I’m gonna give some unsolicited advice that they don’t teach in school (and that’s because they couldn’t find a decent curriculum if it sat on their face).

Get a blank note book. I like the journal ones that vanish into the frey of my bookcases unnoticed.
In this note book keep track of:

1. Every job you’ve held, your start and end dates, bosses name, wage paid, address of business, any new skills you’ve learned while there, etc.. You will always need this list.

2.Every bill. Write the phone number or website of every company you owe money to, your sign in information, your account numbers. It makes paying bills super easy and stress free. I even jotted down my credit card number (in INTP language) on the same page so I don’t have to hunt down my wallet every time. Keep track of your spending. Bills before thrills, always!

3. Anyone who owes you money, and I’m just gonna toss in, buy a receipt book! If you loan out over $100 get paper documentation, the persons signature and a dead line to have it paid back. Only crappy friends out to take advantage are gonna think its “ uncool” and on that note, draft your own room mate lease, lay out the rules, protect yourself. Its not rocket science and I’m pretty sure notes in crayon are still legally binding.

4. A general Will or last wishes, where and to whom you want your crap to go. Kids die everyday, life is fragile. Your parents are not gonna know that you want your silver *bff* bracelet to go to Stacy’s mom (its a song) if you don’t tell someone. Its not creepy to think about, its not going to seal your fate, it will just make things easier if the worst does happen.

5. And this is just a personal thing…I know that I protect my notebook and no one else would ever see it so I don’t mind adding details about relationships. If your mate fucks up it needs to go in the book, if they break your stuff, if they hurt you physically or verbally, write down the red flags. We can be great forgivers sometimes and we let the past slide but when you keep a tally those red flags really pop out on paper and you could save yourself a ton of time, effort, and heartbreak.

I add random quotes and doodles. Just make it your own and keep it safe. Idc if you’re 500 years old, you’ll want or need all these lists for most of your life.

Did You Know: If you first visit or return to Bleak Falls Barrow at level 18, you will encounter a frost troll on the bridge, near a dead Breton named Thomas? Thomas carries a note that explains how he got into that situation:


You know the Troll pit we discovered the other day that everyone’s been talking about? Hit the beast with one of your fireballs from the top, climb down, and bring back his head. That should prove once and for all that you deserve to be the number two man. Good luck and be careful, you know how slippery it is up there.


Fun Fact 91

Music for Relief a non-profit organisation founded by Linkin Park to assist those affected by disasters and poverty raised more than $8 million between 2005 and 2015 to help the survivors of more than 30 disasters. The organisation has also planted 1.3 million trees to offset climate change and brought solar power to people living in Haiti, Africa and South America. 

In 2015, Chester Bennington and Joe Hahn donated their birthdays to Music for Relief. They asked friends, family, and fans to give to MFR for their respective birthdays with the agreement that whoever raised the most money at the end of the challenge got to smash a cake in the loser’s face.

RIP  Chester Bennington