did you know the 'harry just harry' line is not in the book

Imagine: Being in Hufflepuff & Dating Draco

Request: hi! could you write an imagine where you’re secretly dating draco because you’re in hufflepuff and he cant ruin his reputation, so him and his friends (who dont know your dating) are always rude to you, but draco always reassures you that he loves you. if you can, make it fluffy :3 i hope this makes sense and sorry its so long 😂 tysm!

You sighed as you began picking up your books off the floor. Draco and his stupid cronies just walked through and of course had to make their presence known by knocking every book out of your hands. You supposed it was better than them insulting you like they normally do. They always made fun of you for being a Hufflepuff, saying that the people in it were wastes of witches and wizards and insults along those lines. Draco never actually did any of the bullying though. He just stood back and watched and let his friends do it. That’s the price you had to pay for being a Hufflepuff and dating the Slytherin Prince. The two of you had to keep it secret.

Later that day you were in the library alone, reading a book when Draco walked in and sat next to you. Normally you didn’t get all that upset with the bullying thing, but you were particularly annoyed today.

Draco grabbed your hand. “Hey babe,” he said, offering you a smile.

“Hey,” you responded shortly and pulled your hand away.

“Y/N?” He gently grabbed you chin to make you look at him. “What’s wrong?” He asked, concern lacing his voice.

You sighed. “Nothing it’s just…I’m sick of being bullied by your stupid friends all the time!”

“I know, love. And I’m sorry. But I love you so much Y/N. And if you want, I’ll tell them and everyone else that we’re dating so they don’t bother you anymore.”

“You’d do that for me Draco?”

“Of course, love. Anything for you.”

You smiled. “That’s so nice. I love you so much Draco, but I think we should still keep it a secret. For now, anyway.”

“Okay princess. But if you change your mind, let me know immediately,” he said and placed a featherlight kiss on your lips. “I hate seeing you upset.”

You leaned your head on his shoulder and smiled up at him.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Draco.”

He smiled and kissed you forehead before picking up your book and reading it aloud to you.