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i want to tone up my body and feel strong again, but i don't know where to start. i cant really afford a gym membership right now. do you have any suggestions? i'm already on a good diet and have lost a lot of weight from it, but now i want to feel strong.

If you can’t make it to the gym, I do highly recommend you at the very least invest in a pair of dumbells!! and possibly a pull up bar! Here are some workouts along with what muscles they workout
- Push ups (chest/triceps)
- Bicep curls (biceps)
- DB lateral raises (shoulders)
- DB shoulder press (shoulders)
- DB rear delt flys (delts)
- DB pec dec flys (chest)
- DB tricep extensions (triceps)
- DB rows (back)
- Chair dips (triceps)
- Pull ups (back/biceps)
- Leg raises (w/ pull up bar) (core)
- Squats (can add db) (legs)
- Wall sits (legs)
- Planks (core)

Player / Montgomery de la Cruz


Pairing: Montgomery de la Cruz x Reader

Word count: 1527

A/N: English is not my first language so I’m sorry for grammatical errors it can have. I did my best to write this. Please, don’t be rude.

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(Y/N) and Sheri were talking by the phone. The brunette girl wanted to know what happened at the party when she left her alone. Sheri knew (Y/N) had been with someone last night, but (Y/N) didn’t want to tell her with whom.

“It was nobody, Sheri” (Y/N) rolled her eyes, even her friend couldn’t see her.

“You know what? I need you to give in” she said on the other side of the phone “I’ll go to your house and you’ll tell me everything, okay?” And without time to reply with a ‘no’, her best friend cut off the call. (Y/N) sighed and threw the phone to her bed. The doorbell sounded. She frowned.

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You can't just leave us at 'Fine, if Wilford wants to go back and forth, two can play at this game. Dark rolls his neck and heads for the studio.' I need to know what HAPPENSS! What did Dark do to Wilford's studiooooo?????

When Darkiplier steps into Wilford’s studio, his aura emits an eardrum-piercing ringing at just the right frequency to shatter every bit of glass in the room. Camera lenses, stage lights, even Bim’s glasses shatter at the horrendous noise. Wilford and Bim screech in terror as the lights go out, and they are left in pure blackness with a very angry Dark.

From the shadows, Dark burns his own message onto one of the stage walls. By the time Wilford finally finds a flashlight tucked away in Bim’s old broom closet, Dark has already finished and left. Bim rushes to Wilford’s side and reads Dark’s words aloud, “I will do what I please.”

(Such drama…)

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I just wanted to ask, do you know if Yugyeom had a girlfriend in the past? Or if it was some rumors about him having a girl? I wasn't in this fandom from the beginning and I'm just curious. And if I could ask, do you have your own opinion about it, like do you think did he have a girlfriend or maybe he has now?

There weren’t any ‘official rumors’ about his girlfriend. Almost every idol had a girlfriend before debut or when he was a trainee. Some idols date after debut and tell fans they’re not dating at all. It’s nothing shocking.

I prefer not to start ‘do I think if a certain member is dating now’ conversation on my blog, it’s pointless~ It’s their private life. I’ll probably only post about members dating if JYPE releases a statement regarding a dating rumor :)

they took down all of the dgs subbed videos.

you know, if they officially confirm dgs’ localization, i’d be cool with it. i’ll back off, dissolve into the void and let capcom earn their fat stacks of cash. i know where my position is within the grand scheme of things.

but we don’t have an announcement. there isnt a confirmation. there isnt even so much as a formal acknowledgement from capcom that the english side wants dgs. (or rather they did, but it was just utterly disrespectful baiting.)

this is the biggest middle finger i’ve seen a corporation give to their own products. copyright? licensing? what the fuck does that matter when the people who most want it can’t access it at virtually 0 cost to you?

im so bummed.


Remy borrows one of Nico’s cars…he couldn’t be bothered to buy his own car when his brother had so many luxury cars he could drive instead…and takes Lala on the 45 minute drive to Newcrest. She’s genuinely surprised when he parks the car in the parking lot of a beautiful church.

Lala: A church, Remy?

Remy: This is my family’s church, St. Joseph’s. I was baptized here, did my communion and confirmation here. I want my son to be baptized here too.

Lala softly: It’s beautiful. I didn’t think you were spiritual, Remy.

Remy grins: I’m spiritual enough to know I’m going straight to hell.

Lala frowns: Don’t say that.

Remy laughs: Sorry. But I didn’t bring you here for the church. I brought you here to show you something. 

Lala nods, holds Remy by the arm as they walk through a beautifully kept graveyard and gardens.

Remy: Our first date is in a graveyard. Isn’t this peaceful and romantic?

Lala laughs: And you wondered why no one wanted to date you, huh? 

I remember when I first explained shipping to my mother.

I was showing her some old Sportarobbie drawings I did, and she commented, “I didn’t know the LazyTown guys were married.” I then said, “Well, they’re not really married in the show, but they’re shipped together.” She didn’t understand what shipping was, so I added, “Well, shipping is something people do a lot. It’s when you take two characters, usually fictional, and put them in a relationship. Even if they aren’t an actual couple, you…like, you want them to be a couple. You get what I mean?” Her expression changed from one of confusion to one of understanding.

“Oh, like Bert and Ernie?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

You’re not helping.

I can’t understand people who think that by shaming self-shippers out of doing what they do, they’re doing the ‘right’ thing (“I wanted to bring them back to the real world! I was trying to teach them to stop running to a fake world to get away from problems in the real world! They need real partners!”) and then are surprised when said people they shamed get upset.

Wanna know why they’re upset? Because you did the polar opposite of helping. It uses the same logic as ‘tough love’, which barely works anyway.

It’s heartbreaking when I see people shame someone out of self-shipping and convince them they’re harming themselves, then they get into a real-life relationship that ends up harming them several hundred-fold more.

It’s enraging when I see people say that self-shippers are damaging themselves by using a fictional world as an escape from the real one, when most of the time they have a damn good reason for doing so.

If anything, insisting self-shippers not use fictional characters as escapes, or insist they get real partners, and assuming their lives are smooth-sailing, what they’re hearing is that they’re ‘better off’ in a harmful environment or relationship. And that can do SO much more damage than what you claim.

You’re not helping.

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I can see clearly that this is a pro-Fenris blog and Anti-Anders blog. Which is a shame, because you don't have to like one and hate the other. They're both great characters. And pardon if I don't believe much about Anders not being under influence or feeling remorse. That entire scene after the chantry is gone, he can't even look Hawke in the eye, and his face is miserable. I think he knows what he did, and isn't proud, but truly believed it was the best thing to do.

ive made it abundantly clear over time that i am pro-fenris and anti-anders. it’s hard to like anders when he constantly says demeaning shit towards fenris. ever asked an abuse survivor if they have ever wanted to kill themselves? loved that! oh what about the part where he approves of selling him back to danarius? fab!

my issues with anders go beyond fenris. you could take fenris out of the picture entirely and it wouldnt change the fact i dont like him or his actions. hes so manipulative and a whole bunch of other things ive already talked about. it has nothing to do with comparing the two of them. but his attitude towards fenris doesnt help. 

besides, even if anders was miserable its still “i had to” and not “i shouldnt have done that”. the fact that he believes it was the best thing to do is the whole issue

The Last Time You Kiss III

A/N: This is the last part so I hope you all enjoy it. I don’t know why I posted all three of these parts at like 1 in the morning my time, but I did. I’ve also been trying to write over 1,000 words so let me know if you guys like shorter or longer things.

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 1,084

Part 1 Part 2

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You: I saw your cover on YouTube

Shawn: …

You: We really need to talk

Shawn: I know

You: Do you want me to call you? I really don’t want to have this conversation over text

Shawn: Sure just give me ten minutes

You: How about you call me when you are ready

Shawn: K

You turn the ringer of your phone on so you don’t miss his call. Not moving, you watch your phone. What were you thinking asking him to talk on the phone? You didn’t know what you were going to tell him. He knows you didn’t want to break up, so what can you change. Before you can overthink the situation anymore, your phone rings. You pick up your phone and let out a shaky greeting.

“Hey” you say, feeling your palms start to sweat.

“Hey” Shawn says back to you.

“Was,” you begin to say, already regretting the words that were about to leave your mouth “was that cover about us?”

There was silence on the other end of the line. There is a strong part of you that just wants to hang up the phone and pretend that the call never happened. But you waited for your answer.


Closing your eyes, you take a deep breath. Before you can say anything, Shawn continues to talk.

“Everything I said that night was true. It hurts me to see people saying such rude things to you, and I thought that if I broke up with you those things would stop. I thought that I was protecting you from something, that it turns out I can’t protect you from. I still see people saying hateful things to you. I can’t stop myself from wanting to protect you. You were the most wonderful thing in my life, and the thought of you with someone else leaves me heartbroken. I honestly should have never left you. You mean the world to me.”

There are no words to express how you fell right now. If Shawn were here right now you would give him a hug, but he wasn’t. You have to remind yourself that he is not here right now, and he is the reason for that.

“Shawn, you have to realize that you can’t protect me against everything. I decided that I wanted to be with you, knowing that some of your fans would be angry. I knew that I would be in a spotlight because I was with you. I knew it would be worth it though. There is just something about you that makes me so happy. You are just such a delight to be with. Every time we kissed it felt as though time froze. I felt like we brought out the best in each other.” you say, trying to hold back tears.

“I know. We did, I mean we do bring out the best in each other. Look, this may sound a little crazy, but can you come back to my house. I miss you and I think this conversation would be better held face to face.” Shawn replies. 

“Shawn you know I don’t have the time right now to go up and see you,” you begin “can you maybe come down to my place? I know you start another leg of your tour soon, and traveling is the last thing you want to do, but can you at least consider it?”

“I’ll be on the first flight out.” Shawn says, hanging up.

You eagerly awaited Shawn’s arrival. He had just sent you a text that he had just left the airport. You look in the mirror again to make sure you looked okay. It had been a month since the last time the two of you saw each other, and you didn’t want to look like complete trash. Your phone vibrated and you saw the text Shawn had sent

“Five minutes” the text read.

You were starting to get nervous now. You looked around your apartment one last time to make sure everything was put away, everything was. That’s when you hear a knock on the door. Your heart jumps as you hear the noise. As you begin to walk towards the door, your heart rate increases. As you open the door, you see his face. It was just as you remembered it. It was just like he was picking you up for your first date all over again. 

You open the door wide enough for Shawn to walk in, and he does. You shut the door to see that Shawn hasn’t moved far past the door. He is standing just a few steps away from you. You look up into his eyes, and you started to realize how much you missed those eyes. When Shawn’s words failed to express his feelings, his eyes always did. You learned to read this man better than you could read anyone.

“I’m sorry.” Shawn says, eyes drifting to the ground.

“Shawn,” you say stepping closer to him “don’t be, you were doing what you thought was going to be best for me. I can’t be mad at you for making a decision because you cared or me.”

“No, I made that decision not thinking about your feelings. I didn’t think about how much more attention would be drawn to our relationship when we broke up. I didn’t think it would cause you to get more hate, but somehow you did.” Shawn said, sounding very upset.

“Shawn their words don’t hurt me. What hurt me is not being with you. I missed being able to call you when I was having a bad day. I missed our surprise adventures together. I missed just being with you.” You say.

As the final words fall from your lips you step closer to Shawn. He looks down at you, and you look up at him. He pulls you into his arms, and you rest your head on his chest. You can feel his heartbeat slowing down as he relaxes. You missed this, You missed him.

“I really missed you.” Shawn whispered into your ear.

“And I really missed you.” you say looking up at Shawn, but not letting go of him.

Shawn closes the gap between the two of you again, but this time in a kiss. His lips were just as you remembered them, warm and soft. His hands wrap around your hips and pull you even closer to him. 

I guess it wasn’t really the last time the two of you kissed.

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What does an 18 year old do when she's totally confused and does not know what she likes/wants to pursue in life?

Just wing it that’s what I did fam!!! U don’t need to know what ur doing at all times you know that’s life, get a job that helps you live and save for nothing in particular, time will tell what you love so don’t stress it before you find it.

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do you think that it's possible for AD to be the real Spencer and we actually got to see her during the premiere of season 7 w Hanna and she's working with Toby and thats kind of the big twist like Spencer is AD but not this Spencer that you're seeing this is actually Twincer. like the girls figure it out when reminiscing about their highschool years, this can also explain Spaleb(twileb?) lmao idk idk 6 dayssss to go!

Possibly. I feel like that would open up the gates to more plot holes though, because surely there have been things that “Spencer” has said this season that only Spencer would know. And then we are stuck with “but how did Twincer possibly know that!!!?” and I don’t want the reveal to puzzle us like that. I don’t have any exact moments off the top of my head, but surely some things were said that could potentially confuse us.

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i'm asexual and the only person who knows this is my friend, if she really believes it. I think when she suggested this term thought it was a joke, but ... I really identify myself. And I do not know how to tell all of this, what if I'm demissexual? And if (I do not believe I'm going to write it) I just did not know the right person? At the same time I feel this compulsion to say, I feel good having it just for me. And ... Well, it was just that, not really a question, just a heartbreak. Thanks.

Hey, babe. Thank you for saying this out loud, it was really brave of you.

First, I want you to know that if you feel comfortable identifying as something then that’s all that matters. No matter what your friends say. I know people make you doubt yourself but if it’s how you feel, then it’s how you feel. I don’t want you to let anyone to take that away from you.

Second, it’s okay to be wrong. To feel asexual now and then later feel demisexual. There is /nothing/ wrong with it.

You’re okay. I hope you stay brave. Don’t force yourself into anything, a label or relationship, nothing anyone says. You know you better than anyone else, and even if your friend doesn’t support you, even though I don’t know you, I support you. Okay?


Are you ever just casually reading about the types and having a good time when suddenly you read something sad about own of your friends’ type and you go “wait my friend does that?” and you’re suddenly really sad about it and you just really want to hug them?

Because I just read something really sad about my friends type and now I really want to hug them

Fic Recommendations 6/23/17

Hello there my fellow fan fic readers! I hope you are all doing absolutely fantastic today!  I am so excited to be doing my second fic recommendation! It felt so good to give writers the appreciation they deserve like last time, so I wanted to do it again! I even met an amazing friend (you know who you are if you get RIP blue and Charlie my babes) last time because of it, and that was awesome!
I know that some of the fics I am shouting out might be a little older and not brand new, but some are. I just look though hashtags and find ones that I love.

I also want to remind you that I am not doing this every week or monthly, I am only doing it when I find a decent amount of fics that I enjoy and feel like everyone else would enjoy as much as I did.

Please tell me if for some reason a link doesn’t work and I will try my hardest to fix it! Sometimes by computer is dumb and doesn’t want to help me or work. Ya know, technology problems.

I do not give summaries of the fics, just compliments! I don’t want to spoil!

Hope you all love these, and make sure to repost so these authors get more notes on their writings!

Defending Your Life by @ravengirl94​ is a dean x reader fic and is amazing! I had all the feels while reading this. This fic is a retake on the episode with the god Osiris with the trial when Sam is Dean’s lawyer. The beginning is amazing, but the ending gave me chills! It was so perfect and a must read on all levels! Honest to god so freakin’ amazing! Nice work!

Spend the Night by @luci-in-trenchcoats​ is a dean x reader fic but takes place as if the reader is in school. I don’t know if there is a second part to this, but if there is someone please link it because I need to read it! This was an amazing fic and I couldn’t stop reading it. It made me laugh at Dean’s behavior when he was younger, but also gave me the feels in the end! Another must read!

Tired by @spnsisimagines​ is a Winchester Sister fic! I seriously would have to put this fic on my list for favorite fics ever. I adored this one and thought it was extremely well written. I loved the whole idea of it and thought that that was something that would actually happen to a sister Winchester which made it more believable to a fantasy world. It gave me the feels and I never wanted it to end. Amazing job hun!

Spunk by @itybitynovak is a Daughter! Dean fic. This fic made me have to many feels to count. It was amazing. I feel like I can’t say more. I love daughter fics and sometimes struggle to find ones, but this one made it worth hunting through Tumblr to find it. I want a million parts of this. I loved it. Everyone need to read this.

Drunk by @missdestiel67 is a Daughter! Sam fic with a lot of uncle Dean. Although it is a shorter fic, I could not help but add it. It made me so happy to see how much these two men cared about her and it warmed my heart. I loved this so much and wanted it to go on forever. It was short but incredibly sweet and I loved it. Wonderful job, and everyone should read this.

Be together by @giftofdreams is absolutely adorable. This is a Jared x reader fic and the reader is pregnant.  This is part one, but part two is equally as amazing. I read these fics so quickly and was almost mad at myself that I read them so fast! It is so adorable and cute and AHHHH I LOVED IT SO MUCH! Everyone needs to read this.

Your Not A Winchester Part 2 by @theimpalaiscrying is a Winchester Sister fic. I put the first part on my first recommendation list, and cannot help but put part two on my second one. Holy crap this girl is fantastic when it comes to writing. Part one was amazing, but part two just kept getting better. I seriously recommend reading this. Freaking amazing if you ask me.

Dear Authors,

Keep doing what you’re doing because it is clearly working. I can’t tell you enough how amazing each and every one of your fics are. I loved every single one of them and want a million parts of them. If I am not on your tag list, put me on it! I need to see what your brilliant minds are going to make next, because I am seriously impressed. I am so jealous of your minds and how creative some of your fics are and just how fluffy the other ones where! If I could write a fic like you can, I would kill. I hope you all are having an amazing day and I’m sending my love! Xoxo


Tag list

@fromheaven2he11 @sisterwinchesterwriter @winchesters-favorite-girl @rosie-winchester
@miss-katie-winchester  @27bmm @jensen-jarpad @lauren-novak @theimpalaiscrying @mogaruke

Jensen/Dean tags
If you want to be on or off the tag list, let me know!

Just had a conversation with a trump supporter about the time when Trump said “grab her by the pussy” and he said: “everyone said that at least once in their lives. Don’t act like you our your girlfriends never said ‘I am going to grab him by the dick’ cause i know that’s a lie.”
WHAT the actual Fuck? No I never heard anyone say “I am going to grab him/her private parts” at least non of my friends ever said that and if they did i would be disgusted and i would not want to be their friends to be quite honest.
Sexual Harassment is not funny not even when you are just saying it to your friends.

Blue Lipped Boy

Simon’s teeth chattering next to me is enough to wake anyone in a fifty-mile radius, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any quieter. I’m not even mad at him, though I guess if we did this a year back I would’ve been. He was the one who wanted to go into the mountains for just a few days, but I guess that when packing next to a vampire he forgot that he needed warm clothes.

The chattering finally wakes him minutes later. His lips are dangerously close to turning blue, and even with his hat and jumper on under the sleeping bag, he looks like he’s in pain.

“I don’t know what I can do,” I admit. “I didn’t really think that you’d anything outside of the sleeping bag and clothing.” Simon nods as his jaw shakes, and his ears look painfully red from over here.

“C-C-Come he-here,” he stutters out, curling even closer in on himself. I scoot over from my position in the tent and sink down next to him. Just as I’m about to speak, I see the zipper to his sleeping bag coming undone.

“What the hell are you doing?” I demand, my hands flying to close the bag. He shakes his head and begins to pull it down again.

“D-Did you dr-drink?” he shivers out, still unzipping the bag. I nod numbly, and he unzips the bag about halfway down before adding, “G-Get in.” Though I was thinking about climbing in while he was sleeping, I was not going to do that when I couldn’t ask him. It would feel wrong. I’d feel like the biggest bounder that could even exist.

“Are you sure?” I ask, and he looks at me with a forceful anger that makes me laugh. As I climb in, I say, “You could freeze to death, and you’re still questioning me trying not to intrude in your personal space?” Simon shakes his head and immediately curls into me. I zip the bag up and wrap my arms around him, and he sighs as he lays his head on my chest. I can feel his cheek and ear through my shirt, and I bring my hand up to cup and hopefully warm his head and neck.

“Better?” I ask, looking down at the tuft of curls on my chest, Simon’s breathing has settled, and he sleepily looks up at me through his lashes. He smiles a bit, and I chuckle as I pull him back down to my chest. “Go to sleep, love.” And almost like the magic I would’ve used months ago, he does.

some doodles from today. not really having as much fun drawing when i dont have. y’know. pressure sensitivity. but im making do. 

Hijabi Mc because i saw someone else did it and i wanted to. also Saeran straightened his hair. emo haircut. im saying emo haircut. 

thank you for your time 

Nope, I don’t know how you get down either Mango

Not what you want to find 4.5 hours into a 6.5 hour hike, a stile that is a 3ft high platform with no alternative when you are only 5ft high yourself and own a 30kg dog. We managed by me lifting her using her backpack handle and a hand under her chest, so that she got her front feet on, and I balanced one leg on the bottom ladder rung so she could push of it with her back legs, scrambling on. I did help her down too!