did you hear that deafening sound


Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky being domestic is a bit of a turn on for his girlfriend

A/N: here’s your metal arm fic, @emily-james-barnes ;) your frank fic inspired me to finish it for you,,,but i think it’s more metal fingers than anything else…also it’s a little crappy, sorry :/

Warnings: smut, metal arm fingering, oral (mr), it’s all smut,,,

words: 1894

tags: @feelmyroarrrr @lipstickandwhiskey @daybreak96 @sistasarah-sallysaidso

You sip your coffee and shift on the stool underneath you.  The smell of cooking bacon and fresh brewed coffee is heavy on the air, and draws your eyes back to your boyfriend’s back in the kitchen in front of you.  You lean your elbows on the counter and study him, still not quite believing what you’re seeing.  He’s making breakfast.  Bucky Barnes is making you breakfast.  It’s so domestic, so unlike him, so goddamn attractive.  You can’t help but stare.  At the way he looks in just a pair of tight boxers, his back bare.  At the way his metal arm catches the early morning light through the window over the sink.  

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Tasting and Enjoying

Scenario: Zico and you are stuck in a limbo of sexual frustration, feelings, and friendship.
A/N: This was honestly just a reason to write out one of the two smuts I had planned for Zico. I’m not 100% okay with this, but as per usual, I’ve done all I can with it and hopefully it’s at least halfway decent.
Genre: Zico x Reader
Words: 3897
Warnings: Smut. Shameless smut made to go with a story, because I’m a horrible person. Also, some suggestive gif use.

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners.

The deafening sound of the rain hitting the roof of the car was all you could hear for the past few minutes. The air thick with tension and unspoken words that laid heavy with pride. The dangerous game you’d both been playing finally coming to an explosive end neither of you saw coming.

You both made a silent choice to never speak about what you were because, frankly, neither of you knew. You enjoyed each other’s company without the restraint or thought of time. It didn’t matter what you did or where you went, so long as the two of you were together; it made sense.

It wasn’t until a night after an underground show when you’d both had just a little too much to drink, that things changed.

You couldn’t remember what the two of you had found so funny. The alcohol clouding up your thoughts and left your body warm beside his. The both of you stepping into the elevator mumbling incoherent words through giggles while he tried to remember his favorite part of the show. His words coming out jumbled and slurred.

The elevator doors closed around you and gave a jolt that sent your unsteady legs fumbling. Zico moved to steady you; pulling you closer to him. You’d looked up at him with a smile still spread on your lips. Ready to thank him for the assist when everything stopped.

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Novocaine-Chapter 10

Summary: Behold the flooooof

Pairings: Dean x reader, Bucky x reader

Warnings: Not one

Word count:1473

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Hushed voices surround you, a deep bass which wraps around your frazzled subconscious soothing the screaming voices in your head, a leftover remnant of losing control A warm, large hand rubs small circles into your back. It’s familiar, safe. You melt into the touch, sighing contently as the action chases away the terror the previous day brought. Your long hair is splayed wildly over the pillow, the highlights shining in the sun, casting a shadow over your face. There are eyes on you. You can feel them, assessing, worrying. Choosing to ignore it you snuggle deeper into the warm blankets, wanting just a couple more minutes

“What happened?” the first voice asks, the concern in his voice is palpable.

Your brain conjures up a shaggy-haired Sam, and you repress the urge to groan.

Sam was a worrier. If he had his way, he’d shut you in a room and wait on you hand and foot like you had contracted some horrible disease.

You smile softly to yourself. How I love Moose, your tired mind supplies.

“She had a moment. It happens, Sammy, you know it does,” Dean replies fondly. “She’ll be alright, My girl doesn’t give up that easy.”

My girl.

The sentence whispers through your mind, and to your surprise, you don’t hate it. The warm rush of happy confirming that yes, you were still head over heels for the eldest Winchester. Reality pokes in its ugly head and whispers, but what about Bucky Barnes.surprise you don’t hate it. The warm rush of happy confirming that yes, you were still head over heels for the eldest Winchester. Reality pokes in its ugly head and whispers, but what about Bucky Barnes.

Shit. Stupid reality.

The hand on your back digs into a particularly stiff muscle making you moan as it released the tension, and you stretch out cat like arching into it, cutting off their conversation rather effectively. The hand stills and you bury your face deeper into the pillow, a small sound of discontent escaping your lip. You reach out blindly, searching for the magical hand, finally coming into contact with it, placing it impatiently on your back, letting the owner know exactly what you wanted.

A wry chuckle escapes Dean when the warm feeling returns.

You want to dip yourself in the sound, coat yourself with it. Bottle it and take it out on bad days. It’s a sound that could chase away nightmares, and you desperately want to hear it again.

“I know it happens, Dean, but why did it happen? Why now? It’s not like her to lose control. She hasn’t had an episode since.,.” Sam lets the thought hang.

Never one to back down, Dean sighs. “The nightmares. I know, Sammy. When I got there Tin Man was running scared, and she had gone nuclear. I haven’t seen it that bad since we found her. Dad always knew how to talk her down,” he replies sullenly.

You crack open an eye, mildly irritated they’d found it necessary to discuss you while you were out for the count.

“You did good, Dean,” Sam says softly. “Dad couldn’t have done better.”

The silence that accompanies Sam’s words is deafening, and you know Dean has retreated into his head, beating himself up over things he had no control over. That were not his responsibility.

You’re just about to open your mouth to give them a piece of your mind and snap him out of it when Dean interrupts the oncoming tirade.

“Sam?” he asks tightly.

“Yeah?” Sam replies instantly.

“Whose jacket is that?”  

You can hear the smirk in his voice

“Uh… It’s Shadow’s?” Sam never was good at fibbing to Dean.

“She wasn’t wearing one.” Dean sounds damn near gleeful.

“You sure? I could have sworn…” Sam tries again.

“Cut the crap, Sam,” Dean interrupts.

“Dean,” Sam pleads.

“You sly dog. Little brother getting down and dirty!” Dean laughs loudly, jostling you as he does.

“No… It-it wasn’t..” Sam answers desperately.

“Was it the busty redhead or the witchy one?” Dean sports a wicked shit eating grin, waggling his eyebrows lewdly.

Having enough, you heave a loud sigh. “What’s a girl gotta do to get a little shut-eye around here?” you snap at the boys, turning onto your back to glare at them both.

“Someone’s cranky this morning,” Dean mutters, gracing you with a lopsided grin his eyes sparkling.

“You would be too if you woke up to a congregation of farm animals in your bedroom, Winchester. Sounds like clucking hens.”

Sam grins as he snarks, “Not your bedroom, Shads.”

You peer at the bedroom, the distinct lack of band paraphernalia and star wars posters confirm Sam’s statement. “Why pray tell, am I not in my own bedroom?” you ask calmly.

Dean looks down sheepishly. “I couldn’t find yours, so I texted Sam and here we are. Looks like I interrupted sexy fun time though,” he snickers, shooting a knowing look at a blushing Sam.

You stifle a giggle, putting on your best bitch face. “Are you sleeping with one of my teammates, Sam?” you ask seriously.

“Shads, no that’s not…” he begins but is cut off with peals of laughter from you and Dean, who flings himself backward on the bed, his chest rumbling with mirth. Sam stands up, grumbles something unintelligible while grabbing the jacket off the armchair and mumbling about finding coffee. He makes sure to slam the door behind him as he exits.

“Some people are so touchy,” Dean says, fondness clear in his voice.

You snort out another laugh, turning on your side to face him.

He follows suit, his green eyes shining, his plush pink lips quirked into a half smile.

Something warm twinges in your chest. You can feel the heat creeping up your neck, and you bite down on your bottom lip, dropping your gaze to the sheets, distinctly aware you were alone in a room with a man who had owned your heart and body for many years.

“Thank you,” you whisper, lifting your gaze to his, “for yesterday. I shouldn’t have let my emotions rule me. It hasn’t happened in a while.”

Dean smiles, placing a stray piece of hair behind your ear. “It happens,” he states matter of factly. “No need to apologize, I’ve seen worse.”

Your heart warms, the little fire in your chest growing fiercer with each word out of his mouth. “What you said… on the roof,” you begin, taking a deep breath, “did you mean it?”

He stares at you seriously, his eyes roaming your features. “Every word, sweetheart,” his eyes soften as he looks at you, “I meant every word. And I’ll keep saying it until you believe me,” he adds.

Chewing on the inside of your cheek, determined to let the past lie, not to let it consume you any longer, you make a decision. It’s one that makes you feel lighter, more yourself, for the first time in years. “I forgive you, De,” you reply smiling widely.

Deans answering smile is radiant, and he places a soft kiss on your forehead. “Thank you,” he says simply, tracing a finger along your jawline.

You sigh contently. “I’m afraid I might have hurt Cas’s feelings.”

The things you said played into every insecurity Cas had. He tried so hard to fit in, to be like everyone else. Chuck knows how badly you’d screwed with his head. The answering silence has dread crawling up your spine.

“You saw Cas?” Dean asks flatly, and your panic kicks into full-blown terror.

“What’s going on?”  

Dean sighs. “You ain’t gonna like it.”  

“Spit it out, Dean!” You sit upright on the bed, looking down at him.

He swallows heavily, his chest rising and falling, a deep weariness in his demeanor. “Lucifer escaped the cage, hopped a ride in the president of the U.S of A and knocked up his staff manager. We got him back into the cage, but his staff manager - Kelly Kline - ran, got mixed up with a knight of hell. We roped in the Men of Letters. That went to hell like usual. Afterward, Cas got it into his thick skull  Kelly and the baby was to be protected. He’s been AWOL ever since, and now Lucifer’s escaped the Cage, again, and is jonesing for a hit of Winchester blood. Cas doesn’t return calls or listen to reason anymore, and neither Sam or I can get through to him.”

You contemplate his little monologue for a second, pushing down the terror his words inspired. Making up your mind, you nod to yourself. “What do you need me to do?”  

Dean deflates, relief coating his handsome features. “Track him. We couldn’t find a psychic strong enough, not after Pamela,” he says, guilt bleeding into his voice.

“Okay,” you reply. Determination and worry mixing together, you jump out of bed. “Let’s get moving then!” Glancing around the bedroom, you search for your shoes.

Dean sits bolt upright, worry etched onto his face. “What? You mean no breakfast?”

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BTS’ Reaction To You Having A Panic Attack♡ (Requested)

 Warning: These are obviously going to include things like  anxiety/stress/depression and there is also a brief mention of abusive relationships so if you’re sensitive about those kind of things then please don’t read anything you’re not comfortable with, stay safe and ily :) 

Note: Also these are really long oops, i got carried away lol and its currently 5:04 am i stayed up all night writing these so they might be a lil rubbish but oh well 

Kim Seokjin

You had been feeling a lot of stress and anxiety lately as exams were coming up in your Uni/College, so Jin knew you were under pressure. And when you were under pressure, you would snap at people and get irritated a lot. Jin understood, but sometimes he couldn’t help but get a little annoyed. After you had snapped at Jin earlier because you were trying to focus on studying, he stormed out, leaving you alone in the living room and he went to the bedroom. After about half an hour of constant studying, just like what you had been doing for the past few weeks, you could feel your head getting sore as you slowly stopped focusing on doing actual work and started thinking about your future and how important these exams were, letting the pressure of it all actually sink in. You managed to convince yourself that you were going to fail every single one and let everyone down. As more of these thoughts poured into your head, you hands started to become clammy and you became very shaky. This was a foreign feeling to you as you were usually quite confident when it came to exams, but this time around you hadn’t had the best year which knocked your confidence down quite a bit in the meantime. So this new territory added to your fear and nerves. You decided to stand up and walk around the room to try and distract yourself, but as soon as you stood up your head swooned and you felt very dizzy. The whole room started spinning, adding even more to your fear making your eyes well up with tears. You were so nervous and scared because this had never happened to you before, so you did the first thing that came to your mind. You tried to steady your shaking body so that you could leave the room and find Jin, but nothing was working. You ended up slowly sitting your body down on the floor trying to make sure you didn’t loose your balance and fall. “Jin!” You shouted. There was an involuntary hint of panic in your voice, immediately grabbing Jin’s attention while he lay in the bedroom thinking about how much stress you were under was dangerous and he worried about you. He shot up from where he lay on the bed and walked quickly to the living room. He stood in the doorway in shock as he looked at your tear stained face and shaking body. He rushed over to you and kneeled down next to you. “Hey, hey Y/N what’s wrong. What happened? Are you hurt?” Jin’s eyes raked all over your body to see if you had been hurt. You shook your head and put your hand on your chest. “I can’t breath Jin. I’m so scared I don’t know what’s going on.” You tried your best to explain through your quick, sharp breathes. “Okay come on.” Jin took your hand and guided you up slowly, keeping his other hand on the small of your back. He took you into the bedroom and let you sit down on the edge of the bed. “Okay, I want you to hold my hand and only look at me. Don’t look at anything else don’t even think about anything else, okay? Can you do that for me?” Jin would ask as he sat in front of you and looked into your eyes, his thumb gently rubbing the back of your hand. You looked into his eyes and when you did a soft, comforting smile broke out onto his face. “Okay, now I want you to place your hand here,” He took your spare hand and held it over his heart. “And I want you to feel my heart beat and hear my breathing, and try to match them, okay?” You nodded and tried to block out the deafening sounds of your own heart beat as you closed your eyes. Once you got past that, your breathing started following Jin’s and you could feel his heart beat in the palm of your hands. You could still feel Jin’s hand in yours and you could slowly but surely feel yourself coming back to reality. Finally, when your breathing was back to normal and you weren’t shaking as much, you slowly opened your eyes to see that Jin’s hadn’t moved from yours. “Okay, are you feeling a little bit better?” Jin asked, taking your hand fro his heart and putting it together with your other hand. “Yeah, I am a little bit.” You nodded. Jin pulled you in to him and held you close. “I knew this was going to happen, you were so stressed. If you even feel an ounce of that panic or stress settling back in, you come straight to me okay? Don’t let that happen again, I hate seeing you like that babe.” Jin sighed into the crook of your neck. “I will, I promise.” You replied and you felt safe again in his arms.

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Min Yoongi

You had suffered with anxiety and depression well before you met Yoongi, and every time you had a panic attack it always ended with you passing out. The boys knew about your condition, but it didn’t show much compared to what you were like when you were first diagnosed, you were much better now. However you still had the odd ‘bad day’.You had had a few panic attacks since you met Yoongi, but he had never been there to witness one. The day that he did was a day just like any other at first. But to you, that day was a bad day. You were in the house alone today, as the boys were all at the studio working on some new stuff which just added to your sadness because usually the house was full of voices and laughter. Your head was playing all different kinds of tricks on you and putting thoughts in your head that you didn’t want there. You sat in your room where you had previously been drawing before you got distracted by your thoughts and started biting your nails, which you only ever did before a panic attack. It was a sort of coping mechanism. Sometimes it would get so bad that you would bite them so much a few of them would start to bleed. It got harder and harder to bite your nails from the amount of shaking your hands were doing. Your throat got extremely dry and your breathing started getting faster and more hitched breathes would make themselves known. Tears glided down your face; a few of them falling down your neck or accidentally escaping into your mouth. Your back faced the door and your front faced the window and your frightened eyes looked out of it. You almost jumped up to the ceiling when you heard your bedroom door open. When you turned around it was Yoongi peeking his blonde head in the crack of the door. “Hey, Y/N, I thought that we could-” Yoongi’s sentence was cut off when he saw the state of your face and your body. You saw the drop on his face as soon as he realised what was happening to you. You felt like you had disappointed him by being like this, but to him you could never. He knew perfectly well that this kind of thing would never be your fault and he never wanted you to think that it could be. He ran over to you, careful not to scare you, and gently held you in his warm arms. You felt a relief of sorts wash over you and you let out choked sobs that were muffled but your face in Yoongi’s shirt. “It’s okay Y/N. Let it all out. You know you can’t keep it in or you’ll have a panic attack.” Yoongi slowly rubbed your back and the back of you head. “I-I know, but I can’t h-help it.” You cried through your broken voice. “I know you can’t babe and I’ll never ever ever blame you for this. Just try not to hold it all in and talk to me. You don’t even have to tell me anything, you can just lay with me and cry if you want.” Yoongi chuckled the last part and you half heartedly joined him. He held you and helped you until your breathing went back to normal and you sobs stopped. He pulled away from you and leaned in, leaving a gentle kiss you you forehead. You were so thankful that someone was finally there to catch you from falling.

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Kim Namjoon

This year had been one of the worst for you. It hadn’t started off very good, with the death of one of your best friends since childhood. And everything after that just went downhill. You had dealt with it surprisingly well. Yes, you had shed tears and things but nothing drastic. That is until the day you had your first panic attack. You were lying in bed late at night, with Namjoon lying next to you. You looked at your digital clock at the lit up numbers read 2:38 am. You turned onto your back and stared at the ceiling. That’s when a whole montage of things raced through your mind of the bad things that had happened to you this year. From your best friend dying to your childhood home being sold to having to move to the city and adapt to the different changes in your life. They all seemed very easy at first; not a big deal, but because nothing in your life had changed too drastically it was all a bit of a shock. As you thought of everything and old memories flashed through your mind, you felt a heavy weight on your chest, restricting your from breathing. You tried to control it but once again, this was something in your life you weren’t in control of. You then felt tears flow out of your eyes and down your temples landing on the pillow your head lay on. You really tried not to move or breath to loudly in case you woke Namjoon up. But you really couldn’t help it when a choked sob escaped your mouth. Your shaky hands quickly covered your mouth in attempt to quiet yourself down, but you were too late. Namjoon rolled over from having his back to you to having his front facing you. “Y/N, babe are you okay?” Namjoon asked with a tired voice. It was pitch black in the room so he couldn’t see your face or anything. You really wanted to lie and say you were fine, but you didn’t trust your voice so you said nothing still laying there with your hands over your mouth. “Y/N?” Namjoon asked again before reaching over to his bedside table and switching on the lamp that sat on it. When he turned around and saw your face, you could actually see him fully wake up and become alert. He sat up and pulled you into him so that he could hold you close. “Y/N oh my God, what happened? What’s wrong?” Namjoon quickly cooed. You couldn’t help yourself but to completely break as you lay your head on his chest. The warmth that radiated off of him was enough to contribute to helping you calm down. “I was j-just thinking about e-everything, y’know. Everything that’s h-happened.” You stuttered as your sobs only just started to stop. You felt Namjoon sigh underneath you and then he helped you sit up so that he could properly look at you. “I know you’ve had a hell of a year Y/N and I know how much you hurt. But you can’t let these things set you back in life. Of course you should have as much time as you need to heal and accept but you cant let this consume you. And you really can’t hold this all in and expect yourself to deal with it all. You need to remember that I’m here all the time for you. 24/7. Wake me if you need to talk or even just cry. Call me, shout me. Whatever you need I’ll be here, forever.” Namjoon softly smiled and you smiled back. “Thank you, Namjoon. Thank you for helping me so much. You will never understand how thankful I am of you.” You said as you felt yourself start to well up again. Namjoon tutted, “Uh uh, no more tears. We’re gonna focus on making you feel happiness again, no more of the sadness and panic, deal?” He proposed. You wiped your eyes and nodded. “Deal.”

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Park Jimin

You and Jimin had been dating for a few months now, and you tried your hardest for your relationship to remain completely secret from the media. You, him and the boys had just been on vacation in Hawaii while they filmed something, but you made sure to stay behind the cameras. Jimin really cherished the privacy of yours and his relationship because even though he loved what he did for a living, he had to admit he did love his privacy as well. So when you arrived back in Seoul after your vacation to find hundreds of paparazzi waiting for the boys in the airport, you both basically shit yourselves. No one thought they would come to the airport for this because they usually only come when it’s the boys coming back from a place in the tour, not for things like this because they’re not supposed to know about it. When you got out and all the paparazzi came rushing over shoving cameras in your face, Jimin did what his instincts told him to do. He pulled you into him and gave you his hat to try and hide your face. There was even a few fans there too, shouting the boys’ names over and over again to try and grab their attention. But you could tell when everyone noticed you because the paps started asking “Jimin! Jimin! Who’s this woman you have around your arm?” and the fans started questioning who you were as well. You could almost feel the flash from the cameras burning into your skin, making you heat up and your heart rate speed up. You breathing became heavy and your vision was blurred and dizzied. When you all got out of the airport and you and Jimin escaped into the last car alone, you looked up at Jimin and burst into tears. He quickly came to your side and wrapped his arms around you and the car began to move. “Sshhh, Y/N, everything’s going to be okay. Come on calm down a little, breath in…and out.” Unfortunately, you had had a few panic attacks before with Jimin so he knew how to help you come back to reality. He helped you with your breathing and knew that stroking your hair helped too. The more your panic attack left your body, the more quiet you got. Once you were confident enough in your voice, you spoke to Jimin. “Jimin, do you think they got my face? Oh what does it even matter, they know that I was there they don’t need my face. What if they ask you in an interview? Oh God how did we not see this coming? Everything’s-” Jimin cut your rambling short by reassuring you that everything was going to be fine. “Hey, Y/N. Everything will be taken care of. They might know that there is someone else in my life but they will never know who you are. And if they ask in a interview I won’t answer the question, okay? None of us knew that they were going to be at the airport, it was a shock to everyone. As long as you don’t continue to worry about it. Okay?” Jimin said as he looked into your eyes. Even his eyes were capable of calming you down.

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Jung Hoseok

Usually if you were sad or feeling a little anxious, Hoseok would help you by making you laugh. It would work first try every time, but in events when you would have a panic attack he knew that simply making you laugh wasn’t going to work. A few years ago, before you met Hoseok, you had been in an abusive relationship. It wasn’t physical, he had never hit you or anything but it was always verbally and mentally. He would play mind tricks on you and threaten you. He never acted on those threats but you were still scared that one day he might. But now, even though you were out of that toxic, vile relationship and had Hoseok, it still had an effect on you. Sometimes when you and Hoseok would have a disagreement, it would remind you of all the times you and your ex would fight. First you would argue, then he would shout at you until you felt like you couldn’t breath anymore. You had never had a panic attack since then. One day, when you and Hoseok were having an argument about whether it would be best for you to go with him and the boys on tour or not, there was a point when he started to raise his voice, not with the intention to scare you or make you feel vulnerable at all, it was just because he was starting to get frustrated with the whole tour. He had no idea that that must have triggered something in you when he slightly shouted because slowly but surely your breaths became heavier, your palms became more clammy and you began to shake. When Hoseok looked at you instead of out the window, his expression changed from frustrated to worried and concerned in an instant. He started to walk over to but when your breathing got worse and you stepped back from him, he realised what was happening and he had never felt worse in his life. The worst thing he thought he could ever do in his whole life, was make the love of his life scared of him. And when the tears started streaming down your face, he wanted nothing more than to comfort you and help you but he knew he had to be careful about it as you were very sensitive, especially now. You never meant for this to happen, it’s like there was a trigger in your brain that happened every time something remotely similar to your old relationship happened. “Y/N, please don’t be scared of me. I just want to help you. I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to scare you I really didn’t. Please just let me help you, you’re worrying me.” You watched Hoseok’s sincere expression as he slowly walked towards you. You didn’t know what to do with yourself when you were like this, so you motioned for him to come forward. He came forward and looked at you in the eyes. “Y/N, look at me. Focus on me okay babe. Don’t think about anything else and just focus on me and your breathing. In and out, okay.” Hoseok held your shaky, cold hands as he helped you breath properly again. Once you calmed down, Hoseok hugged you tightly. “Y/N, I’m so sorry for making you feel that way I really am. Promise me you’ll never think of me to be like that scumbag who did those awful things to you.” Hoseok said in a muffled voice as his voice was hidden in your neck. “It’s okay babe, I would never think of you to be like him. I’m just still kind of sensitive but I’ll be fine don’t worry.” You reassured him. The two of you hugged each other, both wishing to never let things like that happen between you two ever again.

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Kim Taehyung

With Tae, he would be the best at distracting you from the problem. He would be used to it since you get these panic attacks quite a lot. There would never usually be a main problem though, it would a bunch of them all in one massive problem. That, and your panic disorder was genetic and sometimes you just had random panic attacks when you’re under stress. So when you were sitting in your bedroom, thinking about all the things that had to be done before you moved cities, you felt yourself falling in too deep into your thoughts. Then before you could even attempt to bring yourself back, you felt your breathing becoming more and more uneven and then you knew there was no going back. You had pills for this and tried to make your way through into the kitchen where they were before the light head-ness kicked in. Luckily you made it there just in time. When you got there, Tae was standing in the kitchen making you both ramen. You raked the cupboards for your pills but you couldn’t find them. “Tae, where a-are my pills.” You felt yourself getting worried at the fact that you couldn’t find your pills, making the first tears spill. Tae immediately made his way over to you and held both of your hands to make sure they didn’t go to your hair, since you used to rip it out due to anxiety. “You used the last of them two weeks ago babe.” Tae told you. Your eyebrows furrowed and you felt yourself get even more panicky because you didn’t have a safety net aka your pills. “Okay, before we do anything we need to get you to breath properly. Remember what we practiced.” You did as Taehyung said and practiced the breathing exercises you were told to do by your doctor if this ever happened when you didn’t have any pills left. It was really hard at first because there were still some fresh worries floating around in your head but the more your focused on your breathing the better it got. The exercise Taehyung was referring to was to imagine a balloon in your stomach filling with air when you breathed in and then deflating when you breathed out. When your breathing became somewhat normal you focused your eyes back to Tae who stood there with a comforting smile. “Right, so do you want to talk about it or was it another random.” He asked. “Just another random.” You replied with a hint of sadness in your eyes. “Tae, I feel really bad that you have to put up with these panic attacks all the time.” You explained. Tae just scoffed. “I don’t ‘put up with it’. I help you. And I love you. So I love helping you.” He smiled and leaned in to kiss you on the lips. You felt his lips against yours and you both smiled, breaking out into laughter. “I can tell something was bothering you, so I’m listening.” Taehyung said as he went back to the ramen. At some points, it was almost like he knew you better than you knew yourself.

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Jeon Jungkook

You and Jungkook had a very close relationship. You were both the youngest in your groups and you were both signed with the same company, so that’s kind of how you started talking in the first place. You were just starting out too, so Jungkook was kind of ‘guiding’ you in a way. Each day you both got closer and closer so that by this point you could talk to him about anything. One day, when you were alone in your dorm, you had been practicing non-stop. Singing, dancing, everything. You were a complete perfectionist and the most competitive. You had a habit of over working and no matter who told you to stop, you never would until you absolutely had to. Until one day, when you had been trying to get a certain dance choreo done to perfection. You started to get very frustrated with yourself before you burst into tears and fell to the ground. You were usually really good with picking up new choreo, but for some reason, this time it wasn’t working. You started to wonder things like maybe you’ve had your time, even though it was only short maybe it was time to quit. You hated that thought, but it came in to your head often. It usually ended in a mid life crisis but this time it was different. This time you felt like it was a panic attack and you had only ever experienced that once in your life. Thi one felt way more intense. These awful, self depreciating thoughts were finally enough to make you break. More and more tears began to spill from your eyes and you vision became blurred. You actually felt like your throat had closed up and you were going to die. The walls in the dorm were getting smaller and smaller. There was no one in the dorm so you reached for your phone and called the first person you could think of. “Hello?” You head Jungkook’s voice on the other end of the phone which made you feel relaxed but also made your heart speed up at the same time. 
“J-Jungkook? Listen, I-I need your help.” You stuttered through your ragged breathes. “Y/N? What happened, are you alright?” He asked you. “Please can you just c-come over, I don’t feel too well.” You said. You didn’t know how else to put it but you knew that it was getting harder and harder to breath. “I’m on my way, just stay at the dorm.” Then the line ended. You had never felt more alone in your life. Even though you knew he was coming over, it was like that didn’t have effect. Like that phone call was just a taste of someone else being with you. What felt like forever passed by before you heard the door open. “Y/N! Where are you?” You heard Jungkook’s voice echo through out the whole dorm. “Jungkook!” Was all you managed to choke out. You tried again to stop your hands from shaking so much before Jungkook came into view. He rushed over to you and kneeled before you. “Y/N, oh my God what happened to you. What’s wrong did someone get in here?” Jungkook started asking all of these questions. You shook your head, but didn’t trust you voice enough to speak yet. However Jungkook didn’t usher you to start talking, he let you take your time. Once you gathered up enough courage, you spoke. “I just…I just- I was practicing a-and I couldn’t get this o-one bit right and I thought about what if this is it and I couldn’t h-handle it and just broke.” You cried. You knew it probably didn’t make much sense to Jungkook but he nodded nevertheless. “It’s okay, Y/N. You just need to calm down first before we can talk.” Jungkook spoke. Jungkook stayed with you until you had settled. After you gathered your thoughts, you and Jungkook sat on your kitchen floor and he let you talk about everything that was bothering you; about how you thought that your time was up in this business and your annoying habit to have everything you do for your job be perfect. Jungkook then told you about what he was like when he first started, just like you. He then told you about his progress and how he got over it, it took him a while but he still did it. And he promised that you could too.

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Requests: “Hello!! Can I have 99 with Klaus?? ❤️❤️❤️” Prompt List (Credits to gif owners!)

She got in her car, she had to see him. To apologize for turning him down, for making him feel terrible about himself. Because the truth was that she was in love with him. And being in love with someone who’s so evil, who was evil, who does so many bad things…that’s not like her. She wasn’t raised this way.

Everything inside of her was a red flag. From the moment she met him. But she was a curious young woman. He sparked her somehow, everything telling her to run the other way because her parents taught her that people like him could hurt her. So she turned him down. Because he’s a vampire. Because he’s different. But her parents told her that being different was good. Everything she believed in, was caving in on her. She was conflicted.

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“Hey Captain.”

Captain Underpants stills at the soft, tired voice that crackles through his ear piece. With a groan, he tries to get up, but the bruises and cuts that litter his body from the giant robot that continus to stomp on buildings just a block away keep him from moving. Through bleary eyes, he can make out the form of his Benny sprinting towards the villains contraption, his bright white polo shirt sticking out from the crowd of fleeing civilians.

“I got to say, this has been a rough day for you, huh?” Benny’s words are split apart by harsh breaths, as the larger man is not used to running this fast for so long. “And also, I just have to say that this is the worst plan ever,” Captain can’t help but let out a small giggle at the snark, despite the situation. From afar, he sees Benny reach the robot, assess the monstrosity, and then climb it.

A realization begins to dawn on him.

“So, I know from every romance action movie you forced me to watch that this is a real shitty, if heroic, thing to do, and I’m sorry,” Benny continues as Captains horror grows, and he desperately gets up and tries to move, only to stumble forward a few steps and fall to the ground once more. “This whole situation sucks, but isn’t that the story of my life? Hell, the one good thing in it was meeting you,” And Captains eyes burn like the rest of his body, but this is because of the frustrated, helpless tears that he blinks away because he needs to see, and he watches Benny climb up to the glowing core, slipping inside the machinery and out of view.

“I left you the house. I paid off the damn thing finally, and redid my will. Do you have any idea how hard it was to keep a straight face when I told my lawyer to leave the house to ‘Captain Underpants’? I don’t think he thought me as in sound of mind, but I paid him enough that he didn’t care I guess.” Captain can hear the hum of the inside mechanics, and he has one last hurrah, one moment where he lifts himself up into the air, before exhaustion sends his face into the asphalt. He imagines going into Benny’s house without him there, and he feels sick.

“Take care of the boys, alright? Those troublemakers need someone looking out for them, and Melvin needs a better influence than some crazed scientist. And make sure the new principal they get knows what he’s doing. Don’t let them get the kind of guy who thinks that ‘All children are precious angels,’” Captain wants to laugh again at the silly voice Benny uses, the familiar sarcasm and cynicism that bleeds into his words, but his response sounds more like a sob as he chokes on words to say back. “Make sure they get a guy who knows children are great, but also knows that they can be little bastards from time to time, alright?” Captain nods even if Benny can’t see, because he cant swallow the lump in his throat to speak and all he can see is a grave marker with Benny’s name on it, can see a new person in Benny’s chair in Benny’s office in Benny’s school and he can’t handle the scene that is so heartwrenching that he curls his cape around himself for just the smallest bit of comfort.

“I, uh, well that’s all I need you to do, besides the whole moving on and living your life thing. I know you’re going to be fine, okay? You’re a hero, Cap. People need you more than they need me.”

“I need you.”

Captain’s voice is small over the intercom, and he finally allows tears to drip down his face while he hears Benny swallow, a moment of crackling static silence permeating the battle scene.
“I…I know. I’m sorry Captain.” Benny’s voice sounds like he’s crying too, but he doesn’t say he’ll be fine, and it may as well be a death sentence. There’s a sound of shuffling, and a loud buzz filters into the intercom.

“I love you.”

Even with the quiet click that preceeds the intercom turning off, the sound of the explosion is both deafening and heartbreaking.

The robot falls, and Captain’s heart shatters.

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The Hurricane

In the spirit of the current weather conditions, I’m writing a monster boyfriend piece. Hope you like it!

The weather’s not as bad as I’d expected it to be, so I’m posting this for you guys to read since I have interwebs after all.

It was a really long day. You’d spent all of it just trying to get your emergency supplies ready and to and from the store. You’d managed to get everything prepared and ready for the coming storm, but you still weren’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of it; it was your first major storm since moving out on your own.

The hurricane had weakened significantly after making landfall, so your area wasn’t going to be hit extremely hard, but it was still a hurricane, and it was pretty damn scary nonetheless. It would be arriving over the course of the night, so you’d probably be waking up to a completely different world the next day. You had your phone charged, backup chargers and flashlights all near your makeshift sheet fort bed in the living room. You had a battery-operated clock with an alarm set, and the weather radio nearby. A tub of snacks was within easy reach, and your blanket was pulled up around your ears. You didn’t really think you’d be sleeping at all tonight, but you were prepared either way.

You sigh heavily; living alone had both its perks and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage was having to wait out this storm without anybody to help you. You had a few bad experiences with weather in the past, so you weren’t excited about the prospect of the hurricane bearing down upon you. You stare quietly out the window at the darkening sky; it was only 6 pm, but the clouds were already rolling in, thicker and thicker. A rumble of thunder shakes your apartment, and you jump. Ugh.

You pull out your laptop, determined to try and distract yourself. At the very least, the power was still on and your internet still worked. You dig into your files and find a movie to watch for a while. It’s one of your favorites, and despite the pouring rain outside, you find yourself smiling and giggling as the show goes on.

About halfway through the movie, you hear a peculiar noise. You pause the playback and listen closely for it to come again over the sound of the heavy rain. Another peal of thunder drowns out what may have been the sound again, and you stand, your blanket wrapped close. The power in the house flickers, and you quickly reach down and unplug your computer, for fear of a power surge frying it. The sound happens again, louder this time, and for some reason…

There’s more of it.

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stretch out slow, swallow you whole

rating: nc-17

word count:  1,700+

status: completed

tags: bottom!dan, desperate!dan, coming untouched, rimming, a bit of dirty talk, purely gratuitous smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) oh and their landlord walks in

“That feel good?” He murmurs it in his ear and Dan shakes all over.

And then Phil gets caught up with it, unable to stop the words from leaving his mouth.

“You gonna come from just my cock?”

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 31/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 30

It was a strange feeling, riding back home with your family in the quinjet, looking around and realizing that it could very well be your last time within it.  Tony insisted on flying so that Steve could be at your side, knowing that he would be far more welcome there; it hurt him to tell you that you were off the team, but he held his convictions.  Even though he couldn’t find the strength to look you in the eyes now, he maintained his resolve that this decision was for the best; for everyone.

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Superbat Headcanon

The first time Bruce told Clark that he Loved him, was over their comms

Clark and Bruce had gotten into the habit of talking to eachother every night that they didn’t spend together, over the comms; After Bruce had gotten in from patrol and settled into his bed.

Bruce still pretended that the conversations where to discuss cases or league work, but after a few minutes the conversation always turned to more mundane topics. They would just talk

Clark loves the sound of his boyfriends voice. It’s rich and deep. He listens to Bruces anectodes while simultaneously tracking his heart beat. The sounds feel like home.

Bruce can’t sleep if he hasn’t spoken to Clark, if he hasn’t been able to say goodnight. He likes to ask Clark about the farm. Sure enough the topic always launches Clark into a long winded story, and Bruce wraps himself up in the warmth of that voice. Nothing calms him down at the end of the day like that honey laced voice.

One night after having listened to Clark tell him story after story about what working on the farm had been like, and telling Clark what family Christmases at the Wayne manor had once been like, they began to say their goodbyes and goodnights.

Bruce had never felt so relaxed and warm (he usually felt cold, both physically, and somewhere deep in his centre) he felt connected to Clark in a way that he’d never experienced before, and tonight he felt something pushing at him. Bubbling up inside, spilling over his edges, overwhelmingly comfortable and content. He couldn’t keep it in anymore

“Try and sleep for more then a few hours, and I’ll bring you coffee in the morning” Clark always knew what Bruce liked to hear.

“Ok, goodnight” Bruce tried to squash down that feeling

“Goodnight baby”


“Ya baby?” He sounded a touch concerned

“I love you..”

The silence over the comms was deafening in Bruces ears


The curtains in the master bedroom blew back suddenly as the balcony doors were thrown open.

Clark looked like the super human God that he was even in his sweat pants and old tattered t-shirt, silhouetted against the moon, suddenly in Gotham, in Bruces bedroom.

“Did you mean that?”

Bruce sat up in his bed, blankets bunched up around his waist


He crawled up onto the bed. Closer and closer until he was nose to nose with Bruce.

“Did you?”

“…I love you. I meant it”

Clark let out a relieved laugh, his smile so wide and bright. He touched his forehead to Bruces, and closed his eyes.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy”

There is was, that overwhelming feeling again. Bruce tilted his head and kisses Clark fiercely, all that feeling spilling over. The alien responded enthusiastically, pushing his lover backwards into the sheets kissing him all over.

Hearing the words was worth the wait

Destiny Week - Day 2

Dropping off this @destinyweek submission for “Classes” before I have to go get some actual work done!

I have a head canon for how Guardians learn their first class/subclass conjuring moves and tend to think that Light follows a sort of spectrum with different wavelengths and patterns for each major class that Ghosts can read & sort their Guardians into – they can sense the Light that their Guardian will wield and can tell if it falls into a wavelength bucket. Some Guardians lie on the class borders, but most Ghosts can still pick the best class. Three is not one of those Ghosts.

“Show me your forms again.”

Gerti-12 went through the conjuring motions for each Titan super yet again. Three had muted her light so Zavala could watch for any missteps or inconsistencies that could be causing her trouble. As she finished the draw that would typically call a solar hammer into her hand, the Vanguard’s face creased in puzzlement.

Gerti noticed the change in expression as she returned to a relaxed ready pose. “Good, or…?”

Zavala shook his head. “You have some of the most consistent forms I’ve seen. I don’t believe that is the source of your problems.” He turned his head slightly to address her Ghost. “Three, what light flows the easiest?”


He turned back to Gerti. “Would you agree?”

She shrugged. “As much as any variant could be called easy.”

“Cast your Ward.”

With a roll of her shoulders, Gerti stepped back from Zavala as Three reopened her full connection to the Light. She shuttered her optics, focused deep, and pulled hard on the void, expecting to hear the deafening explosion that typically accompanied her Wards. No explosion sounded and she hesitantly looked, starting in surprise when she saw an actual Ward of Dawn standing above and around her.

Zavala had come closer and was slowly walking just outside the barrier, occasionally pausing and peering at the shimmering surface. Gerti had seen other the Wards of other, more accomplished, Titans and thought hers looked off. It looked too dark and too thin and odd shapes snaked through the energy.

Zavala was frowning at the Ward and he glanced up at Gerti. “Did you feel any sort of hitch or block while creating this?”


He hummed thoughtfully and reached a hand out.

“Ah, Sir, I wouldn’t—“

His glove brushed the surface of the Ward and it collapsed with a sharp snap like thunder and an outward wave of force. Zavala stumbled back a step, buffeted by the wave, brows raised in surprise.

“—touch it… yeah.”

He recovered quickly. “Interesting… arc and solar energies are similar?”

Gerti shrugged a single shoulder up. “More or less. The explosions are more violent.”

“Well… it looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us. When you’re ready, cast another Ward.”

Gerti nodded and flexed her hands as she waited for her Light to fully recharge. She wasn’t sure if she would ever cast a proper Ward, but if she couldn’t, perhaps she could weaponize what she had.

wind up system. -wen junhui

wen junhui x reader
word count: 1853
soulmate au where one has a clock counting down to the moment they meet their soulmate + lowkey college au?
summary: and on one unfortunate night, the clock breaks. [angst]

The hour of the night is lost to you as you unconsciously flip from one side of the bed to the other, haphazardly flinging your blanket along with you. It’s dark in your room, or perhaps you barely even bother to crack your eyes open. The point still stands that the sun is still absent and so is your will to move.

Before you can drift off to whatever restless sleep you could achieve at this time, something occurs to you.

It’s eerily silent.

Pressing your face down into your pillow deliriously, you pull the sides over your ears. Nothing. The soft clicking and ticking noises that you’ve become so accustomed to have suddenly stopped.

The counter, the timer,

You’re suddenly jerked awake at the thought.

Today, at some point past midnight (you can’t find your phone. you don’t know what time it is. you can’t really find your grip on anything either. is this normal?) you realize that it’s gone. The clock counting down to the moment your life has been leading up to, the moment when you meet your soulmate,

It’s stopped, but not on zero.

(The time reads 06:10:00.)

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Now or never...

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1,271
Warning(s): some feelings and angst in the beginning but it gets better^^
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural. It belongs to Erik Kripke, our god.
A/n: Umm, hey guys. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t wrote or posted anything for almost a year now. I feel so bad for letting all of you down, but I feel that I’m gaining back my writing skills. I’ll try to post at least once a week from now on. Hope you aren’t mad at me. Anyways, enough with my whining. Let’s get started, shall we? Feedback is WELCOME!!


I tried to say. Tried to actually voice my words. My concerns and opinion. I had to do it. Had to make everything clear. I needed that like one would need to breath…

But I couldn’t…

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Omg yassss !! Can you do " I said I love you" with yixing plssssss!!

“I said I love you” // Zhang Yixing // Word Count: 670

Yixing hated fighting. In fact, he hated any kind of conflict, but especially the kind that came with you. Specifically the kind that ended with you angrily crying and slamming your door in his face. 
He’d messed up, hadn’t he? 

You guys had only been dating a little while, but it was enough time for Yixing to know he wanted more - more mornings waking up beside you, more nights where you spoke until the yawns coming from you both were continuous, more picnics on apartment floors and dumb karaoke battles in your living room. 
But you couldn’t handle the secrecy that came with the relationship. Mainly because of who your relationship was secret from - his parents. 

Yixing’s parents wanted him to marry “a girl on his level” and to them that meant money, status, a high flying job and five hundred degrees from prestigious universities. You didn’t have that - you worked 9-5 for not a lot, you were unknown in their world, and you’d been to an okay college for one degree that you almost didn’t get. You were the opposite of what they approved of -you knew it, and he knew it. 
But he’d wanted to date you anyway. At first it was an act of rebellion; dating the cute waitress at the local burger place, but then he realised it had grown to be serious, and he told you everything after two and a half months - safe to say, you weren’t impressed. 

You were hurt, you were angry, and most of all, you felt pathetic. Like the world’s biggest underachiever, and that’s why he picked you. God, it was so unfair that you meet the best guy ever, and this is what happens-?

That’s what led to Yixing constantly battering your front door, calling out your name and apologies as you sat on the other side, holding back tears and convincing yourself you wouldn’t open the door. He was furious with himself - he was normally an upstanding guy, even he didn’t understand why he’d pulled such a dick move on you, and it was digging at him, too. He pounded his fist against the door once more. 
“Open up, (Y/N), come on!” 
“Go away!” You yelled, “I don’t want to see you right now!” 
“God, I didn’t mean to hurt you like that, I swear - I was being petty and stupid but it’s not like I didn’t like you at the beginning!” 
“You know how to make a girl feel really special, you know that?” He flinched back at your sarcastic shout, and nodded begrudgingly. 
“Okay fine! Fine, I deserve that! I deserve whatever you throw at me, and I’ll take it, because I don’t want to lose you now, (Y/N).” He straightened up, glaring at the wood in front of him. “I started this but I don’t want either of us to finish it - I know I fucked up, I really did, and you can scream and yell at me and call me an asshole all night if it makes you feel better. I’ll accept it, because I love you.” 

The silence on the other side was deafening. A minute passed. 

“What did you say?” Your voice was small, and he strained to hear it. 
“I know I fucked up, and you can call me names -”
“The other thing.” You cut in, and he stiffened a little, realising what he’d let slip. Well fuck it, he decided, he’d just have to roll with it, because it was true. 
I said I love you.” Silence reigned again, until there was a scuffling sound and the door creaked open the tiniest bit to reveal your face. 
“You better not be lying.” 
“I promise you I’m not.” He said sincerely, and you bit down on your lip to conceal a smile. 
“You’re an asshole and you better make this up to me.” You said, and he nodded, features finally relaxing. 
“I’ll take that as an ‘I love you, too’.” 
“Watch yourself, Yixing.”


Words: 4363
Sam x Angel!Reader
Warnings: none
Song fic requested by anonymous - Heroes (We Could Be) - Alesso ft. Tove Lo
Summary: Sam and Dean receive a cryptic request from Castiel, only to discover that the girl they’re rescuing is an angel. Sam must tell her and try to show her how this is an amazing thing.

Your name: submit What is this?

Wind through wings and Cas was standing there with Sam and Dean.

”Cas,” Dean said. “What’s going on? We weren’t expecting to see you for another week.”

”Something’s come up,” he said. His face was stern, serious. “We’ve become aware of a situation.”

”Who’s we?” Sam asked, crossing his arms and looking at Cas with concern.

”The angels,” Cas said.

”Ok. Well, what is it? Are you alright?” Dean asked.

Cas nodded. “I’m fine. But I do need to ask too much of you both again.” He hesitated, wondering how to continue.

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Sans, this will probably make me sound insane, but I have to ask. Are the themes that play around important characters actually there, can you hear them? Or did we just create them because we could?

Sans snorted, impassive as he sat on the edge of his bed, doing up his shoelaces.

“you have fox to thank for those little ditties. he made us, assigned us tracks, so yeah, we could hear our themes. once the hunger took us, though… the music all stopped. it was deafening, almost… the silence. there hasn’t been any music down here for a long, long time. our souls just won’t play it anymore.”

He paused, thoughtful.

“…except for aliza. i’ve been consumed with a lot of things… but i think i’ve heard her soul playing music. huh.”


Hi, little anon, @gey-space-dweeb, and @romanticalover!

I’m glad you’re curious, but I don’t have an account for it, nor do I have any of the ones I wrote luckily sadly, lol. It was around 7 years ago when I wrote them, and the site I uploaded them all to has been shut down since 2013, I think. I did, however, find a piece of a draft I was working on before it shut down. All of the stories were very cringe, you didn’t miss out on much, haha.

Anyway, I’ll post the small bit I have saved below if you’re curious.

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Euphoric Dream

A Chris Motionless & Devin Sola Imagine

Word Count: 2,044

Warnings: smut, language

~Requested by Rachel/Harley(?) on Tumblr~

You smiled as you watched your boyfriend Devin. He was playing his bass guitar and banging his head on stage. You watched his band, Motionless In White, play from the side of the stage. You were just out of the crowd’s view.

The whole band was always so passionate while on stage. You loved experiencing their live shows so much. Seeing Devin perform also made you fall even more in love with him, each and every time. They had played several songs and it was almost time for the show to end. It was an extremely loud and crazy crowd tonight.

“Thank you all so much for coming out tonight! Each of us up here on stage really appreciate all of you. Unfortunately this will be our final song of the night.” Chris says.

You could hear the shouts of a few people in the crowd. Soon the few shouts turned into a roar from the entire crowd as Immaculate Misconception started to play. You smiled and watch the guys play their hardest. The crowd went their hardest, too, jumping and screaming even more than during the previous songs.

You sang along with the crowd as the lyrics “come and fucking get us” and “open your mind before your mouth” came. It was so loud and exhilarating. You loved to hear the crowd scream the lyrics. Soon the song was over and the crowd screamed up to an even higher volume. You smiled and felt so proud of the guys, they had come so far.

Once the song ended, the crowd roared again. The sound was deafening. You smiled and watched as Devin did too, looking out into the crowd. The guys threw out their guitar picks and setlists, then walked backstage towards you.

“You guys did amazing, just like always!” You say, loud enough to be heard over the crowd’s screams.

Your boyfriend smiles at you, then hugs you. You closed your eyes and smiled as Devin held you in his sweaty arms. Chris jokingly joined in on your hug, inspiring the other members to join as well. After your goofy group hug, Devin and the band went to talk to their crew. A few minutes passed before they came back over to you.

“We all have to wait a while until we can leave. This venue is different and there aren’t any hidden exits, so we have to wait until most of the fans are gone.” Chris explains to you.

“Alright. You guys wanna do something fun to pass the time?” You ask, figuring that you would be waiting for a while.

“Sure.” Balz says.

“We could play truth or dare?” Vinny suggests.

“I asked if you guys wanted to do something fun, Vinny.” You joke, rolling your eyes.

“You got any better ideas, Harley?” He asks, challenging you.

You laugh, then shake your head. It was decided that you all would play truth or dare for a while. After everything was taken care of, all of you sat in a circle. You were in a backstage room, out of view from everyone else. Ryan went first.

“Ok…Vinny, truth or dare?”

“Dare.” Vinny says, cracking his knuckles.

You laugh along with Balz and then Ryan thinks of a ridiculous dare. He ended up daring Vinny to twerk in front of everyone. Everyone laughed and clapped at Vinny’s surprisingly good twerking skills. Balz pretended to look away during most of the performance. He went next, daring Ryan to breakdance. That was also a fun and crazy performance.

Several truths and dares later, Vinny said he wanted to go again. No one objected, allowing him to take another turn. So far Vinny had done a few hilarious and entertaining dares.

“Ok, let’s see.” He says, looking around at everyone with a dramatic expression.

The rest of you sat in silence, awaiting Vinny’s decision of who he was picking.

“Harley! Truth or dare?” Vinny asks you.

“Hmmm…Truth!” You tell him.

“Boring!” Balz shouts playfully.

“Shut up!” You reply, laughing.

You look back at Vinny, who was thinking of a good question. Seconds later he smirks, turning his attention back to you. You raise an eyebrow, curious as to what his question was.

“Alright, Harley, my question is…Would you ever have a threesome?” Vinny asks.

Your face grew into a confused expression and you tilted your head to the side. The rest of the guys made dramatic reactions as well. Devin started to laugh along with Ryan.

“Sure, I would have a threesome.” You say nonchalantly.

Your answer threw the guys into a fit, all of them having even more dramatic and humorous reactions.

“Alright boys, it’s my turn now.” You say, laughing.

All of you played truth or dare for a little longer, then  relaxed. Soon you were able to leave the venue. On your way out, the guys took a few pictures with some fans that stuck around. You smiled and took some of the pictures, then watched as the fans took selfies with the band. Once you were all done everyone was driven to a hotel.

Tonight’s show had been the last one of this current tour, so you all were going to stay in a hotel. When you all got to your hotel room, most of the guys went to sleep. You, Devin, Ryan and Chris were the only ones still up. That didn’t last long, though. Ryan went to sleep after getting something to eat. Then it was just you, Devin and Chris.

“You guys tired?” You ask.

Chris shakes his head in response.

“Not really, actually.” Devin says.

“Oh. Well then, what do you guys wanna do?”

“I don’t know.” Devin says, his sentence trailing off as he goes into thought.

You all sat in silence, merely enjoying the calmness for a few minutes. All three of you were on your phones, typing and scrolling. Devin and Chris were texting each other and having a secret conversation. You had no knowledge of this. Minutes later both of them spoke up.

“Harley?” Devin says, gaining your attention.

“Yeah?” You reply.

“Were you serious earlier? You know, when we were playing truth or dare?” Devin continues.

“Um, yeah. I guess.” You say.

“Well, what about when Vinny asked about threesomes? Were you being serious then?”

Your mouth went slightly agape as you realized what Devin and Chris were about to ask you. A hundred thoughts flooded your mind. The guys could tell that you knew and that you were thinking, so they stayed silent while your mind raced. You thought about your answer to Vinny’s question earlier that night. Had you really thought about it enough? Were you serious and certain?

You decided that you did in fact agree with your answer earlier that night. With Devin and Chris, you felt comfortable. They were both great, good-hearted and good looking guys. If Devin wanted a threesome with you guys and was ok with it, then you were too.

“Ok.” You say, breaking the silence.

Devin and Chris exchange glances, then look back at you.

“We’re gonna have to go somewhere else.” Chris says.

You nod your head and all of you stand up. Devin wrote a quick note for the others, just in case they woke up. You guys didn’t want anyone to worry. Devin came up with a simple alibi and then the three of you left the hotel room. You and Devin waited by the elevators while Chris paid for another hotel room three floors up from the other one.

When all was done, you guys went up to your extra hotel room. It was about the same size as the other hotel room, so it was perfect. However, there was one difference. A king sized bed was in one of the rooms. That was the only bedroom, which meant it was much larger and more luxurious.

Devin and Chris followed behind you as you walked into the room, taking in the sights. They let you have a few moments to yourself. After the guys decided that they had waited long enough, the started.

You felt chills as Devin came in front of you, softly pressing his lips onto your neck. Chris quickly joined in from behind, massaging your breasts. You closed your eyes and let them touch you. Soon Devin’s lips attached to yours. Chris’ hands continued to travel your body, pleasuring you.

Within minutes you were dripping wet. The two men pleasuring you were so attractive and arousing. You felt even more lustful and dirty as things progressed further. Chris picked you up and carried you to the bedroom, kissing you as he did. Devin followed close behind, stripping his clothes.

Chris set you down on the bed and lifted your shirt over your head. Then Devin came over, wearing nothing but his boxers. He caressed your breasts and sucked on your nipple. Chris stripped down to his boxers as well and watched as his cock hardened.

After pumping his length a few times, Chris walked over to you and Devin. He placed a hand on Devin’s shoulder, getting his attention. The two of them then backed away from you. You watched as they whispered to each other.

While the guys were probably coming up with some sort of plan, you started to take off your clothes. You left on only your bra and panties. Soon Devin and Chris walked back over to you.

“Good girl.” Devin says with a low voice, eyeing your pile of clothes on the floor.

You bite your lip and watch as Devin slowly pulls you to the edge of the bed. You took deep breaths, your lust taking control over your body. Things quickly got more heated.

Everyone got in position and you pumped Devin’s huge cock. He let out low, breathy moans. Chris then crawled over you. He lined up to your entrance, his cock sliding into you in seconds. You let out a long, desperate moan.

Chris started to slowly push into you as you gave Devin a handjob. Soon that wasn’t enough for him and he wanted more.

“Put my fucking cock in your mouth.” Devin commands you.

You obey and start to suck harshly on the tip of Devin’s cock. Your moans vibrated Devin’s cock as Chris continued to thrust into you. The amount of euphoria you were experiencing was immense. All three of you moaned, your moans being the loudest.

Later you gagged and choked on Devin’s cock as Chris thrusted into you. You could hear both of them moaning and it turned you on so much. Devin gave you a break, pulling his cock out of your mouth. You tried to catch your breath and moaned profanities and Chris pounded into you. His sweat dripped onto your forehead.

Before long Devin’s cock was back in your mouth and you gagged on it once again. It didn’t take much more to make him cum. Seconds before Devin came, he pulled out of your mouth and pumped his length. He sprayed his cum on your face as he moaned.

You had barely experienced Devin’s orgasm when Chris had his. He moaned loudly and came inside of you, setting off your orgasm as well. You moaned as Devin’s cum was still dripping onto your face. Profanities left your mouths.

After you all came down from your climaxes, you laid down flat on your backs. Then after a few minutes of that the guys began to pleasure you once again. They started by kissing different parts of your body, slowly moving down lower. You had several more orgasms that night. It was an euphoric dream.

The next morning Chris made sure that all three of you were up in time. You took turns showering, then quickly went back to the other apartment. Everyone there slept in super late, so you guys didn’t have too much trouble. You quietly snuck back into the apartment. Devin threw away his note, since you guys didn’t have anything to explain.

After that you all sat in the living room of the hotel room. You watched some tv and played video games for the next few hours until everyone else woke up. It was a nice end to your…euphoric dream.

The Silent One - Part Eight

You can find the other parts of this series HERE

Synopsis: You talk to Jesus and attempt to form a plan. Negan helps you out of a bad situation.

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 2,122
Warnings: Curses, sexual assault- Not Negan (Takes place after fourth ‘***’)

You had been confined to the small, cream bed for almost three days now. It was safe to say that you were bored out of your mind. With each passing day you felt your worry and panic grow for your friend, Jesus. What if he was in the same conditions that you were in…or worse? No, you wouldn’t allow that thought. Jesus was strong, probably stronger than you, though you would never tell him that.

In the time that you had been confined to Negan’s bed you had only gotten up to go to the toilet and shower, and even then Negan had positioned himself right outside the door to make sure you didn’t slip and crack your head open.

Each time that you would ask him about why he cared so much he would just say that he ‘needed a hostage’ and you were his best bet.

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