did you hire this person

imagine changkyun as your secretary.

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  • why did you even hire this mess
  • so, you’re an important person, right ??? you’re busy you’ve got shit to do and you need help staying on top of all of it so
  • why not make some lucky intern your secretary?
  • what could possibly go wrong ???? hM M ?????
  • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oh boy.
  • lowkey this is also your perfect opportunity to rescue the newest addition to the team of interns.
  • said team have been working their butts off for months so changkyun, the latest and youngest addition, hasn’t been very well received.
  • they feel he’s undeserving of the position and don’t like how he, younger and less experienced, simply swooped in and took over after their friend, intern song, got kicked out of the program.
  • changkyun understands their reservations, but it’s been hard on him.
  • you decide to put in an official request with your suggestion to the administration after you hear he’s been crying in the bathroom lately.
  • because lowkey you had a similarly difficult transition when you got transferred here from another branch and spent half your first year doing the same thing, so you can sympathise.
  • when he gets the news he realises immediately that you’ve taken pity on him and pretty much saved his ass, and all but throws himself at your feet to pledge his allegiance.
  • “it’s just,,,,,,, a secretary position,,,,,,,,, chill.”
  • honestly though it’s kinda charming how he can be so serious and so silly at the same time.
  • despite his stoicism and that big manly voice he’s got an undeniable boyish charm about him, and it’s obvious by the way he does everything anyone says that he just really wants to fit in and be liked.
  • idk he’s just one contradiction after another this boy
  • like he’s super serious around you and does his best to seem professional but keeps referring to you as an older friend by mistake, instead of as his superior.
  • which is equally embarrassing for the both of you, but everyone else finds it hilarious.
  • and that’s when the rest of the interns start warming up to him and he learns to laugh with them, starts clowning around with minhyuk and jooheon, pulling pranks on hyunwoo and kihyun, etc.
  • he always ends up embarrassing himself but it doesn’t seem to matter to him as long as he’s part of the team.
  • he gets bolder and more comfortable around the office after that.
  • and you’re happy to see him get along with his peers but you still need him to help you out at work so eventually you call him in for a meeting.
  • you tell him it’s nice that he’s comfortable but he can’t let his work suffer like this and he agrees with you that it’s not right but
  • his solution ???? is to clown around with you as well.
  • y’know, he just wants to be silly and make people laugh because, unlike filing and answering emails and phone calls and scheduling your meetings, it’s something he knows he’s good at.
  • that and,,,,, you’re kinda,,,, cute,,,, when you laugh,,,,, or whatever.
  • he doesn’t tell you that much of course.
  • but, because he feels he owes you for everything good that’s happened to him, he keeps an eye out for when you’re having a hard time or a bad day, and all the others know not to prank you.
  • he’ll look serious and hand you “important phone messages” on increasingly colourful post-it notes. which are usually just bad drawings or scribbled jokes and cringe-y puns.
  • he’ll pull silly faces at you in meetings when no one else is looking.
  • or he’ll hide encouraging messages on notes in your paperwork.
  • he’ll even share snacks from his secret stash with you, hiding them where he knows you’ll find them whenever you’re working late or you’ve been too busy to get lunch.
  • speaking of, you’re working late one evening when he goes out to buy you coffee but when he comes back you’ve fallen asleep on your paperwork.
  • he doesn’t have the heart to wake you up immediately so he lets you sleep a lil while.
  • and he knows it’s kinda creepy but he watches you because you look so nice and peaceful and he just likes you a lot ok
  • meanwhile he tries to write you a few silly post-its he can confess with but in the end he just doesn’t have the nerve and shakes you awake to tell you “you were drooling on the paperwork” instead.
  • you know he likes you tho
  • it’s kinda obvious and everyone keeps telling you how he watches you like a lost puppy when you’re not looking.
  • so you drop a few hints, but you try not to be inappropriate since you’re his boss and everything.
  • eventually, with the support and constant pestering of his hyungs, he musters up the courage to drop off a report with a post-it wondering whether he can “take you to lunch some time (like a date or just so you don’t starve to death)? yes or no” complete with boxes you can tick and everything.
  • if i were you i’d track him down that instant and pull him into the nearest supply closet by his tie and make out for the rest of the day but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that’s just my opinion.
  • honestly this sweet boy he’s kinda awkward but his intentions are the best and the purest and he does his best to be a good worker and boyfriend.
  • lie when he hides chocolates all over your office for valentines day.
  • it’s kinda messy, but still a sweet gesture.
  • honestly not a great secretary but a great boyfriend.
  • he knows exactly how to make you laugh and when to brighten your day.
  • you two always have each other’s backs, at work and in life, and he’ll always be there to pick you up on a bad day or a late night and carry your sleepy ass home if he has to.
  • and the rest of the boys think it’s hilarious that he’s sleeping with his boss but are lowkey v proud of the maknae :’)
Your Obedient Servant: Jefferson x Reader x Madison

A/n: IMPORTANT. This is the most recent one-shot I have done, so unfortunately I don’t have the next parts yet. This x reader story has 2 separate endings, because I couldn’t decide, Jefferson or Madison? So it’s both. This is important. Keep it in mind who you want more.

Everyday, you worked hard to impress Thomas Jefferson. But he never seemed to notice how much you did for him.

You were his personal assistant. He hired you because you were a good writer, and because you said that you would be willing to do whatever he asked of you.

A terrible choice on your part. He was constantly sending you out on meaningless tasks, like collecting paperwork and documents that je never seemed to read, or delivering messages to the President, his friend James Madison, or Alexander Hamilton. 

And yet, you did your best to please him anyways. He seemed horrible, but you knew. There was a part of him he wouldn’t show. You could see it when he laughed. When Thomas smiled, it was like there was no such thing as sadness. It was hard to explain.

But even though you saw this goodness in him, he apparently saw no reason to let it show. With every task you completed, he would demand more. Maybe he wasn’t thinking about it. But it hurt that it went unappreciated.

It was the middle of the week, and you had so much to do. James Madison, Thomas’s friend, had noticed that you were given so much work.

“(Y/n),” he sighed. “You look terrible. Take a break every once in a while.”

“Oh, I’d love to Mr. Madison. But I can’t! Not when there’s so much to be done.”

“You can’t let Thomas boss you around like this,” he insisted. “You’re getting hardly any sleep!”

“I sleep fine,” you said, but it was clear from your red, puffy eyes that you were lying.

“Why do you try so hard for him?” Madison asked. “As far as I can tell, you aren’t very appreciated when it comes to him.”

You looked at the ground. “I just do,” you said. “Why do you care?” You were suddenly defensive.

“I guess I’m just worried that you’re… giving him affection that he doesn’t deserve.”

“What If he does deserve it?”

“Oh, (y/n),” he said. “Thomas is my closest friend, but even I know that he is, to put this politely, kind of a dick. So please, be careful. Don’t try to impress him, because I’m not sure it’ll work. You’ll just work yourself to exhaustion.”

You frowned. “I can take care of myself, Mr. Madison.”

“I know you can. Just… be careful. That’s all.”

Well, you’d show him. It became your new goal at that moment to get something that proved that Jefferson wasn’t as bad as people thought.

The next day, you showed up, ready to do the very best you could.

“Hello, Mr. Jefferson!” You chirped cheerfully.

“(Y/n).” He barely nodded in your direction. “I’m going to need you to copy these.” He handed you a large stack of paper. “Get on it.”

“Of course, Mr. Jefferson! Have a good day!”

He narrowed his eyes. Usually, you weren’t this cheerful. But you were already off before he could comment on it.

“Hey, (y/n), come back!” He yelled.

You smiled. See? He was going to thank you. Easy.

But he didn’t. He said, “By tomorrow. If that’s doable.”

“Of course!” And, almost stupidly, you asked, “anything else?”

“No, not right now.”

“Okay!” Your smile was cracking. But he didn’t notice.

You ran into James Madison on the way to your tiny office where you worked each day.

“Hi, Mr. Madison!” You said cheerfully. “Lovely day!”

“Yes, I suppose it is. Did you get enough sleep last night?”

“Of course,” you said. “Don’t be silly!”

“You’re lying.”

You considered arguing, but decided not to. Who cares if he knew?

“Fine,” you said. “Maybe I’m a little tired. But that doesn’t matter. I can still work just fine!”

“There’s a difference between ‘a little tired’ and ‘exhausted,’” he replied. “Does Jefferson know you’re working this hard?”

“I’m fine,” you repeated. “I’m doing my best! You don’t need to worry about me.”

He shrugged, but he was still concerned. “If you say so.”

You turned around and marched off with your head held high. You weren’t over-working yourself! You were just trying to impress Jefferson…. But why?

“Because he’s a good man, I can tell!” You said aloud, gaining some funny looks from the people you passed. “He just wants people like Hamilton and the President to think he’s tough, so they’ll take him seriously!”

And yes. That was the reason. But there was more to it than that. For some reason, you had developed a bit of a crush on Mr. Jefferson, probably due to his intelligence, charm, and very interesting clothing. (What a coat! You’d never seen a color quite like that.) And he wasn’t a “dick” as Madison had said. At least, not to everyone. To Madison, for example, he was a good guy. And to the President! Although that could be because he had to be. And….

You yawned. Maybe Madison was right about you being tired. Not that you’d admit it. But there was no more time to rationalize your feelings for Thomas, and definitely no time to sleep. You had to get this work done.

And you did. But it took you hours, and you need up sleeping for only an hour.

“Mr. Jefferson!” You sang cheerfully the next morning, even though your eyelids were heavy and you wanted to sleep more. “I finished copying those papers for you!”

“Great. Can you deliver this-” he handed her a letter- “to Hamilton, please?”

She smiled. He said please! This was a step in the right direction. “Yes! Anything else?”

“No. I guess not. Might as well take the day off.”

“Sir! Are you sure? You don’t need my help?”

“No, I do not need your help. Now get to it.”

You nodded and skipped away with the ether, but slowed down after a few seconds. You didn’t exactly have the energy to skip.

After Alexander received his letter (to be honest, you were certain it said “you suck, fight me” or something along those lines) you headed for Jefferson’s office, but then remembered. He didn’t have anything more for you to do.

For some reason, you wanted to tell that to Madison.

“Hey! Mr. Madison! Mr. Jefferson gave me a break! See? I’m not overworked!”

He sighed. “Miss (y/n), one break hardly matters.” He coughed. “But I’m glad for you. Have some well deserved rest.”

“I Will! Thank you!”

But she didn’t show up the next day. Or the day after that.

Jefferson drummed his fingers on his desk. “Where is she? I said to take the day off, not the week.”

“Maybe she’s taking a well deserved break because someone was pushing the poor thing too hard.”

Thomas looked up. “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” James said, “ the poor girl wanted you to be pleased with her. She worked so hard to do whatever you asked, and you never even thanked her for it. Honestly, Thomas, I can’t believe you didn’t notice. It was obvious that she has a bit of a crush on you.”

“Oh.” He looked embarrassed. “I guess… I shouldn’t have pushed her so much. I wasn’t thinking about it.”

“Yeah, that’s right, you weren’t.”

“Okay, okay. Don’t make me feel bad. I just pushed her so much because I liked her.”

James closed his eyes. “Thomas, that doesn’t make any sense at all.”

He was about to argue, but couldn’t. James was right. “Look, I know! It made sense somehow in my head. But it’s true, I did care for her. I just didn’t have time to get close, since I was too busy fighting with Hamilshit, dealing with politics…”

“Well, if you 'cared’ so much, you wouldn’t have worked her until she was exhausted.”

“James, If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’ve got a little crush.”

“Thomas, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you would make a terrible lover.”

“You got me there.” He sat down on the desk. “So where might she be? I don’t know where she lives. I’m worried.”

“Oh, YOU’RE worried?”

“God, stop. I already feel terrible. I’m stupid. Okay? Happy?” He shook his head. “But for real, where might she be?”

“I don’t know either,” Madison said. “But doesn’t she have a little office type place that she works in? We could check there.”

“Right. Let’s go.”

They weren’t expecting her to be there, but she was…. sound asleep with her head on the desk.

“My god,” Thomas said. “Is this really where she spends all her time?” He picked up a letter. There were many scattered around the floor, shoved into shelves, folded and stacked neatly. “This place is a mess.“ 

Madison picked up a letter too, and his eyes grew wide. "Thomas, read what your paper says,” He said in a fairly loud whisper.

“Dear Mr. Jefferson,” he started, and then stopped. “What the hell?”

“These letters… they’re for you. She’s been writing to you.”

Thomas continued reading. “Dear Mr. Jefferson,” the letter read, “I wish you would pay more attention to what I was doing. I want to get to know you better.”

“Dear Mr. Jefferson,” Madison read, “You always wear such nice clothes. I love the color of your coat.”

“Dear Mr. Jefferson, you’re very intelligent, I wish you the best of luck at your cabinet meeting today.”

There were so many. The tone of the letters varied, from cheerful to romantic to just plain angry. (“How can you be okay with making me work so hard?!”)

“This is so weird,” Jefferson sighed.

“I think it’s kind of sweet,” Madison argued.

“You’re just jealous that none of them are to you,” Thomas retorted.

“But there are some for him,” a sleepy voice said. The two men turned around. You were sitting at your desk, looking up at them curiously. “If you don’t mind me asking, why are you here?”

They both just stared. They forgot you were here.

“We were looking for you, (y/n),” Madison said finally.

“We were worried!” Thomas added.

“At least, I was,” Madison said. “Are you okay? You’ve been gone for a few days.”

You dropped your eyes to the ground. “I know… And I’m sorry. I understand if you want to fire me.”

“Fire y- oh, no, of course not,” Jefferson said. “In fact, I think I may owe you an apology.”

“For What? You didn’t do anything.”

“Yeah, that’s why.” He took a breath. “I should have told you this before, but…. thank you. I really appreciate everything you do. And I’m sorry for pushing you so hard.”

You didn’t know what to say. You just picked up the letters that were on your desk. One said “Dear Mr. Jefferson” and the other said “Dear Mr. Madison.”

“I wasn’t ever going to send these,” you said. “But I think… Maybe you both should know.”

They both looked down at the parchment in their hands, and then at each other.

“(Y/n),” Jefferson said, “If this letter is going to say what I think, then… just know that I feel the same way.”

You blushed.

“I wont read this here,” he said. “Ill save it for when I get home. Come see me in my office. If you… want to discuss it.” He winked, and stepped out. “I’ll catch you later, James,” he said.

Madison stood there with you quietly. Then he said, “I know you’ve fancied him for a while. But I have fancied you too. I just want you to know that I care about you too much to pressure you into making a decision. It’s your choice.” He kissed your hand and left, also still holding the unread letter.

You were awestruck.

This was absolutely unbelievable.

(Just kidding but seriously there will be more)

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Your HCs are so cute! I love them. Anyway, how would the RFA with V and Saeran meet MC if the events in the game never happened?

(Sounds good, Fam~ thank you! I was hoping they’d be a bit cute~ heh. Wink wonk. ALRIGHT!
Btw, I’m sorry if these seemed rushed..I have school tomorrow, and I’m just trying to be as active as I can..it’s really overwhelming T_T haven’t been getting much sleep, and hahdjfj. So yeah. I want to write a few good ones tonight, so I can post them while I’m at school this week, and not worry about it. So, again. Sorry if these aren’t my best.)
• He was just talking with his friends, as normal.
• Well, you were new to the college, and he didn’t really notice you, until one of his friends decided to point you out.
• His breath hitched in his throat, as you looked over at them. You have them a smile, and a wave that made his heart pound.
• He instantly tried to impress you, taking one of his friends hats off, and throwing it up to catch it on his own head.
• When the hat fell to the ground, he couldn’t help but blush in slight embarrassment.
• Luckily, you found it cute when he failed, and decided to go up and talk to him for a bit.
• He stuttered..A L O T…but, he managed to build up enough courage to ask you for your number.
• After you gave it to him, you swore you could hear him quietly cheer when you walked off.
Zen: (SPOILER???)
• The both of you met twice.
• The first time, you were both children, on a play ground…
• He was sitting alone at the playground, and he seemed to be crying..so, you walked up to him, and sat right down beside him.
• He looked at you with tears in his eyes, but quickly wiped them away.
• “W-who are you?”
• “I’m (Y/N)! Are you okay??”
• He began to tell you a little about his mother, and how she would say he wasn’t pretty. He felt pretty down about himself.
• You wrapped him into a warm hug, making him widen his eyes.
• “I think you’re very pretty!!”
• “O-Oh? ..thank you..I think you’re pretty, too..”
• After that day, you never saw each other again..UNTILLLLL..
• You were out taking a walk with your friend, when all of a sudden you bumped into someone.
• “Oh, Shit! Sorr-” you cut yourself off, noticing the man seemed a little familiar.
• Of course, since you were children the first time you met, neither of you noticed right away. But once you did, he quickly asked you out on a date..convinced it was fate.
• You were sweeping the floor at the coffee shop you were working at, making sure it was as spotless as you could get it.
• Jaehee walked in, obviously stressed from all of the work she had pilling up, and ordered herself a cup of coffee.
• You noticed how stunningly beautiful she seemed, and knew you needed to talk to her.
• When she sat down, you quickly made your way over to her table, sitting down right In Front of her.
• You had originally planned to be all smooth, and just learn more about her..but you couldn’t stop yourself from becoming awkward.
• Of course, you said the worst pick up line known to man. You mentally face palmed, preparing to just leave.
• But then..She started laughing.
• She told you she found you to be cute, and admitted she wouldn’t mind seeing you again sometime.
• S C O R E.
• He was nervous to leave his precious cat with anyone but Jaehee. He figured they’d either be very poor with cats…or worse..Like Luciel.
• But, when Jaehee caught a cold, there was no way he was going to send his cat there. He didn’t want it to catch anything from her..So, there was no other option, other than to hire a cat sitter.
• That cat sitter, just so happened to be you.
• When he left his cat with you, he left an entire list of how to properly care for her.
• You reassured him that his cat was in good hands, and that when he got back later in the week, she will be exactly how he left her.
• And you stayed true to your promise. You made sure Elizabeth 3rd was taken care of, exactly as he had wished.
• When he came back, he was shocked. In fact, you did better than Jaehee ever did.
• He offered to permanently hire you as his personal cat sitter, and you knew you couldn’t refuse. Besides, he also ended up paying more than you already had
• Needless to say..the two of you got along just fine.
• Soon enough, you both started to hang out..outside of cat businesses.
• You were at the mall with one of your good friends..and you just so happened to be playing that one “tripping game”. Where basically, you would just trip out of nowhere, making you look extremely clumsy.
• You were in a music shop, and saw the red headed boy looking at a CD.
• Your friend gave you a light push, urging you to go forward..and.. well,trip.
• You casually walked past him, preparing yourself to purposely trip..when, you accidentally fell over a box. Unintentionally.
• “Dammit..” You hissed, a small patch of rug burn becoming visible on your leg.
• The red head instantly looked over, and rushed to your side.
• “Hey! are you alright, Ma'am” he asked, holding back a small chuckle.
• “peachy” you replied, making him laugh a bit. He held out his hand for you to take, and pulled you up.
• “Better be careful next time. I’d hate for you to lose your game~”
• “Wha- how do you know about that?!”
• “Considering I’ve seen you around, falling about 23 different times..I think I picked up on it.”
• you started at him for a moment, before you bust out into a fit of laughter.
• “Damn..You’re pretty observant..!”
• You were having a rough day, so, you decided to go out to the park, just to calm yourself down a little bit, and take a look at the beautiful scenery.
• Once you got there, you sat down on a near by park bench.
• The cool wind began moving your hair behind you, letting it flow like a silky cape.
• You heard a few snaps of a camera, and looked around you.
• You noticed a man with blue hair..taking pictures of you??
• “Uhm..what are you doing?!”
• “Sorry..I couldn’t help it..I don’t know what came over me. I just take pictures of things I find to be worthy.. I hope I didn’t upset you in any way.”
• “oh? You take photographs?”
• His eyes lit up, as he began showing you a few of his pictures.
• “Wow! Are those for sale?” You asked, thinking one of them would be pretty in your room.
• “Yes..but, if you would like, we can discuss this with dinner..? I’m sure I can get one to you for free, and treat you to a nice night out, if you would be interested..”
Saeran: (spoilers?)
• His brother, Saeyoung, had decided to drag Saeran out to “have some fun”.
• Saeran wasn’t having fun.
• He tried to survive through it, but he really just wanted to go home..
• You were out sitting alone with your phone, waiting for your ride to come pick you up.
• Saeran couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of you. To him, you were absolutely breathtaking.
• “Why don’t you go talk to them?” Saeyoung teased, nudging him lightly.
• “I don’t think I..I don’t think I can. They wouldn’t want to talk to someone like me..”
• “Fine, then I’ll go talk to them.”
• “WAIT N- I mean. Fine. I’ll so talk to them for a moment.”
• He came up to you, an awkward expression filling his features.
• “Hello…”
• You looked up at him, giving him a soft smile.
• “Hiya! I’m (Y/N). Can I help you?”
• Saeran mentally panicked, looking at his brother for support.
• His brother wasn’t paying even the slightest attention.
• “some wingman..” Saeran muttered, making you let out a giggle.
• “What was that..?”
• “oH! AH..! NOTHING! SOOUHM, I was wondering..wouldyouliketohangoutsometime?”
• Somehow, you managed to understand his gibberish.
• “I’d love to!”
• “I’m sorry..I’ll g- wait, what?”

Emily Andras AMA over at Reddit

Q: How did the whole Lexa situation affect not maybe the shooting (as I believe it was already shot), but the engagement with fans on social media, for example, of WYNONNA EARP?

And second, how do you experience the showrunners world being a female creator and writer and any advice for - ehem, fellow, hopefully - future writers who want to bring more diversity and good writing to Television?

EA:  The Lexa situation didn’t affect the creative of WE as it WAS already shot, but it made me feel happy about certain storytelling choices we’d made. I was aware of the BYG trope, but I was impressed at how passionately that fanbase pushed it into the mainstream media and have started to demand better representation. 

If you are a ‘future’ writer (hell, if you write, you can just say 'writer’ now) who wants to bring more diversity to television, you should surround yourself with diverse writers and mentors. Then if and when you’re lucky enough to be in a position of power to make change, i.e. as a showrunner, you should put your money where your mouth is and hire diversely.

Q: Did you personally choose Melanie Scofrano to be your lead lady? How was the process to find “the” Wynonna? btw she is doing a great job

EA: I did personally choose her, along with my producers, and it might be the smartest decision I ever made. She is doing an amazing job because she is a once-in-a-lifetime performer. We saw over 300 young actresses across the coast, but in the end, there was only Scrofano. And all was right in Purgatory. :)

Q: In your experience writing/producing tv as a raging feminist, what have been some elements (trope-smashing, specific plots, themes, stylistic choices etc.) for which you’ve really had to fight to be included in the final product? Have you faced any backlash or resistance as a result?

EA: I have always had to fight for the LGBT stuff. Always. Initially nobody wants the pretty girl to be a lesbian. Even if she’s been like that since I started developing her (and I usually have). Nobody thinks there’s an audience. Nobody thinks it’s a real thing. Then it is. And the audience comes because they get it. And I feel triumphant. And happy. I think also 'female’ driven storytelling is still somehow seen as less 'legitimate’ or 'prestigious’ than shows that feature a male anti-hero…in the same way almost any novel written by a female author is decreed 'chitlit’ regardless of content. So I feel like my work is often dismissed as pap regardless of critical adoration or audience success. But here I am, still making TV that I’d watch. And that smells like victory. :) That’s my raging feminist answer and I’m sticking to it.

Q: Was there originally more to the WayHaught barn scene? It seems like it begins in the middle of an interaction.


Q: What is your fav quality about Wynonna? What quality of wynonna do you personally relate to?

EA:  My fave quality about Wynonna is that even though she is such a hot mess with such a dark past and has every reason to give up and give in to simply being 'bad’, she never does. She fights and tries and cares, despite her many mistakes and flaws.  I relate to her torrid love affair with donuts. But she’s much braver than I. :)

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A recent post mentioned the steps involved in getting an interview - the first being getting past HR. What if you're self taught? If you have relevant skills and some samples of work, but your degree is NOT in computer science? What's the likelihood that your resume will make it past HR?

More than anything, when HR looks at a resume they are looking for certain key words. To get your resume past HR, you’ll need to showcase the specific keywords they’re looking for in your resume. Here are some sample keywords and phrases they will usually look for (for an engineer):


  • C/C++/C#
  • Object-Oriented
  • Engine
  • Data-driven
  • Assets
  • Algorithms


  • Gameplay / Gameplay Systems
  • AI / Artificial Intelligence
  • Pathfinding
  • Combat
  • Scripting
  • Worked with Designer/Artist
  • Animation


  • Rendering/Renderer
  • Optimization/Optimize
  • Driver
  • Shader
  • Lighting

There are other keywords for other specializations, like tools, network, build, etc. as well.  The important thing to remember is that these keywords will only get you past the first gatekeeper. Even if your resume gets passed from HR to the hiring manager, you still need to demonstrate enough skill to use the terms correctly to describe your work and experience in a sentence or two to an expert - someone who will have the context and experience to understand the work you did.

Remember - when we are hiring, we won’t just accept the first person to meet some minimum cutoff criteria. We’ll try to gather a pool of qualified candidates and then choose the best-looking candidate from that pool. Even in the case of the perfect candidate, the deliberation process can take weeks or even stretch to months because it’s an incredibly expensive mistake to rectify if we hire the wrong person.

If you want to work for us, you need to make yourself look the best relative to everyone else in the pool. You need to make yourself the most appealing candidate you can. Otherwise making it past HR won’t mean anything - the hiring manager has ultimate veto and will just toss the resume into the goat feeder. You must absolutely be ready and able to talk in depth about each and every thing you describe on your resume/CV, or else the hiring manager’s BS detection alarm will go off and you’ll find your resume fed to the goat. 

Remember - Solangelo AU

This is a gift fic for hoodedwordsmith​ who asked for Prince Nico and Knight Will AU. It’s only my second time writing an AU fic as I’m more of a canon nerd, and I had a lot of fun turning ideas over and around until they turned into something. 

General reminder: I don’t take prompts unless I specifically state that I am, or if I extend a private offer. 

Remember - Rated T. You can read it here or on the Ao3. If you like it, please let me know. I love to hear from readers. 


Prince Nico gazes down from his bedroom window as the rain batters the practice field and turns his only outlet into a swamp. He scowls at the idea it will likely take a week of good weather to dry it out again and by then, he’ll have died from sheer boredom.

He pictures himself, forgotten in the window seat, slowly decaying until he’s only a skeleton before anybody notices he’s missing.

He tells himself he doesn’t care, tries to think of the guilt his father would feel after he realized what had happened, and then he tries to think of something else before he starts getting weepy. The truth, he realizes, is that his father would probably just sweep his whole existence under the rug, never mention him again, and really, who is there that would even care to ask?

That’s my fault, the small voice in the back of his mind says. Intrusive thoughts, they call it. He’d learned the term when he was bored and looked the phenomenon up. I pushed them all away. That’s why he stopped bringing people around. That’s why he doesn’t care. What sort of a king would want a son who refuses to socialize. All I have is swordplay and now, I don’t even have that.

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