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Can I just say that I'm writing the last part for my Kili x Reader fic and I wrote a line "die of a heartbreak" and I couldn't help but think about your Dis fic and how much it broke my goddamn heart. Like I wasn't going to read it because.... reasons but when I did I also died of a heartbreak omg that is all😂😂😂😂 i still love yo though❤️❤️❤️❤️

Oh my…so, I have spent the last hour on my masterlist trying to figure out what you were talking about! Cause when I saw, “Dis”, my mind autocorrected to Disney…and I was like “How the hell did you know I had Disney fics planned???” I figured it out though. And sorry for breaking your heart, if it helps, I was sobbing the whole time while writing it.

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ravenclaw/the houses singing or watching disney movies?

  • ravenclaws are the most annoying people to watch disney movies with because they can never just watch the fucking movie
  • It’s all ‘did you know Sterling Holloway also voiced winnie the pooh, kaa, and the cheshire cat?’
  • ‘did you see that cameo of lady and peg?? wait I’ll just rewind it for you but watch closer this time’
  • ‘did you know disney world is the same size as san francisco?’
  • and be prepared to listen to the sound track for the next week because the ravenclaw is going to be singing it under their breath for the foreseeable future 
  • playing ‘I’ll make a man out of you’ during quidditch practice to get the team motivated
  • ravenclaws suddenly realising they have a muggle studies project due tomorrow that they haven’t started and deciding to wing it
  • they ended up spending ten minutes talking about the impact of the dinglehopper on modern muggle society
  • intense debates in the common room about which house various characters would be in
  • belle becomes something of a house icon
  • ravenclaws come up with ideas for disney related pranks that they don’t always have the nerve to pull off
  • which is why it’s always useful to have connections with the gryffindors
  • there was one time when all the cutlery in the great hall started singing and dancing to be our guest
  • and the other time someone picked up a cat and started singing circle of life, only to realise the cat was in fact mcgonagall (they still maintain the detention was worth it)

Congratulations everyone! It’s been a month since the last episode, and we’re all still here - and better news yet, week 5 marks the half way point of our #shaumondays schedule, and half way to season 2B of Shadowhunters! This week, we’re going back into the unknown, and we can’t wait to see you take on the challenge of:


There’s a lot of opportunities in this one, and remember, there’s no rules on settings or what we expect as long as it fits the theme. Maybe someone takes a trip to Disney World? Maybe someone runs a Disney Movie Marathon? Do our gang end up tangling with characters we know so well? Or maybe it’s time to do a full crossover AU? You decide!

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I'm white and aroace. Is it racist for me to headcanon Moana as aroace? It's my headcanon because I admire her a lot, but I'm coming to understand that my intentions don't really dictate what is and isn't racist. I know that a poc headcanoning a poc character as aroace is different from a white person with the same headcanon and I don't want to step out where I'm not welcome.

It really comes down to context. Why do you see yourself here? Did you know that Disney often makes their woc not have romances? How often do you end up headcanoning woc as aroace over white characters? I think if you are white and you view any poc character, non-ace people of color might look at you with suspicion. You clearly have some self awareness which is good. I think it’s really important with Moana and other woc to make sure you are understand the context behind it, as well not being really defensive if you get push back. (Unless the push back is against aro or ace-ness)

I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying ‘What I see on screen is true to my aroace experience’. And it’s important to know that feeling and ‘Disney giving woc less romantic plots comes off as racist ” can both be equally true.

TLDR: Finding a character and seeing yourself is always going to be less othering than seeing a character and seeing someone else. 

Well, so many role twist and i got confused when i made this fact =.=

I know i have disappointed many people ;w;) but here’s the right fact:

External image

Yui Ishikawa, Japanese voice actress who provides the voice of Mikasa Ackerman in the anime Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), also provides the voice of Anna in the Japanese version of Disney’s Frozen. Unfortunately, she was replaced by Sayaka Kanda to play the role.

● ○ ● DYK-Did you know? ● ○ ●

As it’s known, Aladar was raised by the lemurs, that’s why his way of thinking is completely different from the other dinosaurs. But their influence is not limited to his way of thinking. He shows some lemur-like behavioral traits as well during the movie. Originally the filmmakers wanted him to behave and move more like a lemur, but they rejected the idea with the exception of some brief movements.

That sassy tail swish which Aladar shows to Kron was actually intended to be one of them, it’s the same gesture, which was made by both Plio and Yar in the beginning of the movie.

Source:Audio Commentary #1 With Directors And Special Effects Team” from the DVD

Random Fact #33

Despite the bad rep Hades (aka Dis Pater/Orcus) always gets in modern pop culture, he’s actually one of the only nice Ancient  Roman/Greek gods. He basically hung out at home and chilled with the dead.

The only possibly objectionable thing he is ever accredited to is kidnapping and consequently raping Persephone.

I say “possibly” because by Ancient Greek standards that was how most marriages went. So to the Greeks their view of the whole abduction-rape thing would be “What? they’re just getting married! Everyone gets married!”

 As my Classics professor put it:

The bride had no say in the matter, and would usually have no idea she had been proposed to, since the groom would only bother to ask the dad. So a girl would be at home minding her own business when some guy would come in and carry her off much to the surprise of her and her mother. And as she was carried away she’d be like “oh, look - I’m getting married." 

Disney entertainers - Luke Hemmings AU [FLUFF]

Requested - no

Summary~ On the first day of working as a disney princess in Disney world Florida you were too nervous to eat, little did you know that disney entertainers could be so wonderful

Word Count - 1426

Working in a disney resort has been your dream since you understood that the characters that wander around in the parks are actual people. You researched it for weeks trying to figure out all the ins and outs of auditioning as well as the best places to audition. You never expected to actually get a position but the audition was one of the best experiences of your life and when, only a week later, you got a phone call offering you the job of Ariel, working 7 days a week from 8 til 7, you just had to take it.

So, at 7.45am, you show up, early, just in case, causing you to miss breakfast, though you were to anxious to eat in the first place. The Magic Kingdom doesn’t officially open until 9 but everyone is expected in to help out with the hair make up and costumes, you, specifically, have a very ornate costume considering you are a mermaid for half the day and for the other half you get to actually use your legs.

As you walk into the back entrance you are hit by a sudden wave dizziness that you try to walk off but you end up loosing your footing and collapsing, but before you hit the ground you feel yourself being caught by someone.

When you regain consciousness you find yourself in a room with a heavy smile of hairspray and on some level paint. You sit up and look around seeing a bunch of make up benches and people in ridiculous costumes. The Disney entertainers dressing room.

“Hey, look who’s awake, hey there Sleeping Beauty,” a boy with an Australian accent, a blue shirt and holding a brown wig.

“Shut it, Lucas,” a girl dressed as Princess Aurora hisses with a smile eating a banana.

“Jesus, what time is it?” you ask.

“8.15,” the Lucas boy says.

“Aren’t you busy getting ready?” you question him.

“Boys don’t take as long as girls I just need to put on a wig and get my makeup done a little,” he grins. “Plus my new Ariel hasn’t shown up”

“So you’re my Eric,” you sit up properly.

“Ah, you were on time, I go by Luke when I don’t have the wig on, were you too nervous and you fainted?” he says.

“I din’t have breakfast this morning,” you admit.

“Here,” you turn only to have Cinderella throw a muffin at you, so surreal. “Eat up and head through to wardrobe and they’ll get you kitted out”

“I guess I’ll see you in the Grotto,” Luke smiles as you exit to get ready.

That morning you are guided out to ‘the Grotto’ where you are sat on a huge padded rock ready to meet any children that come by. You fall deeply in love with your costume; a shell bra that was at first odd to wear but is now fine, a beautiful red wig and most noticeably the shimmering tail that makes it insanely difficult to walk You think that Luke will be there already but he saunters in with only a few minutes before the grotto is open.

“You look different,” he grins. “Wait let me guess… you got your nails done”

“Ha ha, you’re so funny,” you roll your eyes.

“I know, that’s how I got the job as Eric,” he tells you. “It helped them look past my blonde hair, did you know that there are very few blonde disney princes”

“I’ve never really thought about it,” you chuckle.

“You know what else I think is funny, the fact that every Ariel I’ve worked with has had to be up on that rock a solid ten minutes before opening,” he leans against the fake rock wall.

“How many Ariels have you worked with?” you giggle.

“You’re the 3rd,” he tells me.

“Grotto is opening guys,” one of the employees says leaning into the room.

“Places Princess Ariel,” he winks.

The whole morning you have to try not to laugh or break character hearing Luke, who for the entirety of the time you’ve known him has had an Australian accent, speak in the most perfect disney prince American accent. He, however, has to do the same when you start talking in your squeaky princess Ariel voice.

“Last kid,” the employee says sending in a girl with a badge that says ‘7 today’.

She runs up to you, up the tiny stais up the side of the rock to hug you tightly.

“Hello there,” you announce, “And what’s your name?”

“Izzy,” she smiles.

“Well nice to meet you,” you say. “I’m Ariel”

“I know, you’re my favourite princess,” your heart swells.

“I see it’s your birthday, what did you ask for?” you ask.

“My mom brought me here, but I also asked for my own Prince Eric,” she exclaims.

“That’s a difficult present to get because there’s only one of him and I’m afraid I have him,” you say.

The two of you glance at him and he blushes scuffing his polished shoes along the floor.

“Ariel?” she says.

“Yes, Izzy?” you respond.

“Are you in love?”

That’s when Luke, or Eric, interjects, “I’m sorry, Izzy but Ariel needs her lunch”

“What does Ariel eat for lunch?” Izzy asks Lu- Eric.

“Sushi, I bet,” the little girls mother says taking her daughter’s hand.

You make an exaggerated gasp, “Of course not, I’m strictly non-pescetarian”

Luke chuckles as they leave, “You coming for lunch then,” his accent is thick again.

You cough trying to get rid of the cheesy voice, “Uh, can you help me down, it’s damn hard to walk in this frickin’ tail”

“Of course,” you expect him to give you a hand down but he full on lifts you bridal style and carries you into the dressing room again. “Don’t worry, you get changed after our 90 minute lunch break and you get to wear on of those flouncy dresses that all the girls seem to love wearing”

He puts you down near the costume department where there’s a dressing gown hung up with ‘Ariel’ embroidered on the front.

“I’ll let you change, the costume department don’t care as long as you hang the costume,” he says.

Before he leaves you stop him, “Uh, Luke,” he pops his head around the door. “Could you maybe unzip the tail for me?”

“Erm.. sure,” he crouches and swiftly unzips the tail as if he’s suddenly in a rush.

Lunch in the dressing room is strange, eating lunch with 7 or 8 grown adults who are dressed up as disney characters, this is going to be your usual day. You learn a lot that day, like how Peter pan is the most popular character with an older demographic, and how there’s a whole other dressing room for the disney villains and miscellaneous characters.

That afternoon you get changed into a fancy blue dress fit with a corset that is strangely comfortable, your hair is tied back with a blue bow ad you are given a pair of heels to walk in.

“You ready for the walk about?” Luke asks, waiting for you outside the costume rooms.

“The what?” you open the door and show him you dressed in your second costume.

“Wow,” he glances you up and down, “You do look a lot better in these puffy dresses than most of the prncessses”

“I don’t hink I’m going to get used to beng called a princess,” you giggle before repeating, “What’s the walk about?”

“Walking around the resort, getting to meet the kids outside of the grotto,” he explains.

“Ah, if I’m honest I’m just excited to hear your disney prince voice again”

The day goes well and by the end of your shift at 7 you are insanely tired.

You catch Luke waiting on you after you get changed out of the costume, you’d forgotten he’s blonde. You catch him fiddling with his lip in the mirror.

“What are you doing” you ask.

“Well I was waiting for you but I needed to put in my lip ring,” he turns to you to show the black ring in his lip.

Damn it’s attractive on him.

“Did you enjoy your first day, or are you going to bail on us already?” he grins.

“No, despite my fainting spell this morning, I’ve had a magical day,” you tell him.

“Well, to make sure you don’t faint again, I’ll make you a deal, I’ll meet you here, every day at 7.30 so we can have breakfast together,” he says.



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