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I just broke with my fiance and put him out last night for lying to me. Honestly, we were headed down that road because I been hearing shit about him being a dog, but even my MAMA brought me proof (Snapchat video), shit was a wrap. Weirdly enough, I’m fine and I feel relieved and happy. He keeps calling and texting but ain’t shit he can do to fix it. I just can’t shake the need to know WHY he did it. Like, I held you down for a year, moved you out yo parents house, motivated you to better yourself, and asked for NOTHING in return but love and honesty. So if you love me so much and I’m so beautiful and perfect and you gon marry me one day… WHY DID YOU SHOOT YOURSELF IN BOTH FEET TRYNA PLAY ME NIGGA??? Honestly, I’m through with men for a while, and I’m not in the mood to hear the misogynoir-istic B.S. about “not being able to get and keep a man” either. He needs ME, not the other way around.

  • some tumblr user: I stopped watching Doctor Who because it lacks representation and is not progressive enough.
  • Doctor Who: *casts a woman to play the Master*
  • Doctor Who: *has multiple LGBT+ characters*
  • Doctor Who: *season ten companion is a black lesbian*
  • Doctor Who: *talks about racism, homophobia and even Donald Trump*
  • Doctor Who: *confirms lead character is nonbinary and pansexual*
  • Doctor Who: *casts a woman to play the Doctor*
  • some tumblr user: Actually I stopped watching DW years ago and nothing can make me care about it lol.
  • me: Did you just... move that goalpost all across the universe right to Skaro???
Bad Things

A Bucky Barnes Song Drabble

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 1,010

Warnings: Teasing, tempting, hot stares, and some ice cubes. Mild steaminess. 

A/N: @ladyblackheart0 I couldn’t get what we talked about last night out of my head… so today, this came out! 🎵 Song: Bad Things by Jace Everett

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🎶“When you came in, the air went out

And every shadow, filled up with doubt.”🎶

He saw you.

You know he did.

The hot stare following every move you made.

You shifted your body in the seat, the slit in your dress falling open over your thigh. You crossed your legs slowly, clenching your thighs together to try and quell the ache that settled there.

You lifted your glass of water to your lips to take a sip of the cool liquid. You darted your tongue out to let an ice cube slip inside. Lowering your glass to rest against your leg, you swirled the cold cube in your mouth until it melted. You licked your lips, chancing a glance in his direction.

His body looked calm and casual, but the storm in his eyes made you bite your lip to hold in the whimper that threatened to slip out.

A cold drop of condensation from your glass dripped onto your thigh. You watched the wet trail it left across your skin as it slipped down. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw his leg bounce a couple of times while he gripped a little harder onto the armrest.

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I was thinking about a thing. Noah and Ronan live in the two enclosed bedrooms at Monmouth. Since there's ghost-blur in Gansey's brain about when Noah came to live with them, we seem to be unclear about how that happened. And like, you know Noah did not move in a mattress with his Ghost Body. I figure this means that Noah either moved into G's room & accidentally evicted him (Noah thought they could share and G moved out to be polite?) & G bought a second mattress or G set up his room for him.

ok the idea of noah thinking they could share a room like bunkmates at a sleepaway camp is Adorable but so is the idea of gansey setting up his room for him?? like. gansey making his bed and noah just be like ‘you dont have to’ because he knows he’s never gonna sleep in it and gansey being like ‘nonsense!!’ and fluffing his pillow….. please this is. precious!!!


Chester Bennington committed suicide.
The vocalist of Linking Park.
The stranger who knew everything I was going through in the worst times of my life.
The stranger who gave me good vibes and told me it was okay to suffer. The one who said there are things outta our control.
Who told me that I knew what it takes to move on.
What the fuck did you do?
Where did all of that go?
You just had the pain and what happened to the letting it go part?
Why did you have to decide that you had enough?
Because we did not.
I didn’t.
I trusted you, a stranger more than anyone I knew.
And there will be a day when I am shedding tears over more strangers.
Singers. Footballers.
Family. Friends.
What do I do then?
When the sand from beneath my feet just slides away.
When all that I knew stops to exist.
Where does my existence go then?
When I become backdated? All that made my day just becomes a memory.
My goodness they will never understand, the next generation.

Oh god!
How much do I loathe death.
Fucker keeps fucking up my life.
And how he has the power to change things.
To change perceptions. Now he’ll soon be forgotten. No new songs. Nothing. Not that voice. Nothing. Oh the void. What do I do with it!

I hope one day you regret everything and realize things weren’t so bad between us and maybe you realize I did my best for you every single day. However, when that day comes I’ll be gone, and we missed a perfectly good chance to find happiness together.

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Akaashi, please tell Futakuchi to CHILL

futakuchi has been adequately chilled… just kidding, he unplugged the fridge to get in there. akaashi has learned to keep a closer eye on him from now on

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i just moved to texas like two weeks ago and i am overwhelmed by all of the texas things, like, i went to HEB and there was cheese shaped like texas i was crying??

like other states make fun of texas but they genuinely fail to grasp how texan texas is we have texas shaped everything

texas shaped gravestones

texas shaped mirrors

texas shaped cheese

texas shaped pools

texas shaped glasses

honestly i could go on tldr is that if you can think of it you can probably buy it shaped like texas

It’s Okay to Say No.

If you feel uncomfortable about something in your dog’s training then it’s okay to say:

  • “My gut tells me this is wrong for my dog so I’m not going to try this.”
  • “I feel uncomfortable doing this with my dog so I’m going to stop.”
  • “This isn’t the direction I want my dog’s training to go in.”

It’s feels weirdly difficult to say no when everyone else is telling you that it is okay.

  • “I did it with my dog.” (so it should be fine for your totally different dog)

  • “I did it with my dog.” (are you saying that I don’t care about my dog?)
  • “If you just try …..” (I don’t understand your feelings of discomfort so you must be suffering from a lack of information)

  • “You are using +R methods so everything is fine.” (but Bosco will do what Martin asks him to do, even if it hurts)

It’s really helpful to have an experienced mentor who actively listens to you.

  • Martin’s mentor ignored her instinctual feelings in the past and two of her dogs were injured. She wants Martin to learn from her painful mistakes. She listened carefully when Martin explained why he didn’t want to teach Bosco an exercise.


  • no one understands your dog’s capabilities better than you
  • you are responsible for your dog’s safety, and 
  • you are the person who is going to have to care for your injured dog (let’s not talk about death because it’s too sad).

I’m going to repeat myself because it’s important.

It’s okay to say no.

But it isn’t easy to do.

BTS REACTIONS: Moving in together.

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JIN would want you to move into his place, because he wouldn’t like the idea of moving his stuff. He’d have to find a new place for all his things and that doesn’t sound appealing to him. But He’d gladly make room for your things. Not to mention he’d feel more comfortable with you knowing that you’re willing to move into his place. He’d see this as a big step towards marriage.

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RAP MONSTER wouldn’t mind who moves in where as long as you both are 110% sure that you want to move in. He doesn’t want the love you guys have developed to fade or lessen, because you now will see EVERYTHING you both do. Even though you’ve stayed the night several times, even for a few weeks sometimes. Its not the same, because you can’t leave when you’re upset and you have to compromise. So for the first couple of weeks he will be walking on eggshells. Once he sees that nothing really has changed. He’ll go back to normal.

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SUGA would want to move in to a new place all together. So both of you guys can move out and start a new somewhere else. He’d let you design the place, it doesn’t really matter to him. As long as he had a room to himself where he can go to make music and work on his photography. He’d be a little nervous, because he’d think of it as him having to open up more to you. So making him feel like you can trust him is key. He might even have moments where it truly hits him that you guys are in the living together phase. He’d not mad about it though.

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J-HOPE would want to move in with you. He really loves you and wouldn’t want to make you feel out of place so he’d be happy to move into your place. Chances are you’re going to have to give up a little bit, but it will be worth it Nothing would change much, because he’s already as open as it gets. You might wake up to a hearty breakfast, maybe some cute gifts waiting for you, and fresh flowers once in a, but nothing will change ;). You guys would become even closer.

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JIMIN would move in with you in a heartbeat. He’d secretly been wanting to anyways, because he loves you so much. He’d be too excited to the point where he’d burn himself out with trying to impress you. So after a few weeks you’ll notice that his cute little things that he does to make you smile stopped. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you anymore or regrets moving in, its just he exhausted himself. Plus this will test his thoughts about you, because it’ll show him that your love is more than just cute gifts in the morning. Ultimately he’d love to be like a real married couple…minus the married part…YET.

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V would want to move into a new place to create new memories. He’d try his best to be romantic the first couple of nights, but to him he rather act like himself than be overly romantic. You’d have to set some guideline rules for each other, so that you both are on the same page, but for the most part you both respect each other not to be thoughtless towards each other. You both would be too cute together and have a lot of fun just sitting around listening to music and playing video games.

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JUNGKOOK would rather you move in with him. He’s not the type to make the first move as shocking as it sounds. So he’d be scared that if he moved in with you he’d burden you. So he much rather you move in with him so he can stress about making room for you than the other way around. Once that is situated he’d be on cloud nine, because he found someone who he feels like he’s going to spend the rest of his life with.

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People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted