did you hear me there are zombies

Horror RP-Starters

“Tell me that is not a zombie.”

“That guy has no reflection. Should we tell him?”

“But… you were in the other room just now…”

“There’s something in my closet.”

“I heard breathing under my bed.”

“What do you mean you didn’t scream? Then who did?”

“Why won’t it just die already?!”

“Quiet. Quiet is good… Is it gone now?”

“If it’s behind me I swear-”

“If the electricity is off, then why are the lights flickering?”

“Shh! There it is again. Can’t you hear it?”

“I knew I hated clowns!”

“Just a theoretical question. If, if, there was a man outside, in a mask, with a sword, should we run?”

“They could hunt in packs. Just because we killed one doesn’t mean we should feel safe.”

“Why do I get the feeling I don’t want to know why there are bloody handprints all over the place.”

“Going toward the sound usually doesn’t end well.”

“It’s a good thing he laughs. At least we know where he is.”

“I don’t think the police would believe if we called about a monster in the house.”

“There was something standing next to my bed.”

“Let’s just leave before they find us.”

FutureHearts Track List

1) Someone get me a god damn telescope by Alex Gaskarth 

2) Yeah i’m edgy by Alex Gaskarth

3) Fast Food Zombies by Alex Gaskarth 


5) Because every pop punk band wants to leave town right? By Alex Gaskarth

6) We like to share song titles with Fall Out Boy by Alex Gaskarth 

7) Floristry by Alex Gaskarth 

8) Yeah we know Mark Hoppus by Alex Gaskarth 

9) What did I say about fucking people around? by Alex Gaskarth

10) What was that? I couldn’t hear you over all the BALTIMORE  by All Time Low

11) Sometimes I get naked and break into dance by Jack Barakat 

12) Late night drives by Alex Gaskarth 

13) Fuck the haters by All Time Low

A Season 2 Theory (Hear me out guys) This is why Laura is crying

Okay, so take a look at Danny’s poster. Now take a look at Perry’s. Did that? Good. 

Now, did ya’ notice they have the same eye color…?

Now, I am all behind werewolf Danny, but considering Perry’s zombie like posing, I feel like this is more of a brainwashing thing. 

So how does this connect to Laura crying? I’m sure your imagination can already think of a lot, but let me paint a picture: 

Mattie has brainwashed all of Laura’s friends. Danny is an absolutely TERRIFYING mercenary for her now. Perry is a minion. Carm, however, is on Laura’s side. 

Mattie walks in and Laura tells her something along the lines of ‘you can’t stop us, no matter what, Carmilla and I aren’t going to give up’. 

Mattie: Oh, really? 

And a figure walks into the room. Carmilla. And her eyes are the same color as Danny and Perry’s.