck on his cheek that left a berry-colored stain on his cheek. “Seriously?”, he protested, but his efforts to rub it off remained without success. “Hm, I’m starting to think this color looks very nice on you”, Luna claimed, soon covering his face with lipstick, a fit of giggling resonating in her lungs.

She didn’t even care that Jazmín still filmed them.

Later, when they were alone in her room and they laid on her bed, Matteo’s arms wrapped around her, she finally managed to ask: “So, how come you were so good at doing this? Especially my eyeliner! And don’t you dare lie to me, that’s nothing that comes with just some talent.”

“Wait, when you think I was so good, why did you smudge your lipstick all over my face like a dog?”, he smirked, the asshole. “It’s called kissing, you snob and anyway, you didn’t answer my question!”

Matteo sighed, his hand softly moving through her hair. “I might have bribed Gastón into letting me practice on him.”

Luna sat up, hardly able to believe this, but very able to picture it. “Please tell me there are photos of that.”

“Of course.”

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Hi Hailey, Im your biggest fan and I love your videos. I have a suggestion, how about when babqftim is done you dub PJ's Daycare? I will really happy if you did 😆. Anyway I got a question, remember your video 'The Proposal (Naj!AU)'? I really like the music you put in and the comic dub, Including 'The Soul Of Wind' what is that? I search on youtube and I got a name of a youtuber instead. Thanks for answering my question.

PJ’s Daycare, whoop, that’s a cute one, yeah I’ll save it for another day (once I get back in the Undertale dubs) and the music I think was Senbazakura by Soul of Wind, ha ha, I totally had an Advil moment that day, sorry about that bud XD

All i want from life is to know how mandy patinkin reacted to finding out that the crew had finally enough of his bull and had gideon murdered and also how he reacted when he found out they kind of made light of it by having jj and garcia have an ice cream party almost smack bang on the blood pool

I don’t ask for much. 

But i want this. 

Ice Bucket Challenge

Anon: Hello your blog is really amazing an smut with Kai when you see him in the wet shirt after the bucket challenge and you dream about him and you are horny and he see it

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Kai (EXO)/Reader

Word Count: 1,171

Summary: How can something so simple like water being thrown on someone’s head make me turned on so much?

“Oh here is a towel!” I passed the towel over to him with out looking. 

“Are you really not going to look.” Kai pulled me to him. He was cold. I could see through his white shirt. I tuned my head away. “Am I that repulsive?”

“No I mean no you look fine.” I dropped the bucket that I poured with to the floor. I knew I shouldn’t have helped him with this ice bucket challenge. I knew this would come back to bite me in the ass. My face was red. I could feel the blood rushing up into my face. He pulled me around and I hit a wall.

“How about we get started then…” He was at my neck now. This was something he would never do. Not him. His arms already around me. Somehow there was a bed there and we feel on it. That was strange. I thought we were in his bathroom. His body was tangled in mine.

“You’re cold.” I moaned.


“I said you’re cold.” Then I fell right off my bed. I shot up and realized that this was all a dream. Everything. 

“You ok?” I turned to find Kai next to me. His face full of concern.

“I’m fine.” I got up to go get a glass of water when he grabbed my arm.

“Then why were you mumbling in your sleep? What was the name… Oh Kai.” I jerked my hand away and stared down the copper bastard. “You couldn’t have been talking about me? I mean you were moaning it quite a lot.”

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I think that one at least of CB have an interest in the other specially from Baek side, I actually saw him few times changing his facial expressions when chan interact with some ppl, I really feel some kind of tension when they interact sometimes.

I agree anon. I’ve also noticed the same, especially with Baek as you said. Do you remember that self-cam video he did with Chanyeol ? the one on the black sofa with Baek wearing the red sweater ? I’m sure that one or two of the big Chanbaek blogs must have analyzed it at one point. The video is very telling of Baek’s questionable sexuality. 

Notice how the curve of Baek’s entire body is leaning towards Channie and brushing against him. There is enough space for Beak on the sofa to sit a bit further and as you can see, he didn’t need to be THAT close to be included in the cam. I don’t know if Baek is aware of what he is doing or not but him glueing his body to Channie’s in that manner is actually a subconscious cue of interest. Briefly, it translates to his body saying :” I’m interested so notice me.” I’ve seen girls do it all the time around guys they like. 

Secondly, pay attention to how many times Baek brushed his own hair, touched his face or tapped his own legs/thighs. He licked his own lips about 3 to 4 times in a 60 seconds video. He looks a bit restless to me, almost as if he is nervous. Notice how still and laid-back Channie’s body language is in comparison to his.

Lastly, eye contact. Baek almost never meets Channie’s eyes in the video. They are practically plastered against each other and yet when channie glances at him while talking, Baek looks away almost immediately, nodding and smiling quietly. He glances back when Channie turns his gaze away.

I know that you can’t know for sure but I will go ahead and give Baek the benefit of doubt.  I know I might get hate for this but I don’t think he is 100% straight. However, It’s just my personal opinion.

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hey uh,, what is,,, sugar pine 7,,,,

Sugar Pine 7 is the newest addition to the Let’s Play/RT family!!

if you remember the Steven Suptic Bouncy Castle video CC did, then you already know one member/the creator, Steven!!! 

they do “alternative lifestyle vlogs”, which is basically fancy talk for kinda real, kinda bits. they are all playing characters, but interact with our world, if that makes sense.

they’re all wonderful and hilarious and i would HIGHLY recommend watching, but you cant really just pick a random video and start?? it’s like a tv series, i’d suggest starting from here

Are You A True 90's Kid?

Your a true 90’s kid if:

You remember watching

- Are You Afraid of the Dark

-Kenan and Kel


-Ren & Stimpy

-Pinky and the Brain

-AAAAAAAH Real Monsters!

-Rocko’s Modern Life


-Cousin Skeeter




-Sailor Moon

-Bobby’s World

-Rocket Power

-Hey Arnold

-All That

-The Amanda Show

-The Big Comfy Couch

-The Wild Thornberrys

-As Told by Ginger

-The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


-Johnny Bravo

-Dexter’s Laboratory

-The Powerpuff Girls


-The Angry Beavers

-Ed, Edd n Eddy


-The Magic School Bus


-Boy Meets World

-Smart Guy

-Full House

-Tiny Toon Adventures



-So Weird

-The Little Mermaid

-Out of the Box


-Clarissa Explains It All

You ended every sentence with the word PSYCHE!

You remember:
-Step by Step
-Family Matters
-Little Bill
-Blue’s Clues

You remember listening to ‘N Sync, The Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Christina Aguilera, TLC, & Destiny’s Child etc.

You remember getting up early
on Saturdays to watch cartoons *when it was worth it*

You remember reading Goosebumps, Junie B. Jones, Harry Potter, Roald Dahl books.

Everything was settled back then with:
-rock paper scissors or
-bubble gum bubble gum in a dish or
-ms. mary mack

You also remembered kick ball was something you did everyday!

When you had a favorite song of ALL TIME
Then, You would listen to the radio all day long just to record your FAVORITE song of ALL time on a tape

You remember when Super Nintendo’s and Sega Genesis became popular.       You remember Ring Pops. You had a Game Boy Color.

You used to play with Walkie Talkies

Everything was Da Bomb!

You remember boomboxes vs cd players

Making those little paper fortune cookie things, and then predicting your life with them.

You played with or collected Pogs, Spice Girls dolls, & Pokemon cards

You had at least one Tamagotchi, Giga Pet, Digimon, Furby, Bop It and brought it everywhere u went. All your school supplies were Lisa Frank brand

You collected those Beanie Babies,Care Bears, Troll Dolls, Hit Clips
which were cool to have

Everyone watched the Kids WB

If you even know what an original walkman is

You know the Macarena by heart

You would Say Talk to the hand

You went to McDonald’s to play in the playplace

Before the MySpace frenzy

Before the internet & text messaging

Before Sidekicks & iPods

Before PlayStation 2 or XBOX or GameCube  *When light up sneakers were cool.*

When you rented VHS tapes, not DVDs.

When gas was $1.50
a gallon.

When we recorded stuff on VCR.

When you had slap bracelets!

You remembered playing outside until it was dark.

You remember when Yo-Yo’s were cool

You remember those I SPY books

You remember eating Warheads and Nestle Wonder Balls

You remember the release Of Nintendo 64  *You remember owning a Easy Bake Oven* You remember wanting to send in a tape to America’s Funniest Home Videos but never did anything funny….Basically you remember when it was cool to be a kid!