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Rfa & V's reaction to MC who likes to pet them? As in run her fingers through their hair and play with it. Like, as much as she can lol. I luff soff hair I can pet like kitties >w <

Oh my godddd I met this guy at work and I love doing this and he loves when I do this and it’s heaven
-Before after endings-
~Mod L

♡ The first time you did this was while he was playing LOLOL
♡ He basically melts into your arms
♡ It’s so relaxing to him
♡ He can’t even rage at the game when you do this
♡ He found a level of peace while playing he didn’t even know existed
♡ Even when he’s not playing he’ll curl up to you in hopes you play with his hair
♡ He’s just in love with you doing that
♡ Wants it 24/7

♡ Whenever she’s stressed she’ll run her hands through her hair
♡ It’s normally not very nice
♡ So when you start doing it she’s totally not used to it
♡ But it’s surprisingly relaxing?
♡ The first time you did it she fell asleep in your arms within a minute
♡ And every time after that
♡ You can’t do it while she’s trying to work because of that
♡ But whenever she has a second of downtime that’s all she wants

♡ He has so much hair to play with omg
♡ He’s used to kind of having to keep people off his hair
♡ Sometimes fans are weird yo
♡ So initially out of habit he kind of flinches away from it
♡ But one day when he was really sleepy he let you play with it
♡ And oh my god he loves it
♡ He can’t get enough of it
♡ Whenever you sat down he would lay down with his head in your lap so you could play with it as much as you’d like

♡ Whenever he’s working, he’s incredibly focused
♡ So if you do it while he’s working he won’t complain, but is rather indifferent to it
♡ He knows you enjoy it so he’ll never stop you
♡ But once he’s done with work he’s all for it
♡ It’s so comforting, and takes his mind off of anything stressing him out
♡ Even when you’re out in public, even though he’s usually adverse to PDA, he feels calmer when he feels your hands run over his back
♡ He’s so found of you and your touch that he grows to love it, even when he’s working

♡  Oh
♡ He likes this
♡ He likes this a lot
♡ He basically stops functioning whenever you start playing with his hair
♡ It’s a button to shut him off
♡ You often absent-mindlessly play with his hair and don’t realize he stops all productivity
♡ Vanderwood has to yell at Seven to get him to start working again
♡ He still tries to sneak in as many pets as possible when Vanderwood isn’t around

♡ He’s such a sucker for physical affection
♡ He always has some kind of contact with you, weather it’s your hands linked together or his arm around you
♡ So when you started playing with his hair he absolutely adored it 
♡ He sometimes feels a bit too overbearing with the physical attention, but you doing this completely comforted him on that
♡ He loves giving you attention and loves it when you give it to him too 
♡ No matter what’s going on he feels so comforted when you runs your hand through his hair 

For Worse

This was a Request for an Anon. They wanted a Story where Bruce Cheated and the Bat Boys react. If you have request go ahead and make one! Also Let me know if you want a part two. (UPDATE: Lots of people have asked for a Part 2 so i’ll start working on it soon ^_^)

You weren’t much of a wine drinker, not much of a drinker period in all actuality. When you did drink you preferred the sweetness of a strawberry margarita that masked the taste of alcohol. However, right now, as the slightly bitter liquid pooled to the back of your throat, you couldn’t imagine a better tasting drink.

Sitting on the large black marble kitchen counter, you swung your legs with childlike glee as the world around you suddenly started to feel a little hazy. Patting at your cheek with a sweater covered hand to wipe away some tear stains you filled up your glass of Zinfandel with the other.

The bottle clinks hollowly against the counter just as Alfred rounds the corner into the kitchen. He looks at your form sitting on the counter with wide worried eyes but you can’t be bothered to give him more than a half hearted crooked smile as you knock back half of your glass.

“Are you alright ma’am?” He asks moving slowly toward you. He can clearly see the intoxicated state that you’re in and he doesn’t want to startle you.

“Peachy,” you say with an airy sigh.

“It doesn’t seem so,” he says picking up the large empty bottle of wine. “It’s not even past noon ma’am.”

“I don’t know if I care that much Alfred,” you say with a chuckle. “This is usually the only time I get to be alone.”

He looks at you worriedly, “Maybe right now you shouldn’t be alone.”

You look at him, nose scrunching up in anger and a frown pulling at your lips. “I think I should, you aren’t exactly innocent either, are you?”

Alfred doesn’t waver when meeting your gaze, save for a brief flash of guilt that runs through his eyes. “Why don’t I fix you some coffee and breakfast to help sober you up.”

“When were you going to tell me?”

“Toast is probably the best option.”

“Where you ever going to tell me?”

“I know you like eggs, so I’ll scramble some for you.”

“How many times did you watch him fuck her?” You say as you grab at his arm.

He stops his rambling at looks at you with a slight tear in his eye, “I’m sorry Mrs. Wayne.”

You look at the older man and see the pain in his eyes and think about the shame he must feel, he is the one who raised Bruce afterall.

“Were you sorry enough to ask him to stop?”

“He pushed me away.”

“Of course he did,” you say snidely letting go of the man and pushing yourself off of the counter. Your sock covered feet hit the floor with slight pat and you walk over to the sink to put your glass down. “When breakfast is done, I’ll be in the bedroom.”

“…Of course ma’am.”


Wallowing around in your bed and wiping away ever falling tears all day wasn’t something that you thought you’d be doing when you married Bruce Wayne. However, at the moment you couldn’t think of what else to do. You needed to get your emotions out and rest at the same time. Damian would be home from school soon and the rest of the boys would be home for dinner.

The familiar roar of an engine caught your attention and you felt your body tense. Anticipation and anxiety wracked your form as you waited for the familiar footsteps of your husband to enter the room.

What would you say to him? Could you even bring it up? What if what you saw only happened in a dream? He would never actually hurt you this way would he? He had promised to love and cherish only you after all. How could Batman of all people break his promise?

In your thoughts, you’d barely heard the door to your bedroom open. He doesn’t say anything when he walks through the door. You hear the rustle of clothing and assume that he is removing his suit jacket. You assumptions were proved correct when he comes to sit on the side of your shared bed and pulls the blanket from over your head. He reveales himself to be in his white shirt and black suit pants.

His blue eyes scan over your form worriedly as he rubs a large thumb on your forehead. You have to bite your tongue to prevent sharp words from spewing out of you and rejecting his sweetness.

“Are you still not feeling well?” He asked voice soft and warm.

You shake your head.

He sighs with a sad smile and runs the pad of his thumb over you cheekbone, “I’ll have Alfred make you some soup.”

You don’t respond and stare at him relatively blankly and while this bothers him he shrugs it off to whatever sickness it was that was bothering you.

He stands from the bed and moves over to the closet to change into something more comfortable. You take the opportunity to sit up and push your body up against the headboard and you watch him. As he pulls the shirt off his body you can see every scar and bruise that he’d accrued recently, even the ones on his neck that hadn’t placed there forcefully.

When he slips the grey sweatshirt on over his head your trace is broken.

“Can I say something?”

He jumps slightly at the sound of your voice and turns to look at you with curious blue orbs.

“I always thought it would be Talia y’know? Especially on account of how Damian got here, but I thought it would be her.”

“What?” He asks with furrowed dark eyebrows.

“I always thought that the thing with Selina was harmless flirting, even if she did kiss you once or twice, I never really got mad.” You can feel your throat slick and tighten with nerves but your belly is full of rage.

You can see it on his face when it registers what you were talking about and the blanching of his face causes you to get angrier for some reason. You stand up quickly from your position on the bed and instinctively he holds a hand out in attempt to calm you.

“Why would you do that to me? What have I not given you that you couldn’t think ‘I shouldn’t do this, I have a wife waiting at home’?”

“We were caught up in the moment, it wasn’t supposed to happen.” He tries to explain.

“Multiple times, you fucked her multiple times! On different days, on different weeks!”

He looks at you pathetically and you suddenly find that your positions have been reversed and he is the one sitting on the bed while you are the one standing.

“You know I thought this would happen when we were dating, and I told myself that it would be much better if it happened then because I could just leave. But now I can’t, I’m stuck here with you, in this giant stupid house.” You can feel your tears start to well up again but you quickly wipe at your eyes in an attempt to wipe them away. “Were you going to stop sleeping with her? Or were you just waiting to get caught?”

He doesn’t respond and he hangs his head down in shame.

“Look at me!,” you snap agitated and causing him to meet your gaze. “You were bold enough to go and do it no you have to take the consequences the same way you did them.”

“I wasn’t going to stop,” he said truthfully. You feel your jaw twitch at the honesty and the frown that’s pulling at your lips is almost painful. “Selina has always been important to me I suppose, and it felt natural.”

It was almost as if you could hear your heart breaking and you couldn’t stop the sob that ran its way through your throat. You slapped a hand over your mouth in shame and turned away from him as the tears freely flowed down your face. Almost instinctively at your crying from, Bruce was at your side with a large hand on your back trying to comfort you.

“Don’t. Touch. Me!” You snap slapping his hands away. “Why did you marry me? If you felt that way you should have been with her!”

“I love you,” he says desperately.

“No you don’t,” you say pushing him away from you. “If you did you wouldn’t have done this.”

“Thats-” he starts but he stops himself.

“Were you going to say ‘That’s not true’?” You ask incredulously with wide eyes. “So you were planning on cheating on me anyway.”

“No,” he shakes his head.

“God, I’ve wasted all of this time on you,” you say moving around him looking for a pair of shoes to slip on and your keys. “All of the things that I could have done, places I could  have gone, and people who would have loved me, I gave it up for you. I put my career on hold so I could help you. So that Wayne Enterprises would have someone there while you rested. So that our son could have something other than mask to raise him. But you couldn’t do one thing for me? You couldn’t say no one time for me?”

He doesn’t respond, he knows he shouldn’t respond, nothing he can say will make this situation better.

Once you’ve collected your shoes, bag, and care keys, you let out a sigh,”I had really hoped that once you came home that there would be some way that you could deny this and I would have believed you. That I’d been slipped some sort of drug and had been hallucinating the things that I saw, but I was too hopeful.” You wipe at your eyes. “The worse part about it is that you’ve trapped me, Bruce. What can I do? My life has become our kids, your company, and your mission. That has been my job since we’ve gotten married. I lived for us Bruce, why couldn’t you?”

“I didn’t mean to- I didn’t mean for this to happen,” he pleads. “She was just-”

This isn’t about her, Bruce.” You shake your head and make your way to the bedroom door. “I’m going to stay at the penthouse. Don’t come by. Tell Damian that I’ll come get him for lunch on Saturday like I always do.”

“Are you coming back?”

You look at his sad blue orbs and shake your head, “I don’t know.”


Damian was the first to arrive home. Bruce watched from the bedroom window as he and Alfred made their way into the house. What was he supposed to tell him? Not just Damian, but everyone. That he’d driven their mother away and he didn’t know when she’d be back? That he’d ruined their family? No, never that. How could he break his children even more than they already had been.

With a frown, Bruce locked the door to the bedroom and sat in silence and darkness. If he’d gone to the cave he would have opened himself up to questions. In here, for the moment, he was safe. No one would bother him here.


“Hey Alfred, where is mom?” Dick asked, taking a drink of his water.

“Yes, I would like to know as well, Pennyworth. It’s not often that you come and pick me up from school,” Damian started pushing around some of his food with his fork.

“Mom didn’t get you from school?” Tim questioned with a furrowed brow. “That’s her thing though.”

“Hence the question,” Damian replied with smirk causing Tim to roll his eyes.

“Maybe she got tired of you being a smartass and didn’t feel like being bothered,” Jason adds in with a raised eyebrow and a smirk of his own as he rocks back on the legs of his chair.

“Unlikely, considering I’m her favorite,” the youngest said crossing his arms over his chest. “Besides, I haven’t seen her at all, not since this morning.”

“What?” The three older boys questioned alarmed.

“Alfred?” Dick questions again to the older man who hasn’t raised his head from his plate since the questioning started. “Where is mom?”

“I’m afraid, Master Grayson, that it would be best if you went to ask Master Wayne,” the butler deflects.

“Has something happened to, mom?” Tim asks seriously.

“I cannot answer that,” Alfred replies again.

In frustration Jason pushes away from the dining room table to make his way up to the master bedroom, the other boys following quickly behind him.

It only takes a minute for Jason to stomp his way to the bedroom and even less for him to begin banging on the door.

“Open the door up, old man” He starts impatiently. “We just want to know where mom is.”

There is a pause as the boys listen for movement, and when there isn’t any Jason pounds on the door again, “I’ll break the door open!”

“Jason!” Dick scolds. “Mom will be mad if you break her door.”

“Well how else am I supposed to get him to open it?”

“We could use our brains?” Tim suggests.

“No need,” Damian says pulling out his blade and shoving it in the jam of the door. He uses his weight as pressure and pops open the door.

“That still counts as messing up the door,” Dick says pointing at the ruined lock.

“It’s still intact isn’t it?”


Tim pushes open the door giving way to the light from the hallway to flood into the dark room. Tim quickly finds the light switch and the room lights up.

“Father?” Damian questions when the lights flicker on and he sees the man sitting on the edge of his bed with his head in hands.

The man doesn’t respond to his name being called and this sends the boys into a slight panic. Dick quickly walks over and places a large hand on Bruce’s shoulder and tries to shake him out of his trance.

The man looks at the boys and sadness flashes in his eyes as he realizes he has to explain how he’s taken their mother from them.

“Where is mom?” Tim asks.

Damian watches from a distance and takes in the state of the room. On the occasions that he’d have nightmares, he usually finds himself in his parents bed snuggled against his mother in the expansive bed as she protected him from the dreams. He probably knew better than anyone what their bedroom was supposed to look like.He noted that the dresser was suspiciously bare of his mother’s jewelry boxes and perfume bottles.  He casts a quick glance at Jason who seems to realize that something is off about the room.

Damian walks around the bed to his mother’s closet and opens it only find it empty. Jason stands behind his youngest brother staring at the empty room perplexed.

“This is her’s,” Damian mutters, “Where is her stuff?”

When it clicks for Jason he’s consumed with rage and he’s stomping over to Bruce again and pushing his startled brothers away. His large hand is around Bruce’s collar in an instant and he’s pulling the man up.

“What did you do? Why did she leave?” Jason questions acidly, his own blue eyes clashing violently with Bruce’s.

“Leave?” Dick questions. “How do you know she left?”

“Majority of Ummi’s things are gone. Like they were packed up.”

“She left us?” Tim questions swallowing thickly.

“I’m pretty sure she left him!” Jason hisses shaking the man who is still staring blankly at him. “What did you do?”

“What could you have done to make her leave like this?” Tim asks.

Dick examines his adoptive father keenly as he runs the scenarios through his mind. His mother adored Bruce, so why would she just leave?

Seemingly having enough of being pushed around Bruce quickly wraps his hand around Jason’s wrists and squeezed before ripping the hand off of his collar. The stretched fabric falls limply around his neck as he looks at the four of his sons angrily.

“You all need to leave,” He says sternly. “Your mother is safe.”

Dick’s gaze falls onto where the collar hangs limply at Bruce’s neck and he spots a purple bruise on his neck that causes a thought to run through his mind and it makes his hair stand on end.

“You wouldn’t,” Dick says with a shake of his head and a disbelieving smile. “You couldn’t, not to Mom, right?”

“What are talking about, Grayson?” Damian asks looking in between the two men.

Bruce meets Dick’s gaze and the younger man feels himself getting hot with anger the longer he holds his gaze.

Tim examines his father and finds the same bruise on Bruce’s neck and he puts it together. Instead of letting his anger consume him he glances back at his younger brother and grabs his arm.

“Let go of me, Drake,” Damian struggles as Tim pulls him along.

“Alfred knows where she went doesn’t he?” Tim asks glancing at the guilty man. A quick nod is all he needs as he proceeds down stairs with the young boy.

“Who was it with? Viki? Talia? Who?” Dick questions angrily.

Jason snorts in anger as he realizes what his brother is implying.

“Selina,” Bruce responds after a long pause.

Dick shakes his head in anger, “I knew you could be an asshole but not like this.”

Dick locks eyes with his brother, “We should find out where mom is and go see her in the morning. I’m sure she wants to be alone now.”

Jason nods and watches as his Dick leaves the room. He stares down the older man for a second before stomping out.


It seemed like it was always raining in Gotham, despite whatever the season was. At the moment that suited you just fine. The wide open space of the penthouse was smaller than what you were used to but still felt empty. You were happy that Bruce hadn’t tried to come and see you, you don’t think you could have been as civil as you were if he had come to see you.

So when there was a knock on the door, you felt dread fill your stomach. You quickly padded over to the door and looked out of the peephole and saw the distorted visage of four familiar figures.

“Boys!” You say with wide eyes as you swing open the door.

“Ummi!” The youngest voice calls out as he leaps at you burying his face in your stomach as his small but strong arms wrap themselves around your waist.

“Damian,” you say with a smile, running a comforting hand along his back.

“We were worried,” Dick says with a smile and a shrug as he pulls a bouquet of flowers from behind his back.

“You’re all so sweet,” you say with a smile moving to the side and letting the boys into the home.

“We didn’t want you to be alone,” Tim says, “We also wanted to make sure your weren’t in danger.”

“Oh,” you say sadly and closed the door behind them. Damian let’s go your waist and instead opts to hold your hand. “I shouldn’t have left in such a hurry, I know it can be unsafe.”

“We understand, mom” Jason says with a smile. You meet his normally stern eyes and you feel your tear ducts well up. “Hey, don’t cry! I brought food.”

We, brought food,” Dick pops in as Jason shows you a bag in is hand. “Tim set the table.”

Damian brings you over to sit you at the dining room table as Tim makes a place for the each of you.

Jason and Dick bring the food out and then sit down to join you.

“We’re sorry about Bruce,” Dick starts looking at you with a sad smile. “But we understand and we’ll be here for you.”

The boys nod their heads in agreement.

You smile at your boys, feeling slightly better than you had been in hours, “Thank you.”

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For the queer baiting in cursed child, could you help explain it to me a bit more? I don't really see how it can be that, because in the story they're eleven - eleven years old don't really have romantic/sexual relationships, so I feel to expect that from them is unreasonable. (I mean tbh they probably still believe in cooties). I'm not trying to disregard your opinion, I just want to understand it/be corrected if I'm wrong. Thanks for your help!

but they’re not? the play starts when they’re eleven and follows them throughout the majority of their time at hogwarts???

also i think you’re kidding yourself if you think people don’t have romantic attraction at eleven. dang, i know i did

My Advice to Year 12's

This time last year I was nervously awaiting my GCSE results to see if I have had got the grades I needed to get into sixth form. I knew the subjects I wanted to do and what we would be studying. However, there is a lot I did not know about when I went into year 12 and there are a lot of things I wish someone had said to me and my friends so here I am saying them to you on the off chance it may be helpful.

1) A LEVELS ARE DIFFERENT TO GCSE - there is a huge difference between A Levels and GCSE. This wasn’t really made known to us until we had started. When you start your A Levels you can’t expect to be getting the same grades you were getting before because the work is different, essays are structured differently, things are marked differently. Your teachers are not expecting you to be getting A’s and you shouldn’t be expecting them straight off either. It’s those kind of thoughts that will stress you out. You improve over the course of the year. I know this is hard to accept when you’re used to doing well but just remember you’re starting from scratch and things will get better through hard work and time. I started off year 12 not understanding Othello and finding it really hard, after a year of studying it I know the play backwards, things take time.

2) Don’t compare yourself to others - Comparison will kill you and this is something I still struggle to remember but wish someone had told me at the start of the year. Just because the person next to you got a B on a test when you got a C does not make you a bad student. You are your own person. It is so frustrating when you’re surrounded by people who don’t even really need to try and get amazing grades but you can’t let them bother you. You are different to them and that is good. You get the grade that you worked so hard for and you be proud of that grade and then look at how you can do better. Don’t feel as though everyone around you is doing so much better, let your own grades be your priority.

3) USE YOUR FREES - It’s okay to have one free where you just have a break but you need to use your frees to actually do some work. If you’ve got homework, do it in your free. Research that topic you just started. Try and find that teacher you needed to speak to. Print that essay out. Finish that question you started. Make those Flashcards. If you’re friends are distracting then put in those headphones. Or ask them to quiz you, you’ll get things done and if they’re also doing that subject they’re learning too. Just use your frees. Please.

4) The internet is your friend - there are other people out there studying the same things as you and have probably already done it. There are hundreds of student made PowerPoints etc out there about the subjects you’re studying. Things like slide share or prezi are useful because there are students who will have been told to make a presentation about Othello or whatever it is and they will have used words you can understand. There are apps too which can be helpful. I now for English Lit we have used the app LitCharts as it breaks down texts with quotes and Themes. We have also used the website No Fear Shakespeare which offers a modern translation of most Shakespearean texts because even English teachers don’t know whats going on sometimes. Also, studyblr, there are plenty people who are in the same position as you.

5) Be organised - Get. A. Planner. There is nothing worse than standing outside a class room a minute before the teacher arrives and someone asking you ‘was there any homework’ and you saying 'not that I know of’. It’s that uncertainty that leads to unnecessary anxiety. Get a planner, write down your homework and then you will know whether there was or not. Your planner doesn’t need to be anything fancy. It can be a 20p reporters notepad from Wilkos just as long as you know know what you’re doing. And keep your folders neat. Use the subject dividers you bought because they were a nice colour. Buy a whole punch because undoubtedly someone has nicked the one from the classroom you’re in.

6) Do the summer work - If you have been giving summer work and it is currently sitting on your desk not done please do it before you go back to school. It’s what you’ll be doing in the first few lessons when you go back and is the first thing your teachers will see from you. If you go into class with the work not done they’ll be annoyed. If you don’t understand it then that’s different. Tell the teacher that you didn’t quite understand it and they’ll explain it to you, they want you on their course.

7) It’s stressful - I’m not going to lie to you and say that sixth form is easy and not at all stressful, it is. It just is. And the teachers know it’s stressful. Most schools will have a pastoral support member of staff who is their to support you. I went to see the one at my school when I was embarrassingly hysterically sobbing about how much I had to do and how I felt I couldn’t cope. I half expected them to tell me to get a grip but instead they gave me advice on how to prioritise what needs doing, they offered to speak to my teachers for me because a lot was happening at once for me. They are there to make sure that you get the grades you need by the end of year 13. If you don’t feel like you can talk to them find another staff member who you can talk to.

8) Class group chats - You may not get on with everyone in your class but I don’t think my drama group would’ve survived without the 'Drama Squad’ chat which, yes has been filled with lots of dramatic banter and memes about doing badly, but has been there to keep each other on the right tracks. We use our group chat to plan rehearsals, keep on track with homework, send pictures of work etc. They’re just useful and the fact 'whack it in the group chat’ is now a catch phrase my teacher uses also amuses me.

9) Don’t say 'I’ll revise near the time’ - the amount of people I saw two weeks before the exam trying to cram a years worth of work in was alarming. It’s surprising how much work you do in a year, you won’t be able to learn it all in two weeks. Start near the beginning and keep going back.

10) Find your balance - There is no use spending all of your time just studying because you’ll end up feeling miserable and you’ll be tired and it’s just not nice. It may be difficult to get out and see friends but remember to have those breaks. If one free a week that you have together you sit and chill for a while then that’s okay. Or when you’re at home find your release, find the thing that you can do that is stress free. For me I write or a I play guitar/ukulele or I watch Comedy. I do that for an hour maybe then I carry on studying. You can’t just study 24/7 because it will make sixth form very unpleasant for you.

There probably a lot more but at the moment I can’t think of anything specific. Just remember not to panic and everything will be fine. In sixth form I have made some really strong friendships, I have laughed more this year than I have in a long time despite a lot of things kicking off which made things very difficult. I hope you all have a lovely start to the year. Enjoy the insufferable 'getting to know each other’ tasks you’ll be set during the first week. Those 'find someone in the room who reads a newspaper’ or whatever it is ones that you’re supposed to get up in but everyone just sort of sits not wanting to interact with each other. Good luck in your first year, I hope I’ve been helpful x

Okay I was out at lunch with my best friend today and we were talking about how and when I should have my first kiss with this guy I’m dating and she told me that when her ex would want to kiss her HE WOULD LOOK AT HER LIPS THEN EYES MULTIPLE TIMES.

Why am I freaking out about this you wonder??


english is difficult

summary: peter has a crush. said crush is the daughter of playboy, billionaire and philanthropist; tony stark. 

a note: this is pre civil war typa thing so tony and peter have not formally met yet. also, hey! i haven’t posted in ten years, what’s up my dudes? :) 

“did you finish the english thing yet?”

this had become routine for them, facetiming till the early hours of the morning. a lot of the time they did their homework together, or they just sort of talked until one of them fell asleep.

y/n sat at her desk, hair messy with a facemask on (peter thought it was funny), mindlessly browsing the internet, “yeah, it was easy. i like writing. when you like something, it’s a lot easier.”

peter didn’t know the first thing about poetry or writing, so he was struggling. the project was open ended, meaning you could write whatever you wanted and about whatever you wanted. short story, poetry, novella, pretty much anything.

“okay,” peter tore out yet another page from his notebook, crumpling it up and throwing it behind him, preparing to start fresh on a new page, “but i have no idea what to write about.”

“pretty much anything. the project has no theme, no nothing. go crazy.”

“crazy isn’t really in my repertoire, of well, anything,” he sighed, “english is difficult.” 

“okay, i’ll help you. just write about something you love. that’s easy enough is it not? you could write about how much you love sandwiches for all i care. just write down the thing you love at the top of the paper,” she paused, waiting for him to do so, “got that?”

peter looked down at his paper, where he messily wrote y/n, “yep.”

“okay, so now write down all the reasons why.”

the way her smile could light up times square, how she fiddles with her jewelry when she’s nervous, how shy and giggly she gets when i compliment her, her eyes….

“slow down there bucko, i’m sure that’s enough.” she laughed. peter kept writing out his reasons and couldn’t stop himself, he had so many. after filling up half the page, he placed his pen down.

“there. i think that’s good. now what?”

“take all those things and make it into a poem. a free verse one, meaning it doesn’t have to rhyme or have a specific form.”

“okay, i think it got it,” peter started scribbling out random lines and verses, “this is easy.”

she could only wonder what he was writing about, he seemed pretty focused on it. his tongue was stuck out ever so slightly as he wrote down the words on the page, she thought it was adorable.


she was surprised, “really? that fast?”

“yeah, your advice really helped.”

“that’s good.” she smiled.

her smile could light up new york city in the dark

“y/n!” tony’s loud voice shouted, “did you plan on going to sleep anytime soon? you have school in the morning, or this morning i should say.”

“oh my god, is that your dad?”

in the background of the video, peter saw tony standing in the doorway. crap, he’s definitely gonna find me and throw me in a dumpster or something. tell me again why i thought crushing on tony stark’s daughter was a good idea. 

she looked behind her, seeing him looking less than impressed, “yeah, uh, i’ll see you tomorrow.”

she turned back to her laptop, lightly smiling at peter before she pressed end call and slowly closed the lid. she waited a moment, hoping tony would just walk away, but she could still feel his presence behind her.

“just friends huh?” 

“yep.” she dryly said, keeping her back turned. 

she had no idea how long he had been standing there for, it could’ve been for the last hour and she honestly wouldn’t have noticed.

“just friends.”

e n d 

another note: bad ending? some things never change. 

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I saw your response about Waverly and Nicole and I just want to say I'd love an episode when everyone goes on an adventure without the Earp sisters and see how they all interact w/o them. Like how they did with the boys in one place and the girls in another, I'd love to see Nicole, Rosita, Jeramy, Dolls and Doc, work together to save them or something.

Ha! Definitely! After Wayhaught has a serious conversation and resolve their problems, I low-key want Nicole to casually use “Remember when you kissed my girlfriend” as a card to get Rosita to give her a free drink or something. Of course in this instance I want to see Nicole and Rosita have a good relationship. But I think it would be funny. Plus, we never know. Maybe we’ll get it. Maybe in S3, the Earp sisters are taking care of Baby Donut Earp so it is up to the rest to take care of business.

Consent Spin-the-Bottle

I did this at a party recently and I thought it was genius, so I want to share it around. It’s like regular spin-the-bottle, where you go around the circle and spin a bottle in the center, except:

  • When the bottle points to you, you have to offer three options of things you are willing to do with/for the spinner, for them to choose one
  • At least one has to be nonsexual and vanilla (e.g. sing a Disney song, make up a secret handshake together)

A nice touch was letting people know they can definitely reuse options other people proposed, so there’s not too much pressure to be creative.

I bet there’s still things that can go wrong with this consent-wise, but it is SO much better thought out than regular spin the bottle, or truth or dare or whatever. What’s particularly smart is that if you don’t want to do anything sexy or flirtatious with the person the bottle points to, the other option is usually fun and funny, so it’s a good cover. You can be like, “I so would like to take you up on your offer of a makeout sesh, but I’m simply too attracted by the possibility of a Top Gun-style high five!”

The other important part is that it starts sexy things happening at the party, and breaks the ice between people, as well as letting people communicate their interests. It worked great at this party - the options got a lot racier than kissing pretty quick!

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Hey, just wanted to know if your klance masterpost about season 3 is up and if it is can i have a link please?? (p.s i love everything you have to say about klance!)

thank u!!!! it’s not up yet but i have been slowly working on it… nowhere near done, but making progress. i’ve been hanging out with someone lately, so i don’t have as much time to work on it like i did with the original masterpost… i will announce when i’m finished!!!

Your Daily Smile #500

Nano Shinonome - Nichijou

I knew we would reach this high eventually, but it really does feel so soon.

I must apologize, for I was unable to make a proper celebration drawing (as I did with 400 as well)… Not only because my new job has been eating a lot of my time, but I have been on a terrible block for a long time now, and I just really am unable to put the pencil to paper. I honestly feel horrible about this because I really do owe you all so much for supporting YDS for it to reach this far. I still want to do one for #400 and #500, but sadly I do not know when they will happen…

I sincerely apologize, and thank you for helping YDS go so far. Truly, I hope YDS help bring a smile to your face. I will try even harder for you all. Thank you again.

I find pieces of you in every song I listen to. I find you in different intros, refrains, codas, bridges and most frequently, with choruses. It is like that every song builds you up in my mind again; composing a familiar facade - the visage of the one I used to love.

Every song I have are nothing but a past time when I am alone in the middle of a crowd or riding my way home. It’s been an escape for me from the world when I wanted to get lost. Suddenly, every song turned into language that speaks the love I have been waiting for. I have understood every crafted words and metaphors and now listening to their messages more than their beat and rhythm. Later did I know, my playlist has always been all about you. It will always be until the end. 

These tracks will always be kept on repeat now. Next. Play. Shuffle. Repeat playlist.

Get to know me

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Rules: Tag nine people you want to get to know better!

Relationship status: SINGLE, HA! >:D

Favourite colours: Turquoise and purple

Lipstick or chapstick: I usually don’t use any of them but when my lips are dry I prefer chapsticks

Last song you listened to: Best of Wives and Best of Women

Top three shows: Gravity Falls, Adventure Time and Star vs the Forces of Evil

Top three characters: Fiddleford McGucket, Stanford Pines, Simon Petrikov

Top three ships: (idk if this means I should pick out the ships of the shows or from any fandom I’m in, so I just took three ships from the fandoms) Fiddauthor, Jeffmads, Lams

Tag nine people you want to get to know better:

@lillee-nika, @hntrgurl13, @tiramiisusu, @aspiring-procrastinator, @triturechan, @julientel, @looloolalalol, @sabehedgehog, @wern5838 

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The headcanon of Koga, Rei, Adonis and Keito shopping with s/o looking for swimmwear/beach clothes are really cute <3 Can you do for Kaoru & Ritsu too?

aah I’m glad to know you liked those headcanons !! here are Ritsu and Kaoru too ♥ gotta clear the summer-ish requests !  also when did we get past the 700 followers milestone what happened ??? – mod mademoiselle

Ritsu :

  • He’s basically like a cat that was forcibly taken somewhere he doesn’t like. He’s dragging his feet, sighing a lot and he’s constantly looking for a place where he could sit down while you’re looking at the clothes.
  • To be fair, he only agreed to come because he didn’t want to make you upset and he doesn’t intend to be of any help. Should you ask his opinion on the clothes, he’ll just hum or nod, barely even looking. He doesn’t care at all.
  • “Don’t you have enough of these…. Why do you always need more clothes…” Expect to hear that about a thousand times. He’s also a natural when it comes to finding similarities between the clothes you try on and those you already own, even when there’s really none.
  • He’ll get clingy whenever he notices people checking you out. You briefly wondered what happened for him to suddenly hug you from behind, as you were picking a top you liked… but with how needy he got, there was no doubt he was feeling jealous.
  • Tried to get you to buy super revealing swimsuits. He pouted when you put them back on the rack and tried to make puppy dog eyes at you. “At least try them on… I just know you’d be so cute in them…”
  • Got suddenly interested in the whole shopping concept when you tried the clothes on. He wouldn’t stop peeking while you were changing, innocently offering to “help” you, and he’d look at you rather than the clothes when you showed him. Especially for your swimsuit…
  • He flatly refused to try on any clothes of his own and instead hurried home as soon as you were done. The truth is, he wanted to get you all to himself again !

Kaoru :

  • He’s downright honored you offered him to tag along ! Besides, he kinds of feels like buying new clothes too, so the timing was just right ! Oh, and while he’s at it, better make it into a date !
  • Knows a lot of really fashionable stores and will show them to you ! He has a great eye for fashion and he was super helpful when you were torn between two outfits. Count on him to pick only the best of the best for you !
  • He’ll always be honest as to how you look. He knows it’s completely useless to say you look nice in something that’s obviously not your size, but he’s also great at bringing out your best features ! He may even teach you a few tips and tricks…
  • Loves making you into his very own model. He’ll even insist for you to strike a pose ! If you get embarrassed, he’ll gently tease you about it. “Oh, you’re blushing… You look stunning though, you know ? Really, really ! I wouldn’t lie to you, now, would I ?”
  • He may or may not have sneaked a peek while you were changing. “I’ve seen you in your underwear before, anyway, so it’s not a big deal~” For some reason he got quiet (and his ears a bit pinker) for a moment when he saw you in your brand new swimsuit, only to brush it off and insist it was nothing.
  • He’ll love it if you help him pick new clothes too ! He wants to get outfits in the same style or colors as you do so that you’re matching. Count on him to give you a private modelling show in the fitting room, and tease you some more. “What, it’s only a swimsuit ! Don’t act like it’s embarrassing~ Or maybe you like my body that much ?”
  • Will make a big deal out of buying you a beautiful ring and slipping it on your finger. In front of the entire store. And he’s very smug about it all, stating it’s because you deserve only the best.
Midnight woes (Drake x MC[Riley Monroe] fanfic)

Note: I still don’t know how to write these kinds of things. XD but I hope you guys like this one. Feel free to comment on it. 😉😉

Looking at the bottom of the glass, I could only drown my sorrows with whiskey and the right drinking buddy. We always do this, except, I don’t have any witty remark about how I’m going to solve my problem right now. “What a way to end a social season.”

He sat beside me, another unopened bottle in his hand.
“Hey.” He said, the bottle hit the table hard when he set it down. “So, what do you think we should do?”

“Ughr. I don’t want to think about that now, Drake. Pour me more.” He did what he’s told and poured a glass for himself. “Know what? I just want to be a bubble right now.”

“A bubble?” His stoic expression dissolved, he smirked and looked at me with amusement. “Why would you want to be a bubble?”

“Well. I want to be able to go somewhere far and just, poof! I’m just… Gone!” I downed my drink in one go and winced as it burned my throat. I took the bottle from him and poured myself more. “Ughr. I want to punch someone.”

He swirled his drink in his hand before drinking. “Heh. I can do that for you. No need to hurt your hand for that.” He scrolled through his contacts in his phone. I took his phone and slammed it to the table. “Hey! What gives??!”

“You’re drinking with me. No phones.” He seemed irritated at first but he burst into a fit of laughter after some time. “What?”

“Nah. Forget about it.” He finished his glasses and poured himself another. “What do you plan to do next?” His face turned serious.

“I don’t know. Maybe I should go back to America. It’s not like I have a home here. With the Beaumonts fall though, I don’t think my conscience will allow me to leave.” I stared at my glass as if looking for answers. Then I looked at him. “I’m a mess, Drake. I can’t believe I let myself get dragged to the mud like this. My life was simple, you know?”

“Life is never simple, Riley.” Drake propped his elbow to his seat, his chin resting on his knuckles. “I’ll talk to Liam tomorrow. Clear your name.”

“Nah. Just. Let things cool first. He must hate me right now. Heh. Madeleine got what she wanted. That godaweful person now cohabitates with the guy I like. What a world.” I sent a gulp of my drink down my throat, letting it sting my esophagus. “You know what? I can live with any other competitor being chosen. Why couldn’t he have chosen Penelope?? She’s pretty, well mannered, she’s trained for this life. Or maybe Kiara. She smart, well read, and she can speak 7 fucking languages. She even German-ed me with a mix of French and Spanish! I was so lost I just answered her ‘I think so.’!” Drake laughed almost to tears. “Right? I was so shocked I answered her randomly. How the fuck would I know what she meant?” I laughed with Drake, but the laughter is short lived. “I bet Kiara would make a better queen than me too. She’s also a nice person. God! Why would she choose that Madeleine? Ughr.”

“You know, we don’t have to talk about this if you’re still bummed about it.” Drake downed his drink and slapped his glass to the table. “I bet Maxwell’s going to be more helpful in cheering you up. I’m going to give him a call.” He reached for his phone the same time I did, his hand was over mine. He rubbed the back of my hand softly before reaching for me. Next thing I know his lips were touching mine.

I pulled away immediately after, shock traced in my face. “Drake? Why would– Why would you do that?” Drake is too flustered to answer, his face beet red. He stood up from where he sat.

“Uh… I’m sorry Monroe. I didn’t–” he covered his face with his hands. I haven’t seen him this flustered before and I think it kind of looked cute. “I should– ahm. I should probably go.”

“N-No. Uh… Drake?” I stood up and grabbed his wrist just in time before he’s out the door. “Drake.”

He turned to face me, his eyes avoiding mine. “I think you know why I did what I did. And I believe you’re not–” I stopped him from talking with my lips touching his. He answered it by putting his arms around me.

The kiss deepens, it somehow tastes nothing like whiskey. His hands travel down to my waist and he lifted me up to put me on top of the table we we’re sharing. Parting only to catch our breaths, I pull him closer to me. His kisses travel down to my neck.

“I don’t know why but this feels–” his teeth biting down on my neck interrupted me and my mind turned blank. A sharp gasp escaped my lips as he placed his hands under my shirt traveling up to my breast. “–so good.”

He continued to leave a line of kisses down my neck, then to my chest, my legs at his sides. His touch was electric, sending my senses into chaos with his breath on my skin. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this.” He said in a low growl as he pressed his chest to mine, his hands holding both my legs as I steady myself with one arm. Before it goes too far, I stopped him. “What’s wrong?”

“Someone might walk in and see us.” With my hand on his chest, I can feel his heart beating wildly. He lifted me off the table, my arms laced around his neck when he did. “Where to now?” He looked at me, I can’t believe how gentle he looked like in my eyes. His face drawn with a kindness I have never seen before. He smiled at me and my heart jumped to my throat.

“You’ll see.”

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How do you know when a girl is flirting with you? I recently figured out I like girls and and guys and I'm really good at flirting with guys but haven't a damn clue on how to flirt with girls, and I really want to!! 😅😬 Can you give me some tips?

did you mean: my entire life?

okay this is just what I’ve heard/derived from my own experience. if you want legit professional advice, try wikihow or smth. 

girls are really hard to figure out b/c they have a way of fogging up your brain no man can get close to. watch for small, subtle things, like how they act in a group vs. one on one with you. girls are masters of code switching, and if they treat you differently from most of their friends when they think no one else is watching, it’s a good indicator they’re interested in you. 

also, when guys show affection by touching you briefly, girls tend to show affection by keeping a respectful distance (due to that inherent fear of being predatory) but following close behind. seriously, I had the biggest crush on this girl in freshman year, and I followed her around like a puppy. 

if you wanna flirt with a girl, try to be funny. idk why we appreciate humor so much, we just do! it lets us know it’s okay to loosen up around this person, and actually be ourselves, in a world where we’re constantly told what we’re doing wrong and how to be more ladylike. hope that helps!

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You have a very good point about Cat trying to "help" Dan, actually. It's just that tweet was so random and it's still up, Dan never told her to delete it. And I know that Phil isn't straight. He never went back on his original statement re: his sexuality. But Dan kinda did when he said that he was lying and attention seeking in 2009. That's why that tweet bothered me. But thank you for your answer. It's not that I even care about DnP's relationship status, I just want them to be happy

i’m not sure if dan was necessarily directly addressing sexuality answers when he said he was “lying and attention seeking” idk i don’t like reading his sideblog stuff, it upsets me seeing how angry and hurt he was? but like, if you want you totally can ignore just everything from the past and just focus on what we see right now? which is a dan who’s more comfortable talking about sexuality and queerness, both tweeting about pride, praising lgbt+ movies, characters, pairings, and Never ever calling themselves straight. 

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was wondering if I could get your advice - my gf is great most of the time but with sex sometimes she can be a bit pushy? like she'll yell and make me cry if I ask to stop. most of the time I just keep going when I don't want to coz its easier than trying to calm her down and she scares me. I know what i'd call this if a guy did it to me, but I have trouble naming it coz its her. what do you think? sorry for being stupid, I'm young and shes my first gf, I don't know what to do

hey so like… first off, wlw can be ugly too. no matter what kind of relationship it is, gay or straight, you shouldn’t feel like you’re being coerced into sex. you need to either have a talk with her and tell her how you feel, how it feels forced, or if you feel like that’s not a good idea, you need to step away. if she’s too selfish to consider your wants in a relationship, especially to the point that she manipulates you into having sex, you need to cut contact with her. sometimes that’s the safest option.

i’ve always loved arya as a character and i hate that they are doing this to her but can i just say how proud i am of sansa when she was like “and then you rushed up to the block and saved father and you were a hero?” and arya goes “i wanted to” like no shit arya. and sansa wanted to choke the life out every lannister within 50 miles but she couldn’t, could she?

i’ve been saying for YEARS that arya wouldn’t have survived what sansa did. do you want to know why everyone likes arya so much? because she’s the ideal. we all want to think that in that position, we’d be arya, not sansa. we want to think that we’d be strong, we’d be brave and we’d have the coolest fucking sword. people dislike sansa because she embodies what we actually are: afraid. sansa was absolutely terrified when she was in king’s landing. and she survived because she’s smart. arya would not have lasted nearly as long as sansa has, not because she’s stupid but because she doesn’t get politics like sansa does. you can love both sansa and arya! in fact, i encourage it! god damn!