did you reboot


saudade (n.);; a deep emotional state of nostalgic and profound longing to be near again to an absent something, or someone that one loves.

Can we please talk about how precious Billy was in the reboot, and how everyone knew that he needed to be protected at all costs? First Jason, then Kim, and then everyone else. Then Rita drowns him and everyone balls 😭😭😭 The hand claps, the cute comments…..the dancing at the end…. blowing up his lunch box. Be still my fragile heart…..

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I think in the next Star Trek movie they should have John De Lancie somewhere in the background just randomly watching. He’s deciding if he should make official contact yet or wait a few more generations. He never says anything about the Q or anything at all but we’ll know

we’ll know

Pinch hit for citrusapples! Sorry it’s a bit late.

There are at least 5 turrets in this drawing, maybe 6, so hopefully it’s enough turrets for you. Hope you had a great Christmas!

[ also it’s proportioned so that it can be a wallpaper, so if you happen to want this as a wallpaper, then I can send you the full size image ]

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Wait so did you reboot that a phobic post and actually genuinely agree with it????

aphobia doesnt real srry maybe read my pages like i ask before followin