did you know that they hung out last night

  • Isak: How did you find out?
  • Jonas: You're my best friend. I'd like to think I know you pretty well. Plus, you butt dialed me last night.
  • Isak on phone: [Mr. Næsheim you're under arrest. Hands behind your back. I'm gonna have to frisk you.]
  • Even: [Careful, you might find dangerous items down my pants.]
  • Isak: [That's- holy shit, you're going to need a permit for that]
  • Even: [I thought you could handle guns, Officer Valtersen]
  • Isak to Jonas: Please tell me you hung up before the trial.

hung out with some frat boys last night and here are some quotes:
“bro did you know girls can have orgasms”
“yeah like they start shaking and lose control of their legs”
“oh HELL no. that is not happening”

anonymous asked:

I am a girl who is almost 21 and I had never had feelings for another girl until last year when there was this girl who liked me. We hung out for a while as friends and I started getting confused because I knew she liked me and I didn't know what I was feeling. One night we kissed and I realized that I did like her. She moved and so nothing happened but she's the only girl that I've ever liked, but I REALLY liked her. I don't know if I count as bisexual because I've only ever liked one girl...

If you think the bisexual label fits you then it’s yours. It doesn’t matter how many girls you’ve liked. Or how many whatever-elses you’ve liked either. You can count yourself as bisexual if you want to without ever having liked a girl at all. Your sexuality doesn’t hinge on the relationships or crushes you’ve had.

Of course if bisexual isn’t the term for you, that’s okay too. You might choose any of the other m-spec labels. I can’t decide who you are for you. If you think this might be more of a one off thing you might me heteroflexible. Point is that you can call yourself whatever you like as long as it feels right. 

~ Mod Kai