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Happily Ever After | Chat Noir x Reader

“Where’s that Owl?” Chat Noir yelled running through the streets of Paris. He and Ladybug had already found another akumatized villain and was seeking your help.

“Owl?” Ladybug asked running beside Chat Noir avoiding the traps, bubbles, and beams coming from the akumatized child. “Isn’t her name Owlette?” Chat only rolled his eyes dodging another beam coming from the sky.

Just before he could say anything you suddenly jump in and narrowly save Ladybug from a laser. “Is that really important right now? We have bigger things to to deal with.” You say before jumping somewhere else.

“And where were you? You’re late!” Chat says while deflecting beams with his staff. “Minding my own business, you should try it sometime.” you teasingly say with a smirk.

You look at the villain at hand. It was a little girl, 7 at the most. She had a dress similar to Cinderella except hers was magenta and purple. To top it off she had a purple wand and a multicolored glowing crown.

“So what’s her deal?” you ask out loud. “We don’t know, but she calls herself Disniac. I’m guessing it has something to do with Disney.” Ladybug answers.

“Ha! So I guess you can do something with that tiny brain of yours Ladybug. Just hand over the miraculous now so we can end this quickly.” Disniac says before making a villain appear with her wand.

“It’s Mor'du!” you yell before jumping back as the large bear tries to make a swipe at you. “That’s not fair! He died at the end of the movie!” you call out.

“Wait Owlette. Who’s Mor'du?” Chat asks before attacking him with his staff. It was proved ineffective when Chat got slammed against a wall.

You pull out your bow and arrow to shoot at the bear and start to explain. “He’s from the movie Brave. The legend says that he was a human before going to a witch to gain the strength of 10 men. His plan backfired on him and he turned into a bear.”

“10 men?!” Ladybug exclaims while wrapping the bear up in her yo-yo. “How are we going to stop him? Owlette how did they defeat him in the movie?”

“They crushed him with a giant rock and-.” Before you could continue Mor'du disappeared, confusing you and the other two heroes.

“What just happened?” Chat asked clearly confused. “Did we win?” You look back at Disniac only to see her smirk at you. “I doubt it.”

She made another villain but not before you see her crown glow. “The crown!” You turn and look at Ladybug. “The akuma has got to be inside her crown.”

“But what about her wand? That’s the thing that’s making the villains appear.” she says. “That’s just a decoy.” you say before pointing at Disniac’s crown. “Did you notice how it got brighter before she made Dr. Facilier?” you ask.

“Speaking of Dr. Facilier, would you ladies care to help me out over here?!” Chat shouts at you two. Oh yeah, forgot about that part. you think before springing into action.

While Chat takes care of the doctor you fly ahead and start shooting arrows at the shadows. Obviously this wouldn’t normally work but, since it’s magic, the shadows were rooted into place.

“Lucky charm!” Ladybug says while doing her special move. After it was done a glass heel with her signature color scheme dropped into her hands. “What am I supposed to do with this?” she asks herself.

“This isn’t the time for a fashion show LB!” Chat exclaims before continuing the fight. Ignoring his comment she activates her special vision and looking around seeing Chat’s body, your foot and Disniac’s body light up. “I got it. Chat Noir, catch!”

Chat catches it and looks at Ladybug who was signaling to Owlette. Piercing together what she wants him to do he calls out to you. “Hey Birdie! Would you do me the honor of trying in this shoe?” he says loudly, grabbing the attention of Disniac while Ladybug sneaks around back.

“It would be my pleasure.” you say making a big deal out of it, not missing how it infuriated the akumatized child. Chat kneels infront of you and slips the shoe onto your foot.

“A perfect fit!” you gasp. “You know what that means? We get to live happily ever after!” Before you could do anything else Disniac lets out a terrifying screech.

“I’M the one who’s supposed to live happily ever after! Not YOU!” she shrieks before zapping away Dr. Facilier and making another villain. “Destroy her and bring me thier miraculous!”

“Gantu!” you scream before trying to run away completely forgetting about the heel on your foot resulting in you falling down and hurting your ankle.

“Owlette!” Chat said when he realized you weren’t behind him. He looks back only to see Gantu raise his foot over you preparing to stomp down. Having no time to fly away, you look up in fear before curling up and shielding your head to minimize damage.

Gantu’s foot came crashing down but before Chat could react, Gantu disappeared. You both look at Ladybug with relief seeing her break the crown in half then capture and purify the akuma.

Chat runs up to you checking for injuries. “Are you okay? You had me worried for a second.” You take off the heel and look at your foot, after seeing it swolled you sigh. At least it’s not broken. you thought. “I’m fine, it’s just a little swollen.

Ladybug then came up to you. "Sorry Owlette. I should’ve been quicker.” she apologizes. Yeah, you should have. you say inside your head. “Well you did stop him from crushing me so it’s fine I guess.” you say while standing up and handing her the shoe.

“Ladybug reverts everything back to normal and leaves before she changes back to her normal self, leaving you with Chat Noir. "So….” you say awkwardly trying to start a conversation. “Good fight.”

Before you could react Chat engulfs you into a hug. “I really thought you were a goner, Owlette.” he says before pulling away just as quickly as it came after realizing he’s intruding your personal space.

You smile and ruffle his hair. “It’s okay Chat, I’m fine. You’re not gonna get rid of me that easily.” You wink and say, “I mean, we are supposed to live happily ever after together.”

Imagine By: @animerocks00
Requested By: anonymous
Image by: @piikoarts
Oneshot By: @just-chats
Proofread and Refurbished By: @just-chats