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Highlights from my College Essays this Year

EDIT: I had this queued to post on May 1st, but for whatever reason it never did. I’m posting this now because a few of you have asked me about some of my essays. These are all from 2014-2015. These are mostly opening lines btw

  • “Like most moments in my life, my first impression of academia can be summarized by Stephen Sondheim lyrics: bizarre; fixed; cold.” (Stanford)
  • “I think eighth-grade-me would hate myself for painting.” (Columbia)
  • “For as long as I can remember I’ve concocted elaborate assassination plots against myself” (Stanford)
  • “Ever since I draped an executioner’s hood over my face, shredded bundles of lettuce, and sent the resulting “Veganism” PSA to my entire school on April Fool’s Day, people told me I’m overly dramatic.” (Brown)
  • “From the age of eleven I’ve lusted for revolution.” (Brown)
  • “Dear Brown: You’re not like the other colleges.”
  • “In her grand Act I finale (“Take-A,Take-A,Take Me/Spooky College Wait Dream”), the candidate anxiously envisions her UChicago dream while encouraged by visions of Steven Levitt and Carl Sagan, whilst dancing cups of Ramen Noodles surround her.” (UChicago-I wrote the whole thing like a summary of a musical)

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OMG same like i ~just~ saw it and hot damn. Seriously. But, tragically, he still ain't as hot in human mode... Did you notice that they played Darth Vader's theme when the piano hit LeFou?

Death Vader’s theme? No? BUT YEAH HES A HOT BEAST OKAY, he’s so big and strong and….ye…also I might see it again tomorrow cuz why not


Did you notice?
During Lapis Lazuli’s story, a piece of Yellow Diamond’s theme can be heard during the moment of this flash (explosion?) after the Homeworld Gems fled in chaos, leaving her behind.

Is this the singular moment that stopped the war for Earth?
Was this the thing that Rose Quartz was only able to protect the few Crystal Gems physically closest to her from, leaving the rest to become corrupted?

What the hell did Yellow Diamond do?

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Mirai-hen Episode 5 ED Change

Someone’s probably already noted this, but I’ll go ahead and make a post on it anyway. I wanted to add my thoughts here even if the main point has already been said.

Did you guys notice that the ending theme went on for longer? This time, it showed Naegi standing up once the flower had wilted, and the flower gradually springing back to life too (albeit the fallen petals remaining fallen). This is very blatant symbolism that showcases - to me - how hope will stand back up in the aftermath of despair. I’m curious as to why we’re being shown this now though. After Tengan’s reveal to Munakata… Munakata’s evident despair at the reveal…

Could the “Chisa Yukizome isn’t really dead, is behind the attacks and/or the mastermind of the entire Killing Game” theories actually be true? From Munakata’s reaction, you would think the person revealed must be Chisa Yukizome or Juzo Sakakura; the two people he’s been closest to for years. Add in the sudden ED change, which could also be hinting at someone who we thought was dead coming back, and it really does point to Yukizome.

I’ve seen people saying perhaps Munakata got emotional because he is the attacker, but I don’t think this is the case. Seiko addressed earlier in the episode that Munakata, Sakakura, and Yukizome took her in. She seemed to have trust in them, which means that her giving Munakata drugs in order to enhance his abilities/heal him back when they were fighting despair in the outside world wouldn’t be out of the question at all. I also feel that Munakata being the attacker or having any sort of hand in this Killing Game besides being a participant would be rather disappointing with how he’s shown this strong conflicting view of hope/its restoration between him and Naegi.

But, those are just my thoughts. Feel free to add your own!

The Lock Screen (Michael Clifford Imagine)

A/N: So I haven’t posted for a day or two, I apologise. But here is my 2nd Michael imagine, I hope ya’ll like it

If you want an imagine, go ahead and ask 

I’m working on a bunch at the moment, so one will be posted everyday (more if they are requested ones.)

Oh btw, did you guys notice one of the Sims 3 theme songs in the acoustic Good Girls? You probably have… anyway

Enjoy xx :) - Anon Writer

Imagine that…

You have a full time job at TopShop which you absolutely love. The workplace environment is upbeat and the staff are friendly, plus, they enjoy fashion just as much as you do. But one night while you’re working late, you lose your phone. It had a lot of important content on there: your photos, emails and most importantly, messages relayed between you and your boyfriend. It was hard not to panic about where it could’ve ended up, had a customer stolen it? Had another employee mistaken it for their own and taken it home?

Unfortunately you didn’t have the time to worry about its whereabouts. The store was closing in half an hour, and you still had to hang up the clothes from the last shipment.

“Excuse me” a girl approaches you with an item of clothing “do you have this in a size 12?” You take the white halter top from her and examine it 

“Let me just go and check in the back, I won’t be a second.”

You rush across the store and enter the Staff Only door where a small group of employees are standing around talking. There were 4 of them, all girls, who were probably around the same age as each other. “It’s Michael” you catch one of them giggling “she’s obviously a Michael girl.”

You manage to squeeze past the group and find a size 12 in the top you were holding. You reach for the coat hanger and pull it from the rack. As you’re walking past the girls again, they stop you in your tracks “excuse me, can we talk to you for a sec?”

You were on a deadline, you had to get this top back to the customer and therefore, you didn’t really have time to talk to young, incompetent employees. But you were never a naturally rude person, so you didn’t want to blow them off completely “can you please give me a minute. I’m in the middle of serving a customer.” The girls exchange looks of raised eyebrows as you take off, through the door and back into the store. The girl you were serving was looking at a pair of shorts as you interrupted “here we go, a size 12 in that top for you. Do you need help with anything else?”

“Oh, thank you” she smiled appreciatively “I think thats all.”

Curious about what the girls from the staff room could possibly want from somebody they’d never spoken to before, you decide to go back and see. They’re still there, talking about their upcoming exams for school. “Okay, what can I do for you?” You ask them

The taller girl with blonde hair and light brown eyes took a step forward, holding out something in her right hand “is this your phone?” She opens up her palm and shows you the white iPhone before pressing the home button “I’m assuming it is.”

It was definitely yours. On the lock screen of your phone was a picture of you and your boyfriend, Michael. It was the night he’d surprised you and taken you out to dinner. “Oh my god, yes, that would be mine” you smile, grabbing the phone. A weight is lifted off your shoulders, and you’re thoroughly relieved that someone had found it and returned it “thank you so much, I’ve been looking for it everywhere.”

“You’re welcome” the girl replies “so, I guess you’re a Michael girl?”

You furrow your brows at the assumption “what?”

“Ya know, 5 Seconds of Summer? The picture on your background is really believable… or did you actually meet him? My favourite’s probably Ashton.”

Oh, you get it now. They thought you were a fan of 5SoS. Although you were, it was the different kind of love you felt for Michael and the band. “Well, he’s my boyfriend, so…”

One of the other girls sniggered at your comment “you’re kidding, right? Just because you’re good at photoshop or whatever, doesn’t mean you can pass that off as Michael being your boyfriend.”

You were starting to feel under attack, especially when they all looked back at each other and laughed at you. You felt like you were being bullied by the popular girls at school again. “No, I’m not kidding” you tell her, a serious tone lacing your usually chirpy voice “and next time, you probably shouldn’t make assumptions like that about a person that you don’t know.”

Without saying another word, you turn on your heel and leave, digging the phone into your back pocket. A week rolls by, and the girls make subtle judgements every time you walk past, or make rude comments to one another to make sure you feel like this job isn’t worth it. It was getting beyond a joke, because the work that you loved before was actually making you feel miserable.

After a long day, you sit down on your bed to Skype with Michael. He’s sitting on a sofa with the little Pikachu plush you’d bought and dressed in a mini 5SoS top for him. Michael’s telling you about his week, the hilarious things that a few fans had said to him and about how much he’d missed you. “Hows work been, baby?” He asks after half an hour

Usually you would tell him about all of the great things that’d been happening at work, but because of recent events, you were pretty down in the dumps. “It’s been really bad” you sigh “there’s a group of girls who’re making my life a living hell.”

Michael automatically frowns, and straightens up in his seat “what, why?”

You tell him about what had happened, and even let a few tears out as you do so. It was hard for you, because not only were you hating work at the moment, but Michael wasn’t actually there to comfort and hug you. Instead, you could only hear him, and see him over the pixelated screen. It just wasn’t the same. 

“Look, I’ll be there to see you soon” he smiles “I don’t know when, but I’ll make sure it’s soon.”

Usually his soon was a week, sometimes even 2. So you didn’t want to get your hopes up. “I really wish you were here” you pout “I’ve missed you like crazy.”

“Ba-abe” he draws out his word, throwing his head back on the sofa “don’t say that, you know I would do anything to be there with you right now.” Michael’s job was the reason you two had the chance to meet, you didn’t like to worry him or upset him. “I promise, I’ll be there when I’m finished all of these interviews and stuff.”

A few more days pass and the girls are still being horrible. They all think you’re just some crazy, delusional fan who thinks she’s dating Michael Clifford. You do have the urge to tell your employer about this workplace bullying, but they would only get a warning, and pick on you for dobbing them in as well. 

“Hey, babe” your friend, Celia smiles as she walks through the store doors for her shift “how was your weekend?”

You shrug your shoulders and decide lying is better then telling the truth at this point in time “yeah, it was great. I went out for dinner with my friends and then had a movie night with my dog…”

Celia laughs at the last part of your sentence “sounds like fun, I hope he’s a good kisser.” She winks back at you “anyway, I’ll see you later”

You go back to hanging up clothes on their racks, and notice one of the girls who’d been bullying you was standing at the change rooms. She was looking down at her phone, ignoring the customers who were trying clothes on. You were surprised she hadn’t been caught out for doing something against the rules, which truly pissed you off.

While you’re occupied on the clothes, there’s a little disruption at the stores entrance. The girl with the phone had even left her spot at the change rooms to go and check it out. But being a good worker, you stay in your place and continue to hang up the clothes.

Before you know it, somebody had thrown their hands over your eyes. “What the he-”

“Hey, baby." 

The disappearance of the darkness reveals Michael who is standing in front of you, looking down with his big green eyes and fluffy red hair "M-Michael!” You squeal, jumping right into his arms “oh my god! What’re you doing here?”

“What do you think?” He chuckles, kissing your forehead “I’m taking extra time off to see you.”

You’re so overwhelmed, but you still notice the other employees and customers who’re standing around watching you hug the boy you hadn’t seen for ages. You’d missed him so much, and now he was back in your arms where he always managed to fit perfectly “ahh!” you kiss his neck “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Well, I’m here for two weeks” he puts you down so you can stand “so now you can see me everyday.”

The girls who’d been rude to you over the past week couldn’t help but stand there with their mouths wide open. They thought you’d been lying this whole time, and now they realised you had been telling the truth, which was a great feeling, but none of that really mattered to you anyway, because you and Michael had known the truth from the start.

“Can you take some time off?” he asks you, holding onto your hands tightly “lets get some lunch or something.”

You grab his neck and pull him into a kiss, this was the first time you had the chance to actually feel his lips against yours for such a long time. “I’ll go and ask.”

Michael takes you out to a nice restaurant and then buys you a bouquet of your favourite flowers before going home to cuddle on the couch. You decide to have a real movie night, where you get to kiss him and snuggle up against him all night. “I’m so happy to be back here with you” he smiled, kissing your forehead as you two are sprawled out on the couch “lets hope those bitches never make you miserable again.”

readers' fic meme

i’ve seen quite a few fic memes floating around but i never really felt like they answered some of the questions i had about my own writing, so i thought maybe we could do this backwards and someone who read a fic could give commentary on it! writer friends, if this works for u feel free to make it your own!

reminder: writers write in their free time for the fun of it, so please be gracious and thoughtful in your answers, and not unkind. (this is a good opportunity to let your favorite writer know what you’d love to read more of!)

drop a fic title and your answer into my inbox:

1. Was the fic’s plot or characters more memorable to you? Why?
2. Did the fic’s setting seem logical and contribute something to the story? Did it seem like the writer had been there before?
3. Did you notice any major themes in the fic? What’d you think of them, if so?
4. Was there a lot of simile/metaphor/etc in this fic? Did it enrich the fic for you?
5. Did this fic have good pacing?
6. Was there a decent amount of character development in this fic?
7. Was there anything about the fic you’d like to know more about?
8. Did any parts of the fic make you emotional?
9. What parts of this fic really seemed to work for you, and why?
10. Free Space! Say what you like, bearing in mind that this isn’t a request to be unkind.