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I know it's something that is already very behind in your aus, but you can do more of the rivalry of Dave and Tom? I really liked Dave character as a conflict for Tom, and Marco always supporting Tom so that Dave does not make him feel less

Of course I can do that! I really liked the au of Dave too! @mage-of-words came up with a pretty good character, huh? I sure like it! I personally love love LOVE the idea of Marco becoming super protective and strong for Tom! This one didn’t have much of that. But I did leave you on a cliffhanger! So tell me if you want me to finish it! Enjoy!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/158286094572/the-story-u-wrote-for-me-was-super-amazing-that-i

Tom stood with his head down and listened to the commotion around him. He hated how they made him stand there and listen to his entire family talk him down. This happened every single time he messed up, which was often. And it was normally led by Dave, who got some sort of enjoyment at seeing them cause the smaller demon distress.

“Well, Tom, have you thought at all about what you have heard here today?” Tom looked up and saw his older cousin standing over him. Tom made a face and Dave laughed. “Come on, hearing everyone agree about your shortcomings MUST make you feel some sort of shame for… well who you are as a person.” He muttered.

“Yeah well, I don’t.” Tom bit back. Dave narrowed his eyes. “Just tell yourself the truth, the only reason you talk me down is because you’re jealous.” Tom hissed.

“Of you? Please tell me you’re joking.” Dave scoffed.

“Maybe not of me, but of what I have. The ONLY thing you’ve even wanted was to be the heir, but you aren’t. I am.” Tom smiled very smugly. “One day I’m going to rule this kingdom, and my dad won’t be around for you to complain to. Nobody will listen to you, and nobody will see your power, and you know it.” Tom jabbed his cousin.

“You entitled little brat!” Dave hissed, grabbing Tom by the wrist. Tom tried not to let anything show in his face as he ripped away.

“The only reason you try and get others to hate me is because you think they’ll make you the heir and kick me out, but you KNOW that’ll never happen!” Tom yelled at him.

“What do you know!?” Dave hissed. “You know nothing! Nothing at all! You never talked this big until that human showed up! And now you try and act string to impress him. Who are you fooling?” He demanded.

“I’m not acting strong to impress Marco.” Tom raged. He HATED when his cousin talked about Marco. Marco was too important to him for Dave to talk down. “I’m acting confident to piss you off.” To  smiled in an infuriating manner and turned, walking away.

When Tom turned away he finally cracked and let feeling show on his face. But it wasn’t at once sad. He smiled, big. He was proud of himself! He stood up for himself and didn’t get angry and lash out. He was civil and he acted like the bigger person. The nice person Marco always assured him that he could be. Maybe even Marco would be proud of him! And he would tell him he did good.


“Oh Tommy! I’m so proud of you.” Marco beamed. Tom smiled and Marco held his hands.

“I did good?” Tom asked, unsure. Marco smiled big and stole a kiss from the demon, nodding excitedly.

“Of course you did.” He promised. Marco’s smiled then faded. “I just… wish they didn’t put you through that in the first place.” Marco sighed. He played with Tom’s hands and intertwined their fingers. Tom tilted his head.

“But it’s okay now, I have you. You make me feel like it’s okay.” Tom assured Marco smiled and this and gave the demon another kiss on the head.

“I know but… I also know how hearing them say such awful things day after day… it gets to you.” Marco whispered this. “I just… want you to know that you’re worth so much more than they try and tell you.” He promised. Marco squeezed his eyes shut. “I-I know you try your best not to let it get to you, and you do so well. You’re so strong, you’re my brave little soldier but…” Marco trield off. He decided some things were best left unsaid. He could still see how much it bothered Tom. He could see how their words and actions broke him down little by little. All those years of being told things, he starts to believe. But the verbal abuse was actually the least of Marco’s concerns, sometimes Marco got nightmares from anxiety. He would wake up in fear that Tom was unsafe or hurt. Somewhere Marco couldn’t get to him.

“Marco… it’s okay.” Tom smiled warmly and Marco wrapped his arms around the demon. “You make me stronger. You’re all the support I need.” Tom whispered against Marco. The human held the demon tighter and rubbed his back.

“I’m always going to be here for you.” Marco promised.

“You’ve helped me so much already I… I’m always going to be here for you too.” Tom beamed. “Any time you need me for support, I’m here too. No matter what.” Tom promised. Marco sighed in what seemed like relief and leaned against his demon.

“I can’t believe you used to be this scary bad boy I would fight with.” Marco giggled a bit at this memory. “You always seemed like the biggest threat.” He laughed harder. Tom giggled a bit as well and kissed Marco’s hair.

“I remember how much you got on my nerves. Even seeing you got me worked up.” Tom teased. Marco gave Tom another kiss and pressed his head against his.

“Well, we grow.” Marco told him. “You’ve grown. A lot.” He added. Tom looked down curiously and Marco kissed the back of Tom’s hand. “I’m proud of you.” He told the demon. Tom’s eyes lit up and he cupped Marco’s face, kissing him deeply.

“Thank you for helping me.” Tom whispered. “There were times I thought, that I just wouldn’t be able to get through it anymore. But you make me WANT to keep going.” Tom admitted. “I need you Marco.” He whispered this last part and Marco tackled im in kisses. Drowning him in love and affection.

“You’ll never lose me.” Marco swore.

Dave watched the boys enjoy each other’s love through Star’s mirror, which he used a spell to– in a sense– hack into. He made a face and watched Tom hold the human close. “If Marco is what you need… then he is what you are going to lose.”

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Hey! It seems like you have a solid group of friends that have similar interests which is rad. I was just curious if you met them through work? How does one make friends? Real questions of life yall.

For the longest time I wondered why I didn’t have more friends or why certain people didn’t like me or stuff like that but then I realized that all I did was talk about myself and try really hard to get others to like me. When I started paying attention to them, loving and serving them, asking questions, it was like suddenly I had so many friends!! we moved out to hawaii and I knew no one, and although it seems like we all have similar interests, it’s only half true. We all love Hawaii and the outdoors but some of us are bookworms and others are sporty and some love raunchy movies and others only watch disney and some are obsessed with dogs while others can’t stand them and some of us eat healthy and most of us don’t we come from different sized families, different ethnicities, different  upbringings, but we all get along because at the end of the day we’ve just decided to love each other as is. I am very lucky, I recognize that. so I guess the point I’m trying to make is.. you don’t need to find identical copies of yourself to feel validated. Everyone has something to offer you and I truly believe you can make friends anywhere if you stop worrying about yourself so much. Sorry it’s late and I probably wrote a way longer answer than you hoped for!! deep thoughts at 3am hahaha

Host: Steve now you’re in the One Direction world how is it different from your fans?

Steve: I don’t know if there’s another group that has more fans that drive you know songs and the brand of the artist more than any other thing I’ve seen in my life. It’s incredible to be in the middle of it…They’ve adopted me there’s adoption papers (Louis: I saw that!) They spend so much time…making flyers and talking to people about the song.

Louis: I saw they did a thank you video for you recently! that was really cool. Some of them have such a crazy understanding of marketing and how to promote a record. 

[Host: “So you can almost ask their advice” ~ or something like that)] 

Louis: Its less about advice, I mean, I’d love to ask their advice for music things forward…but like steve said it’s more like I want to run around and give people flyers and the song.


Lugia’s Song - Harmony disturbed

So this is the video I was scared to post! I did a flute cover of Lugia’s Theme Song which played in the movie. It’s a very short video but I really hope you guys like it! Looking forward to making more!

(that’s me sitting on the edge!)

Please do let me know what you think!  Would love to have your thoughts! 

Cute comments to leave on your idol’s photos/vapp

사랑해요 - I love you

너 귀여워요 - You’re cute

너무 잘생겼어! - So handsome!

잘 잤어요? - Did you sleep well?

밥 먹었어요? - Have you eaten? (I think 식사하셨어요? is a more polite version of this but I’m not 100% on which is more appropriate)

건강 좀 생각해 주세요 - Please take care of your health

충분히 쉬세요 - Rest well

오빠는 저한테 완벽해요 - Oppa is perfect to me

밥을 놓치지 마세요 - Don’t miss meals (please send this to Himchan)

살빼지말아요 - Don’t lose weight

힘내세요 - Have strength

힘을 줘서 고마워요 - Thank you for giving me strength

컴백이 잘되기바랍니다 - I hope your comeback goes well

보고싶어요/보고싶었어요 - I miss you/I missed you

항상 응원해 - I’ll support you always

(I found all of these written in a notebook from last year. I’m not quite sure how accurate they are. Feel free to correct me/add more)

[EDIT]: corrections provided by @fanyadams81 thank you again

끼니 거르지 마세요. - Don’t miss meals

살 빼지 말아요. - Don’t lose weight

컴백이 잘되길 바랍니다. - I hope your comeback goes well

귀여워요. - You’re cute (the ‘you’re’ is assumed by context)

[EDIT 2]: Advice sent in by an anon 

너 귀엽다 - You’re cute (informal)

밥 잘 챙겨드세요 - Please eat your meals

살 안빼도 되요 - You don’t have to lose weight

우리 한테 힘을 줘서 고마워요 - Thank you for giving us strength

항상 응원할게요  - I will always support you

hi guys!! so this year is coming to an end and i reached a follower goal so i decided to make my 1st follow forever! i really couldn’t be more grateful to all of you, you all made my 2016 a little less harder and made me have such a good time here!! during this time i’ve met some of the most amazing people and even if i’ve never talked to some of you before, i care about you and i wish you the best💞 thank you so so much for following this jimin trash blog and liking it even if it’s just me screaming all the time :’) i really appreciate every single one of you and i hope your 2017 will be full of love, health and good things, you deserve the best!!💕 happy holidays and i hope we get the chance to know each other more💞💖

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EXO Reaction when you buy them a present with all your savings

Anon requested “when you are rather poor and use the money you were saving for college” but the title was going to be a little long so.. XD enjoy, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


He’s really happy and wears/uses it all the time. Of course he won’t say it but he knows how much it took you to get it and he appreciates all the effort you put into it more than anything “Look Jagi! It looks perfect on me!”


*Tries so hard not to cry* “Baobei… you really got me this… you know you didn’t have to… I don’t know what to say, I love you…”


*Decides to make the most perfect present for you* “I made it with all my love, just like you did mine. I know what you did there jagi, you didn’t have to. But thank you, you are the best girlfriend ever”


*Baby panda is so touched that he will not stop crying for weeks*


“If I give myself to you, you’ll let me take care of everything right Jagi? I’m just saying… I want to take care of my girl that’s all. I love you” *Already thinking of taking care of you for the rest of your lives*


“So this is what we are going to do boys, we’ll sing in the streets of Seoul and all the tips we get, we’ll donate them to my jagi for her college” *It’s all a surprise he planned with your parents*


Of course he would be happy and touch but he would spend sleepless nights thinking how to help you out without being rude. He knows you would never ask him for help of that sort but he still wants to help somehow.


“Wait… wait baobei.. I’m manly… I shouldn’t be crying… but why am I crying… I’ll always be thankful for this” *Lu is an angel, Lu won’t let his girl down in the future, just you see* 


*He’ll hug you forever* “Just to make things clear jagi…you aren’t getting rid of me. By the way, you see all those presents over there? They are all for you” *He knows that even if he gave you the whole world it wouldn’t be enough, but he still has a big surprise for you*


“Jagi let’s get married… You are the best thing that could ever happen to me… you are the best present. Jagi… let me make you happy” *He can’t wait anymore, he loves you too much to waste one more minute*


*He knows he is the luckiest man of the world, but with this he feels like the luckiest man of the galaxy* “I think I just won the galaxy lottery… baobei… you didn’t have to… I think I’m going to cry”


*Rumor says that his gifts are quite generous. Rumor says he recently bought some college you want to attend to… rumor says he is giving a lot of scholarships… rumor says he is madly deeply in love with you* *Daddy Suho xD*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Let me get ridiculously emotional right now. I’m like, sitting here just wondering what I did to deserve all of you guys?

Like, you’re so supportive, and so nice and you actually talk to me and I love talking to you, and you like my writing and I love writing for you… It’s just wow, thank you guys so very much.

You’re making all of it possible because you’re reading what I’m putting out there, and you’re liking it and I’ve made so many more friends recently that I just can’t even handle myself lol.

We play around with each other, I give you headcanons and you guys are giving me some, we got our homeboy onion, and the inside joke of eating ladybugs lmao. It’s just such a good vibe and I love it so much.

Just, goodness me. I love you guys, and I really hope you have a good life ‘cause you all deserve it so much.

this is sappy but i just wanna say thanks for following me and making my 2016 better. i know everyone follows me for dan and phil but i genuinely never thought anyone would like to hear me talk about them much less make gifs or draw or write about them. the first half of 2016 was absolutely horrible for me but when i started using this blog more and talking to you guys it really did get better. i know this blog is sort of like a huge coping mechanism for me but it really really makes me happy and i enjoy running it so much. and i know it’s not my personality or anything people follow for but it’s just so nice to express it on here and only get minimally judged (ie darry or my thigh kink) for it. i’m love u all is what i am trying to say. i hope you all have the best year of your lives so far. i predict #that


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Member: Jungkook of BTS
Word Count: 760
Content: fluff, snow, greasy boyfriend!jungkook
Summary: A jolly day with Jungkook who loves to be bothersome only to kiss and make it better ;)

Surprise! I’m your secret santa, @jeonsin . I had lots of fun being your btsecretsanta and enjoyed your reactions hehe. I hope you had as good as a time as I did. Here’s your gift from me, your Jeon Claus ♡❅ Have a Merry Christmas and let’s definitely talk more ^.^ Feel free to send me a message~

(Thank you to the @btsecretsanta admins for putting this together. I really had a good time and you two handled the whole event really well c:)

It’s peaceful. That’s the simplest way to explain the floating sensation she feels right now as if she were in a swimming pool or gently swaying on a swing. The warm swelling in her chest keeps her comfortably anchored, keeping her from floating too far. And even as the burning light bites at the darkness behind her lids, she can’t help but still feel at ease, even though the morning light hurts her eyes.

“Gosh, you’re finally awake!”

Jungkook grins when she flinches at the sound of his voice, successfully pulling her completely out of dreamland. She gazes at him through the sleep in her eyes and yawns, exaggerating the sound until the higher octaves are inaudible. Jungkook laughs a little, scooping his girlfriend into his arms so she sits up with him. She doesn’t contribute, but he doesn’t mind; he just wants to hold her.

“Good afternoon, snowflake,” he says, cuddling his face against hers. She can feel her cheeks prickle from the inevitable blush from the seasonal nickname.

“Good morning, Jeon.”

A grin grows on his face. “Do you know what time it is?”


“It’s time to go outside and fully experience the snow, alternatively known as 12:23, not morning time,” he teases, making his girlfriend playfully roll her eyes.

“Don’t tell me the specifics,” she groans in faux caricatural annoyance, resulting in that goofy smile to pull up on Jungkook’s lips.

“Or whaaat?” He childishly squishes their faces together more.

“Or else you’ll see, loser,” she concludes, and Jungkook snorts at the weak threat. In his strong grip, he takes her with him while he gets out of the bed, carrying her until they’re in front of the humble closet.

“Let’s hurry and go out, snowflake.”

Jungkook regrets saying that now, snow plastered to odd sections of his clothing, in his hair, and definitely all over his hat that got knocked to the ground from the impact of one of the snowballs. He pretends to make a face of rage, but another snowball bursting against his chest and the laughter of his girlfriend makes that a difficult feat for him. He finds himself laughing along with her, despite being a human target for her cold ammunition.

“How many are you gonna throw?!” He calls out between laughs, arms outstretched innocently.

“As many as it takes to avenge my snowman!!” She calls back, the last word syncing up with another powered throw. Jungkook scrunches up his face instinctively when it hits, but his bunny-toothed smile follows suit, effectively melting her heart and most likely the snow too. And then he starts running at her, stunning her momentarily until she throws another snowball at him, hoping to make him stop. He charges on, a silly war cry coming from his mouth until she’s tangled in his arms, squirming away with laughter surrounding them both.

“You can’t throw anymore if I hold you prisoner!” He says triumphantly, slightly out of breath.

“You’re cheating!” she accuses, laughing at his childish antics. Jungkook gaily banters back and forth with her, even as he lifts her off the ground and runs inside with her, humored protests filling his ears. He throws his own body into the bed, his snowflake falling with him.

“Jungkooooooooook,” she whines loudly, wanting break free from his death grip, but he only tightens his arms around her.

“You’re not getting away from me now, snowflake,” he teases. “You’re my Christmas gift and you didn’t come with a receipt, so I gotta keep you close.”

She snorts out a laugh at this, not believing her ears. “You’re so greasy, oh my gosh. Please stop.”

The laughing and big smile on her face only encourages her silly boyfriend, for he begins to make that dumb face he always does when he’s saying some pun that is too well executed.

“I’ve been like this since we got together, snowflake. I can’t stop now.” He squeezes her even tighter until a groan and more laughter leave her mouth.

“First you crush my snowman, and now my body! Should I throw more snowballs at you, Jeon?” Her empty threat is spoken so close to his lips due to how close she is to him, but she’s used to it by now. He’s always holding her this close.

“Nope, because now the real jollification begins, snowflake.”

Her gleaming eyes twinkle with confusion only for a moment because Jungkook’s lips descend on hers right after, their eyelids following suit as they’re immersed in the sweet kiss. The first of the day with many to come.


Happy Birthday Jung Kiseok!

I hope you are having a great day and I miss you greatly!

I want to take a moment to tell you all the things I love about you….There are a lot so this might take a while!

From the moment I laid eyes on you on Running Man all those years ago…I knew you were the one. My Ultimate Bias.

The more I started to get to know you, the more I fell in love. Your singing really did a number on my heart!!

I also love the passion you have for rapping! (Supermagic is my favorite song of all time by the way~) But I do miss those Supreme Team days….*sigh*

I also love the fact that you have aged like a FINE ASS WINE!! I swear you are going to cause me heart failure!

I also love how much of a supportive dad you are to all of your juniors! 

You make me laugh, cry, smile, but most of all you make me happy. Thank you for finding your way into my life Kiseok! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I hope we see you again soon on some sort of social media. I hope your album is coming along just fine. I don’t mind waiting until you think it’s perfect for us because I know how much you love your fans! 

Stay happy and healthy Kiseok!

Cutie Simon dump below!

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Johnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky 3/7

“Oh gods then on Tuesday I promised Mama I’d run some errands for her so Jack said he’d love to come along. Day 2 was supposed to be the best! Small introductions the book said, there’s nothing I love more than a day about me.”

 “Of course being my awesome self I could have sworn I had the cookies for Carl when I left the house!”

Day 2 – Small Introductions


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color me colorblind

Based off a prompt that i can’t for the love of me find, which was basically “we’re doing that flame color lab in chem and you’re cheating off me and i’m getting really angry but you beg me not to make a scene because apparently you’re colorblind”. Involving copious amounts of misunderstanding and pre-relationship detz.

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If ur comfortable answering this... my parents are very emotionally abusive but i cannot move out due to $ problems.. do you have any tips on surviving

Oh honey. I’m so sorry. It’s really emotionally difficult for me to put myself back in that mindset to answer this question, but I’ll do my best. I was pretty lonely and didn’t have healthy friendships because all of them were with people who were toxic and abusive, just like my parents. It makes sense because it’s more comfortable – those are familiar personalities. It can even be comforting in a fucked up way. So that’s a first step – seek out people who let you know you’re loved. Above all, understand the abuse. I did a lot of research on the characteristics of abuse and kept a list in my diary. This helps you avoid falling into the mindset that it’s your fault (read: IT’S NOT) and also helps you be aware of the cyclical nature of abuse so you don’t repeat their mistakes. Abuse is about control. You can’t control how they treat you or that you live under their roof (at least not for the moment), but you can control the fact that you’re still going to be a kind, empathetic, and wonderful person in spite of it. They can’t break you.

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Hi, I really love your work! I was wondering how long did it take you to become such a good artist ? Have a lovely day, cheers!

Thank you so much!

4 years ago I started to think about improve my art. I have always drawn but actually didn’t expect too much of it except having fun. When I finally had a list of favorite artists, inspirations, art goals, I started to take it seriously. I practiced more. I studied more. I read more. I painted more. Because I have goals. And everytime I reach a goal, it makes me feel good. I just have to make sure I’m still having fun.

I think I always look forward. Of 1000 paintings that I do, only 3 are the ones I get very attached to! It’s like moving on. Sometimes we paint something we don’t like… get sad and frustrated for a moment… but if I just move on to the next painting, I forgot about that aweful drawing minutes later. it’s been like that since day 1, that’s why I also paint everyday. 

Sounds easy for me to say this now, but it was difficult to see it and overcome those frustrations. I think I only realised that last year and I’m still find myself struggling everyday - because I want to learn new things and reach goals. I think art grows along with our maturity. I try to learn one thing new about softwares, art, general stuffs everyday. It is about being a Hermione hungry for knowledge, in my experience. Even things you have never thought of searching before helps you to improve your paintings. For instance, I’m studying the anatomy of the human leg and I cought myself watching bodybuilding tutorials haha Everything helps you. Except distraction and laziness.

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i've seen reblogs of your art like all over the place and i love it all. your style is really cool

!!! thank you so much :DD

blue-blooded-skull said: I know this is a bit late to the whole stretch mark thing, but I really like how you call them silver lines. Instead of just faded or something, it makes me feel better about having mine.

aaaaah good!! i always liked that more too, the tiger stripe thing never did much for me personally ;v;

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I was sort of curious about being an amateur writer on ffn. I don't mean to sound shallow but getting reviews and stuff really makes me wants to write more 🙄 what tips would you give to a new author on getting their stories more public/widely known?

It isn’t shallow.  Reviews are wonderful and most of us love external validation.   Sure, Emily Dickinson did okay without it, but most of us are wired differently.

Some ways to get your work out there:

@turbulenthandholding and @shayalonnie both have forms set up for you to submit a fic for them to consider for their rec lists.  Rec yours. 

If you write dramione, you can submit it to @dramioneasks

You can join Facebook fic groups and post your fics there.  I’ll list a bunch and you can search them on FB to get the links because I’m being lazy.

Shrieking Shack Society
Death Eater Express
Home Away from Hogwarts
Dramione Fanfiction Forum (18+)
Tomione Fanfics
Granger Enchanted Survivors
Dramione for Grown Ups  (25+)
Strictly Dramione (18+)