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EXO’s Reaction to You Wanting to Go All Night Long


Xiumin would go quiet for a moment when you asked him, and he slowly nodded. “Yeah…as long as you’re up for it,” he’d say, throwing you a knowing smirk before changing the subject.


Flattered that you wanted to go all night long with him, Chen would turn shy at your question. “Of course, jagi, I’d love to,” he’d say, nodding as a smile crept onto his face.


When you shyly approached Baek to ask him a question, he never thought it would be sexual. You awkwardly avoided asking him straight out, however when you eventually did a gentle smirk played across his lips. He readily agreed, and that night you didn’t regret it.


Not used to you being so up front about your desires, Chanyeol would immediately start giggling “J-Jagi, I never thought you’d ask that. Absolutely,” he’d laugh, making you blush and roll your eyes at his childishness.


Lay wouldn’t make a fuss about your request, gently agreeing. “I just don’t want you to get hurt or anything,” he’d explain. When you assured him you were up for it, he smiled and nodded.


Like Chanyeol, D.O would be thrown off when you blatantly asked him to go all night. He’d agree, but would be adorably shy about it, avoiding your eyes and trying to change the subject.


Suho wouldn’t let you finish your question before answering. “Of course! It’s only natural that you’d want me for as long as possible,” he’d say with a cheesy wink for effect. You’d just roll your eyes, secretly excited for the night to come.


Trying to play it off coolly, Kai would only nod and smile. When you weren’t looking, he’d bite his lip and force himself to breathe, trying to fight back a creeping arousal from the thought of going all night.


As usual, you asking to go all night would only boost Sehun’s ego, and he’d smirk. “Really, jagi? Only if you think you can handle it…” he’d wink, making you blush and insist you could. 

Dating Zach Dempsey Includes...


Warning: profanity

Request: here and here and here

Note: i’ve been getting quiet a few requests and i already have 79 followers! Thank you! And all my imagines have 200+ notes ah tysm!! Ily

  • Cuddles, hugs, kisses literally most innocent couple EVER
  • Zach trying to teach you biology

“What the fuck is a mitochondria?”


  • Zach trying to teach you basketball



  • Zach very careful of your boundaries, he doesn’t want to hurt you like he did to Hannah
  • You didn’t know about the tapes until you were getting worried about Zach’s personality

“Are you… okay? You seem like me when I got my anxiety.”

“I don’t know anymore…Can you help me?

  • Sticking really close to each other after, you forgave him especially because you knew Zach and you knew all he wanted was for Hannah to love him
  • Shirtless Zach

“I-can you put a shirt on?”

“I think you can handle me without one.” *winks*

  • Promise rings

“This might be too much, no I’m not doing this.”

“Zach, you can trust me with anything.”




  • He may not be good at singing he doesn’t want to admit it
  • You admit it for him
  • You suffer from tickling fights

“You’re so rude gosh she took my spongebob toy.”

“You started it, you took my heART

  • Cute compliments out of nowhere

“Can you love me carefully?”
“I’ll love you enough, that’s for sure.”


Love is not a word we use. We feel it, we mean it, but we don’t say it. It feels so final, a declaration from which there is no easy return.


You. I am in love with you, and I want you more than anything else in the world.

I love you.


I thought I knew what heartbreak was. I thought that was what Maven did to me. When he stood and left me kneeling. When he told me everything I thought him to be was a lie. But then, I believed I loved him.

I know now, I didn’t know what love was. Or what even the echo of heartbreak felt like.

To stand in front of a person who is your whole world and be told you are not enough. You are not the choice. You are a shadow to the person who is your sun.

Mare, please.”

{king’s cage, victoria aveyard}

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Do you think that, deep down, Severus wanted to be happy ? :)

…this is such a nice question, and I fear I’ve only got a miserable answer.

I think when Snape was a kid, he did want to be happy.  

I am certain he didn’t know how to achieve it, and that’s why he was drawn to power instead.  I think he thought power would mean he would be respected, and then he could make sure that nobody stopped him from achieving what he wanted…and then he could be happy.

Personally, I read him as a kid without power, both at school and at home, and I think he was easy pickings for the Death Eaters to recruit.  I am really unsure about what was going on in Snape’s head when he defected - I can’t decide whether he was already disillusioned with the Death Eaters and Lily being threatened was the last straw, or whether he was just so appalled by Lily being threatened, he threw in the towel.

…but as soon as he defects, I think Snape stops wanting anything for himself, really.  As soon as he puts Lily’s life before his own, that’s the end of Snape and his aspirations.

His role of spy, which he knew he would have to return to, meant that he couldn’t change career.  He couldn’t marry, or have any meaningful long term relationship, or have children.  He was stuck in limbo, playing a part.

Once Voldemort returned, he then spent his time between two masters, doing whatever he was told and doing his best to survive.

So the sad answer is, I don’t think Snape really dared think about being happy; I don’t think he aspired to anything, because he knew that until he’d repented…until his mission was complete, his life wasn’t his own.

There is, of course, the awful irony that all of the things Snape achieves are all things that I feel both he and Lily (as kids) would’ve admired.  He becomes a young Slytherin Housemaster, a successful teacher, and ultimately Headmaster.

If someone had given him those options at 13, I think he’d have happily taken them, and not aspired to be a Death Eater…yet, even more ironically, he wouldn’t have achieved any of it if he hadn’t been a Death Eater in the first place.  

And that, to me, is Snape’s deepest tragedy.

(Oh well, that was depressing.  Eeeesh.  Sorry, mate.)

“Wanna​ come watch it?”

Just when you were talking with your girl friends about the release of the new film you’ve been looking forward to for so long, you receive a text message

Jerk: I’ve already got the movie. Wanna come to my place? ;)

It was Taehyung the playboy of the campus, who happens to sit behind you, and you had his number only for academic purposes. He’s asked you out many times but you always rejected him knowing that what he wanted wasn’t only your attention but your body, as he did with every girl.

-No, thanks.

Jerk: c'mon you know you want it, I heard you

-Mind your own business.

Jerk: I won’t take a ‘no’ as an answer love;)

You don’t bother to reply and instead turn to face him, instantly regretting it as you see the intensity of his gaze.

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Did you struggle with IDing as bi/pan/queer before you came out, or did you pretty much always know you were a lesbian?

definitely did, i thought i was bi when I was younger (”but im like, 95% into guys so it doesnt matter!!! I’d never date a girl!!!!!” sure -_-), aroace for a while (shout out to old-fashioned Repression) and then I identified as bi again bc i had crushes on male celebrities and had “crushes” on guys (shout out to classic Compulsory Heterosexuality) and then I realized that there’s no way i’d ever want to be with a man, that comp het crushes dont mean im into guys, and that i am very much a Lesbean

Following @urbanspellcraft‘s post on conjurer questions, I decided to go ahead and answer these with confidence. I want our potential customers and inquirers to know where Pandora and I stand, and feel that this information should be open to all of our followers.

  • How long have you been conjuring? Pandora and I have been conjuring for over ten years. More accurately, from the time we were teens. I was about 16, and Pandora was 17. That’s actually just about exactly ten years and two months.
  • How & where did you learn to conjure? Pandora and I winged it when we first started out, because we didn’t know what we were doing. I was a dumb teen and decided to be voluntarily possessed by the demons we were meeting through our ouija board and through unshielded channeling sessions. It was ridiculous and extremely damaging, so I really don’t recommend doing something stupid like that to anybody first starting out. But it did pave the road toward me learning about Paganism and witchcraft, and how to safely conjure. We took from a few sources in books, but mainly stuck to our own methods. I first learned how to petition gods and goddesses, and using the elements I learned from those petitions, I started to follow through with more official conjures. Pandora did the same.
  • How long has your shop been open? Our shop has only been open since September 2015, but that’s because we didn’t feel comfortable opening it until we were well-immersed in the spirit keeping community. Prior to that, nobody even knew who we were.
  • Do you conjure on a regular basis? Yes. I conjure and host daily as long as my mundane work doesn’t get in the way.
  • How do you vet your spirits? The beings that come through our conjures go through a rigorous screening process. If we are unsure of who or what they are, we don’t even complete the conjure and binding, and we send them home. We usually give it about a week for the being to preside under our house rules and be watched, but sometimes it can take up to two weeks. I once was so excited for conjuring a particular race, and I told Pandora all about them. She told me she got a weird, uncomfortable feeling. Despite my guides telling me they were safe, Pandora asked me to send them away, and I did. If we are even remotely unsure, we never complete conjures.
  • How much time was/will be taken to get to know the spirit before placing the listing or completing the custom conjure? Generally “new” races take at least two months or longer. That gives us enough time to understand their details and familiarize ourselves with their type, as well as try and contact one of their leading figures to establish a contract and a strong, personal connection. Individual beings from races we are familiar with will have listings after two to three weeks, depending on their nature.
  • How do you verify their identity/they are what they say they are? After the initial conjure, the being is with us for a while as we identify them. Pandora has a different method, but I can speak for myself. Every day I spend about an hour contacting the spirit and getting to know more details about them. I will perform channeling sessions with them, or automatic writing, pendulum work, protected ouija, and runes and tarot readings or dream work.
  • How long have you been working with X type of entity/spirit? (If you have a specific spirit in mind or a specific type of spirit in mind) Well, since I’ve been working with dozens of types, I’ll list a couple of my favorites. The Jakosians I have been working with as a full race for a year and a half. It doesn’t seem like a long time, but I astral travel to their realm frequently. Individually, I’ve known a Jakos Demon since I started conjuring ten years ago. With the Immortal Crei, I’ve been working with them even longer than I have been conjuring. IkioElle came to me when I was about twelve years old, and after him, several more of the deities came to me, and I learned about their home. Most of the more popular races from our shop are entities that Pandora and I have been working with for multiple years, excluding the Jakosians. Some examples are the Shuunites, Revenants, Kryptans, Omegaven races, Kipans, and Black Snakes.
  • What is done to ensure the safety of the buyer? Every binding has a number of wards and protective spells placed over it. If any safety is compromised, the binding is broken, and the being is sent back to us to be worked with. We traditionally ask our patron deities to oversee the completions of our bindings to ensure that there are no issues.
  • What is done to ensure the safety of the spirit/entity? The above also applies here. Our wards cover all bases.
  • Under what circumstances is the binding allowed to be broken? Misconduct via the keeper or spirit/entity, or if there is a problem with the binding–as in the keeper is having trouble connecting or working with said being. We always do our best to help amplify the communications first, but if a keeper requests the binding be broken, we will do so.
  • Are you able to see & communicate with those that you conjure? If we couldn’t, we wouldn’t be offering companions.
  • When a problem arises with either the buyer or the conjure, how do you handle it? We listen to whatever the buyer is concerned with. If there is a method we can help with, or a spell we can provide, or any sort of service, we generally offer it for free. If there’s a problem with the conjure itself, the same applies. If we haven’t presented the conjure to the buyer yet, we will notify the buyer that the conjure is taking a bit longer due to complications. We are always honest.
  • Do you allow the spirits/entities you conjure to be resold or transferred? We don’t mind if our beings are rehomed if things don’t work out, and transfers are perfectly acceptable so long as the spirit/entity is okay with it as well. The only thing we do not allow is for other shops to sell our exclusive contracted races without first contacting us to make us aware. There’s a lot of controversy on that subject though, so that’s for another time.
  • How to you ensure the spirit and the buyer are a good match? Over the week or two after the initial conjure, the spirit/entity is allowed to go peek in on their future keeper a few times with an escort. We also take all the personal information that the buyer gives us and present it to the Universe during the conjuring ritual to ensure that the being that buyer needs most at the time will come forward.

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I don't know why (probably the 'because no budget') but that answers about Doctor Who questions post made me remember that time that one guy did not believe you when you said bbc used cardboard daleks and then you were like bam, evidence. cardboard daleks. love them cardboard daleks.

Oh GOD, I fucked that guy UP, I was just talking about him at Gallifrey, haha  

He was all, ‘They absolutely did not use cardboard cut outs of Daleks in the black and white series’, and I was like ‘fucker, do you want to fight me about the Troughton era, we will GO, and you will LOSE.’

I brought out photos where the perspective is off, I brought out sourced essays and books talking about them, I brought out magazine interviews, I brought out gifs where you can see them nearly falling over.

He slinked away after trying, “well, they weren’t technically corrugated cardboard’  

Don’t even pull that shit, asshole, do not pretend this was semantics when you just got destroyed on a basic fact that you were shoving down people’s throats as truth.  

He was an asshole in general in that chat.  He absolutely deserved it. 


Connor Murphy x Reader

request: connor murphy x reader where the reader calms him down after he shoves evan and storms away 

“Stay away from my sister!” Connor yelled at Evan as he shoved him and stormed away. You ran after him, careful to give him space and to let him clear his temper.

You didn’t really know why you followed him in times like these, he never seemed to want you there.

It’s not like you were really friends either.

But you did when he was in moods like this. His moods changed fast, and when they rose up it took a while for them to come down.

He left the school building and you followed him to the nearby park, keeping an easy distance between the two of you so that you weren’t bugging him.

He slumped next to a tree and sat there, staring off into space.

You stood a few feet away, waiting for him to acknowledge you.

“I know you’re there,” he said, not looking at you. He turned and glanced at you, his eyes annoyed.

“If you’re going to be here why don’t you come over and sit instead of standing there looking at me like a creep.”

You shook your head and wandered over to where he was sitting, placing yourself on the ground close to him but far enough to give him his own space.

“Why do you even come out here with me?” he asked, turning away from you again.

“I don’t really know,” you confessed, looking at the back of his head. He slouched, like he was hoping that you would tell him something straight out. “But I do know that I am concerned for you, and I want you to take care of yourself.”

Silence fell on the two of you, he didn’t move or make any noise.

“Why do I feel so empty sometimes?” he asked you.

Your eyes widened, you never expected for him to tell you something like this. You thought that he would just brush you off like he always did.

“I… I don’t know Connor. I feel the same way sometimes. But please, know that you aren’t alone. I realize that it’s hard for you, but please, know that I am here to help you in any way that I can.”

He turned to look at you, his eyes read and sad.

“Thank you Y/N.”

“Anytime Connor. I’ll be here anytime.”




This drabble is written for @aurieackerman​ I wanted to gift it to you for months now but never really got the chance to but here it finally is! Aurie, since you like Rivarmin too I thought I should write you some (After all we are married remember? mmh) Also I think the “prompt” I came up with is something you’d hopefully like. Enjoy reading!

“Oi, blondie.”

Armin did not  know what to expect when he was deftly shoved against the lockers (his back felt only a light sting from the impact). And he did not know what to expect when he was suddenly facing a familiar face that he was able to recognize around the time his ears had registered that voice. Levi glared at Armin—not the usual glare he would dart at everyone but a more intense one. He was mad, really mad, and Armin didn’t know whether it was his fault.

What had he done wrong?

His eyes trailed away for a split it second, finding focus again on Levi’s face quickly after because his instincts sensed danger. Oh god, how will he escape this, he asked himself.

Clueless as to how to deal with the whole thing, he opted to raise a hesitant finger to his chest and utter something harmless that tended to border on sassy in order to lighten up the tensed mood that merely Levi’s face was capable of stirring up. “Actually my name is Armin.” A wary upward twitch of Armin’s mouth decorated his face.

Blondie.” Was Levi’s snappish retort, and he glowered at Armin viciously.

Okay, Armin thought inwardly, pressing his lips together; on the one hand he did that because the crudeness of Levi’s words had him taken aback in one way or another, but on the other hand he sealed his lips close to prevent an anxious cladded grin from creeping up. He could swear that he was failing at it horribly.

But Levi didn’t seem to notice that. Either that or he ignored it (which was actually unrealistic because he was already irritated with Armin for some reason, so finding another reason to get angrier with him was more than opportune right now). Instead, a flat hand of his slammed the surface of the locker door next Armin. His eyes seethed with stern fury, illuminating a dull grey if one looked close enough. Armin also noticed that his pupils blew wider for a short moment. Levi growled out, “Stop it. Stop doing it.”

Armin, utterly and crazily confused, only let out incoherent noises at first – those rising from his throat shyly – cleared his throat then as his blood warmed his body from the inside due to his slight nervosity.

“Stop doing what?” he dared, reluctant, feeling as though Levi would mess with him any second. Not necessarily with violence, though.

Surprisingly, Levi smirked visibly at Armin’s question, his face nearing Armin’s dangerously. Armin’s nose captured a decent wave of shampoo and a musky scent that seemed to be a kind of perfume. Levi’s breath was grazing Armin’s face, his lips, when he retorted gruffly, “You know what I mean. Stop being as smart as me. Stop being one of the smart ones in class because there can only be one and that’s me.”

Oh, now he got it.

Armin was aware that Levi, a new student who transferred to Shiganshina High School a few months ago, appeared to be an ambitious and eager one when it came to studies and other school stuff. He and Levi would always be the one getting top grades, being praised by teachers the most, they’d always do excellent work and receive one A grade after another in exams.

However, Armin had noticed from time to time that Levi wasn’t befriending the idea at all that he was sharing the “throne” of the school’s smartest guy together with Armin. Although both were known as the smartest one in their grade and rumours of them being rivals who loathed the other villainously were spread around, Armin hadn’t thought of it that way, despite of Levi’s occasional frowns beings sent to him in class when he had contributed to the lesson with valuable inputs.

But now he knew how much Levi was probably despising him.

He should stop doing perfect at school?

Because Levi wanted to be the only one bathing in that glory?

“I will continue doing my best. You can’t ask of me to slack off just so you can be the smartest one in our grade.”

“You should listen carefully when I’m talking. I said you should stop doing it in our class. You can do that somewhere else. Trade classes or whatever, I don’t care, as long as you aren’t bothering me with your rich knowledge throughout every lessons.”

Armin goggled at him, slightly dumbfounded. Levi seriously ordered him to… switch classes?

“Well,” he started and while a part of his rational mind was reprimanding him because nothing good would come out if he risked to provoke Levi, but then there was that silly and spiteful other part that wanted to take this challenge and surpass all logic borders. So it was basically as if mind-controlled when Armin opened his mouth and said, “If there’s one who has to trade classes, then it’s you. You transferred to my class in the middle of the school year. You aren’t part of it for as long as I am.” There was a little boost of confidence shamelessly and ridiculously crawling up Armin’s spine and giving him chills as he began to have mixed feelings about this because Levi was biting down hard on his bottom lip now, one eye twitching madly, attempting to keep his composure.

Fuck, why couldn’t Armin just shut up?!

Levi’s mouth itched for a revengeful smirk and his hand next to Armin’s face squeezed to a fist. He approached the other even closer, noses almost grazing but their front bangs were already kissing. Armin pressed his own body against the locker, feeling the metal give him cold spikes which didn’t help him at all.

A few seconds ago he was certain that Levi wasn’t the type to raise fists, but by now he had reached that point where he thought that this guy was capable of literally everything.

“Do you know why I don’t want you around me?” Levi’s raspy words exaspirated against Armin’s lips, soft.

Heart throbbing in his ears, pores preparing to emit chilly sweat, Armin shifted his gaze away from Levi’s pointed scowl as he answered with an insecurity that appeared to him like it was the world population’s insecurities pooled together and planted into him. “N-No. I don’t know. I didn’t even know you hate me this much until a few seconds ago.”

“I find smart people hella attractive.”

Armin’s heart bumped down to its original place and his ball of insecurity dissipated into thin void air.

“What?” He hadn’t wanted to say this out loud, but his mind was still doing whatever it wanted to do.

What? Attractive?

Levi went on in a matter-of-fact. “I have never felt attracted to anyone at all because no one could meet my high standards. And I was sure that there wouldn’t be anyone being the same as me, so I knew that I had nothing to worry about. I had never piqued any interest in other people. I liked that. I like the idea of being the only one who couldn’t get wooed by anyone. That was until I met you. You’re the first one to intrigue me. God damn it, you’re mixing all my principles up. Fucking stop that, it’s irritating me.” Levi didn’t know (maybe he had ignored it) that he was thirsty for excitement. And Armin seemed to meet all standards. He had to gulp down hard before the upcoming words would find a way out, hot and hoarse. His voice was pushed out through gritted teeth, his struggle widening the gap between rationality and want. “Stop being attractive.” When Levi had ended, there was kind of a snarl or a hiss whistling through his slightly parted mouth.

There were those blown wide pupils again, Armin noticed.

He was flabbergasted but also overjoyed.

That he, Armin, would ever appear attractive in front of Levi—the infamous Levi Ackerman who had everything one would desire but who was also the most unapproachable person ever. People who happened to get noticed by him on a rare time would feel blessed afterwards.

All Armin had seen in Levi up until now were his peering glances in form of glares whenever Armin had done well in class and other than that they hadn’t interacted at all, as far as he remembered. So knowing that this very guy was losing his shit because of one of Armin’s valued traits, he began to see Levi with interest in his eyes. He sensed that there was a tension growing between them. A tension that told him that he and Levi would make a great couple—not necessarily meant in a romantic way. Hell, there still was a long way until then. All he could think of right now was how he and Levi would become a perfect duo, based on teasing love-hate.

These two were meant to be rivals; competitors, friends, partners.

Yeah. Armin slowly but certainly took a liking in Levi’s special thinking.

After all who said that Armin wasn’t attracted to Levi? He might or might not be.  It may be that he wasn’t aware of it until a few moments ago, but sometimes one needed to pull the trigger to get things started.

So with a fresh new wave of self-confidence, Armin rearranged himself in his position, standing straight and strong. As a tease, he let his fingers play with his own locks in a joyous manner.

There was an abudance of confidence visiting him and he was keen to take a step further.

He licked his bottom lip, almost smirked when realizing that Levi’s eyes had eagerly followed his tongue wetting his lip. “If I am appealing to you, then why don’t you just kiss me?” He finished it off with a sly innocent smirk.

Levi was struggling. He was struggling with himself, getting excited, and fidgeted from all the hormones overflowing his body from the inside. Fucking puberty.

“Don’t go that way.” He tried to sound threatening, but his voice faltered. “Don’t even try playing that kind of game with me.”

“Oh, really?” Armin’s eyelashes fluttered and he pursed his lips. The tip of his tongue was peaking out.

Damn, damn, damn!

“Fuck!” Levi grabbed Armin by his hair, a rough grip, guiding his head like that until their lips clashed together—two extremes colliding.

Armin was baffled at first, helpless as Levi’s lips moved fiercly over his, sucking and taking in everything of him. Armin found his composure again, it had just taken him a while, but when he did he responded to the kiss with his mouth going as wild as Levi’s. Their tongues twisted and licked, salivated and swallowed, made a mess and became an addiction.

Although it was both their first kiss, they didn’t hold back at all, kissing the other with a force that resembled wolves in heat. Slippery sounds and faint moans filled their air, their hips pressed against each other and fingers wanted - were close - to travel up and down, groping needily.

Before it could go any further and to something they would get detention for in a place like school, Levi let go. He panted hard, smiled in satisfaction and looked like a cheeky mess. Armin’s face was adorable to look at because his hair stood out as though he had just woken up and his cheeks flushed the same pink that would paint his skin when he was embarrassed, but in reality he was the opposite.

Armin chuckled to which Levi scoffed. Things had surely gone a totally different direction. Armin covered his wet swollen lips, hiding his smile.

Levi decided leave it at this and go away. They had lost their controls, so it was the best if they didn’t stay together in the hallways for longer than necessary. Who knew what else their dirty minds would come up with. His temporary last words were, “We aren’t done yet, Arlert.”  

This time Armin blushed furiously, partly because Levi had called him by his (last) name. As Levi walked away, a constant debate took place in his head, because Levi had actually planned to come at Armin and tell him which place he belonged and now look where they were.

Both of them could only be amused by it.

This surely wasn’t the end yet.

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i'm just some rando who followed you bc you're really funny so i don't know what fandoms you're in exactly but i just saw that writing prompt you did & HOLY FUCK it's beautiful!! so i was wondering if you'd do 1.Dancing in the Rain with any ship you want i just love your writing

( Thank you so much, lovely! I hope you like this little snippet ❤ )

The sky goes from ashes to dove down to spilt watercolour; Karakura rain has always been this way–sudden, coloured with change, tinged with the edges of transition. 

(He doesn’t consider himself an artist–but Ishida Uryuu knows a canvas when he sees one.)

Inoue-san’s steps turn skips turn semi-pirouettes over the puddle-mirrors of the sidewalk, and in the wake of these moments, Ishida forgets to miss the sunset; the unseen, forgotten twilight of the rainy season.

(Inoue’s wet hair drips with sun.)

Yellow rainboots and twirling bookbags and the hummings of a lullaby. These, he thinks, are the slivers of life that imitate art.

(Or is it the other way around?)

She asks him what he’s looking at and he really, really wants to tell her the truth–but he’s as much an archer as he isn’t an artist, and  knows the answer to that old quincy riddle off his heart

(What do arrows and words have in common?)

Just the rain, he says.

(The strictest no returns, no refunds policy in the universe.)

Streetlights blink to life, and Ishida wonders, wasn’t there a poem about this sort of thing? The sky, the earth, and hearts connecting–

(Inoue’s smile tastes like deja vu.)

If I could, I would write him a letter. I’d write to him something that would let me tell him how sorry I am for what I did to him, but mostly for what I did to us. I’d tell him that there was never a moment when he wasn’t enough for me, and that he shouldn’t ever let himself think so. I’d tell him that he never failed me, and that instead I failed him. Over and over again. I’d tell him that he shouldn’t have been charged with the weight of two people when he was already so much in one person, and that I truly wouldn’t mind if there were times when he just genuinely hated me. I’d have hated me too. As a matter fact, I really do hate the person I was. I hate how little control I had over myself. I hate how little control I have over myself, right now in this moment and at this time. I hate that I lost him, and I’d tell him that I’ve hated every single day since the moment when I realized that he and I would never be the same ever again. Because I lost something that meant more to me than I’ve been aware of. And even though we can sit beside each other without being as awkward as we used to be, I miss knowing the things that went on in his head. I miss knowing him. But maybe I needed this, you know? Maybe I needed to face all of this so that I could come out a new person. Maybe there will come a day in the future when I can be the person that he makes me want to be. And maybe that’ll be with him. But still…maybe not.
—  🖤

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You're a nurse?? That is so amazing like I can't even stress how much nurses contribute to society because it wouldn't be enough. Thank you for everything you've sacrificed for others and also the time you put into this blog as well. Please take care of yourself and eat properly!! (Also I'm sorry if it's weird that I send these asks in so early after you post something)

Yes, I am! And yout ask filled me with joy, to be honest! Most people I know dread Mental Health. They often choose ER. “You should be the change you want to see in the world”. Probably because I grew up with a mother who suffered from Borderline Personality Desorder and never accepted it. It was hard growing up like that, not being appreciated and being deagged down by that one person who should love you unconditionally.

In Nursing School, I was actually afraid to study Mental Health because of the scars, but when I did, it felt right. The internship was amazing and I was glad to see people with the same disorder seek help, knowing fully well that it also affected those around them.

While my mother never accepted help and carried on damaging her children’s lives, I know not everyone is like that. I know that everyone deserves a chance. My mother made me hate her with the way she treated me, but I did my best and carried on until I got free from her hold.

So thank you for your praise. Not just to me, but all of us in general who work hard to be there for others.

Sorry for this long reply, but I just got carried away!


  • i think lindsay developed DID ( disassociative identity disorder ) following the events of “3rd life” and scratch managed to find her somehow ( because he’s a genius and can do pretty much anything )
  • scratch made lindsay frame spencer , but carol ( her other personality ) doesn’t know that , or doesn’t remember that and that’s why she looked so confused when spencer was like “i know you
  • i still think cat adams plays a part in this. don’t know how , but something tells me she’s the distorted voice in the promo for 12x21
  • aubrey plaza has a stunt on 12x22, so that supports my theory somehow??? idk

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Dear dan and phil (anyone person) :-

Dear Dan and Phil,
I want to thank you for being there when I was younger. When I was sad. I want to thank you for being here still for me, when I see a video of yours I feel so much better. I know this sounds cheesy but it is true. I hope you will be happy in your new home together and that you can continue your relationship (whatever kind of relationship it might be) just as strongly as before. Your content makes so many people on this earth happy, you really made a difference. Thank you both for everything you did for us, for sharing your life and your ideas.

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this is the adhd testing with dad anon. So i went back and they wanted to run some more tests and i realised they were wondering if i have autism. i did some research cus usually when a hunch i'm right and i came across a similar questioner that the therapist asked me and it was assigned to autism. also kinda felt like they were going easy on me asking me if i was tired and being soft on me. idk maybe i'm just imagining it and it's nothing. jut wanted to share

You never know until you get the results. Maybe they wanted to double-check, maybe some of the answers made them think you have both or that it’s actually autism and not ADHD; honestly, I would just be happy they’re doing their due diligence!


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The more I think about it, the more I'm sure we know less about Sloane on purpose. Considering that Reyes lives no matter what, it's obvious that they plan to do something with him in the future and your choice likely has little to do with it. I think the choice is framed as Reyes vs Sloane but really the choice has to do more with the morality of your Ryder. i.e will you stand by and let Reyes get away with murder. Because regardless of your opinion on the characters, the fight wasn't fair.

Continuing my ask about how its a morality choice, I don’t disagree that it’s shitty that Bioware put two POC against each other like that, but I don’t know that they expected Sloane to get as much love as she did. When you get down too it she IS a side character, compared to Reyes who you can romance. I think many people will pick Reyes over her because he is a friend, and I think that’s what Bioware wanted people to think about when it came to this decision.

Did you see this this morning? I explained in details why I thought the fight wasn’t fair. I analyzed what you’re saying here. Reyes is romanceable, you have intimate moments with him, you get to know him in a way you don’t Sloane, he survives no matter what… 
Honestly I think people who do save Sloane as a reflex go back and end up saving Reyes. And it seems clear to me Bioware is more interested in Reyes’s future than they are in Sloane’s. 
She never stood a chance. 

That being said, I’m analyzing what happened and being critical when I have to but I don’t enjoy character bashing. And ultimately, I’m not asking anyone to save Sloane. You do what you want in your game. This is your choice.
And while Sloane is my girl, I do see Reyes as a fascinating character. I don’t think I like him the way the rest of the fandom does but I enjoyed all the scenes with him. 

So yeah. If I sound a bit bitter (even though I don’t like being bitter), you can be sure the bitterness is directed at Bioware, not at a character like Reyes.

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how did you get started with crafty things? Thanks!!!!

Hey nonny! Well, it depends on how far back you want to go 😂 when I was a kid, around 8 years old, my sis and I sewed little beanie baby type animals and my grandma would bring them to panama and sell them at the market for us (I also crocheted and cross stitched in my own time) 😊

I started making fragranced bath items (soap, bath bombs, lip balms, lotion etc etc) and candles about 10 years ago. This was before Etsy (or if it was around I didn’t know about it), so I sold my items in small batches at local craft festivals and art walks. Fast forward to last holiday season, I hadn’t crafted in a while, and decided to get back into it because there was a need (for me) to have it. The rest kind of grew from there! (So all in all, growing my interests of crafting over 20ish years??)

Thanks for your ask ❤


You have to understand me, Gillen was ordering me around for all my life! I was actually happy when he was “locked” behind that wall and I was rid of him… Well for the first 10 years at least, after that I changed. 

And I was never really separated from Ludwig. He just didn’t want to see me for some reason… It kinda hurt but he apologized later. I never got to know why he did that though.