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Prompt: could you maybe do something with disabled!batmom. where batmom is in a wheelchair and you explore how that relates to the batman escapade, you could even have her interact with the justice league to redefine their definition of ‘hero’. thanks for writing for us love you! <3

Requested by: ANON

Your life was a mish mash of simple facts. Your husband dressed up in a bat costume and fought crime: Fact. You had adopted children and allowed them to be superheros: Fact. Several of your children had died, and come back to life: Fact. Your husband snored like no tomorrow: Fact. Just because you were in a wheelchair did not mean you weren’t a deadly badass in your own right: Fact.

    As you rolled your chair down the halls of the station, you knew you drew more than a few eyes. You’d made it a point to stay out of the station over the years. Gotham was your territory. Protecting the city was your mission, and that was big enough without adding in an entire universe too.

    Right up until your husband landed his butt in surgery. The boys stand as you approach; three of them bend down to give you a kiss on the cheek, and one simply leans over. Resting your hands in your lap you ask, “What did he do this time?”

    Jason smiles at you, “Took a bullet for Supes.”

    You raise an eyebrow, “You mean the guy bullets literally bounce off of?”

    Tim winces, “It might have been a kryptonite bullet.”

    You sigh, and settle in for a wait. More than a few people pass by. There eyes drift over you, before continuing on. Each of your boys disappears for a few minutes before coming back showered and changed.

    When Clark shows up, he stares at you, “Y/N I am so …”

    You cut him off, “If you apologize Kent, you’re going to wish that bullet had hit you. Bruce is a big boy. He can make his own choices.” He says nothing. Simply, he smiles before kissing your cheek and saying, “Lois was hoping the family would come by for dinner next week. We just got the ramp fixed.”

    You smile, “We’ll be there. Even if I have to bring Bruce kicking and screaming.”

    Clark snorts, “Cause that just spells fun.”

    You smile, and he walks off. Several other leaguers stop by to say hi; Barry, Diana, Shayera. When J’onn steps out of the operating room, he smiles at you before waving you in. You roll through the wide door way easily, and straight to your husband’s bed. He’s still sedated, but you take his hand, and simply wait.

    He’s groggy but coherent, “You’re on the space station.”

    You grin, “And here they said you were losing your touch.”

    He stares at you, wether he’s not amused or simply to sedated to care, you’re not sure, “You hate space. With a burning passion. When I asked you to come up, you said not if your life depended on it.”

    You smile at him, “It wasn’t my life, it was yours. Thanks for the ramps and the wide doorways by the way.”

    He squeezed your hand, “Anything for you.”

You kiss his cheek, “I love you.”

He smiles, “I love you too; my own personal hero.” You raise an eyebrow at that, “You faced your fears.”

“Which fear is that?”

He smiles at you,“Being sucked into a space vacuum.”

You lean back into your chair, “That doesn’t make me a hero Bruce. It makes me an adult ”

“It makes you brave.”

You just smile, “I’m good with brave.”               

I Think I Love Her (plus size reader x Peter Parker)

The reader stand up for a girl who is getting bullied. Peter realizes it’s finally his time to confess his feeling to the reader.

Notes; I know Liz isn’t actually like this but it just worked for the story. Also gif isn’t mine credits to owner. Hope you enjoy. 

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Y/n’s Pov

I had been standing by my locker with my friend Ned Leeds and my friend and kind of crush Peter Parker. I always liked Peter from when we first met and he was super sweet to me. He always tried to fight out the people who would comment about my size, but then slowly realized I could handle my self.

We were talking about our next Spanish quiz when I noticed Liz Allan, my least favorite person, walk up to some girl that was standing a few lockers behind us. My mind left the conversation with my friends as I started to listen in on what Liz was saying.

“You seriously need to start losing some weight if you want to wear clothes like these.” I turned my head around to look at the poor girl Liz was talking to. I watched as the girl turned red from embarrassment.

“Y/n? Y/n?” Peter tried to get my attention.


“We just asked you if you wanted to go to Peter’s tonight to finish the lego death star.”

“Oh yea, sure whatever.” I continued to listen to Liz talking to the girl.

“You know what would help? Trying to make your self throw up.” I heard enough and started to walk over there, but Peter grabbed my shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Peter frantically whispered in my ear.

“Showing that bitch some over due justice.” I continued to walk past him.

“Y/n, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I turned around to look at Peter.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” I then turned around to see Liz and her friends gone, but the girl still standing there tears staining her cheeks. I walked up to her. “Hey don’t listen to what Liz has to say she’s just a bitch. She wouldn’t know the first thing about beauty.“ Kaidy looked up at me and smiled “And hey I think Charles does know beauty when he sees it.” I motioned over to Charles who was walking up to both of us. He began to talk to Kaidy and ask her on a date, when I began to walk away.

I walked up to Peter and Ned “My work here is down.” I smiled triumphantly.

“Wow what we do without you y/n?” Peter rolled his eyes.

“Oh don’t act all bitchy cause I was going to talk to your little crush, telling her she’s a bitch. Honestly I don’t get what you see in her.”

“I don’t like her.” Peter mumbled, as you rolled your eyes and left your locker to go to class. ’‘I like you.” He mumbled to himself.

It was lunch and me, Peter and Ned were getting our lunch when I heard Liz talking to Kaidy again.

“So I heard Charles asked you out, he probably only did that because he pities you. I mean he probably could like you if you lost a few pounds.” 

I balled my fists up and closed my eyes taking a breath, trying not to punch the shit out of Liz. We all got your food and walked back to our table. As got back to the table I slammed my tray on the table.

“What the hell has gotten into you?” Ned asked.

I faked a smile “Nothing.”

I watched as Kaidy walked away from Liz not listening to her which made you happy. I then saw Liz walk up to Kaidy again and sit next to her at her lunch table.

“Are you seriously going to eat that? You need to lose weight as it is don’t eat that. And if you lose weight more guys will like you.“ I heard Liz tell Kaidy and that was my final straw.

I got up from the table and grabbed Peter’s smoothie.

"Hey!” Peter yelled as I took his smoothie.

“Just buy another one," I grumbled and started to walk away "cause trust me you aren’t getting this back.”

 I walked up to Liz and Kaidy “Hey guys what are you guys talking about?” Peter and Ned watched as you went up them.

“Oh y/n perfect we can get your opinion on this too. Don’t you think Kaidy here needs to lose some weight.”

I clenched my jaw “No I don’t think she needs to lose any weight, in fact I think she perfect." I smiled over to Kaidy.

"Well I mean that is coming from you.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean.”

“Well I mean you are someone who could also lose some weight. I mean maybe it would help, with your insane crush on Peter. He would notice you more if you were skinny like me.”

“Why do you always have to be such a god damn bitch.”

“Why don’t you go back to your friends and not bother me anymore.”

“You know what you’re right Liz, bye!” I threw the smoothie into Liz’s face. Everyone then turned to me and started laughing at Liz. “You’re dead bitch!" I heard Liz yell. I turned around and put up my middle fingers. I then quickly walked out of the cafeteria only making one glance at Peter who was also looking at me already.

Peter’s Pov

We were sitting down at our table when I looked over at y/n. Her fists were clenched and he looked so pissed off. God she’s hot when she’s mad. Fuck Peter don’t think of your best friend like that. Her plum lips were in a straight line. I wonder what those lips would feel like to kiss. No Peter stop that’s weird. But I bet she tastes good like strawberries. No Peter stop don’t think of her like that. She’s just your friend and that’s all she’ll ever be.

I looked over a Ned who also realized something was off with y/n. He nudged my shoulder and I just shrugged my shoulders. Then got of nowhere she just got up from the table and I looked over to her.

I accidentally looked at her at the wrong moment as she got up from the table and her ass was basically in my face and I couldn’t help but stare. Then I quickly looked away as she started to grab my smoothie.

"Hey!” I yelled over to her.

“Just buy another one.” I rolled my eyes and watched as she walked over to Liz and the girl she had been picking on. God what did I ever see in Liz she’s so mean, but y/n still thinks I like her but I just use her as a cover so y/n doesn’t find out I like her. I mean she could never find out. I’m weak and a nerd compared to the other guys she’s dated. She always dated the super strong guy with muscles, I’m not like that. Then I saw y/n sit across from Liz. “Hey guys what are you guys talking about?” I heard y/n say

“Oh y/n perfect we can get your opinion on this too. Don’t you think Kaidy here needs to lose some weight.” I heard Liz say in her bitchy voice. God this is going to be a shit show.

“No I don’t think she needs to lose any weight, in fact I think she perfect.” Y/n is so nice she’s always sticking up for people and- “I mean maybe it would help, with your insane crush on Peter. He would notice you more if you were skinny like me.” I was brought out of my thoughts by what Liz said. Omg is that true does y/n have a crush on me. Holy shit this can’t be happening I have to tell her I like her too.. Right now Peter. Do it Peter.

I was about to get up when I saw y/n throw my smoothie in Liz’s face. I started laughing and watched her as she left the cafeteria. She caught my gaze and looked over at me and smiled. I got up from the table and followed her out the door. I walked towards the bathroom and watched as she just walked in. I waited out there for a little until she came out. As the door opened and she came out.

“Having fun stalker?” She asked. I chuckled.

“Shut up.” You both stood there awkwardly “What you did out there was pretty cool, I mean like totally badass. I’ve never seen you like that before.’' 

"Thanks. It’s just that what Liz was saying to that girl pissed me off.” You looked down at the floor. As I walked closer to her. Ok Peter this is your chance. I walked closer and closer till our bodies were almost touching.

“Y/n.” I whispered and she looked up from the ground, and into my eyes. I then in and captured her lips in a kiss. After a few seconds I pulled.

“Umm so is what Liz said was true? That you had a crush on me?” I asked.

She bite her lip and rolled her eyes “You know for being some math genius you seriously aren’t that smart.” I laughed at her response.

“And what Liz said wasn’t true you don’t need to lose any weight to gain my attention, you already have it.”

“Yea I know, I’m not going to listen to that bitch.” She said confidently. She’s so confident that’s why I love her. Wait did I just say love? Holy shit. I think I love her. 


“Where’s Lizzie Borden? Where is she? I want her and those men found! Nobody sleeps tonight!

ireadtoomuch252  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader has a tattoo no one knows about and one day everyone finds out? And everyone except for Lance is cool with it, but Lance is freaking out because how could someone so sweet have A TATTOO???? P.S. I love your writing.

FLATTERY WILL GET YOU EVERY WHERE AHH THANK YOU SO MUCH I TRY SO HARD Also I am sorry this took so long, I work on weekends and I spend most of Monday catching up on cleaning so its late monday/tuesday that I really get to catching up on my writing (And did I take this in a weird direction? I feel like I took this in a weird direction but once started I couldn’t stop!)

I hated being hot. I hated it with every fiber of my being and would rather freeze to death then deal with being sweaty and gross and hot. Unfortunately with the castle’s temperature control completely on the fritz it was impossible to avoid the almost desert like conditions. Luckily Coran had been kind enough to show everyone to a planet renown for its beaches where they could relax until everything was fixed. Everyone had been more than enthusiastic, even Princess Allura had seemed thrilled at the idea of a day off. She called it ‘an opportunity for team building and connection’ but I had a feeling that she just really wanted to get out of the castle for once.

 Unfortunately for me the temperature here had not proven to be much different than that back on board. Of course the crash of the waves outside was more than inviting but the thought of burning sand was unappealing at best and literal hell at worst. I could already feel the heat coming from the sand creeping its way towards the wooden floor of the changing room. But my dire need to hide in here forever was being pushed back by the delighted screams from my friends out side. Finally the fun on the other side of the door finally seemed to win out and I forced myself to take the walk of fire at a run.

It wasn’t actually as bad as I had expected. In fact it was much much worse. I wasn’t sure what this alien sand was made out of but it was more like walking on freshly blown glass then sand. On the other hand I was a huge baby with a passion for drama so perhaps I could have been exaggerated. So I may have also been exaggerating when I say that diving into the water was the best thing my skin had ever felt. I gave a great sigh and floated on my back and was glad that the space mall had bathing suites that fit me. I hadn’t really wanted to wear my one spare change of clothes into the water and it had been far too long since I had been able to show off my tattoo.

It was a shame really that the day I had come to join the paladins that I was wearing something so covering, my tattoo had taken too long and cost too much to keep out of sight for so long. It was one of my proudest pieces of art as well, a winding lacy design that followed my spine and curled around my waist to circle around my navel. I had designed it myself, spending hours looking for inspiration on the many faceted design with no two parts mirroring each other. It was an extensive labor of love and I was anxious to now show it off.

So when I was suddenly splashed with the unbelievably clear water I couldn’t even be mad, I was ready for the shocked and awed faces. “Yo (y/n) what took so long, this water is the best. All I am missing is pineapples and pizza and oh pineapple on pizza of course,” Hunk said rubbing his stomach with glazed over eyes. 

“Wait are you telling me you actually like that warm monstrosity of fruit on junk food? That is blasphemy and unforgivable,” Lance said with mock fury as he jumped on top of Hunk for a small mini wrestling match that resulted in Lance just about drowning until the others came over and pulled the two apart. “Hey I was telling nothing but the truth! Wouldn’t you agree (y/n) surely you side on the side of goooo oh my god what is all over you!” he cried out in surprise, someone finally noticing the line work all over my body.

The others all joined in with their oh’s and aws. Allura came over and traced her fingers down my back with admiring eyes. “Wow this really is quite beautiful. And I never knew! They remind me of the intricate marking our ancestors would make on their faces when they became warriors. Do these hold some of the same meaning?” she asked politely.

“Actually many cultures on Earth use tattoos as a marking for special events. Its most commonly used as a coming of age ceremony of sorts and has become quite a way for individuals to express significant moments in their life for everyone to see,” Pidge chimed in squinting harshly without her glasses and facing ever so slightly away from the rest of the group.

I was more than happy to explain myself but between everyone’s compliments and questions one person had remained quiet, Lance. It was a bit unnerving since his mouth was never shut but I hoped it was from awestruck admiration. However I was quickly proved wrong. “Tattoos are also totally badass and how did YOU get one! Well I mean I know the how but well how could you have one? You are so sweet and innocent and now you just drop a bomb that you are all inked up like some, some inked up hooligan?!” he demanded taking me by the arm and pulling me for closer inspection “Or was this a someone died and this is how I remembered them thing cause I am drawing a blank on how someone like you has something this large.”

Now I had people question me about my tattoo before, it rarely made me do more than roll my eyes and tell them it was none of their business. Yet some how Lance’s reaction struck a nerve with me. As much as I told myself that others opinions didn’t matter I knew that when it came to Lance it was a slightly different story. Out of all the people in the universe I could have had a crush on I had to chose this loser and this loser had to go and be one of those types. 

I pushed him away from me with a scowl and unconsciously cover the art on my waist with my crossed arms. “No its a I thought it was pretty and didn’t realize I had to enter a debate about my choices about my body every time someone sees them. I think they look great but apparently I don’t have a good enough reason to have them for you,” I snapped with more anger then was probably deserved. I doubted that Lance really meant much harm, his mouth tended to run when ever he was caught off guard. Its just that I had really wanted them to like them.

I waded away from the group, muttering a thanks to everyone who hadn’t insulted me, and could practically feel the tension in the air. I could feel the shift in the water that let me know that everyone had just turned to give Lance the mix look of glare and you’re an idiot exasperation. I resisted the urge to walk backwards, not wanting to offend his delicate disposition with the full view of my tattoo, mostly because I didn’t want to reveal my now burning eyes. If anyone asked I would say that it was the overly salty water but I wasn’t sure if they would believe me anyway.

I resolved that helping Coran would prove more fruitful then hiding in the dressing room but only made it to the doors of the fitting room. “Hey (y/n) wait!” Lance called out, huffing and puffing as he leaned onto his knees and held out a hand towards me. “OhmygodIhatesandsomuch, okay woo okay I’m back … (Y/n) wait. I erm made an idiot out of myself,” he started but I cut him off before he could apologize, not wanting to hear it. Mainly because I wasn’t sure I would have the will power to not instantly forgive him. Cure his cute face.

“Yeah per usual but I am not going to stand there and disgust you so much with my skin. If it makes you feel any better you are never going to be seeing it again. You made it pretty clear it didn’t suite me,” I spat venomously at him, letting anger rush over me. it was better than admitting to myself that I cared so much about his opinion. I prepared myself for a fight, ready to let myself explode in anger and hopefully break this crush I have been suppressing, but instead I saw Lance blush and look away. He was never the shy type, never afraid of an argument so why he was pulling away now was making my heart flutter.

“You far from disgust me (y/n), I think that you are literally the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. I am not really poetic but all those poems we were forced to read in school about seeing someone and thinking that they must be the god/goddess of beauty or an enchanter/enchantress or just them hallucinating their perfect person? Yeah I think I probably get that, hell I might even be as gushy to say if I heard a romantic rock ballad I might just understand it as well,” he said peeking up from underneath his eyelashes like he was almost afraid to look at me. I had to pinch myself just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

“And before you ask, yes I am aware I said literally the worst things possible. But well I can only be super smooth around people that I find cute. Not around people that you know … I actually have … feelings for,” he muttered, squinting at the ground like he was trying to pronounce words in another language. “So um yeah there you have me being an idiot again. Bottom line is you look awesome, I think you are awesome and er I am going to go ask Shiro to bury me in a hole,” he added sounding much more like his old self, though his face was bright red.

I almost didn’t stop him, so convinced that the heat had finally gotten to me. But when Lance stood there like a sad puppy, obviously hoping I would stop him from leaving I couldn’t help but laugh. I laughed so hard I nearly cried. And the only thing that might have stopped Lance from running away with his tail between his legs was when I pulled him in for a surprise kiss. A kiss that was sloppy and giggly but sweet none the less. I pull back and hiccuped from my laughter and was met with the most confused look one could ever have. “Erm do you have a fetish for idiots or did my words drive you crazy?” he asked with a grin now creeping onto his face.

I grinned back and grabbed his hand “Perhaps a bit of the first but mostly its just because I have a stupid crush on you and am glad I don’t feel the need to go find the space equivalent of laser removal. Or more likely brainwash you to fall deeply in love with me at the sight of them,” I teased him, a shiver running up my back feeling his fingers tracing over the swirls and twists.

“Hey for all I know maybe you did because as soon as I saw them I knew.”

“Knew what?”

“Knew that I was falling for a gorgeous and baddass (insert preference). So when are you going to add my name somewhere?” 

“There you go again being an idiot. Its a good thing I love idiots.”

“And I love you (y/n)”

“And I love you.”  

Why I Love Levy McGarden!

Happy Levy Day everyone! I wanted to draw our favorite bookworm but I suddenly became so busy. Instead, I will list a few reasons why I love her so much!!

+ As an anime/manga lover there are lots of big breasted women and being someone who is not blessed in that department, it’s refreshing to see a character who also lacks the usual drawn double D and up bra size. 

+ Her height!! So cute! She’s short just like me. I’m 5′3 and even though Levy’s shorter, she is still badass.



+ *clears throat* I apologize for my outburst but she is just without definition an awesome character.

+ I can and I’m sure many others as well can relate to Levy. I love books as much as she does. My room is a library….there are books every where! 

+ Her ability to forgive someone who hurt her and her friends. She helped me forgive many people. 

+ Those hips don’t lie! 

+ Her face! I’m not sure if others noticed but her face portrays her emotions without her even having to say something. It’s pretty funny. If you think I’m fibbing, go to the chapter 440!

+ How she made sure the Guild was officially back in chapter 438 by doing all the paperwork! 

+ That little heart she puts in place of the O in Solid Script: IRON as well as the IRON tank top. 

+ Her outfits, headbands, hair, etc. 

+ She’s my favorite fairy.

+ Her blushing face.

+ She can bring a big bad dragon slayer down! Bring him to his knees people!! TO HIS KNEES!! Got him wrapped around her little finger!! I love it! 

+ and she is the only one who asked the question I’ve been trying to figure out for years?? Why doesn’t Gajeel have eyebrows????? one of my fav scenes btw!

+ Did i mention how badass she is….oh, I did? Well she’s still badass. 

Look guys I can go on for days about why I love Levy so much but I feel like this post is getting to be too long. So, here a few reasons why she is awesome!! Feel free to add more and make this list go on forever!! 

I think that what it bugs me the most about how the current arc endded, and dorkshadows will agree with me in this one, is the fact of how all those amazing opprtunities to make an actual insight about human relationships and behaviors, were overshowed by a cliched and silly “forgiveness” scene with Wolfram (and all the previous things about him, being more specifically, but this is more personal).

How about the fact of the so many women used in the wars as tools by the army: 

I think I don’t need to remind you people that we all believed that this was made by werewolves. But true being revelead, she was probably forced by her superiors to do that. 

Women have been used for things as awfull as sexual tools and even more awfull things for armies all around history of all around the wolrd. She’s being used. She may believe she was doing something good for her country, her loyalty it’s amazing, nevertheless, one of her comrades did this to her. (Hilde? You evil high ranking badass fucker). I mean, I know Germans are really badass, but I seriusly doubt it was her idea and she did this to herself. And even if she did this to herself, it would have been cool as heck to be adressed, I mean, the woman offering herself? Badass as hell.

Oh, and speaking about high ranking militars, how about HOW this three women get it to be high ranking officers/commandos in the end of 1800′s?: 

Or how about women, who are usually more sentimental, and this is never used enough, stood up for everything for a girl withouth holding any feelings?. They practically raised her, not just Wolfram: 

It wasn’t even mentioned. We don’t know what they felt. Yes, sure, you could say it was only their work, and that they were indeed evil, and that’s awesome, because they were cool even evil, but what it bugs me its that it wasn’t addresed. At all. And Sieglinde has, apparently, cut anything related to that town, she didn’t even flinched when Grethe or Hilde died, she apparently doesn’t remenber the girls or hold any feelings for them anymore.

Yana missed an opportunity for an actual and deep insight about human relationships, how war makes people act, how “duty for the country” works and makes you do despicable things, how can you believe you’re doing something good even when you’re mistreating a child (in this case), and specially, and actual insight of how women were seen now and before, and the army was a good perspective. Nothing was used. Nothing except Wolfram getting a silly redeem, and Sullivan apologizing for something she shouldn’t even think it was her fault. 

Teen Wolf: A summary
  • Lydia Martin: Did you mean Queen
  • Scott McCall: Did you mean adorkable Alpha
  • Malia Tate: Did you mean adorable ardent survivor
  • Stiles Stilinski: Did you mean literally the only human left in Beacon Hills
  • Mason Hewitt: Did you mean Cinnamon Roll
  • Kira Yukimura: Did you mean Badass Kitsune
  • Liam Dunbar: Did you mean cutie pie aw
  • Derek Hale: Did you mean WHERE THE HALE ARE YOU
  • Allison Argent: Did you mean literally the only person to stay dead on this show