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SHORT STORIES, my favorite kind of poetry ( meme ).


❝ i heard you were doing good. ❞
❝ you don’t grow your horns overnight. ❞
❝ i promise, it gets better eventually. ❞
❝ & we never talked after that. ❞
❝ am i really, truly, that unlovable? ❞
❝ don’t talk like you’re coming back. ❞
❝ my most dangerous habit is trusting. ❞
❝ we’re made of stars & stories. ❞
❝ you didn’t have to do that. ❞
❝ everything is poetry when you’re drunk. ❞
❝ did i mean anything to you? ❞
❝ real feelings don’t just go away. ❞
❝ you came & changed the weather. ❞
❝ when can you just be mine? ❞
❝ there was no love, only lust. ❞
❝ darling, stop wishing on dead stars. ❞
❝ art is another form of screaming. ❞
❝ silence is the most painful goodbye. ❞
❝ what the fuck did you do? ❞
❝ i’m drunk, dizzy & missing you. ❞
❝ kiss me like you’re losing me. ❞
❝ i don’t feel like smiling today. ❞
❝ not all good people are innocent. ❞
❝ we’re a disaster in the making. ❞
❝ some things are better left unsaid. ❞
❝ we really should’ve talked about it. ❞
❝ i’m so glad i met you. ❞
❝ i wish i knew you earlier. ❞
❝ i fucked (pronoun/name) to our song. ❞
❝ i dreamed of you this night. ❞


❝ you saw the messed up parts of me, & stayed. ❞
❝ all i’ve ever wanted was for someone to save me. ❞
❝ since you left, i have no one to talk to. ❞
❝ i apologize for the nights in which i cannot breathe. ❞
❝ everytime i look at you, i want to kiss you. ❞
❝ we said no strings attached but now we’re in knots. ❞
❝ there’s a difference between missing someone & missing having someone. ❞
❝ for which f are you drinking? fuck, forget, or fun? ❞
❝ my biggest mistake was thinking i could live without (pronoun/name). ❞
❝ whenever (name/pronoun) rose to kiss me, i fell even more. ❞
❝ i wish that ‘goodnight’ was followed by ‘i love you’. ❞
❝ let’s smoke a pack of mentholds & talk about love. ❞
❝ your deep, sleepy voice makes me feel like i’m okay. ❞
❝ i read both of our horoscopes looking for an answer ❞
❝ reality is the absolute last place i want to be. ❞
❝ i didn’t expect that drunk kiss could mean this much. ❞
❝ all i need is a late night drive with you. ❞
❝ feeling pain is nowhere near as terrifying as feeling nothing. ❞
❝ your eyes are the color of summer fading into autumn. ❞
❝ you are the warmest home i will ever, ever find. ❞
❝ the world is less scary when i am with you. ❞
❝ i still can’t tell which of us was the victim. ❞
❝ i just need an excuse to hang out with you. ❞
❝ your expectations for me have been set way too high. ❞
❝ i don’t want to feel this way about anyone else. ❞

We had no clue about what this family was going through this year. This shows how little we actually know about what happens to them and how it’s not our place to take any conclusions.

Johannah was always an incredible and graceful woman, always kind and respectful. Through this year, we saw her glowing and rejoicing over her grandson. Through all the years of 1D, she was always focusing on the joy of seeing her son doing all those great things rather than on all the shitty things that come with fame.
She did charity, she helped others. She taught us how to prioritize what really matters.

Thank you, Jay. For everything that you’ve done. Your kindness, grace and joy will never be forgotten.

cinderella (2015) sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “do you still believe that they understand you?”
  • “i believe in everything!”
  • “you must always remember this. have courage and be kind.”
  • “you have more kindness in your little finger than most people possess in their whole body.”
  • “she’s skinny as a broomstick!”
  • “she, too, had known grief. but she wore it wonderfully well.”
  • “you did not say your daughter was so beautiful.”
  • “_______ is my guest and the eating of guests is not allowed.”
  • “we ladies must help one another.”
  • “and that’s what i really want, for you to come back. no matter what.”
  • “it’s your father. he took ill on the road. he’s passed on.”
  • “to the end, he spoke only of you.”
  • “names have power, like magic spells.”
  • “you shouldn’t be this deep into the forest alone.”
  • “we must simply have courage and be kind, mustn’t we?”
  • “just because it’s what’s done, doesn’t mean it’s what should be done!”
  • “i hope to see you again.”
  • “she wasn’t a pretty girl. well, she was a pretty girl but there was so much more to her.”
  • “it’s that wonderful girl. i can’t stop thinking about her.”
  • “i bet you have never ever spoken to a man.”
  • “it was my mother’s old dress, you see. and i took it up myself.”
  • “i don’t believe anymore.”
  • “you really are my fairy godmother.”
  • “i’m only a girl, not a princess.”
  • “well, surely you have the right to your own heart.”
  • “can you at least tell me your name?”
  • “your son, _______, is the most lovely person i’ve ever met. so good and brave.”
  • “it really was like a dream. better than a dream.”
  • “you’ve become your own man.”
  • “kindness is free. love is free.”
  • “and though no one deserves to be treated as you have treated me. why do you do it?”
  • “because you are young and innocent and good.”
  • “has your cat learned to sing?”
  • “you have never been and you will never be my mother.”
  • “will you take me as i am? an honest country girl that loves you.”
  • “i forgive you.”

i really, dont get why people are like “ohh they’re only just a poor 15 year old :( they did not know what they were doing”. that just, does not make sense. abuse and stuff can be as present as elementary age. being a minor does not excuse you from being like that. they’re 15, that’s hardly a poor young child. that’s someone who isn’t, but is very close to being an adult. they can use their brain to rationalize decent behaviour. justifying this kind of abuse and everything is not good, and does not help.

Listen, if Supergirl writers aren't going to use the great chemistry between Supercorp...

why in the world did they throw away her relationship with James? For Mon-el? Generic white boy who hasn’t treated her nearly as well as James did? (And on top of that, he totally exploited that one assistant girl and didn’t even care? Don’t tell me he had no idea what he was doing. Not Okay. And him calling Kara selfish and dismissing everything she stands for? just. ugh.) I’m all in for Supercorp, but if you’re going to make Kara straight, put her with the guy who’s been respectful and kind. Because Kara deserves kindness.(And so does James, for that matter. Just because I don’t ship it doesn’t mean he isn’t a really awesome dude).

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I haven't listened to music for a loooong time and I want to listen to one song but I know it's a minor sin. And aaahhhh! Is music really really haram?

Assalamu Alaikum

One of the things I would like to share with you is something I have heard in an Islamic lecture. It was about the fact how careful the sahaba back then were about everything they did. While they stayed away from everything that might’ve been possibly doubtful, we today are doing things because ‘we are not really sure if it’s really that bad’. While they asked the Messenger Salallahu alayhi wassalaam for a ruling in order to gain insight into a matter, we are asking various kinds of people in hope that maybe one of them will give in and tell us to go after our desires. While they cried and wept for just one sin we are considering everything as 'small" and unknowingly stack up sin upon sin and that way become more ignorant.

SubhanAllah, big is the difference between our perception of sins and theirs. And the reasons is not the sin itself, but our inclination to our desires. How much do we fear Allah? How much self respect do we have? Have we truly understood the meaning of restrictions? What do we consider more important?

“And as for him who fears to stand in the presence of his Lord and forbids the soul from low desires, Then surely the garden– that is the abode.” (Surah An-Naziat, 40-41)

I don’t want to go deep into the topic of music because you already know the answer before you started doubting it for one song. Just remember that shaitan comes to you in the form of things you love and it is easy to slip into more it. And I have been a witness myself how it will lead you very far from the Quran.

Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said. “The (Hell) Fire is surrounded with all kinds of desires and passions, while Jannah is surrounded with adversities.”

[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

May Allah bestow true faith upon our hearts, forgive us for our mistakes and keep us steadfast.

Forgive me if I said anything that has hurt you or if I seem somehow self righteous.

Dance Practice (J-hope Smut)

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Words: 853

Warning: Smut

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Originally posted by morekpopmore

 “Come on, Y/N. Focus. Let’s try again from the beginning, ok?”  He said.

J-Hope was your dance teacher and your friend. You both were in a dance together as partners, but it was being impossible to concentrate. The dance was too difficult to learn, and his beauty and grace was turning everything harder than necessary. And to get everything worst, the dance was kind of sensual.

“I’m trying, Hobi” you said. You really were. You were hardly trying to focusing. “Ok. From the beginning.”

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Star vs Secret Santa! ...but not really

So! Hello guys! I didn’t think of it but as soon as I did I was a little sad that there wasn’t a SvtFoE Secret Santa! Now it’s too late to make one since christmas is just around the corner but! How about a lil something else? All the Secret Santa stuff just for New Year! So you guys get more time to actually do the thing! We’re a weird fandom we are allowed to do a Secret Santa for New Year!

Everything you need to know (mobile friendly):

How this all works
Application Form
Participants List

I’m gonna be kind of a joker. If there’s an odd number of participants I’m gonna also take part in this.
If there’s not enough people at all I might as well just screw all this. So if you want something for New Year (and have the ability/time to participate with something in exchange eg: Drawings/Fics/Videos etc.) you can join this event!

Spread the word!

My icon is Star in a santa outfit because she is gonna bring you your gift

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Elise, do you have any headcanons about Bahorel right after he left law school? I've just left it too to fulfill my real dream I realized recently, but even my best friend says it's not possible to come true. I know they don't want to hurt me, but still I feel really lonely now with almost no support and it kinda sucks.. Sorry for bothering you, but I look up to you, you're such a lovely person deserving the best in life. I hope everything goes well for you

Bahorel does law school the way I did maths for the first 18 years of my life: poorly and with a distinct lack of motivation to get better at it.

Law just seemed like the thing to do at the time, you know? Law makes you look employable. But Bahorel just isn’t a white collar kind a guy. And that’s coming from a guy who loves collars.

Bahorel is social! Bahorel was born to go from place to place, make friend with everybody he meets and fill up a whole bar with his roaring voice. He wasn’t made for Law.

When he ditches law school, it’s like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. Sure, he wasn’t going to lectures that often to begin with, but it was still a relief. He does a couple of side jobs here and there, helping people move out, playing the bartender for a couple of nights a week, coaching some people at the gym. He likes that, tending the bar. He gets to meet people.

That’s how he meets Feuilly and Grantaire, rolling up their sleeves as their about to start a brawl. Bahorel joins because a) brawl and b) the other guys were looking for it. It gets him fired, but at least he’s made two new friends.

A week later, Bahorel attends his first ABC meeting.

timel0rd-of-the-rings  asked:

How do the UT and SF skelebros react when they hear their s/o muttering sweet things about them in their sleep?

* Did you mean me (我) saya


He thinks it’s absolutely adorable. When they wake up, he’s going to tease them about it non-stop, telling them everything they said and adding random exaggerations to see how much they’ll believe him. He feels kind of flustered that they like him so much to the point of sleep-talking. Then again, he gets really cuddly in his sleep so he’ll call it even.


He doesn’t notice they’re sleep-talking at first and will try to loudly accept their compliments. He’s kind of confused why they are complimenting him in the middle of the night though. When he realises, he slaps his hands over his mouth and tucks them in gently, fluffing up their pillows and giving them another goodnight kiss. Nyeh, his greatness and love permeates even their dreams~


He doesn’t do much, just listens to what they have to say and blushes profusely. He’s afraid of waking them up. He’s burying his face in his pillows and running his hands over his blushing face, glad they can’t see him this flustered. He lies down and cuddles even closer to them. When they wake, he’ll tell them that they were sleep talking but won’t mention what they said.


He has to get up and leave the room. Straight up. It’s so cute and adorable and sincere, he feels like his Soul might burst from affection. When he comes back mentally prepared, he lies down next to his S/O as carefully as he can without jostling them and just listens to them talk the whole night. He responds quietly and gently to see if he can get them to start a conversation or if they’re the rambly sleep-talker. He doesn’t mention it to them ever.

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Hey love! Could you add V and Vanderwood to your drunk RFA + Saeran hc's

Sure thing!


  • He doesn’t get drunk often, and he doesn’t particularly like drinking either
  • He probably wouldn’t do it unless absolutely necessary 
  • (But lets just imagine a scenario when he did get drunk)
  • Since, as I just said, he doesn’t really drink, he would het drunk very fast. Even faster than Yoosung. And thats saying something
  • He would be the giggly type
  • Like, he’d just laugh and giggle at everything no matter what and its kind of the cutest thing ever, but also kind of creepy
  • Its kind of as if he was turned into a 5 year old
  • “Hey”
  • “Hey MC, come over”
  • MC: “What is it?”
  • “…”
  • “poo”
  • *snorting from V*


  • Out of everyone, he is the one least likely to get very drunk
  • He’s got some bad drinking habits, so he would be in the “watching over as the others are running around like a bunch of kids in a kindergarten” gang
  • On a more serious note, if he did get very drunk I don’t think he would handle it very well
  • He’d probably get some really bad memories from his past
  • We don’t really know much about Vanderwood’s past, but since he left his life to become a secret agent who could be killed at any given time, I’m sure his life wasn’t a dance on rose petals to say the least
  • But all of this is mostly if he drinks a looooooot of alcohol, since he can hold his drinks very well
  • When he’s just a little more tipsy than drunk, he’s pretty much the same but 120% more sassy and sarcastic
  • He’s probably there throwing shade at the rest with you and Saeran too

italy-is-mine  asked:

Anyone of your choosing reacting to finding out their Crush wash there favorite jacket or neckwear and realizing it smells just like them.

I meant to do one with Tale in there but then my hand slipped and suddenly I had three Fell related stuff,  whoops

US!Papyrus: He freaks out internally when he can’t find the jacket, and he’s ready to give up on everything for a while because god damnit he loved that hoodie. When he finds out that you just took it to wash it he’s so relived. You really had him worried there for a while. It did need a wash though, and it’s a kind gesture, but tell him next time alright kid? When he puts it on he’s immediately hit with your scent and for a few seconds he’s a little confused. Until he realizes that you washed it with your detergent. And now he’s blushing instead. He’ll keep discretely sniffing it for the next week or so. And even though he wont admit to it, he’s a little sad when the smell goes away. Now he leaves the hoodie out unsupervised whenever you’re over in case you’d decide to wash it again. 

UF!Sans: When he realizes that you’re the reason he couldn’t find the damn thing he’s angry. Mostly because the stress of not finding it is crashing over him, but also because he’s not used to kind gestures like that. And he usually acts mad when he’s flustered. He’ll be so tsundere about it. Acting like this is all such a trouble for him, it didn’t need washing (it so totally did, he never takes it off and he tends to sweat when he’s nervous) But when you’ve left and he actually puts it back on his eye sockets go out because he was not prepared for it to smell like that. He’s a blushing, flustered mess. And he pulls the hoodie up until it covers his face so he can smell it better. He keeps telling himself it’s because it smells clean. But everyone knows that’s not true. 

SF!Papyrus: He’s the one who keeps it together the most. He thanks you properly for washing his jacket for him. He’s not used to people doing things like that for him, since he’s often the one who does it for others. So it’s a nice change for once. But he’ll be telling you over and over that you don’t have to look after him like that. It’s nice and all but he wouldn’t want to be a burden on you. He’s secretly enjoying the scent more than he should, but he’d never let that show. It’s just very reassuring to him and he’s trying to get you to tell him what detergent you used so he can get the same one. It might be a little weird. But he’s neck deep in a crush so can you really blame him? 

UF!Papyrus: He is furious. It doesn’t matter that he has a massive crush on you, you do not touch his stuff without permission. And why would you just steal his scarf and wash it? He has his own washing machine, and it’s not like he’d ever let the scarf get properly dirty. He washes it religiously at least every month, just like every other outer wear he uses. He’s a very clean person, after all. But when he’s done chewing you out for touching his stuff, and he actually puts it on he just sorta…. stiffens. He’s standing there straight as a lampost trying to act like nothing happened. He is so embarrassed that he let himself get affected by the scarf smelling like you. And he’s denying any reaction that he might have had to it. The next few days he finds himself absent-mindedly sniffing it. Every time he catches himself doing it he blushes and just mutters how annoying you were under his breath. He waits a little longer to wash it next time though. Just until the scent is completely gone. 

Honestly, people need to stop pretending that they didn’t notice that I’m autistic before I told them because they DID. They just never thought it had something to do with autism.

I’ve asked a few of my friends what they thought about me before we started talking. And everything they said sounded pretty similar:

“I don’t know, you really came off as arrogant because you didn’t talk to me. Like you only talked to (insert friends name here). I was like who the fuck does she think she is? before we became friends.”

“Well, you seem like a nice person. But not like the kind of person that wants to be approached by others. You seem like a very withdrawn person that prefers to take the first step. But you kinda never make that step.”

“You kinda gave off a mysterious aura. You were so lively around your friends and kinda gave everyone else a cold shoulder. It made you really interesting.”

“You seemed like a very shy and silent person. I still don’t know how I could think like that. I mean, you talk a lot.”

All of these prove that I am noticeably autistic. All of these prove that I cannot control how others perceive me or even know how others perceive me.

I am autistic. Everyone can see it. But everyone ignores it because I don’t fit the stereotype.
Like, don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t bother me that no one realized. It just bothers me that they tend to push every evidence away when I comment on it.

anonymous asked:


I DID but i have no idea how much dancing will really occur given that this man is prone to hyping up ……… literally everything. but still!! i’d love to see harry’s interpretation of magnus dancing bc harry seems to believe magnus isn’t the greatest dancer (also canon in the books tho idc abt the books.) either way i’m all for whatever harry does with magnus he can do no wrong in my opinion.

also i demand the presence of a tassel or chain of some kind on his outfit for this for obvious reasons like. PLEASE GRANT ME THIS @ WARDROBE.

The last couple days have been quite a roller coaster. I am very sorry for causing so much upset. I really didn’t intend to. I knew some people would react but I figured most would just move on. I really had no idea so many of you felt the way you did about my channel. I have been taken by surprise by all the kind and supportive messages I have received and I have tried to reply to them all but I have so many at this point I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed really. It’s not a bad thing and I am truly humbled and grateful for them all. With that being said I do need a break from everything right now. I have made my channel public again but no comments will be allowed for the time being. This makes me sad because I really enjoyed reading the comments most the time even if I only participated sparingly. I may at some point open up comments again & begin uploading but I don’t have a time frame on that. I clearly reached a breaking point and I can’t express how much I appreciate the amazing support and kindness I have received. Yes, maybe I am being selfish (and no I’m not upset about the Anon that said I was) but it’s what I need right now. Thank you all again


I’m sorry, what?!

No Kaitlyn, you can’t pull this bullshit! You can’t fucking want freedom to make mistakes then turn around and blame me for everything that goes wrong in your bullshit life!

At the very least, you could ask how I was doing after the goddamn riot. Is that too much to ask?!

And on the subject of that fuckwit Natasha (I didn’t even go there but since you were so kind to bring it up). Why are you looking at your bandleader before you kiss your girlfriend??? Why did you lie about who you’re hanging out with? Are you out of goddamn mind??

Are you part of a cult? Blink twice if you need help!! Or are you really cheating?

Cause you’re meant to be the second half of my OTP and the woman whose coffee stain brought us together is starting to look really good.

acethetic-of-spades  asked:

Hey hun! How are you doing today? wanna hear another cheesy joke? Why did the stadium get hot after the game? because all of the fans left! lol I hope that one made you giggle! Have you gotten some rest. Have you eaten? Hope you know I love ya!

Hey, love! That joke is really cute and it made me smile ❤

I got a good amount of sleep last night but I’m feeling really under the weather today. Everything feels off. I’m very slow and everything is kind of a blur. I’ve been trying to work on a big psychology project and I’ve been at it for 5 hours now without much progress. I just have no mental capacity.

Thank you for checking in on me again, it means so much. Love you too, sweetheart!


one tree hill relationships

↳Chase and Chuck ♔ “I know that you guys wanna kick Chase out of the Air Force because you think that he did something wrong. But he didn’t. I did. ‘Cause I didn’t tell the truth. My dad hits me. He hits me even when I haven’t done anything wrong. Chase found out and he stopped him. I know I shouldn’t have lied about it. But I did and I’m sorry. So it’s my fault. Chase was protecting me. Isn’t that what you taught him to do? He’s really nice to me and helps me with all kinds of stuff. All he ever wanted to do was fly. Please don’t take that away from him. (…) So what I said meant nothing? No. What you said meant everything.”

anonymous asked:

hey hun, I'm so sorry your feeling this way, my mom went on Prozac a couple years back and even though it did wonders for her ocd, it was just so weird - like we didn't really know her anymore and everything just felt wrong and off. but speaking from experience, this will pass and even though it fucking sucks now it does get more manageable I promise ! btw if your still doing prompts - what kind of tumblrs do you think the acomaf gang would have ?? xx

Thank you for the kind words, friend! I’m in a holding pattern now until Thursday apparently, so here’s hoping! I’ll still do the prompt for you. :)

ACOMAF Tumblrs, right…

Feyre - Probably wouldn’t care, tbh, but if she did have (excuse me while I pander a bit), she’d be @aelin: only occasionally posts text posts, but mostly just reblogs awesome art aesthetics from other Tumblrs, flailing a little at them in the tags, and then posts her own stuff once in a blue moon and everyone just *OMG FEYRE* over it.

Rhys - He’d be in the discourse blog section trying to SchoolTM the NoobsTM on politics, sexism, feminism, racism - basically, any kind of ism. He’d reblog all of Feyre’s graphics/edits.

Mor - The fashion blog and pop culture diva who occasionally reblogs Rhys’s meta on feminism and family trauma.

Cassian - The Fitblr with the full works. Gym selfies galore. Tips on getting swol af. Recipes for healthy eating. Goes around sending motivational “YOU GOT DIS BRO” asks to other fitblrs getting started. Has training services available. Sends Rhys really horrible troll anon messages. Azriel too, but Az never replies because…

Azriel - ….he doesn’t have time for this junk. And Mor is easier to keep up with on IG. But he’s still super proud that she’s amassed however many followers she has for all of her edits of the Met Gala.

Amren - Would only have and use Tumblr for like one very specific fandom, something obscure and that no one else knows her for. Like silent era cinema. Or a European talk show. She refuses to tell Cassian her handle.

Nesta - Hipster Life AestheticTM. Heavy literature discussions. Loves laying in to people for being total douchebags and then watching Rhys reblog her posts.

Elain - The one who posts like, book shelfies and mountain cabins and star landscapes and adorable pictures of kittens and then like once a month has a binge session of like dirty movie screenshots or fanfic.

Lucien - Ain’t nobody got time for that. I got knives to clean and places to go horseback riding. Takes Azriel with him most of the time.