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The late actress Verna Felton both voiced The Fairy Godmother and The Queen of Hearts in the original Disney animated movies. Interestingly in the recent live action versions of Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland, The Fairy Godmother and The Queen of Hearts (Red Queen) were also both played by Helena Bonham Carter.

30 Realizations That Will Change Your Life in Some Small Way

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What if I told you a single sentence could completely change how you perceive something? Below are a handful of tiny revelations that will change your life - 30 of them, to be exact. Which ones are the most mind-blowing and paradigm-shifting? That’s up to you to decide. These facts will change how you view the world (for better or for worse), and at the very least, will force you to view something from a different angle. Ranging from anatomy, history, family, food, sports, school, money, pets, and procrastination, there’s a little something for everyone. Looking for tiny, mind-expanding morsels of fascinating and interesting thoughts? Look no further than the life-changing revelations below!

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It is 12:14 on a Saturday night and somehow I find myself researching superstitions related to magpies.
Did you know that In Scotland a single magpie near the window of a house is not just bad luck but the sign of impending death; possibly because they were believed to carry a drop of the devil’s blood under their tongue, and in some parts of the UK when you see a magpie, you salute it and say “Good morning Mr. Magpie, how is your lady wife?” to ward off bad luck, because a singular magpie is considered bad luck and ill-fortune, due to the fact that magpies mate for life and there’s a children’s rhyme affiliated with it (One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four a boy, five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told), so if you see a singular magpie (one for sorrow), saluting it and asking after it’s wife is supposed to suggest two for joy, therefore reversing the sorrow and bad luck the magpie brings with it.
This useless information is now yours to keep, do with it what you will, you’re welcome.