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I didn’t know, did you know®… Susan La Flesche Picotte, the first Native American woman physician in the US, was born today in 1865! She founded the Picotte Memorial Hospital, which was built in 1913. The hospital, located on the Omaha Reservation, was the first hospital for a Native American reservation not funded by the US government. #HappyBirthday
[EN] Seiani May 2017 - Interview with Guilty Kiss


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Scans from: @arishamod

CN TL: 四分仪 and 白石鹿 from 逢田文明博物馆

Disclaimer: This is a Chinese to EN TL, there would be things that would be lost in translation between the languages.

Please refer to my policies for more details and do not use the translations for commercial use.

Credits to: @yujachachacha from #teamonibe for the QC

The contents are under the cut.

Remember - School Idols makes you smile!

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Did you know that 50% of the milk bottles produced in the US were once made right down the road from Corning, NY? Thatcher Glass, which operated in Elmira, NY, from 1905 until 1985, made milk bottles that kept milk sanitary during home delivery. The Rakow Library and the Chemung County Historical Society have partnered to digitize and make accessible the company’s archives, including design drawings, correspondence, and business records. This project is supported in part by the Southeast Steuben County Library.

You’re A Masterpiece

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Title: You’re A Masterpiece

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 814

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

It was Castiel’s idea to go on a date.  You wondered if he was trying to make your life a little more normal than it was.  You were a hunter, your life was anything but normal.  Maybe this was Castiel’s way of bringing a slight normalcy to your life.  Then again, you didn’t know why you were at the museum in the first place.

As the two of you walked into the museum, you looked around.  In all of your life, you had never been in a museum.  Your hometown had sculptures outside of the museum and you saw those as a kid, but you never went inside.  It was dead silent in the museum.  You definitely weren’t used to that.

“We can spend as much time here as you want [Y/N],” Castiel said.  “I want you to enjoy yourself.”

You took Castiel’s hand in yours, lacing your fingers with his.  “Did you know I’ve never been to a museum,” you wondered.  “Or was this a random choice?”

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Did you know that Section of Vertebrate Paleontology curator Matt Lamanna has discovered dinosaur fossils on all seven continents, including Antarctica? 

Dr. Lamanna leads the Antarctic Peninsula Paleontology Project, an international team of scientists investigating the end of the Mesozoic Era (”Age of Dinosaurs”) in Antarctica, and also leads or co-leads research projects studying dinosaurs in Patagonia (Argentina), the Sahara (Egypt), and the Australian Outback. 

Lamanna has named or co-named 15 new species of dinosaurs and fossil birds, including Anzu wyliei and three of the largest land animals known to science—the titanosaurian sauropods Dreadnoughtus schrani, Notocolossus gonzalezparejasi, and Paralititan stromeri. Each of these massive sauropods is estimated to have weighed more than 40 tons, roughly equivalent to eight adult elephants. 

Lamanna has co-authored two papers in the preeminent journal Science and appeared on television programs for PBS (NOVA), the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, A&E, the Science Channel, and more. Recently, he assisted the US Department of Homeland Security in their investigation of a dinosaur fossil that had been illegally smuggled out of China.

Find the whole collection on Ao3

Day 2: Nerd Girlfriends

Maggie and Alex did not exactly have schedules conducive to traditional dating. The schedule conflicts Maggie alone brought to the table had cost her more than one girlfriend in the past. Alex’s field time and lab hours added in created something that looked more like Netflix and Chill than anything serious.

They did what they could though. Sometimes that meant cooking lessons for Alex that ended in rescue by Jessy the Pizza Guy more often than not. Sometimes it was kids’ science experiments because if the neighbors were already used to hearing the fire alarm, why not? There were movie nights and sometimes, sometimes it was fantastic to just come home, turn down the lights, and sink into the arms of someone who cared.

Once a month they did something different though, moving heaven and earth to make sure they both had two days set aside for each other. They took turns surprising each other.

Last month, Maggie had somehow lined up a tour of the new Star Labs Biomedical Research Center, complete with NDAs and one-on-ones with the lead scientists. Maggie had followed along happily, occasionally asking for clarification since she liked science but “I’m just a dumb cop with an easy bake oven, Danvers.” She swore up and down she had fun watching Alex “get her nerd on” with other nerds.

Alex was determined to return the favor.

The botanical garden was out, because she’d played that card two months in. For that matter, she had no intention of reliving the nightmare that was couples’ cooking lessons either.

Alex had to dig deep for this one.

Deep enough to get her ass over to L Corp and bribe Jess to let her in because she needed to talk to Lena about something Kara related.

Lena seemed just as startled to see Agent Danvers as Alex was that a vague mention of her sister’s well-being was all it took to get in to see a busy CEO.

“Agent Danvers, is Kara alright?”

“She’s fine. I need a favor though.”

“A favor?” Lena’s eyebrow raised dramatically, “Are we favor friends now?”

“We could be,” Alex hedged. “Look there’s this new exhibit at the People’s History Museum, and it’s sold out for months. I was hoping you, as a major donor, had some tickets for this weekend lying around.”

“Even if I was a donor, Agent, no self-respecting pro-alien display is going to let the last of the Luthors attend such a crowded public event.”

“Please, you are not the problem. At least you come with added security.”

“Be that as it may, I’m sorry but I can’t help. I’m not even sure Supergirl could get tickets.”

Alex sighed. “Damn. Well, thanks for hearing me out, Ms. Luthor.”



“If we’re going to be favor friends, you should call me Lena.”

“Then you should call me Alex. And let me know the next time you want to help save the world so I’m not panicking you’re turning on my sister.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Lena smiled.


Alex was still racking her brain for ideas two days later when Kara showed up near the end of her shift at the DEO, dressed as Supergirl and grinning like *NSYNC had just announced a reunion tour.

“So. Lena asked me to tell you she still can’t get tickets.”

“She sent you over here to tell me that?”

But, she can get you in a couple hours before the doors open, if you and Maggie want a day-date.”

“Wait, seriously?”

“She asked around. Apparently she went to school with one of the curators.” Kara’s smile dimmed into a pout. “She had to swear it was for law enforcement and that she wasn’t up to anything. Supergirl even had to come vouch for her.”

“It’s still really weird when you refer to yourself in the third person, Kara,” Alex said. “Why did she go through all that trouble? I was surprised she’d even let me in to ask.”

“Because you’re my sister, I guess.”

Alex decided to table that discussion for a later date. Much later. Preferably involving alcohol and gay-yoda-Maggie.

“Anyway, you guys can meet with Dr. Camdem around noon and roam the exhibit until 4 or so, when they’d have to kick you out to prep for the big event Saturday night.”

“I owe you both. Like, so big.”


Friday night, Maggie lost a game of pool.

Saturday, she had to ride koala on the way to their date.

She complained the entire way, but Alex loved the feel of Maggie, with her arms wrapped around her, leaning into turns. She loved Maggie’s hands tucked under her jacket, the muttered curses when Alex would accelerate faster than necessary.

Alex may have taken the longest, most winding route possible to the museum.

It was worth it to see the blinding grin on Maggie’s face as she removed her helmet. “You hate history, Danvers.”

“I don’t hate it, Sawyer, I just don’t need to study it when I can watch it repeat on the news.”

“Knowing it is half the battle to keep it from repeating.”

Alex shook her head and slung her arm over Maggie’s shoulders. “C’mon, I have a surprise waiting that I think we’ll both enjoy.”

“It’s a little early to break-in for after-hours sex, Danvers, and after seeing Winn I think that’s probably ruined for me forever.”

“We’re not- okay, first of all you can’t really break into a place that’s currently open for business,” Alex stuttered. “Wait, you’ve thought about-”

“C’mon, Danvers, you promised me a surprise, where’s my surprise?”

Alex rolled her eyes at her girlfriend and dropped a $20 into the donation box on their way in. She didn’t need to bother with the ticket office unless Maggie decided she wanted to come back to the exhibit in a few months when tickets were actually available. Alex tried very hard not to laugh as she had to drag Maggie past all of the displays that she knew for a fact Maggie had seen a thousand times before.

“Did you know National City was built on a native city, Danvers?”

Alex had to constantly redirect Maggie’s attention the entire way through to the back of the museum.

“Hey did you know the greatest gunslinger in National City history was actually an alien?”

Or her opinions on the LGBTQ exhibit, which Alex actually did want to check out. Later, after the surprise.

“Alex, wait, hold up this one’s important! I mean, it’s a little whitewashed, but so is everything else here and-”

“Maggie, I promise you we can check this one out in a little while, okay? But there’s kind of a time limit on your surprise.”

Maggie made a face, but let Alex lead her through to where a security guard stood at the entrance to the Aliens Among Us corridor. A quick flash of her badge, and he held aside the curtain for them.

Maggie’s eyes widened as they stepped through and she squeezed Alex’s arm excitedly.

They were greeted by the curator herself. “Agent Danvers, Detective Sawyer, thank you for coming. I’d love to discuss any of the differences or gaps in knowledge with you two later, if you have time?”

“That would be great, Dr. Camden. Thank you so much for letting us in here.”

“Anything for the girls in blue, and for fostering a better understanding of our refugee populations,” Dr. Camden smiled. “Now, I’ll leave you two to explore, if you don’t mind? There’s a lot to do tonight. Just let Ms. Luthor know when you’re free to discuss things later and we can set something up.”

“Perfect, thanks again, Dr. Camden.”

Maggie waited until Camden was out of sight to let out a quiet screech, “You got us into Aliens Among Us??”

“I mean I tried for tonight, but not even Supergirl can get tickets, apparently. Is this okay?”

“Is this okay? Is this okay? Of course you’d ask that. It’s amazing, Danvers.”

Alex sighed, “Oh thank god.”

“Did you think there was a chance I wouldn’t like it?”

“I mean, I wanted to do the fancy thing, I know you’ve seen most of this stuff before.”

“Danvers, trust me, we get to explore together, without wearing heels or dealing with rich snobs, this is perfect.”

Maggie didn’t know everything, but she knew enough to skip around the Kryptonian display, complete with wax figures of Astra and Non beside Supergirl. She didn’t ask when Alex’s gaze lingered on one over the others, but she did crack a joke.

“She was hot.”

“She had a thing for touching my face,” Alex muttered.

“Can’t blame her, you have a pretty nice face,” Maggie said, “C’mon, there’s a thing about Roltikkons.”

“Why does the tongue thing work in reverse?”

Maggie bumped her hip. “Hey, I don’t remember you complaining about the things my tongue could teach you.”


“After that we can check out the Infernian display and reminisce about how you stole my crime scene.”

“It was my crime scene, Sawyer.”

Alex was familiar with at least a vague idea of the history of the many species on display. It was Maggie’s excitement that brought them to life, hands waving as she ranted about inaccuracies or told wild stories about some of the aliens she’d met while working in National City. The movements got wilder as she got more excited.

It only got worse when they finished with the new exhibit and Alex allowed herself to be dragged off to the LGBTQ exhibit.

“So, there was this whole underground scene for non-white queers because we took a beating during raids in the 80s and-”

It was the most adorable thing Alex had ever scene, including the first time Kara ever saw a litter of puppies dressed up in costumes.

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Did you know that the desain costume from YoI Museum was showing how Victor have more broad shoulder than Yuuri, and have bigger chest than Yuuri too. So not only Victor is taller than Yuuri, he's bigger in lots of things~! Daddy 😘 wonderhowbihhislowertoo It was Canon by the way. The doll figure based how Canon characters' body would be like. 😚

“Yes! I am bigger than Yuuri in many, many ways. But it makes for really comfortable cuddling. And other things, too…”

Trees which survive where environmental conditions are extremely severe may grow less than a hundredth of an inch in diameter each year. The tree trunk above is a bristlecone pine from the White Mountains of eastern California, and is one of the oldest, authentically-dated trees in the world. The seed germinated in rocky, mountainous soil, and for approximately 4,500 years, from 2,550 BC to 1956 AD, the tree endured extreme cold, short growing seasons, frequent blizzards, and high winds that eroded away more than half of its trunk. 

Follow the Museum on Twitter @AMNH for more #MuseumWeek facts! 

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Do you intend to meet up with Madeline Pratt in Florence one of these days?

Madeline Pratt…now there’s a name I haven’t heard recently.  Given our last encounter, I have no immediate plans to meet up with her in the near future, no.  Who knows what the future holds.  But did you know that you can see Galileo’s fingers in the science museum in Florence?  I’m always fascinated by things like this.  How do his fingers come to be in a museum?  And his middle finger first, of all things? Science is fascinating.

Happy International Museum Day

And what an opportunity to share some of the best museums, museumy people and conservators we’ve come across on Tumblr?


 - britishmuseum - they don’t post much, but when they do it’s sculpted bods and aussie art

 - jewishmuseumldn - beautiful photography, behind-the-scenes and contemporary blogs from a great museum (which I still haven’t managed to visit in person yet)

 - maryrosemuseum - did you know they just got a Special Commendation for European Museum of the Year? There’s a reason. And half of that reason is their museum includes a real ship owned and loved by Henry VIII which was brought up from the bottom of the ocean

 - derbysilkmill - who are doing amazing things bringing in the whole community to build and maintain their museum

 - wellcomecollection - for the curious, for the weird and very often the strange

 - in-the-horniman - quality photographs and interesting snippets about world cultures, without fail

 - cooperhewitt - if there was a cutting edge of museums, Cooper Hewitt would be it. We want their pens.


 - museumsandstuff - whose blogs on contemporary museum issues we’ve been enjoying

 - attendants-view - have you ever wondered what the lived experience of that alternately bored and very excitable attendant in your museum is? Look no further.

- whenyouworkatamuseum - the digital equivalent of a stress ball for a museum worker


 - conservatoratwork - described as the ‘Greatest. Jobb. Ever.’ And they’re not kidding.

 - conservethis - Mostly books but we’ll let it stand (don’t get us started on the definition of a museum). Also one of the best digital/social media advocates for conservation we’ve come across

 - nyupreservation - Amzaing behind-the-scenes stuff and always a pleasure in the feed

So..have we missed anyone?

Two Sides

Bucky Barnes x Reader*

Summary: Every war and battle has more than one point of view. The one they’re in is no exception to the rule.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
3,714 words

Notes: I got a request this week asking for another view from The Apartment Chronicles to show what Bucky’s lady was up to during the real fight during Civil War so here we go! This isn’t exactly exclusively Bucky centric but I hope you guys enjoy it anyway. Also, let’s pretend that there’s enough time between the fights for this whole thing to happen…lmao. Guess that’s it. Happy reading! <3

*Prequel to The Apartment Chronicles but you can read them separately just fine!

It’s meant to be like any other of your days together and it definitely starts off in that way.

Waking up in a mess of sheets and intertwined limbs, having a quick breakfast filled with sleepy kisses and sighs, getting ready with cheeky glances and jokes to then go out – alert and always ready for a fight, but still taking the time to appreciate the outside world.

It can sound absurd to anyone the fact that the Winter Soldier takes a day to go out grocery shopping and running errands but you personally think he decides to not put much thought into it, rather enjoying living a normal life and having the chance of relearning things again.

If he can even label himself as normal, even if he’s no longer an animal that has been kept caged up for decades.

But at least he tries to.

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( did you all know that I love The Night at the Museum movies?? Like I love them. Also they got Hugh Jackman to play Hugh Jackman playing King Arthur in the third one which was amazing. )

Daddy’s Girl (Part 9 of ?)

You wake up in the morning and instantly feel the dread of the upcoming day. As you get dressed, your mind plays out a million different scenarios, all ending with you throwing yourself into the raptor cage to be eaten; there’s no way out of it.

Once you’re dressed and headed out the door to work, you call your dad. To your great surprise, he doesn’t pick up his phone- oh how the tables have turned- and you make the executive decision that if he overslept, it’s his fault and you’re not going to be the one to wake him up. Seeming slightly more chipper at avoiding the possible chaos, you arrive at work and instantly begin looking for Owen.

You spot him almost immediately because he’s one of the only people that is facing you in the crowd that is gathering around the large outdoor table. The only other face you can see is covered with a straw hat and the goofy half smile he always gets when he’s teaching. You groan and for a split second think about bolting back to the car. However, Owen looks up and catches your eye and smiles at you.

You can see in his eyes that he’s genuinely excited to be learning from one of the best in this field-it’s not surprising to you as that’s the face that people normally have when they meet your father-and that excited smile pulls you towards him like he’s got his own gravitational force made specifically for you.

“Hey, Y/n, bout time you got here.” He smirks as you walk up and your dad looks up at the sound of your name. “You can see in his features he’s trying to remain looking cool and collected as he continues, “This is Dr. Alan Grant. He’s the lead-”

But you cut him off before you can finish, wanting to get it over with sooner rather than later. “Yeah, I know who he is,” You say flatly and his face drops. Clearly he wants everyone to be as excited as he is. You look towards your dad, finally, to meet his eyes and while he is looking at you with a stern expression, his eyes look like they’re holding a secret.

You don’t know whether to laugh or sigh or what to do when your father looks directly at you, reaches out his hand and says, “Alan. Nice to meet you.” He winks at you and you lift a hand to your mouth to cover your smile. You almost feel like crying with relief and you mentally apologize for ever giving your dad grief. You also silently remind yourself to thank Claire as you’re positive she had some hand in this.


As the day goes by, you remain close by your dad, but then again so does everyone. Owen’s eye rarely leaves you and that’s surprising as you know how excited he was to meet your father. Still, you have to force yourself not to get too comfortable with your dad as he’s shown around. In one instance, you slip up and give his arm a playful squeeze when you bring up an inside joke from a trip to the museum when you were 14( those people did not know how to arrange raptor vertebrae).

Owen sees the gesture and his face tightens and you see him look at you peculiarly and you immediately feel as though you’ve given up the charade. Surely he knows the truth by the way he’s been watching you so closely all day. You try to distance yourself a little and blend in with the crowd more but your father always ends up calling out to you and showing you something. You watch the way he smiles as he lectures the group and realize that in the last few days since you got to the island, you really did miss him, you just hadn’t realized how much.


Owen doesn’t invite you up on the catwalk for the girls’ routine, and that surprises you even more than his dirty looks. You can’t help feeling like you’ve ruined any chance you had with him by lying to him and playing this game, but right now you’re focused on your dad’s reaction to the girls.

Owen goes through the routine flawlessly and your dad’s face continues to be in awe. He watches them so closely, and you can see a hint of fear and surprise in his eyes, but mostly he is impressed. You feel proud of Owen as you watched him conduct the routine and wanted nothing more than to give him a hug, but you suppressed that urge.

When your dad says his goodbyes and thanks Owen, he looks at you and gives you a small nod towards his borrowed jeep. You wait a few moments for him to head that way before following after him. When he opens his mouth, the last words you ever expected to hear your father say come out of his mouth.

“So you and that Owen kid are a thing, yeah?” He asks, and your face falls flat.

“What? WHat are you talking about dad, we just-”

“Yeah yeah, say what you want but he could’t keep his eyes off you. And if I didn’t know any better, I would say that boy was jealous of how much time you spent by my side.” Your father smirks and you go over it in your head. Maybe that’s why he looked so upset when you were so close to him, but he’s your dad!

“But you’re so old.” You blurt out and you both laugh.

“Why don’t you invite him to dinner with us tonight. Miss Dearing made us reservations for eight oclock, I’m sure she can add one more.” You think about declining, but you look up and see Owen heading your way looking less than excited.

“Okay. Sounds good.” You say hurriedly and as your dad gets into his car, he smirks again before speaking directly to you.

“So I’ll see you tonight at eight,” And he winks and you want to hit him. Owen clearly hears this and looks down at you with raised eyebrows and crossed arms and an all-over grumpy looking expression.

“So, you really stole the show today, huh?”


Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 899 (another drabble)

Summary/Prompt: #22 I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice 

Genres: angst, with a touch of fluff 

Notes: sorry it’s so short! but it is a drabble so i wasnt planning on making it long anyways. if you guys want a longer steve fic just request something!! im out of ideas, haha. enjoy! 

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highpriestoftheeast  asked:

"Would you ever take me to a museum to look at old bones that belong to gigantic awesome creatures?"

“As if that’s even a question! When are you free, cause there is a great collection at the museum here. Did you know that Domino city actually holds one of the best collections of bones and fossils? They’ve got some of the most well preserved pieces from the Triassic and Cretaceous period. Along with-”