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I may not live to see our glory…

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hex1318  asked:

Hey I know you've been having a hard time, and unfortunately me and all the rest of your fans can't go and slap your dictator in the face, but besides the point I hope this will all be over for you soon. I want to give you infinite amounts of love and happiness and every other good thing that you deserve. You are an amazing artist and brilliant person that I know will be able to make it through the challenges life throws at you. Everyone following this blog does. Stay strong and hang in there!

Aww thank you very much ;; you all would be called terrorist if you could do that (against him = terrorist) I just hope the laws doesnt get approved, if so I will dissapear from the whole internet, this Sunday we will know who wins, everybody here is scared (we fear that if we win or not, the dictator will order to kill people that is against him, like all these days, but worse) let’s hope for the best ;;