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Scarlet Camellia Petals [Hanahaki AU - Shigaraki Tomura]

Don’t worry, everyone! I haven’t forgotten about the 100 followers special! It will be written with the winning character and scenario soon. 

I just started writing this drabble because I’d had a rough day and I really wanted to indulge in something I had a few ideas for already, so I hope you guys enjoy my first attempt at writing a scenario! I hope nobody seems too OOC :’^0 

Warning: there is mention of self-harm, so read at your own risk. Also, since it’s pretty long, I’m also going to put most of it under a cut. 

Also… try looking up the meaning of red camellia petals in hanakotoba. I chose them for a reason ;^) 

-Admin Shigaraki 

Shigaraki Tomura distinctly remembered the first day that they walked into the League of Villains headquarters. He was absentmindedly swirling his drink, watching the ice cubes slowly spin in a circle when he heard Kurogiri call to him, saying someone had come to talk about joining the League. When he turned to look at the door, he saw them for the first time. They didn’t look like a villain at first glance, but upon closer examination Tomura could tell that they were serious about joining merely from the expression on their face.

“Why do you want to join the League of Villains?” he asked bluntly. There was no point in saying it any other way, with any eloquent speech; he could tell he didn’t have to convince them that they should join. It was clear in their eyes that they wanted to be there already.

Their response was firm and without any hesitation. “I just want to show the heroes that this League can’t be ignored.” It was a vague answer, but for some reason, it caught Tomura’s interest. Such determination, he thought, could be put to very good use within the League. Plus, this was one of the first people who had come to him willingly without babbling about the ideology of the Hero Killer.

Maybe I unlocked a new, less annoying type of character, he thought to himself as he contemplated what to say in reply to their statement. Finally, he decided on a simple, “You can join,” thoroughly surprising Kurogiri.

He was far too used to Tomura behaving poorly around visitors, so seeing this newcomer gain acceptance without a single bickering remark from Tomura was baffling to Kurogiri. Tomura could tell this was what Kurogiri was thinking, too—it showed in his glowing, yellow eyes, which had widened slightly the moment the newcomer was accepted.

Once they’d gone on their way, now a new member of the League, Tomura found himself briefly thinking about them. As he sat there, staring down at the half-melted ice in his glass, he wondered to himself why he was so interested in this new recruit. It already didn’t feel right.

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