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Tactician | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars (EU)

I blame reading Command Decision for this entirely.

(more Star Wars fanart)

When John is still at work and you think you are hungry

When John is not at home and you need a pen on the coffee table desperately

When it’s obvious that Mycroft has lost some weight

When you accidentally calls Lestrade “Greg” and Lestrade seems happy

When Molly refuses to give you some severed toes

The weather is so hot that you may have to take off your Belstaff coat

Ben, Ted, and Marcus are going to kidnap the president of the United States 


yuelier (for millalock)

My Desire 

BALE WEEK is a time for all of Bale’s fans to appreciate him and his work over the years. It will begin on his 41st birthday, JAN 30th!  In essence, it is a week (well, technically eight days) devoted to Bale and is meant as a collective time for the fandom to enjoy him, and celebrate his birthday.

To participate in Bale Week, you can create edits, gifs, fan art, videos, or any other media, based on the week’s prompts or not, and it will be shared with the rest of the fandom. But please remember reposting is not allowed, in Bale Week or on Tumblr.

Here are the week’s prompts and their respective tags:

  • Jan 30th: Happy 41st Birthday!
    (tagged as: “baleweek and/or baleedit”)
  • Jan 31st: Favorite Role.
    (tagged as: “baleweek and/or baleedit”)
  • Feb 1st: Favorite Outfit/Look/Style.
    (tagged as: “baleweek and/or baleedit”)
  • Feb 2nd: Favorite Quote.
    (tagged as: “baleweek and/or baleedit”)
  • Feb 3rd: Interview or Photoshoot.
    (tagged as: “baleweek and/or baleedit”)
  • Feb 4th: Physical Attributes.
    (tagged as: “baleweek and/or baleedit”)
  • Feb 5th: Favorite Trait/Quirk.
    (tagged as: “baleweek and/or baleedit”)
  • Feb 6th: Beyond Acting.
    (tagged as: “baleweek and/or baleedit”)

The main tag for the whole event is “baleweek”, so please remember to tag all your submissions with this tag as well as the baleedit tag so that I can easily find it and reblog it!

Please check out the prompt descriptions for any further information or message me to answer any questions you may have.

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Puppo/Dogger tag!! Tagged by @salty-sighthound

The first pictures I took of them, and the most recent!!

Kai at 6 weeks - 18 weeks
Katie at 7 weeks - 3 years (not the first pic but the oldest I have of her)

Tagging the peeps whose doggos I REALLY DESPERATELY want to see puppy pics of: @mooseings @noodle-dragon @noodle-shrimps @impish-iggies @huskyhuddle @calliefield @springerdays and @herebelife because I’d love to see a freshly picked thistle
(Also ok I blanked I cannot remember who I follow forgive me I want to tag all of you)